The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 30, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 5
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i "'"'i •" > "' , -%:,V; * v Mause ftt P. HAGGARD, ALGONA, IOWA, WIW ftfifitofr Fell, 1st '&#p,mont of „ — ...'S Groat New York Company in A'Thrilling and Romantic Military story With Stttpondous-lSffecfcs, as produced irt New York City for over n()0 nights and in Chicago 350 tirnus. Seats now on salo at"Dlnglcy's. LOCAL MATTERS. The winter term of the Normal opened yesterday. The mails from the south have of late been very irregular. Judge Quarton is holding court'in Dickinson county this week. The pupils of the city schools underwent their semi-annual examinations last week. "I 1 he Girl 1 left Behind Ale" will be the attraction at the Opera House on i'ridtty Might. Dr. Murphy, occulist, o£ Mason City, will at Dl'. be Tiist's office Tuesday, February10th. Photographer A. L. Peterson is attending the meeting of the State Association at Derf Moiiies this week. The musical club will meet at Mrs. B* D; Hamilton's Monday evening,Feb. 4,"at 7:80. Let all thu raeinbura be present. Tlio revival services at the Baptist church will be continued the rest ol this week and probably noxt. They are growing in interest. - C. B. 1-Iutchins' little son Kalph eight years ot age, lias been dangerous ly sick with pneumonia, for a few days .tii«'"ivi«».f1ii*/ ut.t.umla him. The Normal closed with & total en- ollmentof 101. Not only was the at- wholly satisfactory, but the pit-it of loyalty to the institution per- ading the students was very gratify- ng to tliH facility and friends, un- loubtfdly tlie school is more popular lian ever, and the work done is more .horough. Our suggest.-!' n to Harvey to make his canvass ft* the legislature on the question. u VVIuit is H subscriber i cine other rmperi"' is meeting with deserved approval. Une of our reader? t«ll", UK of a precedent just established {own in Texas by a member Of the legislature who introduced a bill to compel every man to reply to his letters in ;en days from the date of receipt, and providing a heavy penalty for neglect There are a good many things like this to be looked after. AN OLtf SEttLER GONE. Dr. "McCoy attends him. Advertised letters: Misa Mary Festel, John G. ilohoonon, William B Leslie, E. McDonald, Fred Newville H. Sorcnson, William B. Thompson,! L. Wilson. An Oyster Supper at the llutherford Sample Room Saturday evening, Feb 2, under the auspices of the Epwortl League. Oysters served in every style Supper ready at 5 oclock. The board of supervisors met yesterday in adjourned session to receive thi report of the finance committee. Thej completed their work in one day ant adjourned. Frank Speicher, who runs a ranch up noxt to the Minnesota line, was an Algona visitor Saturday. Mr. Speicher made arrangements to have the REPUBLICAN sent to him at Ledyard. All the grocery proprietors have agreed to close at 8 p. m. except on Saturday nights. This is a sensible arrangement. It has been the rule with the dry goods and clothing stores for the past year. J. J. Wilkinson has received notice from Secretary Luddin, of the Nebraska relief committee, to 'hold any flour intended for shipment until further notice. Free transportation is denied ab present. «*atfe)zar» -'Haggard -was' 'taken'- 'with pneumonia last Thursday night, the result of a ".old, and has been very sick since. It is thought he is some better this morning, but still in a serious condition. Dr. Pride attends him. L. 0. Smith, the popular Burt merchant, was attending Masonic lodge in Algona, Monday evening. Ho said that Burt expected to send a large delegation down to attend "The Girl I Left Behind Me," Friday night. The ladies of A. L, A. meet with Mrs. She'etz Friday p. m., at 3 o'clock. All interested in the reading room are cordialJy invited to be present. A paper by Mrs. Spear, '-lieview