The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 23, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1895
Page 5
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-*:.• •* \ ''7' We will Ofe 25 CLOAKS, All new, Cloth and Plush worth $15 to $22} your choice f or— Not a garment in the lot but what would be cheap at $16. Do not wait one day, but come at once; this is a chance But Once in Your Life, We also place on sale 10,000 Yards Wash Goods, .in Rugby plaids, outing flannels, staple and fancy check Ginghams, Turkey red Prints, Indigo s blue Prints,^ Simpson black and white Prints, three-fourth Percales, Zephyr Cloths, 10 pieces Patterson's Ginghams in dress styles; the entire lot at— ' , v FIVE CENTS PER YARD. You Bathe ? i.,i Ask 'your doctor if you need to in winter, and he will tell you, yes; if you wish to be healthy. ^ You don't bathe /^because you have no bath tub and your room is cold. We have on hand ,#wo Self-Heating Bath'/Tubs which we will - clpse out at cost, because we, do not wish to carry them in stock. ,. : . {; Along^with.them^we will. selLyoucan Oil ^H l eW4rrt$hpatfy;pui r $ed room" ' b;r any other room in youi house. . /.. ' We,,hav^, £w.o, Wlieeier" & Wilson Sewing Machines—will sqji,at .cost, because we are not in the sewing, machine business. ;,;/, Allour Abating stovqs will be closed out at cost. You can 5 afford to buy one now if you I need one neixt .winter, Come and see them. u , < ' , ' I' IV ,' / WINKIE'S-OLD STAND.- 0, M. DOXSEE. ;EOCA^; ; MATTERS. i\t *G s ny,Taylor,i& on,tbfr(si«k list. :j;^|iUt;barpinK'"on ,'*My 'ducats and I'^'We Imve several ads this week which csill merited;attention to, themselves- < pjpfalee^!& fl Peter86n'bav6"moved into a building east of the steam, laundry. ^ ^vanM¥ti;iCftrr6j]l'8 meetings, .^ the ^—^sk cMrebsare-. «aj}ing opt, .jnwh >Bt£«pj>><'V; , • >f, I.' IV_. f • ' s something Algona' nifty plume ? ? 'oj9Vbaying a •'> Ifyuet company |$jrh.e $$fe1&t^?fc&?f b>'s'received' quits rh u mhejr;6f'pi$£n3eyy r§p.Qrtftor, pwb' *1if i 3.i'ion ^*\vlricli"ffti*6 rcs^rvfid for ' H6xtj b^ftAe'tao^ fKa Irraxl *fHto' j Mr. Steve Stevenson, living on Benschoter's farm in Plum Creek township, fell from a load of hay last Friday and dislocated his shoulder. Dr. Keneflck was~called to attend him. The Boberts-Martin v 'Faust" Co. won such favor in -Le Mars, that Mr. Dalton, the' manager of the' opera .house, has given them a large guaran-> tee to play a return date, , Justice Taylor made two hearts happy at a moderate price Saturday. Alex McCain and Miss Ida Bell Richardson were tfte contracting parties to be con' gratalated, They are- F.enton residents. ' - The Burt Monitor reports .that last k Tom Finneii was up from Algo- Monday the A. O, >oat;. .He is jjow running the for' M. IUch8r4§Qn at tbe foundry, 1 $pwrfee^jfc $,£a4iberti have been put" ting a twenty-foot flflditfofl fcp the reap 'of tbejp <?re»mery,guppjy warebpuse, a pa^rt of w|iicb tb^y bw flt^ft up foy a business yfflce, wbicb te very pleasant md-v«H JJgbtqOi .Tb,is, firm j§ doing u large tod giwu'g bHsise^s, l! will ffti-m pfopetty. t'he tm which the attbfbttt0ffifWffi» Atrd'Hnl* . ninp; insuratice is t fit cent, fot five yeats, and the fftrfe rate id 2 pef cent. Our eoteifitrof aty ftfdtild wtract. . Advertised letiefs: Miss May l)oty< las. £. Devfetieyj w. W. Hataakef, Mfs. Polly Atu H4S^ C. 4 J. HelliMS, WM. K. Kleist,&i ». Mftnley, Mas Hattie Miclke, Miss Lacy Metry, Mr. The music for the Cfaarity ball, furnished by the MarShalltown Orchestra, was excellent. 16 is surprising the amount of music that can be produced from five single instruments. This or- f anizatioti is bust from October to lay and has a reputation throughout the state for beiftg the finest dance orchestra traveling. The Courier's Whitetaore correspond* ent, Geo. Boyle, enlivens the governorship contest with the following: Jake Freeh tares Up on his hind reet and attempts to coerce us. We warn him right here that we do not care whether he supports us for governor or not. Perhaps it would- be better thus, for Whii Sanders informs us that Col. Ormsby has Withdrawn in our favor. Mrs. D. W. Sample and daughters,of Irvington, will move to Algona about March 1st and reside in their house oh McGregor street, now occupied by J. W. Hay. Their large farm in Irvington is rentedtoaMr.Balston, of Blackhawk county, who takes possession early in the spring. Mrs. Sample and daughters will be a Welcome addition to Algona society. Notice is received at these headquarters of a meeting of the editors of the county at the Thorington House next Monday, at 1 o'clock. ,Ho announcement is made of any program, and it is presumed