The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 2, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1895
Page 8
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u«*.;*u * .»m aiiia.****'* ii»-V **'<,** «L.C*'i».«tjutl ,. 4A.i»»^»- J«laBmy»i»E»Sj9<i'ti^i-j'-l*i* t < •"tfT^^^^"4'Si^'*Il\''- < '*'kSp''' ; \"',' J 'f^-' J Z''•**?-*T" 1. "" ^"J* fel , 'Ao < "~JS^S lY»:f|iElOT:^4^^ -/^.O v. :i; ;^%- -?K% ...s.i—t.,^.'!^—-^n._.,.-T. -,~>..."^~rs, ,,>rrTf.^,f^X .V i r *i A», i-™4»'-«5*5\ t" • t -'rt:-' J 8ffi ..-.,- .; AA'-jM^M^J^ja.,^.,.^..^ .j-^CT.mj,a J ... it <._« J t.^»j....-^^i!i^Mj«gi.^^-f^ ffa ^a-^^« im ., m ,, SNOWATILLA Is Just What You Naed, gold Only at Studley's Drug Store. ALGONA, *lhter, but come and see *tmcs." Oah furnish any sl*e. let us reason together; five* jrbody says it Is ^^SlnnV^M^lNboW F, & NORTON, to be.a "hard wihter," so th" as you did last "nrlooq fn feltlt. t.hfl 4894, When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices. I aim to keep the best, such as Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & Milligan's Paints, Etc. J. "VI 7 ". Don't Pay tie Our Abstract Books are complete up to date, and reliable. They represent an outlay of thousands of dollars and were prepared by an experienced abstractor. Our patrons may therelorefeel certainof getting reliable abstracts. •Our work Is guaranteed and we furnish abstracts as cheap as Irresponsible and incompetont.persons who have no books, though the county does not pay us a salary, clerk hire, office rent or even furnish us stationery. FARMS AND WILD LAND FOB SAIiE .MONET CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR FARM LOANS, ; And furnished immediately upon application. HAY & RICE 'Opera House Block. LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. J. J. RYAN. (Successors to C. L. LUND.) Seal EstateDeafa, Algona^Iowa, We wish to announce tq the readers ol the REPUBLICAN that we have extraordinary faclll- "itiea for the selling or fartns'ani un'paproved lands in Northern Iowa, and we invite everybody y«fao wishes to dispose of their property, to call on us at our office In Algona or to correspond. As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern states who ir*w ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable prices. \V e believa in fair r4£ealing and if you want to sell your property for what it is worth, don't waste any tltne in listing • •wfthus. .V ; ";' ; ' : ,:YoursrespecWully, MiNio&BrAtf. •„••' '•:: ..'•' ,!,!'••>•' ;|; . ,."•'•"•• " •" : '" : '•""' : ' L '" ; ' ' ' Are You Insured? Against Fire or Tornadoes ? Is your family, protected, in case of death, by a life;'policy in a. solid;.$o;pipany ? If not. X A. Of the BANCROFT INSURANCE AGENCY, stibmits ctbe following companies for your consideration. This "is 1 the strongest line of companies in any agency in Kossuth county and -does 1 the largest business. All city policies are : issued in Bancroft and can be had on short notice. We can do a inpre careful business because we devbte oiir time Creamery and threshing Baa- chine insurance a specialty. FIRE AND TORNADO CO.S Merchants and Bankers of; Des .Maine's Anchor of :Creston, <:.• ••...: ' . ,-. Dubuquo Fire and Marine of Dubuque. Hanover of New Yerk. Fire Association,of Philadelphia,,. „,, A , "NorthwesterivNational of Milwaukee. Bockford of Roekford. ,.-. ;. /- ; •• State of Des Moines. •Capital of Des Moines: ' ' • The total,;assetts;ibf;jthe above companies is according to,^h^ .Auditor's report of Jan. ,1 V ;3$94. LIFE COMPANIES. Equitable of New York. Mutual Life of New York. ' M, Richmond, 1'res, . Smith, Vice I'res. A. U. Kicbmond, Oasbier. 