Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 24, 1921 · Page 45
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 45

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 24, 1921
Page 45
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ribune VOLUME XCIV OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 24, 1921. T PAGES 1 TO 8 NQllf cm h ST SOME POLITICS -T. Bruce Maiden, Chairman of the New Committee, Outlines Policy. By PACIj GOIjDSMTTTI. The appointment of a city planning committee under-the recently passed ordinance creating such a committee -was of Interest to the general business part of the com-munityand to the real estate profession 'in particular because of the appointment of F. Bruce Maiden, president of the Oakland Ileal Estate Board, and Harry A. Lafler, the well known Industrial engineer and statistician. The political troubles over the appointment of the committee, and the differences that have arisen between Mayor John I Davie and Commissioner Edwards over the manner of the appointments concerned the real estate worJd vastly less than the personnel of the committee. Particularly in the appointment of Maiden and Lafler they saw a recognition of the profession of real estate. Without waiting to discuss any political or legal questions that might arise, the new commission immediately assumed the responsibilities of office and proceeded to do what It could to "get busy." In this they were confronted by many political complications and their task, in view of these complications, will not be an easy one. But the committee organized at onde by the election of , Mr. Maiden aa chairman and then L turned to see what could be done. '-The first thing seemed to be the investigation of the conditions surrounding TreHtle Glen and whether anything could be done toward getting a portion of that canyon for a i-ity park, and if so, Just what could be done. In starting this investigation they ran op against as many political obstructions as they did legal and sales obstructions. The law makes the tjKnmission of Public Works a member of the commission, and Commissioner Soderberg met with them promptly and went with them to the ground. But at this point the commissioner informed the new committee that he did not feel justified in taking, part in any proceedings that wotild establish a policy or even perfect a pan becauso he would retire -from office in less than three months. He extended his assistance, but absolutely stopped at that point. The committee then made its examination into conditions at the en-a trance to Trestle Glen and found that a tier of lots was being put on the market at the entrance of the glen und that at that time half a dozen of these lot had already been sold. After an investigation into the eiact conditions that existed as to titles :ind the like they consulted with City Attorney llagen as to the legal- possibilities of condemnation and an aw r seaeraent district for park purposes i as a means of raising ,the money ' But always there stalked before the new committee the political situation, and so they determined to face that political situation and determined upon a policy to be pursued in making their work eSectwe. That poller is best outlined by Chairman Maiden, who described the attitude of the new commmittee, say- "Koet of tub are not politicians, and none of us were consulted before the committee was named. We realize that we were created t7 a faction, nd we also realize that If we are to tcoomplish anything it artist be with the support of not any one faction, but the entire Council and the tk tM 1 n s n r p creating our ' 1 . ' w - ' - I i-ommlttee can be repealed at any time, wnlcn aDOiisnes me cummincc and, even if that is not done, objection to any of our plans by the Mayor or even a minority of the Council, would prove fatal to our work- We must have the support of, not a part-but ail of the city government. AVe ure not going to try to hang on to bn appointment that causes any frlc-' lion whatever. We are anxious to work for the city of Oakland if we can produce airy results, and If we cannot or if we cause the slightest friction in the city government our resignations will be available." ... The city planning committee has already established the. principle of iwe meetings a week to be held at 8 o'clock in the morning for the discussion of plans and projects. "You can't accomplish anything without work," said Maiden. 