The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1966 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1966
Page 13
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*y Drew Po>or*oit --SPECIAL REPORT FROM WASH1NGTON*- WASHINGTON * Prettier Ky's difficulties in South Viet Nam again have underscored a basic Weakness of U. S. foreign policy that of supporting "legal" governments which actually are military dictatorships without popular support. It isn't a new policy to be blamed on President Johnson; It goes back for many years, in Latin America as well as the Far East. And It's a policy that is so entrenched it is difficult to change. In South Viet Nam, we first supported the colonialism of France. When France was ousted; we switched to helping a series of native govern ments, none of which was based on the will of the people. The late John Foster Dulles, Dee's Secretary of State, even knocked out the elections scheduled in Viet Nam in 1956 because he was afraid it would mean a communist victory. He chose instead to support puppet rulers who were quite willing to enjoy living in luxury on American aid but who had little or no interest in improving the lot of their people. This policy - followed under Eisenhower, then under Kennedy and Johnson - is the reason there have been so many changes of government in South Viet Nam. There has been no loyalty on the part of the people to Pre-- mier Ky's government or to any of its predecessors. The recent riots however, mean that an election to permit the South Vietnamese to choose their own ruler is almost certain to be held soon. And we still don't want it. Because Washington fears that if the people are allowed their say, they may well decide to invite the Yankees to go home. 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But he also was told that basically the protests were not a communist plot, but the result of antigovernment sentiment by people who want an end to dictatorial control. - o - - AID TO SHERMAN ADAMS— Sherman Adams, who resigned from the White House over the vicuna coat scandal during Eisenhower administration, has received a $350,000 loan from the Small Business Administration. The Democrats wanted to prove they they're impartial, will make loans to Republicans as well as Democrats. The loan was for Sherman Adams's new ski-lift in New Hampshire. Incidentally, President Johnson is quietly scuttling the Small Business Administration. He has failed to appoint a new administrator since Eugene Foley moved out last August. The Small Business representatives who used to watch over procurement at the Defense Department and General Services Administration have also been pulled back. The President is planning to merge the Small Business Administration with the Commerce Department in the name of economy. Small business advocates claim this will completely submerge it and put it under the control of big business partisans - and they charge Johnson is doing it deliberately as part of his romance with big business. - o- —WAR ON INFLATION- Presldent Johnson is now concentrating on pushing-back food - prices^iff his battle-against in- flatfdri 1 ! "" He has already ordered the armed forces to substitute oleo- mar-arine for butter in order to reduce the demand for dairy products. He has also asked Army quartermasters to be more price-conscious in shopping for groceries. At the same time, he has ordered the armed forces to buy shoes, clothing, and other items at times that will put the least strain on the market. His next food step will be to increase butter and cheese imports from Scandinavia and New Zealand. If this doesn't stop the price Increases, he plans to increase dairy price supports, which should encourage greater production and a dairy surplus. - o- —ARMS FOR ARABS-The Egyptians have been trying to persuade all Arab nations to switch to Russian arms. The Egyptians argue that the Arab states should have a unified arms system in case they fight together against Isreal. To block this move, the United States has made new arms deals with Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia - countries which don't love Nasser. Several supersonic, F-104 fighter-bombers have just been shipped to Jordan. The Israeli government was informed of this and unofficially agreed. - o'- -HAPLESS HUBERT— President Johnson didn't help Vice President Hubert Humphrey a bit by substituting oleomargarine for butter in the Army. In Minnesota, one of the biggest dairying states, the people are saying that their boy Hubert doesn't have any influence at all around the White House - even when the dairy vote in Minnesota and Wisconsin and New York is Important to Democrats and the oleomargarine vote of the cotton planters is against Johnson anyway. - o - .