Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 23, 1921 · Page 30
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 30

Oakland, California
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Sunday, January 23, 1921
Page 30
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SUNDAY hiobxing Dafclanti Crf&unc JANUARY 23, 1921. BUILDING BEGINS IN Active Year Predicted in Building , FROMIJILES CREAMERY ATCH US rflMDAIV . &tto .......... I.; CARLOADS IREALTY B'D OF TREES GO ! WOULD AID One Store Grows to a Chain of Fourteen If. . .'. NiOTusr. : t.. i lIIuLuI GARAGE 01' COAST BUILDING The largest garage on the Pacific Coast under one roof Is rapidly being erected ori Hobart street, be-iwepn Telegraph avenue and Broadway. ' This building is being con-n meted by George C. Bauer, Max w. Koenlg and Horace 13. Hare- of Klwnd and will represent an in--ment of tlOO.OOO. The plans of construction call for e'ra foundation supports, which will . ..; ry another story to the building in the very near future. This building when completed, will be up to the standard in design and appear-uni e. The skylights of this building will measure 3000 feet, of wired gluss, and the plateglass in the street frontage will measure 1050 feet This will give to the building the best possible light, which is so neees-i-iry in a modern garage building. 'J he. building, which has a frontage of 100 feet on Hobart street yun- rlng in depth 800 feet to TWtfnty-Iirst street and having 100 feet front- ma on Twenty-first street, is to be of reinforced concrete construction, e'wolutoly fire-proof and the front of the building will bo faced, with brick veneer. This garage, being located one hnrt block from both the Southern lucitie and Key Route railways, will be in a position to properly take care of automobile ' storing and greatly relieve the complaints which are now nii.de bv the merchants in the vicinity of the Key Iloute Inn of all-day pinking by persons leaving their i,.rs on the street while visiting or hupping In San Francisco. It is the plan of the owners to li-Ull several modern features in thin garage; one of which will be the establishment of a telephone call tervlce for the delivery of autos i;hm the city limits, together with a 'Kpecial repair ear for trouble at-(.riiiiHi, which will be a great convenience to the tenants. Another n'-jilcin convenience will be the addition iif ti rest room completely t'juiiipcil, for the. convenience of the tidies, no necessary for automobiles coming from out of town, The roof of the building being 100 b- JitO feet affords every opportunity a- ;ni airplane landing for the up tow n .district, and the owners have r. .-n nested bids for the use of the roof from airplane companies. ; iii cretary George E. .Shelden of the I p-Town Association, in comment In;.: on this garage, stated that the ea. lifts have the greatest faith in the tvrlonmenl of the district north of 1' ninteenth street, and as this, prop- . crty la situated us it is, between two rniin aiteries. Telegraph avenue and I'.rnadwMy',. will serve the automobile miners in finding suitable garage k.Hrc. within eiisy walking distance u; sixteenth and Telegraph avenue. Active Leasing in U pper Broad way Dist. Almost liiKtantaneous influence has lif.-ti exerted upon the real estate Bi-'.ivlty of : northern Broadway through the recent provisions for tli . opening and improvement of ft' enteenth street, according to Fred Vi Reed, Oakland real estate dealer mid president of the California Heal 1 -.i.i'.o Association. liming the week Heed consum-ii i.i t " J leases en all but two of the i mores in the Koos building at Twcn- tv iirst. , street and Broadway, al-timueh the building is only half com H-ied. fne of the new stores has I -in taken over by the BakerJte l:,Mid Company for the Installation nt nn tther of its bakeries and indi-.itr4 according to Heed, a response t -ilii- need for a marketing center m the new business section for the lis residential district which cori-vtrges at the new Broadway-Grand vi tnio intersection. " I- Higher Rates, But J mnrmlo Ce-,u0 1 improve OerVlCe Keiau.se of increases In the cost j tit' tabor, materials and supplies en-I term? into the operation of the gas j Plum of the Napa Valley Klectrlej Company at Si. Helena, the com I'.-.ny hs been authorized by the j; mroad Commission to add GO cents a thousand to its charges for gas, Tim present rate, 2 a- thousand, v.ith a minimum rate pf Jl.SU a month, has been in effect since J917. 