Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1966 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1966
Page 10
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Church group it lu Verne in guest day LuVerne — WSWS of the ^ turtle E. U. B. church had 15 Members of the Methodist WSCS at their meeting Oct. 6. - ; ;A program in charge of Mrs. Mfelvin Marty and Mrs. Fred Merkle included a skit by Mrs. Mar- tjf arid Mrs, Harry Naffziger;' solo, Mrs.. Jerry Wolf, with Mrs. Andrew Marty accompanist. 1 Mrs. s Myron Westre and Mrs. Kertneth Toresdahl, of the Trinity. Lutheran church near Hardy, gave, a gospel message in song, with Mrs. Toresdahl accompany ing,, The refreshment committee was Mrs. Henry Marty, Mrs. Lawtence Marty and Mrs. Marie Ma- ifli n The Rev. Ralph E. Hlndotian gave the invocation and benedic- tidn,, , .-;,.. : CHURCH CIRCLES MEET ; u<circles met Oct: 5. Cir- Mrs, Lucinda were, by Mrs. Stone.' with Devotions . Faye/Lioh|tv. and lesson by Mrs. Raymond 'Nelson. Mrs. Lichty presided* 7 Circle "2. met with Mrs. Devotion? were Mrs. Alvin Weber, and,*l6s$on bV/Mrs. Jess Jerffen.sen. 'Mrs. Clif iBiu^trom presided. Circle 3. met 1 , with Mrs. Roy A. Biesemey- 'by Mrs. W. , cr. Devotions were . . Raymond Leeler, and lesson by Mrs. Brvan Stewart. Mrs. Legler presided. The towe for each was the week of prayer and; self dental. Evening Star circle met on Oct.-- 8 with Mrs. Vernon Eggleston. Mrs. Roy A. Biesemeyer \jvas a, guest. Devotions were by Mrs. Howard Smith and lesson by Mrs. >B0h Hefty. Mrs. Hefty presided. berg was hostess. ' "\ PERFECT ATTCNDANCI Sixteen young people of the LbVefHe Zion Ev. Lutheran church had perfect attendance at Sunday school tot 1 a yeart they are Jennifer, Becky, Linda and J6ni WilheiJtii Ldrry and Tommy Blumer, Robbie Gronbach, Jllm- my, John and Jeffrey Krause, Craig and Retry Jo stripling, Jane Meyer. Becky Hefti, Harri el Ernst, EilU Mini . > RETURNS TO SiRVICl ; Mrs. Fay Harmon took her son Gordon to Des Moines Thursday where he- left to return to Fort Hood* Texas, after two weeks furlough. The also visited their daughter the Ben Seipkers. Linda McVay, Humboldt,, and fIan ce, Gordon, accompanied them. The Kenneth Wllhelrm, War rensberg, Mo., were weekem guests of his parents the Albert Wilhelms. Kenneth was recently discharged from army service and is attending a college af Warrensberg. , ' Jennifer Ann 3, daughter of the Clem Striplings, returned las week to the university hospital Iowa City, for further schoolinj arid treatment. Mrs. Helen Bueiiger and ton Norman, West Bend, visited her mother Mrs. Amelia Hanselman Sunday. Norman Buenger is an Iowa state highway patrolman. , Dean, and. Ronald Treuw, »tu- dents at Mankato State, were weekend visitors with their parents, the Harold and James Tra- ugers.' Eddie Steil> son of the William Steils, scheduled to go for army service .Oct. 10, was deferred un : ;il November. The David Traugers, Ames, have their first child, a 6 Ib. 14 oz. son, Brent David, born Saturday at' Mary Greeley hospital, Ames. Mrs. Trauger, formerly 4—ALOONA (Iowa) ADVANCI •iin-r- -V-m.-.i---.-.