of New England." AJso one by Mrs. Patterson, u and others. This paper has received a postal card with the Elmore postmark, requesting that a certain horse be advertised, and giving a description of the horse. The writer does not sign his name, nor does he' intimate what bis object is in having the horse advertised, There was a blizzard with eight inches of snow in some portions of Iowa last Friday, but in Kossuth very little. snow, fell, There was wind enough, and onl'y'the snow was wanting. We are'stjlllooking forward to the first slelurlnpg of the winter. Wesley Beporter; Fellows & Bonar, 'the' new -0rm of Attorneys that are jvbopt to locate in Algono, were in Lesley on , Wednesday. They made us/jTpleasant call, and if 'we are to judge from appearance, Algona is to be,,'c0ngratulated in the addition to ' talent. Some merchants, says the Ft- Dodge Post. Instead of advertizing, stand in their doorways and try to hypnotize the passeisby. This is ;i poor scheme. Men who buy'things while under the mesmeric inlluenco are likely to return when they have straightened themselves out and call off the bargains they have inside. The best thing u merchant can do wllen he has goods to sell is to take a large voluptuous advertisement to the paper having a recognised standing and circulation and having the same published. He is then casting biscuits unon the waters and receives large Vienna loaves of bread in return. The merchant who did not advertise previous to the holidays has about us many goods on hand now as ho had before, and that nwn will grunt his way through the glad new year. Eleven ladies of the Algona Woman's Relief Corps went to Bancroft on Saturday and organized a corps of the order, Mrs. Nannie Setchell being the installing Department Deputy. . A corps of about thirty members wsis instituted with the "following officers: Mrs, Ella Hartshorn. Pnjsidunt. Mrs. Carrie M. Carr, Senior Vico. Misa Ostrandor, Junior Vice. Miss Aurioll Austin, Secretary. Mrs. Pauliin'. Johnson, Treasurer. Mrs. Abigail Hrayton, Chaplain. Mrs. Eln'o .Horryinan, Conductor. Miss Mary II. Barge, Assistant Con. Mrs. Mary! 1 '. Merrilleld, Guard. Mrs. Eliza JB. Drake, Assistant. The ladies who went from Algona were: Mrs. Nannie Setchell and Mes- damesTellier. Tennnrit, Sheet/,, Vesper, Luntry. Stacy, Palmer. Stephens, Taylor and Starr. 11 The Girl [Left Behind Me," which will be given at the Call Opera House oia Friday evening next is purely American in character and deals with well mown conditions iu the military life of he detachments on the western reservations. It is distinguished by the absolute want of rant and noise, of mock leroes and villains which make so many dramas of this military character, and it is the retitied truth to nature and modest representation of actual perfections which have won for 'The girl 1 left behind me," so warm a place in the hearts of the American heatre-going public. The story is well known, having been detailed in these columns. The company, which is under the direction of Charles Frohmau, '.s said to be very strong. The Breeze, a Cornell College paper for which we are indebtfid to County Surveyor'Tellier, has" the following: We clip the following from a Jennings, La., paper, concerning our old friend "Hutch:" "Yesterday the deal was closed whereby Ambrose A. Call, of Algona, Iowa, purchased the Holton & VVinn plantation fronting on Lacasine bayou, 1520 acres, with pumping plant, stock and equipment, for about $20,000 cash. Mr. Call is a wealthy man and gets one of the best rice farms in this parish. It adjoins a tract oil laud that tie has owned for years. Mr. Call leaves for home today, but A. Hutchison remains in charge." Two of the editorial staff of this paper are Harvey G. Hays, younger brother of J. W. Hays, formerly at the head of the BB- PUBLICAN, and B. J. Barr. Joachim Holts, An Early Settler of Fenton Township, Dies at the Residence of Jno. jjiyer, Friday