Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 10, 1966 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1966
Page 3
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I ona Ses mar great effort STATISTICS First Downs ______ __ 12 Yards Rushing _____ 168 Yards 1 Passing _______ 20 Total Yards _______ _L 188 Passes Attempted _____ 6 Passes Completed ___ 1 Passes Inter, by ____ 1 Fumbles Lost _________ 1 Penalties ____________ 5-35 A 9 94 43 137 12 4 3 5 4-20 It's lucky Webster put the word "frustration" in his dictionary. If he hadn't, you just couldn't have described Algona's valiant effort in trying to produce a momenius upset here Friday night bafore falling to Hunv boldt's conference l&aders, 147. , The' Bulldogs battled the Wildcats off their feet in the first half, put on a goalline stand that will rank with any You've. seen here, only to go down to their icurtii loss in five starts on a "freak" play that would rank with Willie Davis' two dropped fly balls in the World Series for unusualness. MONDAY, OCT. ADVANCE— 3 ied it with his kick. And then mere frustration. Algona mounted Its best drive of the entire year after the kiekoff. With Steve Waller, Bob Farnham and Reidinger driving hard, the Bulldogs reeled off six strilght «"» downs. Waller got the last 11 to the 'our and appeared as if he might go all the way before going down. There were just two min- utss left in the half as Algona got set on the four with four downs to make it. They got only one though 'cause a fumble squirted out of a melee of players and De- Sniidt recovered for Humboldt on the eight. / Still the Bulldogs got'another chance. HumbpUlt, figuring to run out the closk, tried to go for five yards on fourth down with 17 seconds left but failed. Algona got the ball with two seconds left but Barr found, all his receivers covered- and his desperation pass was almost intercepted. . Rusk Drug i:,—1—1— 6 10 la. State R?nk — 5 11 Algona Lanes — 5 11 Weiderthoff 4 12 High Team Series: Directory Service, 2309. High Series: Jackie Muller, 545. High Game: Kay Voigt, 224. Wednesday Night M«n W •• L Hamm's Beer — -19 1 Fenton Elev. :_____16 4 Bode Elev. ______16 4 Elk Cleaners __———10 10 Bernie's Rec.—— 9 11 Whittemore Elev. 7 13 Cunningham Cafe 2 18 Percival Mtrs. ____i— 1 19 STATE LINE CONFERENCE W 12 With the score tied at 7-7 Humboldt took an Algona punt on its 29 yard line to start the final quarter and drove to the Algona 10 in 15 plays. The Bulldogs gave ground grudgingly and the Wildcat's earned every inch of it. But there it was on the 10, first and goal. An "illegal motion" penalty on third down moved it back to the seven but quarterback Rick Kuhlman pushed it to the two. It was fourth and two for the TD but Algona's furious warriors were equal to the occasion and stopped the drive on the one-yard line. THERE WAS just over 4 minutes left in the game and two short jabs got only a yard or so. Then on third down the Bulldogs gambled and lost. Figuring to catch the Humboldt defenses napping, Roger Barr faded to pass. But he was rushed and the pass was deflected a yard or so into the air. Just about every time this happens, it falls harmlessly to the ground but this time it floated right into the arms of Mr. Kuhlman in the end zone and with 2:39 left, Humboldt had a 13-7 lead — which mushroomed shortly to 14-7 on Kuhlman's perfect extra point kick. Three futile Bulldog passes fell harmlessly to the ground and it was all over. But if the visitors expected to rest on their laurels in beating Webster City 7-6 the week before, they were given a rude awakening on the first two plays of the game. Quarterback Kuhlman was thrown for two straight five yard losses on the opening plays after the kiekoff and fans sensed that this Bulldog eleven was not to be outclassed on this night. Outmanned and outweighed, yes, but never outfought. Randy Reidinger and Steve Waller ripped off gains for an Algona first down but a Bulldog fumble, their first of four first half bobbles that cost so dearly, gave Humboldt the ball on its own 45. THE VISITORS graciously re, turned the favor four plays later when Tom Claude picked up a loose ball and with a covey of blockers