0. J, Lcnander, r ; Ass't, Cash. it'?, ... . fel|hl....ii 43am ef ...... 4 8 ight.. ..8 l»fil fiteefljter •« IOWA, 1894 Conducted by J, At John Rlebhoff camp No. 29, S of V has elected the following elective officers: Cept., J, R. Byefs; 1st, Lieut., Alden Win* ter; 2nd Lieut., Wm. 13. Stahl. The ih* stallatlon will take place one week from next Friday night. Happy New Yoaf, f lie wives of the G. A. & men are Of* ganlzlng a Woman's Relief Corps with ev ery prospect of a largo organization, Jas, Whalen and his son Henry leave on tho llth of this inotth foif Madison, Wis». ( their old home, where they have fallen heir to some money. They will make quite a visit with relatives and friends. The Farmers' and Traders' Bank will issue some very neat calendars, Fllo Poarch Is a champion stamp collector. His collection now numbers 1306 different kinds of stamps. Tho Insurance companies have raised rates on farm and town dwelling, property from 2^ to 3 per cent, since January 1, 1895. It seemed to be absolutely necessary on account of the increased loss ratio. A. J. Berryman is preparing to open up a branch drug store as Armstrong. We wish him much success and we feel sure he will have tho same. C. W. Stockwell will conduct the new store and Mr. Berryman has made a wise selection of a manager. Swca City had another pugilistic jollification last week. We refrain from giving particulars, as they are unworthy.of publication. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ostrandor have moved into tho Albert Olson house where they will make their future home. Mrs. T. F. Cruse of Ramsey, has been spending a week with her parents at-R. E. Davlson's. '" Miss Lola Davison was over from Buffalo Center spending a few days vacation between Christmas and New Years.' II. N. Renfrew I eft for Peotone, 111., last week, where he will visit his daughter.' • A New Years dance was held at Nick Tiss' in Seneca on New Years eve, and all enjoyed themselves until 1895. n '', Married, on last Wednesday evening, at the residence.of the groom's mothen in West Bancroft, J. B. Gardner aid Miss Cora O'Neill. Rev. W. .F,.Lajdl,ey..per- formed the''cteremoiiy.. The newly .jinar- ried'couple are.well known here 'anjj -are among 'Greenwood's best, young Pgpple. The yoking 'couple, left next 'day,, for Blackhawk county, where tliey will sp.eud the libhey ; 'moon. We wish them .much Farmers' ^ Traders' Savings Bank •<t BAKCBOFT, IOWA. Incorporated under the Isws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital inverted, Author- d capital, $80,000. Foreign and domestic oxobange bought and sold, and a general banking: business trancactecl. Special attention given to. collections. Insurance written.. Steamship' -isckets to and Iroin Eiivope, !$ OIBEOTOB8-B, M. Biclimond, N. E," Sheridan, A. B. Biohmena, B. P. Smith, M»yue,0. E, MaUory^J. Xand, Loan, and Insurance Agency, lT*^2lv.*l^lj *-'*-'' * * % 'Kstablish«a J881. A large list of wild lands for pale. Improved farms' aed village roperty- (or sale or rent. Farm loans on long time and low rates of interest, Offices at Bancroft and Swea City, Iowa. R, m. RICHMOND. OFFICE OF *&!i, $*> f A i , $>;' m lV*,!', J ^-J f < "^ uAND AND TOWN .E. Tallmaii and family ieturned li; with tboii: hotel goods from Buffalo week, and they will probably fit up and rent their hotel hen;. Bancroft ,}a the best place after all, and wo are glad .M.r. Taltman and family have returned.' 