1 In- new minimum is $2 a month, t-'nee 19.17 the" price of oil at St. Iielena has increased from $1.30 a birre.l to 12.61. The JnciTfise is granted on ton- j d.i.ion that the utility Improve Us I mfvii'i low leslimonv liiuen t lh. i lie hearlnr held'nt Hi n..l,.i. ,, Mvinir a rteiirlent urvi,,. l. rn.. . ', (Mi of low pressure and impurities in the gas. . CHANGES j MK . Austin Freight and Transportation Company, which operates nn auto-tnohiln freight line between Oakland .iiul SH-in Francisco, has been author-l.e.i by the liaih-oad Commission to tiiinsdvr ie, operating permit to theiof AnUocli across the tracks of the 1 Service Corporation. Kanta Fe. BEATING RENT GAME I.Ike Hie fNiroine tunW the rent bugaboo wciim lnu moving wild harmless from a dlstanoe, but the progress made Is rtHi-ntlcm, and sooner or later tho reckoning Ji sure to coma. l"Selow are a few tables .-Imulne the net rout t! the owner, of moderate priced homes psld for in iii-iallitieiit.s of JO per cent dijwn and 1 pe cent monthly. The In-hlulliwnt plan ot ownership Is the one sure method of hen ting the i ( in ma came. ' ' , t In cuse imirc I pnhl. moiilbjy the Interest ,iiops quicker and the net cot-t is Mnullcr. This table may lx varied to suit different, liM-alllics, ninirillng as the rfMital Income Is larger or smaller In proportion to (tic amoiiiit paid for the 'property.- The higher the rent the less net xi--t. If nwiier oerupics the propcrt the net cost Is the amount paid l.v bim nboie what he wonld have paid If he occupied It as renter. l.i. -. Iniiiranee and upkeep will be offnet by Increase In aluc of land mid the value of improvement made, where property In mtctipled by OH'iier. ' - j . ' - - "-.j ... . l-wri lia'e j.rlee of proierty , .$3000 $10(10 $5(100 80000 ii.no pametit requirctl ........ i.. . . 300 400 500 BOO '.tonililv pMimcnt required ., " SO to 50 0 t i-riy will rent for ............... S ' SO 40 , 50 v., -unit reinired monthly sbovo rent,. 10 10 10 , ( 10 ,o.e iiiipiiid oil property. 2700 R00 4.0O 5IOO i "..-t tor ll months 7HO 1010 l:Soo ISflO I mooiiiit Vn pay 3480 tOtO SHOO ItBOO t i, 1 pay mi tills ;..... 3320 !tl0 4tO SHOO ),,r iiv tier to pay . i 1 ISO I ISO ItllO 1I0 i I i uncut JtOO 400 , 500 BOO i , i ,r T,...,.eeiv ahore rent.' 14l 1."0O 1010 I7IMI y i j. The Mutual Creameries Com pletes Their Main Plant in East Oakland The development of the Mutual Creameries from one small establishment dealing In milk at retail to an organization operating fourteen establishments In different parts of the Bastbay district has been one of the unusual cases of trade building of the past year. The main creamery and plant of the Mutual Creameries has Just been Completed and equipped on Kast i'ourtoenth street, in Melrose. This is a modern and complete plant for handling milk and milk products and has been constructed upon the most approved; plana and finished with the best of machinery and Storage facilities. From this point is operated fourteen different letatl-ing establishments in all parts of Oakland and the Kaslbay district. The Mutual Creameries is a corporation headed by Kmil A. llag-strom, its founder. It Is a mtituat organization along the lines of many cooperative buying and retailing organizations of the present day, Has-Strom began by buying his milk in wholesale lots and at wholesale prices, dividing the jobbing profit with the producer and his organization. The milk is then delivered to the different brunches and this is the only delivery made. H Is sold direct to fle consumers on the "cash and carry" plan. A small lino of standard trOeeries Is carried by euch store. . . .. Slate Corporation Commissioner E. C. Bellows has Issued the following Termlta Involving the flouncing of corporations in the Eastbay district: Delta Oil and TWinliiff Co. of Bay V'olnt, Contra Costa county, has nprmisufnn from the department to I Issue S.00O' shares in exchange for real estate St Bay Voint. Hint wharves, buildings, railway tracks, machinery, and other structures. The company proposes to currr on the oil refining business previously ron-(luetert by American Oriental Company, at Martinez. Contra Costa county. None of the stock of the company Is to be sold to llio public. West Coallnga Oil and liovclop j ment Company is authorized to Isme t i 0.000 shares in exchange for a icr- , tu In lease and privilege of nn option to purchase certain property and ulso to eu r.0,000 shares at par, $l.0ti. for cash. The company will usa the cash obtained from the sale in continuing operations as required In its lease. The tease Is on 82 acres of bind in the . -Westslde Coallnga Oil Field in Fresno, The tract lias heretofore i been held by the M.ui.in oil Company. ' Mary; Van" Seltmitjs, Inc., dera, has permission to Kelt Mil- CnO j shares of its capital stock to Its In corporators at par, $1.00, for cash, it Hlso In authorized to issue 491). .)0i r"Blue Sky" Permits . , shines hi exchange for certain real, mkuih.