raced goalward. He was overhauled on the Humboldt 22 and fumbled it right back. On the third play thereafter, lightning struck in the person of Gregg Betts. It was third and four for the Wildcats and Kuhlman elected to pass. H« threw six times on this night, completed just one and had three intercepted — all by Mr, Betts. But none was as tructive as this one. ALGONA HAD a wide edge in first half statistics, getting eight first downs to Humboldt's five and moving the ball 110 yards to Humboldt's 80. Certainly, you had. to take off your hat to these local football players. They gave more than probably 90% of the teams do who win games each Friday night but it was just frustration with a capital "F" — or should you say fumbles (five of them) that doomed a truly remarkable effort. Heroes in defeat there were and plenty of them. Claude, Dreyer, Hagen, Jones, Laws, Munger, Waller, Farnham, Betts, Calhoun, Barr and Reidinger to name just a few. Next.week it will be Webster City in the final road game of the season. If Algona plays 6he brand of football it played Friday night, there are going to be some more wins on the scorebook before it's closed. It could just be this week. High Team, Series: Hamm's Beer, 2902. High Series: Bud Briggs, 618. High Game: Bud Briggs, 225. Thursday Night Women W L Lindsay 1__15 5 Coast-to-Goast 14 6 Frederick Hdw. 13 7 Farm Service __^_——12 8 Hamm's —^ 12 8 Johnson House -11 ! Viking Oil 10.% 9% V.F.W. - —10 10 Sure Save ^—l-i- 8V* lOVz Gambles —— 6 Everds Bros. 5 15 filbert's Mileage 2 18 Armstrong _-3 Swea City 3 Lincoln-Central 3 Thompson '__' ;3 ; Sentral I :___^2 Titonfca 1 Woden-CL —0 Burt __., _______„__0 Results Friday Sentral 27, Swea City 6 Thompson 59, Armstrong 13 Lincoln-Central 61, Burt 0 "'TLtonka 45, Nora Springs '"Non-Conference Game NORTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE • . W ftumboldt 4 Webster City _3 Clarion •—. -2 Iowa Falls 2 Eagle Grove —1 Clear Lake ____! Algona '— 1 Hampton 1 Results Friday Humboldt 14, Algona 7 Webster City 27, Iowa Falls.0 Eagle Grove 7, Clarion 7 Clear Lake 20, Hampton 13 New members are sought by St. Joe CDA St. Joe — C D of A will meet Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 8 o'clock with grand regent Weydent presiding. Mrs. N. J. Application for membesshdp will be presented to the grand regent at the October meeting with reception of new members at the November meeting. Membership com mittee consists . of Mrs. Irene 3ormann, Mary Jane Orig_r Mrs. John Geischecker, Mrs Rose Bormann, Mrs. Hubert O' Brian attd Mrs. E. J. Gales. In charge of the lunch and social mur will tie Mary Jane Origer, Mildred Bormann, Mrs. Jim Bormann, Mrs. Mllford Plathe and Mrs. Wm. Thilges. K OF C HAS MEETING Knights of Columbus met Wednesday evening with Mitford Plathe, presiding. Rev. Leo C. Schumacher gave a short talk with Wilfred Schneider and N. J. Weydert in charge of the lunch. Grand Knights and financial secretaries, ^officers meeting \yas held at Stprm Lake Sum day. Don Reding is membership .chairman with every nreiripei- helping in this activity tor the council. Paul Erpelding recejy<ea the attendance prize. Bode Putieral sfervices ay. Mrs. eiitnpofl ef of Th'eo Evattson, Algdna. 1 ' By Mr*. Roland M. OU«r» Art Monson and Mrs. Holland visited Sunday Ada and Advertise in the Adyanrc Largest PAID clreulitlon Thursday with 1 their niece, the Don Piepers, flt ttqdge. The Pie- pers moved back to their home in Ft. Dodge last week front Binghamton, tyew York. ^ The Olaf Olsons and Andy Olson were guests at Rudy Olson's, Gilmore City, Sunday for Rudy's birthday. ' The Harold Skaugstads, Walter Bakkens and F. L. Bakkens were in Buffalo Center Sunday at Oscar EHirigson's. Mrs. O:car Ellingson was . a cousin of Mrs Skaugstad and Mr. Walter and Mr. Bakken, and died last week € I104TH CONSECUTIVE DIVIDED MUTUAL, INC. Thia regular quarterly dividend of llf&f per share'de- rived from investment income, plus a distribution ,6f lit fjer share dividend representing income' from realized security profits it payable on September 30, to , , shareholders of record as at September 29, 1966. Robert S. Ersted, Secretary-Trttiuftf BILL STUDER 19S-270S 700 