Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 13, 1921 · Page 60
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 60

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 13, 1921
Page 60
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r 13 af sundry morning DakluiiD Cri&unc FEBRUARY 13, 1921. 1 Wyi LA 1 - - ME P i I I . its-.GUW Section iii orient i- i . ' . . "' .A rail and water terminal at . Shanghai, China, in close association with a similar terminal on the Pacific coast of the L'nited States, is a business transaction that has been practically brought about by Roy W. Gllmore and E. H. Dodge, American business men of the Chinese city, now In Oakland. The two , Americans are contracting; with Chinese In the Orient who have the one remaining' terminal site at Shanghai, and have become Identified with the Parr Terminal Interests on the Oakland western waterfront, and plan that the Oriental enterprise will cooperate directly with the local plant In the fast handling of freight between the two continents. Uilmoro and Dodgev since their arrival, have been furthering; the . plana of the Parr Terminal to erect a large factory loft budding for the accommodation of small . manufac turing concerns. The Oakland Cham bcr of Commerce state that they have a number of applications for such space that there are at present no accommodations for. ;, The proposed building will be erected on the unit plan. There will be heat, power, compressed air and unex celled transportation furnished the tenants of these buildings. The rail road tracks run alongside of the site and tho deep'water of the terminal frontage is right at the doors of the tenants. . There Is not American terminal in the Orient at the present time, according to Gllmore. This sort of business is handled by British interests, he says, and every American business man In the Orient is urging an American terminal for this season. Gil more said: "Before we left the Orient, large Russian interests called upon us, an tlclpating the . market. We we; unable to deal with them, due to a fall In Shanghai exchange We anticipate? making agency agreements pertaining to the Siberian trade exclusively. "The situation from the standpoint of the American in the Orient, depends entirely upon the attitude of ihe American manufacturer at home. If manufacturers will cater to Uie requirements of Oriental trade. It is impossible to estimate the great volume of business between the Orient and the United States. This is because Americans are the best liked "foreigners' in the 'estimation of the Chinese. Amerlcaij big business can unload its surplus product In the Orient. The enlarged production made necessary by the war may be kept going and unemployment In this country lessened. "Within the next few years thousands of automobiles will be imported into China. Already a highway is under construction between Teinsin and Pekin, .the capital. "Chinese officialdom, for financial reasons, is dealing with Japan, but the business men among the Chi-neso are antagonastic to Japan's business advances. This Is helped by the boycott declared by the young China element. It was reported a short time before my departure from Shanghai that moret than a half million dollars' worth of Japanese goods were 'burned by the young Chinese in me interior or that country. The young Chinese movement may keep the Japanese from getting a com- j ineseial foothold in Japan." 1 MOYK8 OFFICKS. Horticultural Commissioner It. M. Klngwell of Glenn county has moved ls ofltce from Wlllown to Orland and now maintains his oflice in the Chamber of Commerce building at the latter place. W. II. WerOeld. who has recently been appointed deputy commissioner for Glenn county, will maintain his office in Willows and care for the horticultural work in the southern end of the county. , . NEVADA DOCKS I'lLVXCniSE, O. W. McNear, Inc., has applied tovthe Railroad Commberion for authority to exercise wharf privileges rf what are known aa Nevada Iocka, between Martinez and Port Costa, granted In a franchise awarded by the supervisors of Contra Costa county. yV'r mre than ever, is t the time when effective advertising is .needed. The business man using this sales-creating force will find 1 92 1 to be a year of opportunity. "Dominant Idea Advertising ' eliminates waste and , shortens the distance bc- tween seller and buvcr. K. L. HAMMAN . Advertising 316 Thirteenth Street : Oakland IShoo Organization Tried Bv Gas Engine Co.lBFW STflRFR (1PFNINR flF The Abstractor PMTII.C i Tm ' - v ill m t i m ' I t itraUjS -'---. ., : - -,- New Industrial Plan of -an East Oakland Factory Is Declared to Be a Success An experiment in industrial shop organization is being tried by the Standard Gas Krgine Company 'of Kast Oakland, of which George W. Emmons of Alameda is the president. The