The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1895
Page 1
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¥ -"""' f " av, ALGOtf A, , IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JAttttAK* 9, 189S. .:, is TOO BIG, SfSoirt Want It I NOTES FROM LOUISIANA, At-chie Hat&hisoh _vTftils of hia Trip to the Stitifty South^61itfi{5SC9 6? tueky, f etttife'ssee &hd Alabatna. K I ij- A** « did more business during the year just closed we did the yea*- bef ore, but we're not quite f. satisfied yet; Sdtttethirig flbolit LOUisiahd—The COfldi- tioti of the Megro and the Creole— Mow a City Election WflS Carried. , LA., Jan. 3, Editor: 1 ptomised to write to a great tnany of tny friends before I left, but 1 find that 1 am unable to fulfill 8fe'.want Your : We'will make' it an object to you to give it to us. ;<Dome and see if we won't. Opera House Grocery, YOU BEEN AT Walker Bros? If not, we .ask you "to call ' . before ' " !l " ' promises unless I can use a portion of your valuable space and each person causider this a personal letter. I came south by t&Tway of the Mon* on Route and the Queen and Crescent. I have been south over the M. K. & T. and Illinois Central anil I must say that the Queen and Crescent is far ahead of either of the above named roads in beautiful scenery. I passed through the ftt* famed blue grass country of Kentucky. The mountains of Tennessee present a wild and romantic appearance. The road Ms been built at a great expense through the mountains. There are a great many tunnels and some of them are • quite long. Iti some cases the train would dart out of the side of the mountain onto a high bridge over a river which runs clear and rapid far below or over a deep can 1 * yon with rock bound aides, and on the other side of the bridge it would again disappear into the side of the mountain. Night overtook us just as we came. into the city of Chattanooga. We got a glimpse of its historic surroundings. There was a forest fire raging on one side of Lookout mountain and we could see the flames and smoke rising far above the city. There is very little settlement along this road south of Kentucky. After we: left the mountains we ,came to the wild lands of Alabama and pine lands of Louisiana. When we were nearing New Orleans we left the pine woods and ran for some distance through the sea marsh and finally we came to Lake Ponchertrain and crossed it on a bridge which is fully fifty, miles long. We came west from New Orleans to Lake Charles on the Southern Pacific. The sugar men were all' busy, cutting and gathering the cane. We could see hundreds of negroes working tin the same ---------- "'-• ....... "* well, and 1 said I ttas just tending in the padef that Dave Was down at Efr wotth mttendihg hid father-itt'laW-8 ftinefaft, 1 noticed this young man's countenance change. He immediately rose fi-oto his chair, felt in his poCkefi for something, and took his overcoat and exdu&ed himself for the night. 1 found but that this young maQ's name i8 B. W. Wiltaott, a brothef of Mrs, Haggaf'd^ and son of the mad whose fUnefalltold him Mr, Haggard had been attending. The young man had not heard of his father's death. He is a nice E^oung taan. about twenty-five years of age. He is engaged in rice planting at Lake Arthur, f had a long talk with him next morning and gave him the BfiPtiuucAS. A. H, THE THISTLE IN VIRGINIA. The Fort Dodge Messenger prints a letter from Farmer Coffin,written from Gladstone, Virginira, Dec, 26, in which he says: One Word of interest to our farmers, Here i am away down in the heart of the old state of Virginia, and what do you suppose I find here that very in« tensely interests me as a farmer? In going across the common from the Y. M. C. A. building to the hotel for breakfast what do I pick up but a Kussian thistle. I could not at first believe my own eyes. I thought it must be tbe common tumble weed so common to us in the west, but on picking it up 1 find ic to be the veritable Russian pest, On inquiry I find it has been here a year or two already. "Came in baled'; hay from the west," said tbe yard master. He did not know what it was until I told bim, but said it was a miserable weed. His wife, who was at the breakfast table, said tbe children suffered much from it, for they go barefoot here so much, and it scratches their legs and feet. Think of it. Now we have it on the east of us as well as on the west. Here are vast tracts of open old fields that will be soon covered with it. Is it to be a curse or a blessing? At present we can see only harm to come to us from its presence. But I give this as an interesting fact to the agricultural world,' that the Russian thistle has Do You Want f Oropkery.and Glassware are .- ,',.'.'.