The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1895
Page 8
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SNOWATILLA i§ Just What You NfMid, Said Only at Studley's Drug Store, ALQQNA.IOWA. _ |g^|j^jH^(iiillBBlllMBHHi^Mi^BBi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Storm Sash! BANCROFT NEWS. Chicago IOWA, JAN. 9, 1894 Ootne, let us reason toffothef: •"take time by the forelock" and -winter, but come and see me an' 41 toes." Can furnish any slue It Is folhg to be fc '*>ard Win 1 don't "frucse to defcth" as you _ WINDOWS a* "prices to suit the F*3, NORTON. Conducted by J ( A* When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices. I aim to keep the best, such as Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & Milligan's Paints, Etc. JT. IV. Robinson. Coitv Don't Pay tie NEWS POINTERS, The Infant child of Mf. and Mrs. feobt, Foulston, of Seneca, died last Monday morning at lo o'clock. The parents have the sympathy of all. Miss Julia If eller, of Seneca, was thrown from a horse last Saturday and received severe scalp Injuries, but under the skilful Weetaef AtUehhaveof late bought ft gfeftt deal of land and ihdeedSoineof theto werfcbafg&ifts. They believe that Ros- suth has & future in store lot her. The side tfack was almost entirely destroyed caused by the burning of theelev&- tors and some of the rails were befit almost six feet in the air. No more hews this week, the town is dead as a herring unless 1 make u{> & lot of lies. •*)ur Abstract Books are complete up to date, and reliable. They represent an outlay of thousands of doYlars and were prepared by an^rperienced abstractor. Our patrons may therolore feel certain of getting reliable abstracts. OuTwork Is guaranteed and we furnish abstracts as cheap as irresponsible &nd incompetent persons who have no books, though, the county uoesnoi pay us a salary, clerk hire, office tent or even furnish us stationery. S-ARMB AND WILD LAND FOR SALE MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOB FARM LOANS, And furnished immediately upon application.- HAY & RICE Opera House Block. C. L. LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. LTJIST 3D <5c (Successors to 0. L. LUND.) J. J. RYAN. leal Estate Dealers, Algona, Iowa, We wish to announce to the readers of the RHPtrBMOAN that we hare extraordinary laclll- Invite everybody "ChM for the selling of larms and un'roproved lands In Northern Iowa, and we Invite everyh wbo wishes to dispose of their property, to call on us at our office in Algona correspond. As soon as spring openi we have a large nurabbr of customers from the eastern states who are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable prices. We belley-s In fair Sealing and 11 you want to sell your property tor what it is worth, don't waste any time In listing -with us. v --"——*•• " •"' "Yours respectfully. LUND & RYAN. treatment of Dr, Walters is getting much better at present. School opened again last Monday after the holiday vacation. The new flag catae last Monday and is proudly waving from the school house. See J. A. Freeh about insurance. C. H. Wunnwlll go to Dickinson Co.,Ia,, next week, to visit his brother there fora week or so. Will Burns was up from Burt last Sunday. He says he likes It down there. Volume 1, No. i, of Ellis' new paper at Swea City Is to appear this week, Farm loans way down. J. A. Freeh. The dedication services at the hew Presbyterian church last Sunday morning at Seneca was a success. The ministers present were Rev. Bailey, of Cedar Kaptds, Rev. Everts, of Germanla, Rev. Randall, of Armstrong, and Williams, of this place. They tried to raise $200, and raised nearly the amount-and the balance will be raised and the church will bo out of debt by March 1st, 1895. S. Stenson Is reported as getting along nicely at Chicago after the operation on his ear. His many friends will be glad to hear this. G. H. Lamson and Mr. Adams and their families, of Algoua, were the guests of A. J. Berry man and family over Sunday last. Brother Lamson is always welcome in Bancroft. Report has it that we are to have another railroad and that Bancroft ils to be the end of the division. Good enough. Let her come. Boylous is getting foxy. Better not let success intoxicate your candidacy for Governor,for the boys might repeat the dose. John Bnrt and a Mr. Ditsworth had a law suit about the rent of a pasture before Squire Austin last Saturday. Thompson PLUM CREEK, dfittfiK, Jah, ?