The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1966 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1966
Page 6
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*-Algoftfi (la.) Upper D« Molnn Thursday, April 21, 1964 ^^^^ ^"^^ ^^•^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^•^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^•••^^^^^^^^^••s^ FROM THE ATTIC... ... TO THE VAULT (ftur Htbby - AN Ytwr Neighbor's) ly Dick Palmtr 1 received a letter notn a reader relative to my comments In defense of the government ruling that the proposed $20 gold piece of Canada would not be admitted to the United States. The letter pointed out that the dollars spent for the numerous overpriced proof sets put out by an assortment of countries and groups could also be exchanged by foreign governments for gold so why not eliminate them too or else allow the Canadian gold to enter: This writer has on several occasions urged collectors to boycott foreign sets that are priced excessively over face. Evidence is mounting that the U. S. market is certainly not expanding for them as many are now selling for less than the original issue price. Gold, however, presents a different situation. The demand will be higher and the willingness to pay a substantial premium over face will be stronger. If the sale of the Canadian $20 were a success in the United States - and it would be - then other countries would follow suit including those who now cannot do so simply because they haven't the available gold. True, they could use their dollar reserves to obtain it at the official price but these dollars are needed for our goods and, in some cases, now serve as indirect gold reserves for the nations concerned. Allowing the $20 coin to enter would open the flood gate because our reserves would then furnish the raw material necessary to mint the coin all of which would make for a very profitable form of raiding. The government bluntly stated that the "coin" was being minted in the hope of sales to the United States. Certainly it Is not Intended as a circulating media in Canada. If we are to have gold, then let us 'Use our own in our own country and let our government receive the premium. I don't wish to appear to be a perpetual critic of Numismatic News, but this publication is not at all adverse to tooting its own horn so public comment is quite in order. The first issue in April contained the special section of Spring Trends with some editorial matter on the care, etc. of evaluation. I have not checked in detail the sections on United States and Canada but did turn my attention to the sections on proof and world crowns. - o We would normally expect such a seasonal survey to be undated both on content and price. Certainly new coins should be added as minted. This is not a serious omission though one wonders why the 1965 France 10 franc and the Churchill crown are not Included. The general pricing, however,: shows a notable lack of editing. Indeed, one wonders if the editors of the paper and the distinguished board of dealers ever read the paper or look at their own price lists. The Maldive Island proof set which was re struck still has a $200 price tag though an ad in the very same paper prices at $35 which is the new re strike price. No note is made of the restrlke, incidentally, and this was done sometime ago. The 1000 yen Japanese Olympic crown Is listed at the early speculative price of $11.75 with current retail seldom running over $6.50. The 1947 MacArthur peso is listed at $9.00 but the set of two coins regularly runs from $5.50 to $6.00. The board somehow has managed to ignore completely the market crash on the Columbia 1956 peso. With a trend of $40 we come to the retail reality of around $24 and it can be bought for less. The very attractive 1964 10 kr. of Norway hasn't trended at $4.50 for a year, Well, we could go on and on. The trend survey isn't necessary when you have price lists but the purpose is to have a ready reference and a standard basis for trading. The editions will duly reflect market changes, I submit that neither Implication is correct which makes the entire section misleading and rather pointless. To toot the horn Js the face of such gross errors In inexcusable. Some letters to the editor on this point might give us in the future what we pay for. This is the same publication, incidenUy, which says that it isn't desirable to publish every week because there isn't time for adequate research or study in depth. In view of what was done in the three month trend interval, I guess there wouldn't be. - o And then there is that dealer who advertised the Maldive Island set at $35 with the statement "only 250 Issued" which was true of the originals but not of the restrikes which is why the price is $35. Oh, dear. This has been a bad week. Honor 5 With Seneca Church Certificates SENECA - Bethel Bible study teachers were honored at a fellowship hour following the final lesson on the Old Testament study Monday evening of last week at the church parlors. Henry Looft, president