-i auio siages unu lrm-n lines, propertv. The properties which this ; Sixty-two r.ite complaints were dl-compnnV obtains csinsmtH of 0.4S4 TS ijo'-ted against steam railroads and acres In Madera ami Fresno counties. 1 10 agulnsl electric lines. Keniaiu- ir.r.iv.m.. unh ,.o,lln nni. nrmiertv I i m ,i M ,!... n . (.. i.ii 1 t ii,.... nmntMiM i ... i fnrv V-in 1 Selimilx and .1 W. I Sc hmiiz. her husband. avi io n i itossiMj The county of Contra Costa has applied to the Railroad OmnmWim for authority to coiistruet at. grucle a crossing for a, road east of the town : kr - --v A i 4 y y rf ' f f 1 ' v V V i?f . ' T 'Aj If i . " 'r " r it '"y .w---rj I!' j ,'- t j s j Main plant of the Mutual Creameries just completed in' Mel- rose, tvitk a view of the interior. Also a sample of the four-j teen different' retailing establishments operated by this or- ganization. h ; r : POOR SERVE IS CAUSE OF Tl In the period from July 1, 1919, to Juno 30, 1920, the Railroad Commission received 2663 informal complaints against all classes of utilities, says the report of .the' commission Jiint forwarded to the governor. An-ulytis of these complnlnts rev"Pals that poor service by the utilities Is the source of more iliss:nisfiictioti among consumers than rates. The Informal complaints bused on rates aggregated but 4sf out of the total of until!. if these 108 were diiecteil unilnsi telephone siml telegraph rates, HU imninst electric, 99 against water. 1- against gas. !!8 itf 'ate complaints were directed ! against steam he.it. water curriers, a' en oij ses. , j press nun pa n tcs, coui i storage plants and wharves. The mlormnl oomplnlnts 'Hied under the 1 iieiiu ui .service loi.ilea iw.mi, j nese corniilalnts were iliiet'ted against i every class of utility, telephone and ' telegraph companies lending with i iltil complaints. Water companies ; were next with SSK aiul electric com-i panics third wkli 170. Tho Informal service complaints against gas com - panleM totaled Hi and 70 were reg- istered against auto stages and .truck lines. - Forty-nine persons registered complaints against:- stem rnllroad service and llf. against electric, mil- roads, installations, extensions and : cancellations, which were the, source of B04 Informal complaints could well be classed under the service heading. They wore the csuse or 194 complaints against pleetrlo.com- I4,lw iO'l -fianln., t.l..k.,. water companies and 79 against gas companies. , A recapitulation shows that where 4S7 informal complaints were based on the rates fixed by the commission 1393 were the result of dlsHntlsfac,-tion with service, including Installations, extensions and cancellations. According to the records for the year, 751 informal oomplalnts wera registered, against telephone artd telegraph utilities. The informal complaints against electric companies totaled 587, and water compunles 472, Tho gas companies wcro informally complained against 2ti8 times and steam railroads 17. There were only s2 complaints registered against electric railroads!, while against auto trucks and stages I Complaints were made. , Impartial treatment tt)f consumer COfll r ft- ' APARTMENTS MEETING THE. Although those best posted on 'the subject of building are-generally of the opinion thut no' appreciable reduction In the cost of materials or labor is to bo expected In the immediate , future, keen Interest was aroused among the members of the Oakland Real Estate Board by the announcement made by one of its members that a material reduction' In the cock of apartment house construction "us just, been made, and that a contract has been let to -a bs Hun Francisco concern for the erection of a 100-room spurt ment. house In Oakland at $1022 per room. This figure,, when compared with estimates of from JU'Oti to $ir,00 per room for similar construction which obtntfvpct" during -rh.e pnsr twenty months, indicates a probable prompt .revival of housing construction in tmsncommunity. A survey of rental accommodations made by tho United States Depart ment of Labor recently supports con- elusions drawn , some time -ago bv the Oakland Ileal Kstate Hoard to the effect piat apartnKij houses and Hats the onlv satlsfnctorv answer to the housing problem confronting ! the wage earner or.