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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 8

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 8

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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I SUNDAY MORNING OaklanD Cribune OCTOBER 33, 1921. 7.: STOLEN AT AT AMERICAN ATI SENATE LEADERS VOCATION SCHOO Former Members of 159 th Will Gather for Reunion TO GUN OF PONT 0E0F1I THINK BEER AND ARCHITECTURE (Contributed by Oakland PieneeraNw. 58) THE CREJSK FERRIES OF EARLY DAYS I By Henry Maloon, No. 1 NEAR COMPLETION 11, IE' 10 RETURN BE DISCUSSED trip aha took back cattle, hides, for tha tallow, garden truck, Many Who Voted 'Dry' Would Not Oppose Liberalizing Prohibition Law. Building in Berkeley Will Be Largest of Its Type On Pacific Coast.

teentli street, at 8 o'clock. Dinner ill be served. BuMer Keaton, screen star, a former "nember of the company, and Ole Olsen, Eureka champion, will stape a boxing match. The committee in charge' of the reunion consists of the following veterans: IJ. A.

Paly, J. B. Dickson Wayne Allen, W. I. freeman, W.

D. Hubbard, O. Luckensmyer. T. II.

I.arke, II. Cochrane, J. l'reeman, I Uibbel. H. Griffin.

C. A. I.aey, R. Cross, T. Freeman, S.

Goodwin, Sims, M. Bryan, II. Larke, A. Lloyd, .1. Ham.

A. Morango, E. Sullivan, P. Patindorp. BERKELKV.

Oct. 9. A call to aH former member of Company ISMh Infantry, Berkeley's old National Guard compuny. to join in the third annual reunion of that contingent to he held on the evening of Armistice Pay next month, has been sent This year's reunion will he held at the armory on the sixth floor of the Westpahl 'building, 431 Four- trial rehabilitation and teacher training. In the exhibition of plan" and specifications for buildings constructed for vocational school purposes, floor plans, elevations, photographs of exteriors, interiors and special features, cost and other data Not leaat mong Jto tales of early Oakland daya If th story of th various creak fr.

ry boats, and particularly the raid of the Chin du Wan; omtlma known as tiie "iln Dugan," the Oriental-Irish steamboat of stern-wheel design which ahouldered Its Way, into the wharfage rights of" the city's waterfront, In defiance of established claim. In the early days of Oakland, the transportation of passengers and freight into Oakland all cams by way of the Creek Route, then By M1VRKXCK Gortttpoj I'nltctl Ire8 8tft BERKELEY, Oct. 19 The blc-g'est Americanization "plant" on the Pacific coast is nearing completion in Berkeley ijvith the enlarging of headquarters of the Mobilized Women's Organization at Ninth street and University avenue. 1 rtronHy facilities for WASHINGTON. .29.

Congressional leaders are counting on liberalizing the prohibition law to help them, raise the necessary taxes in the next few years, members of the senate- finance committee ad- SACRAMEXTPi Oct. tha first tlma In tha hlstdry of this county an autom oblla was stolen lat, last night at tha point of a gun. A. B. Satterfleld of Lindsay raporwd that he had been held up by two highwayman, who robbed htm of ITS and then escaped In his automobile, tearing Mm straodedn tha road.

Berkeley Curios Placed in Museum Several Esquimaux baskets, a spinning whsel used In tha early days of and bew and arrow used in the Boxer uprtslnga in China have been. loaned to tha Oakland Tubllc Museum, it was stated yesterday by Ifiua p. 'W. Mott. temporary director tha nueura.

The collection Is tha property of Mrs. L. N. Chapman Of BerlUJley. BIBLfTivTsS IjANOCAGES.

LONDON, Oat. The British and Foreign Bible Society reports tha Bible has now ben published In 54 languages. During the past twelve months ten new translations have been made. Ttnown as the San Antonio estuaryi Prograrlt for Kansas City Con-i vrntion of Experts Is Now Being Formed. Tntarss of buildings for Tora-Usnal purposes to te erected urine; the 'eemlnr manths In ll parts -of tit Vr.lttd States.

exhibition of cuins nd spsetflestlons for eueh truetura will bs feature of the fifteenth tnuual convention of the NUtIonUSoe4tyor-VorattmT3il Edu-entien which will be held in Kansas City January 6.7. California will be larfSly Mpresented in the session which C. A. Prosser of Dun-woody Institute, Minneapolis, is arranging the program. Two days will be devoted to section meetings In which authorities will discuss agricultural, Industrial, commercial and home-making; edu-eatlen: part time and continuation schools: training In Industry.