of Blakjer Congregation, presented certificates of graduation to Kennet Halverson, Ardith Halverson, Gaylord Olsen and Melvin Bratrud. Mrs. Helen Wilberg had been presented with a certificate by former Pastor Stanley Hansen when he visited the Bethel class. Certificates represented completion of a two year teacher training course and qualification as an Instructor in the course. Members of the congregation taking part in the study lessons under the leadership of Kenneth Halverson, Gaylord Olsen and Helen Wilberg included Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Bratrud, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Her gum. Mrs. Edna Johannesen, Mr. and Mrs. John Johannesen, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jensen and Jill, Mr. and Mrs.^ Elmer Krause and Cheryl, Mr*, and Mrs. Henry Looft, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Oftedahl, Mrs. Esther Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilberg, Martin Wllberg and Otto Wilberg. - o - Mr. and Mrs. John Johannesen are the grandparents of a granddaughter, Mary Jennifer, born Monday April 11, to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Johannesen of rural Swea City. The baby weighed 8 Ibs., 8 oz. Mr. and Mrs. R. E, Clisby of Fairmont are maternal granuparents. Mr. and Mrs. Gall Kauffman and children of Cedar Rapids and Mr. and Kirs. Roger Osborn and family of Carroll, were Easter weekend guests at the Russel Kauffmans and the Clarence Osborns. Shirley Sullivan, a student at Briar Ciiff CtJege, Sioux City, spent the Easter holiday s with her parents, the Francis Sullivans. Sentral Comnvntty Schools Future Teachers of America group met Monday April 4. The program include^ a talk, "A Young Man's View of the Teaching Profession." given by Jill Jensen. Reports on the state FTA Convention were given by Randa Hansen and Phyllis Cherland. Mary Lou Larsen reported on 1964's Teacher of the Year. On Monday May 2, at 7;30 p. m., the Sentral FTA will host a tea for all students who are Interested in becoming teachers and wish to Join the FTA. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bollig had their baby son, Daniel Eugene, baptized, at St. John's Catholic church at Bancroft, Sunday morn- Ing. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bollig were sponsors. Dinner guests at the Bollig home were the sponsors, the Kenneth Bolllgs and their family, also the baby's paternal grandmother, Mrs. Clara Bollig of Bancroft. Afternoon guests Included Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kollasch and family of Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bernhard are parents of their first daughter, an 8 Ib. 3 oz. baby girl born Monday morning, April 18 at Holy Family hospital at . Esthervllle. The little glri will have three brothers awaiting her arrival at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bernhard of Bancroft are the paternal grandparents. Wishing For A Buyer Won't Make Th»t Sale! Former Burt Girl Crowned Area Queen BURT - A former Burt girl, Patricia Ann Tostenrud, 19, of Royal, reigned Sunday as "Miss Esthervllle." Miss Tostenrud, freshman at Esthervllle J. C. and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Tostenrud, Royal, was crowned during activities Saturday night. She was one of seven candidates seeking the honor. She will now represent the area at the Miss Iowa contest to be held in Davenport in July. TheTosten- ruds are former Burt residents. Mr. Tostenrud was a garage mechanic and the family left Burt when he purchased his own business in Royal. - o - READING PROGRAM Supt. Bruce Cranston and elementary faculty members of the Burt school attended an all-day "In Service Reading" program Saturday at Herbert Hoover Jr. high school In Sioux City. The all-day meeting was sponsored by the S. R. A. (Science Research Association). Attending from Burt with Mr. Cranston were Ellen Storck, remedial language instructor, Mrs. Sybil Dangeleer, Mrs. Alice Anderson, Mrs. Marlene Stenzel, Mrs. Esther Hilton, Mrs. Myrle Dutton, Mrs. Naomi Thompson and Mrs. Janice Troutman. - o Mrs. Deanna Campbell, Keota, has signed a contract to teach home economics at the Burt Community school for the next year. Mrs. Campbell, who comes highly recommended, will replace Mrs. Larry Sowers, who has accepted a position in the Algona school system. Rev. and Mrs. Henry Wesen• berg and children, Shelbyvllle, Mo., spent from Tuesday through Friday with her parents, brothers and sisters, the Rev. Wm. Scheers. Mrs. Wallace Hawcott and Mrs. Kenneth Sarchet went to Detroit, Mich. Thursday, returning to Burt Sunday. They were accompanied back to Burt by Mrs. Hawcott's mother, Mrs. Rhoena Behse who will spend the summer with the Hawcotts. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Miller and family, Titonka, spent Sunday afternoon at the parental J. L. M^illerjiome. Iji MT-, and'Mrs. Willie Schaeller,.: Rlngsted, spent Sunday with their son and family, the Delbert Schaellers. Art Bierstedts, Lakota, called at the Ella Meyer home on Monday. Mrs. Blerstedt and Mrs. Meyer are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Art Hanson, New Hartford, spent the weekend with her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Doege. They were joined Sunday by Mrs. Walter Adam's, Mrs. Orie Shlpler and children, Algona, and Wilbur Doege. