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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
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Monday, January 2, 1922
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, FORECAST. Oakland and vicinity: Tonight Exclusive XssecUttd Pvtst n HOME and Tuesday lair, moderate north westerly wind. RAINFALL (TO 1 .A. M.) (By Chabot Observatory.) Last 4S hours .71 Season to dat t.6 Normal to date-. .......... . 8.7S -EDITION Laat ear to date . ., . . . . Intcrfcattoml tlwi lcrvc VOLUMEXCVI FIVE, CENTS SUNDAY TEN CENTS. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY EVENINGJANUARY 2, 1922. CoprHght by TRIBUNE PubliahUg Co. 32 PAGES NO. 2. 'T' United HOTEL FIGHT P. J. Brady, Former Newspaper Man, and Andrew Mc Laughry, ' Clerk," Seriously Wounded by Crazed Man Assailant Fires On Police and Two Who Accompanied . Them to Scene of Disturbance J Is Shot by Inspector Phillip J, Brady, former Oakland newspaperman and at one time a sergeant on the Piedmont police force, now engaged In publicity work for a local advertising agency, and Andrew McLaughry, night clerk at the Pine hotel, Seventh and Pine streets, were f shot, and desperately wounded by I August Carl Grabowski, an oversea : veteran, as they attempted to enter i Orabowskl' room accompanied by ' two police " inspectors. Orabowskl, who is believed to have beoomo temporarily crazed, waaln turn fired upon by Inspector Joseph.- Enright and was wounded four times. - Brady and McLaughry ' had gone with the Inspectors to Grabowski's room to take him into custody, xne trouble started at J o'clock, when Orabowskl became suddenly violent and began raising a dlaturDance, breaking several windows. McLaughry called Patrolman A. R. Tork. and when York, entered Oribowski's room, Grabowski. It la Mated, covered him with his gun ana ordered Mm out under penalty of death. Patrolman York telephoned to headquarters' and Inspectors Joseph Enright and William Hale-man responded to the call. -.- Brady, who was at the police headquarters it the time, went with the inspectors. TWO AUK STRUCK BY grabowskts BULLETS. Procuring a key at the desk, one of . the inspectors opened t.he door of the room. Enright was in-advance and as soon, as the door swung open , Grabowski opened fire. - Brady, and McLaughry, being unarmed turned and made an effort to escape. The hullets whlw.ed past Enright and one shot penetrated Brady's back. Mo-laughry was similarly wounded. Bnrlght then opened fire on Grabowski. One b"tl struck him In the left cheek, penetrated the mouth an4 lodged (n the neck. Another shot pierced the upper arm, another the right forearm and a fourth struck him on the left little finger. He was taken to the county hospital, where " it, was found that he was not seriously Injured. Both Brady and McLaughry were found to be Buffering from Internal hemorrhages. They were taken to the emergency hospital and McLaughry was later removed to the county hospital. Brady's death is momentarily expected. McLaughry' left, leg is paralysed, believed that he will die. In the cane of both Brady , und PMclAuhry the shots struck near the center of the spne. empioyed as wreck er ' by southern pacific. . Orabowskl has been employed by h Southern Pacific on one of the company's wreckers. Odd signs were found pasted up in his rooms indicating leaning1 toward eccentricity, say the police. He was armed with a 3 2-callbre revolver, and the shots that went, wild tore holes through the wall. One shot pierced three doors, a six-inch plaster waltr traversed two rooms and was found imbedded In a chair. Papers found on, Grabowski lndl-rated thut he was a member of Battery E. 143rd Field Artillery. There was a letter In the room from 81 West Florence street, Evansvllle, Ind. 