The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1895
Page 7
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" ' ?< : ';-'. AND MAIDS*; *%? 4-HI; iowA, tJftrtw to of the frerth tote- no," Was Mrs. Peary's answer „., first question. "It is. Hot '|%' r '&lw*ays wlntef lit Greenland. We a Summer there of nearly four Ifitfnths, during which the tempera* tttP§ is Sometimes as high as sixty de-- 1 B&66, afld the vegetation is. Very lux* 1, tartan t. The grass grows* of ten a foot H'lgh&vei' the old 'igloos,' of huts, * %ttd is plentifully sprinkled With orlfht yellow poppies, potehtillav i ^bluebells, and rhododendrons, but % tli^re" are ao trees wdrthy the name. 'T)uring the mild Season the skies and t waters afe beautifully blue, and the •s^aii? is %vonderfuliy soft and clear, V^here were a number of days last • summer When I went out in a tweed ! gown and no wrap, and even the 'slight exertion of gathering flowers •Wade me uncomfortably warm. u i dressed there outwardly exactly Cf- Sri- "as t do here. Of course, I had to wear ! >ery heavy underclothing, and in the ' Winter deerskin stockings, with the ,fur turned in, reaching above the knee, and sealskin boots. The latter Were rather clumsy, but very warm .and co'mfortable. When I wentsledg- 'ittgl'wore a long fur coat, which en} Veloped mo from head to foot. '.', "Yesj last winter was unusually severe. The storms Were numerous 1 " and terrific, but it is a consolation to ' 'know that there is not likely to be a •^'recurrence of such weather for a year C'oV two. We suffered a little with the ;'*Vi cold after the tidal wave, which /!' Vashed away most of our oil barrels sf*.and crushed others, compelling us to - > jmt up" with short rations of fuel. ' " Fortunately, aside from the personal ,- discomfort, no injurious effect to any \ J oi .the party followed. . "„ '"The only sickness we experienced ^i,-was the peculiar disease that broke '. r out among the doers, which prevented ', my husband from prosecuting his .work as rapidly as he wished. ,' *' ,"No, indeed, we didn't live in ice , *huts,,as the natives do, but in a good, sized double house, which my hus- Jband designed and took with us all •ready to set up. It had double doors , ''and windows, and was lined through " with felt, but otherwise was like an ' /ordinary frame cottage, and I took "', much'pride in it. The interior did ;- k ijho't 'differ materially from those of •"•^'Vtiie,houses you see every day. I had •} \ '*a Brussels carpet on my parlor floor, jfjl^several 'comfortable rocking chairs, ,1 Mpprtieres, a few pictures and the like, housekeeping in Green- 'oil, or Sweet oil, or lard oil f ftlSecl Well, and rub thoroughly oti th.6 outside 'of the throat. Saturate ft flan> nel and lay it ovef the chest and throat. Hot bricks, or bottles filled with hot Water, should be placed at the child's feet and at the Sides of his body to indUc6 pefspifatiott. Keep him carefully covered. After the Vomiting the bowels must be kept open With syrup of squills. The best drink f of the child is slippery-elm Water. Gife plenty of nourishment to keep up the Beatrice Lnneliaons. The Up->tb-dat3 Woman follows closely iti man's footsteps even in Social affairs. A benedict supper has long 1 been a cherished institution among men as a send off for their masculine friends about to enter matrimony, Now gifla follow suit With a Beatrice luncheon, which one readily perceives has many possibili' ties in the way of decorations, etc, Such an affair was given lately by half a do^eii married women t6 a bride of the following Week, needless to say a very popular girl, The luncheon was heltl at a clubhouse not far from the city, whose jollity is proverbial. It was not the conventional thing of which one is wearied to death—that was one reason why the clubhouse was selected, as it was Istttttftri fc&t- A Mammoth !#!Moft of. *ftdft*l to* [From the :uo*ell, Mass., Corning Mull.] Hood's calendar for 1806 may now be obtained at the di-ttg stores and every one whd gets one secures "a thing of beauty." Indeed, in the novelty of "the design and the exquisiteness of the coloring, the calendar . surpasses all previous issues, just as Hood's calendars have for many years surpassed all others. The calendar is foi-med in the shape of a heatt and is ornamented With two beautiful child faces Which have always 'been charming tea; turds of Hood's calendars, On the fight is a representation of "Winter," the sweet little face With light browtt eyes peeping out iAtytlfttfe* -*«d yes, >?v . , '" keeping 1 here. 'For one thing, every drop of,,water we. .used had to be melted from ice, and cans of toma- •!