-SAVING THE RLDWOODS-- Members of the fourth grade class at St. Anne's School in Bristol, Va., have written letters to Gov. Pat Brown of California thanking him for his efforts to save the California redwood trees, and to Rep. Wayne Aspinall, D'Colo., asking him to THE GOLDEN MARS BACK TO THAT POOR WIDOW ...HOW fO AVOID HER PLIGHT A few retired couples *crc **• shook up, and as expected a few lawyers got their dander up. when the Golden Years column a few weeks ago told the sad Story of how a widow had to squirm to get the money her hus. band left her. This column Is a follow-up, to explain how a retired couple may avoid the widow's plight: You are married, are of retirement age, and there is enough money and property to see the widow through it the husband dies first— 1. Go talk to an attorney, one recommended to you by a successful businessman, the County Bar Association, a respected Judge . . . but not by your second-cousin, Horace. Tell the attorney you want to make two wills, one for the wife and one for the husband. Tell him also you want guidance from him on how the survivor of the marriage can get all of what the other leaves, can get it quickly, and get it without needless taxes and fees. Tell him you want his guidance put in writing—a letter or whatever—because he might drop dead the same day one of you does. , 2. Ask the attorney these spec ific questions: (1) If the husband dies first can the wife gain im mediate access to any joint bank accounts, safety deposit boxes and can she sell the house am any securities if they are in joint names? (2) If not, what steps does the widow take and how much time will be needed . . also, if not, will it be because inheritance tax appraisals are be ing made on the husband's half ownership of everything, and where is the widow going to get the money to pay these taxes and thus get the property and bank accounts released to her? (3) If here are stocks and other securities in joint names, how does the widow get them transferred to her name alone, and how long will it take, since she can't sell them without his signature? (4) Would there be an advantage in putting everything in the wife's name alone, or the husband's name alone? ... or would the state figure everything really belonged to the husband anyway and want to tax the whole works at full value? (5) What about Capital Gains taxes on the house or any securities that have gained in value? (6) How should the beneficiary clause read in the husband's life insurance policies? And (7) Is there anybody anywhere (a divorced wife, former girl friend, a disputed creditor, a stepchild, any relative) who could challenge the husband's will in court and tic the estate up for three years? . . . And if so what can be done about it NOW? 3. Pay the lawyer his fee, which might run from about $25 in a small town to $200 or so in the city. Which in either case would be a bargain. And if you don't, think so take ten more minutes of the lawyer's time and ask him what kind of mess you'd be in if you didn't have a will and his guidance on the matters outlined above. New GOLDEN YEARS M-pag. bookl.l new ready S*nd Me In coin la Dipt. CSPS. car* ol Ihli n«wipap«r, le Bex 1(72. Grand Central Station. N.w York 17. H.Y. speed up hearings on the establishment of a redwoods national park to preserve them. Their letters result from Gov. Brown's recent trip to Washington where he urged early Congressional'action on the establishment of a redwoods national park before lumber companies cut down the stately trees which are found only along the Pacific Coast. Gov. Brown found President Johnson most sympathetic. In fact, the President had already allocated money in the budget for the purchase of park land, even in advance of Congressional action. However, Rep. Aspinall said he could 'hot'hold'House Interior Committee" hearings'until July. The Rellim Redwood Company, which operates in Del Norte county where the park would be located, claims that it is pursuing a careful reforestation program, replanting the trees it has cut. However, early hearings on the park program would give both sides a chance to be heard, and the school children of Bristol, Va., are writing Rep. Aspinal asking him to speed things up. - o - —ROMNEY AND SCRANTON- Republican leaders at the recent GOP conference in Washington came away impressed with Gov. George Romney of Michigan. He had grown in stature, was taking an intelligent interest in national and international affairs. One straw in the wind was his interest in the GOP policy statement on Latin America submitted by former Ambassador Robert Hill of New Hampshire. Gov. Romney was the only Republican who discussed the statement intelligently. It was obvious that he had taken pains to study it in advance. He objected that the policy statement gave too much support for military governments in Latin America.; also felt that the Republicans should