The Macon News from Macon, Georgia on August 6, 1951 · 4
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The Macon News from Macon, Georgia · 4

Macon, Georgia
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1951
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T FEATURES THE MACON NEWS PEYTON ANbEBSON Publisher EDITORIALS JAY TRAWICK MANAGING EDITOR Subscription I tins to C arrim m Maun Kid VietaHy: Wk I Mo I Mo a Mo 11 Mo DoUr end Sunday 0o SlTS S3 30 11040 130 SO Dally Only - lOo 1J0 190 TAO 13 80 Mall rataa on application 1 Balsa Tax must ba added to rubserlptlona tn Ovjrtfa The Macon Haws la not raaponalbia loi money paid for subscription until austa money baa been raeaWad at our office rotter or the macon news Newt resorting to this aewipapar shall ba aecarata and tsir aditonal axprauion shall ba thrirt mdapandtn t autspokaa and censctantnm PARHAM EDITOR BERT STRUBY EXECUTIVE EDITOR LAMAR PARKER BUSINESS MANAGER Entered at Boot Office at Macon CH aa Saonrd Class Mall Matter Under Act of March 1 1179 Page Four MACON GEORGIA MONDAY AUGUST 6 1951 ESTABLISHED 1884 Pointers Who Violated Honor System Reminded Cheating Won't Work in War The news that at least 90 cadets at the United State Military Academy are accused of cheating in examinations has deeply shocked the country Here is a thing that is not too uncommon in other schools a situation that is perhaps in keeping with the times — the ‘five-percenter” influences the mink coat deals the RFC scandals But what is most shocking is not what happened but where it happened West Point is the tops the cream on the milk the ace in the deck the best there is The young officers turned out from that ancient institution on the banks of the Hudson are our showcase to the world Here we have said are our finest Here are the most cap- able the most honorable the best of Americans It softens not the blow' either to recognize how easily the situation developed During the wrar years the academy attracted some outstanding football prospects It offered the attractive prospect of playing football with a head-line-grabbing team West Point’s coaching staff was enlarged The championship squad paid off in good publicity by West Point and for the U S Army But some of these I men who could bulldoze their way through an opposing line or snag a forward pass like nobody's business had little grasp of the fundamentals of logistics and didn't know one end of a trigonometry problem from the other The brighter students got by The dullards stumbled on classroom work In attempting to save a good halfback nr a good tackle the boys with the higher IQ’s began tutoring the slower students Gradually the tutoring wentton far Examination questions given in sections were relayed from one o another In short the famed West Point honor system was violated In another school perhaps this wrould not have been so dangerous But cadets are schooled to lead men to know their business to be experts at the science of military warfare Courage is splendid on a battlefield but the payoff is on know-how Cheating won’t get an officer by in combat Fortunately integrity has triumphed and one cadet saw fit to spill the beans The authorities acted swiftly and tn their credit made no attempt to cover up or minimize an ugly mess The Point's shield of honor is again bright and untarnished Continued years of valor will soon wipe out memories of the stain which besmirched it briefly General Ridgway's Move Applauded General Matthew B Ridgway is on sound ground in breaking off truce talks with the enemy at Kaesong following observance by Vice Admiral C Turner Joy chief UN negotiator of armed Communist troops in the area As ardently as Americans want peace as sick as we are of killing and bloodshed we nevertheless recognize that the desire for war’s end must be mutual and the foe must be made to understand that we are not so tired of fighting that we will swallow anything to gain a truce This is the second flagrant violation of truce talk conditions by the Reds On July 12 Ridgway halted the conferences because Communists soldiers stopped a United Nations convoy carrying service personnel and newspapermen America and the free world are backing General Ridgway in his firm method of dealing with the enemv And perhaps it would clear the air even further to remind the Communists that twice now they have swung below the belt and that in good old United States parlance three times is out 01' Dan Tucker at the Met? Others may disagree bue we find the current trend in popular music refreshing Gone are the June-moon -croon groaners Gone are the songs playing on an endless love theme and the Tin Pan Alley blues which led the nation’s hit parades for years Instead we are witnessing an amazing growth in popularity of hillbilly songs now dignified by the name “country" songs Such musical hits as “Tennessee Waltz" “On Top of Old The Most Dangerous Jittery citizens who have kept a