-i'j—-rr--••=-- - ' - ' - ''--,,.,•- ---:-'-1^_r A "--.-^-i _. rr-i Ex-luVerne resident dies on motorcycle LuVerne — James Cody, 19, was killed in a motorcycle accident near Lattimer. He is the son of the Robert Codys, Clear Lake, former LuVerne residents. The Robert Codys lived here when he was employed in the Corner grocery ;of his brother Merlin Cody, now of the Cody grocery, Humboldt. •UlLISHIb At PARf OP THIKOIIUTH COUNTY ADVANCI THURSDAY, OCT. tJ, LuVerne band in parade STA^lMlMf AN* titMMAftV OP MtttltBtNM . unity, Township LuVethe, County Kossuth-MumMlo at this report it o^ truft and eftfwet sfotcmthf.of th QUAftTtRLV Scnoot Dial*iCr LuWinv tOITIi^uroTy. , T .,, — , r —, —_., __,,,,,, ..____,,. ,._, . I do hereby certify that this report it a. true and eofiwet staterhehf.ftf the proceedings p*rtolnlnfl to tne finenciol matters of the board of sold dlstrkt'for tM quofter ending September 30, 1966. CHURCH AID MEETS - Aid of the Lu Verne Zion Ey. Lutheran church mpt in the church Oct. 6, with Mrs. LeRoy Hanselman presiding. The Rev. R. T. Mueller had the program ofa -the 'Lutheran Women, Missionary League. Auction w*»s held in charge of the Rev. Mueller. Guests were Mrs. Kpith Voss, of LuVerne. and Mrs. Nortran Rass- ihusen, Corwith, who hav«* recently joined the LuVerne church. Mrs. Thees Schnaken- WOULD YOU BELIEVE... YdU CAN GUT YOUR LABOR COSTS AS MUCH AS 75% WITH A BRADY 4-ROW CHOKER? Yes .., and we can guanmtet it! Want proof? Just ask for a FREE demonstration on your farm. No obligation. You'll see In a hurry iwhy BRADY ii FIRST in 4-row sales;,,FJRST in performance in the field. BIBLE INSTITUTE A Bible Institute was held in the LuVerne Zion Ev. Lutheran church Sunday with 22 attending. In charge were the Rev. Vehling, Lotts Creek, and the Rev. Spacer, Fenton. The Rev. R: T. Mueller, of the LuVerne Zion Ev. Lutheran church, and, the pastor of the Immanuel Lutheran church, the Rev. William Stock, served at the Bible Institute at the Redeemer church in Ventura. C ^ Balance from Previous .,. Total Receipts, tot Quarter Total to Account for --.-Total Warrants' Drown During Quarter Balance at End of Quarter .» FINANCIAL STATIMINT KHOOLHOUSI FUND Quarter. ------ ....... — ... ..... i-~ 6,039.21 ter ^-- ....... -'-* ..... - ---- -- ---- 220.44 -.- -•:•••.•'•'.' ' - r - OINtRAL FUND •. •' • Bolonce ftbtn .Previous' Quart.er - r — -- — .---- 68,945.69 Total Receipts for. Quarter .--_„----—. - 7,517.97 Total to Account for 1...... .-.'.*. — IXPINDITUMS ' •'; Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter „-.....--- .—..3.2,539.91 (Teachers,'Janitors, Officers, etc., grouped) • ,*i-. „, Other Warrants Issued — * amount -.... . 13,825.24 .-.'-.. '.Totdl'Expenditures.-^..tfii 1.... — ..--.— 1.:..Balance at End of • Quarter --'-. ----'_---.---- ----'. Person. Firm or Corp. To Whom Paid Interest on ..bonds -.