Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois on July 30, 1995 · Page 28
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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 28

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 30, 1995
Page 28
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Page 4D illary makes a pitch to encourage more adoptions WASHINGTON (AP) Echoing her husband's "common ground" theme, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday that people who disagree about abortion should unite around an eflbrt to encourage adoptions. "Instead of yelling at one another about abortion, we should spend our energy making adoptions easier," Mrs. Clinton wrote in her second newspaper column of a new weekly series. Mrs. Clinton, a strong supporter of abortion rights, suggested a goal of placing 100,000 children in adoptive homes each year for the next five years. She also lamented the historical bias against interracial adoptions. The first lady recalled that the first time she met Mother Teresa, it was after the nun had delivered a strong speech against abortion at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994. "Although we differ on some issues, we found common ground on adoption," Mrs. Clinton wrote. "So we sat and talked about how to find homes for the hundreds of thousands of American children who need loving families." Mrs. Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, this spring visited Mother Teresa's orphanage in New Delhi, India, where rows of cribs were stacked three-deep in places but the babies were clearly well cared for. Since then, Mrs. Clinton has helped Mother Teresa open a Washington home for children awaiting adoption. "Although it will accommodate only eight children, this home is a crucial step in awakening Americans to the crisis in adoption," Mrs. Clinton wrote. "We should worry less about how many cribs can be placed in a room and more about how many children can be placed with loving families." The first lady said that while 450,000 children in the United States need homes and tens of thousands of parents want to adopt, "complex regulations, outdated assumptions and wrongheaded laws stand in the way of bringing these parents and children together." Mrs. Clinton said the barriers include high legal fees and adoptive parents' fears that a child will be reclaimed by the birth parents, such" as in the highly publicized case of Baby Richard in Illinois. - She said decisions to give up children should be difficult to overturn and that barriers to interracial adoption should be removed as well. Federally financed agencies are now barred from using race as a factor in placing children, she said. "We should ... follow Mother Teresa's model, in which considerations such as money, regulations and skin color do not outweigh the important gift of love," Mrs. Clinton wrote. Her column is distributed by Creators Syndicate and appears each weekend in about 100 newspapers in the United States and elsewhere. fC We should ... follow 1 Mother Teresa's model, in which considerations such as money, regulations and skin color do not outweigh the important gift of love. Hillary Clinton, writing this week in her new forum, a weekly newspaper column Missing man found with lost memory Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. Craig Williamson, a Wisconsin man who disappeared from Colorado Springs two years ago while on a business trip, is alive and living in Key West, Fla. Authorities say Williamson is working as a diver in Florida. He recently told authorities he lost his memory after he was assaulted on Aug. 30, 1993, at a bar or convenience store in Colorado Springs. El Paso County sheriffs officials are skeptical but are glad to close a case that contained a seemingly endless stream of dead-end leads. But Williamson's version matches a theory promoted by his wife, Christine Reinhard, who drew national media attention to her husband's disappearance. Her nationwide search for Williamson included a segment on the network TV show "Unsolved Mysteries," as well as countless newspaper stories in several states. "I am in no position to talk about it. I am in shock," said Reinhard, who moved from Wisconsin to Cody, Wyo., after closing the couple's fish farm about a year ago. She also described her husband, whom she has talked to on the phone at least three times in recent weeks, as having an "extremely impaired" memory and being "very paranoid, scared." Williamson had driven an old school bus to Colorado in late August, intending to buy fish from a fishery near Alamosa. But before he could load his stock, he disappeared. In an Aug. 30 telephone call home to his fish farm near Clintonville, Wis., he asked his wife to call him at a motel the next morning to awaken him for the long drive home. There was no answer when she did so, and she called police. Authorities found most of Williamson's belongings in the motel room and the bus parked outside. While there were no signs of a struggle, they treated the disappearance a possible homicide. Within 24 hours of Reinhard's report that her husband was missing, Williamson's credit cards were found on a grocery store shelf in El Paso, Texas. Two weeks later a car he had rented in Colorado Springs was discovered across the Mexican border in Juarez. Weeks later, a woman traveling by train through the Pacific Northwest reported seeing Williamson. Seizing on the possibility that her husband had lost his memory and was wandering aimlessly, Reinhard launched a one-woman crusade to find him. She traveled to Oregon and Washington state, where Williamson had once been a commercial fisherman. Pelting the Northwest with "missing" posters, she badgered police and sought media coverage, visited homeless shelters and slept wherever she landed. In early 1994, she persuaded NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries" to do a segment on Williamson. That show was televised May 25, 1994, and eight subsequent times in reruns and syndication, generating more than 100 tips that were investigated by the El Paso County Sheriffs Office. Only recent phone calls by Williamson to Reinhard and an ex-wife in Wisconsin led authorities to the Florida marina where Williamson had worked for the last nine months. Investigators are not clear on exactly what happened when Williamson disappeared or why he recently phoned his wife. But Williamson has since told officials that he was beaten severely and awoke in a hospital with a wristband bearing the name Ron. Later he rode buses and trains aimlessly before settling in Key West 1 8 months ago. Sheriffs Capt. Lou Smit, who helped in the investigation, questions whether Williamson lost his memory. He said the abandoned rental car contained whiskers from Williamson's beard, which lab technicians found had been cut with scissors. "He probably was changing his appearance," Smit said. Williamson had $2,500 in cash when he disappeared and may have wanted to flee an overwhelming obligation of his new business. The couple had sunk all they owned into the fish farm and had borrowed another $400,000. rr- u IS ItCil I oi tr wim I Kj RCA DIGITAL SATELLITE SYSTEM SHARPER PICTURE. CLEARER SOUND. GREATER CHOICE. Laser Disc Quality Picture Capability CO Quality Sound Great Programming Choices For SYSTEM PRICES START AT Model OS1120RW Professional Installation Available 5rl BELLSOUTH CORDLESS TELEPHONE "Filtered Sound""1 Noise Reduction 10-Number Memory Last Number Redlal 2-Way Security DeskWatt Mountable. 868 538 I mimx I 1 WE WON'T BE UNDERSOLD... OUR LOW PRICES ARE GUARANTEED IN WRITING. IF YOU FIND THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE THE IDENTICAL ITEM FOR LESS ANYWHERE ELSE WITHIN 30 DAYS AFTER YOUR REX PURCHASE, WE'LL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 25 OF THE DIFFERENCE. 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