the intercbarge of ideas will be free and informal. J. B. McMullen, of the Wesley Reporter, W. F. Laidley, of the Bancroft Begister, and H. B. Hallock, of the Burt Monitor are the committee. The Henry Simpkins Steam Laundry, is having frequent additions of new machinery. Two of the latest new features are a washing mochine with a capacity of .turning out seventy-five shirts an hour, and a starcher of the newest'pattern. It is a gratification to look over this thrifty institution. Jt has been a pronounced success from the start and with increased facilities it ought to be as complete a success on a larger scale. A member of the city council suggests the name of F. H. Vesper for mayor, and the suggestion is a good one. He is one of the, best qualified men on the council and one of the best posted in regard to all the details of city business. The councilman who makes the suggestion says if Vesper is elected and fails to give satisfaction the people of the town can take it out kicking nim. This will be live business in a month from now, in case Mayor Call declines a re-election. J. L. Bonar, of Creston, and H. H. Fellows, of Keosauqua, will open a law office in the State Bank building in a few days. Mr. Bonar is a graduate of the collegiate end law departments of the Iowa 1 State'University, and Mr. Fellows is a gra'duate of the Iowa Wes- 'ley'a'n'Uuiverjty, in,) which ^'institution he wa[s a tutp£' for some': time, and a graduate "also of tbe law department of the State J University., Attention is called to the professional card of this new firm. '>, v * Lovers of the dramatic art should not fail to see the great scenic production of Faust ne^t Tuesday night. The cojnpany are said to carry the most beautiful scenery and stage mechanism. The opera house scenery willb.e wholly replaced by tbe compa- ny.'s'sceneiy, of which it carries a car- lOad, and the only familiar piece to tbe audience will be the drop curtain. This tragedy, as our readers are aware, is one ot Goethe's greatest productions, It is very seldom to be witnessed outside of tbe large cities. Algona is fortunate in securing it's production. The managers of Alex Cooper's temperance campaign have given Algona the chance to secure .him for a week's meetings beginning February 17th or 24th. -It'is understood that he will be secured'. Mr. Copper has held successful meeting, in Siou$ City and other large towns- His meetings are always crowded. He was once a drjpker and a gambler, but'bis qomplete^ reformation is unquestioned, Having, once been under, the influence of these evil habits, he knows the'power of temptation and is in a position to sympathize and to help 'tnen oft that class; The meetings will not be' under the' dire<?-, qon of anyohnrcb* W. BobeftMlre theattioal toanagef, • is piloting the Bobeft^Mattin "Taast" e 4 Mfd. Keasef and childfett hef sist^f, Mfs. C. D. Creed. Miss tiiiian Gilmofe h»A the tnisfof- tu|n6tobreak her arm last Saturday. W. W. Johnson, of Minneapolis, is in towh. Mrs. Gardner Cowles is Visiting her Sistet, Mrs. Dr. Shof e< in JDes Moines. Fott Dodge Messenger:, Elbeft Bowyer, of Algona, was io tdwh a couple of days last week, atfldfitf his old friends. Elbert was' a Fort Dodge boy In the years away back. He wetit to Algona to begin business in a small Way and since that he has made a very large per cent of increase not only in his store goods but in his family circle* It Is good to see the young men thrive. Mayor A. A. Call arrived home from tbe south Monday, He spent Sunday in Chicago He reports that Mr. Hutchison is making good progress in the Work.of opening up the ride plantation. He says this has been a very severe Winter in Louisiana. At tbe time of our dirt blizzard mercury went down to sixteen degrees. Boses and plants generally were frosted, and the leaves dropped from the orange trees. No serious damage was done, apparently, to the trees, and the boomers kept a stiff upper lip, and declared it was a fine thing, as it Wonld kill off the scale insects, which infest the orange groves. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. House to rent. J. B. WINKEL. 