'A photograph of a -little girl believed to be Grabowski's daughter . was also found amemg his poises' elons. Grabowski is a member of the Order of Moose, the American Legion and other well known fraternal ttnd pntrtottc organizations. A letter addressed to August Carl Braurt was also found In the room, Brady is 34 years old and lives at the Touraine hotel. During the war lie served in the intelligence depart ynent. " KHOOTER MAKES RAMBLING STATEMENTS, ; In a rambling statement made to Captain of Inspectors Richard Mc-Horley, Grabowski' said, among other things: "I have a right to protect my room against officers or anybody." Directly after this he declared: "I was kidding." One of the signs painted In Grabowski's ' room said: "Mend the leaky roof or I move!" In a deposition. Captain Jack Cook of Battery E. 143rd Field Artillery, stated that Grabowski has not been' a member of the battery since the war. " Woman's Assailant & Is Hunted by Posse LOS ANGELES, Jan. 2. A determined man-hunt was conducted by the police and deputy sheriffs today, uMrf hv nrnffpil citizens of Comrj. ton, for a man who. brutally attacked Mrs. Edward Richmond as she was returning to hef home. $5000 IN GASH FOR SCENARIOTORIES The TRIBUNE is offering California school and" college ttudents and adults out of school $5000 for the best Scenario-Stories submitted by the last day of February. See Page 20 of This Issue of the . Associated Press Expands Its News Service to Triburte P'XPANTSIOSS of the "Associated Press leased wire report ef The TRIBUNE . went into effect today which materially increase the tele-traphie news service famished to the readers of this paper not only in extent but in speed and comprehensiveness. The . betterment - extends to eastern as well as coast newt and places TRIBUNE readers in a position to secure world news better than they could secure it through any other local medium. ,:. TbOwociated Press, best known news agency in the world, hat made such changes in itt transcontinental wire arrangement at will place Oak. land on a par with- the largest cities Mn the country. Simultaneously with this change other mechanical and editorial changes have been made which practically double, in every tense of the word, the reporting of Pacific Coast news. .-.v, In addition to these changes, within, a month will be pnt through, by the nso of special trans-continental wires, additional plant which will increase by many thonstnd words the newt service from New York and other eastern centers to Oakland and greatly expedite the sending of all such news. Already 'equipped with the most complete telegraphic service in the west. The TRIBUNE it able now to offer an even more exceptional report to itt readert. To the United Press, International Newt Service and Universal Service, Consolidated Newt Service and special correspondence. The TRIBUNE now will lay before itt readert a greatly expanded and accelerated report from the Associated Press. All of the regular news-gathering wire1 'agencies which serve other papers shout the bay serve The TRIBUNE. The Associated Press, thut augmented, serves no other paper in the Esstbsy. One Local Paper Eliminated Today W. R. Hearst Now Controls! Three Newspapers' in S. F. V ; Bay Territory. V, One newspaper was eliminated from the local field" Jioday when the Oakland Dally Post and the Oakland Enquirer ceased to appear separately and were issued from the former Enquirer office as a single publication under the name of the Post-Enquirer. The amalgamated newspaper will be circulated with the San Francisco Call, as was the Oakland Dally Post. W..R. Hearst, through the new deal, now controls a string of three newspapers in ' the San Francisco bay district, the San Francisco Examiner, the San Francisco Call and Post, and the Oakland Post-Enqulrerr- - , Thugs Break Man's Skull in Robbery SAX FRANCISCO, Jan. 2.M. D. Rots of 4840' Eighteenth street. Is in an unconscious condition at the Central Emergency hospital with his skull fractured, and his friend, Charles Monto,. of 2682 Pine street He on an adjoining cot. suffering from severe cuts and bruises, as the result, of a severe beating received, by the two men early today at Thirteenth and Folspm sheets. : Neither was able to give a connected account of what had occurred when they later toia aeiecuves mai a san ui hoodlums had jumped on them, beaten them and robbed themtff everything they had, Ex'Emperor Charles' Supporters Active BUDAPEST. Jan. 2 s(By the Asso, elated Press). Royalints who supported former Emperor Chartes in his efforts to regain the Hungarian throne are reported again to be active, especially since the release from prison of Count Julius Andrassy. He had been under detention since the collapse of Charles' abortive attempt to sot up once more the Hapsburg power in Hungary. -., Count Anthony Sigray, Deputy Rakovskv and Gustav Grau; former minister of foreign affairs, were t ne released toaay on ran u ouu.wu kronen.. Charges of mutiny must still be faced by the prisoner. 