Night. Joachim Ilolta, one oil tho best luiown rne.ii in Fenton township, died at the residence of John Myer, about three miIcs this side of Whittemore, during Friday night or Saturday morning. He wag found dead in bed at a little, before seven o'clock. Mr. Iloltx had dil- ficulty in lying down, and had been up two nights previously, but Mr. Myer prevailed upon him to try to get 'some sleep, tie ate supper and later some pop corn, and just befbro retiring ate a couple of apples, of which he was very fond. After he went to bed nothing was heard from him, except some coughing during the niglit. ifothing was thoiight'of this, and the discovery ot liisdead body in tho bed Saturday morning was a complete surprise. His health had been poor for some years, but he was able to be in Algona just a day or so prior to his death. Mr. Iloltz vvaa born in Germany in 1825. Ho was married to Wilhelmimi Vierck in 1846. He came to America and settled in Henry county, Illinois, in I8o8. lie came to this county in I860. Ho soon became a leading man in his community, was elected to township offices, was a successful farmer and a highly respected and useful citizen. He was elected to the board of supervisors some five years ago and served three years. He had one daughter, the wife of John Hans, and had several grand children. He wan .1 Lutheran in religious affiliation. His funeral was lield yesterday, tho remains being hi id to rest iu the Weisbrod cemetery, in Fenton township. WOOD'S Eye and Ear Infirmary, Marshalitowfl, Iowa. iifr.c Uisc.iscs of the Kosc and 1'iiro:i). ;unJ Cnturj-h arc also Successfully Treated. If You Want Something Nice in Tableware Bel.Wecti Filly anil Seventy I'utionts aro Under '.treatment nt Tills Inflrmui-y. Eyes Catarrh Ey es 'Misa Carrie Olson, of Bode, died of -•- f -"--•- at the Thorington House Sat- rning. She bad been work- foj? two mouths previously sister and broker were ,„ r ,3v death. T,t is understood ;was,b,er / eecopd stroke. The to Bgde for burial, , who was .... ,. ,..,„ .- her spine during ...,,, died' Jagt Sunday, Her from the first miderstood . ' ^mains' 1 A CREAMEY BURNED. Ejes Eyus Eyes Catarrh Catatih Seneca Creamery Totally Destroyed by Fire Friday Night—Loss $5,000. A report oil tho destruction of the Seneca Creamery by lire on Friday night reached hero on the following day, and on Monday Philip Ekliohu and W. F. Fish, students of the Nor- niiil School, whose homes are in the neighborhood, came down, bringing the particulars to this office. The origin of the tiro is hot definitely settled, but it is supposed that it was communicated from tho furnace. The creamery had just been tilled up with now machinery, and there were 800 pounds of butter on band, HO that with the building the loss was not less than 85,000. There was82,800 insurance. There was danger that the co-operative store, close by, would be destroyed, but thu direction of the wind was favorable, and it was saved. The creamery was a co-operative institution, and was one of the best managed, best patronized and most successful creameries in the county. C. O. Fish is the President of the company and Martin Jenson is the secretary. F. 11. Anderson mado the butter. Our informants state that the creamery will be rebuilt at once, a meeting of the stockholders being held on Saturday. The loss of such an institution is a great misfortune, but the projectors and patrons, with the pluck and enterprise which win success, will push ahead with a new building and outfit and try it again. THE ATHENIAN SOCIETY. Last Wednesday evening. this society held the closing literary exercises for the term. The '•Commercial Eoorn" had been especially arranged for the occasion, and it was filled to overflowing with an appreciative and delighted audience. The following program By permission, the names of a, few of those taking treatment appear below, (or re Ire nee: M L Johnson, Grundy Ceuter,In, Ears