<—R. M. Gardner, with his bus* saw, was over sawing Wood for Geo. Holman today, At that business he is a clipper, T hey sawed 16 or 18 large loads in one day and got back home ere sundown, F, Hugh and Fred Miller are patronizing the Burt creamery. Hugh thinks he can realize 130 a month from his cows. Ing Elmer Matthews is hauliug Capt. ham's wood. ' Charley Albright wandered up through here Sunday, bowing politely to his friends. Emil Leek has taken a job Of carting wood for Fred Miller. Emil will ;om* mence soon. We have had a grand good time to pick up wood, and about every oue is at It through the cyclone district. Everybody should attend Platt's sale. It will be Friday, the llth, this week. Say, did you ever hear Bpyl? Come to his singing school; he is a professional without doubt. Not quite enough snow for slelghriding, but we must use what there is of it. E. H. Slagle was up this way one day last week hunting Bunny with several of his friends. Didn't hear the size of the bag. What's the matter with having a farmers' debating society and calling on every fellow to tell his experience. Each could learn from all. !A?fi f5tJ SEES At tfiffiball Co.'s western wholesale waft tootos can be seen the largest ahd toost complete stock of fetation and of* gam 6tet bt«jtiffhl 16 ATg8f«M iUSftU will cotivifice ton of this at 6fi<*& There ouf Mr. John Ewlhg will be pleased to wait on all callers and you are Wdletit^g whether foil buy of hot. Bright hew stock, lieht clean ware rooms, and four or five different tMkea of instruments to select from. See the t>tefi<> that took highest hotiots at the world's fair, tbe KIMBAIL PtAKo. A large stock of theft on exhibition atid for sale-prices reasonable aad terms easy. Re* member, three diplomas, the verdict of the judges, the Verdict of experts, and no other manufacturer of pianos and organs received as high honors as W. W. Kimball Co., Chicago', and ydu will find on display at Algona one of the handsome pianos which was efthih* ited in See, 1, in the piano exhibit at the world's fair. This is the finest in* strument ever brought to Algona and well worth the time of mtiate lovers to examine, tt is pr6nounced by the judges to be perfect in every part, Don't miss seeing it. W\ W, KIMBAM, Co,, JOHN EWING, ' Algona, Iowa. Local Manager, Tree doors west of State Bank. > ofi BedgS Street* &flQ. 0. ft Illi IMAM Atft) ABSMAGfl fa . tl old. •< btAftSA, CLARJtE ALGONA t3BA8, AT MONEY. I have unlimited money long or short time. to loan on B. W. HAOOAHD. sm B CLOUD, (Successor to W. B. QUarton) Attorney and Ooitaselor at Law, - ALQONA, IOWA, Office over Kossuth County State Bank, SULLIVAN <fe ATTORNEYS Postnffloe Blocit. AT-LAW, AldOKA, DANSON & BUTLER. : ,j: LAW* LOAX8AND LANS,. '', '\J Collections fc Specialty, , „' ' Office in Gardner Oowies new bulldlnf. For tbe next six days or until further notice I will sell at way down prices as this is the time of year I make ray clearing sale.—J. R. LAIRD. Against Fire or Tornadoes ? Is your family protected, , in case of death, by a life policy in a solid company? If not, X A. FRECH,. Of the BANCROFT INSURANCE AGENCY; submits -the following companies for your consideration. This is the strongest line of companies in any agencyin Kossuth county and does the largest business All city policies are issued in Bancroft and can be had on short notice. We can do a more careful business because we devote our time to it. Creamery and threshing machine insurance a specialty. FIRE AND TORNADO CO.S Hanover of New York. s'Fire Association of Philadelphia. 'SJorth western National of Milwaukee. JELoekford of Rockford, • • .' State of Des Moines. •Capital of Des Moines. Merchants and Bankers of Des Moines Anchor of Creston. Dubuque Fire and Marine of Dubuque. LIFE COMPANIES. Equitable of New York. Mutual Life of New-York. . The totalassettfg ; .of,the,above companies is $366,678,181.08,. according tp the Auditor's report of Jan. 1,1894 .H. M. Richmond, : Smith, VlcePras. A. B. Kiuhmond, Gabbler. 