-mrmll salaried i man under existing conditions of ,gh rental schedule, and i in view jbfthe fset that such schedules are ukly to continue for some years to comB Thc.se best informed on such a thwi . niivinceri thut the t.r. enf rental schedules will continue until such time as activity In residence construction has supplied the existing deticienry in housing, accommodations to meet tho demand of the law of supply and demand,- nd utility Is the basis on which all investigations are conducted, witn the result that in nearly every case awards by the commission are accepted with affirmative comment, and frequently freely expressed gratification by both parties to the dispute. The records ot the gas and electric division show that of the 943 complaints filed 648 were adjusted In favor, of the consumer and 295 in favor of the utilities. The percentage of complaints per each 1000 gas and electric, consumers, taking the IS largest utilities, ranges from .25 to 4.07. t VAIXWOrffioe' -of The TIUJll-M; is locate,! at 349 Georgia St.; phone V.12-J. HOI UESTION The California Nursery at Nlles is finding itself swamped with spring orders. The lateness of the season has made it possible to plant long after the ordinary date, and purchases are being made in car load lots From four to six car loads of plants and' trees are leaving Niles daily for all parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Five car loads of rose plants alone left in one shipment last week for the east. The demand at the nresent time is . largely for ornamental trees and ,..ujv lui Km uii auu ,rtt( ,v unc, iltltt for this variety of stuff there ha been an unprecedented call. Superintendent Campbell says that he has never seen such a demand for trees and shrubs that produce colored berries. Home owners, he says, are planting permanent gardens and are using, large numbers of shrubs that Mve bright eolored berries to furnish color for the gardens. The east is making large demands upon this nursery for rose plants, which develop to great perfection at Niles. The remarkable feature of - fruit tree shipments has been the demand for grape stock. In spite of the prohibition amendment the nursery has been stripped of every bit of grape stock that they had. An enormous acreage has been planted to grapes in this state this year, because of the high prices received. The demand for fruit trees has also .been enormous, particularly for such trees as produce canning fruit. This dicmand is attributed to the fact that so many canneries and preserving plants have been erected of late, Insuring a market for all fruits that can be preserved in anv wav. ! The oponing of the famous erounds of the nursery to visitors has resulted in hundreds of people inspecting the gardens and growing houses, particularly on Sunday. President Roed-ing has inaugurated a policy of inviting visitors, and this invitation has been generally accepted, particularly by autolsts. THE SOUTHLAND The contention , of real estate dealers that Oakland should become the logical renter of the California country land business has been substantiated through a recent influx of southern California bankers here 'in the Interests of several large deals of this type, one pf which, in excess of $500,000, may bo consummated this week. The deal nearing completion is being handled by R. B. Cadwalader, in charge of the country land department of the Fred B. Reed Company, one of the first firms to- bid strongly for the country land business In Oakland. Cadwalader announces that the deal involves a large parcel of land near San Francisco Hay which a rhain of southern California bankers plan to subdivide into , small fnrrns. Prohibitive prices and scarcity of unimproved lands in the fwiiithern oart of the state have been Instrumental in directing the attention of dealers there to the lands adjoining the bay region, Cadwalader Mutes. N. B. Myran Tops Syndicate Sales Force X.