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New Cambria Leader from New Cambria, Missouri • Page 1

New Cambria Leader from New Cambria, Missouri • Page 1

New Cambria, Missouri
Issue Date:

new Cambria jl; EAOEM VOLUME THIRTY-THREE NEW CAMBRIA. MACON COUNTY. THURSDAY, JUNE 6. 1946 NUMBER 12 OBITUARY THIS IS AMERICA I By JOHN RANCI poivfr wiihir. thv D-cicratic -rnrty' nCWES HAD TO BUILT FOn THEM AND R)Tl RETURNING i 'JIJ -J I I Ree continued, pn politic? of Amer v.nscettds re.i'.v 1 IHREE FACTOR ttAN- INDUSTRIAL AND Not it ic: liism vn is t. lit publicans ut Deir LEADERS TO FORM NON-PROFIT i it Sarah Ann Evans, daughter of John Y. and Hannah Rob- i ts Evans, was born in Pitts- ton. mi 21, 18G7, ami! p.iss.d away May 30. 1940. at h. home Meadville, Mo. hen small child the family to New vhi'i- I she grew womanhood. On I larch 17. she was unit-j rii ii marriage to Charlts! Light of Meadville. To tin's union one daughtt-r was born, The dec. ased had resided in i ORGANIZATION BUY LOTS, ERECT 0 GO UP FOR $6,000, Fco. Admin, ceilimc of Sosr Z'OCAL PZOBLZMS AZiZ SOLVED by mam smears. 7 DECORATION DAY He pointed out that the 86,000,000 slush fund that the CIO Political Action Com mittee has said they will spend in the election is headed by Sidney Hillman. thru whom everything was cleared in the 1911 Democratic convention. Since Hillman and his co-hotrts are naming the candidates that are running under th I)t mocrat laibel, the Republican candidates are real all but v. nts of her murrietl i life. CELEBRATED 80TH ANNIVERSARY RESIDING IN NEW CAMBRIA NOW Alex Lingo and wife Memorial Day was nuiotlv in New Cnmlini a devoted vho A large attandance present Thursday n'gnt -the Callao Masonic i)dge Light was mother and who kind to could." She sister, one last Thursday. Many v'sitors every one. jfiom out town tribute A i 1 i Xcw C. iioushold many years mb-r'ii. m-jved gocds this so nth the: wt su: s-the now will BV GENE POUJEU had beo.n to loved ones who are rest- brated its 80th annlver-: iv had been ajing 'n the beautiful cemetery. A sumptuous banquet na Congregation-(located on the little gre.Mi hill served, with the genial Wo: joy the quietly in thtir I ves me thev recently pur ly running against hand-pick The political battle this t-d CIO men instead of Demo- Ralph he could. She mi mber of the al church many ihi- church was lire, then her war. placed with years. until west of the town. On entering Master destroyed by ithru the gate one wodld pause as toast master. I year nintrts on one sinirip is- crats. Keece said. membership quietly tas they laid a spray An interesting musical the 3Lethoil- or small bouauet on their lov a nil was f7 sue Republicanism versus Chairman Reece also charg-Communism, B. Carroll Reece efl "that the Democrat paaty National chairman, told ap- policy us proclaimed by its of proximately 3,000 Repubii- ficially ch.osen spokesman, the ist church, bting a regular at- ed one's mound or some dear given with the Ararat Shiint chased from E. E. We welcome these estimable people to our little city. lO Minnie Jones of Denver. ar.d Clark Jones of La mad'. were guests uf and Mis. J. W. Roberts lat the Wayside Inn Tuesday leiuiant in-Sunday school and friend that had passed on to of Kansas C'ty having charge church. eternal sleep. The flowers of the education part. She leaves tc mourn her! were many and beautiful. Among the many attend- passing her husband, da ugh- A committee from the Re inir from vw rhril can in Springfield last week, chairman of the Democrat na-The meeting was sponsored tional committee, and even by the 6th and 7th District the present occupant of the Republcan Women's Clubs White House, bears a definite Ruffner ofjbekah lodge placed flowers Gus Osman and fe, H. J. but was of statewide import Mrs. the graves of their depart Gilleland and wife. Davxi evening Cam-jd members. James and wife. Glen Lo i 'and Wednesday. ance since it was the kick-off I LJ and w.te, tl. J. Billeter aid ter Airs. Lynne Kansas City, he Mary Baldwin bria. three niect iwin of New garet Ann Will" t-the. Mrs. Lola I Vegas. Xev. Geneva Hughes spent in the 1946 camj)aign of th? la, jiai- piacea nags on tne graves oi wife. S. Goodson. Mr. of all veterans of the Civil War. tild Simon Hughes Mr: to in rs. feari hofnpe. juni gam Tru- nf II- 1 .1 her Republican party and congressional seats i man's home state. I Chairman Reece We, i oriu ai i auu onu Dunham uid wife. wire. iWar II. character-facing the srvices were conducted at the M. E. church in Mr. and Mrs Elmer Thomas izfd the situation and Kay aTd, Mrs. wife, Ii'ndley Buster, Mrs. Chas. How-Mrs. Chas. Howard. Jesse Webster and Meadvilb- Saturdap afternoon! JTr. and Mrs. Ola at 2 o'clock by her pastor 'spent Sunday, with Lawson Mr. and snd Jane returi ed last Tues eountryy at present as the day frlom a business trip to most serious since 1860. IL St. Joseph and also visited Mr charged that proponents daughter. Brook- Rev. Schulz. Interment was (Mrs. Atla Bailev at Bradley class warfare and alien mind i and Mrs. Clifford while there. made in the Meadville ceme- field, tt-rv. i Those attending from out; Oji account of no: being able to get supplies for the Dale Lawson returned Sun- linotype now ard the factory Tr. and Mrs Ben O'DanieLs nd daughter Uvon spent Sun of town were Mr. and Mrs. ed radicals threaten a dismemberment of the union as dangerous as secession movement that preceded the Civil War. "The threat which con- on strike ar.d for that cause