0-.s --.' jiIvxT scsrExns. "WOODLAND, April 23. Investi- gation into the activities (of the de-. funot Pacific Car Building Company was commenced here today by the Yolo county grand Jury. The company, of which James Westerveldt of Ijos Angeles was president, sold a large amount of stock in Woodland, started a large plant, but sus-'pended operations with the plant only partially completed. Wester veldt has lt-rt wooaiana. jtvecenuy an expert employed by the stockholders has been going through the boobs of the concern. It is understood that he found nothing of a criminal nature. PIMPBOX MABE TO OBDKB Window Screens for ptood koaac Vmwtmt frier m Qutrk Delivery , iwMalle If drairrd W. C SIMPSON S51 ISA 8C Lakria TSO Ftw Otklua 4t Downey Glass and Paint Co. tvroutHiKATRD MAMTACTLRERS & JOBBERS 368-370 Twelfth Street pui Dd Wti1lotr toe JOHS U7CA8 CO. of PMUdelphU Paint ana Vmih Makna aiM 1M Maxwell Park Is Shortly to Be Marketed Views in Maxwell Park where - ; L T Retailers Begin Gathering At Fresno and End Up in Yosemite. "Come On Along!" 'Together!" The two slogans blend well. One is the slogan of the J921 convention Qf Western Retail Lumbermen' Association; the other Is the war cry of the Northern California boosters. The first is a result of the second. The selection of Fresno for thiji year's convention of the Western Retail Lumbermen's Association, April 25 to 27, comes as a reward of the efforts of lumbermen who ar Northern California boosters. It will enable Northern Callfornians not only to "tell the world," but to show the world what Northern California has to offer. The - Western Retail Lumbermen's Association is composed of the leading retail lumbermen in the states of Oregon, .Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California. It is conceded to be one of the most successful and progressive associations of its kind in the United States. B. J. Boorman, Great Falls, Mont., is the president, and A. I Porter, Spokane, Wash., secretary. ' . The convention at Fresno will open at 9:30 on Monday morning with an address of welcome by Hon. John S. Chambers, comptroller of the state of California. Among the subjects which the convention will discuss are correct selling, creative advertising, the local architect, contractor service, elements of service and modern merchandising. In addition to the routine of business, a program of entertainments has been arranged by A. J. Russell, San Francisco, chairman of the entertainment committee, which will prevent the visitors from experiencing a single dull moment. Banquets, theater parties, luncheons, auto rides, dances, vaudeville and jazz bands follow one after another with a three-day auto trip to Yosemite Valley, starting on Thursday, April 28, as the grand 'finale. On this trip the delegation will, while in Merced, be the guests of the Merced Chamber of Commerce. During the convention the delegation will assemble in the Woodman hall for .all business sessions. Delegation headquarters will be at the Fresno hotel. From all Indications the Western Retail Lumbermen's Association convention Is going to be one grand and glorious VMk. Come On Along," "Together." SACRAMENTO, April 21. While most of the activity in Sutter Basin, the big new colony north of Sacramento now being settled, has to do with the preparation for cropi, eral crews of men. horses and tractors, also, are busy with thu road building. f Sutter county and the Gntter Basin Company Jointly are building a new connecting link between Knight's Landing and the Sacramento valley boulevard, which runs north and south through the heart of Sutter Basin. This will greatly shorten the distance between Ensley and Knight's Landing, ' Survey work is under way on the ' county bond issue road from ; Knight's Landing north. Thll highway is to be built as a part Of the . Sutter county highway system, $,-000 having been appropriated for the purpose by the county. X portion of this road will be coveraUd this summer. Sutter Basin already has a network of roads, built in the last two . years to serve the colonists who are J to become farmers in the district. By far the biggest activity on the 45,000-acre body of alluvial soil now has to do with farming. Dozens of gas tractors; ranging from JfT-horsepower to 7 5 -horsepower are busy putting in crop, fcugar Beet seea in season has opened and the first cutung of alfalfa hay is nearly nUr for the mower. Weather the last two weeks been better for Tanning operauona. BUYS WATfcK rXiAWT Russiaa River Water Company was today authorized byi the Rail- road Commission to issue to Hugh and Mary Breen $S09 of stock In MEET ROAD BUILDING II SUTTER Blffllil paysient for the water system ope- I sioner 'and myselr, adequate mspec-rated by the BrtoM in the vicinity I tlon would be impossible aadar aay of Monte Rio, Sonoma county. . i other circumstances." streets and sidewals are being built, and many new homes are under ; 1 property is offered-for sale . . j r , x . ""T"J."