{'|;rtbes ? corn, meat an d the rest had to p '> ^, be brought from the storehouse the <V jday before, and put on a high shelf ',to thaw ready for use. But that was / really not as much trouble as to wash t£t" and 'pare vegetables before cooking, 'i^Vas we are obliged to do here. We are V spared, too, the constant worry of '* / trying to think up something new **! "every day. Circumstances did not ri," permit very much variety in our diet, f-iThe hunters kept us supplied with 1 /'deer meat, whick *£ very palatable, " l ,&nd*we had plenty of canned vegeta- i- -Jbles, but oh, how I did long for a ' "t'taste of home cooking once in a while! v^Th'royighout the whole journey back, hardly eat a mouthful of ship |re, jn anticipation of all the good rl mgs awaiting me, f l Qv,V\ ''" house there was heated , with oil, The first time I we used coal, ex- 'room, where it was, found j* oil provided such an even '<' Cr^eTOPeJ'ftVwe 'that Lieutenant Peary ffi\$$W&fa ^ eafc the whole house ^Hflftft**'' b'la^ 'laqe. & good bit is sffe.^nvestme.nb, for if a o ojvd.effl.eed i ( t can be made $ go^d, »s flew/. Here, is., an .W' *P WBtare black teee; ^trpng green' tea, and. ^ifl^jywWMM»X*W " tH«wH»,v *v kr^AAlpespwfwl? «tfloW k^5Sft«^Wf!^ 1 i decided that this particular luncheon should not bo a display of fine china and glittering glass, but that the sparkle should come from the givers of tho feast, not from the table accessories alone, as is too often the case in Women's , luncheons. Everything was simple in the extreme, the oaken table, polished to a high degree, was laid with pink Japanese doylies, one at each cover; the rolls tied with broad pinlt ribbon, and a quotation card, tied with a knot of the same, were at every place, and these quotations, which all bore on the theme of love, were read before the guests were seated. Chrysanthemums, delicately tinted with pink, were the floraL decoration, and at the place of the guest of honor a huge bunch of the:same flowers in white, suggesting her bridal bouquet, tied with white ribbons, on which in gilded letters were the words, "Beatrice luncheon" and her Christian name. The viands were eminently substantial, as these practical women do not advocate ethe- rial food for love's nourishment. But the real feast was that of reason. Would that some of the clever things that were said could be chronicled, but the wit flashed and scintillated too fast for record. And who says that a woman can't make an after- luncheon speech? Anyone who doubts her ability in that line should have :been present'.at" that, affair. Every woman present gave an original toast, and two or three made speeches that Chauncey Depew would not blush to own. The Beatrice luncheon, given ijby-sucliM'brigrht^iWomen and -such a prospective' bride", will outlast the usual period of such fads and will become a fixed institution.—Chicago Times. The Kettle. There's many a house of prandeur, With turret, tower, and dome, That knows not peace or comfort, And does not prove a home. I do not'ask for splendor To crown iny daily lot, But this I ask: a kitchen' Where the kettle's always hot If things are not all shipshape, * I do not fumo or froti . A little clean disorder Does not my nerves upset But one thin? is essential, Or seems so to my thju?bt,' And that's a tli.v kitchen Whore the kettle's always hot In my Aunt Hattie' s household,! Though skies outside are drear, Though times be dark and troubled, You'll always find good cheer, And in her quaint old kitchen, The very homiest spot, The kettle's always sinking, The water's always hot. And if you have a headache, Whate'er the hour may bo, ' There ia no tedious waiting To pet your cup of tea I don't know how she does it, Some mtwio she has caught, For the kitchen's cool in summer, „ yet the kettle's always hot Oh, there's naught else so dreary In any household found As a poia ana sullen kettle That does npt mftke a gound, An4 I think that loye is lacking In the hearts in suqh a spot, Or the kettle wp«ia be singing And tb.e water would be hot. -Ella Wheeler WUoox in Youth's Companion, from a dainty cap, while the snow flakes are falling all about. The face on the left is a picture of "Summery and is lighted .With blue eyes and the head covered with bright flowers. The shades are perfectly blended, and the whole picture is surrounded by a tasty border. The design was made by Miss Maud Humphrey, one of the most gifted and celebrated water color artists in the country. The calendar gives the Usual information concerning the lunar changes, and tpbn the back is printed a table of astronomical events especially calculated for C. I. Hood & Co, The calendar is issued to advertise Hood's Harsaparilla, Hood's Pills andthe other preparations of the firm,and is regarded as most difficult to manufacture, its novel shape being such as no other concern has ever undertaken to produce in large quantities. It was necessary to purchase several additional machines