-. LIST Or .WARRANTS (e«ee»» i«le»i«t) iCHOOLHOUSI FUND " ;: '••'•! V.,'^f' For What •"'•• •• •• 6,259,65 4500 6,214.65 76,463.56 .46,365.15 30,098.41 Total Schoolhouie Expense QIMIRAk FUND Kathy Hanselman, is the daughter of the Carl Hanselmans. David is the son of the Harold Tra- ugers and the baby is their first grandchild. The Hanselmans now rave two 'grandsons. The name of Dennis Will was omitted.from the list of young osople Who left recently for col- leee. The son of:', the Harvey Wills, he is a senior at Cedar Falls. The Ralph Blocks, of Eagle Grove, called Sunday at Ralph Stoll's. Weekend 9«j«sts at Alvln W«b- er's were Mrs. LuluT Jordan and daughter Edna Jordan, Des Moines, mother and sister of Mrs Weber; their • son 'the Charles Webers, Cedar Rapids. Saturday guests included their son the LeRoy Webers, LuVerne. SHREDDERS Ci«nt 4-row model cuts a full ,J4,4"! The most copied 4-row «n the mavke.t,-Also available in 2 smaller models to cut 80" or W" wide. These "beefed-up" units completely shred »!'4 pulverize tough, thick, stulksj . f . with Jess tractor power than you can imagine, ' OARROLL GARAGE LuV*rne, Iowa Mrs. Alvina and^ Leonard - THE LUVERNE, high school band steps smartly down Algona's State street a week ago Saturday during the Algona Band Festival. Most folks agreed the band was one of the better ones marching in the, parade and LuVerne folks could be proud of their young people. Peggy Burtis represented the band as queen candidate. Exclusive Advance photo by Bruce Ritchie. HAS 84TH BIRTHDAY Mrs. Marie Stoddard, of Lu- Verne, now at the Rotary Ann home in Eagle Grove, Was honored Oct. 3 for her 84th birthday. Children going to visit her were the Lloyd Stoddards, Ft. Dodge; Jack Vaughans, Livermore; Robert Wilsons, Rutland; and the Ralph Dimlers and Bonnie Elli- fritzes, LuVerne. The Lloyd Stoddards brought the decorated cake. Mrs. George Keastler, of Burt, and her parents, the Carl Lpv- stads, Duluth, visited Sunday with Mrs. Lydia Lund. The late Severt Lund and Mr. Lovstad came to the United States together from Norway when young. The Rev. R. T. Mueller was in Sioux C.ity Oct. 3 to attend a district pastors • evangelism worte 90th birthday of LuVerne man is observed LuVerne — At the open house Sunday at Henry Kubly's for the 90th birthday of Mr. Kubly, there were 170,regist3red by his great- granddaughter, Paula J[o Weltha, Randall. . ; !Hosts were his children the Elmer Kublys and his daughter the Edwin (Evelyn) Martys, Lu- Verne. Assisting ( were 'riieces, Mrs. Wilma Baskerville, the -ijes- .ter Smiths, LuVerne, and friends the Charles .Brawns, JUhgsted.. n K shop. The Arthur Henrys of' Rock- Kanning, Perry, Reese, Radcliff, were guests Wednesday at August J. Pergande's. The Emmet B. Hansons, Bradgate, and Loren L. Larsons, Des Moines, were Sunday visitors at August J. Pergande's. The women are sisters of Mrs. Pergande. A birthday dinner was held on Sunday at Charles Merkle's with guests the Earl Lehmians, of Des Moines, Elmer Schnetzers, and Coleeh, Ren wick, Jerry Sehnet- zers, Renwick, the Fred Merkles, George Schnetzer, Jane and Cindy, LuVerne. Birthdays were Charles Merkle Oct. 6, his mother and her brother, Mrs, Fred Merkle .and Earl Lehman Oct. 9. The Rev. Ralph E. Hindmani went to Des, Moines Friday for a service in the Des Moines First church. The speaker was the Rev. Jonah Budajoda, '-Nigeria, Africa. ' The Ralnh Stolls visited Sunday