." I .UIIISBTf 11 J-ii:: 2 ' ;X 1 r The Last Big Close-in Up Into Lots Sale to The last close-in piece of acreage property in .Oakland, containing about "00 acres, is fast being turned j into a beautiful residence park and which is to be named Maxwell Park, after the . owner of the property, John '. Maxwell, who Is one of Oak-" land's best known business men. Mr. Maxwell, realizing the great growth which was bound to come to the city of Oakland, purchased this property some years ago and has held it Intact for the very purpose to which It is now being used. Every day scores of men with the aid of big trucks, tractors, ditchers, horses and concrete mixers, are grading out and building beautiful driveways, laying concrete pavements, and it is most Interesting to see the beautiful lines and curves appear where yesterday there were none. Another force of men are at work with saw and hammer, building homes, each one of which Is different from the other. In laying out and planning this beafutiful residence park a great deal of credit Is due E. C. Prather, former .county surveyor, who was instructed to plan a home district where any man, woman or child would be proud to live and call it their home, and above all, Mr. Maxwell Insisted that everything should be done and nothing left undone which would make it a place of beauty. The tract is located In East Oakland, adjoining Melrose Heights, and is beautifully located on rolling ground overlooking San Francisco bay, but protected by the hills from the sweep of the cold north winds and having a splendid mild climate. Realizing the importance of transportation Mr. Maxwell has entered 1 i f m Building Homey Homes in Sunnyside This is a photograph of the new homes now being constructed in the new tract . that has been opened under the attractive title of "Sunnyside" pi, . , fflk&A -Tl K Z Gvexx COUNTY ntspEcWoxs H. M. Kingwill, county horticultural commissioner of Glenjrfhaa Issued the following instructions regarding incoming nursery stock: "In order to fully protect the horticultural interests of Glenn county ; - . , , L,nlMln to citrua ,tock. it haa ben j th- rtw,irmtT, that all r'tnu nor- . d..oIll,t.d before beini be defoliated before being ,hd lnto tbia county This was Aw. tw f -m.r .... Vlpri tYl neei of thorough inspection to keep j our county clean of pests which we j believe do not now exist in the county; second, on account of the ' small force, 1. e.. the deputy eommus- ' V2 , Tract Is Now to Be Cut and Offered for the Public into a contract with the Oakland, whereby Strep Railway Company Una Is In be extended four blocks, right into the tract, at an expense of J20.000; while the Southern Pacific electric trains pass within two blocks of the entrance, which gives direct service to San Francisco. By auto the tract is reached by driving east on either the Foothill boulevard or East Fourteenth street as far as Fifty-fifth avenue, and "then north on Fifty-fifth avenue to the tract, which lays about two blocks to the west. Kvery day there are hundreds of people out watching the development going on and anxiously waiting for the opening of the tract to the home buyers. Announcements of the opening of the sale of Maxwell Park -will be made through this paper in the near future. Commission Modifies Very Strict Order Inspection by Railroad Commission engineejh having' shown that the Contra Costa Gas Company is now giving services of the standard required by the Commission, the Commission issued an order permitting the company to put into effect the rates it was recently authorized to charge. The new rates may be collected on all regular meter readings after April 20. The company serves Crockett and other towns In Contra Costa county. Consumers in these towns, Crockett particularly, complained that they were not getting good service, and when the Commission fixed the rate schedules FS1 ' JiV jL Planting Sugar Beets in the Sutter Basin MADDOCK, Sutter county. April 2S. Preparations are under way for tha planting of ISO acres of sugar beets for the Eutter Basin Company, In conformity to a contract with the Hpreckles Sugar Refinery, entered into some time age. This beet plantation will be one of th largest la California, and the output, Judging from the past performance of river bottom soil, should total close to 2O00 carloads of beets. As tho beets are harvested they are shipped to the refinery. Cattle will be fattened upon tha tops, which art left In the fteida, ''Hit .fc j Ai v XTx -J construction, even before the "1 K. .XS. v u . j I PLACE III T Eastern Electrical Men ITold Conference in Oakland on Wednesday. Pessimism has no place in modern progressive business. The public must be attracted by good service, good advertising and good merchandising. Buying should Increase. Trade is at a turning, point and should be stimulated. . A coterie of lecturers representing the joint activity of nine electrical and appliance manufacturers come to Oakland next Wednesday to tell local merchants some trade-getting facts. This troupe Is on a tour jof the entire nation and bring with .them fifteen demonstrators, qiumitles of demonstrating appliances and a unique revolving stage, aectionalized to make possible a continuous rapid-fire demonstration. In addition there is a show window . 