Indus- tonight. will be offered convcrtiiiR to American ways will be provided and an increased program of Americanization is planned ackordlnsrlv. F.NtiUSlI tXASSFS. Clashes for- the study of English, An exhibition of vocational mate-, rial not available in book form i. also beinp arranged.

Under the Smith-Hughes act California receives nearly $100,000 this year for vocational education, the School for France COI.l'MRI'S. Oct. 29. That Ohio's boys and girls in the public schools aid in raising a fund designed to the cost of hulldina two high San Francisco market. With the growth of Oakland the outlying territory on this aide of tha bay became tha farming center of tha state.

Many of tha large ranches were divided into email farms and what la today tha city of Oakland and vicinity became one vaat orchard and vegetable The freight capacity of the fittle steamer was soon taxed to jts utmost, a new ba.t was' built, the 'Contra Costa, and a -ervlcefjgiirtrlpg a day waa In-au gu ratedT IT? Although there was a great In-creaseof travel and -freight the rate remained the, same, whereby the merchants and farmers became dissatisfied. Protests were of no avail, so they determined to shake off from their throats hands of this steamboat company and its profiteering backers. An opposition boat, the Kate Hayes, was put on, but shar was of short life. The owned through threats" and probabil other considerations, withdre her from the service. I About this flme James Ijirnea prominent resident of San Antoiifo, now East Oakland, formed a ceSn-pany for the purpose of breaking the existing monopoly.

At the foot of Twelfth averfue they built what was then the largest steamboat on the bay, and which was named the San Antonio, About 1860 she was sewing, millinery, and other mattersl amount of hich is duplicated by the schools In the devastated regions of France is the request made by Gov state. In the summer sessions of the University' of California In Berkeley and In IiOa Angeles, last year over 1600 teachers studied phases of vocational education. ernor David. It is planned to present the money and a medal to Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France when he visits America early next-iijonth. Because they foresee a large consumption of so-called "medicinal" beer, wine and liquor, finance committee members this week backed the Wadsworth amendment to the tax bill, imposing heavy rate upoh li three, In spite of the fact that the Senate is likely to pass the Willis-Campbell bill, banning beer as medicine, many Senators regard as certain the return of beer and wines within a short time, not only as but as beverages.

A canvass of the Senate on this question today showed, these facts: Many who voted 'dry" would not now oppose the legitimatizing of beer and light winea beverages. At least dozen Senators who voted for the Willis-Campbell bill regard it as unconstitutional, and jfel certain the-eourts will knock it out. and previous to 1854, the territory where Oakland now la waa designated as the Contra Costa side of the bay. Alameda county did not then exist, but was afterwards carved out Contra Costa, county. Among" the first steamboats engaged In the passenger traffic was a small boat named the "yellow Jacket," which' blew up at her landing in San The steamboat Clinton was then placed on this route for regular service by the Minturn Transportation company, which leased for a term of years the wharf at tha foot of Main street, now; Broadway, thus depriving any other prospective ferry hosts from a landing.

Her cargo of freight from the San Francisco elds consisted mostly of groceries and farming implements for the settlers on this side of the bay, and on her return of practical benefit will be held. The building will have a large recreation room with a hardwood floor for community dances and club meetings. Eastbay residents will be given an opportunity to rtudy the Americanization methods of the Mobilized Women, and aid the building fund of the organization, at a Carnival of Nations, to celebrate the Armistice anniversary. The carnival will be fcelci in the Schmidt building, in West Berkeley, and will picture, through the medium of booths representing different nations of the Allies, the life and costumes of foreign lands. Many donations already have been received, it was announced by Mrs.

Lewis Hicks, president of the Mobilized Women, from mer launched and ready for service by the Larue Ferry company. But the new company had' a steamboat but as yet no landing Place, the Minturn company holding the rights and privileges te all landings under their txlatlng leaae, (To be continued.) WHWM-iM'' 5 he Lareest uas Acoliance Store in uaklanali onth iid-ot-JMl Another Pollard Special That Offers More Than Unusual Price Reductions chants and others interested in i Americanization work. Those in charge of five of the booths are: White Efephant booth Mesdames Bernard Maybeck, Kaymond Per-klnps, W. II. i'ok, William Leland, William" IT.

Half, Wellyn B. Uerthol Wuth, John C. J'ollett, and ItJOI) The Tood booth Airs. Oscar Run- nells, assisted by AleFdames J. J.

Koughan, K. K. Fohs, Andrew Ir- ving. Hobart Aiears, John II. In connection with our unusual Factory Sacrifice Sale of the Greatest Washer Ever Built Tomorrow, one day only, we offer a marvelous collection of NEW COATS, SUITS and CRESSES at the uniform price of TEN DOLLARS.