basis of this organization is set out in a written constitution, to which all of the employees and the stockholders of the company have subscribed their signatures. These signatures make fourteen pages of a little pamphlet that hns been Issued descriptive of the plan. This basis of organization consists of three separate bodies organized from within the plant. There is a council of the employees, which Is el lectlve by the whole membership employees by secret ballot, and 'hlch takes up all individual com plaints for preliminary consideration and reference to the proper depart ment or Individual. This body la comparable to the Houce of Representatives of Congress. There Is then a senior council, somewhat like the United States Senate, created by appointment from the body of em ployees, to which all matters are referred if they cannot be adjusted by the junior council. There is al ways appeal beyond this to the Kx-ecutlve Council, composed of the board of directors and officials of the company, but tho experiment ' hwin been that few complaints get be yond the senior council, so that prac tically all complaints are adjusted i by the .employees. The preamble to the constitution, which was adopted at a - general meeting of the employees of the plant, read?: 1 We, the cmployeesoand officials of the company, in order to better working conditions, do proclaim eur belief In and adherence to the following principles: Americanism, Justice, co-operation, economy, energy, service. 2 Americanism, in all that the word implies, shall be a necessary qualification for all members of this organization. 3 Justice, in the' widest sense, shall be the basis of all our dealings, whether among ourselves Individually or as an industrial organization dealing with Its Individual members, or with those Permits Issued by Corporation Commissioner . Hlckok Lumber Company. Colusa. U permitted to declare a stork dividend of tZO shares and' to sell 70 shares at par, $100. for cash, to Its stockholders. The company is engaged In the lumber business at Colusa. Protective Hall Association. Oakland, is permitted to sell l.i.noo shares of Its capital stock, par value XI. for cash so as to net 90 per cenL The company has agreed to purchase a certain property in Oakland and to use the same for fraternal purposes. Western Aluminum Manufacturing Co., Kmeryville, is permitted to sell !00 shares of its capital stock at par. $100. SO as to net 85 per cent. The jc :'i-:-': . , , ,-ias! i j JTZSZ?m' a555 from whom he buy or those to whom we sell. 4 Oo-operatlon is necessary to pain tho greatest results as Individuals and as an institution; therefore, we must all pull together, and freely, cheerfully and willingly work in the spirit of harmony. 5 Kconomy To become successful it Is necessary that we learn and that we make the best use of time, materials, tools and energy. 6 Energy, properly applied, Is the power that produces results. Since results are the measure of our success, It Is necessary that we devote all our energy, both of niiml and body, toward their ae. coniplishrnent. 7 Service is an honest devotion to duty, and as we Intend fully and honeMly to live up to the above principles Americanism, justice, co-operation, economy and energy unusual service will be Obtained, and thus shall be established no! only the reputation but the character of servins the best and the most, and we shall deserve end receive proportionately. . S Under the.e six principles, which form the basis of the policy of this organization, it Is recognized that the employers fhall receive a Just remuneration, based on their Individual worth and on their collective .productive efllci-"' ' , t There i then a system of bonuses, al. men starting on the Macey waRe scale established dorms the war time. SpeakinK of this plan, George V. Emmon.s the president, aald: "Wo have been working about two years perfecting this plan, and It has been In operation long enough to prove that It Is workable and suc cessful. The constitution Is short and extremely sjmple so that the men can all understand it. and what is more, they all believe in it- We are getting excellent production, and the men are getting more wages. We start on the Macey scale, and In some cases the bonuses run $15 a week in addition." company Is engaged in the manufacture of aluniinifm ware and cooking utensils at Kmeryville. CJridley Masonic Temple Association, Oridlcy. has permission from the Commissioner to sell 2000 shares of its CHpital stock at par, i'ZZ, for (ash. The company proposes to purchase certain property in tlridley and make Improvements thereon. larling. Harding & Co., Oakland, Is permitted to issue 500 shares of Its common stock, par value $100, to H. C Harding in exchange- for 10 acres of land in San Leandro. Alameda county. The company proposes to develop