- B. MYIt AN. wIkv leads Mie force of the Realty Syndicate In amount of sales. . ' ' ' X. B. Myran of the sales force of the Realty Syndicate; finished the year at the top of the sales force of that orgsnijation with a total of $141,037.61 worth of real estate disposed of during 1SS. The Realty Syndicate keeps a careful record of the work of Its" sales force and the completion of thej-ecord of the ;ear gave Myran the top place. Myran has oerstd largely In the acreage subdivisions along the Moraga road and in what is now Mont-elatr. Myran-began his work in this section some years as o snd lie was really tho one Wiio laid the foundation for the Intensive drive that Is now being made in the Montcialr seclioo. INVESTORS FROM - V.vs - - - " ! , 1 - ' -py j j If J j'l A. Uulletiu OuUland Real Estate Board. Shortage in housing accommodations in Oakland, which has for many months been an embarrassing problem, is fast becoming a serious menace to the development of the community and one which must be dealt with promptly and energet ically as a community problem, ao- ' cording to a report made this week to the Oakland Real Estate Board by its committee on building activities consisting of D. W. La Fortune, If. P. Bancroft and Fred T. Wood. There are in Oakland at the present time 41,052 residences and 804 ; apartment houses providing accom modations for 1824 families, according to a report recently issued by I. If. Clay, countyjfcsessor. This makes a total of housing accommodations for 42,876 families, providing for but one home for five adults In the enumerated population. While new industries are locating in this city in large numbers, many of them importing skilled mechanics who are bringing their families, the industries already established are finding difficulty In housing their-employees on this side of the bay. Rental accommodations are practically exhausted, particularly those within the financil reach of wage earners. New homes are not being built in any proportion to the increase in population. . ' An appeal made by a shipbuilding concern to Oakland realtors this week urges the co-operation of realty agents in finding housing accommodations for families of 600 of its employees who prefer residence in this community to crossing the bay twice daily. , BIG CITY RANCH SELLS RAPIDLY One-third of the pioneer Stotts ranch in upper Fruitvale has already been sold since the Villa Site Sales company started its subdivision last June. In seven months Its sales In this tract have exceeded $100,000. Now known as "Fruitvale Garden Farms." this famous old homestead, long held exclusively' by one family, is being built up in a hundred homes instead. More than twenty houses have been completed. For the most part they represent the best types of comfortable but Inexpensive California bungalows. Some of these are temporary dwellings, erected In some instances by thrifty individuals entirely with their own labor, "By permitting the construction of lost -cost houses, ive have attracted a desirable class of home-loving purchasers whose enterprise is proving a good oxample that is being followed by an increasing number of recent purchasers;" declares Lawrence Block, sales manager of tho Villa Site company, lie cited instances where men have solved their housing problems by working for themselves en a few Saturday afternoons and Sundays, raising the framework of their homes. After starting to build, they paid their last month's rent to their landlords and moved in under their own, roofs before rent day came around Ream. Others paid good wages to themselves during periods of irregular employment by saving the labor costs which they would have had to meet if they had been otherwise occupied. "Enforced vacations have proven blessings In disguise to some workers this winter." says Block. "They have had free time to use to their advantage. With a few hundred dollars in cash and credit they have emancipated themselves. They have secured quarter acres of rich garden soil for initial payments of from $60 to $85. With only $6.00 to $8.50 a month installments to meet, they have proceeded to build dwellings that would cost tnem at least five limes as mucn ench month if- they were to rent similar houses in town, "Although surrounded by the beautiful open country rising gently'tip-ward from parklikf Diamond Canyon to the foothills, they are in close touch with the center, of the city. Two lines of street ears pass within a few minutes' walk. In less than half an hour from their doorsteps they can roach the heart of Oakland. At Oimondv, four blocks distant from this tract, are numerous stores con- venient to shoppers. Movies, schools and churches cluster about this com-! munlty center. Besides city water, gas, electricity and telephone connections, splendid street work is now being installed without further expense to the purchasers. Fertile still and favoring climate assure abundant success to those who till these liny laimn in linn buiuatii spot Ol I r ruii-VHic, I.SSl WTOCK. Sin Jose Water Works has been authorized by the Railroad Commission to Issue $134,300- par