with his sister Mrs. Loren Johnson, Algona. The William Greenes, of Hum. boldt, called at Fred Goetsch's Sunday. Ted Mueller, New York City, David Mueller, student at Ames, and Joel at Concordia, Minneapolis, were weekend guests of their parents the Rev. R. T. Mu- eWer». LUVERNE CLINIC PR, R, D. BRAINiRD OFFICE HOURS Week Days Saturday* 1:30 to 12:00 1:00 to 5:00 f;30 to 11:00 1:00 to 5.00 Closed all day Wednesday LuVerne, Iowa Phone TU 2'Jlti IF NO ANSWER, Cull TU 2 3304 BULK ZEREX IN YOUR CONTAINER '1.39 CASE LOTS . . . $1,69 CARROLL GARAGE LU VfRNE, IOWA 78-80 Towns were: Randall, Ri! sted, Algona; Stratford, Renwick, New wrvlcs at LuYerns school Aiding in preparing students for their future occupations and helping them to adjust to society, is the position held by Phil- lip.lyerson,: LiiVerne's new guidance counselor. 1 Mr; Iverson studied agriculture ait Iowa-State University to receive his B. S. degree. Continuing his education af Mankato State in the fields of industrial arts and guidance, Mr. Iverson earned his M. A. He also was active in Ag Ed in college. : v Mr. Iverson, who likes to hunt and fish, now lives on a farm near ;Hardy and commutes to work: He likes small school sys- his services will be ntj-r >.'K.rv i K..'••'•• — well Qty, visited Wednesday with her mother Mrs. Myrtle Bg- gleston. Canasta was played at Mrs. Jessie Stripling's Thursday with guests Mrs. Faye Lichty and Mrs, Sherman Arends. Honors, Mrs. Clara McCleUan and Mrs. L. G. Wittmeier. Recent visitors at Melvin Kubly's were their sons, the Larry Kublys, Lake City, and the John Kublys, Zumbro Falls, Minn., the Frank Johnsons, Humboldt; the Peter Rubergs, Fort Dodge; Robert Marches, Livermore; and Arlie Goetsch, LuVerne. John Kubly was honored as he leaves for guard training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. The Allen Blakes, son Robert and daughter Mrs. James Lenz, visited Sunday in Walthill, Neb,, with the Richard Blakes. Mrs. Alma Madden weVit Sunday to Waukee fQF a few days with her daughter'Joan, the Howard Boyers, Becky 7 and David. Todd Ralph, 2, son of the Rich. ard (Dick) Nielsens, had surgery for a hernia at the Fort Dodge Lutheran hospital Oct. 6, He is satisfactory and returned home Sunday, Shirley, Sharon, Marcia Burtis, daughters of the Daryl Burtises, were guests Friday to Sunday of their cousin Peggy Lee Burtis at Durwood Burtis's, The Durwood Burtitet were in Des Moines Saturday and Sunday at an asbestos institute banquet. The R»v, Ralph E. Hindman took Mrs. Hindman to Mason Ci< ty to a teachers institute. Mrs. Hindman teaches in a special school in LuVerne. They also visited a brother of Mrs. Hindman, the Harlan Streyffelers, at Clear Lake, and with an uncle the Ralph Roberts, of Port Clinton, 0., there. The Rev. R. T. Muellers ire? now grandparents for the first time. Their daughter Ruth, the Les Karjala.8, Carlton, Minn., have by adoption a seYen-day-old son Kent. Dawn Lindebak, daughter of the Edward Lindebaks, who was hospitalized at the Fort Dodge Lutheran hospital Oct. 2 to 8, was released Satujdtey. Daiwn ill a 1966 graduate of the LuVerne high school and is