Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 10, 1921 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 10, 1921
Page 8
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SUNDAY MORNING DaklanB Ctifume r APRIL 10, 1921. FORMER PR I FJTER ftiuiun Mrs. Louise McCuliough. Also . h Allowed $15,000 For i Legal Fees. r (Contributed h'y Oakland PionevrM No. 37) im:li: fred and ms big gami; SAX FHAN'CISCO, April -Ed win enrtora Mcvunougn, at c time a San Francisco printer, ami now head of a Philippine exporting :ml importing house in New York City, has been directed by the su-ureme court to ray $500 a week .ilirnony to his wife, Mrs. I-ouise Me- j Cullough. pending the outcome or a uit for separation brought by Mrs. McCuliough. The award included 15.000 counsel fees and is said to be one of the largest awards made in the courts of New York in severs years. In court Mrs. McCuliough stated that her husband ' was fi2 and she -wns ten years his junior. Before her marriage she lived in Los Angles. She -said " McCuliough met hor in a dancing school in that city "When she wan 15. They were married in April, 1893. in -San Bernardino., They had a son, Ronald, who died of, typhoid, fever In San Francisco. " - ' BADGKn GAMK CHARGED. Shortly before tha death of her win. Mrs. McCuliough declares her husband attempted to use her in a situation that would compromise another man over whom hp wished to Kitin a business . advantage. On her M-fmorl. Nile . declares ; McCuUough boat and kicked her and poisoned her' son's mind against her This brought about a -temporary separation. , . " - tfli other occasions, shs told the court, she learned of McCullough's intrigues with other women. They went to New Tors: Iris 1916.;. In January, 1920, he left her, she declared., - ' ' On June 7, while. ' Mrs. ' McCuliough was riding in an automobile m the Bronx with her 15-year-old daughter, the machine at.ru6k a tree And the child was killed Both of -Mrs. McCullough's legs wTre broken. She stated that McCuliough came back to her whila she was recovering from her injuries, but left her again while she was still in "bed. McCuliough, in an affidavit stated that his J wife was verv temperamental. AUTO IS RKKCSED , McCuliough cited, among other instances, a time when, he declared, he desired to use their automobile to take Governor General Harrison and -Manuel Quezon, president of i the J'hilippine senate and chairman of the Hecial oommisKion to the United .States, to dinner. His wife on that Occasion forced him to take J them in a taxicab, he said. i 1 Miirty of the allegations made by j h.s -nife were denied by MeCullottgh. i A friend of his, W. Morgan Shustcr. ' who was at .one time the American ; .fiscal-: adviser for. the Persian gov-? i-rnmi!;, declared that McCuliough 1 had been h missed in various' ways j iv bis wife. -.-; ' .Mr. Mc( 'oiloHgh said that in his! Z, otingcr day, her husband was a , lrintt-r in Sajv,Jfj;;Jn-isco. She pays ' s!mt following w;plinish-Ameri'-an war and the ."'Xtttij-lcitn occupation us "tins - i'hiiippinrs. n government I iirmllng contract which MoCullouvth ' had obtained was rxjnded to the I Vhlilpplnes and Mhatfrhe,,tand McCuliough went there to live, fk- H r married life with McCVwiptigh , w ;-..- happy, xhe-said, until Mufti I-! Sav. -burs! Ik-vou remember Fred Olnejv fir . ' Uncle Fred" . as we called hint? He lived' in a little shack .lust about hack of where the Grant school . now stands, on Cemetery creek, " th present Kichmond boulevard. Well, he was a good old sport, but what yarns he used to tell about the, big game he would shoot In the night time, animals which he said were trying to geUjnto his shack, ' such as lions and bears,- and how he would let them lie until morning but during the night coyotes tb-Ittsyou would nee of them. There was one suuirrel . that seemed to have a charmed life: for if I sht that beggar once,' it was ten times, so X gave him up as a bad Job and did not waste any more shot on him, but stuck a siick in his hole so in case at any time I came around I would not waste any more shot on him. At last I missed him from his usual hole, so some one must have got him. It seemed as if he knew me, for when I would come along, he would chirp and then duck into MISS BEER MADE MEDICINE BELLE OS W- 'J W 1 w m mm would come along and eit them up. so he was never able to show them to us. So, one night we put up a Job on him. Jack ' Hays, .lohn Coffee. WlUHawkett, Ed Carr and "yours truly" went out to investigate for ourselves, and what did we find? Lots of big game cows, calves and hogs, but nothing else.'.,-; We never let Uncle Fred know what we found out about the "big game'' which he claimed he had been shooting, so he kept right on telling his yarns. He was a lo a great user of tobacco, both smoking and chewing. Well, at any time I was looking for. small gamer I would take my gun and walk to about, where Twenty-third and , Harrison now is -for at that time we had no open streets then get into the bed of Cemetery creek and follow it up. By the time I got to Uncle Fred's shack, I would have usually from four to eight cotton-tall rabbits, and it was no trick to have a mess of quail, robins, doves or meadow larks when-they were, in" season. Then sometimes I would go out into the open aftar squirrels: for you remember what a good stew they used to make. If you did not shoot them dead on the spot, however, they would wiggle into their holes and that was his hole. Did you eyer try to shoot one? Welj, don't, but Just save your powder. Do you remember the trestle on New Broadway that ran from about Nineteenth to Ilobart street, across theJiJ tie creek from Delgrr's, west of Telegraph, for tjie horse cars, which they then called the Mountain View line, and how the ooys on the cars used to "soak" any one drltjng below It? Everyone was a target for them, but people had to drive that way, as there was no driveway on the trestle, and the boys usually had something In their pockets to -throw at' them. Same us ever." -. -. Yours truly, f B1LLIE. -ViriCAGo, April 9. There's a new debutante along" Pharmacopeia Bonfcvard. It Is Miss Lager Beer, whose popularity is causing uch old medical dowagers as Mesdames Elixir, Sulphur, BromD and Selzer much uneasiness. Hereafter Miss Beer Is expected to enjoy all the deference implied, by nhvslcian's prescriptions that re cently has been- accorded to her old playmate of the barroom. Miss Kentucky Bourbon. It's going to be hard for the" Beer girl's late playmates. Instead of greeting her aa-"sctattle of suds," Miss Beer hereafter will be at home only through official channels, physicians' prescriptions, pharmacy and all under dignified pro cedure outlined by the United States government. '. v f The internal revenue department, after long consideration, has come to the opinion that malt and hops, even with a bit of a "kick," Is tonic and may be prescribed by physicians as medicine under the Volstead act. Physicians may fut patients oi) a beer program if they are sincere in their professional opinion. The pro cedure, according to proniDition director Ralph W. Stone, will be for the sick man to take his prescription to a pharmacy, which will order his beer-medicine, rather, ' 'from a brewery and have It delivered at his back-door as In the days of yore. Slot Machine Owner ' Files $150,000 Suit fU.V FRANCISCO. April' 9. The agitation against the so-called gum-vehding machines resulted today in the filing of a damage suit for $150,-000 against Chief of Police Daniel O'Brien and three of his captains Charles Ooff, Arthur Layne John J. O'Mara. The plaintiff H. Stark, representing the automatic counter venders, who says that the firm's business is being Jeopardized: that they have an Investment of $250,000 in the so-called Ideal Gum Machine; have made numerous conr tracts and placed . many machines In operation. . . A . - - 1 Damaged Bed : Spreads $2.35 ... . ..... . . .,, ., , .. .... ..... . JuBt 208 of these honeycomb bed -spreads. Tha init perfections are so shght that they are scarcely noticeable. At the Wm-prlce offered you Sj uhmiM I. A nl.U 4 ...... i. .... 