particularly close check on the dates of world events of gravity must be especially nervous on Sundays these days A little research discloses that Sunday has a reputation as a day of big war-time news breaks The following events all transpired on Sundays: Sept 3 1939 — World War II started as Hitler attacked Poland June 22 1941— Nazis invaded Russia Dec 7 1941— U S entered war after Japs attacked Pearl Smoky" “Goodnight Irene" ?nd others have proven that no longer does New York rule the lyrical roost that the tastes and preferences of other parts of America are dominant Even Ezio Pinza of South Pacific fame has just recorded a rollicking number titled “Li'l Old State of Texas” A healthy sign and anyday now we may expect to hear that Tex Ritter and Roy Acuff have been signed up by the Metropolitan Day of the Week Harbor Aug 5 1945 — Atomic age officially arrived when an A-Bomb blasted Hiroshima June 25 1950— North Korean Communists invaded South Korea We may take some comfort however from the fact that on Sunday July 8 1951 North Korean and Chinese Communist officers met with representatives of the United Nations supreme commander to prepare for peace negotiations aimed at ending the war --- — i — innnnruiru-- RADIO AND TELEVISION SCHEDULES friNL-UUke-ASC ftBML-FM-IMfma TONIGHT WIBB lIMkt MMAZ-MOkfCBB WMAZ-F3ff8lme HSEX-lRHlke-MBS WSLX-FM-OOOmc 100 Nawa-Eporta 0 IS Bona ol 0 X) Th Pioneer 0 40 Counn Al Kras and Serenade Kewa-Loot-Found Safety Club Newo Sundown Serenade Lone Ranger with Sundown Serenade Silver and Tonta Swing Muic Bandktand and News Dixie Rhythm Q I TELEVISION WAGA-TV Chaaatl 0 P M 0 00 Feature Film 0 IS Logan Sittere 0 10 CHS News 040 TV'eTop Turn 700 Pantomime Qt T OO Ciaco Kid 0 00 Horat-c Heidi 010 You Asked fm 00 Summer Then 10 no Hollywood 10 IS Opening Nighl 1030 World Newi A M Tueiday 10 !f Teel Pattern I" IS Today s Fealu 10 M Sink It Rich 11 00 steva Allan P- M Tueiday !i'K Iv nch 1230 Carry Moore 1 First 100 Year! 141 Vanity Fair 00 Your Own Hnr tn Cl 310 Feature Film 1 00 Homemaker! 1 1 twhenge 0 10 School ol Air E'oiure Film 4 IS World Newa 4ao Captain Vidca 0 00 WAGA'S 5 IS Wild Waal 051 Nswa WNB-TV Chaaatl I F SI 0 00 Ernie Kavar 0 10 Spin a Cadat 0 41 hawtCarava T‘0O Camio Theai 710 Eleanor Stet 0 00 Who Said Th 0K Light! Out 0 00 Wraatllng 1000 Nawa 10:10 Stara In Even 1000 Break th Bi 1100 Belli A M Tueiday 10 00 Davotloni 1040 You-Yaur Homo 1100 Cnme Into 11:15 The Kitchen 11:10 II Pava 11 40 To Watch P M Tueiday I! oo Newa 111S Judith A Ilea I 10 Strictly 1 10 For IheChlo 1 00 Bunn Petere 1 IS Varatinn Pgm 1 10 America Speaks 3 oo Burk Jonee 4 no Hawklna Falla 4 IS Time f’ir Hi any 4 30 lluwdy Doudy 5 00 Cai-tua un I 30 Flash Lord an THE DIPLOMATIC CLASS OF 'SI WALTER BRAGG End of a Feud "The moving finger writes and having writ "Moves on: nor all your Piety or Wit "Shall lure it back to cancel half a line "Nor all your tears wash out a word ol it" OMAR KHAYYAM E Haldeman-Julius is dead Born July 30 1389 in the slums of Philadelphia of Russian Jewish parents he identified himself with the newspaper and publishing business and became internationally known as the publisher of “Little Blue Books' which sold by the millions He made a comfortable fortune and owned a palatial mansion in Girard Kansas You would think that the son of immigrants who came up “on the other side of the tracks” would have appreciated America the country that gave him the opportunity to develop and capitalize upon his admitted talents in the writing and publishing field Not so He sneered at the American way of life he ridiculed all religions and referred to all believers as dolts and fools He was proud to call himself an atheist he championed the cause of Russia and his monthly newspaper followed the Communist line in practically all major details His radicalism came to this corner's attention some two years ago when someone sent me a copy of his American Freeman The blasphemous cartoons the violent attacks upon all things Christian his sneering references to this country as “The Neurotic States of Amurica” and the otherwise objectionable material within the pages of The American Freeman so infuriated me ihal I wrote a column about him The feud was on For more than two years K llaldeman-Julius referred to me as “the Westbrook Pegler-George Sokolsky of the South” Whenever he mentioned me tthU-h was in practically every issue he called me “a literary prostitute and an intellectual crook” Although he was a millionaire he resented my exposing ( his habit of soliciting contributions from Ignorant and misguided subscribers of his unAmerlcan periodicals Last summer regular readers of this column will recall the details of this gov ernment's suit against Haldeman-Julius for Income tax evasion during the last World War At that time he was bitterly denouncing America and the United Nations for trying tn stop Communistic aggression in Korea and was loud in claiming that Russia