enrolled this fa.ll at Cedar Falls. SundJY fvtfts of the W«lter Bier«st©d|s were the Lawrence Oherhelmens. Corwith. Callers were their daughtea-, toe Leonard Hansens, of Irvington. Mrs. Uwrence 0- MJIJfr h«d major surgery Saturday at the hospital at Britt. Her room is 107. Burt, Eagle Fort Dodge, Lone Groye, Goldfield, Rqck, Kana- City, Mo., Garrison, Colo-, LuVerne. Mr. -••----•• •• - Wha, Humboldt, Dakota Hardy, Corwith, Lebanon; Kubly received 200 cards; '* PICTURES EX-RESIDENT , An article in the Des Moines Sunday Register was of interest with the picture by Mrs. Wayne Cooper, Cedar Rapids, a portrait painter. Mrs, Cooper was pictured with three models. Mrs. Cooper is the former Katherine Ross, daughter of Mrs. Cora Ross, Humboldt, and the late>J. E. "Dick" Ross. She was born in LuVerne and received early schooling here. j' BACK FROM SCOTLAND The Albert Wilhelms were hosts Sunday,for their youngest son Ronald, home on furlough from'two years in Scotland; Chil- duction personnel includes Mike Pergande, Leroy Hanson, Eugene,. . Decker, Phyllis Blumer, Phyllis, Block, Mike Stripling, Laurie Coyle and B\>b Fett. SCHOOL CALENDAR Oct. 11 ~ The. end of the first six weeks grading period. Oct. 26 — ,Tanis Assembly Program, criminologist. NOV. 3— Career Day at Lakota for Grade 11. Nov. 4 — Junior Class Play. Nov. 7 — Parent-Teacher Con- feences. No school. ' Person, Firm, or \ s Corp. •': , • To Whbrn Paid For What > Advance;: Publishing r, Co. •- - -._.. Allyh dndt.Boion .-...^..i-l- American Ediiedtlon Publi.co :n ' • • Leslie Kubly, Eagle Grove, brought his mother, Mrs. Emma Kubly to LuVerne Monday to visit the Henry Kublys, Mrs. Sula Frantz, the Lester Smiths and Mrs. Wilma Baskerville. Walther League met Thursday at the LuVerne Zion Ev. Lutheran -church with 23~ present. Mrs. John Schnakenberg gave a talk on reformation. Mike Stripling was host serving refreshments after a'social hour. . -. . AmeriCon Ind. , Art* A*soc.— AH* ond v Activltje* ..;-.---L;; Auoclotion Press i—-——— A»*oc. School ,pi$t.;,lnc. ...1- Behovorldl Ressorch Lob. ---W. S. Benson Co. .„__—•_....Dick Bliek -<— ;- — — i ---- -— tiomgoor's ---. — — '— - — --- Mbrk L. Brondsgord —._. — — Business Protective Assoc. ;---Celine eprporatlon .> -------- ;Curtis Chopin - - - -- — . ----- - CHemco Co. - ------------ --,College Entrance Book -Co. ... Collier-Macmillon Libaroy Serv. Commercial, Di»epunt Corp. ... Corwith Implement Co. — ;.- -Croft Educ. -. Sefvice* :_•-.--—•— Galen Cronk •!----.— — ---- -— , Howard Cronk, Exp. -.-.—..- Crquse Cortoge Co. .-._.^---.Decker .Brothers.. ,. ----- - — — T. S. Derilsqn; Co:, --"'- ..... — Dick's Typewriter Sales _i---Dictation Disc ;Co. ----- ----Directory Service Co. .j.-jj--- Educotionol 'i Audio-Visual , ---- Encyclopaedia Britannica Films Equipto ---- -' — '.-, — : --------Follett Publishing- Co. ------K.'C. Frank Sales- Co. j_--- Giant Photos- _-- T ---------- 'Ginn & Co. — : ---- '...-• ----Greenberg AMto ; Supply , ' ^ - - ---• Hamilton' Beach .: ---- :u--,-.»