• . i ''»nnrx1ia.r0 t « n.Rsnrt- nere''in .profusion.' Our^ large assort- iflni ! andrlowlpric'es will surprise you. g«T:.J,; -$**. iS" F ) f ,'-'/.<, ^ , "Cartels Qld Stand,' — iBBQlRLfJBM.1 Peterson. ,*' ' '"•'" "~ ^ ,. , >;>< >,',., - ., aYe opened a-new Grrp<?ery^t6rf four doors of Opera House, where w.e kaye a fineline e'flh -Groceries o£ f ali'kinds. We solicit i, T"1_L XJ. —.«* n.~^ r\ '\J\f^f^r~t 4**\ l**-*^-i -i i-\ ^v^rr/fiV* o vk m/> made a foot hold in state.', the old Virginia A PREACHER'S STORY. Bev,"Eic;bmy told a good story while here last week, and we think it will bear repeating. The story is about a preacher who owned a profane parrot. The parrot would swear awfully every time the good man had company, and ,it so-mortified him that he finally told a *jt— : 1C_ j. 4.1 __ j. i- -. ____ ._• __ j._i_*ii 4-i __ i_ i-i y Mtttu^rebeutiewH uiisy Ht'eue. ,. \,' •, There are a<great mapy* negroes' in this section* pf 4the| state., .The condition of the negro itf,very bad,,in this state.- I am tpld by good' authority that'fully90 percent, of the-children are born uut of wedlock/ I would like to write a whole column on the negro, but time and space will not permit. I would, like to say, however, that I was here at a city election which was close-' ly contested and I made it my business to see bow the thing was conducted, and I must say that the negro's inability to think for himself or to cast an intelligent ballot was fully demonstrated to my mind. One of the factions voted the entire negro population and in this way defeated the other faction, and the faction for which they voted went around tbe city last election and posted bills advising the people to vote for Price and White supremacy.' Jennings is not only a northern town, but it is«an low^town. I believe that seventy-five per cent, of the citizens (whites) came from Iowa, The balance are Creoles or Acadians, antf when you get outside of tbe towns the great majority of the people are Creoles, a great many of whom cannot understand a word of'English. , • • 1* The Creoles are a kind hearted, hospitable people, live ini &>• very simple manner a^id are naturally smart,';but they have had -no scbpo}, advantages, therefore a majority of them we illiterate ' and superstifipus,' Rice is the principal crop in this section,, The cattle are^f 'tbe poorest. Jsindv ij, beard •the fpjJpwinK itPries tol§v,which I do ,npt WjfHJt tP vpueh tPF tjje; truJU pf, but Jfoey.vttU dp tp .)l|ustra.te, tbe nature. -' a Cre.pje wants tp,fln4 o«t if ,1 f at eOOTgh $p teato^.lie.rufls » wv *. .andjwhenUe 9fttchesut u (whiQji u quj ft jpb) hetak§§ Jjpja ot»J ta,thexlQi v ™- i1 —'" 1 "- u -rPwaoBi^t;—* go at it,|' said the'miriister? ."Well; th f e next time he swears just take the cage' and turn it. bottom side up, kick' it across th'e room, and ' slam it around generally then p|ck up a pail of -water and throw over him, and I think it will cure bim of swearing." The minister thought it was a? good plan ,and concluded to try itjso the next 'time < the parrot ewore he/grabbed the cage and slammed it on ijhe floor, kicked it all around.the room and then threw the water on Jrim. f The parrot finally got straightened up and looking up to the minister said, f "Hello, Elderl Where the h - was.«you when the cyclone struck?" — LuiVerne News. '' POTATOES—EARLY CHIOS, ' • Eighty cents a bushel. Leave orders for your r winter's supply at my office. } - 0. L. LuifD. • ; DfflGTO NOTICE. In the District Court of iKossuth County, Iowa Mar, Term, 1895.—W. D. Pranek vs. B. P, Swotting, C. A. Boss, B. L. > Bellespi,' ''P.' J. Solberg, ingrald 'B,. , u Belleson and D, W, Townsend. ' ,- To P. J Solberg and Ingrald B, Belleson, defendants: You are hereby notified j is now oq file in the office, 'of pf the Patriot Cpprt of. jKossuth owa, a-petition pf'thp-piajintifl ve entltw pause, claiming pjf B» :)goC. A, JRops,-B; Jj,,J?ellesoq;]P,j ^TtngraldiB. , the OJerk County, , P. , the Townsei » t! - ,thesujB of ;il,70Q), With ' tondred at the ' I Good Things To Eat? Sweet Pickles. Mixed Pickles. Chow Chow. Queen Olives. Bulk Olives, Pickled Onions. Chili Sauce. Ketchup, Worcestershire Sauee. Club House Peaches. " " Pears. " " Pineapples. " " Tomatoes. Corn, " " Cherries. " Beans, " " Strawberries. u " Blackberries. ?A J vfi ;>y •i»i LANGDON & HUDSON. Go to the New Firm. PATTERSON & SON, —When in need, of-— Something Nice*. For the Table- We have on hand a nice line of Canned Goods, Dried Fruits, Cracker?' and Choice Cream Candy. We have just openedfup our , > IJ* or money 1 refqnc • BUTTER AMD EGGS WAITED - ' AT HIGHEST MARKET PRICED ? SCRJBNER'S! MAGAZINE AN iMPORTANT CLUB OFFER s: 1ST 1 Ry special arn ;tp«,

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