2-w MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on longer short time. B. W. HAGGAKD. If You Want Somethinj Nice in Tableware- c? We would like to show you otif "Sttutffief-tiine" pattetti of.,,. -TAX SALE MICE, To W. M. Clarke and American Emigrant Co. and James Callanan and James 0. Saveryt You are hereby notified that on the 1st day of December, 1890, the following described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, the southwest quarter (%) of the northwest quarter " of section No. thirty-five (35) in town- ENGLISH MANUFACTURE. Cream White—Decorated under glaze in natural col* M 1 * 8 ' Warranted not to craze, Will not break as easily as China, is nearly as pretty and does not cost qne<nalf so much. If something lower in t>rice is desired, we have the new "Albany 7 ' pattern in SHOWN DECORATED ENGLISH WAUft or MEAKIN& PLAIN WHITE, Everywhere acknowledged to be the BEST. Fancy High Aft China and Poreelains at all times. THE GRANGE STORE. We Wish to Call Attention To Our Complete Line of Blank Books, ship No. one hundred (100) north of range No. twenty-seven (37) west of the 6th P. M., was sold by the treasurer of said county to A, D. Clarke, who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said Jand be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. Dated this 9th day of Nov. A. D. 1894. A.D.CLARKE. TAX SALE MICE. To Henry' W. Phelps and George, VV. Phelps and Charles Marsh, executors of Willis Phelps, the Phelps estate arid the American Emigrant Co: You are hereby notified-that on the 7th- day of December 1891, the;following described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, the south- West quarter (U) of the northeast (%) of section No. Twenty-two (22) in township No. Ninety-eight (98) north of range No. Twenty-seven (27) west of 5th P. M. was sold by the treasurer of said county to AD. Clarke, who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right Qf redemption will expifS, and a deed for said land be made unless-, redemption from such sale be made 'with-, Jn ninety days' frpm the completed service of this nptiice. • ', -. ' ' •>' Dated this 9th day' of November A. D. 1 1894. A. D. CLARKE. ,, just 'at tb.e break o| 4ay aJjtyBly ^qen^wjasejjsctjjd on pur at that y»e., generally quiet and,,peaceful, streets,' ,Th§ principal acjtoriJi the,scene ^ag $i cadaverous loping, overgrown bftd dog, bj^r he' w»f» a. ' ting BP %Ja; Sight Ql tbe. p: basely itezejl r . dog, wbjcb w». his mentioned ippf-bisui (*• # 'j"3.r3& 'P^ *r»?^ra* . ,<™';°'T'''*~ijrM leqe iQr^iWqnjeo.tiirt ,wajs * $j><tb$ s'sptQbiwr %,4 w,un .tta-'gJwiTfeplgtite TAX,SALB MICE, ,. , • To Francis D.'Holley and Shields &Ciook; You,are hereby notified that on the 7th day of December, 1891, the following described real estate, situated in thw county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, Lots Five, Sif and Seven ,in block Two Hundred, and Sixty-seven in,Call's , addition, to Algona was sold by the, treasurer of said county to A. D. Clarkei; who is now the'lawful holder of 'the•'certificate of purchase thereof. That-'the right of redemption will expire and.'a' deed for said land be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety,dafs from the completed service qtthis notice. Dated this 9$ day of November A. D. 1894. , m A. D. CLAEKE. Stationery, Memorandums, Pocket Books, Etc. also ,,~ . JT"T T. *"^- Li " Jt ' •»• AJ.V-'BO WlBJUlllK elliy- thing in this line would do well to give us a call. F. W. Dingley. I * C^ J ^/ M^ K v ( • i " 1 '- <$d . . .THE DRUGGIST. .. '/•7jf~\ l ~Tf f \ '*'' r ''-' ' •' x1 ' \*U i r p '"^1,., <41 t >~ • <.< >•• > •'".'•• 1* • ., 1 To A. M. You are hereby notified that on the 7th day of December, 1891,' the following described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, Block Forty-five (45) Jn Call's addition to Algona was sold by tbe treasurer of said county to A, D. Clarke^ who* is now tbe lawful holder of the.certificateof purchas thereof. The right of redemption will expire* and a deed of said la,nd. be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days, from the jeqinpleted service of'this notice, *f- • '. ! " Dated this 9ttt day of November A. D, 1894, »., ' '/A. D. NOTICE, *' •' To GQO. Woqd^ Go, and'Samuel Hosiery You are hereby notified that gn the 7tU day of DecembM, l 'l891, the following des- crlDed real estate, situated in the county, Of Kossuth pd/siftse. of Iowa, Lot two (8) | W block forty (4P) in the towij -' A sold, by t. h( of 'p Tbfttthe rjfbt of're4einptlon lideed ifor ?»W dand ,be emtjpn from guc^v s made, wJ.tbiBim&ety 4ays t |rom,,th,§ pletea teryjee p£thfe iwtlce,,' '• -., • a tbJ^9|,^ay ef IfOYember A, D, ' «•« »• -N4 '*,,«,!, m -FOR,— <• • . -'f, GuppgN BARB WIRE^ Of which' they have the sole agency, , Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota-Linseed Oil Company's Paints, -f '>;;",; " -—AND THE— /; ' . '^\f'"f' Bissau Carpet , The Best Sweeper Made, iWEITGENANf BROS. ., ! Corner State and Tborington. • ^ -,0 Ml ^' A T '''''Asjviy*' i*..^rijJiiiMW ' .'«^A^| i '^- v - • 'C-'WiS^S ^f^^^^i^i^m .V.: ^', Good F&sW^W^AWTSrepraj:. :f ^i^s^fe'TO^T^'^VMilfc 1 ^^

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