0, J, Lenander,. : ' • Ass't, Gash. Farmers'It Traders'Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA, •t, Incorporated under theJlaws of the State of Iowa, None but home capital, inverted. Authorized capital, S860.000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, a.nd -a general banking 'business transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamship '^IxfBEtiTOHS-lT, MH^Schmona, N. E! Sheridan, A, B. Blchraena, B. F. Binlth. Samuel •:*I»yn«, C, E, Mallory, J. N. Sbendan. appeared for plaintiff and Barslou for defendant and the verdict was for the latter. Quite a number of Bancroft young.,people attended a birthday surprise party .at Jay Gf over's in Portland township (last Saturday evening, it being the occasion-of Will Grover's twenty-first*birthday^. Among the many gifts ho received was. a quarter section of. land from his father. Those present report an elegant time and a.splendid supper. •• •-•.?,>•.••.• Leave your laundry at J. A. Frech'.s. office before Wednesday noon and get it back the same week. Fire may come any time of year and: Insurance Policies can be had in reliable compa lies at reasonable rates of J. A. Freeh. The Knights of Pythias held their installation last Monday evening. Miss Grace Littlefield will visit in Seneca and Armstrong during the next two weeks. ' • : ' ' Bancroft Lodge, No. 544,1. 0. O. F,, will hold a public installation at their hall tomorrow evening'at 7:30 o'clock. Deputy. Grand-Master Fred Anderson, of Wesley, will-officiate as installing, officer. After the musical and installation program- is over the guests will sit down to a banquet at the Phoenix House, where Landlord Bireher has made extra preparations for a grand supper, and we presume it will\'bp a great event in secret society circles here. Ed. Kinne returned to Dakota last Monday aftei quite an extended visit here. Regular Communication of Progressive Lodge, A. F. snd A. M., tonight. C..E. Maliory, of Buffalo Center, wasin the city the first of the week on business. ; LED YARD,: Only lr $i,000 worth of grain was burned at the elevator, fire and was sold to Minne$p- plis parties. Both companies are gojing to DEDICATION AT SENECA. The dedicatory services of the new Presbyterian Church were conducted by Eev. T. S. Bailey D. D. assisted by Rev. J. W. Everts. After the sermon a general statement was made as to the financial condition of the church, that about $200 was needed to leave the Church without much incumbrance. 8148 of this was pledged at the morning service, and $18 at the evening. If the amount subscribed is paid in and the money we expect from the Board of Church Erections is received, our little church, we believe, will be entirely free from debt. In the evening a church of ten members was organized by the committee appointed by Fort Dodge Presbytery in answer to the petition sent in last October, viz.: Rev. T. S. Bailey, A. A. Randall, and D. Williams, Elders,'and M. Richmond and Wm. Kleist. Mr. John F. White and Mr. John Warner were elected ruling eldfirs— Mr. White was-ordained and installed. A board of five trustees were also elected. Messrs. Robt. Campbell, John Warner, G. C, Frisby, Mrs. iNy: A. Baterson arid Miss Eleeta ; White. The name chosen was, "The Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Chureh, of Seneca, Iowa." The funeral services of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Foulston, of Seneca township were conducted by the Rev. D. Williams at their home on Tuesday, January 8th, and the remains conveyed to the Seneca cemetery for burial. D. W. r>all Opera House; ^"^ M. P. HAGGARD, MN ALQONA, IOWA, SATURDAY, JAN. 19, 1895, "THE METROPOLITANS; Comprising some of the greatest artists on the lyric ' stage, in repertoire of short operas. Operas to be given here: PYGMALION AND GALATIA, and THE ROSE OP AUVERONE. Seats at Dingley's. THE USUAL PRICES. E.V.S WETTING. ATTORNEY AT Money to loan. Algona, iowa. s. s. SESSIONS. ,1 ATTORNEY AT LAW, ~H Leans and insurance. Special attention givefa to collections of all kinds. Office over Uhrlschllles' store. Algona, Iowa.: /'at'tSIIOTA TTB. WELL BORING AND DRILLING. We have machinery of all sizes for boring or drilling wells. Water guaranteed or no pay. Call on or address, GALL1ON BROS.; Bancroft, la. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D.; *$ PHYSICIAN AND SVJtGJSON', 1 '^ Office on State street, Algona, Iowa/ M.J.KENEF10K.M. D. Office over Taylor's store. Ajgona, J. M. PRIDE, M. D. Office over Goeder's Alff&na, . - OJo;mng Store. Idujm M. B, HAG GAUD. Q. F. PEEK. HAGGARD &VPEEK, i Successors to,, / JOHBS &' SMITH, / ' ABSTRACTS,—i-» BEAL ESTATE and OOLLEOTIONB ALQONA, IOWA. r QSEWALL, PAINTER and PAPER-HANGER. Posta} card •orders DR. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER^, Prescriptionsfilled. Deals in paints, oHs,- • books, perfumeries, etc, . .