value of lis common capital stock. The proceeds are to be used to pay outstanding notes and reimburse the treasury of the company for money expended from earnings for plant extensions and betterments. Advice of An v Expert Is of Great ..Value Rest estate men are generally sr. nuaintril with vsluet md are posted H- to lortion t whether proper, ties are likely to advance or decline, ami are al-o familiar with the character of a locality a very important hil of knowledge. : It i wie person who recognizes th value of aa expert' advice ami is hot edvcre-vla pa) in(t oroething for found a)tvirc. Commit mir broker firt. Tjhat nieiint fel. : f I K A: -. '-'I Iff I II MAKSHALIj k. hopper, who Is confident of the future of the building business In Oakland. Building during the year 1921 will be very active in the -opinion of Marshall E. Hopper, contractor and designer, who has been Investigating conditions throughout the state and over the coast. Itecent reductions in building materials and the tremendous demand for new construction is going to stimulate the building business, he believes, "The entire .coast is under built," said Mr. Hopper upon his return from a trip, "and Oakland is no exception to the rule, The only trouble is that many people who are thinking of building are holding off, hoping for a reduction in Costs. There has been a decided reduction in materials and the demand is so great that it is doubtful if there will be any further reductions in either materials or labor. The settlement of the labor conditions in San Francisco will have a beneficial effect upon the whole business, and I am looking forward to a very active year. "We have under way a very large amount of new construction in and about Piedmont People are; linding money for building when they, are assured of economy in construction. They are not opposed to good wages, but they want to be assured of careful management of their work. We have had more than UIOO.OOO worth of work under way continually and we see no diminution of this for the immediate future." Stage Line Business of R. R. Com. Claiming that it is operating at a loss of $7000 a month, the Star Auto .Stage Company has filed with the Kailroad Commission an application lor authority to increase its rates to a point that will, provide a return on the investment. The Star company operates between Oakland and Stockton, Stockton and Sacramento, Stockton and Merced, Stockton and Tracy and Stockton and San Jose. Because of road conditions ' the Petaluma and Sonoma Valley Transportation Company has withdrawn its application to the Railroad Commission for authority to operate an auto stage line between Caliente, El Verano, Boyes Springs and Petaluma. Walter M. Collins is authorized by the Kailroad Commission to establish a through auto siage service between Tulare and Porterville. He Is not to handle local business between Tulare arid Xlndsay, o both points Inclusive, nor between Lindsay and Porterville, both inclusive. The Railroad Com mission has re- fused to grant to Francis M. flrav a permit to operate an auto, pas senger arid freight service" between Fresno and Mariposa, serving La Grande as an Intermediate point. There wis no showing that the district proposed to be served required additional transportation service. A permit Is refused Alva Fudge and E. W. Winslovy, who wanted to establish an auto service between Madera, Madera county, snd Friant. Fresno county. The applicat ion was based principally on the need for transportation for men .who would be employed on an Irrigation project, the bonds for which have not yet been voted. . On the ground that jthe district Is already well served by two stage lines the Railroad Commission has refused to grant to Frank lmhoff a permit to operate an' auto service for freight and passengers between Cas- i cuoe and Huntington Lake, Fresno , county. W. R, Miles und the Huntington Lake Hotel Company, now ; operating in the territory, were authorised to extend the'ir stage lines to the northern end of the lake, j reclari'nr that public convenience ! and. necessity reouire the oneratlon of a through auto stage service, between Oakland nnd Healdsburg, Sonoma county, the Railroad Commission has granted to the Western Motor Transport Company a permit to establish such a Service. The permit, however, provides that the company Is not to carry local pnswengers between Xorth Vallejo and Xapa snd Intermediate points, between N ipa snd Santa Rosti snd Intermedin' e points. between Santa l;oa ami JlsUitibtti and ink-urn J.t jcoitit