this tract and subdivide it Into residence lots and construct dwelling houses thereon. frowley launch and Tugboat Company. San Krancisco, has permission from the Commissioner to declare a stock dividend of $375,000 aggregate par value of Its shares. The company la engaged In the general shipping and tugboat business Joseph Roeiner Company. Santa Maria, which is organized for the purpose of dealing in real property, is permitted by the Commissioner to sell one share of Us capital stock to each of Its five -Incorporators and to issue :00 shares in exchange for certain reul property, li also has permission to sell 295 shares at par for cash. Tho funds realized from the sale are to be used for the purpose of purchasing additional properties and making Improvements thereon. Investigation of ' Grain Rates Begun tin its own motion the Railroad Commission has instituted an Investigation Into the reasonableness of the arrangements now In effect covering transit privileges for grain. The Investigation will go into the milling, t'lt-anlng. storing or otherwise treating In transit of wheat, rye. oats, barley, buckwheat and corn between any and all points in the state of California. In connection with the investigation a hearing will be held in the Flood building at 10 a. m., February 1'4, and on MafVh 3 In the city of I.os Angeles. Commissioner H. L. Loveland will preside 'at-ihe-heaeinga .The following railroads have been ordered to appear; Atchison. Topcka & Santa Fe Itail- way Company, Los Angeles & Saltia Lake Railroad Company, Northwest em Pacific Railroad Company. Southern Pacific Company. Western Pacific Railroad Company. Sacramento Northern Railroad Company, San Francisco-Sacramento Railroad Company, Pacific Kleetric Railway Company. Since the beginning bt the wsr In 1914 the United States has accumulated a trade balance of approximately $17,000,000,000 against the w nrld. Standard (Has Engine Company, which is trying a plan. of internal shop organization, and GEORGE W. EMM()S, its president. DIRECT LI' liirect uinection between "Oak-i land and Petu(iuiu:i, opening the . possibilities of :!n i i.iklnnd .lobbing j trade with the Sonoma and Santa 1 Kosa. vallevs, will be established, be- ginning Thursday of this week. This 1 has been talked for several years. W. j J. Laymance having been the orlsl- nal one to urge such a move, while ; the trade extension committee of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce J has worked on the move for three' "years. The plan Is now to be put 1 IntA nnnr.llnn I , tl- O.. LLi ml.Pat j . Iiima Transportation Company, of which K. B. Strong of Berkeley is the head. This company will openj Its service on Thursday of this week j when the river steamer Kllen liund-j erson will reave the Oakland Municipal wharf at tho foot of 'h,y street with the first cargo for ivta-luni.i. The service will, at. first, lie twice a week., leaving Oakland shortly after tuion time -on Mondays, and Thursdays, and making the return trip from 1'ctaluma on Thursdays and Fridays, ll is hoped to make tho service dally if an amount ot tonnage can be secured to justify a dally trip. The new line will land at the Municipal wharf, anil the Lawrence Warehouse Company will take the general Oakland agency. Freight will he receivVd up to noon time of the day of sailing, and freight arrangements can be made with the Lawrence Warehouse Company. We look upon this with great deaiVif favor." said Charles W. Foy of the manufacturers' committee of : tho Oakland Chamber of Commerce, "and we believe that it will open a big jobbing trade for Oakland. I'p I to this time there has been no direct ! means of communication between j Oakland and this big territory, and the trade of this section has been left j entirely to other cities. Oakland I jobbers will now have a ih. trice to -compete with jobbers elsewhere upon an equal shipping basis " Nev Apartment House Is Begun Announcement Is made by the California Builders Company. 1"34 Franklin street. Oakland, that they hav started construction on an apartment house on the south side of Grand avenue, Oakland, between Perkins and Kllitta. The house will contain 12 apartments of ;i and 4 rooms and will be finished in lie-ured gum throughout and will be unique inasmuch as It will he furnished with huilt-ln electric furnaces, which the tenants can keep running at will, 24 hours a day, without cost. Tenants will also be furnished with hot watr at all times, which water will be electrically healed. The house will have practically every modern and up-to-date im-provemnt, such as hardwood floors throughout, built-in features of every kind, shower baths and electrical Installation, which will surpass anything that is to be found in Oakland The house is" beipjr built for .1. William Helm and vow be ready Ifnr nrruiifcnrv hv M.iv 1. .SSK;m:I) TO OTHI.R DITIF.S. Tlr .Inlin Miv a-hn for a Innir tini I has been employed by-the California I sttute lien.