Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 6, 1921 · Page 19
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 19

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 6, 1921
Page 19
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OafelanB , CnTiunc FEBRUARY 6, 1921. T-5 SUNDAY MORNING AGR1GULTURE IN ; TWENTY YEW EMHS GREATLY Improved Varieties of Plants, Machinery, Tillage Method's Contribute to Advance.' Millia Rodgers, a new dahlia of immense size. A beautiful ' color of old gold shading to amber. Sotc on exhibition at Frank Pelicano's San Francisco store. ' W. II. OHAHAM, r the tVCftern Noll Bacteria V. S. IV In ravteavina: agriculture and the work that Baa been done during the last twenty years To Advance aaxleul-ture and Increaw our practical and ecientiflc knowledge of this rnopt Important subject, it appears that -we have accomplished more in this short Kpace of time and have contributed more to the science of aericulture t than all past centuries combined. L,' Improved-varieties of plants. 1m-I proved machinery. Improved methods r of noil tillage, improved modes of ' transportation all have' contributed j tjheir part. Added to these Improved methods'pf fertilization, soil building arid ijwrmtenanee is undoubtedly one of die most important, for the soil anH the plant food which it contains. Js the raw materia from which all crows are made. The late census advises us that! . there are nearly six million farmers In the United States today, and prpb-ably the most important problem that confronts the majority of these farmers is tho maintenance of soli fertility and a sufficient supply of nitrogen. . Scientists tell us that -in the nir over every acre of land thwe are 36.-. 000 tons of nitropen in the form of ' Jiltropen Kas. Nature has produced a family of bacteria, which working on the roots of the lesume plants, is endowed with the ability to make this nitrogen available as plant food by converting It to the plants' use. JSverjr farmer should avail himself of this wonderful natural supply of tiltroiren his for the takinjr. Ijcss than eight years apro the West-fn Soil Bacteria Company established their business and began the breeding of selected nltrnpen (fathering bacteria (Bacillus tUulloiuola) and from this very small beginning they have established a successful business in Pan Francisco. Years of practical experience have demonstrated the. value of Inoculating all legume seeds with this nitfo-ren gathering bacteria at the time of planting The leading agriculturists, fruit growers and stockmen in the state of California can testify as to the efficiency of such methods in soil fculldinirand crop production. The value uf nitrates has already tt&on r-mahvaA Avnlllhlo rlennsim n TO i closely controlled, and the visible j iupply Is rapidly diminishing. Crops twill not grow without nitrogen, f Scientists and keen practical agriculturists realize that we must turn to the ,4 it" for our future nitrogen supply If human Ufa is to continue to list. r, iff 5 atei' . y" NEEDS AfJD USES OF FERTILIZER (Continued From Harden, ruge 1) sell to be so "fertil'' that It needs no ferliliier in produce effective crops whether farm or garden. As a general rule both crops and soils will demand a mixture of the crude fertilisers and there may be many occasions oh which It is convenient to be able to purchase ready-made mlxturts mI these crude materials. The chief difficulty that occurs in the application of crude-fertil iters is in making proper, illslrlbutlon over the land. It is therefore advantageous to obtain a materiel which Is not too concentrated In any one ingredient. Some, crops are particularly subject to the attack ot all kinds of pests. Small quant it !ec, of a good, commercial fertiliser have enabled prettiest lawn, but It takes about ' used instead of lawn, but never as three months with lots of weeding j pretty a green as the grass. They and care to get a good turf,, and arc let-oniim-mltd for slope" and April is the best month for start-1 spaces in driveways, and spaces being. A good mixture for any . sea-, tween sidewalks and curbH. They son Is one pound of Pacific rye to', should be planted one to one square one pound of blue grass to half an foot ounce of whlte clover which t;eii('F- illv gives good satisfaction. Lippla, ... Itepetis, Ico I'lam. . Wild Strawberry, tiar.ania, etc., are often Kerv automobile in Jfarls must he equipped with an anti-splash or mud-caiching-device. FRUITVALE NURSERY and; floral co. ROSE m?HH BERRY PLANTS. FRUIT TREES FERNS AND PALMS ALSO BEDDING PLANTS 3415 E. 14TH ST., FRUITVALEV. v Phone Fruitve&e 1584 1 JJjV" 510 Battery St. L San Francitco fill ES DEPLANS F OR NEW LAIS (Continued From Garden Page 11 outline could cover this most extensive subject. But a little reference to some things common to all la necessary here. Do not try to transplant Christmas Berries, Acacia, Rhododendron, etc, from the wild (except young seedlings two or three inches bigh). Only an expert knows how to move them, and he may fall If the root Kftem: has not been developed. Plants in pots and other recepta cles should be taken mil and planted Just a little deeper than they were before, about three inches In most instances. ..Plants billed, wrapped in burlap Tfboyld be planted with burlap left Jba tor safety. This applies to ay evergreen plants. leclduous of any size can be planted in the dormant season without ball. Bare rooted plants should have their roots spread out naturally. If subsoil is clay, and a plant requires a large hole down -in th clay, be sure there is an outlet for the water .which would otherwise Und in the hole and kill the newly planted tree. The distance between various plants is important. Sbrubs should be planted from four to six feet ftjart; bush roseB two feet apart, and climbing roses four'feet apart, Jang the fence. Jxiw border plants (tlx inches apart and tall border plants about twelve inches. And plant all kinds of climbers as close as they will g to the walls, trellis or fence. WIIKN TO SOW THK GHASS. Kentucky Rluc firsss makes the W. SENDA FLORIST SPECIJCL FRESlt Cut Flowers and Garden Plant ALSO LAWN SEEDS 1'iioNK fhi itvam: jo.