The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 2, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1895
Page 5
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fttfo, and fto^ the tr&e IN THE LINE ie, Mr* and Brots in and get acquainted whetliei? you liaire a^r business Ibr us or ..not., Doxsee & Shaw. 5 and 6, Algona State Bank Building, Algona. Iowa. ^..^ MATTERS. tepera House line of coffees is fl'publisb this week a statement of Jkfcii*''. i •V'*' ii j..~»"™1 "t3*%*»ly D I/UM •*»••* v—•- — •• First National Bank. schools reopen Monday ^fpii^ant' a Happy Jew Year, d%tat.the OperaiHouse Grocery. ^6^e'' V| who'-wrdte it 1896 the first lease hold up their hands, »s a New Year's eve service 3; Church between 8 and 9 v« ar'v> now in order. The Grocery line is ;the -most ill-be a meeting of the'ladies jV$.. t Friday, January 4th, at »,CK.- ; v' ,'.', -iV'v i ., fCounty Supervisors meet Mpn- pake up the business of the yf^i .family should take -magazine, the Midland fjyiorse IB having office rooms fit- jBff Uievfront section of the upper S&EftJ.'.Gilmore's store. Ntfbrget the Opera House Grp- fottwill forget something worth *f<—'•*-*<**--fa do. , Baptist and Congre- uuvuu^^will unite in their ^ightVservicefJ,during Jhe^ week lyerr^V t"'' • ^V '• * ' 'c 1 ,: *V v -' i ' TffiB''& Sh'aw pall attention an Dig ®elr$usl^ i|plffP$f: ;r ' \ /,>-,•,• \',\> lEirstNatfonal Bank is handing' litsHpatro'ns" anditfrjends some s «.anW serviceable calendars. fa t"f*tL^ A*Wa * J ] "* '' m j Walt kutller,. who ^^MI^™^^™^^^™^—Horton, superintendent; Prof. Lilly, assistant superintendent! L. J. Eice, secretary and treasurer', Mrs, Guy Grove, chorister. An error appeared in our club list by which the BJSPUBMCAN and Youth's Companion was rated at $2.80. It should have been $3.30, The school board have elected Miss Hattie.Stevens and Miss EmmaHotell- ing of Whittemore to the v , a . caoc l es caused by the retirement of Miss McKittrick and Miss Smith, There was a lively meeting of the United Workmen lodge last night, the installation of officers and the count of new members being .on the Program. Both sides are in an inquiring frame of mind and the decision is postponed. Licenses to marry have been issued to J. B. Gardner and Cora Alice O'- Keill, Mathias Bowman and Anna i-r- pelding, Thos. O. Roberts and Li a Anderson, and Fred Byther and Ella Wolfe. Geo. 0. Call has divided his John Eeed building by a partition north and south through the center and Call & Swotting have taken possession of the eastern section for their 9ffice. They are well pleased with their new location and quarters. The Wesley Reporter says that Thomas Tweed who .was badly bruised and mangled by the cyclone is'able to be up and around again, but is.yet poorly, and it will be some months before he will be able to work. County Surveyor Tellier will office With Doxsee & Shaw in the Algona State Bank building, formerly occupied by N. J- Skinner. They are fortunate in securing such desirable quarters. This-'flrm will do > an abstract,, rear,esr tate, Joan ; and.insurancebusiness. ^ Dr. Kenefick has been treating three cases of diphtheria in the family of Mr. - • - who lives in the corner of place. She has not yet recovered the ise of her limbs, but is hopeful. She Wishes through the press:, to extend her thanks to her neighbors and ;he ladies of the relief corps of Algona 'or the care and assistance rendered since the cyclone, The Bancroft Eegister says that Dr. Cutler and Attys, Thompson and Eaymond found employment at Swea City this week as the result of a fight among some parties of that vicinity. The former went up Wednesday to sew up the gashes, and the Blackstones met before Justice Molinder the next day to obtain satisfaction for their respective clients, Thompson, for the defence, cleared one of his men and pulled the other through with only a $5 fine. Secretary Douglas ,6f the Iowa Con- „ are master* 6t theft ----.