-irt oipnt nf. A ff ricu It 11 Tt, mm : veterinary inspector, has been transferred from work in the field 1 T LI ESTABLISHED to the position of market milk spe- said Mauerhan, "to have The Cur-cialist. lr. Hav's duties will lie with tain Store service on the highest pos- the various local Inspecting depart ments of the state and he will represent the State department .of Agriculture In its relationship to them. In due course all these inspecting departments may pxpect a visit from Or. -Hay. It is confidently expected that, through the closer touch thus established, great benefit may accrue to the inspection, work of the 1 stale as a whole. - BEING BUILT ON BROADWAY 1 !:' njetton of wo more store I iid'.fijf t the new growing r.roal- v, i . .irand avenue hiiKinesH center . .i - iiinouneea during the past week i. Trd v.. i:ed. agent for the, j i":: crs. One. of thee buildings i io constructed for (icorge 11. !. -. !Un Ktancisco and Oakland i !.': till int.. at the snuiheast corner of nd avenue and ISrnadwav. The i p.'oprtvfU'as purchased bv ftoos re-' sl,,'h Kglijcts. ne trn r.saction com - I-i-cntiy t If rough Heed aW adjoint a llp"'rl "'! -e-,r,,i i:trs reported I previous purchase which Room ha s ' ""er wj y have prov e t he accuracy .lust improved with a store building. The new building will he praciicallv an extension of (he previously built structure and will give Rous a frontage on Ihe entire east side of Broadway between Grand avenue ard ! Twenty-first street, housing ten store? K. II. Weil, another purchaser into Ihe new dis'rict. is to build the sec ond store building on the south side of Grand avenue, adjoining the proposed Rons building. It will house seven 20-foot storef. Thin will bring the total of new istoies Pit the intersection to seven teen, including the first, lioos unit t now completed and under leaoc. There Is a new laboratory in operation In Oakland, manufacturing chemical products and with a market all over California. The company ia the Kuro Kemical Kompany, which manufactures, among other things, a rheumatism remedy under the name of Ku-Ros. This as sulphur preparation used In baths, and is proving satisfactory. .1. .N. Win-gets tho man who discovered the preparation, and Dr. P. Muser is president .of the-concern. Arthur Thompson, of tfflVcity attorney's ottiee. is vice-president? and F. A. McDonald, of the Pacific Nash Motor Company, is secretary. The base of Ihe preparation .is a soluble sulphur, a thing thought impossible until Win get t made his discovery. The laboratory is located at Sycamore and San Pablo avenue hf-re. and is operating nearly to -capacity now. 9 - 1 Rediscount Notes ; The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco issjes the following: Very few banks have yet adopted the practice of requiring customers to discount notes that is to say, to pay Interest to maturity in advance. Banks which are re-discounting heavily are occasioned ielay in the preparation of applications for rediscount by reason of the necessity for computing Interest to maturity on each note offered. Delay Is involved also in the preparation of the notes before credit can be given by the Federal Ueserve Bank. Therefore, we have decided to adopt, temporarily, the practice of discounting notes at their face value, excepting those notes which are payable elsewhere than ill the town in which the redincounting. bank Is situated, such practice to begin on February 1. 1H21. While we fully appreciate that this is not the correct method ot rediscount ing notes, we feel that it will be of great assistance to our rediscounting member banks until such time as they can develop the practice of requiring from their customers the payment of Interest to maturity at the lime loans are granted. Curtain Store Has Stock Holding Plan The Curtain Store of this city has worked out and put into operation a plan whereby its employees can become stockholders and sharers in the profits of the institution, to the entire satisfaction of both the management and the employees. Starting with the lirst of the year - cooperative plan went into effect, which w ill not only give JOHK t. MAUERHAN every emnloyee a legitimate share in the profits of i,he com patty, but provides a plan whereby they may also become shareholders and thus share in hotti the workers' and stockholders- profits. At the end of the present iinanci.il year the profits of the company will be divided Into two equal halves, one of which will be distributed among the employees on a pro-rata basis, depending upon the salary earned, and the other half will go to the stockholders of the company. John i;. Mauerhan. the president and manager of the company, who responsible for the