The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1966
Page 2
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Aprfl AROUND ALGONA BY RUTH SHERK MRS. A. J. EASO5 win an exfcibtt of 4rM* l f n at Bhte Earth, Miae. Ss Grests TIG be Batter* *srf jads? -W be a tdstoriezl talks oi easfcm* sri ir%ss MR. A5D MRS, Peter ivrge&am beesse pjjesls Ssfer- dar *faes a 10 R>., 1 c»t.,, rag IrjjTi il Memorial ksjiisj, Brttt. 71)* oerr&xasr sai Ms n»c£ii%r re- tera&d boaag ]&&&? s^rsiic. Mrs. Jobs MOTET ->i *'«* Seal erf Mrs. GUESTS OF Mr. ^ Mrs. Williaas RawiAT txr% :«*£ ttsir sofi aad fasafl/, Mr. iirf Mrs. Feraley Rasc&*7 if <>is£fta, i^l- MES. FORREST T»o?cr>{ of Los Aagslfts, uto lias fc««a risitiag familr ijyJ frieads f^ere, will leave today rTLttrs.) to retnm to California, She will take a plane from Ft Dcxige to Omaha, where sa« vifl transfer to a plane for toe coast. She has been a guest of her sister, Barbara Haggard. LYWNE AND LESLIE Norton, twin dangbters of Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Norton, returned the Tuesday after Easter after almost two weeks in the west, where they visUsd their sister, Slri, and husband, Mr. and Mrs. John Hartshorn at Fort Defiance, Ariz. The girls traveled to the west and back by plane, their first such trip. They toured the Grand Canyon and visited in Phoenix and Tucson. MRS. ROBERT McCullough entertained her bridge club Thursday evening. Winning first prize was Mrs. Donald Ferris, with Mrs. Allen Buchanan and Mrs. Lelghton Misbach also winning prizes. MRS. KAY EDWARDS of Colo- ,rado Springs, Colo., arrived last rTuesday tor an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Delia McCullough. MR. AND MRS. Fred Dalhoff- of Halbur and Mrs. Wm. Eischeid of Carroll were Sunday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Elscheid. They also spent some time visiting other relatives in the area, with the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Schultz at Bancroft, the Francis Froeh- lichs of Algona and the M. J. Eischeids at Ft. Dodge. MRS. DAN ENGESSER was in attendance at the dinner and reception for Mrs. Roy C. Berrie (the former Betty Barry of Algona), who was presented with the Mother of the Year Award at Dubuque April 16-17. Mrs. Engesser also attended a Gov. Conference for Women on Safety Friday at Cherokee, representing the Safety Steering Committee of Algona. ETHEL LOSS will be hostess Wednesday to members of the Bel Canto music club. Co- hostesses are Mrs. Newton Coughenour and Mrs. George Sefrit. In addition to a business meeting, the chorus will practice for future programs. BARB BARTLETT, who teaches first grade at Storm Lake, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wes Bartlett. DAVID MARTIN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon (Champ) Martin, returned last evening after visiting several colleges and universities. On the Monday after Easter, he visited Iowa State University at Ames. The following Friday and Saturday, his mother took him to Iowa City, where he visited the dental department and the wrestling coach. Last Sunday, he took a plane from Ft. Dodge to Ann Arbor, to be a guest of the coach at Michigan University for three days. Late Tuesday, he was to plane to Madison, Wise., to be a guest of the coach at Wisconsin University. He will participate In toe meet at Spencer Friday. Scholarships have been offered to aim at each of the universities. MRS. RICHARD P. Norton entertained her sewing club Monday evening at her home. There are ten members In the group. MBS. CHARLES LaBarre went home from, St. Ann hospital last Sunday after being there since 5. 