1 " T Finland Bows to , Demand of Soviet , HELSINGFORS, Jap. 2. Demands by the Soviet government that Finland withdraw all Support nt ttia ravnlntlnn tri Karelia have been met by the Finnish govern-! tnent. Announcement is. maae mat two members of the KAretian government have been expelled from this country "Inaccordance with the provisions of international law." The Bolshevtg threatened hostile action against" Finland If alleged , aid ao Karllan Insurgents was not withdrawn Immediately. . U. S. SAILOR Men From American Warships Attacked in Shanghai Cafe by Crews of Italy Battleships; Five Are Wounded Rioting Is the Outcome of a Brawl in Restaurant; Seamen Ordered Aboard Pending Investigation of Clash SHANGHAI, Jan. Z (By Asso-elated Press). Serious trouble between sailors from Italian and American warships hero developed' today when a band of some twoscore Italian sailors surprised .. and attacked about a doxen American jackles in a cafe and then went from one cafe to another seeking out and attacking isolated groups of Americans. Five Americans sustained knife wounds. One of the wounded American sailors, E. J. Reebey, of the gunboat I Washington, died late today from his j Injuries. ! The attacks were the Outgrowth of 'a trifling brawl In a cafe, following which the Italians assembled the ; raiding party which was armed with : knives and several revolvers. i The Americans are declared to have been unarmed. AH short lib- ! erty from the war craft has been suspended In "consequence of the trouble. , I 1 AS FETE SEQUEL Film Actress Leaps Overboard Following New Year's Eve Party on Yale. SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. ;. Police and steamship officials werefoday making a rigid Investigation Into the mysterious disappearance early yesterday of Mine Betty Montgomery, pretty Los Angeles actreee,. who destroyed all-means of identification from her clothing and then Jumped into the Pacific, following a, hilarious party aboard the steamship Tale, en- route .here from Los Angeles. : - . The girl's" absence was first dls-, covered when a friend of Miss Montgomery went td her stateroom shortly before the vessel reached here. The missing girl's latest-address was given as Hotel Imperial. $y South Grand avenue, Los Angeles. ;' Galetjs aboard the Yale started early on New Tear's eve and Miss Montgomery was one of the outstanding figures in the merriment. She seemed to be the Jife of the party, according to those who remarked about her vivacity. - At midnight, passengers say, ah e suddenly ceased her merrymaking and with a grave look said: "I wonder what the new year will bring me?" Soon after this she retired to her stateroom, and nothing more has been heard from her. FRIKXn rXABLK TO EXPLAIN fJIIUS ACT. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 2. Dr. - W. C. Finch" of Los Angeles said be had treated Miss Betty Montgomery, missing actresa, for several weeks previous to her departure from a local hotel. He scld he could attribute no reason whereby she would have sought to end her life. Her health which had "been delicate, was somewhat improved, the physician stated. - , j-.:--..: -- '..v.i'.. .- But little was known concerning Xflas 'Montgomery at the hotel where she had lived. It was the understanding her parents reside In Spokane. ' Bomb Exploded' in " New Year's Crowd BERLIN. Jan. 2 JBy the Associated Press). A bomb .was exploded among the crowd listening to a band in the Market Place of Din-kelsbuehl, Bavaria, on New Year's eve. Injuring tlfty persons, twenty of them seriously. The thr.ower of the bomb, a youth, and several other persons, were arrested." . lt, Officer in Pacific Fleet Kills Self SAN PEDRO, Jan. 2 Lieutenamt John Eberwine, U. S. K., stationed aboard the U. 6. S. Melville, shot himself through the brain here last night aboard his- ship and died early today;,. Despondency is said to have been the motive. " . Condition of Bangs Reported Improved T ASSOCIATED MtEBS , I.EARKn WIRE TO T RIB tnt E. . ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Jan. 2. John Kendrick Bangs, lecturer ana author. wHo Saturday underwent an operation or intestinal trouble, was lightly better today. Hospital offl olals were; not ready to say that he was entirely out of danger, however. : , ,.... . i. .... ii i Hi ; Legalized Gambling - Voted in Austria VTI!NNAJaiV2 (By the Asso-elated Press.Legalir.ed gambling In I the Casino in Salzburg has noon voted i bv . the n!-ovlnclal.; diet in an on- ideavor to secure funds to balanee the J provincial budget of Salsburf. - New Postmasters Must Go to School, Will Hays Orders VTT WASHINGTON, Jen. 1-Begin-' ning with the new year, under orders issued by Postmaster General Hays, newly appointed postmastert will be required to attend school, where they will bo taught, among other things, how to meet the public, their pieces in the community, how, through pjubliciyt, to educate the public in the nse of the mailt, how to handle complaints, guard the mails and maintain proper relationship with the department. After the intensive course aimed to .impress on the new official that "he it local manager of the biggest business institution in the world," he will be required to write the department giving review of what he had learned, to that it may be determined, Hayt said, whether he it qualified to serve behind placard reading: "Ask your postmaster wha(you want to know. I Non-Violence Policy. Modified . to Defend 'Republic;' Narcotics Banned. WASHINGTON. Jan. J. India has proclaimed aepublic and the non-violence policy of Mahatma Ghandl, who was given dictatorial powers last week : by the all-India national congress has been modified to permit violence "for C'defenso," according to a cablegram received today by S. ' N. Ghose, director of the American ' commission to promote self-government in India.. As a' further measure of obstruction against British government, the message said the boycott has been extended to Individuals. The message to the American commission, as given out, said: "Republic declared. American message decided. Armed defense sanctioned. Boycott extended to individuals. Women, children safe." The "American, message" referred to, was said to be that signed by Senators Norrls of Nebraska and Walsh of Massachusetts,, and other Dromlnent publicists and jurists, pledging American support to the Indian "campaign lor inaepenaence. OPJTM BAN WILL REDITCE REVENVES. WASHINGTON, Jan. 8: Suppres sion of the "dope" and liquor traffic has been unaeriaKeivas one or me first acts "of the United States of India," proclaimed 'yesterday, according to a statement issued today by Sailendra N. Ghose, director of the American commission to promote self-government In India. Ghose declared that within the last month .70 ter cent of tne opium shops and 60 per cent of the liquor shops In British India had been closed through the actii'itles of the nationalist volunteer pickets. Ghose said that revenues from the traffic, from which "Britain de rived an income of many millions, were cut off by the decree. . j LONDON DFNIES ACT FOR INDEPENDENCE. LONDON, Jan. 2. (By Interna tional News Service.) A report from Washingtonthat the all-Indian Moslem congress at Ahmadabad had adopted a resolution declaring India's independence, was officially denied here today. ' According to officials of the India office, the national conference at Ahmatlabad rejected the Independence resolution at. the request or Manatma unaneir himself. It is known that one sub sidiary conference considered such a resolution" but its.fate there Is not known. - ; Royal Mail Liner Buffeted by Storm BY UNITED PHZS8 LEASED WIRE 0 TRIBUNE. NEW YORK. Jan. 2 After Tiav- Ing battled a. northwestern gale that for many hours attained a velocity of 120 miles an hour, the S. S. Ara guaya of the Royal Mall 8. 