E. McGftfai Algona, Iowa Bowling Monday Night League No. W 1 Betts whipped in front of tfte receiver, speared the ball at midfield and threade4 his downfield to near the 20 when he broke into the clear and raced over for Algona's only down. Reidinger gave a effort to push over the pipint led 7-0. L Tall Paul's 18 2 Zender's 16 4 Hamm's 13 7 Old Style 12 8 Reiling's Hog Mkt. 10 10 Lindsays 9 U Gambles 9 U Weidenhoff 9 1.1 K of C — 8 12 Algona Lanes 8 12 State Farm 4 16 la. State Bank 4 16 High Team Series: Tall Paul's, 2847. High Series: Ken Meyer, 571. High Game: Charles Nygaard, 207. Tuesday Night No. 1 W L Buscher Bros. 15Va 4% Utt Electric 14 6 Universal No, 1 14 6 Reding's Gravel 12 8 Lindhorst Deputies —11 9 Whittemore Lockers _ 9Va 10% Northwestern Mutual 9 11 Universal No. 2 7 13 1st Lutheran 5 15 Dunn's Sure Save __ 3 17 High Team Series: Northwestern Mutual, 2956. High Series: Ed Wittkopf, 581. High Game: Frank King, 233. Tuesday Night No. 2 W L Defcalb 20 0 Pine Room 17 3 filbert's Mileage 11 9 Klein's Farm Sup. 11 9 Larry's Recreation 11 9 Weidenhoff 9 ll Lotts Creek Store & Cheese --- 9 Federal N. la. Grain — 6 Blossom's Ins. 2 -High Team Series: Lindsay, 2357. High Series: Joyce Dailey, 485. High Game: Edith Lowman, 184. Thursday Night Men's Classic W . L Hamm's No. 2 _ 8 4 Bjusitrom Furn. 8 4 Gene's Electronics 7 5 Hamm's No. 1 _• 7 5 Algona Lanes 4 8 Seeley's Realty Co. : 2 10 High Team Series: Hamm's No. 1, 2653. High Series: Hank Geilenfeld, 603. High Game: Chuck Davis, 226 Friday Mixed Doubles W L Pittman Finance 19 1 Pepsi-Cola 13 Zender's 12 8 Standard Oil _ 12 8 Ken's Auto 8 8 Moorman's Feed 7 9 FEMIC 5 m High Team Series:'Pittman Fi nance, 2292. High Series: Women, LaVonne Pittman, 523; Men, Clay Pittman, 555. High Game: Women, LaVonne Pittman, 190; Men, James Sehultz 201. Saturday Night Mixed Dbl. No. 1 W L Viking, Oil —15 1 Druggist Mutual 12 3 Taylor Motor 8 4 Algona Barbers 7 9 Borden's Dairy 5 11 North la. Appliance — 6 6 Fenton Elevator 2 14 Sid's Cafe 1 15 High Team Series: North la. Appliance, 2324. High Series: Women, Jean Reynolds, 476; Men, John Lucy, 645. High Game: Women, Maybelle Geilenfeld, 176; Men, John Lucy, 242. League No. 2 W L Algona Plumbing & Heating 15 1 Algona Lanes 13 3 Consolidated Co-op Creamery 11 5 Ron & Jack's — 8 8 Fuller Brush 7 9 Mulligan Ins. 5 11 Thompson's Camper & Sales — 4 12 Bomgaar's Ben Franklin 1 15 High Team Series: Consolidated Co-op Creamery, 1784. High Series: Women, Kay Alderson, 440; Men, Paul Bernard, 588. High Game: Kay Alderson, 174; Men, Paul Bernard, 214. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY N THE MATTER F THE ESTATE OF IVAN LONG, Deceased. Probate No. 9019 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS •Q ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF IVAN LONG, Deceased: You are hereby notified that on the 4th day of October, 1966, the last will- and estament of Ivan Long deceased bearing date of the 7th day of July, 1964, was admitted to probate in the above, named court and that Jessie. Long and Howard .ong was appointed executor of said es state. Notice is further given that any action •o set aside said will must be brought in the district court of said county within one year from the date of the seconc publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred. • Notice is further given that all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the under signed, and creditors having claim against said estate shall file them witl the clerk of the above named distric court, as provided by law, duly authen ticated, for allowance; and unless s< filed within =ix months from the secon publication of this notice (unless other wise allowed or paid) such claim sha thereaftei be forever barred. *', Dated this 4th day of October, 1966'. Jessie Long Howard Long Executor of said Estate Algona, Iowa Address Shumway, Kelly & -Fristedt Algona, Iowa Dote of second publication 17 day of October, 1966. Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, Oct. 10 and 17, 1966. ' To settle the estate of the late Reuben Olson, we will hold a public auction ?n the farm cated 4 miles north and 1 % miles east of Bancroft or from Swea City f east to 169 and 9junc- tion, then 2 miles south on 169 and ! 