The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1895
Page 5
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-»{•,*•;«*.;Cjf<p,31"-»;«v'-i «. k i • • <•;- • • •• *f,vm;my' f f '. > •• '" 't- ',' i < -'V 'i' f ' - < .??«*; ' -.' ' M, i '•'drt**ilii&.sf '•>"'* ARE HERE , ^-$ i Business! THE LINE Drop in and get acquainted whether you have any business for us or not, Doxsee & Shaw. 1C! . •A >all Opera House. M. P. HAGGARD, ALGONA, tOWA, .SATURDAY, JAN. 19, 1895, "THE METROPOLITANS," Comprising some of the greatest artists on the lyric stage, in repertoire of short operas. Operas to be given here: (PYGMALION AND .GALATEA, and THE ROSE OF AUVERQNE. 'Seats at Dingley's Thursday morning. m^cl-s Musica aucxxyMoasr, : LOCAL MATTERS. of 4 Dr. Morse has taken possession ,his new office. '•'> ' It is reported that Dr. West will pul '"up stakes and locate in Swea'City. The Musical Club will meet Thursday evening at 7.30 with Mr. Hamilton. The Courier reports that€. H. Dam. man, of Burt, has lost 120 hogs from , the cholera. ' The W. H. M. S., of M. E. Church, will'meet with Mrs. Brownell next ,' .Thursday at 3 p. m. \ < : ~ Tickets for the Metropolitans will be \ on sale at Dingley's, beginning with ^.''Thursday morning. f JOwing to the illness of the pastor, ,-^there was no preaching service at the jirig society will serve supper in the .lecture room'Thursday night. ,'<'.'Doxsee& Shaw had their big safe, .\ weighing 6,200 pounds, pulled up the * stairs of the Algona State Bank last • week. ,, '' V.Mullica .&'Ohnstedt have been awarded the contract for the manuf ac- r ture of 5,000 barn door latches. They 'are for a firm at Armstrong, Iowa. ,»' 'Geo. Bailey has been very sick for 'the past week with an attack of bilious „ fever. His friends are gratified to know that lie is improving slowly. > '-• The Metropolitans are billed for the Opera House Saturday night. They are to appear in " The Rose of Au- verghe," and "iPygmalian and Gala- 'tno°' „.„„. inches from the point of his nose o the point of his tail. The animal was found near the Paxon place. The special meetings at the Baptist Church will be continued this week. Song service and preaching every evening, All are iavited. The annual meeting of the Library Association was postponed until tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 8 o'clock at the Beading Boom. All are invited °Our supplement, including the full report of the doings of the board of supervisors and a schedule of the bills allowed, will be interesting to all the tax payers of Kossuth. H. Paine expects to go out on the road in the interest of Fisher's commission house of Chicago, in a few days, if he can get away from his business here. He will be gone several weeks. Nels Lawrenson, who lives three miles north of Hobart, was m town last Thursday with a load of June pigs, which weighed 263 pounds apiece. Who can beat it. As a pig raiser Mr. Lawrenson takes the cake. The annual meeting of the Algona Library Association has been post- ioned to tomorrow evening. It will be E. P. Ewing, a son of John Ewing, local manager for; the W. W. Kimball Company, has been in town during the week closing out the stock of pianos and organs remaining on hand. The entire stock is to be closed out, and those who come to the front now will get the best bargains ever given in Algona on first class musical instruments. The goods will go on the in- stalment plan when desired, only very small cash payments being required. Mr. Ewing takes much of our space this week in which to apprise the people of this vicinity of the opportunity which this forced sale affords them. PLAN TALK. About Pianos and Organs by W. W. Kimball Company. r A Chance of a life time will be lost ,, if yotf don't secure .a piano or organ at 'vtthe closing out sale^of the W. W. Kim- ^ballt^p. Jfor full particulars see page ." four*' of this paper. > 7 Tjfe. State University alumni ban- i>Que1j.\which was to have come off on $ the 24th. has been put over till the fol- ifg ,week, owing to the inability of ,.e».«. -„.. j^... to b p present on the ^omes r'The'Csffty.a ^omes off at the $ > J ii courthouse tomorrow night. It wwl p^ beWyaarg«ly patronized. as it ought l P»Wejto will go toward be poor whom we have i\l J V\i'V'4»|*B*JM|*%+*VN' V*- V** w •**•* ^* **"' Y Ti «J ; < ^Vwith 'Mrs, -W, H, Jngham, next 3?nday tMer'Bn; a£I 'o'clock, A program ^IP^mAP^^WSSSS ^NMSOPHf! by MFS. vineeMf AW J«QIB» iu* . Wtop will show them S oned to tomorrow evenng. eld at the reading room, and all who are iaterested in the success of the library enterprise are invited to attend. L. J. Bice and W. H. Nycum are making the seini- annual examination into the finances of the county. It is expected that their report will be ready for -submission to the county board at their adjourned meeting, on the 29th instant. x Ernest Bacon Jias rented his farm to ".Brtehie Tostef; who has been working the Arnold place, and will soon hold an auction sale to dispose of his stock and farm machinery. Mr. Bacon was influenced to give up farming by the