The upbuilding of Montclair has already begun and the coming spring will see a number of additional homes started In the new residence district, Just east of Piedmont, It la stated. Three families have built in Montclair .within the past year and are now living on the property. They are the households of George Kaiser, Howard Schafer and Mrs. Flora J. Krasch. The home of William Thomas is hearing completion, as is that of Pr. Mohney. The latter residence has been -designed by Maury Diggs, who has been chosen to draw plans for another Montclair home, that of Clarence Williams. Mr. Williams and Clarence C. Quinn are among those who will jfrnild as soon as the rains have subsided. Fred T. Tenheunen plans to complete his home, the foundations of which are laid, within the next few months. It will be an attractive resi- i dence on the Moraga road, near Edith street, just opposite the three-acre site purchased by William Nelle, secretary of the San Francisco Advertising Club. The long list of Montclair owners who plan to build within the next year is headed by George Hildebraht and J. M. Woods of the Arm of Hlldebrant & Woods, who will both erect sightly homes on their large homesites in Montclair. The fact that there were lio residences in Montclair before its sale was begun by the Realty Syndicate Is one of the reasons for its Instant popularity, according to James H. 1,'HommedIeu, engineer for tha Realty Syndicate Company. "When buyers have the assurance before them that only new - and modern homes will be built in a property they feel safeguarded," says L'Honi-mediou. The building restrictions on the half-acre and several acre home-sites in Montclair are from $3500 to $10,000, depending upon the location in the tract. - r - m . promoters ucf moan tea uraer The Railroad Commission has modilled its original order In the case of the San Francisco-Richmond Ferry Company by changing condition 5 of the order and making It read as follows: . : . If any prospectus is issued and distributed by applicant such prospectus Bhall contain language to the effect that the authority granted by the Railroad Commission to issue and sell stock is permissive only and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by tho Railroad Commission of said stock. A copy of the prospectus shall be filed with tho Railroad Commission. On each stock: subscription agreement shall appear the following language: "While the Railroad Commie-' sion has authorized the issue and sale of this stock its order is permissive, only and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of the stock. (See Railroad Commission's decision, No. Sill, dated September 24, Jltl'O.)" , It is claimed by the promoters of the enterprise that restrictions placed .by the commission upon the j method of handling authorized stock .issue of JS00.00O made it impossible to sell any stock. It Is proposed to usp the proceeds of the stock jKrte to ohtnhlit.h an". auto ferry between Richmond and San Francisco. Activity Reported In M any Sections Continual industrial activity , in both the Eastern and Western industrial sections will occasion new home building programs in both Electric I.non and Richmond Annnr. according to announcement of the K. J. Henderson company, owners of the tracts. " Scores of individuals employed in the various factories surrounding the properties who have purchased lots in Electric Loop and. Richmond Annex are making preparations to liu- h..l.. l.,n,1 n,lll, lnA .,n ytMyjrv inrii imo uuu- galows with the fall In building material prices, the company states. Activity In Electric Loop has also been: accelerated through the recent announcement of the new Durant Motors company of its survey of East Oakland for a site for its factory. SAN- JOSE office of The TRIBUNE is located at 31 East Santa Clara; phone 4756. rton Oakland 641 C8WNEY GLASS AND PAINT CO NConronaTEO MANUFACTURERS & JOBBERS 368-370 Twelfth St AttM and IMntrJhtjter for inS t.C'CAN tc CO. ft b!U.lipM filnt hoi vircUJj Maker ftluc IMG. Fine Upholstering J. HUNTER S15 Telegraph Are. Oaklamtf 37.1S. KlaUII.I.4 ISST. tnrc . v. dt p. thmhip ro. FAST rASSEKOlOlt I'tiMIERI S. S. Alaska Malta 13 Xman January ZX tSS! Elt)i. Padua Laarald W3 ilirf Donaraity A. Brkl7 U mane Plell. .145 Trains for Ksioramento and Htln- htii-K leave 0ih and Shafier Jieput daily: ' I I.i) a, m., :5fl a. m, I'-sn a. m., 1 ... p. m , l:M p. m., fr:lB p. rib, 8:39 p. in. Thro tig b Ira Ina t Maryav'l.e, Cw.ii;i, Uionule and ili'-to.

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