had no part in stirring up this Asiatic cauldron of destruction and death He even went so far as to state that Russia has never interferred with the internal affairs of any country at any time nor sought to dominate the lives of any people A Federal jury in Kansas City found Haldeman-Julius guilty of income tax evasion as charged and he was sentenced to a term in Federal prison although at the time of his death his lawyers were arguing for a new trial and he was free under $2000 bond Things were catching up with Haldeman-Julius It was necessary to combine The American Freeman with his equally radical Critic and Guide magazine Evidently the sale of his Little Blue Books fell off he-rause he began to run page ads in the large metropolitan newspapers and magazines offering them at reduced prices He announced that he was going out of the publishing business entirely and devote the rest of his time to writing novels short stories articles etc “until he joined the angels” according to his advertising publicity But the God he didn't believe existed had other plans for him so all the atuff he was going to write won't be written In fart the Associated Press story didn't even refer to him as a writer It said “E Haldeman-Julius nationally known publisher of the "Little Blue Books” was found dead in a swimming pool at his palatial home tonight Sheriff Elmer Knerbone said there was no indication of suicide The sheriff quoted Dr E G Iightfoot ss saying he had treated the publisher for a heart ailment for 18 months" The circumstances of Haldeman-Julius’ death are immaterial The tragic thing is that he could have been a great boon to humanity instead of confusing and deluding a great many people who allowed him to do their thinking for them He had been content tn publish the great works of famous writers at a cost attractive tn the underprivileged and let it go at that he would have accomplished a noble purpose He chose to mess it up with false Ideologies and atheistic and unpatriotic behavior The record has been written in the Book of Life and nothingcan be done to change it But a lesson is to be learned If we but take the time to study it rnnriivVYYYYVirirYYYiVivvYVniinrvWYYvijYi'rViri‘ii'“ JOE PARHAM Suicide 1 DAFFYNITION No 2002: Home Where part of the family waita until the othera arc through with the car SCENE IN a grocery clore In Macon the other day: Two little boys spotted a stack of fly-swatters on sale One saw an insect and grabbed a swatter “Look there’s a fly” he yelled as he took a healthy whack at a fly resting nn the caboose of a dignified elderly lhdy waiting for change ADD SIGNS OF THE TIMES: In front of church—1 "Come in and have your faith Ever think about knocking yourself off via the rope gun poison or any other method? Everybody probably has but1 some figures just reported by science indicate there are definite trends in suicide just as in everything else If you’re a woman over 55 years of age live in the Northern or Western states in a city of over 100000 population if you're Protestant or nnn-religious and if the month's May the odds are most in favor of a suicide try PARHAM That doesn't mean success however More women than men try to kill themselves but men outnumber women 3 to 1 in successful efforts Oh well the sky's too blue the air too fresh and life too wonderful today-to dwell on such a morbid subject any longer A friend of this column thinks Americans are getting stronger as the years go by As proof he points out that back in 1930 it took two men to carry $10 worth of groceries home Now one little boy can do it Fascinating Facts Department Epidermis Division: The largest organ of the body is the akin t Why Editors Grow Old Before Their Time Department Family Relationships Division' From a story In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — "Tesa B aged 9 has a little BOTHER aged 6" AND THEN there was the husband who worshipped the ground his wife’s father struck oil on in i n i 1 K HAL BOYLE Bison Psychiatrist -—-— irLI-lr-nrL1n ---unrLrinjTi-LLnn BELLE FOURCHE S D— You don't have to see a fur-hearing cow to believe in it — but It helps Yes even if the fur isn't there when you see it The fur-bearing cow railed a Brahmalo was produced by Pete Rosander a crippled 54-year-old rancher He got it by crossing a buffalo bull with Brahma cows It may be one of America's leading meat animals of tomorrow Pete now has 16 of these odd half-breed critters and a herd of 23 buffalo I rode In a motor car with him across his sagebrush -studded acres for a look at them On the way Petrr who is a kind of buffalo psychiatrist filled me with buffalo lore He has a way with animals and no other man alive gets along with buffalo better — or knows more about it “You cool off by sweating or panting” he said "People and Brahma cows sweat Buffalo pant — like dogs do They can hang their tongue out a foot And the further it hangs out the faster and further they can run “I don't know yet whether my Brahmalo sweat or not I don't know how they taste either Haven't killed one yet Most people think buffalo meat is tough It Isn't You can eat it with a spoon You got to get a 15-year-old bull to get tough buffalo meat” Our automobile came to the herd of browsing buffalo Pete drove right into the middle of it He reached into a pail of “buffalo cookies"— hotdog shaped mixtures of corn soybeans molasses and salt— and began to thrust them into the mouths of hia bison buddies They crowded up like great awkward four-footed children hungry for candy Ax the huge slavering jaws thrust their way into the open car windows I began to feel uneasy When a buffalo gets that close I prefer him on a nickel “The longer you're around them the gentler they get” he said “If you aren't afraid of them they aren’t afraid of you They'it like big dogs” Rut I was glad when we left the herd and drove over toward the Brahmalo who graze apart from the buffalo They gleamed shiny fat in the hot July sun and they had a Brahma cow body and a kind of buffalo head “Where’s the fur?” I asked feeling cheated “Well you know it's shed now — being summer” said Pete and I felt really silly “But in the winter they look like big black tomcats When it gets below zero they don't shiver off weight or hump up behind a fence post like ordinary cattle to try to get away from the wind They're out running foot races The cold just doesn't bother them" ABUNDANT LIVING Discipline II Tim 1:7— i: 2:1— 5 4:2 5 By DR E STANLEY JONES In the remianing days we have left for our meditations we must gather up the strands we have been weaving Perhaps the verse that would sum up what we have been saying Is this one: “Whereas the aim of the Christian discipline is the love that springs from a pure heart from a good conscience and from a sincere faith" tl Timothy 1:5 Moffatt) The Christian discipline: The Christian way is a discipline and not merely a doctrine The doctrine that does not discipline is dead Christianity is therefore not merely something that you believe in enough to act upon Your deed is your creed — the thing you believe in enough tn put into practice You do not believe in what you do not praclice Theory and practice are one Your theory is your practice The future of the world is in the hands of disciplined people The undisciplined waste their energies with themselves and their own tangles But the statement that the future of the world is in the hands of the disciplined needs to be corrected by the addition: The future of the world is in the hands of those who are disciplined to the highest If one is disciplined to less than the highest then the discipline will exhaust itself — it isn't backed by the ultimate The Christian is disciplined to what? The preceding verse tells us — “the divine order which belongs to faith" The divine order is the Divine Order — the Kingdom of God That Divine Order was embodied In the Divine Person — Jesus Christ We are therefore disciplined by a Person who embodies an Order an embodiment which makes our discipline at once personal and at once social — personal in that it is related to a Person and social in that it is related tn a new Order embodied in that rerson Disciplined to the embodied Kingdom the Christian is hound tn out-think to outlive tn outlie because the Kingdom nut-experiences every other way of life We ran give ourselves without question to the Christian discipline O God this discipline to which I hare given myself it It! Help me nuw to fee disciplined in this Way wyth no reservations and with no hesitations May I fling every doubt and fear and hestitation to the winds As the ancient Hebrew said: "1 take the yoke of the Kingdom" 1 know I shall find that yoke easy for it U my life! Amen iitr”is"v“ii7ii3iruii‘yv‘iririf'rju'‘u‘‘u‘vv'uvuTjvuvvuTjTjuru‘VVVVu'i' LETTERS TOTHE EDITOR uvsviviiViiiiiiVF¥iivirrinrvYWinivnrvinrtnrvYVYYYYYn DOCTOR ANSWERS Peritonitis “““'v'“"-vrvrriAAnrtrtruvuruwtiV" - Seeks Pen Pals Editor The News: My aim of writing you this letter is that it now over some years ago that 1 have been seeking for American pen friends but fortunately I came across your address through a magazine So 1 took an opportunity to write you just to publish my name and address in your newspaper as an African who wants pen friends Would like to correspond with men and women ladies and gentlemen also boys and girls 1 am an African fellow stationed at Lagos the capital of Nigeria the seat of Governor and Mayor and the chief trading center 1 am 25 years old I shall be grateful if you can grant my request and publish my letter -6 ldumagbo Avenue Lagos Nigeria Africa MOMODU OSENI No Goose Rhymes Editor The News: Your article in reference to the Baby Bible Class Mrs O'Dell is well timed The Sunday School rooms are not the place tor Mother Goose Rhymes and animal crackers If the child can understand or grasp the rhymes they can surely tike in the Bible ones