Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois on February 28, 1989 · Page 15
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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 15

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1989
Page 15
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Southern Illinoisan, Tuesday, February 28, 1989 Page 15 O 1 , ...... TUESDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 28, 1989 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 I 8:00 j 8:30 I 9:00 I 9:30 I 10:00 i 10:30 11:00 I 11:30 j 12:00 12:30 I JIfcMl'ja"W IJWg' J'gMB.WWEl)l'l"aBKi'' 11 ' "M" ,m9 "gllir"'''"''''" im ! i II" mwmnwM.-.i.wni .iwium :4' if. I f in fa. tit AP photo Miss USA salute ROTC cadet Brian White poses with Miss USA contestants (from left) Karyn Lynne Finucan, Debbie James and Renee Harter aboard the U.S.S. Alabama in Mobile Bay, Ala. 'The 1989 Miss USA Pageant' contest finale airs at 8 p.m. today on CBS. CO WSIL CD WPSD (13 WSIU KFVS 03! WCEE KBSI (273 WTCT Win, Lose or uraw News Entertainment Tonight Cosby Show MacNeilLehrer Newshour News Jong Show Newlywed Game Coral Ridge Wheel of Fortune Dating Game Dating Game Who's the Bossf Matlock Wonder Years Neva Best Catches Roseanne Coach thirty something Movie: "From the Dead of Night" 19S9, Suspense) Lindsay Wogner, Bruce Boxleitner. AiDS"Quarterly DeGrassi TSchofastsc Hi- I junior nign u Miss USA Pageant Mnuio " nvo at Arc Rite" (1979 Comedy) George Hamilton, Susan Saint James TNewlywed uame Gunsmoke TCT ;TTod3y Betty Jean nuoinson Movie: "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" (132, Cameciy) Steve Martin, Rachel Ward. News Answer Praise the Lord News Business Rpt. News Love Connection Cneerj fonicht Show i. i Wipeout j News (F (OtfAr) MacNeiLlehrer Newshour Late Night With David Letterman "(Off Air) pf Air) Night Court Star Trek Pat Sajak might Heat (R) Gong Show Arsenio Hall Movie: "A Tree Grows in Brccklvn'' (1974, Drama) Cliff Robertson, Diane Baker. Movie: "Curse of the Black Widow" TOT Today jE.V. toil mimrMAwdwftmmitmmiJUlMTAmiimn I I in i'li'Miiiumi mil imi Mini .- -... , ,-Mr ! , i, I,, - rf'n'limlVii'-i ' TTr :,ir-"'-''Ji;;t r "l jiirifm lin nrt' ti um lilu'f inrm i n firiTr-miii inrii n imiii in rr It itt -m titMiTiil firft i ti WMXttir'tiitf m News Win, Lose or What's Your Attitude Miss USA Pageant News Carol Burnett PatSaiak Arsenio Han KMOV I Draw I i i and Friends Cs News Wheel of Matlock 'Movie: "from the Dead of Sight" News Tonignt Show Love jLate Night With David KSDK j Fortune (1939, Suspense) Lindsay Wagner, Bruce Bctleltner. Connection Letterman LS MacNeilLehrer Newshour Wild World of Postscripts "Neva Discover: The World of Business Rpt. EastEnders Art Biakey: The Jazz Nova" KETC Animals , Science Messenger Qi Family Ties Cheers Movie: "Silverado" Newswatch Cheers I Honeymoon- Movie: ' Night at the Opera " KPLR ,(1585, Vestem) Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn. ers (1935) Marx Brothers, Allan Johps. 02 Andy Griffith Sanforo and NBA Basketball: Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavae'S 'NBA Basketbaii: Pnoenix Suns at Portland Trail Blazers (Movie: "Command Decision" WTBS .Son ) 1(1949, Drama) Clark Gable, Walter Pid jeon. M March of Mi Gente High School Basketball: Carbondale Event of tne Day Event of the Day LOCAL Faith , Regional Tournament I ... I Movie: "Road House" Movie: V2 "For heaven's Sake" Movie: "Road House" Movie: h 'For Heaven's AMC (1943, Mystery) Ida Lupino, Cornel Wilde. t (1 950; Comedy) Clifton Webb, Joan Bennett (1 943, Mystery) Ida Lupino. Comel Wilde, Sake" CD1J SportsCenter Monster j Racing: World Racing: World fop Rank Boxing: From Atlantic City, N.J Liqhter Sice (SportsCenter Battle of Monster Trucks I Bodybuilding: Women's bPN Trucks Classic Classic ofSports I National Championships (R) World Monitor ' Rendezvous Jack True I Explore I Profiles of j Noah's Ark D-Day: The Great Crusade 1930s John World Monitor jScotiard's TPC . Thompson Adventure i Nature j I Hoagtand i j Story Miami Vice Murder, She Wrote I College Basketball: Texas at MU Miami Vice : Mike Hammer Search for Hollywood USA j Tcmorrow j Ins'cV Cheers Night Court Movie: '2 "Caddyshack" News liNN News Honeymoon- j Hill Street Blues j Movie: Vz "Crooned7' WGN (1980, Comedy) Chevy Chase. BiH Murray. , jers (139) Gregory Peck, ftahard Crenn. with rn ort on oriosn i S3 0 ore zzzzs man 1 augos By John J. O'Connor : New York Times News Proceeding on the not unreasonable assumption that plot logic is hardly a priority among sitcom fans, ABC is launching its new series "Coach" almost brazenly out of sequence. Tonight's "preview," at 8:30 shows a college football coach. Hayden Fox (Craig T. Nelson), desperately trying to become a good father when his daughter, Kelly (Clare Carey), newly enrolled at the college, announces she has a date with an older member of the faculty. It is only in Wednesday night's "premiere," at 8. that the coach first learns Kelly has decided to enroll at the college. 