especially for this job, so that there was a very large amount of machinery and a whole regiment of people employed in this branch of the extensive business at the big laboratory in Lowell. During the five months when the calendars were being made there were actually employed ev«ry day in this part of the work at the laboratory six printing presses, one bronzing machine, four eye letting machines, seven wire stitchers, eight large paper cutters and 1C2 persons. At the beginning of the work this large force was able to produde about 100.000 calendars a day and foi- several weeks toward the close the daily production amounted to 140,000 calendars. The edition of Hood's calendars for 1805 was 10,500,000, or about 2,500,000 more than last year. This, of course, is an immense number , but the general reader has -only a faint conception of its magnitude until he is reminded that the little 500,000 added to the ten millions is considered an enormous edition by many of the largest advertisers in the world._ If the calendars were laid down in a single line, they would reach almost one thousand miles, and if the different pieces in the calendar pads were laid in this way they would extend almost three thousand miles, 'or' from New York 'to Liverpool. For the past eight years," Hood's calendars have exceeded in number every similar publication, but it was hardly dreamed that the'y would ever come up to the mammoth edition which was demanded this year. Lowell has long been proud of this great industry, which has given her almost a world wide reputation, and it is a matter of no small importance that so many of her people find pleasant and profitable employment in the work of making and advertising the great blood purifying medicine, Hood's Sarsaparilla, whose actual cures in every part of the country have been the wonder of the medical profession and have caused many hearts to overflow with gratitude. Those who are unable' to obtain Hood's Sarsaparilla Calendars at the drug stores should send six cents in stamps for one, or 10 cents for two to C. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. AcnVe Sense of Hoar Inc. "Yes," said a prosperous lawyer, in speaking to a friend, "I had a long wait before I got any practice, but I am certainly satisfied now with my profession and its emoluments. "The early days, the waiting for clients was hard, though. Why, do you know that I got so after a while that when I heard a footstep on the stairs I could 'tell ninety-nine times out of 100 whether or not the person was coming to my office. P" "Well, that is strange," replied friend, "Your sense of hearing have been very acute." "Not so much, that," replied lawyer. "You see, I made up. they Here are fouf dl the most famous labyrinths of the world. It was customary during the middle ages to insert in the Hoof of tho nave of certain cathedrals a labyrinth of black and white stone or colored tiles. Those labyrinths Were known as "ttoads of Jerusalem," owing, it is ptobable, to the fact that worshipers Were accustomed to traverse the sharp stones of the maze upon their knees in memory of the journey of Christ from Jerusalem to Calvary. That of the cathedral of Sens is ol circular form and incased in lead. It measured sixty-eight feet across", and the length of tha circuit, which took afl hour to traverse, was over a mile and a half. The labyrinth of St. Owen was formed .of blue and yellow tiles and measured uhree quarters of a mile. That of St. Q.uentin was. taken away ill 1792, because children played the game of "Who Can Get Into It the Quickest? 11 disturbed the worshipers. Why the children were hot taken away instead of the labyrinth history does not say. The labyrinth of Bayeux is of black squares bearing yellow griffins, roses and armorial bearings, which mako it a great rarity. T HtU S. Qoveffltnetit Chiffllsls havd Fepofted* after art examination df the diffefetit brands, that the R0YAL Bak« ing Powder is absolutely pure, greatest in strength, and superior to all others. flOYAL BAKING P6w5ER COMPANY, 106 WALL fefj, Ajtj Hope Crushed to Earth Will rise again in the bosom of a dyspeptic wise enough to substitute for the pseudo-tonics, which have bamboozled him out of his belief in: tho possibility of cure, the real invigorant and stomachic, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. The bilious, the nervous, the dyspeptic, the rheumatic alike derive speedy benefit from this hopeful botanic medicine. Persons suffering from Indifjcstion will gain no positive permanent good from the fiery, unmodicatea stimulants of commerce, too often used recklessly. Tho Bitters is immeasurably to bo preferred to these as a tonic, since its pure basis is modified by tho conjunction with it of vegetable Ingredients of the highest remedial excellence. Malaria