plan, states that one of the results he anticipates wiil be the added Interest In the hnslnesa of all emDlOvees. and a con- '-sequent increase in the service to customers. "We have always aimed, sible plane, and as this is only pos elblo where, every employee has the interest of the firm at heart, we art introducing the cooperative plan, giving everybody connected wh the firm! in anvpcapaclty. share In the profits. We have" been led to this move also by the conviction that the worker Is justly entitled to this share in return for his loyalty and Inbor.". ' NEW LABORATORY .1 FDR OAKLAND I '-i i if STREETS IS S Oflii-ial Hullclln of Mic Oakland Ileal ltate ll(iurd) j Popular, approval has come prompt ( on the heels of the action taken by! the Oakland city council In the mat-i ter of the .Seventeenth ctreet open-! inz and other projects of (hat char- j after laleiy rc-om mended to the m:i- mcipal m l lir:T i I y its special com- I "intee ..f '-.t:.ens detailed to study! or uie oeiicl U'til !)V tile cltv cuni- ni issi.ojer ihrit ..i.ch jinnrnvrmonl IN PROGRES will develop new taxable wealth suf-'J0 su-gest answers to tfire proh-fii-ient to make them brhlv profitazlc j of ,ne greatest importance now public investment iConfronting t he communit) . Two of Undertaken originallv In an at-. tempt torsive some of the problems presented bv ihe lack o.f adequate facility of tlowirown street 'traffic, the Mud i if street opening a nd street extension protect has developed the fact'that hv their accomplishment, if carried through iu an intelligent and orderly manner, a very extensive territory will promptly be brought into a new usefulness, :ind1iy this procedure new values wijl be created which will ndil several millions of dollars to the city's toiai of taxable wealth. CAitr.i 1 1, si p, i: After a caretul survey of the situation as it now exists and of the i in - proement likely to follow the pro-i posed street extensions, thfc city I council's street opening committee estimates that the actual investment on the part, of t municipality for such undertakings would be returned the part, of rtio municipality for iu mi' ciiv wiuiin mice years in tax- es collected against newly created values. Kealtors agree that if the transaction fust announced is transaction just announced is, as supposed, a criterion, of what Is to follow, the city's Investment in the Seventeenth street enterprise would be absorbed in less than the three-5 ear period. The extension of Kast Twelfth street from Twen'.y-:if tli avenue into Melroo has been approved by the council, and is already under way. The extension of Kast Kighth street from Kighth avenue to Fourteenth cnue 10 ruuru'r ilii ..,,mn,,i,t ., under negotiations. ZTr V. f . tt c:onslrl('r?b,p J,0,1'-i T,h t,on of tho passenger and vehicle avenue is still while the extension of Tenth street rtt M .... I n,,.ct..-,.,r,, . Second avenue- -the fourth feature --if Tr., h..a wn I has been, gram recommendation t in p ora r i 1 y a ba n d o ne d ., Keen interest 011 the part of students of the downtown commercial I area situation is cemered on the rec-Tom mendut ion .; I he street opening ! committee is to make as regards the I; second year's program. The com-i mittee lias not jet announced wUeth- er it will include in the next year's ; program the opening of Fifteenth ; street, from Franklin to Harrison streets, or possibly to Oak street, or will suggest some of the other features in its comprehensive program. OTHF.It PUOJKCTS Among the other projects approved by the committee for future accomplishment are: The extension of Fifteenth street front Pan Pablo avenue to Broadway, breaking up .the triangular block in which Is located the First National Bank, the First Savings Bank and the Kabn department store, which now forms a serious impediment lo the normal expansion of the business area. This undertaking, while one of the most extensive of the committee's recommendations, is regarded as one of the most vitally effecting a proper solution of the downtown street system problem. N The extension of Clay street from its present terminus at Seventeenth .street and San Pablo avenue northeasterly through the long blocks extending from San Pablo avenue and Telegraph avenue, between Seventeenth, Eighteenth. Nineteenth. Williams and Twentieth streets, and (onnefting with Telegraph avenue at Twentieth street. In this project Is also included the widening of Twentieth street along its southerly line from Telegraph avenue to Harrison boulevard. 1 The extension of Jefferson street northerly from Its present terminus at Seventeenth street to San Pablo avenue at Nineteenth street, breaking up the lotig blocks between San Pablo and drove street, Seventeenth. Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, and providing a new outlet southward for inbound San Pablo traffic. The extension of Castro street northerly from its present terminus at Twentieth street to connect with San Pablo avenue at Jones or Twenty-first street, thus adding to the facility for travel from northerly districts tributary to San Pablo avenue into the district Immediately west of the downtown commercial area. INTO MX PAIH.O The extension of West street northerly from, its present terminus at Twenty-third street, crossing San Pablo avenue at Isabella street and connecting with the northerly extension of West street, which now tef-minates at Twenty-sixth street. This would connect the two dead ends of West street and make of it a through north and south artery of travel ttetween North Oakland and West Oakland's wholesale and manufacturing districts The widening of Franklin street along Its westerly side' between Twentieth and Twenty-first and the elimination of a sharp corner embarrassing the tratlic at the northeast Intersection of Twenty-first street and Broadway. This proposal is made to facilitate Inbound Broadway tr.iflic destined for the heart of the business district In its recommendations trie street openlne committer TiVs stiempted Fine Upholstering It Cobh( W.tUn i Mm Iiunitit P. J. HUNTER 3156 Telegraph Ave. Oaklasd S7U. Kalaalut.r4 Ituti. . ....... A . DOWNEY CUSS AND PAINT CO iSroeponATto MANUFACTURERS & JOBBEU 368-370 Twelfth St. UhIi Plutrihotcn far fon. licas a co t Fc.iirv. r'nl ralk- Makrn Hl Arranges Facts In Easy Form II is ibe hUMne.'g of the abstractor lo (.iff from the voluminous record in existence all legal references and record concerning a given parcel of real e-iate, to arrange the matter in regular anil consecutive order, to rl forth clearly anil definitely and conserulivrly without rorrertion, amendment or interpolation; to add no m liable or figure which might tlrenglhcn the title,-to omit nothing that might weaken it, then lo certify to the correctiie-s of -his research, and finally to Hand behind hit . certificate ith all the properly he has in the world. Such a la-k as this, with t.urh a penally imposed for rarc.!e?snc. s or crook-ednrss, is sufficient to call into action the best cfforls of' any brain. V"'"'0 nave to do w it li street truffle lacllitv one Downtown and one in I:, a. st Oakland. business area Tim ,in ..in.,,, ,i.... tratlic is so closely aliie, with tliat dealing with the business 'district expansion that they have been considered under one head The street- tr.iHic problem involving Fast Oakland is that of Twelfth street, between Fallon street 'ahd First avenue. In dealing with this problem the trect opening committee, has attempted to eliminate from mis thoroughfare all of the hcavv trucking irafth: that is now forced to use.it and bringing1- if into its destination, the wholesale and shipping district at the south extremity of the commercial area bv wav of , r, . m ,;" .,' V tuoposeu new , K. at., fast T , slrpt me .. "v.. n., pnr.ri rtOI.I I' 0 1 1 C I CC 11 1 II ilVE- nue and extending along the Western i),.,.in,, ,ii,, --- 1 ?7n ,, r i - a V-,. hP prW! tu ' ! ",e f00t of I'-!fhth avenue. ent street at AT Tllli JLAKK Further relief to the traffic load of Twelfth street at the Bake Mer-ritt frontage Is provided for in the proposed extension of Tenth street crossing the Auditorium grounds and connecting Tenth street at Fallon with !-:.fst Tenth street at Second avenue. This would provide a new crosstonn thoroughfare for the ac- traffic now forced to use Twelfth 7"' " ',,' ,UKl "'ir y , ni" , 'Jar 1 01 11 u,--"u'u:u puim.-! in iiie ousiness ar('il "th "f Twelfth street, Thfi tra(,u, b)em j j inc uaun: (MUUJCII1 illVUIVCU 111 inn nusmess area is that or f ourteenth arid Broadway, where the traflic of these tv. o -main arteries is further Congested bv lh trsiftlo nf fVan PilhliV HflH Tplixrrjnli i -on the two main radial arteries leading' lo the heavily populated northern residence areas of the city. By street openings and extensions as proposed new avenues will be opened for the proper accommodation of much of this, traffic and relieve It of the present necessity of .forcing its way through the congested center at fourteenth street and Broadway. The most serious impediment to the normal and logical expansion of the business area exists in the lack of erosstown thoroughfares above Fourteenth street. This impediment the committee has attempted to solve by the proposal It has made for the opening of Fifteenth street and Seventeenth street. The city council's street opening committee, consisting of William Knowles, architect, chairman; A. It. lierge. a downtown property owner; Joseph K. Caine, director-secretary of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce; 1". Bruce Maiden, president Oakland Real Kstate Board, and R. Porter Giles, executive secretary of tlifs Oakland Real Estate