- C. $:• Hammond '•& Co. ; — '__•_ Hammond 4 'Stephens Co; ---- Harcourt, Brace, World ----- Howkeye Books Minnie Henderson •_•,----- — The Highsmith Co. ---------Holt, .Rinehort;' Winstph -—Huntington'•Lob., Inc.: ••--i-i--- Internotionol Business - Machines la. Assoc. of'-School Boards la. Employment-,Security, Comrp. to. Public. Emp. Retirement-, owa f PubTTc"' '$erxic*i,, w^- o. State Bureau; of -Labor\. f owa State Industries ------ owa State University ^-__._--; ciren present were th^e Kenneth Wilhelms, Warrensburg, Dennis Wilhelms, Belmond; Lou Hippens, Thor; Richard Larsons, Sioux City; Loren Wilhelms, of Boone; Keith Wilhelms, Sac City; Roger Days, Humboldt; Burnis Wilhelms, Clarion; and the Milton Wilhelms, LuVerne. AT COUNTY HOME, The Rev. Ray A. Biesemey^r and a. group of the MYF visited the county home at Algona Sunday. Rev, Biesemeyer gave a" devotional service followed by singing by the MyF which in. eluded Dale SehipuU, Douglas Nelson, Danny Block, Ronald Wolf, GeraW SUl, Gretohen Zentner, Delores Eggleston, RUa Patterson, Anna Marie Bahmann. LUVERNE BOWLING Monday Red League kuVerne Insurance „ 2649 P. HanseUnan _^—_ _ 549 LuVerne Insurance _„ 915 P. Hansfilmao 836 Tuesday Ladies kttfVt . Beauty Shop 2384 Beauty Shop _ _ 822 Joan Niejson ^_ Joan Nielson ^ Mi«ed Doubles American Le«fue Hardcopf's -—2107 play Nov. 4 On Friday; Nov. 4, the stage of 'the LuVerne Community school will be the scene as the LHS junior class presents "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick," a three act rural comedy which was written in 1919. According to an inside source, it's one of the most humorous plays ever to be held in LuVerne. The cast includes: Henry Sch nakenberg as Aaron Slick, Coleen Johns as Mrs, Berry, Doug Nelson as Wilbur Mcrridew, Mary Hjelmeland as Sis Riggs, Jean Casey as Gladys May, Duane Will as Clarence Green, and Rebecca Daley as the Girl in Red. Pro- CARD OF .THANKS — I wish to thank all my relatives and friends for car.ds, letters, visits, flo- ers and jgifts I,received while was at the hospital and since lome. They were greatly appreciated. Mrs. Fred Goeisch. •.r ,'-. ' . ••".. ' 80* Joan Nielson _ ^03 Kay Henderson ,. 5»45 Bob Barrack _ Joe Henderson S)7 Mi*ed Double* N*tion«l LeafMe Nielsen's ___— 2120 Nielsen's T74 Nprma W. 533 Norma W -- 309 Bill H. „__ _„__-__, .30* Bill H. '_' WOULD VOU BELIEVE YOU CAN CHOP, SHRED AND BALE STALKS IN ONE OPERATION WITH THE BRADY FIELDMASTER? And that'a not Ikhe whole The Fwldmatter aU« ceaverti quickly for «re*n chop oper*< tion. Or, couple it with your ?-row chopper and you get • 4-row chopper operation. BRADY FJELDMASTER 720 one trip thru the field the 720 and your tandem baler is all you need to hary«f t baled stalks or straw for valuable bedding. Srady baler hoo4 feeds stalks dwec»y, |j ^eku^ reels. You ha^e to see thi» 9-m-l machine work to really appreciate it. Ask us loir a demonstration. OARROLL MUM lewt LAWSON HARDWARE PLUMBING — HEATING WIRING — L. P. GAS Renwick 2222 LuVerne 882-3370 Is Your House Runmnq a FEVER? Amount 199.59 57.75182.40 3.75 6.00. 13.85 . 8.85 6.00 13.31 7:78 12.56 372;37 19.15 230.68 ~ 4.50 30.21 27.34 13136 15.11 17.55 25.13 27.50 : 24.84 . 4.00 939;00 . 22;52 117:87 12.93 . 