'D. S. Bomboy is moving his goods tp his new home at Fairmont, Iowa. A party of'ten boys started at the water tank last'Sunday morning .At 10:15 and skated to Algona on" the river, the leaders atviving at tho mill in Algona at 2:20. m'aking the trip of 'about fifty miles, by way of the river in four hours and -five minutes; Win Stahl went down with four horse team and brought, the •• boys back the same day. The following- are the names of the skatei-s in about the order in which they arrived at. Algoiia Roy Johnson, Willis Taliman r -George Smith, ; Glen Davison, .James McLaughlin, Wilfred Johnson, Herb Utely, Guy Streater, C, A, Pray,H. W. Ogle.. S'." M. Andreno was down from Arm strong fitting up his house north of Mail street and J. E. Russell is going tp-occu pylt.- , The Lutheran Sunday School ebservec Christmas by a beauti.f n\> tree and lots o presents last Sunday evening at tbel church, Bancroft Lodge . No. 544 I. O. O. F. i making preparations for jv public install ation of officers on January 10th and a grand tirao is expected. We .will give more particulars next week, . . . Mr, aud Mrs. p. M. Barslou and daugh' ter Eda spent No>v Years day M Wesley, with Prof. Barslou. Two elevators we-ro burned at Loclyard last Sunday, « Ed Trim spent the holidays »t Bright' on, la,, with relatives and friends, and a postal card informs the writev that he is "living high." Probably tho greatest masonic gathering ever held in Bancroft was held at the hall of Progressive Lodge No. 603 last Thursday evening, when the Master Ma- soulc degree was conferred and the officers of the Lodge were installed by £&§£ Mas tor G, S, L-amson,' of -AJfona; M, F, Randall acted as Grand Marshal) m$ gopd time lasted \mtil a l^to Jaour', visitors highly eo.mpjtrnon.ted, Jll? prftf &sm.en O jj their heautlfwl WO\Y for tb° P r ^ s ,P flf lty >vhiQj ordei*t' ''iPbjS new offlcej'o are i «ne tti „...„. bung men ftftd we can ill ftftdM Itf td&e hitt. S6ffyl6Seeydtito»WUI. We are fof fidfle lot goVeftfdf, fltal ftst ahd &11 the tlffle. f he datholies observed Ne«r Uftf m L6St, by hating masses the same as oh Sunday ; Vei-a Lodge k of P elected the fdlidwlng fficers fof the enstiing yeaf at thelf last meeting: G.G.,C, C. tfhdmpsotij V, 0., Chas. J, Pettlbone; Prelate, S. W< Calla* tiati: K of R and S, F. J. Byrne; M, of F,, Jack Johnston; M. of fi., Sam Mayhej M, fW.,Jt. A. Campbell j M. of A>» M, A, Turner; L G., Dell Bafsbu; O, 0., Bert ahller; trustees, 3. Mayne, A. Suhd^ trutti, S. W> dallahan. The installation will be private ahd will take plaee nejtt Monday evening at the lodge hail. Work is being pushed rapidly on the water mains. Bancroft will have a larger building 300m in 1895 than she had in 1892-93 com- lined. Bring your lauodry to J. A. Freeh's of* ce and you will get a good job done by he Algona Steam Laundry, H. G, Simp- tins, proprietor. Alfred Wlckwlre Is to be the new clerk n his fathnr's store and we predict that 10 will make a good steady one. Ed. Klnnc expects to conclude his visit lore and return to Madison, S. D., this week. Two good residences for sale dirt cheap, f J. A. Freeh. Carl Person who left about a month ago or Hadrangon, Sweden, writes to his lin- .le, Mr. Peterson, that he arrived 0. K. and is having a good time visiting his rol- ktlves there. Tho Mikado Quartet entertainment was plendid and deserved more of the people ihan it got. The receipts were only $18. G. D. Fuller's team got away fromChas. Martin last Monday morning and for a ew minutes. furnished quite an exciting unaway. Nothing was hurt, except the buggy, which was quite badly smashed up. A New Year's ball was given at S. W. leveland's new residence near the Seneca store on New Year's eve. A good time vas reported. The officers elect of Bancroft Post No. 496 are as follows: Commander, T. M. Ostrander; Sr. Vice