is prevented and remedied by it, and it infuses vigor into tho weak and sickly. A wineglassful three times a day is the average dose. ' Doubling Up on Christmas. "I see she has broken off. her engagemeni with him." ••What was the matter?" "He tried to mako the engagement ring do for a Christinas present." STATE OF OHIO, CITY or TOLEHO, ) .. LUCAS COUNTY. f ' FRANK J. CHESEY makes oath that he in the senior partner of the firm of F. J. CHEKEY & Co., doing business in the City of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the'sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that can.not be cured by the use o Disappointed. Mbther (to her boy, who has come home from school cryiMg)— Dear me, Totnmy! whatever is the matter? . . . .„ Tommy—Our master, who has been Ui so long—boo—oo—ool . , . Mother—What! Is ho dead? Tommy—No—(sob)—he's got well again! tVhttt They Missed. "Are they supposed to quit work on the. new t)ostorfice evefy time it rains?" asked the biblical student. "Certainly." „ . ,, "Gracious I What a lot of comfort those people could have gotten out of the forty days' flood!»'_ . The New Year's Drc3«i. "I have called." said the captious critic, "to find out what reason yc'i can give for representing the new year as a nude small boy." "That is done." respondpd the art editor, "because the year does not get its close till the 81st of December." An Infant logician. "Ain't going to soy my prayers to-njght." declared baby Antoinette quietly to he astonished nurse, as they went slowly u the stairs to bed. . • "Why not?" criel the nurse, surprised. " 'Cause God will be so busy making to morrow that he won't have time to listen!" A Cheap Trip South. Tickets will be sold at one fare round trip to points in Tennessee, Kentucky Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, on the line of the Louisville & Nashville, and Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railroads, on .Tan. 8, Feb 5, March 5, April 3 and 30, 1895. _ Ask your ticket agent about it. and if he cannot sell you excursion tickets write to C. P." Atmore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ivy., or Oeo. B. D. P. A., St. Louis, Mo. WJltlitg to Gifa lota* mfttiofl. Customer—I'm a sttangsr in your village. Can you tell me Ivhere 1 uhalfbe likely to find the "Automat of the Breakfast Table?' 1 Clerk, in the country drilgf b rtfo-- Why—why, I don't think they keep It here, but they've got some first-rato mackerel at the store over 1 , 'thoro acrost the road. A Feafful ttetflfoatloii. Miss Fanny—That hideous old Mr. Jones had the impudence to propose to me. Miss Jennie—Yoii gave him tha mitten? Miss Fanny—No, I did ( not. Just to punish him I accepted his offer. Ho is worth half a million.—Texas Siftings. | SEAL | Sworn to. before me and subscribed in my presence, this Cth day of December, A. D. 1886. A.W.GLEASON, Notary Public. HfUriTcatarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., •'* ' Toledo, O. t3P~ Sold by Druggists, Too. Hall's Family Pills, 25c. Alherican -railroads have an aggregate bonded debt of S5,405,019,«6'.). Appie» Finest in the world in the sunny Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas. Fertile lands for sale cheap on new road from Kansas City to Gulf of Mexico. Write to .Tamos Donolme, 5th and Delaware Sts Kansas City, Mo., for FEEK copy of the Missouri and Arkansas Fruitman and Farmer containing lists of lands and alUin- formation. Secure valuable lands quick while they are cheap in rich country not infested with blizzards nor drouths. veyy hob water upon $h,e Ivuit, as. it will then be easy tp PJclf out the bad ones, • Measure, them apd pt JBt9, ft preserring kettle, wjth enp^h. to covet 1 thenji Stir jsyV gttfn »»fl be pftyefial nqt t<J boil $jigm 199 fast, ' his the my mind, that they were not Q9WWg to my office, and iiipety'-mae time^put of 100 I was right." of bat; in the @h,e exclaimed,, , « ( No, indeed," "J^ut thg people came to play; npt your hat." ,'nOb, did they?" sh.e »§ it pests only Scientists predict that in a century there will be no disease not curable. In a recent article on Coffee and Cocoa, the eminent German Chemist, Professor Stutzer, speaking of the Dutch process of preparing Cocoa by the addition of potash, and of the process common in Germany in which ammonia is added, says: "The only result of these processes is to make the liquid appear turbid to the eye of the consumer, without effecting a real solution of the Cocoa substances. This artificial manipulation for the purpose of so-called solubility is, therefore, more or less inspired by deception, and always takes place at the cost of purity, pleasant taste, useful actio"n, and aromatic flavor. The' treatment of Cocoa by such chemical means is entirely objectionable. . , . , Cocoa treated with potash or