1 ' Wtl tzzzznrrvxuze i I . Camping 1 Blankets $2.50 Dark gray, ' wool - mixed camping blankets for out-of-doors or sleeping porch, use. The kind that Vgive satisfaction and" long wear. New Cotton Fabrics Their Crisp Freshness and Bewitching Colorings Presented ' Here in Great Profusion 1 - Tr5- jroi WasIiGoodls GOOD HEALTH BEGINS WITH PERFECT TEETH Tody, There Is No Need of Anyone Having Decayed ' or Defective Teeth toijv h riimmoncetl telling . her about ills r.ffairs with other women. When j.lif rrmonstrated with him for stay-'1 jr. 3 away from home tmtil ntorninK. ft vers 1 times a week, she says in-iii-1 t y tt-'.lSiiff her he had a right i'i iK': his ma lift' 'in' hi.-- own li..-:: r. t-"C4luv I'f lliese intrigues ' with ;-.'-r.wvmen.' whichshe ttaied h -csi-rying on in Manila in ll0'i, f ;: vem to i'aris In rest. 1 1U ANT WOULD HETl'KV t'-iif. Mid that, as fouii as the n"v-!. --' McCullough's escaiKidcs wore .. .:, "r v. hen iht y' secnied to involve t.t Iyer, be would come -back t tit r Hit'i ' hr jiai'd-.u. At such iim-js; r.e -:!.-', hf would make disgric-ful : n.:ri .-iji's and promise Hi chatme li'.t v a; . i in such fK-ca.'-ion.i, sh-f iiul. uii y Would stat i over airuin. t-iiv iu it l ii.i;. was miuii uu nv.l-!. ' ' .ir. M'i'n!(uU!;h i. a iiHi-iei;in and L...J': eiJ!iii'i:;-l,ed. in Oilier wajs.. She i I-'s Si anish. fit-rman and l-'ier.ch. fc-im .a siicialiy i-rominent in the 1U? :' the .Auii-i'ii'.in eoloiiy in liie . I.I lids win :i !-h( and her husband l-.M'd ia Ma,:::l.u.ti-ut,j 1913.' Story Tellers' League Will Hold Meeting MAC MILLAN'S SHIP FOR ARCTIC TRIP LAUNCHED .''EAST BOOTH "BAY, Mo., April 9.The schooner Itowiloin, liuili to carry Donald II. Mac Mi I lan, the explorer, on his r.fxt Arctic voyage, starting in July, was launched at noun Unlay from the shipyard of iiodb'edcn Brothers here. Th"e ship's hull in wedco-.thapcil with nothing to which Icr chji clins. Under sufficient pressure from the floes the Br-wdnln t.hould lift out of the water anil be carried along with the pack, and safety, when ihe pre.shiue i.-; reduced. MacAlillBii was chief ticuienuut- ''-1o l.it-iitenant Peary. The party will coiis!;-t besidea ' iJr, MacMillati of mi t-nglnct-r, ' three scientists and a cook, -all. of : v horn will lp carefully ttdected. . ' - .-' -- - : ' ' 1 "Left -home- again ?" "Yep." j ; answered " L'ncle fall l'.ottlrtop. i I "What's tiic trouble thia tlme?"f j "i 'arele-KM housekpeping. Hired girl! j t!cd "ii ail the yeast cakes making j ! bread." i ''Most people do not have to consult a mirror to learn' whether their teeth are neglected or not. Conscientious per-1 sons rather shamefully admit this evil, but for some unaccount-i able reason, they do not even then give their teeth proper at-J j tention," says Dr. It. C. Anderson, well-knpwn dentist with I local offices at 1225 Broadway ..' "The great lesson that you . must learn NOW is that you must take care of your teeth if you covet godll health. - j "The teeth are -Altai guuriiins -r ( just that much more 'punishment your whole digestive .svsfeni," wo!for yon In the end. I ,.- ir.l.i t.v ir A.ierv,, "There ia no need to fear den-. tis.' -those cluys. because dentistry is j i siit'e and tiii.i;)le.. and wlt'u flm use i then i of the X-ltay It 'idiogrAph, which Is: einplove.l men, Ihei t a t-.eV. "In this office we use the X-Kay oijily mixed with cliKstiM- fluids ia everv catc to determine Ihe exact of the .