3 /4 miles east oh- FRIDAY, OCTOBER •JA.M. If you are looking for the finest in grain storage or drying tanks • • • see TAYLOR IMPLEMENT Phone 5-2467 Algona r« fetter MKftr BEHLEN MANUFACTURING COMPACT Fire Prevention Week MACHINERY 3-TRACTORS-3 1952 John Deere Model 50 tractor, all overhauled 1 yr. ago, new paint and real clean. 1950 John Deere Model A tractor, all overhauled 1 yr. ago, good tires, good paint, real sharp. Old John Deere A - good tires. JOHN DEERE MACHINERY John Deere model 400 4-row cultivator. John Deere 490 corn planter John Deere 3 bottom 14-in.'plow, model 55ABH. John Deere 6 ft. combine with motor. John Deere 40 ft. wide type grain elevator. John Deere 7 ft. power mower. John Deere 20 ft. drag. John Deere 15 ft. model SH disc with 16 in. blades. John Deere 15 ft. disc. 3 John Deere No. 953 farm trailers with the best of tires on all three. Chevrolet actual mile Night Women HUMBOLDT GOT its only first " W half drive going on the first play Bast Pnd 13 of the second quarter and went Directory Service 12 51 yards for the touchdown in Cook's Welders 11 11 plays, helped imnwasurfbjy flprew^y 10 by a 20-yard pass on third and Women of the Moose __ 9 13 from the Algona 41. Fullback Algon* Auto Repair __ 9 B^smussen bujled. over wifij 7:20 Ctao4 §*nai*i$ip § left in the half snd Kiihlragn I Charlie's Slipper Clijb - 6 11 14 16 14 High Team -Series: filbert's Mileage, 2922. High Series: John King, 597. High, G^me: Hiarvey Godden, L 3 4 5 6 7 7 10 W Lu Verne Fern Bigings The Duren Watts, LuVerne, have their first child a 6 Ib. lOVa oz. son, born Oct. 3, at the hospital at Britt. Mrs. Watts is the former Roxie Pe Nio. This baby is the first grandchild for the BuTtis De Nios and first great grandchild of the maternal grandparents the dif Holmeses, LuVerne. Paternal grandparents are the Ralph Watts, Clarion, and great giandmiother, Mrs. Luick, also of Clarion. The Eli Bagfers have returned from Granby, Colo., after a visit with tnesir • §OA the EJnw Ba- gers. Wouldn't this be a good time to review your home insurance protection? Maytn you've added on to yourtMUte. Or purchased new furnishings. Well then.. .take stock of things. And set to itthat you're fully covered. Call'ma now for the full story about State Farm's safe-sensible home insur- <mce. (Comprehensive protection that can provide coverage in casa of lawsuits.) it's another good gealffCtni §t9te Farm, J. D. (Jim) ST. JQHH 112 N. Thorington 295-5556 •P-6529 ^ , $TATE FARM FIRE AND CASUALTY COMPANY |LQQMIN$T94lj U.LINOI5 OTHER MACHINERY New Idea late model side delivery rake. New Idea 6A corn picker. New Idea model 17 manure spreader. New Holland Super 66 baler w/P.T.Q., has a new plunger. M.M. 8 ft. windrower. Good manure loader and snow bucket. New Idea stalk cutter. 10 ft. field tiller. r 2 bottom 14-in. plow. 2 bottom 16-in. plow. Pull type sprayer with aluminum tank. Fertilizer spreader in good condition. 2 steel flare boxes, one with 2-in. wood floor. 18ft. flatbed. Drive-on wagon hoist. Koyker corn saver. MISCELLANEOUS 300 gallon gas barrel and steel stand. 2-Johnson gas tank heaters. Portable air compressor, like new. 3 H.P. electric motor. Garden tractor with equipment. 6-Cartons of El Toro baler twine. Superfence electric fencer, never been used. 1 H.P. electric motor. !/2 H.P. electric motor. 1/2 in, electric drill. Large bench vise. Large anvil* 2-100 ft. electric cords, water hose. New picnic table and lawn bench combination. Some good tools, but not too many, so be here at 9:30 sharp. BUILDINGS ETC. 12 x 18 ft. brooder house, 4 pen hog home with 2-in, floor and wood shingles, 70 bu. calf creep feeder, 2 Hoy bunk*. 3 Feed bunks. AUCTIONEERS NOTE; Reuben took the best of care of hi* equipment and you will find this to be a real clean sale, TERMS; Cash, or make arrangements with clerk before tale, No property to be removed un* til fettled for, Not responsible for accidents should any occur, Reuben Olson, Estate i Alice and Agnes Olson, Executors Auctioneers: Quinn & Clerk Cltrk; Formtri & Traders Savings Bank, Bancroft

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