8. Packet Co. was safe at her pier today. The vessel nailed from Cherbourg and Southhampton ana carrrea a laree nnssencer comolement. t or eight hours of the tr,lp Captain G. S. INDIA D OR FHEE NATION clown tne snips speea aim lay iu. . i mm ww r I ManWhbpscapea Nodse Tries Robbery CMICAiU. Ji.n. Z. Tommy u .on- nor, murderer, who escaped from the Cook county jafl just beiore he was to have been hanged, attempted to rob a Chicago, Milwaukee &. St. Paul train near Hawarden. la.,, enicago police were notified today. Alex. Porter, brakeihan .. on . the train, Identified O'Connor as the bandit who attempted to hold up the train last Thursday. : Man Given Medal For ' Saving Train HOUSTON. Tex., Jan. 2Vor an act of bravery "above and ' beyond the ordinary duty of man," performed when- he swam a swollen river near Koonan, Tex., September 10 last and aaved tne southern pa cific's "Sunset Limited" from possi ble wreck, William 'A. Redd Jr., a former marine, last night was awarded the medal of the Ace Hign Foundation of New York. Marriage, Birth and Death I notices . will 'be found on j Page 4. Clllard was forced., to cut aown ineinag gone TROOPS PUT DOWN RIOTS AT BELFAST Bombs Hurled, Several Men Seriously Wounded During Street Encounters; Soldiers Patrol As Sniping Renewed Dail Eireann Members Return for Further Fight On the Irish Peace Treaty; Belief Strong Ratification Is Near T nrrEKKATIOHAt NTWS SEX VICE LEASED WISE TO T&XltTNE. BELFAST, Jan. 2. Bursting of bombs ushered in the new year in Belfast. There was much shooting early today and one man was fatally i wounded. Two bomosjwere-tnrown, Disorders again broke out this afternoon. Following heavy revolver fusillades four wounded were taken to the hospital, one In a dying condition. Soldiers are patrolling the streets. DUBLIN. Jan. 2. As members of Dall Eireann' began arriving today for the resumption of debate on the Irish peace treaty tomorrow morning belief grew stronger that tne pact would be ratified without prolonged deliberations. DE VALERA PREPARES - FOR FINAL APPEAL. The antls have not given lip their fight. Eamonn de Valera and his personal adherents, who are opposing ratification, are prepared for a final appeal, , Several members of Dail will not vote because of their oath to the "republic." Making allowances for the hold-offa, the supporters of the treaty predicted ratification by' a good-sized majority; perhaps as many as fifteen votes. Michael Collins, commander-ln-chlef of the Irish Republican army, and' Arthur Griffith, leader of the pro-treaty forces are satisfied with the outlook. Their friends said they were prepared to meet any filibuster. IRISH PCBLIC OPHVION IS FOR, PEACE TREATY DUBLIN, Jan. 2 (By the Associated Press). -Members of the Dall Eireann who have been spending the holidays at home are beginning to return for -the resumption of the sessions tomorrow. " Durinr.the past week Irish public opinion . seemingly has decided In favor of the peace treaty with Oreat Britain, and its supporters in the Dall express far more confidence of ratification than at any time, since the debate opened. Their most conservative estimates are for majority of about 12, and they declare they do not consider the possibility of- a considerable number of the opponents abstaining from voting. Estimates of the' sentiment of the people vary from 75 to 95 per cent in favor of the treaty. .-. "Bo". McMillan Weds School Sweetheart FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 2. Alvln Nugent ("Bo") McMillan, football star of Center .College, Danville, Ky., and Miss Marie Nlers, sweetheart of his high school days in Fort Worth, wereT married here this morning at All Saints Cathollo church. They left Immediately for Dallas, where McMillan wlU play his last game of football with the Centre team this afternoon against Texas A. & M. .. Among the guests were practically all the Centre players, many of McMillan's brother players on the North Side high school eleven of ten-years ago and athlete's from a doze.n western states. Husband Slays Wife Because She Drank PERTH AM BO Y, N. J.. Jan. 2. Alexander Zelles, 39, gave himself up to the police . here today and confessed to having killed his wife, Julia, on December 2S because She drank too much. . '.. - - ... ' Zelles said he haL-choked his wife to death, taken her to the cellar of their home and struck her twice on the head with an axe. Since then, he declared, while living with rela- ijves in another part of