- '-. . Oor. State and Thorlngton pts. Algona, lowa.'^ 1 C. B. PAUL, M/J)., WHITTEMORE - - Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, m., 2 tee Oter Wlchler's Furniture stored f ' ' v , " v " "" ^ . * \ Residence norjh'orj W: *Si T. J. FELLING, M. D. ??H7Sl(/iAN AND, bonauUatlon in English and German. Over Goetch's store, Whlttemoro, Algona, Iowa. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Burt Monitor: Kate Smith can lay Kate Field in the shade. Her conce.-t next Friday evening will bo way ahead of the Kate Field lecture. The Burt Monitor says that/there is some dispute as to whether or not Company F is to have first place atrifle practice. M. J. Walsh cuts a wide swath in the Company when it comes to fine shooting. He is ono'of the best shots they have. CHAS.MoCORMAOK,. Diseases of Children a Speel^lty. — -f Mrs. MeOall's, East o£ 0. et V- W. depot. .' '.ALQONA, - IOWA. j P. L. SLAGLE, Manufacturer of and dealer In Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA; IOWA. Land, Loan, a$d Insurance Agency, . ' ' .' : .'•' .' '• • ' ' t ;"«>*- * *'• • •;•« •»_»JL' • • •.-.•'-,'. "established 1881. A large list of wild lands for sale. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans qn long time and low rates of interest. Offices at Bancroft and Swea City, Iowa. ' R. M, RICHMOND, , QMJL AT THE OFFICE OF CITY LAND AND TOWN LOT 00, rebuild in tbe spring and put upi pu'ildjpgs than before. "V Mrs, Alice Jenks spent Clu'lstmaC New Years with ljer grandmother at -'Sift' ter, Iowa. ':( OUF new Constable J. W. Brown, i* do^ ing good work and flUJng tbe office well, fie;}s just tbe man for that place, A young, lady of Ledyfti'd received m, elegant Christmas present in tho way of ft pair 'of Norwegian wooden shoes, She supposes they were sent from Webster City and we pity the poor fellow Jf 'she ever finds out who he is, Mr, g,nd Mrs. D, G. Bisk spent Christ' mas aVRadcJiffe with the}*- folks. re turned yest-ei'd&y. gjepheos was here Saturday , gels tbtnfeing $«we of we wish be would aa he is a B>a.n CLUB RATES. ' The BBPUBLICAN will this year, as Taeretof ore, save money to its. subscribers by giving' 'them the advantage of the best clubbing rates with outside 'publication's which it is possible to obtain. In the case of a few of the standard family weeklies tbe rates offered we little more than nominal, Where a number of papers are desired, we can give rates tbafe will save the subscriber more than the price of the REPUBLICAN. We can. furnish our subscribers with any publication in the wovld/and rates will be given on application. Following are a few^that are a.ost jn demand, the prices quoted being for the periodicals named and tbe RppUB' LICAN, and payment being always in advance,: MONEY! On Real Estate. HOXIE & BRUNSON W <cDENTIST:x> „* A; L. CRIST, D..D. J Local anaesthetic for deadening pain gums when extracting teeth. 'V state Register ..... N,Y, Tribune,.,,, Dubuaue Tjmes, ( K (I H (t (» H insurance and Farm Loans M. RICHMOND. i' II li (I ioneer Press. ,„,, hicago Times ..... New fqrX World.. New fork ,SHRM.« Homestead'.. ••4.-Orange Judd Par- iner.f .......... «! •• .Harper's Weekly.. Harper's Bazar.... Harper'sMagpjne Cosmopolitan ..... . M'Ores a'A .N, M QlReyJew§ 1.85 J.85 • 3,10 3,35 3.30 3,30 3.30 (CENTRE EDIT10H MER1CRN BGBICDLTORISTJ 4 Original, J^rogressiYP' Ppacticpd. OEY $t,oo VISARD. Aid* TH4i LBADJ^Q VKMWRB that have made this jo«rnal-sopop»lw are to-be »»' TAiNEDthis coming yea^r and many wnw FEATURES ADPED, SUCh as GENBaAL AND l>0" OA|( M^BKBT PBIOBS. OBO? BBPOB5S IN^UBIP SBASOJJ, OOJSDWPBPFABlf NSWB, ftnd JjRT-- TBB8 AUQWQ TPB PABMBBS. Its Farm Features. , E. S. GLASIER.'D. D; 8. Over the Algona SJPBOXAL' ATTENTION THS 'NATUBAi. .TKBTH, The best of modern 'anaesthetics' us to make all' operations as painless sible, i rs *•' E, E. SAYEBS, D. W-Offloe west of the Algonajowa, 411: of STOCK, Y, MAB topics, writt , , GAKPBNIJNSI, and o.ther <" * 8,35 4,75 4.75 4,60 8,85 4lQ9 3,60 3.60 9,50 8 B living." , suppiemtated wit y able artiste pomblne to make ^rro it a»a 8V|R3i' F* m>» ml ^^r^^ ^±. ^^^K. s ^**. «^ ^^M.L *• ent bje us ;to jpport Jng the *er tht e Jatest'pWes pnTpyeryt] ;s to se}}* Tftls ^epartHM.., .,».,^,,...-. .,... smy times the pa§t sf ft y§^r'e subjoriptfon. ft«y Fftrine^ The FamUv Features. WESlBIi l Woy^». Tfcs Goeft S !>,,, " i'^v/: >>i 7tS

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