-2 2271 East Fourteenth St. Jfear Tfrcntf -Third Avfinurv Oakland T. HARA .CO. NURSERYMAN AND FLORIST Ornamental TrWs, Shraba Ron Bushru, Berrirt Reading and Border Plant TcUphon AUmeda 584 1701-1703 Park Street Car. Bnena Vista Ave, Alameda fir 510 Battery St San Francisco mm t&tR? firm mm ntm !m?ri 41$ Xz ivtmmt fc Nurwries, Sixteenth Street, Oakland First Avenue, San Leandro CUT FLOWER GROWERS PLANTS i Pacific Floral Co. m 2109 riVlVFRSITY AVENUE, BERKELEY, CAI thtnt Btrktlty 4ti3 Oriental Nursery mmammmmmmmmammmmm HmOCAK & SON Snparter and Grower Wbolenle and Betiil All Kinds of Fertilizer CLarrmont and CoUego Avp., Oakland 'Teleptum Piedmont 1019 "BUY EARLY" All kind of parpen plant that yen tnsy need. Slock of every de.vrip-lion ia very tliort and oon you will not be able to pet garden plants exrepl inferior stark at hither prices. Especially the following varieties buy now: Cameliat, Rhododendrens, Ajseleas, Flowering Cherry, Flow. eriilg Apple, Flowering Crabapple, Flowering I'lum and Tistaria. bOUBLE HYDRANGEA "DOMOTOIP 50c to $3.50 . ' . affording in ize oT plant. "PINK GEM' NEW BABY ROSE AND MANY VARIETIES OF ROSES One of lly? bet nnall flowering roses today 50c and $1.00 CLIMBING H00SIER BEAUTY (New) One ef the bet red climber on the market (no mildew) free bloomer 50c and $1.00 1 EVERGREEN WISTARIA $2.50 to $3.!i0 DOMOTO BROS.' NURSERIES ' Import mnA f.rowem nf Plntx and ,Bulbt 1 f Aoieae Cut FUnrrr I) ruler t . Norseriea and Crenhoosev" 80th Are. and 01 it St, Oakland, CaL floral Depot, W Bath St, San Fraaeiara, CaL them to ret out of reach nr their eneniiea at a period when their capacity for obtaining nitrogen from the air is very small. They are particularly df pendent on the inisred!-enta contained In th proper commercial fertlllter. Another advantage of such fer"-tlliier la the absence of any disagree able odor, and 'the keeping qualities ami with the valuable eHsentlalg necessary to the life of the plants! Onu trie ricnnrsiH Ul urn cum biiuh greatly to its merit; OH CArjrtfo- f-fnnrlle charmed life, for during-his service I He was a man highly esteemed-" in ll UllUUieriJUlluica in hS dangerous profession- many I the, oil country. The passing of this Dynamite 35 Years We Are the Pioneers in overhead Irrigation in the West. What It takes to make two blades of grass grow where only one formerly grew, we've got. tol't'KXRn MAXt '.VC3JWI CO. 1U51 T St.. Fresno, rslifavdverrisemenf.' B H A It D IX) It O, I'a.; Feb. 5. Amos 8. Urown.. nitro-glycerine maker and shooter, who has stood at the brink of eternity for thirty-five years or more, lies Just died in peace nnd not in pieces, as happens most handlers nf nltro-glyrertne sooner or Inter. Urown seemed to possess a fellow workers Wjero blown to I veteran shooter, known fRr ind atoms while engaged in their labors, j wide, will be keenly regretted. 510 Battery St San Francisco Hayashi Floral Co. CUT FLOWERS, PLANTS AND seeds 2305 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda F-ree Delivery Phone Alameda 539 MQRI-Florist TELEPHONE OAKLAND 7G5 CUT FLOWERS , KPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN tO iMioxK onpKits ; 1510 Clay Street, Oakland XUIISKRV At IIAYWAHD Japanese Trees and Shrubs J . . . i Also FIoweringYoung Plants WHOLESALE RETAIL Tokyo Nursery Co. and Golden State Nursery Phone Piedmont 704 3701 BROADWAY, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA c i piirebfecl SEEDS Vegetables at your omi price You can have them all you want! lint you must first have a Utile gumption about you. The name kind of independent, pioneer spirit that your forefathers had when they made a dollar go a mile. They grew their foodstuffs saved money and gained self respect doing it. Don't nay you can't do it. Wouldn't you combine a few hours Bpare time with a dollar's worth of seeds if you could get $26.00 worth of vegetables from a ! x 30 foot garden? It has been done. Where e.le can you get a profit like that? One of the biggest parts of gardening is the m;i First GOOD SEEDS. Smallest in quantity, smallest in price (10c per paper) but about the biggent in importance. r Common nense tells you to buy seeds that have the best reputation and that can be had. without inconvenience 'at the store around the corner.' Don't buy by guehswork buy by reputation. To professional and amateur gardeners for sixty years. Ferry's purebred Seeds have been the btandby. They are dependable you harvest what you plant. Why is this? Heredity. Vegetables seldom are better than the parent plants. -Ferry's pure-bred Seeds are controlled for generations, selected from the best. . Sixty thousand annual tols for germination alone are made on Ferry's pure-bred Seeds. Start your garden now and start it right. Ferry's Seed Annual will help you. Write for. your free copy today. Don't delay nature moves fatL t . Ferry's pure-brrrt Seeds are gold erery uhere "at the tlore around the corner." D.VJL FERRY & CO., Detroit, Michigan 340 Sansome Street, San Francisco, Calif.

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