44splay made use of by the decorative and advertising sections of the troupe. -i On the Pacific coast the conferences are meeting with marked success, and at Spokane and Seattle hundreds have attended and expressed appreciation. One prominent sales manager states the conference lessons will be worth thousands of dollars to his company and believes the demonstration Is staged at the most psychological moment in the history of merchandising. The manufacturers participating are: General Electric Company, Edison Lamp Works, Duplex Lighting Works, Ivanhoe - Regent Wtorks, Hprague Electric Works, Edison Electric Appliance Company, Electric Vacuum Cleaner Ccjnpany, Hurley Machine Company, Trumbull Electric- Manufacturing Company. This conference is to be staged at the Oakland Auditorium theater, Wednesday, April 27, 2 to 6 p. m. and 8 to 10:30 p. m. While Intended for dealers, the public is Invited. for the company It provided that all service complaints must be satisfied before the new rates could be put into effect. Home Building in a Section That Is Growing in Popularity. What floor plans the home-eeker prefers in a six-room home la being determined In a vote from home-seekers, who have gone in large numbers to Inspect the first eight houses placed under construction In i the 1300.000 building program of til homes in Sunnyside, JuHt east of .4 Broadmoor cm East Fourteenth street. To the snrprlse of the builders, the Darling Harding Company, a majority has voted for tha arrangement with a breakfast room between tha kitchen-and dining room. The explanation la advanced, however, that the preference for this home may lie due to tho arrangement of porches, there being both a covered and an open veranda. A number of people who hava Inspected the propertied have made application for tha builders to construct homes of like design an lota already owned by them. Tho Sunnyside hemes are making an especially strong appeal because ef their distinctive design, the twelva-year payment plan, the pleasing surroundings and freedom from foga. PESSIMISM BUSKS IS FACTOR IN CITY Vhat Tnrlock and Modesto Districts Prove in City Growth. California cities are but at the beginning of their growth," said officials of the bond department of the Anglo St London Paris National Itank, In discussing "The Marvel of Irrigation," the 7t-baire book for which material was collected tindor a co-operative arrangement between the division of farm management of the University of California and the Anglo ti lyondon Paris National Bank. The greater part of "The Marvel of Irrigation" contains a record of the growth and prosperity of the Tnrlock and Modesto Irrigation districts during the pant twenty-flve years, in which they changed from dry farming to irrigation. In addition the book contains two articles written by experts, covering the legal and financial position of irrigation district bonds. "The purpose of this book Is primarily to open the eyes of the people of California to the wonderful future which Irrigation promises to us." continued the bond department officials. "It Is thought by most people, when the subject is given any thought at all. that Irrigation concerns only the farmer who Is Irrigating his land. As a matter of fact It concerns every one of us, because when Irrigation Increases farm production and makes possible Increases in farm population it increases many fold the business of the state as a whole and the population of the state necessary to handle such buslnea. "It Is safe to say that for every person on a farm there are required in the cities at least seven persons to supply the farmer's needs and the needs of each other. Therefore, If you double the number of farmers you must Increase at least several fold the number of those who are not farmers. "This Is not a mere theory, but K we think. demonstrated by the growth In size and In prosperity of California cities during the past fifteen years. We believe without a doubt that in a very large measure this Is traceable to the Increasing population, greater production ana far greater buying and consuming power on the irrigated lands of Call-forila. "ln The Marvel of Irrigation Is told how Turlock and Modesto changed from districts of great grain ranches to districts of much