Com., S. P. Hartshorn; J. W. C.,J. J.Gannon, Adjt., Jno. tVood; Surgeon,Geo. Wolcott; Q. M., R. W. Barge; O. D. Henry Warner; OV G., Alex Carpenter; Delegate, Jno. Wood; alternate, T. M. Ostrander, Senior Past ommander Barge will install the abBve officers at tho Gsod Templar's Hall next Saturday, afternoon at 3:30. A full attendance is desired. Dec., M. , 6dft>entiofi hold here yesterday Wa§ fafge^ ty attended, fflaht def6|at6s tfdffliftg {« ffWB the edtifitft. aftd Alfdfll sending a good delegation. SeSslofts w6fe held iH the fdfenddtt &nd aftefilttofi, ahd fttso Itt the evening, fiev> ttftUtt ahd Rev, ^eliey took &tt ftctlve interest and cdntfibut6d greatly to the suceoss o! the convofttloni GeO. & M&rble, A, F, ii&COft, ^fahk Tel* lifef and others were ott the progr&fti* ,¥he convetitloii was a great success, Bnrt Monitof! J, fi. Cork has sold all of his interests fit the store to Jeweler Hawkins and te now out of the business, ,,,. & T, Gibbs left on Wednesday for a long and leisurely visit, He goes tost to Des Moifles to vistit with his SOB B*rank, who has a position there, From there he goes to other points in the south and eastern parts of the state, then to Chicago. He goes then to Indiana, the land of his birth; from which he has been absent thirty years. His wife is now in'Elkhart, Indiana, and has been absent on a visit the past six months. He will join her at Elkhart and will return home together when they have finished their visit, which may be continued until next summer. DEDICATION AT SENECA. The new church of Sonnca will be dedicated next Sabbalh, January 6. Rev. T. S. Bailey D. D., of Cedar Rapids, will preach the dedicatory sermon at 11 o'clock. At 7:30 in the evening the organization of the church will be effected by the committee of Presbytery. We trust that Dr. Bailey will be assisted at least a part of the day, by Rev. A. A. Randall, of Armstrong, Rev. W. H. Kelley, of Burt, and Rev. J. W. Words, of Germariia. Ample provision, wo believe, will be made for friends from a 'distance. All are cordially invited. D. W. FENTON. Quite a number of friends were invited to:J. Weisbrod's to bid goodbye to his daughters who left for Charles City. Born to L. J. Newel last week, a bright little baby girl. Tho folks are all well. J. R. Davis is building a new house on his farm to rent. Fenton had two iChristmas trees this yearjone in the church and the other in a school house. GDC, JR CLOUD, (Successor to W, B. (Juttf Attorney and Ootmaelflt' aiI*&^ AU30KA, lO'tTA. 1 |T, Offlco over KoSsuth County Staid Baii DANSON & BUTLER. LAW. LOAMS Colleetiotts a Specialty, Office In Gardnev Oowies new tol B.V.SWETTING. i ATTORNEY AT LAW t V- Money to loan. Algohli^l S. S. SESSIONS. ~ A TTORNBY 'j. T LA #/ 3 Leans and Insurance. Special attentUih'i „ • ' to collections of all kinds. • ' Office over Uhrlsohilles'store. L. K. GARFIELD, " PHYSICIAN AND SU&&1B i • OflUe on State street,. • - • BAD FIRE AT LED YARD. The Two Elevators Burned r to , .;, .Ground—A Heavy Loss; "i Sunday afterhoon'at 3:30'fire broke' '(Jut in the Grannis elevator and burned it^fth all the grain, and also Hubbard & Palmer's elevator with all its contents. Loss, $15,000. Some 20,000 bushels of grain 1 were b'arned. Dunlap Bros.' hay barn; which stood about six or seven feet from; th6 elevator, was saved only through the heroic efforts of the boys in town. The barn contained $4,000 worth of hay. The town was in danger all day, as sparks were flying all oyer and fire started in several v places. The women 'all turned out .and' carried water and we can give them credit for saving the town. The property <• destroyed was only partially insured, .Theorigin-pf the fire is unknown. UNION; the M.J.KENEFlGK,M.p Office o.ver Taylor's store.,_ Aigoua, ' ' • PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. . A HEAP OF ASHES. The Ash Family at Wesley Get Together on the Scale?