Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1966 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1966
Page 8
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INK in my Vf/AfS By MARIAN INMAN MMMM* 2-ALGONA (jawaj ADVANCi , QCT. t>, Atviortg my letters froW readefs this week 1 have the cutest "little lady" note from Mrs. LorertZ Gade of WWttehlore saying she is one of my faithful readers and pdSniing but sdtM things she Has especially .enjoyed. These kind of lettefs,iare so pleasant to receive as they tell me I am giving pleasure and helping to create reader interest for the Advance. 1 enjoy Writing and will try had to continue to please. The Idle Hour Club, from the Bancroft, Burt, Lone Rock area, over which I have the honor of presiding this year, recently had a day's tour in Forest City, arranged thro* ugh the courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce and several firms in the area, . On a beautiful fall day we arrived in Forest City with a half hour to go to our first scheduled stop, the Summit Printing Co. We parked on the side street hill near the Summit and started feeding the parking meters. One meter kept swallowing the coins but refused to flip the expired flap. Well, let's have our coffee and rolls and see if the meter is in a better mood when we return was a unanimous decision. On our return several more of us fed the meter but it did not respond. We were due at the Summit Printing Co. at ten o'clock so we went in murmuring something about, if we get a parking ticket we'll explain. We spent an interesting and educational 45 minutes learning about various printing machines and seeing how offset printing works. /We had all heard so much about it and had.no conception of how it works. Seeing how the stories were typed, arranged on the news sheet, how the pictures are taken, and finally photographed on aluminum sheets to be inserted in the press and seeing how the paper is run off, folded and ready for delivery was fascinating. We know we have much to learn but at least we have some idea of how it is done and while there forgot about greedy pa rkina meters, that is until we returned to our cars to go to the Stltchcraft Corporation. There was our little ticket. We asked the Summit's gracious secretary how to get in touch with the town's officer. She pointed out his car parked across the street but he was not in it. "Probably having coffee,'' she said. She called the office,.and.:told, us to wait by his car. The car's siren as though by magic began sounding and from the coffee shop the office cameJriinning'.i Everyone on the street was looking and when the poor man breathlessly arrived, we explained that we had a ticket and did not mind paying the 25 cents so much as the fact we had at least that much invested in the meter which did not work and we felt we were doing him a service to report this. He exempted us from paying but did not accompany us to the greedy meter so we went on as we were late for our next appointment; Friends whom we, told this said we should have hung a sign on the meter. Well; you can't think of everything, at least Forest City knew we were in town with sirens on. Sitchcraft, Inc., manufactures the drapes, cushions, etc. for the trailer industry. With wonderful machines and skilled workers these articles just rolled along the assembly line. Nothing is wasted, trimming of foam rubber from the mattresses are ground up to be used to stuff sofa cushions made of left over pieces of upholstering material and plastic bags filled to be used for those who make their own cushions/ From here we went back to town to the Totem Pole for our lunchoen. Wonderful food and pleasant peoole. Forest City is quite a place. Early afternoon found us at the Minnebago Industries Inc., a travel trailer and camper-manufacturer; who are soon to go into the manufacture off'motor, homes; This com, pany is growing rapidly by million dollaRtleaps.'-'viA'.t ,?•• i .= T **'•••••,. •> '•^>!^* i r-^-*--V' v - f ^ 1 -'? 1 -f I ' Then on to Greatwestern Products, a. la mo and "lampshade factory. Limps,and shades of all shapes and sizes, being welded, covered and trimmed. Their owner has patented a lampshade frame that is adjustable and can be raised or lowered to the heigth of your lamp. The shapes and the materials and braids and the skill used in assembling these shades was a wonder to see., ••';"••",'' •• • -. <:-':'. 