smaller but more diversified farms. The change was made necessary by the fact that grain farming had almost reached the point where It did not pay. Tho land was debilitated, prices were low, and the outlook for the future promised only worse conditions. The change was made possible by Irrigation, which means a certain and ample supply of water at the time and at the place wherl and whero II Is needed. "Under Irrigation farmers may venture to plant orchards, alfalfa, vegetables; to invest In dairying and to build creameries, in the certain knowledgo that they need not fear drought and the loss of their crops. "The result has been magical. "In Modesto, before irrigation, there were eighty-one farms of an average size of 1000 acres. Today there are over 2000 of an average size of 4 0 acres, and experts estimate that the possibilities of intensive cultivation are but half realized. The population of Modesto district has increased from 3500 to 24,000. The annual net profits derived from land has increased from $351,000 to 4,. 392,500. "In Turlock, which Is a district adjoining Modesto, and about twice Its size, there were 140 farms Of an average size of 1250 acres; today there are-i4000 of an average sixe of f.O acres: andthe population has Increased from 950 to 15,000. 'These are but Isolated figures taken from this 71-page book which reads like a very romance of achievement, s "Irrigation Is making this possible." Will Rebuild Tivoli Hotel at Pittsburg PITTSBURG, April 23 A new Tlvoll hotel is going to rise On the ashes of the old hostelry at Fecnnd and Is Modanos streets, which was burned to the ground last fall. S&lvatore rartenico. the owner of I the site, has concluded to erect a new hotel, consisting of 22 rooms, with two stores on the ground floor. mpijncNTiTTT TAFT TAFT. April 23. The board of trustees has voted to hold a special bond election for the purpose ot voting bonds for extensions of- the sewer system, extension of the fire system and the opening of Fourth street crossing, tne election to ue fclbeld May b. The total bond election calls for $110,000. Oakland Brass Foundry All Kindt of BRASS, BRONZE AND ALUMINUM CASTINGS yc vpeclaltie In Alamlnnm Castings ef all kinds and carry a complete stock ot Broaxe Bushings, 928-934 23rd Avenue rT o.ki.d CrK'HARD A slORGAX Frvltvele 430. Fine Upholstering y Cii ! Warkaaa. Trtaaa Baaaaaakte R. J. HUNTER SIM Telegraph Ave. aklaad 173. EataMlaked 1MT. IN fib COUNTRY LIFE Stage Line Business of R. R. Com: Establishment of a motor truck service for the transportation of green fruit and produce between Los Oatos, Mountain View and Oakland is proposed In an application for an operating permit filed with the Railroad Commission by L. A. Mlsener of 201 Forty-first street, Oakland. H. W. Moore, according to an application filed with the Railroad Commission, wants to establish an auto truck service between Stockton and OakUale. Proposing an auto transportation service for cream Arthur J. Ounn has applied to the Railroad Commission for an operative permit covering the district between Kelspv- vllle and I.akfport. Ijike county. Iff i-nrrirji passengers Between tnese points. Arthur E. Palmer wants to operate an auto freight service between Sacramento and Nlcolaus and has applied to the Railroad Commission for the necessary permit. The Railroad Commission has denied the application of the Han Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways for a rehearing on the application of O. Kppson to transfer to the Western Motor Transport Company the permit under which he was operating an auto stage line between Albany, Alameda county, and (Richmond. Contra Costa county, a Ijist March the commission authorized Eppson to make the transf'f over the protest of the street railway company. Ily Nelson has been atithTorlzed by the Railroad Commission to transfer the Wllllts-Gerberville auto stage line permit to Thomas It. Riley. The consideration is given as $4000. The application of C. N. Gaylord for a permit to operate an auto stage line between Stockton and Ion 1'edro Bar has been denied by the. Railroad Commission. The territory is already adequately served. The Valley Transit Company, a corporation, is now the owner of the operating permits under which J. C. Walling operated auto stage lines out of Fresno to ilakersfleld and to various San Joaquin valley towns and cities. The Railroad Commission today approved the transfer of the permit's. The change In ownership of the stage line Involves JUS. 600. K. R. Young, proprietor of the Stockton, Sonora and Grovetand stage line, has applied to the Railroad Commission for authority to put into effect a new schedule of fares. Declaring" that the companies now giving transportation service between