—A Notable Reunion. There was a notable reunion of the family of Freeman Ash, Senior, at the Jatter's homo r in Wesley, on Christmas Day. The entire family, nine in number, were assembled, and with them some fifty guests. The proposition was made to weigh the several members of the Ash family and it was done, when it was found that their collective weight was 2,500 pounds. Mr. and Mrs, Ash have eon married fifty years, TJjey have ived hal* of that time in Kossuth sounty, BUFFALO FORK, BUFFALO FORK, Dec. 31, O'Haraisonthe slclt list. Dr, Beane Mending her, Mrs, Fred,R.ingsdorf and children spent , few days in Wesley visiting at tfee home I M»'> and Mrs. Gid$.ngs, Scott Allen returned last Thursday from a short visit with friends in Garner, Mrs. Wro. Riwgsdorf ba,s gone to msin, where sh,e will make an • visit with relatives and old friends, W. J, Pavison is recovering frw severe. »W»Pl(f of .Mr. A. Palmer and family attended Xmas tree at Sehenck's. "', WJU Annis has .fully recovered from.his attack of drippe. ... , . . , ''Will .Strlckler will move on the old Brown place, , * l> 'Mrs. I)r.; Hart, ot.Wpodhull, Ills., >e : turned to her ; ihorae Mon'day, after a pleasant \yeek ^ith her. brother, W. F. Jenkin- Born 'to M.r. and Mrs., Jno, Reibhoff, De'c.'SS, 1894,' a daughter. The many friends of Myron Schenck will be sorry to learn that he has suffered a relapse, but at present he is doing nicely. Be has a beautiful residence enclosed. Mr; F. L. Wilson's sale o'ccurred' as tad^ yertised on Thursday last. It was a very unfavorable day for a sale—it "being .very cold—so everything'sold uncommonly low. We are .very sorry to lose Mr. Wilson as a neighbor as he is'one of the best. : Quite a number of gentlemen of Union ,haye made application to the A. O. CJ. 'W. It is a good and safe, investment and leaves ;a family provided for in case of dejth, Let the good work go qn, •' ,Mrs. F. Sroufe is • somewhat under ' the weather. •, • ,Geo. Sarchett is teaching near "Lu- Verne. , ' ,; .PLUM CREiEK., \PLUM CBEEK, Dec. 21,—-Hoping > you en* joyed a Merry,Christmas, I wish you 'and all the kind readers of the REPUBLICAN a Pappy New Year. We have had no accidents, nor made any improvements to note, and Plum Creek 'never has any quarrels nor fights, so news J. M. PRIDE,. M. D: Office over Goeder'a "doming! Algona,.,:,. V'.^J.^^.,', ;* jits UG ffiuT t >ANJ> ,BTAMON Preowiptions niled. 'Deals'In f1 "" ^ ., . books, perfumeries, Oof, State and Thorington ets.\ C. B. PAUL, M. D., V, WHITTEMOXE •- -' < Regular Office hours 8 to JJ2 a, nC 9 fo Ci <, -• J ^-'M'l' , -'' "" Over Wlohlei^'s Furniture store.' ,^,^ 7JW itesldenqe nortb.of.Ua T.J. PHYSICIAN AND Consultation in English and German .'1 .-^.^, Over Go.etpHJs store,, Wh^tt^niore, .lo, j CHAS. , Diseases of OhUdren»a MoOaU's, Bast ot Q, 9, W,, »;.o, RIQHMO "V,« :mm is King are scarce, > • The shortest days are past, and came at last, now shake and shiver.*' I have a few words that I would like soraoloeal manipulator of the English, language to pronounces , Qtylletyakuhangay, I don't believe B, A, gard can auctioneer them of in twenty- days, ', ' ' ' ' ' Keith is improving from bis f a}|,' Local anae8tletlo' J 'for'e'al gums when extra'ottpg teeth? . CftH p»op^ftfSS!-, >»\ f v } : ng friends in .tbii vicinity, ha gtayiap.witfe '

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