with Mr. and and minor causes it has been in Callao a struggle -and a whole lot cf Mrs- Sam Mills K. Ruttner. jMrs. l. jday from a two weeks visit Yancy jnd L. R. McCraery of! with his aunt and uncle Car-Kansas City, Mrs. Gussie Ish-Jos Beady in Maywood, III. of Topeka. Mar-j iironts us todav is the destruc- effort to get the papers cut. Ac conn as crpt th 1 Mrs made in Moscow label." Prior to the address by Reece, Congressman Dewey Short laid the cent wave of indutrial stagnation direcly at the door of ithf? present administration. He pointed out that after four years of war and one year of peace "We are still denying ourselves of many of the essential commodities eof the American way of life. "We now find ourselves in economic morass and stall ed in the reconversion program," 7th district Congressman declared. "Why? Because of New Deal bungling, bureacratic control, executive orders, presidential acts instead of legislative procedure and crystal gazers." Short charged Truman with, being derelict in his duty in connection with the recent rail strike. "How much better it would have been if the Pres ident had acted a month ago -and saved the people he pointed out. Congressman Marion T. Bennett in the afternoon session of the Springfield meeting charged that Sidney Hill-man's CIO-PAC seeks to elect rubber stamp congressmen (Continued on page 3) Will Jones and solution of the basic of our form i iraret Ann llliams or Mrs. Edna O'Brian of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stevens Citv, arrived! of government, both within ar.d supplies we will be back Boise Needles. Mis. Mary daughter Peggy ar.d Mrs on schedule. last week for avisit with rela'the states and in Washington' fives here. said. "This threat has come into G. L. Thomas of Bevier and Baldwin. Sadie Baldwin. ami Mrs. Chester Chinn. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Lloyd Thomas son of Atlanta. visit a dangerous actuality because K. A. Jones, Mrs. J. O. Leveil and THE LOW DOWN FROM 'HICKORY GROVE ENTERTAINED RELA TIVES FROM COLORADO Kate Parry of Xev(ed Mr ami Mrs Elmer Thomas ja group of alien-minded radi-jcals has been sucessful in and Miss Cambria. i Not running for the school control of the nartv Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Roberts and Jane Sur.d-iy pleasantly entertained Sun board, or Cengress, or any cuav in their Home at a tarn ly utm. kij Mr. and Mrs. i it 1 B. A. Gunter and Dorothy of which bears the lath el of Democrat. That party no longer is the historic Democratic party, but a -group of discordant and warring elements held togeth er the last 14 years hv the CARD OF THANKS We wish to extend our sincere ks to our neighbors friends for their kindness the illness and death of Bartlesville. daughter Mss Washington, D. dinner in honor of Mr. and 011 and not oe xeariui or some Mrs. Ezra Jones of Denver, body's vote. My subject is Colo. The following wer "business. And I am going to present Will Hughes and fam san' good word for same spent a Mr. our and aunt, also for lew days at tne nome oi I fWwiil of rin-r and Mrs. J. tiiiaiana. jus. the beautiful Mrs. Mary ily. Mr. and Mrs. Jones left in versus pointing a finger. Any-i spoils of politics, the aften oon for their hom body in business, if theyj "This alien wrecking crew-after spending the Decora should urn across this writing, now occupies the position of 4.1 4 E. Baldwin Gunter remained for a longer and Sadie. visit. holidays here. Lllt- "it hkci.v ps. oui o-reat autnonty oecauf.e tneu Jon writes the paycheck. foluwers tie bala ce of We been listening in oiu A DAY IN JUNE' By COLLIER Mr. and Mrs Clovce Holmes land of the free, to the wrong i BANK daughter of Kewanee, people. And to get one sample 111., were guests Friday and take labor. Labor has been a Saturday of the Liter's sister sucker for the organizer. Lots Mrs. Harry Dixon and hus of folks who work have been band. "pickings" for the out of town or out of state organizer gent ACCOUNT is the i KEY STONE We Believe to SUCCESS Those who spent Dcora and getting themselves nicked tien Day in the home of Mr. for dues versus listening to and Mrs H. O. Thomas were the boss right there in their Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Creamer, own plant and town, the boss H. E. Bundren, Mr. and Mrs who wries the paycheck. Don WilLams and three. What is the cure, says Hen-daughjters Malinda. Sarah ry. Quite easy, I says. With and Nancy, all of Kansas labor now in the role of C'ty, Mrs R. N. Nichok of a chronic sucker, business Hannibal, Mrs. S. B. Thiehoff should now start showing the and Emery Beckman of Mon men how not to be such. On roe City; each pay day, in each envel- in doing everything consistent with Good Bank in, to hlp community growth, not only because of oar obligations to our custom ors, but bncause of our tlesiro to grow with our community. 6 ope, I would print up find put IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of dear son Earl Smith, one fable by Mr. AEsop. my And in due course, I would who ait hack and wait for an or- nil aw a Vi passed awiav one vear ago, ganizer to show up We solio't your deposits. We have, to loan on proper security. Bank of NewCambria Junel3, 1945: premises, and watch him get Somewhere over there jthe hot foot versus like now, Lies the one we loved so which is a good cut from each dear. worker's pay Sadly missed by Yours with the low down, Son Larry. and JO 3E3SRA.

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