the most divine of all stories Teach them about the Little Infant Jesus and His whole life of thirty three years Crowding out the vital things of life cannot be done with rhymes and crackers Our Blessed Lord said sutler little ones to come unto me for such is the Kingdom of heaven Start the child when he is six months old to know of his God 1 heard a beautiful sermon long years agn about children misbehaving In church He said they behave better than grownups If the little fellow wants to walk up and down the Mile let him do so He will come right back to his parents and maybe he has never made a sound only looking around Mrs O'Dell you deserve a vote of thanks Now that party that disagrees with your idea I do not for one minute believe he is grown Just some Irresponsible teenager that wants to be different to think a child must not be taught about his Lord until he can read According to their way there would be no morning and night prayers no grace before and after meals Our Lord says again pray always The poor little infant will never know what it ie all about He cannot learn the essentials of life with animal crackers and rhymes Let us take Mrs O'Dell's suggestion and put -the word of God in his dear little life Never can that be done with Goose rhymes Not to be too much in repetition will say Ns! Na! Pauline no Goose rhymes and crackers allowed Macon NAME WITHHELD Any Connection? Yesterday Congress passed the new controls bill which is as weak as water This morning I noticed several prices up on canned goods and meats at my grocery store Is there any connection? Macon A HEADER Editor's Note : Not likely but there will beJ Consistent Fighter Can you tell me it any of our congressmen from Georgia have been for strong prire controls in all phases of the debate and voting? I'd like to know that at least one was Macon (MISS) DORIS FREE ( Editor’s Note: Rep Henderson Lanham of Rqme has been consistent in his fight for strong controls J By DR EDWIN JORDAN Q — Can you tell me something about peritonitis?— Lady Reader A— Peritonitis whlrh in the past caused o many doctors and patients to hold their breaths is today a vanishing condition The credit for this goes largely to the germ killers of the sulfa and penicillin families and partly to safer methods of surgery Peritonitis gets ils name from the delicate tissue which lines the abdominal cavity that cavity which contains the atomarh Intestines liver and other organa dealing prinripally with digestion This lining is railed the peritoneum Most cases of peritonitis or inflammation of this lining result from the escape of germs into the abdominal cavity from the stomach intestines or appendix There are many ways in which peritonitis can arise One of the common ones is the result of the rupture of an inflamed appendix this Is the main reason why it is so dangerous to let appendicitis run on without removing the organ Indeed the rupture of any digestive organ which spills material into the abdominal cavity Is likely to produce peritonitis For example a stomach ulcer whirh rats 11 the way through the lining will allow germ laden material to enter the abdomen and may cause peritonitis Q— Is monoiirleosis or glandular fever related to cancer? — Mrs H M P A— No Q — Can you give me a diet to use for persogs having kidney stones?— H V A— It is not possible to desrrlbe a diet which ( would be suitable for all persons who have had trouble with kidnry stones The most important reason is that thera are several kinds and the rhemirals entering Into their structure are different and consequently they need different kinds of diet Q — What Is good for athlete's foot?— CL A— The fungi do not thrive in the absence of moisture For this reason if one wants to avoid Infection the fret should be kept clean and dry the socks and shoes dried and aired frequently and towels should be completely dry and never shared A dusting powder consisting of 10 per cent borle acid In powdered tale to be used on the feet twire a day has also been recommended Q— Do you think thei will eventually ho loo many people in the world to be fed?— D L A— It alands to reason that in time the population of the world will rearh a point where the good earth ran feed no more There have been many learned discussions of where this point lies As long as new - things keep cropping up— like artifically produced rain for example— any prophecy In thii regard will be a pretty hazardous proposition Q— What is Iritis and what causes It?— MS 1 A — Iritis Is a disease of the rye in whirh a portion of this organ known as the iris becomes inflamed The cause of this inflammation Is often obsrure but some rases have been trarrd to infrrtions elsewhere In the body surh as an abscessed tooth infected tonsils tuberculosis or syphilis In- 4 Jury also sometimes causes Iritis TL TS wi i're Jtk V -ar TT a tvT11 X At "T'-TP I 1 ML vx Al lat 30 Jat

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