—-- ftfidattint.hefttntttftk of builders. They afe from Cfttadft, having beefc ifc this country less tfiao fifteen years- TBeir father was a Gfeimaft mill wright and the boys acquired their knowledge of the business through him. The meeting of the Social Union on Friday evening was one of the best vet held. The attendance Was fully eddaltothe seating capacity of the lecture room. Mrs. Norton's paper, "Thoughts on Trilby," was ofle of much merit and was read m the high* est style of the art* The author does tiot favor an exhaustive reading of current fiction, She* Would rather read what shall stand the test of time and intelligent criticism, and go into the list of standard books, Harvey ing- ham's paper on "Luxuries" was vigor* ous and to the point, Mr* Ihgham would eliminate the luxuries which are most expensive and most harmful to health, such as liquors and tobaccos, and out of the immense savings there* by effected, spend something for those luxuries which tend td the refinement and elevation of life, Mrs. Nettie Butler's "Gospel Train" brought down the house at frequent intervals* Mrs, Call and Mrs, Chrischilles rendered a very fine piano duet. The program throughout was a pronounced success, At its conclusion President McCoy appointed J. T. Chrischiiles as program committee for the coming three months. '' • MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time, B B. W, HAGGARD. i llfoiifttbe tetter . lie tvill be back io time to be swotn ifl. M. & Lumtrtsf is principal of the io^a City schtfole, and last Stfnday bis brother Shertftan preached a ttial set* ffioti in a Des Moines Baptist Churcb. The boys are getting to the front. A Gdodl? Httttte* of Bills Allowed— City Clerk's B&i&ty Raised to $95. AtGOtfA, loWA, DeC. 29, 1894,-The city council taetin fegulaf session at the office of the city clerk, Mayor Ambrose A, Call m ttie chair. Members present—Vesper, Wadswortb, Gar* field, Pettibone, Cofdingley, Magtms- son, Hutchins and tticoulln. Minutes of last regular meeting read and approved, Moved and seconded that the following bills audited and -approved by the finance committee, be allowed and warrants dfiwtt on the treasurer the same! , E 3 ailfflofe, sutapliea. ...... ............ John Paul LumbeifCO., lumber.... ....... . 48 93 John Paul LiMbe* CO., lutflbef ....... ... 3 82 EWHackman, labor......... \ ......... •• 4*95 J W Bobitison, hftrdWato ................ 8069 William Miller, lighting lamps ....... ... 16 00 Naudalti Bros., freight and draylng^,... 1080 tfitfiififc........ AndtbetolldwttfgDlifs the month" of tesfefo . special &Mef af tbs .wittHJit' ttpon of tbe A fr fiftlley* tmy Wm BteaWns for 23 A I? fi Wm Bj . <••• ••• • A I 'Dalle^ pay. Of tten fof fllbe WSfk. A 1? Dftiley, pa^of Iftefi ftff pipe wdttt. wm BteayettSi ditcmae. « ..!..... i ...... <) & N W tt'y 00., ffolght,,.. ,.».,..... ! Ayes— Vesper, WadsWortb^ ^ettibonei MagnussbM, a fittitchins and Nicotilinj MOBI— Ud*lu. Carrie^ Moved and seconded that tbe'salary- of the city clerk be increased to seventy^flve dollars per year, Moved and seconded that the cll adjourn, Carried'. ' s; poker joint |fe'5ast~month,\has turned up at anWolis, Indiana. d^MrsVeh7ever"Hudsoh Were' |td"to ? a surprise party by a number netfds. ! on .the anniversary of their g", New Years', eve, r!a"tenday's visit tfe |n-dfotber friends in ~ dau er r , ater^.left, for her home in ,V Wednesday,-,,^ , ,/ olks indulged in a dance QpurtTiouse, on Christmas night, that the , did KosKOpr, wno UVCB iu «"« w t?".,n Prairie township, adjacent to the village of Sexton. The cases are now under control, but the quarantine is still maintained. • - ' A The annual meeting of the'/Kossuth County Medical Society will be held at Algonaon_next Tuesday, January ; 8. OOUlOUOiLJ a^\JV»£j*Miw v-. •,—». -.— ..— — - — cregational Home Missionary Society, occupied the Congregational t pulpit Sunday, presenting the subject of Home Missions in the morningj and preaching a good gospel sermon in the evening. Whatever Rev. Douglas does -he does well and effectively. He is a welcome visitor in Algona once a year, and though he takes up a collection every time his popularity increases year by year. The amount contributed by the congregation and the Christian Endeavor Society was in the neighborhood of $75. Miss Ella Wolfe is so far recovered from her ailment and from the effects of the operation performed by Doctors Morse, Dorr and Walters that she has been out several times, attending the Christmas-eve entertainment at the Baptist Church among others. She went to Burt yesterday afternoon by train, in care of her mother, Mrs.Bloor, and from there will go to Burt township.!-Miss Wolfe, has had the best possible care. It Will not be a matter of great surprise, that Fred Byther was onfrof the party, and that he carried in his pocket a marriage license with his own name and that of Miss Wolfe on it. ' Algona was represented at the State Teacher's • Association at Des Moines and In 'addition to the re. there will be an address Jar prograi »y the retirii im ing .taken g) last _week . Young president, Dr. Garfield, and the election pf officers fpr the ensuing year. It is matter fpr cpngratulatipn' that while diphtheria has prevailed pver cpnsWera'ble districts. ,of Kpssuth cpun- tv Allpna has not been in'the least af- fect7d 8 by the dreadful disease. We have not bad a case of diphtheria in Algona for ( several years, \ Algona Grange set out ,. "_ ,_... gaturday Jn nes, by Superintendent B. F, Eeed .Prof. Lilly. They report the session as one of more than usual - interest. One of the things decided upon by the superintendent's section, was to ask the State Superintendent to make the age at which girls can be granted few'weekg, UIUMU1. «*•«» rw—.