'Coach' preview airs tonight at 8:30 on ABC That's when we find out that the restless coach "split up" with Kelly's mother 16 years ago and hasn't paid much attention to his daughter in the intervening years. What will "Coach" have to face first: compre hension or cancellation? Here again, then, we have another television series about a single parent and child. Created by Barry Kemp, "Coach" gives us a 44-year-old dad who is reluctantly starting all over again and wondering if he can handle this "be-ing-a-parent stuff." The daughter, meanwhile, resents his being overly protective and pauses regularly to say things like: "I'm fully grown now. The only way I'm going to get hurt is if you don't trust me." Zzzzzz. Most of the laughs, evidently, are supposed to be generated by the assorted jocks. Hayden is a nice guy, willing to say what he thinks people want to hear, but he is a bit slow on the uptake. There are lots of slow takes and blank looks. But Hayden is a whiz kid compared with his old friend and coaching assistant, Luther (played by Jerry Van Dyke), who has developed inarticulateness into an art form. And at the bottom of the dum-dum ladder there's the football player Dauber Dybinski, played by Bill Fa-gerbakke, who still clings to the hope of graduating one of these years. "Coach" is painlessly affable. Nelson, departing from his customary serious roles, reveals a nice sense of comic timing. The only thing missing is a smidgin of originality. tit-v .4. .''v -f 3 If. Is if 'Best Catches' CbS pnoto Phylicia Rashad and Robb Weller host tonight's special, 'Best Catches,' in which 10 of the country's most eligible singles, including Prince Albert of Monaco, actress Brooke Shields and astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison, are profiled. The show airs at 7 tonight on CBS. In Brief Jesse Jackson making appearance NEW YORK ( AP)- The Hew Jesse Jackson has agreed to appear this spring on "A Different World." the NBC spinoff of "The Cosby Show" set on a college campus. "A Different World" has top ratings despite negative reviews. Tom Seaver's back as NBC commentator NEW YORK (AP) - Tom Seaver is back in the rotation, but it won't be on the mound. NBC announced that the former New York Mets star will be its top color commentator this year, joining play-by-play man Vin Scully. Ex-'Waiters' producer takes on ABC show NEW YORK (AP) - Phyllis McGrady, former executive producer of "The Barbara Walters Specials," has been named executive producer of a new ABC News program to be co-anchored by Diane Sawyer and Sam Donaldson. 'f mm iV FEEP A COLP. AND STARVE A FEVER ; t LULU uz LMvtr BY, ANP SAlP IT WAS MUNGRV. i i J V tiE 1 it tm m WHAT ARE YOU WOW, 15 aiVINO LOUISE I IT HER LVeO FOR HER BlRTHC?Ay BlRTHPAV?- A K q -"it1!mi! THANK3 FOR TlPPlblG ME OFF. I'LL THINK OF SOMETHING $ V HE SAV3 HE'LL THINK OF SOtVBTriNG J V9 Iter 2 J V 1 I- - MM I . VIMIII il I l ! . . .VI PROPOSAL TO WAKE tAt, I HOHBST OPINION YOU AGREE WITH ME Llv -i WFts) i J'ir45 JfTWr fetef riiiifliimTtfyiflMfMiWrflii liifr'"W tu 1m m mmftmirm--&-)c1mnmm,nir1r-nr imr"nii r ii'Ti'--ninfi- 1 -r"HiTr-iigif" KnjfSBSwtfi iw -fc m. wfeiiin, mwt C4cBirthday Answer to Previous Puzzle Xt&S Feb- 23 1989 JD Al l A L M E A L Ml b F D 1T I C A I "n jA E O N iciY s ji ih a t e T Y "rToI ifaj T0 NLJ F E E - IcTa g yij i n s! 0 R D A I N F j O N E T VVtO 1 O U M O L L J O A H U L I INf G li MODE ,J L E T S L E El V E J E Vj O K ElS ; A eb cy o n e njr ia go j o d i j El f cc G I G 1h TjL JSj,"sj IF Aj A S T Y Et I A N E TfT A M Hep rOLVABe 1 Author Grey 5 Silly 9 Liw deg. 12 City in Oklahoma 13 Esau's country 14 Gravel ridge 1 5 Twining shoot 16 Two-handed 18 Diminutive suffix 1 9 Table scrap 20 Miss Kett of the comics 21 Singer Turner 23 Constellation 25 Makes sweater 27 Athlete 31 Negatives 32 Sand hill 33 Flower necklace 34 Select 35 Mild expletive 36 Region 37 Be appropriate for 39 Diver's