-stomach, ami therefore I condition of the p.i:lent'u teeth be-proper Ulger! ion' cannot he time- ; fore commencing ;.ny -work upon tioued. Much more imi-ortaiit f ' lhn. V le-trn from the X-Kay 13011 have goed teeth with which to properly enow what you the salha la fluid that' comes fror.i glands in the month to aid in digesting food 1 does not become thor- lv nil foremost dental' no possibility of mis-! our1 health than we re;.!!-e !.s. the proper tli--lion of wli-it we eat' therefore the nrrPs:Mv- of .(rood, faithful teeth.' ' ' "If your teeth are ilcciviug or defective, you should immediately Tnive thein taken c.-.re of by a kodiI dentist." Dr. A 'iilerson. "K,uh tluy you w.iit or prit.it. off laeans pietiircM xactly what is 'wrong and wliaH. sln.iild be done to eorrec-t It. This uXtelli'ient tUcthod of operation i is oiijr one of the many feitures of; palAtless dentistry ns it is performed in this estnhlishmetit. You can com? i lure confident of satisfactory re- j suits, moderate prices and expert . w ' U'l. mans hi p."- Advertisement. By -mm immm illil r 1 D r t - - - -f . 4, t I ML V a' ':J ""1' '-",- 7 ;. VHuiniff CirRttJWniuiinK'.itni:titiM tiJi:i'!i":ttitiiiiiiiitui.t iiiiiiiiiiiii:iiiiiinwuiHiiniiniumiiuiMB T -. THEM ALL BUT ONE! ' And He Haa Too Much Rich Red Blood For Me ys .UjcVampire of iron-starvation don't let him get you keep plenty of iron in your blood. Tu.. :n , K ! : I fKY S'ory 'I'. 'a .-1 r.- ; ' Of ja : iu pha iva ' ;l"s in which a iisit;- f.-.H da eve-.i ik u.o;, pril l.ea Th.-Tter,.,- ii " is I'l.uirihit: iv.s d' ai.njr w u)i -Jminunity ac-ry-ieil.ne would i - I!. .Iocclif-1 t re' J 'u.taii.d. . e.-'l-'-i-i: . re and U 1 ia 1- Iook t the p-,e.fliin. watery biootled crtures in this pj.-ttirc- sih him tlicv sie striijrelint,. trying to get away from tiienienMlessvaruptro of iron-starvation v-'liich holds them tight by a stout, rrta I l onUlhcj" can'not see. Their lick of DODILY AND MF.V- TI. Vit.Oil; titer inabirity to do a v work w ithout bcini all faRircd 4fivr r. .jw i i.,, AtS.U V I V. f i I'i ; L:.L:wii..r.U:;..U-iU- !'-! f- ! Extermination War Waged On Sea Lions 'ASTOMIA, Mre.. S pi ii ir.nit,.,j 1 'ress, ) Thai .ea-liiiii. alonrf rut-Oregon coast cat a erenter n.jmiM r a.f i-aiini.li (i ariii j I ha open sens..:: !.aj! art '.ii-! t i- all the Himbii ,,: r niiif-ri.e.- oi-eratinK - on reai-n w it r'. is ti e assertion of Cari .-"i.i"icnki r. secretary of th -itate ' - i 1 'vjiiuui'slun. ' '1 4'i.tiuiati' tJiaTtlo- SOOO sea -Hons u'ii,- the 1 o.-isv concui'i.e 4 l.r.titi.i.iiH'i -ursds of salmon 'iaring the 1 ",; . . 7-..- t.it..a iiic se-.soTi. t:h..-irsake!- faid "This is mote, than iil iMrt ,u!.iierie combined lunuit-... :a ;!,- i ): r.am i(-rii t " William lmffr has --.been' encriced tin o.'uir.i: sion to wa-'e h earn-, 1 i-.:n- for evierniliii, ;k,n .,f the sea - IA".' "H',-i." ' . , - Dance Hall Does Shjimmy in Storm By I'ntverxal Service ! At tP'.Y7-AKr,ATni-$:Tf- i -,( in shimmy-' dance was dem- ifiiitrnied'bere rrcentlj when a tor-! jj4-1o struck Dcrsey. X dance hal' iowded with uancers, WaK lifted! U.dily from l!.e trouiid, luiiiiK the i ,,rfK--r of i!u w.rvuijr of rcfrch-! t -ie:i!s. and deposited six. fvtldi-' at. (heir bid luck,: LACK OK V' JS- JsBJfv f nd the WH.I, l'OWKK to battle ' LA 1 R P ' -t L Ark s-imst obstacles, their frequent head-' i. -"7 -Vu ' ehi-!.. liHi-kache. nerr,i irrilak.liu IV 1 1 lV - V t ' IV ifx. 4A ... - ad hr ino-t-i r,ii bv lack of inm in the blond t hem nii'-thins; is wrong HUT ilU Y IX) NOT KNOW WHAT. They all envy the stronjr, keen, red 1 o,xjcl man with pleutr of iron in bi I !.!. who. in spite of "hard times" or thcroosUrle" has the "dominant force: "will power." physical and mental s-trenifth to cnshlo him to CO OUT AND WIN" and IUUNi; HOME THK "I AMI" wh-!o thry tuR in Vain to h-ras. tha hoiuis that bhl them f.t !f you r not stojj; or we!l von owe it tj) yr-lrs..f t rank the .following tsfj See how ' Hntc Toil cr.ii- workf or 'Km tr vou can walk w-.tlKi.it "min(r tired. Nest take twb fivr-frrain j.bh ts of onlinarv Nunated Iron three tunes per t.sy after meal for two weeks. Then test your 'r"l?