A great many of these garments are selling for more than that at WHOLESALE. We suggest.eafrly shopping to insure beat selections. son, Howard Hills, Carrie Hoyt, T. E. Marren, Charles Wallace, L.

E. Howard, K. T. Bravinder, J. N.

AIul- down, Arthur 'A. Wandering, Ernest T'ersinger, and iliss Kathleen' Quil- linanr: 1 A Swiss booth Mr. S. C. Selleck, assisted by Mesdumes S.

IT. Strite, 1 Anna Saylbr, T. AT 'Ryan," J. Chambers, and II. Wilson.

A "Mystery booth" Mrs. B. K. Lynip, asslsteil by Mesdames S. i Schmitt, J.

p. Holmes, Emily Stcinitz, L. P. Morrans, W. F.

Nei- man, and Miss CflacfyaT'Spowart. An booth Airs. Arthur For the guidance of our customers, original price lass (Ha well as sale tags) remain on all garments, shoeing exactly what the reductions are. As duriig sale times and otherwise, goods may returned for exchange or refund If brought back within 48 hours. )u Fakle, by the Misses Alice Eakle.

Kathrine Clark, Betty Thor-ley, and Garnette Veitch. Former Over 600 Garments at Ten Dollars 1921 Model 00 Price $170.00 II COURT are offering1 for ONE WEEK ONLY, extraordi W1 r5 II BOOZE CHARE narily low low. that-any woman I I ivv Oct. 2 The SAN VRANCIPCO, Few Superior Features of the Eden 1 No Belts or Gears exposed. 'J Only Elcctrlo Washer with a patented SEDIMENT ZONE Into which all dirt and grit settles.

(J Full swinging wringer adjustable to five positions. Pure Zinc Cylinder; light and easy to handle. 5 Body rust resisting Iron. Women's Plush Goats Fur-Collared Coats Long Cloth Coats New Jumper-Suits'' Tricotine Dresses cases of John Kukaviza of 1079 can own one of these wonderful Electric Washers. The EDEN washes with that Gentls Dipping; Up and Down Motion th same wy you would wash your daintiest lingerie.

No wear and tear, having your clothes sloshed around. 07 a The EDEN is GUARANTEED' by a FOUR CORPORATION also you get our rERSONAUsySUARANTKB and FREE SERVICE FOR ONE YEAR. ACT QUICKLY As soon as this factory stock Is liquidated this exceptional offer will be withdrawn Twelfth street. Oakland, his brother Daniel, Jack Wise and David Roberts of 8 00 "Geary street, all accused of violating the prohibition laws, were Jn the federal court today. They were taken into custody, in raids, the result5 of Information given out in connection, with tlie alleged Siale of Uquor II.

Xa Peer of San I.eandro, whpscl'i'i stolen short time 'bacJTaYiVhwh is the chief witness against Kukaviza, was ar Our Records show an Overstock- on these three Peninsular Ranges These six items will give an idea of what the sale offers rested on, a bench warrant to insure llis appearance'. All of the cases were continued one week. plead. QriCK-CILNOE CI-VBS. -NEW 'YORK, Oct.

23. Tho quick-change weather ha produced an unprecedented epidemic of colds here. In one large firm more than 20 per cent of the entire office force is sick. Coats -Dresses Tricotine dresses in over-skirt, tunic and tailored models; some have crepe sleeves. Jumper Suits The new 3-piece effect of jumper dress with' coat, forming a dandy stylish Jersey Suit, Black and Brown Plush of excellent quality; full-lined.

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Enamel door panels. SQtilPPCD SUCf-fViN and $19.75. For Several Months. Festered and Itched. Cuticura Healed'.

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iMiplifkrrl)TVill. D(rt- B. M.iid 41. itrtry-whr- R.ri2iy. O.n'.mtnt 'J-mntiJi.

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Connected Without Glass Door. Connected. 1616 We give American Trading Stamps i mi enjoy tiio very best hy KeUliiR Kome canthrox frotu your flruBCist, linsolve st U-asspoon-ful hi' a cup' of hot. water. This makes a -full cup of shampoo liquid, ermuRh-'so i is easy.o apply It all the hair Instead of just the top Of the head.

1 "amiriiff, excels oil and dirt nro Hissolved and entirely Your. hair will i so fluffy that it wiiriook miirh heavier than 'it is. It" hiftrr and srftnes will -also delitcht Vou. while the stimulated scalp gains the health vyhielv Insures half rowUi.r-Advtr-tiscment. i u.

1440 San Pablo Ave. Oakland Phone Oak. 1274 i ILLm 320 13th St. 'OAKLAND, CAL. -fl HOME SPECIALTIES mImm-H fecu:.

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