the town, he oay ir iook at tne , UUU.V. 1 1 1 i.. I'olice investigated. Zelles' - story ,nd rouno tne noay as ne nail at scribed. Mexicans Foresee Credits From V, S. . MP;XICO CITY,' Jan. (By Associated Press.) Financial , circles of this city show signs of optimism over negotiations which have been under way between the secretaries of American banking houses, Agustin Le Gorret, manager of Banco Na-cional and representative of J. P. Morgan & Co., and Eduardo Ijurbide, representing the Speyer Interests, haye gone tp New York and it Is stated they will report there upon the progress made during fecent conferences. r Banker in Morgan House Kills Self NEW YORIf, Jan. I.Oeorge W. Taylor, an attache of the banking house vof J. P. Morgan & Co., Broad arid Wall streets killed himself at a New Year's party In the home of hts sister-in-law, Mrs.. Clinton Smith, East Orange, by shooting himself with a revolver. Mrs.' Taylor was prostrated. She said she could give no clew to the reason for her husband's suicide.' Ho had been happy at home before going to the New Year's party, ah said, and seemed to bo as gay aa tae others at tne mil. rvoi. . Society Girl Suddenly Married MRS.'GRAX VI LLE D. ABBOTf, JR who ucs Lorrn lands-berger until yesterdny, Vwn she was W at a colorful society ceremony in Son Franrisco to a Piedmont iorial scion. " ' ' 1 ..-'s" ) I t ' J i v ' X" 1 - ' Fit ; . 'Vr "-sA BEARSTO BATTLE Presidents Expected to Give Bruins Stern Fight At v , Pasadena. California Is prepared to flefend her claim to being the best football eleVen In the country this afternoon on a soggy field In Pasadenajgatnst Washington ' Jefferson college of Washington.' Pa,.;. The Presidents, rated by eastern and western grid experts as one of the most powerful elevens ln-the east this season, will give the famed Golden Bear, the tougkhest battle in. two years, according to all who have followed the work of -"Greasy" Neale's team through their victorious season. "Far from a set-up" is the opinion of a few hours before the Tournament of Roses classic takes place and, although California will trot onto the field the heavy favorite In the bet.-ting, the Bears arc admitted to have a greater conflict ahead of them than they had last year against Ohto State. BEAR BOOSTERS C LAIM THREE TOUCHDOWNS LEAD. Oil SOGGY FiELD roiiu.s ui chu "inouncemont came the sudden de- Bruins tt capture the championship cision of the couple to wed ' The title today by. a margin of three formality of engraved invitations was touchdowns, although with the latest omitted, and intimates of the two reports from the southland .indicat-1 fsmUles were.summoned to the wed-tng that rain-hM beeirtafflng. again, : ing by the unPOmantic telephone, the wet Jiold wlll tend to slow up the Sixty guesU to the lnvUatiotl Fana attack of.both teams and will severe-1 CoiorfuL wedding was held In the ijr 'unpin .mi -v.iiii rtncMinc irHme. 1 iX oasHing trame, AJ1 pyes .will be focused on "Brick" Mullerp tle giant All-American California end, named by Walter Camp nn-account of his great throw last New Year's day... against the Buck-eyeK. Muller is not expected to start today's game, being held in reserve ny Aiiuy nnrnn xor a. into the contest to unloose one of his famous throws. BRl'lXS I1AVK 10 POVXD.S PFR MAN ADVASTAGK. The advantage on power plays lies with California; .possessed of a ten-pound advantag-e in weight. The lines ...alack op an even terms with California superior in the backfleld. The California problem i? to stop Harold Krickson. the terrible Swede of W.- and J., while the Presidents have several problem's. Nlsbet. who will do the punting for the Berkeley j college today, Is figured to have an advantage over Brenkert, the W. and P. punter, and or a kiokins-same playing for the breaks California is expected- to win by a margin of at least two touchdowns, rain or no rain. The game is to sjart at thk i'huihiii.i; i.itb-t.r; WASH-JEFF? POSi. l". OF C. Eerkey Barnes Clark Latham capt.) 'ranmer McMillan Konf . . ..I,. K. . ,.L. T. - Kon-volinka. Neal t'rook Vinre Wierquest. . Stein (capt.) West Krtckon. . . Brenkert. Basista. . . . ...Jl. C. . . .R. T. . . . . R. K . . . .. Q. B . ,...L,H..' ...n. h. . .,F. B. " m Toomey Nichols .. Nesblt r-e- Violent Earthquake Rocks New Jersey BY UNITED PEESS LEASES WIRE TO TRIBtTIE. CUAMBERLIN. N. 2. A violent earthquake ar 8:20 a. rn. rocked this vir-inity. 