i) Tucker, Gr'n Mouut'u, la., Catarrh Geo Hider, Gar win, la., Chas. Muuier, city, iluth 11 Collins, Albion, la., Elias Lanu, Jiaverhill, la., C G Kuniz, Conrad Grove, la. Miss .Nora VVilKey, Malta, la. Miss V\ ehelden, city, M Buuciiur, Albion, la., Joseph Bender, Gilman, la., Ears A E Guy, city, Mrs Jus Cogswell, lovyu Falls, la.,Eyes a W Muliuic, UesMoihcs, la., . Eyes Win Morrow, Conrad Grove, la., Catarrli W V Craig, Le Grand, la., Eyes Joseph liuUKe, city, Eyea rt'JL 1 JincKson, biory City, la., Molvm MUSI'U, -UeCailsuurg, hi., Ai (Jeihoi, oily, J C Ariiistroug, Bromley, la., JS E JJLVOD, inouuey, iu., W JS Bury, AtcCuusijui-g, ia., J VV AUinicr, Jjiauomu, iu,., Miss JNoiM Aimer, cn.y, Eua liupher, city, J JL> Lut//, iowu ijity, la., C U Amos, oucriuaii, la., ii A Clui'K, l-'ruiceiou, ill., 11 JNorth, Kiugsley, la., Wo would liko to Bliow you oiii "iSmmner-time" pattern of.... ENGLISH MANUFACTURE. Cream White—Decorated under glaze in natural not- orB, Warranted not to craze. Will, not break as easily as China, is nearly as pretty and does not cost one-half so much. If something lower in ( price is desired, we have the new "Albany" pattern in BROWN DECOR ATMD ENGLISH WARE or MEAKIN8" PLAIN WHITE, Oo j v.a Everywhere acknowledged to be the BEST. High Art Ghinci and Porcelains at all times. • THE GRANGE STORE. to (Jail Attention To Our Complete! Line of - Catarrli Catarrh Eara Eyes Eyes Catarrh Catarrh Eyes Catarrh Ears Catarrh was rendered Recitation, Music, Paper, The county editorial meeting was held on Monday at the Thorington, and a permanent organization was effected Avith I. M. Finnell, of the Algona Courier, president, and W. F. Laidley, of the Bancroft .Register, secretary and treasurer. A committee on program for the next meeting, which is to be held on Monday, June 17, in Algona, was appointed, consisting of Mr. Laidley and H. B. Hallock, of the Burt Monitor. A committee on loca arrangements and banquet was appointed, consisting of I. M. Finnell, Harvey Ingbum and M, Starr. It is proposed to buvo a program for the afternoon and a banquet in the evening, The editors are to bring their wives, and it is proposed to make the occasion one to be pleasantly remembered by those who attend, and that probably will be the entire newspaper force of the county. A distressing condition of indifference to the demand for a wider field of activity for woman has come to light in our midst. The general conference of the M, E, Church has a good many unpleasant quarters of an hour every four years over the question of allow* ing representation in that toady toy women delegates, The Jay delegates at the last session voted the wqroen in, puube clericals with, equal, though misplaced enthusiasm, voted tfcem put Of course? the, question, js never to be settled until the sex line M ished and the women go in, At test conference provision was wade fg r a. vote of the several through* out the land on the-ques^on, thpugh it was stipglptoatURt the result sbQHjA fee accepted only m' indicating wba$ i;he prevailing sentiment of the'Moth* 'Qdiat persmsiQP might be, nnd., that' it should'ha^eWJegal -effect whateyor, taken, aonnjr the .Miss Smith. Mr. Capesions. Messrs, j Galbruith, 1 Wallace. Song, i ?/ ol: ^ Lilly ' < Mr. Stone. ( Mrs. Lilly, ( Miss Edcnouds. Dialogue, ( Miss Epmonds, •I Miss Hunt, ( Miss Kain. Messrs. ( Morton, Wilkinson, ( Johnson, Salisbury. All the exercises were of great merit and were received with hearty approval. The paper was a decided hit, and if the Algona Hustler had come to stay instead of being "for this night only," the brilliant cou-uscations of the meteor indicated that it would have become a light in the galaxy of the Algona press, The dialogue waS a one act comedy entitled "A Pink Perfumed Note," and the rendition of it indicated careful study and a natural adaptation on the part of the performers to the work: in hand. With this meeting the present board of officers closed their services, Much of the success of the society tbu far has been due to their earnest efforts, and they retire with the gratitude of all. The officers-elect for the new term are : President, Howard Wallace; Secretary, Frankie Farley; Treasurer, L. J. Wilkinson; Program Committee, B, E, Norton, Wro. Galbralth and Miss Edmonds, That JQc table of canned goods is the attraction at Wajker Bros.