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Steward spent Friday evening at the home of their daughter and family, the Ray Millers, Estherville. They were accompanied home by Darrell, who spent the weekend with his grandparents. The Algona circuit Lutheran Sunday School teachers Institute was held at the West Bend Lutheran church Sunday. Attending from Burt were Pastor William Scheer and Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meyer, Mrs. Ella Meyer, Mrs. Arlene Behnkendorf, Mrs. Russell Parsons, Mrs. Rudy Willrett, Mrs. Bob Hanna and Mrs. June Bierstedt. Lively Rockets At Lone Rock Study Sewing LONE ROCK - Lone Rock Lively Rockets met at the home of Kathy Blnzen. Patricia Lynch gave a talk on selection of shoes and JoAnn Bernhard gave a talk on good and bad blouse materials. Demonstrations were given by Susan Lynch on care of shoes and JoAnn Binzen on selecting your proper pattern. The leader, Mrs. Binzen, gave a presentation of determining your pattern size. The hostess showed "What's in my Closet." - o Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Blanchard and Jonathan went to Woodward Sunday and visited their daughter, Patricia. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Meyer, Algona, visited the A. A. Kruegers Sunday evening. Mrs. Audrey Farar, Chicago, came Saturday and is visiting at the home of her daughter and family, Mrs. Rodney Priebe, Mrs. Rodney Priebe had a surprise birthday party for Patsy Priebe last week. Guests were Mrs.-Farar, Mrs. Jim Marlow, Mrs. Merwin Marlow, Mrs. Bob Marlow, Mrs. Bernard Miller, Mrs. Kenneth Schmidt, Mrs. Fritz Newbrough and Mrs. Yer- dabelle Pruit. Gary Rath spent the weekend at Boone at the Raccoon River Bible Camp Rally. there will be a church Family Night with pot luck supper at 6:30 p. m. April 24. Emily Netritt, Algona, will show slides and tell of Christian work among the Blackfeet Indians in Montana. Gary Rath was elected president of the Sentral School Future Teachers of America to serve during the coming school year. Other officers of this area are Mike Jackson, treasurer, and Kathy Schadendorf, historian and reporter. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Larson and Becky and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Broesder were guests of Mrs. Effle Teeter Easter. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson, Burt, Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson and son John, Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arend, Algona. Mrs. LuGodden left Sat. for her home in Lampoc, Calif, after spending 7 months here with her sister, Mrs. P. M. Christenson, and other relatives. ill Honor St. Joe Couple Wed 25 Years ST. JOE - Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kohlhaas of St. Joseph's parish here will observe their 25th wedding anniversary May 1. An open house at thejr farm home from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 sponsored by their children will be held. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. No Invitations have been sent and no gifts are requested. Mr. and Mrs. Kohlhaas were married April 29, 1941 in St. Joseph's Catholic church with Msgr. George J. Theobald, now of Spirit Lake, officiating. Both have resided here all their lives. Mrs. Kohlhaas is the former Amanda Thul, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Thul, and Mr. Kohlhaas, son of Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Kohlhaas. Mr. and Mrs. Kohlhaas have two daughters and three sons, Doris Ann (Mrs. Dean Dodds), Algona; Marian, Howard, Marvin and Allan, all at home. They also have two grandchildren, Debbie and Murl Dodds. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stess- man of Earllng and sons, Rev.; Gerald Stessman, St. Anthony: ,.parjsh, .Des Moines, Gaifr Stessman, Conception Mo., and* Veronica Stessman of Earllng.' were Thursday and Friday visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Bormann and sons. Mrs. Bormann is a sister of Leonard and Veronica Stess- man. Mr. and Mrs. Art Zeimet and family moved from St. Joe to the house on the Kayser farm, north of St. Joe Saturday. Art, former custodian of St. Joseph's parish, is employed by Becker Construction Co. f ERI HERBST, 9 Teri, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Herbst, celebrated her rdnth birthday Saturday and was given a'swimming party at the Ft.Dodge Y. w. c. A. at Ft. Dodge, accompanied by her mother and sister, Lori. Guests were Therese Gettman, Cindy Sheakley, Debbie Levy, Jeri Rae Anderson, Dana Rock, Karin Erickson and Janet Smith. After the swimming, they went to Tre- loars for lunch. - o - BRIDGE CLUBS Mrs. Loren Johnson entertains her bridge club April 21, Mrs. Twilla Bartholomew entertained