1 Chimneys were torn down, dishes tumbled off pantry shelves and windows broken. No Injuries have aa yet been reported. Four Bandits Take $15,000 in Bold Raid ' KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Jan. 2. -Four, bandits walked into the Kansas City loan office at noon today, held up the clerk and escaped with jewelry and cash valued at 115,000. The bandits fled In an automobile. .. ,; WEDDING GUESTS CALLED BY PHONE Sixty Witness Marriage of Miss Lorene Lanasberger and G. D. Abbott, Jr. . Invited by telephone, sixty guests, representing society In thtfbay cities, attended the New Tear's. eve, wedding of Granville D. Abbott Jr of Crocker Highlands, Piedmont, and Miss Lorene Landsberger, mem"6r of the jrounger set in San Francisco and Alameda, at "a picturesque wedding at ; the home of the bride, 1228 Washington street, San Francisco. The .wedding came as a surprise to the many friends of the young couple, as it was only a few weeks ago that rumors were bruited about that an estrangement had come and that the engagement, announced some time ago, had been broken off. Miss Landsberger denied the rumor nt the time, but said that no defi-s nite date had been set for the : wedding.' ara on tne neeis or this atf nrtde's home, with Rev. . Henry II- I ct,i.. ... .. , J Niires, rector of Christ Enlscoual church in Alameda,' officiating. The bride was tastefully garbed in a gown of white satin and pearls, carrying a shower bouquet of gardenias and lilies of the valley. The wedding . room , was adorned with flowers and the attendants were the , bride's cousin and Donald Boyd. The ceremony- took place promptly at 6 o'clock. Immediately the ceremony' 'was over a quiet wedding supper was held :rt the home of the brtdo-, and the newly-wed -couple Parted n motor trip' to the south. Abbott is the son of Granville ,1), Abbott, a mining company secretary with offices in the Crocker building in- San Francisco. Mrsr Abbott Sr. has been "prominent in Piedmont society-circles for many years. The bride Is the daughter of the late Loula Landsberger and has; many mentis in Day social circles, .j Serioiis Rioting in : Punjab Area, India LAHORE (British lndia, Jan." 2. (By the Associated Press.) There was serious rioting. Friday in Firox- pur and.Jharka. in the Rohtak dis-J trict of the Punjab, when non-co operators attempted to rescue per sons arrested for assaulting members j of the loyal association. The military i from Delhi and Alwar assisted in restoring order, Fire in Oklahoma Causes $150,000 Loss WILSON. Okla.. J.,'..l- Fire "which broke' out In a vulcanizing plant here today destroyed an entire block of frame business houses on Main street, causing an eetlmated luss of 1150,000. Several garages. two rooming houses, a filling sta tion and a targe furniture score were among the buildings consumed. . . -' Gale Hurls Steamer Upon English Coast BY IKTERKATIPMAt Nrw SERVICE LEASED WIRE TO IRIBUKE. LONDON, Jan. 2.-The -steamer City of Dunedln went ashore on Land's End In a gale today. The Red Star liner Zee land reported by wireless that she had picked up "8. O. &" messages from the stranded vessel. PARIS-TOKYO PACT CHARGE SIS MEET Statements That Docnments Are 'Forgeries' and Takes . Fail to Rah Discussions; 'Anti-U. S. Causes Quoted "Papers" Provide for French Japanese Cooperation to Sway Siberia ; Authentic Far Eastern Chiefs Insist BT IS TESNATIOHAt VEW SXaTlCE i t LEASED WI1E TO TBJaiTME. iAJNDOX, Jan. 2. DlplomatlO. despatches from Washington lto, day predicted that France will of fer to withdraw her demand for. 90,000 tont of submarines on condition that United State and' Great Britain pledge military and ! financial guarantees to France.