ill health of his wife. He will probably move to town. Peter Winkle has his new ice house nearly completed. His storage room has been too small heretofore to hold the ice needed by Algona for the season. He will now have room enough, and the ice crop being a big one, we may anticipate an abundant supply 01 that essential next summer. The Ft. Dodge Post, describing a minstrel show given recently by the ladies of Humboldt, says that Al. Adams dressed up in an old petticoat and put on a false-face thinking that he could ring in and get on the program, but his identity was discovered and he was thrown into a deep well by the indignant ladies. Oounty Clerk Crose sajs he canal- ways tell when a young man wants a marriage license, When a fellow comes in with that intent he spots him on sight and saves bis blushes byjntrp- ducingthe subject and naming the price, thus putting the matter on a business basis. He says there is a faraway look in the young raan't* eyes which is unmistakable. fhe comic operas to be given at the Call opera house next Saturday night, will be enjoyed by a large audience. Algona playgoers seem to particularly appreciate comic operas and .always turn out well, The Metropolitans are said to rank with Andrews and the best on the road- They «arry twelve people, The, Algona Club heW its annual electipn Tjlst weefe. The old officers were mostly r^lect^d, .Theyare: T, ObrJacbiUe/, .BWsWentJ Ju4pe Quw ton, vice president; J While at first glance it would seem impossible to sell at any price ten pianos and 15 Organs in this city of 2,600 in a single week, on second thought it would look about this: Out of a population of 2600 people, there must be at least 25 who are fairly able to own a piano or organ, and yet have none, but intend to buy, and will buy within the next year and a half. It is to those who intend to buy within that time that we speak, and I know there are more than 30, or twice 30 who will do so, and who will without doubt have to pay regular re- ta 1 price for a piano, unless they are far sighted enough to take advantage of this unprecedented cut in prices now offered by the manufacturers, the very concern who built the pianos, and who merely ask that they be taken at just such price, and no more, than it cost to build them, which means simply the cost' of the material and labor to produce the instrument. Our reasons are valid. We unfortunately are caught herewith an immense stock of fine sample pianos and organs and we are forced to either dispose of the entire stock at once, or ship them back at great ex- S ense to our factory at Chicago. I aye decided to take the former course, and sell them, or make the effort, if it can be done in less time than they could be boxed and put aboard of the cars, and it is reasonable to see that we could not hope to succeed if we attempted to sell them' even at a dollar E rofit. Nothing but the lowest possi- le figure that it would cost to produce them would insure or inspire a hope of locating 10 pianos and 15 organs here in six days. We are, of course, just as anxious at this time to sell them as if there was a profit in it, for if they can be sold we shall save the expense of about $20 each returning them to the factory, which would be $500 on the whole. The combined purchasers would save $2,700, or $200 on each Piano and $50 on each Organ, Now this statement is exactly as it is, not overdrawn one bit, which can be verified by investigation at our warerooms with Brorison , the Jeweler, where as fine a line of pianos can be seen as there is ip the country, No more reliable or responsible guarantees could be placed upon a piano than that of the \y\ W. Kimball Co,, and' each instrument bought of this house, will receive such, . With a view of closing out every in- strumenti ibis week, our terms will be $25 down and $10 a month, with 8 per cent, interest on payments after due, This is bu,t little more than rent, and a piano at half price, We, cannot do more, W you can use a piano, we are with you, but don^t delay, ' • W- W.KiMMLfcCo,, '' Chicago, Til, J?, Ewn*e, Qfen, Agfr. Anderson ft**!)? injtrffcd ttf SibW on the Head Ftom & Gin Pofa I He fried Y6st6fday Motnlng. j While Erick Anderson was watching Thos. Hendetson and his men move &tree in the neighborhood of the Winkel ice house, Monday, he got tinder the derrick and was struck by the gin pole and had his skull ffaetuted. He was tendered insensible. He was carried to his home, hear the depot school house. . , Anderson lingeted all bight and died at six o'clock Tuesday morning. It was thought when he was picked tip aftef the accident that he was dead at that time, but before he was got to his home he began to show signs of animation. His wife was rendered almost frantic by the sight of his body as the men carried it in. She had received no intimation of the accident. Mr. Anderson has been continuously tin- fortunate for some years. About four years ago he had a sun sttoke, and since then he has been unable to do much work, though the need of it to support his family Was pressing. Two years ago, again, While blasting rock, a premature explosion burned his face badly and shattered his arm. He was a man of about forty years, and his family consist of a wife and six small children. They are necessarily left in a dependent condition. The funeral will be from the Lutheran Church this aternoon. PERSONAL MENTION, Mrs. W. L. Hollar, of Humboldt, has been in town the past week, assisting in caring for her old friend, Mrs. Dr. Garfield. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Brunson will leave for California to-day to spend the remainder of the winter. They will take the southern route out and return by the Union Pacific. Editor JTcMullen, of the Wesley Bep.or.ter, was in town yesterday. E. J. Nichols, a farmer of the Swea City region, was in town Thursday evening, on bis way to his old home in Clayton county. The BEPUBLICAK enjoyed a pleasant visit. J. W. Wadsworth attended the annual meeting of the State Agricultural Society at Des Moines last week. John Albright has gone into the real estate business at Bolfe. Mr. Albright is one of the best all around rustlers that Kossuth county ever produced. He is a man who will succeed in any business. Mrs. A. A. Call has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Shore, at Des Moines, but is at home again. Mrs. I. M. Finnell was called to Corwith last Friday by the serious illness of her sister, Miss Isabelle Tiss, who has an attack of lung fever. 1N> < , We have placed on sale one lot all wool Dress Goods, 40 to 54 inches wide, worth 65c to $1,25, at If you want the best, call soon. Jas. Taylor. We Wish to Call Attention To Our Complete Line of Blank Books, Stationery, Memorandums, SeymodH Allen is doing horseshoe! n at Bradley & Nicoulin's shop. 15-17 The Opera House Grocery is in the lead on canned goods. Pocket Books, TAX SALE NOTICE. To "W..MV Clarke and American Emigrant Co. and James Callanan and James; C. You are hereby notified that on the' 1st day of December, 1890, the following described real estate, situated in the county of KossuWand state of Iowa, the southwest Quarter (%) of the northwest quarter of section No. thirty-five (35) in town Etc. We have an immense line of these goods? also OFFICE SUPPLIES. Those wishing anything in this line would do well to give us a call. F. W. Dingley. . . . THE DRUGGIST. . . . . ship No. one hundred (100) north of range No. twenty-seven (37) west of the 5th P. M., was sold by the treasurer of said county to A. D, Clarke, who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof.* That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land be made unless redemption from 'such sale be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. Dated this 9th day of Nov. A. D. 1894. A. D. CLARKE. That our Assortment of HOSIERY *ti,?m To Henry W. Phelps and George W. Phelps and Charles Marsh, executors of "WillisPhelps, the Phelps estate and the American Emigrant Co: You are hereby notified that on the 7tu day of December 1891, the following described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, the southwest quarter (H) of the northeast 0<) o f section No, Twenty-two (23) in township No. Ninety-eight (98) north of range No. Twenty-seven (37) west of 5th P. M. was sold by the treasurer of said county to A. D. Clarke, who is nOw the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. Dated this 9th day of November A. D, 1894. ' A, D. CLARKE. Is complete in every detail, and that we are now offering qualities that in former years brought DOUBLE THE PRICE now ask ed. Do not forget that they are TAX SALEJOTICE. To Francis D. Holley and Shields &Cook: You are hereby notified tha,t on the 7tb day of December, 1891, the following described real estate, satiated in the county of Kossjitb and state of Iowa, Lota -. Five, Six andSeven in block Two tfundred and itetywven in Call's addition to Algona was sold by the treasurer Qf said cpunty to A, D7Cfarke, who js now the lawful boldest the certificate of purchase thereof, .That the right of redemption will expire'and a deed 1 for said .land 'be made unless redemption from such sale be mde witbjn ninety 4a?s frem the PQ.tice, , i > _'.i - •• *%$ - ' y'*$j 1 >-!^4 •', ^::^m l^V^ ! f V< ''o^lif 1 &.-••' —•- "•,.'.'i"e*3« THE GRANGE STOM BROKEff LOTS AW ODD PAIRS A? SPECIAL PRICES. •- > v '"^ v Wpr, '. V GOTO. i' . -. , vV:,H$f : • '•'',' '- ^ v 'X'^ls '-^'^t^lr .iiwVJfewH 4J|: W •*«. ana Mart Weayw of pw&Ufljft m and 'eojaprises, the bps pi : JK ty ,w«i*e?! wa e, Jp < f peod sp e.ven OJEB Bwfe? A; ?b§lp« wife pi J, W , Whose, jllnesj ,has, been QOWj . . tan i -With hey Jmsband mo,n$8 ago, bbe w two a srafeffl^L..:^^.. Anti-Rus HWcate of purehas thereof t( wopttoft will mti* M* a $im&t»' $mm .«w»? Jte jy« gup.wafj mavmm it*,»?j m»> »v WS»«M Of tift»fWfcP l he ;P|88J4 JWW»,» MM«4'Wfi« tea%t 'j?WteTrtieii WJfc /^SSiWrwhAi^ hw\ .ftffftd'J narents''now ^•'tgfl^^^U *':?$.*>* MV%^^^|K«J|^{ ^ W'^AlY^iilW'N^TtW "*'"" ""V 1 ."^ v , mi^P^pM',,'', i-\ S aSsnlSt

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