Board, is expected to tile recommendation to the city council In the near future proposing the projects to be undertaken during the present year fcast Oakland, and third: - t(i4M u- " '' J-"ii their, in-wiy acquired normal a-nd 'logical expansion (7f 'ihej ,rO'0,'Uf,s especially when stock The entire series of projects recom-Jnf mended by the committee, it is esti mated, will require some rive years to accomplish. new cpMMissio.N t:n. Donald L, Currier, formerly deputy horticultural commissioner of Santa Clara Aiiunty. has been appointed county horticultural commissioner of San Benito county to succeed Xeon-ard Day. The oflice of the commissioner is located at HoUister. Why Pay Buy an Attractive New Modern Home in Lakeshore Highlands in the Heart of the Lake District for SMALL PAYMENT DOWN BALANCE EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS ; - A number of distinctive homes of 6, 7 and 8 rooms to select from. Convenient to Oakland and San Francisco transportation: protected, by permanent restrictions; handy to schools; high-class improvements. . If y-ou are seeking a comfortable home and pleasant surroundings here values are Increasing rapidly, make arrangements to Inspect these homes at once. .-,,'' Walter H. Leimert Co. SYNDICATE BriLDlXG tAKESIDE 4110 ' . SODAS', CALL BRANCH OFFICE. TT I.AKESUORE AVENUE I'IIOXELAfcLIlE SEASON IS PROLONGED B.v t.I OP.t.I I . KOKDIXGi 4 iimiii-iiL motorola .urwr io., Mies 4 allf. This season has Indeed been an exceptional, one for those who planned their planiliitis of shrubs and tre? iiionMis ap,o; not only' from the beneficial rains thai have come, but secure in the fact thai mere need be no fuiiher worry in icgard to the future abundant supply uf water to make those -shrubs and plants thai have been successf u lly sol 'opt grow luxuriantly through the ciiiiiiiik summer. 'D thoe who possibly bne Just bought homes unitiiproi cil, it is chClTl lll Itl'll 4 lll-il llrtl rt .' .-I l-n mains a 'good six weeks for plantlnti wnicn was uui up ami icmeci earlier last fall have been submerged in sawdust, only awaitinn a time when I hey would be purchased and planted to adorn many a landscape, for having successfully passed through a winter heeled in, being lifted with the earth around ihe roots ami wrapped and tied up in burlap, there need be no fear but all will live and grow, such shrubs on being ready lo be planted should never be denuded of their burlap cover, but, should be planted exactly as nveiveil from the nursery, as the covelinf; will soon rot off and The roe-Is pierce 'tho fabric. --in this niamser planting is prolonged almost inilelinitely. and property that otherwise would be compelled to wait over until next season can now bo safely be laid out to such desirable shrubs.- as will harmonize with their surroundings. In fact, tho late planting is in no way detrimental and one lias the advantage that when the warmth of spring brings all nature out in its wonderful -new dress, shrubs that have been' set out will soon adapt themselves to the warm soil condi tions ana oc enuceu 11110 cany growth. There is such an endless variety of trees and shrubs, especially evergreens, that, makes choosing them' for your home adofnmeut an easy matter, but it is always a wise thing w henever possible to visit wome large nursery where these trees are. grown. 10 maturity, and one can see the effect they will produce when fully grown. Often times a shrub while seeming to conform to its surroundings in shape and color whileoung gives an entirely diffcre-nt prospective when fully grown, and the effect that was desired will be entirely, lost. In case you have given up the idea of planting shrubs this sprint", fearinir the lateness of the season, this nrlii-le is written intejldinc- to' show that, in the modern method ot balling and handling plants they can be set out with perfect safety and surity of growing for the next six weeks. i .1. W, Cowart. for some years ' member of the I.ogan-Cowart Company of this city, real estate oper- ators, has returned from a trip of some weeks through the Middle West and South and has finally decided to re-locate In Oakland and open independent offices in the Syndicate building. After leaving the firm with which he had been connected Cowart took an extensive trip through most of the growing cities the West and Middle West, in ludinz the cities of Southern Call- ornia, Denver and the Rocky moun- Main region, tho Mississippi valley and the Northwest. - "After looking at the prospects of every citv carefully I have returned to locate in Oakland as the one with the best future." said Cowart. "I consider that Oakland will have a more rapid growth than any other city west ot the Mississippi river and I am back to stay." OAKLAND HAS FUTURE Rent?

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