disease 40 Dakota Indian 41 Spirit 42 Smashes (si.) 45 Legal matter 46 Health resort 49 Bystander 52 City of David 53 Shelter 54 Extinct bird 55 Book of Norse myths 56 loss 57 Papas 58 Furniture item DOWN 1 Oxlike animal 2 Blue dye Follower. of 89th 4 Nigerian city 5 Horselike mammal 6 Coal tunnel entrance 7 de plume 8 Entertainer Sumac 9 Oaf 10 Future attys.' exam 1 1 Actor Lugosi 17 Inert gas 19 Octane numbers (abbr.) 22 That thing's 23 Actress Redgrave 24 Uncle 25 Door clasp 26 Slangy denial 27 Actor Richard 28 Next to 29 Mail 30 Cravats 32 Pianist Brubeck 35 Female deer 36 Buddhism type 38 Approximately (2 vvds.) 39 Encore 41 000 42 Author Emile 43 Dill seed 44 Fervent appeal 45 Foxx 47 Seed containers rz i i m w w nfr mTz. W;jjiwmyTywYMrY tfimmBmmrmrimmmmmimmmmmmmmmmiawmxmrmmmmammnitmimiu inwMMiinMpwMwi mini n nni upwwwmii imi mujiif m-ny. mw wi H iMHiwiifgwwi-wn'M'-a tl-LjJMPfllrMlfHf ITW1 riWfflfcnifllill nn hum iii mn mmiii ! mi linwimm in ir i nim ihihiiihiim iwm i unit Mr n MTirrl.Jiinr k 1 rr ri'-M-irli r H Hn iacmiinni i iMMH.-Mihi TWw?StrtMi 4 i THAT me MY WW? I'LL I HB S. J0ANI& PROBLEM TO HER, IT'S INCDNGBVA0L3 UM JUST 1 ! MOTHBR-ltl-UW. 15 THAT 5H5 ONLY R5- THAT ZONKSR MIGHT HAV5 ZOHKiR! SHOWM6 i SH&'SAFPAUZP GFmulIM MBMDeRSZONKBRFFOM CHAH6BP, THAT H& Ml&HT mimr H5KWHBRE ! WTmHlFBP m APAFTIOJLARTIMZ... HAVZWFNePMD rfl?m AocZnn th& Mouse J 2 I ZOHKSKTOHflP ,fA SOhWHZ UOfUHY A&- MBM. ff : mmm F who? Jfo 48 Biblical tribe 50 Peculiar 51 Hawaiian timber tree 52 Last letter (Brit.) 12 15 1fe 2t ) 26 31 34 37 13 16 21 22 t 42 49 53 55 43 44 13 17 i 20 t36 I 38 40 32 27 23 41 30 50 54 5? 51 45 36 52 58 Conditions in general should be much more harmonious for you in the year ahead than they have been the past few years. You'll now know how to strike 'the right balance between your worldly interests and your social life. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) If something testy develops today and you get dragged into it, don't let it cause you to lose your cool. Your image and reputation could suffer if you handle it poorly. ARIES (March 21-April 19) If you do no! have a tight agenda today, you might find yourself in a position of doing things you'd rather not that may be imposed on you by others. TAURUS (ApriS 20-May 20) Follow your instincts if they warn you to avod certain cliques or groups today. Being involved with the wrong people could make you feel i!i at ease. GEMINI (May 21-Juna 20) You are not likely to advance your self-interests today if you are stubborn or uncooperative. A failure to work harmoniously with others will greatly lessen your chances for success. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Attempting to spread yourself too thin today where your work is concerned could result in a lot of aggravation but precious little productivity. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Guard against inclinations today to loosely treat assets entrusted to you. If you manage matters poorly, you'll be held accountable for your mistakes. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) A family member might be a bit more sensitive than usual today. Try not to do anything abrasive that could hurt feelings and put a chill on your household. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. ?3 If you're required to perform some type of work today that demands you' utmost concentration, treat it with tlr? ceriousness'it deserves or you might goof up SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Do not give in too easily to those in your charge to- .-A.r-k-aarJMj-ii Hau if voi i hanrtlp cr1r.ri mattprQ tnn loosely, it y!I set a bad precedent and weaken your authority. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) It could turn out to be an exercise in futility today if you attempt to promote something in which you do not truly believe. First be honest with yourself. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Associates are likely to lose patience with you today if you fail to bring out into the open a matter that bothers you. They're not apt to have any tolerance for guessing games. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Frivolous involvements could prove a bit costly today, They might encourage your extravagance or take you away from 14 10 11 28 33 29 30 46 47 si 28 ing your time trying to make money. 0133 (c)1989 by NEA, Inc. g where you should be

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