her bridge club April 20. - o - CLUBS MET Mrs. Don Armstrong entertained her bridge club Monday evening. Mrs. Arthur Krause entertained her sewing club Tuesday. Mrs, Hal Long was hostess to her bridge club Tuesday evening. - o - FAREWELL HELD Breakfast club met Tuesday with Mrs. Fern Foster. It was a farewell observance for Mrs, Nell McCall who will soon be leaving for Omaha to make her home in an apartment built onto the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James Griffith. - o - BIRTHDAY CLUB Rebekah birthday club met Monday evening for a pot-luck supper at Mrs. Bertha Spear's, - o- SEWING CLUB Mrs. Dick Norton entertained her sewing club Monday evening. - o- M-D BANQUET The Mother - Daughter banquet of the Congregational church will be held Tuesday, April 25.. The men of the church are doing the serving and Ted Herbst is chairman. - o- LAD CHRISTENED The christening of Theodore William, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bradley Jr., took place April 17 in St. Cecelia Catholic church. Sponsors were Victoria Bradley and Mark Seeley. The Bradleys have two other small sons, John Joe and Timothy Luke. fi)LE"HOUR CLUB Idle Hoar bridge club met Wednesday with Mrs, Albert Granzov. Guests were Mrs. Kay Edwards, sister of Mrs. Delia McCullcragh of Colorado Springs, Colo., Mrs. Grace Johnson and Mrs. Trella Patterson. Mrs. Edwards Is spending a few weeks at the MeCulloughs. HOMEMAKERS MET Mrs, Gilbert Hargreaves entertained the Irvington Home' makers club Wednesday afternoon. DAVE) JOHN Norland is ft* newest member of the Wm, J. Norland, Jr., family. Born April IS at the Hancock Mem* oriAI hospital,' Britt. Weight was S Ibs., 3 oz. David hit one brother, Kim, age 3 and one sister, Dawn, IS months. Mrs. Norland is the former Margaret Wllley. David John is the 7th grandchild for Mr. and Mrs. "Kink" Chester A, Willey. TRUCKLOAD SALE! WASHINGTON APPLES - Fancy Delicious Bu. Box 150 Count For $5.00 ORANGES - Tree Ripe - 72 Count, 88 Count, 163 Count — 138 Count Per Crate $5.00 HEADQUARTERS FOR POTATOES SEED OR TABLE ANY AMOUNT. ONIONS 3 Ibs. bag 25e SMALL ORANGES 3 doz. $1.00 GRAPEFRUIT - Tree Ripe 56 Count $5.00 10 for 69c APPLES - Delicious whole dozen 49e SWEET POTATOES Ib. lOe OPEN EVERY DAY TONY'S FRUITLAND MARKET JCT. HWY. 169 I 16 - ALGONA IN STOCK COMPLETE SELECTION OF GARDEN SEEDS AND FLOWER SEEDS COAST to COAST STORE BO WOLF, OWNER ALGONA NOTICE To Dog Owners - Bicyelo Owners Saturday, May 23, Algeria's annual Pet Parade and Bicycle Parade. Dog Licenses, Rabies inoculations and Bicycle Licenses will be available at the City Hall and County Dog Licenses at the Courthouse. All dogs are ordered confined or on leash from Midnight, Saturday, April 23, to Midnight, Saturday, April 30. This will give the Police Department a chance to pick up all strays and homeless dogs. This date, April 30, 1966, Saturday, will be the deadline for County Dog Licenses. WM. J. FINN Mayor by direction of City Council Algona STRONG CHURCHES.. Make Strong Communities "And they lifted up their voices, and said, Jesus, Master, have mercy on us." — John 17:13 The quality of mercy is shown clearly through the life of Christ upon earth. And yet some of us do not clearly understand the meaning of the word. We think of mercy, perhaps, as something to be received from the hands of a master, a king, or a victor in battle. We do not realize that we, too, can evidence the quality of mercy in our daily fives. Look to your dictionary. Rate yourself on such things' as forebearance; compassion; willingness to forgive and be kind; leniency. Mercy is something you may extend to others as you expect it for yourself. These Special Weekly Church Messages brought to you by the following PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: HUTZELL CITGO SERVICE Floyd Hutzell, Service Station Roy R. Hutzell, Bulk Plant - 295-2362 ESSER DRY CLEANERS FREE Pick-up and Delivery Phone 295-2827 — Algona, Iowa ZENDER'S Clothing for Men and Boyi POST MOVING and STORAGE Local & long Distance Phont 295-2275 - Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO. Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Mgr. METRONICS, INC 0. I. Harmei "Super Speed" Tpplf FARMERS SERVICE CENTER, Inc. Merlon Ross, Mgr. COLONIAL MOTEL Junction 18 & 169 ERNIE WILLIAMS John Deere Farm Equipment Highway 18 East - Tel. 295-3561 ALGONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver — Massey-Ferguson GMC Trucks - Firestone Tirei - Algona KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS. ASSN. Your Friend - Before and After the Firt ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Your Friendly IH Dealer - 295-3501 IH Tractors - Trucks - Farm Equipment KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY S3 F f c ds ~c We B °y E «8» a West State Street, 295-5206 B. WIBBEN, Bldg. Contractor 122$. Heckart St. - Algona, Iowa SHUTS BROWNBILT SHOE STORi The Shoe Store That Takes Corf of Yeyr Ntt" Algong Tel. 295-5371 VAN'S CAFE Junction 18 & 169

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