9x Is U sp tad sister, Mrs. H. & ? of Vistec, £tB« to b* KTE. LtBur* fcr ts «z- MS. AKD MBS. Harrr Gr»«> ber? sps£ Its! -resfcezrf tt& ter s'JS&ftr, Mr*. D*rVi S- Aarast, MBS MA77EE* STEE7T Ir-'Stess TufesfeT i: tbs Sxiety. G««t -A fee Kri- Kij Ltnrls oi si^er -A Mrs. TSs pr> rrss vii -^nsesist '27 t:d Mrs. Mifd; LT. HZEBEHT BEY ANT, Jssi tard -A t£e fcrs«r Sarrfra Bay, vto U {a £e U. S. Sary pairoi plA^s, bis be*a ii Sell/ tor She past sti motets, K» is %;q*cte<J to retura to tfae SUfes r* rt m-vciJi, at vMci tinre he wfll come to Algooa to vUlt Mr. and Mrs. Melrin Bay and take his family back to Jacksonville, Florida, Us permaaeii station. MR. AND MRS. Ed Gilmore entertained their couples bridge club Saturday evening at tbeir home following dinner at the Country Club. High score was heW by Jim Kolp, with Mrs. Gilmore winning second prize. Mrs. Gilmore entertained her bridge club Wednesday afternoon. Two tables were In play. MRS. JAMES KOLP entertained her sewing club Tuesday afternoon. There are ten members in the group. MRS. TED CHRISCHILLESen- tertained her bridge club Thursday evening, with two tables in play. High score was held by Mrs. Dick Post GUESTS OF Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan Cook this weekend will be her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. McMullin of Brooklyn, la. MR. AND MRS. William Dau, Sr., returned last Thursday after a vacation of about 3 1/2 months at Key West, Florida. MR. AND MRS. Richard Mawdsley and family spent Saturday evening at Buffalo Center where they visited her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dwlght Wlnkelman, who have a new baby. The new little girl has been named Dawn Jylene. A POT-LUCK dinner will be held at the Presbyterian church Sunday following the regular worship service. All members of the congregation are urged to attend. Honored guests will be Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stanton, who are on furlough from missionary service in Pakistan. Slides of their work will be shown in the afternoon. This is the annual medical mission Sunday. SCORES FOR THE Round Robin bridge play of the St. Ann Auxiliary for March are reported by Anita Snere as follows: first, Joan Diamond and Anita Snere, 20,830; second, Sally Gant and Sue Anderson, 18,750; third, Emily McGuire and Hilda Nemmers, 17,200; fourth, Arlene Miller and Helena Whittemore, 16,770. Funds from the Round Robin will go toward a project for St. Ann hospital. Those participating take turns to play In the homes of members. MR. AND MRS. Lloyd Wellden- dorf and Mr. and Mrs. J. D, Burns went to Des Molnes recently where Mr. Burns will remain at the Veterans hospital for treatments and Lloyd had a check up at the hospital. The Wellendorfs and Mrs. Burns returned home, but Mr. Burns will be there for awhile, Last Friday, he was visited by his sister, Mrs. Ralph Callahan and daughter, Mary, Battle Creek, Mich. DR. AND MRS. L. R. Potter returned Monday from a visit at Joplin, Mo, with Mrs. Potter's mother, Mrs. Nina Harris, and Springfield with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Harris. They drove into Arkansas also and at both places the scenery was beautiful" with blooming redbud and dogwood trees. They were gone a week. MR. AND MRS. R. A. Betake have had as recent guests their son and daughteivln^law, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Behnke, Fairmont, With them were their daughters Mary of Rochester, Mian., and Marjorie of Philadelphia. Pa. I Notes Of I (Servicemen ajaialeaaace at fee U. S. Army ATiaiise Scfexd, Fort Backer, Aia., Aprfi 12. Be vffl rearta at Fort Radter for fire week* of adraae*! traiaiag 10 aircraft. USS ELDORADO (AGC-1I) Electrodes Tecbaieiaa TWrd Class Thomas J. Zaagg, USK, SOB of Mrs. Coraelfas E. Ztagg, 322 8. Smith SL, Alfoaa, U a creinnetnber of the amphibious USS Eldorado »Mcb participated La Operation "JacksUy" whfle operating ia the Soott China Sea with fee Serena Fleet. Ope ration Jaekstay involved a Serena Fleet Amphibious Tad: Force aad a battalion size Marine landing force ia the first penetration of me Rang Sat special zoo* and the soofbenunost large- scale employment of U. S. forces IB Viet 5ara. KARLAS WEYDERT ST. JOE - Airman Harlan S. son of Mr. aad Mrs. We/dert has been selected for 11 weeks of Jet Aircraft