Lindsay and Portervllle, Tulare county, are not providing adequate service. W, M. Collins today asked the Railroad Commission for authority to Invade the field. He is now operating between Tulare and Portorvllle, via Lindsay, but his per-mit denies him the privilege of handling local traflic between Lindsay and Portervllle. He gays the traveling public Is insisting on better and more frequent service. Fred Ludeklns, operator of an auto truck line between Martinns and San Francisco, has been, authorized by the Railroad Commission to transfer a one-half Interest In the business of C. I). Rasmussen. - l 11 iiaraa zttej&f-fc 1 tit Li 22 I. Here's the Floor Plan that 21 out of 26 visitors voted for, last Sunday. Come oat today and see if you prefer this to the arrangement of the other seven "Darling" Homes now under constrocrJoo in Sunnyside. All are spacious, unusually well cxmsrructed -delightful homes. Six rooms and a breakfast room m eacn' with entirely different exteriors and floor plans. Apyered Porch Open Terrace constitute part of the charm of this beautiful little place. The yod ready for sun or rain. When completed, within two weeks, this CaU-fomia type home will have hardwood floors jhrocghout, ivory a French gray finish as buyer prefers: breakfast room furnished in reed, cabinet kitchen, tiled bath with Roman tub, built-in buffet, book helves, etc Large, garage, driveway, lawns, throbs and winJtwr boxes go with house. Lot 43x163. in bearing fruit trees. Pacm $7500. An initial payment, the balance over 12 years. Near Schools, Carline and S. P. To see this and other "Darling' Homes tofc East Mlh Street carlo Surm$iiJc Drive and East I4ih Street, one block easi f Catahriifo arenue. or phone. ' WE HAVE A FEW CHOICE LOTS FOR SALE IN THIS TRACT Darling, Harding & Cp 208 9 Syndicate Bldg. , - Oak. 7S3 CORPORATION i COMMiSSIONER IS SUSTA1HED Los Angeles Jury- Convicts Promoter Upon Blue Slrf Complaint SACRAMENTO, April 11 WhfU a number of persons have been convicted in California for violations of tho corporate securities act, otherwise known as the blue sky law. the first conviction ever secured upon a complaint sworn to by an officer of the state corporation department has Just been returned hi Ios An gelea when a Jury In Judge Houser'a court found Kmil Spitzer. former president tit the Pacific Toy Company of Arizona, 'guilty of selling stock without a permit from tLe commissioner of corporations. Spitzer sold 4 2S shares of the capital stock of the Pacific Toy Company to P. II. Joyce at par, SI per share. The Pacific Toy Company ' Is an Arizona corporation. It had never applied for or obtained from the commissioner of corporations authority to sell Its securities In thh state and Spitzer had not beeti given permission to make inch sales under a hraker's or agent's license. Spitzer contended that the stock which he sold was his personal property and that he had a right to market his private holdings without a permit. In the trlat Deputy District Attorney Clark of Los Angeles, who prosecuted the case, maintained that it was the stock of the corporation which was sold by Hpltier. In commenting upon this conviction Commissioner of Corporation E. C. Bellows today said: 'This Is the first time that the corporation department has directed a prosecution against a violator of the corporate securities act. Hitherto there has been soma question among certain attorney as to the constitutionality of the act and a few of them have displayed confidence In the idea that the (Commissioner would not enforce lu j. "This department will not dally with tly-by-nlght sellers of stock who attempt to make the state of California their dumping ground for worthless or unauthorized securities. "There are many persons in this) state who are continually preytng , upon the credulity of people wha come Into a little money and who, in seeking safe investments, are persuaded to purchase share of stock In some company organised in some other state and which ha not compiled with the laws of the state of California. "The flpiuer rase was the first time this department has acted ia court, but it will not be the last. There are several cases now peade Ing and the department will glv no quarter to the violators of California's blue sky law." - LIVE OAK SCHOOL BO-MS An issue of $43,000 Live Oak Union High School district per cent bonds was awarded yesterday ta Itond & Goodwin & Tucker at a premium of $989. Other firms or Individuals that put in bids were: National City Company, Cyrus Pelrea Ac Company, E. 11. Rollins Bona. Hrooks of San Jose, Stephens tc Co.. Dank of Italy, William Cavalier as Co.. and the Hank of Loa Catoa..- BNim'RT isiiSII Z, r j I?

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