7 . • . Our last stop ( ipr the day. was the Laminated Pin Corporation. Here we \saw bowling pins made from the selected maple wood, hollowed,;.weighed and balanced to perfection, plastic coated, nylon reinforced, then plastic coated again and finally decorated with ; the LPC emblem. The'firm's manager was called to Des Moines that day'for a plastics, meeting but the employees graciously explained their skills and we came away impressed. We especially appreciate the time given us, the courtesies extended and the welcome each firm gave to us. We will surely speak up for Forest City. We saw a fabric shop and several interesting stores but our day's schedule did not allow us to stop. However, we intend to %pend another day or days in Forest City *nd will most assuredly return to the To. tern Pole for their food is so good. We like Forest City. Since 1960, Forest City's population has increased 13.5 per cent. We thought of the various industries we had toured and of the many pay-checks that were being channeled back into .the town to help promote growth and prosperity. Forest City residents, are aware of the importance of Waldorf College in their midst and of the benefits they derive from it., They are proud of their city and its many industries and improvements We take off our hats to them. Every community needs good community, leadership. No community can grow and prosper unless there are individuals within its group who are willing to take time from their private affairs and make sacrifices for the good of all, even to the extent of contributions from their purse. To be a good community leader is to be a good citizen and to, help one's fellow men by serving the community in a great many different ways. W e can all examine ourselves and see if we are doing our bit, to make our community a good place to live-out our lives, a place which our families are proud to call home. Home, the dearest spot in all the world. •>le1ed her business course at Tobin ddllege Fort Dodge and elurned home Friday, Mr. and Mrs- ftefnard DaM* tauser- had as gues*S Saturday abh-iii-law awd daughter Karen Alt is engaged MR. AND MRS. Harry Alt, Algona, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of thejr daughter, Karen Marie, to Dean Richard Willrett, son of Erich \ .Willrett, also of Algona. Karen is employed at Drugguists Mutual Insurance Company ,in Algoma. Her fiance is a : student at Mankato State college, Mankato, Minn. A November 24 wedding is planned. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Umbrell, Scott Michael of Spetwef. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Esser and little daughter Lisa of Iowa City spent the weekend with the respective parents Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Esser and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Goecke. Matthew Streit went to Cedar Rapids early in the . week to bring home Mrs. Streit who had been there caring for the children and household while Mrs. Michael Streit was hospitalized. A son Matthew was born to them recently. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smith were visited a couple of days this week by Betty .Streit, of Fort Dodge, who had been at Spencer on work in. connection, with her Red Cross work of which she is Iowa State Red Cross Nursing Rep- but he did not come to Iowa. Evelyn Cady was visited Wednesday by Mrs. C. A. Pannkuk, of Fairmont, Minn. Mrs. Paul Dettman and her nephew Dick Godfredson were . } Mrs. Cydney Laird is being- visited by her grandsons Steve and Chris Barnes of Los Angeles, Calif., who have been guests of heir grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Barnes in Des Moines. There is another grandson .Scott Barnes They came to, attend the band festival Mrs. Celia Deal has as guest* this week her sisters Gladys Morlan Strand, of Grangeville, Idaho who has bsen at Graettinger with another sister Sue Morlan Simonsen. Both are well known former Algonahs. Mrs. Deal has also bean visited by her granddaughter Gretchen Diem who is mployed in Minneapolis, Minn. Mrs. Ethel Potter hat returned from Omaha, Neb. where she visited with her son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Ed "Bud" Zender.Shie; stopped at Tama to see an old : friend Mrs. Maude Carpenter and at Fort Dodge she visited with her brother-in- law and sister Mrs. R. B. Chapman. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Erickson were at Renwick last week Sun. day to spend the day with Mrs. Erickson's brother and wife Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Erdmann. Mrs. E. J. Evers is, convalescing from minor 'surg'ery at the Park hospiiitial, Mason City, and will return there in a couple of \^e|eks;f;qr : a checkup',. Clarence Fresar has been at Sherbuin,' Minn, visiting with his cousin Arthur Spear. Bi||i<Sigsbee, who is with the Osco drug company, has been transferred from Rochester, Minnesota to LaCrosse, Wis. They lave been unable to find a dwel- ing so his wife and little son William, are here with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Feaster. ';! Mrs. Mable Samson had as cal- .ers last week Monday Mr. and VIrs. Charles Cory of Midvale, Utah. Mrs. Siamson is a resident at the Good Samaritan center. They also visited with Mr. and Mi-s. Elmer .Phillips at Sexton. Sam. Sam is a son of Mr. Mrs. Don Prew, former Algorfffls who moved to ,tef f eraoh - a * months agd. , \ ' -, Mrs, Iftet Miller of »he home Was visited in Des Moines last week and were guests of Mrs. Dettman's son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. George Kinkki. Thursday Mrs. Dettman and her brother Ernie Godfredson went to Burt to see their brother-in-law" and sister Mr. and Mrs;- K' R. .Wok Sue Moulton, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Frank Moulton caine home from Mount Vernon ito spend the'weekend .with parents and to attend Hornecohting and the Band Festival. She is enrolled at Cornell college. Mrs. Joel Herbst, Mrs. - M<arif Kunz, Mrs."D r On""Hutchison t anc Helen Dirigley went to : Des' Moin es Wednesday to see the'show "Dr. Zhivago'.'. They stopped : r>r a brief visit with Helen's sister Mrs. W. B. Nugent. '" ' ! Mrs. Doris Colberts has com urday by hef daughter Mrs. Steve Powers, of ElmoTe, Minn. Mrs. Powers'- son Robert played in the band that day,of the festival. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Herbst have been visited by the latter's parents Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lacey, of Highland Park, 111. Mrs. Lloyd McKibben, of Winnebago, Minn., Visited With M' ends here Saturday, Or, and Mrs, William Monlux, Of Ames, son of Mrs. Elvira Monlux, are on an, extended vacation to Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Fiji Islands, and Thdti. Eliroute to embark from the west coast they stopped at Stillwater, Okla. to visit the doctor's brother Andrew and wife and at Saratoga, Calif, they visited with 'another brother Dr. Robert and wife. Mrs. Ralph Donovan returned Sunday from South s£ Paul, Minnesota, where she had been with her sOn-in-law. and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wittern. The Wit ems' son Jimmie, 12, had. been lospitalized for a hernia opera- on and was dismissed Friday. [e is reeovering nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Riedinger nd sons had as weekend guest anc Peterson of Lincoln, Neb,, ho came to attend the Home- oming festivities. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreyer nad as Sunday guests the lait- er's parents Mr. and Mrs. Otto Oldenberg, of Austin, Minn. Mrs. Fern Foster had as guests Monday her brother-in-law and lis wife Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Foser, of Long, Beach, Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Foster, of 'ort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Muckey lave returned from Hackensack, VVoman Lake, Minn., where they visited with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Meditt. Mr. arid Mrs. George Yeoman went to MiibtttH Sttftday t9 Visit cousin* of Mi'rVe&niln, Mf/Mud Mrs. Ernc&t Holle. Mfs. Holle is a double amputee due to diabe- tea but is able tfi rto he'f work, Truttee* of th* ehiirth met OeK/H at the damp tor their aithutl faceting at the Okobojis, . • , They are cousins of Mrs. Samson and the Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Mathson spent a few days last week at Minneapolis with their daughter and, husband Mr. and Mrs. Don and son Melvin Mathson a ndr families. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burris had!.as guest last week Sunday .the/former's brother Dale Burris, o£v Minneapolis. Mrs; Harry Cutler has been vis ited a few days by her daugh ter-in-law Mrs. Jody Cutler, Tracy and Christen, of Ames. Jody has been in Minneapolis with the Ball'telephone, ltSf- v v:--;.i'' -••-.-.nn"*viJi'^r-li'i«ife:-- iMs-iwrri^a- •*" ^ i -5*5* - r ft ', when'his 'ftamily gets there. They 1 left here 'Friday; • ? Sam Prew and friend Larry ;Do\vd, of Jefferson, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ken ,neth Johnson, uncle and aunt of Blue Mound TURKEY SUPPER Burt Methodist Church Wednesday, Oct. 12 SERVING STARTS AT 4:45 P.M. 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