Technical School at Chasrte Air Force Base at Rastool, Di. Hariaa, 1965 graduate of Garrigan high school, Algcca, recently completed basic trailing at Lacklaoj AFB, San Antonio, Texas. FT. LEONARD WOOD, MO. Army Prt Gerald L. Haag, son of Mr. aoj Mrs. Henry S. Haag, Root? 1, Whittemore, completed a combat engineer coarse under tie Reserve Enlistment program at Fort Leotard Wood, Mo., April 15. Haag -sis trained in the coo* stractioQ and repair of roads, railroads and bridges. He also received instruction in demolitions and mine warfare. The 20- year-old soldier will return to his Arm; National Guard unit at the completion of his sii months toor of active duty. He was graduated from Garrigan high school, Algoua, in 1963. SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - Marine Private Lee F. Froehlich, above, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Froehlich of Route 1, Algona, was graduated from Marine recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot here. He will undergo four weeks of individual combat training and four weeks of basic specialist training in his military occupational field before being assigned to a permanent unit. FT. RUCKER, ALA* - Pvt. Gregory L. Arrowood, son of Mrs. Sally Arrowood, Algona, received a diploma upon completion of a course in aircraft FT. LEONARD WOOD, MO., Army Prt. James B. Haoptman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Haoptman, Bancroft, completed a slJc-day leadership course here April 8. Hauptman was trained to be an assistant platoon sergeant squad leader in his basic training company. To be selected for the course, he met higher- tban-average mental and physical requirements. The 19-year-old soldier, a 1965 graduate of St. John's high school in Bancroft, was employed by the Marlow Body Shop in Bancroft before entering the Army in March, 1966. Sexton Gets Better Class Of Stray Dogs SEXTON - Things are looking up in the dog problem here this year. A better class of mutt is being "lost" in the area. ALGONA EMMETSBURG Sheakleys LONDON FOG the coat for drizzles, rS ^5TV downpours and sunshine treated with Du Pont ZE PEL* to resist rain and stain 37.50 Rain or shine, here is a coat that will see you through. This "Duchess" model is 65% Dacron and 35% cotton for easy care and real water repellency. Meticulously tailored in the classic balmacaan manner. Natural, Navy. Sizes 8-18; 8* 16 fa ea«e arrow is atatag t Urf« tfedt tadtrao* bcnUflf dog, «Udi ap tt (be thoe of tbe btf Ulzxard, tteT ted better be eaUiag tor Ma. Stny dog* lure t htbtt of gc(Ufi| Cbot dor* fag tbe wanaer mx&t vfaeo too tbkk oe C*BS« feet trotter called to tea bet act to come bose, be Seztoo famfli«8 tre taJdog tara« harlflg afl tbe activity aad Qds rak tt «u alt «t tte Elmer Pbfllips borne. Weekend TUttor» »ere Mr. aad ltr«. Uoyd IWllIp* of Albert Lea, Mian., tod arrtrtag Satarday were coudns, Mr. add Mrs. Paal Hrfflip* oi Stewart- Tfile, Mlfio. Stadaj erenlag the Phflilps called at tbe Gifford home at Bart to Tlsft Mrs. KiIUIps' sUter *lw became qafte 01 tbe past TOek aad has beefi ordered on bed rest and cadet TMs vas Dot tbe only bad neurg as tbe Ktflltps also called on Mrs. Hiflllps' an&t, Faaay Albright, at SL Ami bospdtal. Another area resident hospitalized for the past veek was Mrs. Tom EUelsoo who Is ooder care at Mason City for an unusual virus infection which is transmitted by birds. She is hoping to be released tills week In time to celebrate their wedding anniversary. News of tbe Sexton travelers this week sounded as though they were having a good time. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mimbach have completed their trip to Arizona and returned to Utah and Martin is feeling very well due to the above 80 degree weather they have been enjoying in the west. A number received cards from Mrs. Mack Wise, now in tfae sunshine at LaMesa, Calif., but she must be kidding tbe home folks when she asks how the gardens are growing. Mary McMahon has arrived home Just the day . after the Easter snowstorm and admits she missed the big blizzard be- pbooe to Stttoa across tbe road I Aao&er grandson was added to fte famflyfar (be Frank Pnd*- mans wbe» a boy arrived at Britt for (be feaftjr PmUmans and tbned tt tot fbe 18th btr&dty of ttUaxit, Kriby Pndsnun. One more Sexton resident las joined toe gang at Weidenboffs bat they gffll can't make op t ear pool as Boy Hansra is on tbe night shift which won't interfere with his fishing this summer. Mrs. Art Hix spent a day at her mofeer's home at forest City to visit with her brother, frank Smith tad family from Columbus, Ohio, they came at this time as Mrs. Smith was matron of honor at her brother's wedding. Square Dance Club Formed At Ledyard LEDTARD - "The farmers and Charmers" Is the name chosen by tbe local square dance group. They have also elected officers. Mr. and Mrs. Leon McCoy, president; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Thompson, vice president ; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Junker- meler, treasurer; and Mr. and Mrs. Don Johnson, secretary. The next dance will be April 27 at the Ledyard school. Hans are to have two dances, the second and fourth Wednesdays in May, and oo the fourth Wednesday during June, July and August. Twenty - eight couples have signed up as members. Anyone Interested in joining is invited to attend or contact any of the officers. A committee was also set up to make arrangements for music and callers for coming months. P. T. 0. MEETING Tbe Parent - Teacher Organization wiU meet Monday, April 25 at 8. There will »» room visitation at 7:15. Mr*. Olffifi KeUter is in eMrgo of tti« program, which will be « style enow and a display will al«o l*> **t np by the industrial art* department, tmfer (he direction of PMlip fflbbard. Supt. and Mrs. Gilbert DeBoer aro «!»« oa toe program committee. There wfll be election of office r«, Mrs. Ted Thilges it chairman of tbe nominating committee. Mr. and Mrs. John Rlchardaon hoad refreshment committee. - o WIN GAME Tbe Ledyard girls softtxill team won thftlr Mflfton op«ner S, y rtatofttlfig Thompwn, 10-4, (.((died, Vfctci Thilges and (;*rn)ln* Johniwn ltd the hitting with two apiece. Tfcere R totftl of 12 hit* for, the -o- CLAflfl PLAY Th« Udywd «eniof clsujsplay, "In CAW of Murder," will be proflnntod April 29 at 8 in the scliool audltorliwn. Tickets are now on wle by class members. . o- Mr*. Frank Rottermanis a patient at St. Joseph's hospital In Mankato. She had surgery April 4. DON'T MISS JOE'S TEXACO FRIDAY - SATURDAY APRIL 22-23 Frying Chicken With Fill Of Gas I I - PRIZES FOR ALL JOE'S <W SERVICE Hwy. 169 South — Algona Spring Sale COAST TO COAST The store where your dollar will do the mosf 53.95 SAVE 50% SMOOTHER, FA IRONING WITH Oiaag* fie* item teoiy tfonfng O'CEDAR SPONGE MOP Con ba ui«d tor el toning walls 91 floo/f< C»llulo«« sppng* ^m f*.u I* tqu»«x«d dry with 1 87 chromi plattd I bar. 48 Inch handle. " (WA0064-5) button. Coined hearing sal* plat*. UL (WS00744) SALE NOW IN PROGRESS Expos•(/ L*Jg» Type SINK FAUCET Will pel tamtih ragarJTtn of i»* tcrgwit ui*t Ha» ca«t •poiiit Chiem* bran calling. (PE026^7) SAVINGS IN ALL II WASH BRUSH O Inch handle. Long, toft platlle briitUs In plastic rub* b«r h«ad. (AC050W) BIG DEPARTMENTS BRINGS A NEW DIMENSION TO MUSIC! 10 TRANSISTOR POCKET RADIO B*aut|rul anrlaut whits, oeenujf* leally dsslgntd cgblnslt 4" dynamic spsaktr. UL Attractive blue & black raarum prtclsten tun* Ing, automatic volume con trol, earphone & .trap, SPORTARAMA DRAWING WINNERS: TRANSISTOR RADIOS Albert Hasse, Burt Oliver Kinseth, Ottosen Mrs. Donald PeCoy, Sexton TRANSISTOR RADIOS Mrs. Douglas Seibert, Ringsted Jack Out ton, Algona Scott Buchanan, Algona CAMERAS Mrs. Charles Nygaard, Wesley Walter Haupert, Algona Mrs. Perry Lowman, Algona OUR THANKS TO IViRYONi WHO VJSITID OUR DISPLAY COAST TO COAOT STORES WOIF, OWNiR USI OUR E-Z PAYWAY PLAN ALOONA

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