ammonia would be entirely unsalable but for, the supplementary addition of artificial flavors by which a poor substitute for the aroma driven out into the air is offered to the consumer." The delicious Breakfast Cocoa made by WALTER BAKER & Co., of Dorchester, Mass,, is absohitely pure and soluble. No chemicals, or dyes, or artificial flavors are used in it. _ "When, the, wicked are elected to office the devil is helped. _ qpp California in » Tourist Sleeper. The purliugton Route's Personally ' Co»- ducjeo; Excursions to the pacific Coast are just; the thing for people of moderate means, Cheap— respectable— comfprtablq -esp.editiQUB. From Chicago every evening ; from Omaha eyery jnorning, -Through Jo San and Los Angeles without Experienced Excuysipn &&»- ageif P»d Wiformea Pullman pprters in charge., Second c}ws tickets accepted. CwTwp carpeted anfl upholstered, and nays spring scats and backs,, curtains, pUJpws, towels, eto. m.Ql»lPtaP ax>4 4o«ple h Ipr Sir Ed ward Arnold says that he never tires of journalism; that it is the cleanest of professions, Farming and ^ Stock, .Kal»lng.Jln_IJ'i}lb.r,». A pamphlet containing valuable information about Nebraska, northwestern Kansas and eastern Colorado,; with a sectional 'map "of that country,, will be sent free on application to P. S, Eustis, General Passenger Agent, C. B. & Q. E. R. , Chicago, 111. A man who is honest in a horse trade can be trusted with money. Blopathlc I'hysichuis Cure any acute disease in one treatment (cure or no pay), chronic in a few. Write for free advice. DR. JOHX SnE&ny, Sheeley Block, Omaha, Neb. Bitter root has been chosen as the state flower of Montana. In Olden Times People overlooked the importance of permanently beneficial effects and were satisfied with transient action; but now that it is generally known that Syrup of Kigs will permanently cure JiaWtual constipatipu, well-informed people will not buy other laxatives, which act for a time, but finally injure the system. _ _ Custom is often only the antiquity error. _ Get Up a Club. To any person sepding us six new subscribers to the Twice-arWeek News we will send a copy free one year, The News, Moines, Iowa. _ _ John Burns, tUo English }abor leader now visiting this country, says he hag not BO far discovered the, famed beauty of' the ^American women. _ Piso's Cure for Consumption 1 has saved me maoy a doctor's bill.r-S. F. HA Hopkins Pl&ce, Baltimore, Md.,, Peg, 1 S, knock ft man pr a woman sjlly lipk. |s Dr. PIERCE S Golden Medical DISCOVERY Cures Ninety-eight per cent of all cases of Consumption, in all Its Earlier Stages. Although by many believed to be incurable, there is the evidence of hundreds of living witnesses to the fact that, in all Us earlier stages, consumption is a curable disease. Not every case, but a large percentage of cases, and we believe, fully 98 per cent, are cured by Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery, even after the disease has progressed so far as to induce repealed bleedings from Hie lungs, severe lingering cough with copious expectoialion U»clud- . ing tubercular inat'er), great loss of flesh and extreme emaciation and weakness. Do you doubt that hundreds of such cases, reported to us as cured by " Golden Medical Discovery " were genuine cases of that dread and fatal disease ? You need not take our woi-d for it. They have, in nearly every, instance, been so pronounced by the ^est and most expeiienced home physicians, who have no interest whatever in misrepresenting them, and who were often strongly prejudiced and advised agamst a trial of "Golden Medical Discovery," but wlio liave been forced to confess'that it surpasses, in curative power over this fatal malady, all other' medicines with which they are acquainted. Nasty cod- liver oil and its filthy "emulsions" and eases aiid had either utterly failed to be'ne- fit, or liad only seemed to benefit a litlle for a short time. Extract of malt, whiskey, ( L -and various preparations of the liypophos- ,,vj'$ phites had also been faithfully tried in vain: <; 4i ' r .fo,"| The photographs of a large number of' V',yi those cured of consumption, bronchitis, r lingering coughs, asthma, clnonic nasal ; catarrh and kindred maladies, have been ^ skillfully reproduced in a book of 160' pages which will be mailed to you, on receipt of address and faix cents in stamps. Acldiess for Hook, World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y. CXJIVES, ';,'., BRUISES ^ SPRAINS. BOTTLES NOW DOUBLE SIZE. Price, 25 and 5O Cents. " McELREES' WINE OF SOOTDJKO SVJIBP f pr pbddrw ^eethjuf • 1 Sqlpmon'got a good deaj of Ws in jhfi sebpo} p^ experienpe, , , $}. to see }§ w suffer IOP theft Tfte roatK World, 1 ! through and I Baw-amenfp, ftnd peaks' Qt fhg the fll lit!

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