~—i-» - -• which those present enjpyed _ There will-be(another pf tbe sam0 ;sprt one week frpm Saturday and aU^our readers and their relations are strpn 0 "* advised to niake'th? most of a spJeftj pppprtunii?y/ ,v k '-', jpgepU Tbpmpspn ww, v^v-y™^ .etitipn^yesteraay addressed; tp,| :dpf |lU%? **ft^ WV » ****'•* fS* ^»w»-— *— — "i,— • certificates eighteen and that of boys nineteen years. Heretofore it has been seventeen years for girls and eighteen years for boys. The college section got into a lively scrap over the question of classificatipn, and the de-, cision was left as unfinished business. Tbere was considerable excitement, > There 1 was a fire alarm a little after one p'clpck yesterday afternppn, and he fire bpys pulled tbe hose cart jn ively style up toward the steam laundry, where tbe fire was supposed TO be ' - • • "-r,were.turned back be- w »v. VH^ ^v^vjed their .destination? she supposed blaze npt materializing, "•', Jphnspn bad turned on the-steam „. the drying ropm, locked tne door, and gone TO dinner> and jit, was, the • issuing oHtin, cipuds sybicb occasioned, the false jmpregsipn,,, How roa,nr^W'Y,ear8 dinners ^rejPoUed $a,$ not been reported,., It ww.ft, sinj?- PERSONAL MENTION. Ex-Supervisor W, W. Alcorn. of Bancroft, was a visitor in Algona Monday. P. M. Barslou, Esq. with his wife and daughter, visited in town between trains Monday. They were on their way to Wesley to spend New Years with their son, Prof. Frank Barslou. Miss Fannie Moflatt and Miss Antoinette Durant entertained • one hundred members of the Christian Endeavor Society, Friday night. It was a very pleasant occasion. Frank H. Slagle has returned to Strawberry Point to resume his teaching. ' . ;. " " • J.E. Hudson is at home in Algona. M. E. Schleicher was in town last and was inducted into the mysteries of the A. O. U. W. order. J. W. Sullivan spent Christmas at his old home in Johnson county. Gardner Cowles arrived home Monday from Burlington ,wnere he went to visit his father who is seriously ill. Miss Ada Pinney, of Humboldt, is the guest of M. B. Walters' family during the holidays. George Horton and Misses Allie Wardsworth and Mabel and Bubie Smith return to their studies at the University of Minnesota next Monday. Frank Tellier returns to Iowa College at Grinnell, to-day, and with him goes Miss Fannie Moflatt, who will take in- struction'in the Musical Conservatory. Mrs. Kate Starr visited Des .Moines last,week to attend the art loan.exhibi- tiojv,xSb,e visited, Mrs. Wheeler and 1 other, friends. , , . , - Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson arrived home from Des Moines, Saturday, where she had been attending at the bedside of her sister,, Mrs. Dr. Shore,-who has been guite ill. , MjiaChapin, who has been attending the Capital City Commercial College at DeS Moines for some months, is spending hifc' vacation at home; He returns to the.instiitution next Saturday for another terni. H. A» Paine went to Chicago last night bn'business regarding hay Shipments^ Mr. Paine is 'one of the.larg- est shippers and most successful deal- this part of the country. - Lawyer Cloud spent Christmas at his Old home, in Nevada. Pro£ A- A. Sif ert has been spending his holiday vacation at the home of bis parents, in Algona. He goes downto Mason City today to visit ms newly married sister, Mrs, Stewart. Prof, Sifert is principal of the Clarksville schpol. It is a fine school with four assistant teachers. B, B, Warren and wife arrived home Fridayi'ftom Whitewater, Wis.> where We Wish to Call Attention. To Our Complete Line of Blank Books, Stationery, Memorandums, n'$ Pocket Books, Etc. We have an immense line of these goods, also OFFICE SUPPLIES. Those wishing anything in this line would do well to give us a call. F. W. Dingley, , THE DRUGGIST. That our Assortment of Is complete in every detail, and that we are now offering qualities; that in former , years tfrb(ag! DOUBLE THE PRICE now ask ed. Do not forget that they OB 1 THE CQNPITI01T National GO TQ At tbe close o£ bysloess, De«, 19, ly4m'^eA^ t -'&w t*T»sa-i V a.v^A'SfcSs^ • *#; ,-^TBSPOK

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