12.00 107.41 72.10 2.87 34.81 30.00 9.55 382.39 8.60 38:59 42.24 73.23 | 24.84 1 3.25 42.00 60:00 65.43 261.76 309.80 581.00 50.00 1,627.53 1,278.98 .-575.88 • * 6,00 232.87 1.86 loWa State Universifv. Press •!-•...- IS6A .library .jSeryice; UlJ-t^-Jr' ''•' Veriaine 6: Johnson • J J r i-i:i^' v kenworthy. Edic. Services;..J:_, .- = Loldlaw Brothers -----.'--- i - 1 ,.' ' " ..•7.45 250.00 '14.75 172.76 514. . 350.85 197,68 .98.71 9.27 1178 72.76 14.76 tbthf,op,'Lee:& Shepordr. Vlv'.' ' ••-.'3.-W LuVerne Building Co..'Ji^.'Jri. 1 ; 12.48 LuVerne Clinic——-———^ . JS'S? LuVerne .Insurance' Agency .'.-:- asn.Bfi McGrow Magazine Company . . McGraw.'fHilf Book ;C9,: iT -- rr McKnight & McKnight ---— Marshall &i- Swift —'-L-:i'i-V-:f Chos. E. Merrill Books . —... Roland Meyer Mid-Bell Music Co: -L—, - Midcontinent Equipment Co. - . Midwest Visual Education -- - ^ - . Miller Office Equipment. ..... Minn. Mining & Mfg. ,Co. v i—'- Mlshek's —j—:...'.—;.•-.- , Missouri-Kansas Chemjcal Co. The Monroe. Co. -----v---^,--^ Music Publ. Holding Corp. „ , Metropolitan Supply Co.'.v — NASCO—-.:-J—------- ; Narcotics . Education >. Not'l. Biological Supply •• ----'-", Not'l. -Council, Teachers of Eng. Nielsen's"DX jl Service- .--•-.--•*• Northwesterrv Bell, Olivetti-Underwood -•—.;---'--• The A. N. Palmer Co. --- Poperbound Books .1 , Patterson Electric Service M'lo Patterson —: -'-' Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. --Playtime Equipment Co. Pratt Paper Co. Prentice-Hdll, ' Inc. Readers Digest Book Club -- Sclence'. Educators Book. ; Soc,„• f. t Scott,-Foresman & Co. --•-.._-. The Singer Co. .--: ':*.-- — Silver Burdett Co. Sioux City Music Supply '<---. . Society for Visual- Education . Southwestern Publishing Co. •-Russell S. Steenbqck -.--:.'---Sterling Publishing Co. Trouger's. Store ^ . Town of LuVerne'--»-"--,-ii—i.. Welch Scientific Co. _-.„ — John Wiley & Sons -j..-- The H. ; W.. Wi.lson Co.. - Salaries for Quarter- 13.25 1.49 587.99 52.50 7.00 4.87 218.60 12.47 43.80 152.94 . 44*94 41.75 45.60 9.05 212.68 50.35 500.00 123.45 16.00 28.40 29:70 129.74 43.76 35677 9.25 -2.99 14.32 94(10 373U4 4.30 2.50 47.66 89,45 51.79 26,13 65.25 42,58 471.62 7.16 4,00 - 13,825.24 32,539.91 , Total Expenditures '..—^46,365,15 I, Rose- Patterson, Secretary of the above named School 'District,' 'do hereby oertify that this report, pages 1, 2. 3 or»d 4 is d^true and correct.statemerrt of the xoceedings. pertaining to :f!nonciat matters of the Board of sold- District .for the luoJter ending September.30,-1966. . - ''_ f. ' • • ' ,.....•;.'.., , . • ROM ^fotttfson ; . • " Secretary • Subscribed.and sworn to before me this 4th day of October A.'D';. 1966. , ' - ' V. D. Johnson , x >, Notary ZONOUTE StfpiHMt Velp ymr de*t VR to «wm«Mr (eyt winter 49%) wim Jenollt* bill* up * lniwlatl«n. the (•• yturitlf )• •n hew much you'll nitd INSULATE NOMT WITH ZONOUTII LuVerne Building Co. (tw* Tit StiJf UUP e . t ^^A ta the tikto top to oofL I. • •Uealo •flit MlM MiWlMl HM lltwtlli Mi Kfferatlf fft wtlh, W^^P ^P^^^-^iWRW • ^PW^BW ^^ ^ilJi^^RJRF wi*iJls^HW*l^*Ji tovi HMfc

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