(lh scam and sec how much you have gain-d. Thousands of nervous, rundown men and r' "" n were" weak and ailinK all the while, hai-e nirpi-.s .,s!y incrr-aW their atrenirth and en-ouran -o in to weeks' tune in many insUticcs, by i.i.o oou,.m cxperfairnt. Over 4 ooo.iki prople ennuaHy are m-rUXATI-B IKON. It wtil not .jure the. teeth nor disturb the stom-rh. 1 our money will be refunded by le manufacturers you do not obtain Uisfactory .result. Beware of nlv i.itutc. Alwa-,-4otit on havisF (tenu-r.c organic iron NUXATKD lllON. Look for U .letters N. I. on every iet. At all druggists. of the i Blood Ruins the. Health of Thousands Captivating New Frocks Lowered in Price to Insure". Quick Selling L, AND Refreshing new models ia delightful spiinglinie frocks of tricotine, filk taffeta, satin or Canton crep-e materials trimmed in various effective ways with ribbons, embroidery and often some dainty bit" of lace." All ofhe season's most popular shades.' , f Coats and 'Wraps of Varied Styles Blazer Stripe Material ' 50c Yard : The newest - skirting material for sports wear In a glad array of bright colors. Width 36 Inches. Excellent, value- at 50t yard. ' , . Silk Mixed Tussah , 69c Yrd -Attractive silk-mixftd ' tussah in new , and ' desirable shades - f,or dresses, . skirt, waiwts: and other wearables. ' Width 36 Inches. Lincne Suitings 50c Yd. A 'new Spring assortment of 1 medium round thread linene-, suitings in popular, plain solid colors.- ' - . Kimono Crepes 39c Yd. Serviceable kimono crepe material In a wide range of fancy flowered effects for kimonos and house dresses. Japanese Crepe 45c Yd. A - complete line of solid colors as well as striped patterns in popular Japanese crepe. Extra good value at 45 yard. . Linen Suitings $1.75 Yd. Extra quality fine linen suitings in plain solid colors for Spring and Summer waists, dresses and skirts. Width S6 inches. Lingerie Crepe 39c f d. Popular lingerie was ln: crepe in pink, brue and white grounds, with neat, , small fancy figures. Always launders nicely. Excellent value at 39 yard. Longcloth $1.98 Piece Fine quality, chamois finish long cloth for Vomen's and children's serviceable underwear. Width 36 inches. Ten yards to the piece at $1.98. Duretta Cloth 35c Yd. The popular white cotton suiting for dresses, skirts, middies and children's wear. Width 36 inches. Novelty Voiles 85c Yd. New arrivals in smart novelty voiles for Spring and Summer. High quality materials in an almost endless assortment of pleasing patterns and colorings. Silk Stripe Voiles $1.50 Yard Entirely new ideas in smart, high -class silk-stripe novelty voiles. Attractive patterns and colorings for waists, dresses ' and other wcariuUc. Dress Ginghams 19c Yd. V 1 n e quality .. American dress ginghams in a large array of fancy plaids and checks. Width 27 inches. ' Only 10() pieces at lf)i yard. Fancy Wash Voiles 50c Yard - A large assortment of fancy patterns and attractive colorings, In fancy wash voiles. Width 38 inches. Extremelv good value at roc sard. 32-inch Dress Ginghams 25c Yar . ' . Pretty- dress ginghams ini an almost- endless-assort- ment , of colorful plaids for ' Spring and Summer wear. ' Excellent value at Sot yd- - v 32-inch Plaid Ginghams .. .. 39c Yard Fine quality, durable plaid ginghams, in neat ' patterns and pleasing color . combinations. Extremely good value : . at' 39 yard,, v . Zephyr Ginghams 75c Yard . 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