- It li understood Premier Lloyd George Is satisfied and that FTaace f merely made her submarine det niand as a basis for arguing. ',. WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. (By the. Associated Press.) Despite the New Yeart holiday, naval experts of the arms conference delegations kept at work today on their task of Ironing out details of the naval limitation plan vihich it Is hoped to put Into final treaty form by the end of the week. ' With no serious difficulty expected in formulating the necessary technic cal adjustments to cover such Questions as replacement and scrapping , of ships, there wa a general feeling ( today that the end of. the week may see another plenary session of the ' conference for announcement pf a formal five-power treaty coveflnf the naval limitations. t 1 TLL SETTLKMKNT IN ' r ! TWO WEEKS EXPECTED. With this prospect for final disposition of the naval, program was i a general expectation the conference would be ready to adjourn about the middle of the month. Despite the several apparently troublesome Issues yet to be cleared away, tnolud- , ing the Shantung question over which the Japanese and Chinese ara . now deadlocked. It was believed that settlement would not be delayed beyond two weeks. - In connection with . Far ' Eastern questions, the Siberian situation,, had been brought suddenly Into' prominence today, through publication by the special delegation here from the Far Eastern Republic of cop lee of alleged communications between the Japanese and French-, governments covering the proposal that the two , governments act in concert at the Washington conference with respect to the establishment of a Japanese 3 protectorate over Siberia. Ml CH SPECULATION ON "SECRET ALLIANCE." Although the documents were promptly declared by a member of ; the Japanese delegation to be a malicious fabrication and characterized by a French delegate as forgeries. Itupidly 'contrived, there was con stderable speculation today whether the accusation would be brought formally before the conference by tho Chinese or some other, delegation when the Siberian situation is taken up on the agenda. . v . The Far Eastern representative themselves ot only are not mtm : bers of the conference, but are (peas- ; ing for an unrecognized government; which left It entirely uncertain as t what cognizance may be taken ot the, charge. . By GEORGE R. HOLMES, -International New Service ' Staff Correspondent. WASHINGTON, Jan. a. Some thing closely akin.' to. a real Interna tional sensation was produced in Washington today by tho publication of alleged secret agreements between the French and Japanese governments over ' policies that are to be pursued in the Far East., Under the provisions of these a!t . leged documents which were mad public by the special delegation representing the ; Far East republic. France pledged herself to support Japan's plans to establish a Japan es protectorate over ' Siberia ' and Japan In turn pledged herself to ttro overthrow of the present Tegtma in Russia and the re-eetabltahment of the monarchy Iri Russia. ' i While the French and Japanese cliaracterlzed the documents a "fakes" , and "stupid - forgeries." their prompt deniel. neverthelee, did not wholly allay the sensation produced by their publication and it Was indicated strongly today thai : the matter would not be allow td to rest there, r '.v, - . S1BFJUA I P SOON. The -publication of the alleg4 documents was. timely, for. It ,i generally expected that tho arm 4 ment conference will take up the question of Siberia,, within the week, now that the naval agreement H virtually concluded. , - . The ntost Important of the alleged agreements published by the rar Eiisierners was under date of September 2, 1SS1, two-ftnontha bfcre the assembling of the conference lit v Washington. It Is alleged to b note from the French foreign office to - the foreign office in Tokyo aad says: : ; ' f - '?The Japanese plan to . creSte a r free republic In the East tmder the protectorship of Japan la compre henslble to us and the French gov , (Continued on Page 2. CoL I.) v . -i Race to Fire May - ' Cost Th&e Lives : CHICACJO, Jam. 8. TwoV flramf were killed, On probably faially Injured and seven others hurt badly, last night when ' two : fire engines crashed together while responding to false alarm- Eor many men t hf there ha been a, friendly rivalry between the member of the two eow panies a to which would be first tj reach a fire in their joint district. . . .., .'. .',...:-. i strtni " 1

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