--i8tf All persons havipg clothing to spare for tUe relief of .the needy are requested tQ leave it-witt) Mrs- S.etehell, afc her store, as early as convening , . „ By order, ol the Corn, ivluuei iiuai, Giiuiitn, la., Euis VV D Mcljauiley, Tasiiu, la., Eyes 11 J CiurK, city, Euis i F Tykr, 1'oiedo, la., Mrs ii I.' tiieaniB, Gludbrook, la., Miss rtielia CliniLe, Gruudy Center, la., Catarrh Mias Gieo Trouluiaro, city, Eyeo Wui TrmioalJ, Vancleve, la., Calarrli Mra O ti Brown, JJeatihaun, la, John liiuiUbOii, JJuubur, in., A Ii Lovermg, Beaumaii, la., A 1 J t>L«\vard, cay. Geo E I'Vuucitico, Blue Earth City, Mum., Max Tieijbus, State Center, la., Wm Wallace,Bromley, lu., Mrs Wm Thomas Shetliuiil, la., JS JNaber, Camera, la., Catarrh Myo MunUonhall, city Catarrh Al Satia, city, Catarrh VV S Montgomery, Conrad, la., Catarrh E Butler, i,u Grand, la., Eyes Mrs Davitl Yetlty, Green Mountain, in., Catarrh Miss Blanch Stulil, city, Eyes Mrs EM VVyatt, LaMoille, la., Eyes L C liichesou,(State Center la., Catarrh C C Freeooru, GladbrooK, la., Eyes liobie -Martin, Conrad, la., Ears Mr Buckley, city, Eyes C A AUBUII, city, Eiua Henry Nelson, Itoli'e, la., Eyes Lena Myi-e, Booue, la., Eyes Mr lloag, city, Jeuuie E. Devereos, Applington, la., Mrs Sargeant, city, Geo Buluoru, Gludbrook, la., JUe Witt Norton, Tama, la., Baby Flitton, city, Mrs C E Shedd, Nevada, la., Rhoda Erickson, Story City, la., Catarrh Miss Meyers, Denison, la. Eyes L A Cliute, Gruiidy Ceuter, la., Ears aud Catarrh Mrs Stoddart, city, Eyes VV S Mauley, Whitteu, la., .Eyes A LuuUsti'um, city, Catarrh Luther i-iartiuger,McCallsburg,la.Eyes Mrs S E- Williams, city, Eyes Geo iS McLufferty, Tama, la., Ears and Catarrh Mrs Amanda Hadley, Iowa, Falls, la., Ears and Catarrh Henry Bick, GladbrooK, la., Eyes Martha L. Klein, Courud, la., E M Strolim, Beaumuu,ia., B Euge, Itoland, la., Ears and Catarrh Mrs S Devins, Lake View, la., Ears and Catarrh Mrs J L Wilder, city, la., Eyes L H Oug, Tiiiua, la., Eyes, Catarrh Hoy Woods', city. Catarrh Heikalsher, Conrad, la., Catarrh Geo Van fcslyke, Liscomb, la., Eyes Joe Berkarc. Montour, la., Eyes O HubiMHOi), Boston, W S Munley, VVhitten, la. L MoCord, etty, L M. Olson, Roland, la., John Coburu, city, E C Button, city, —, — VV S Hank, Gj;eeu Mountain, la., Eyea A Clemens, Green Mountain, la., Ears aud Catarrh Mrs Kayler, Qurry, la., Catarrh J i) VVollseu, Gludbrook, la., JSjwa A B Sheldon, city, Catarrh Bebsi^J Wrowu, Bulle Plaine, Ia ( , Eyes B C LyburBey, Union, Ja,, Dyes Sum McQiew, MwrshtUtown, la., Eyes J 11 W«V2^) Grundy Center, la,, Catarrh Mrs^E White, Nevada, la, Kyts Clms Klwspie, Coumd, la.,' Catarrh " B flank, Gr^eu Mountain, Ja., • ' ' stouter, Melb'vue, M«0»ullsburg, W*fc^4^j*jtyW<^^ <&Mli&>0ljw/w t &^^ Etc. We liave an immense line of these goods, also OFFICE SUPPLIES. Those wishing anything in this line would do well to give us a call. THE DRUGGIST. QQ TO ^^ *~ ^ Catarrh Eyes Eyes Catarrh Eyes GLIDDEN BARB WIRE, Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints,. AND THE Bissell Carpet Sweeper,' The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., Corner State and Thoringtou. ,*'£ 1 l i i ,4?ii >. >'&. '" M: m >$8l Do You Want now those monks'have goije toy, to return', and the AJgQI»V Uavehftd i}0 vote fln |Jje .Why j§ it Good Things t , Vr. ; H|a«Ub'urn, Clemens, la., Mrs N 4 Mo«iih»U, Uulpw, la ' Ueo Ed C Haps, OQitr»a, la, Mrs o-ui for u$ roa.d, Big pay to J, B. PP« Algona

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