put less emphasis on business and the protection of business Investments in Latin America. Republican leaders were a bit disappointed that Gov. Bill Scranton of Pennsylvania did not assume more leadership. He seemed subdued. Scranton has done an excellent job as Governor of Pennsylvania, has strengthened the schools and helped create new colleges. But at the recent Washington meeting Republicans privately speculated' that Scranton's political bubble had permanently burst when Eisenhower let him down in his famous drive to block the nomination of Barry Goldwater. Scranton had received a commitment from Ike that he would help oppose Goldwater. But at the last minute George Humphrey, ex-secretary of the Treasury, now head of National Steel and the most influential member of the Eisenhower cabinet, telephoned Ike in Gettysburg Eisenhower then phoned Scranton just before he was going on the air, reversed himself regarding his opposition to Goldwater. - o - --MERRY-GO-ROUND-The only lady who discourages telephone calls from LBJ was elected to Congress from Texas last week. She is Mrs. Albert Thomas of Houston, who used to tell the President not to call her husband at night. He had to sleep. Her husband was able to move a good part of the Cape Canaveral space operation to his home town - at some cost to the tax- Algona (la.) Upper De$ Moine«-3 Thursday, April 14, 1966 payers but great economic advantage to Houston .... If Gov. John Chafee, Republican of Rhode Island, had known how much Sen. Claiborne Pell, Democrat of Rhode Island, worried over the possibility that Chafee would run against him, Chafee would have run .... Sen. Birch Bayh of Indiana tells Sen. Tom Dodd, his fellow Democrat, from Connecticut: "We are all behind you in this yellow attack." Training Setup For 4-H Leaders Is Scheduled A series of 4-H project leader training sessions will be held in April for leaders In all projects. Approximately 100 project leaders will work with more than 900 4-H youngsters In a large array of projects. All meetings will be held in the Algona Extension office at 8:00 p.m. The schedule is as follows: April 7 - Home Grounds Improvement. April 12 - Plant Collection, Tree Identification, Rabbit. April 13 - Crops, Entomology, Poultry, Garden. April 14 - Beef, Junior Feeder, Automotive, Tractor Maintenance. April 18 - Arc Welding. April 19 - Swine, Sheep, Dog. April 2G - Electric, Climat- ology. April 28 - Photography, Small Motors, Woodworking. St. Joe C.D.A. To Nominate BEER—A big boost to the economy! The brewing industry each year contributes over 1.4 billion dollars in federal, state and local excise taxes. Wages and salaries in the brewing industry account for almost 500 million dollars, and the purchase of packaging materials from other industries runs over 550 million. So next time you enjoy a cool, refreshing brew after hard work or play, remember—BEER is good in more ways than one! UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. BO* 159, OSCtOLA. IOWA Get more done on a busy day with- a Bedroom Helperphone Great for convenience—privacy, too. Housework seems to go much faster with helpful, step-saving extension phones nearby. Helper- phones! TO ORDER, call the telephone business office or ask your telephone man. Northwestern Bell Shooting for Top Yields? On April 13 ST. JOE - Catholic Daughters of America court St. Joseph will meet on Wednesday evening, April 13 in St. Joseph's school hall with Mrs. N. J. Weydert, grand regent, presiding. Nomination of elective candidates is the main business of the meeting with election of officers at the May 11 meeting. Committee in charge of arrangements will be Mrs. Leonard McGuire, Mildred Bormann, Mrs. Adeline Wagner, Mrs. Irene Bormann and Mrs. Ed McGuire. - o . Mr. and Mrs. Bert Thul, Re- ,,gina,, Canada, and .the latter's mother, Mrs. Nessie Templeton, Sask., Canada, were visitors here with relatives this week. Bert is a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. John Thul and Mrs. Louise Thul, a son of the late Nick Thul of Marquis, Sask., Canada, formerly from here. Knights of Columbus regular monthly meeting was held on Wednesday evening with a fish fry supper preceding the meeting. Past Grand Knights Francis Erpeldlng, John Capesius, Raymond Kohlhaas, Deputy Grand Knight, Bernard Streit, were the committee in charge of the supper. PLANT NEW GENERATION PIONEER. HYBRIDS • RAND Of course, you want TOP YIELDS and PROFITS from your com acreage. Pioneer New Generation Hybrids "teamed* up" with today's modern corn cultural practices will do it. A good selection of adapted varieties is available right now. We'll gladly help you select the ones that will do best for you. Henry Schr*««J»r - Urw feck Wafer Vow* - WhMwiwra R. I. Mawdstoy - AlfMM Aaron SttMMty - Alaana Tea* Ho«v«r, Ir. -> AlfMta PIONEER J|M * *•"•'* " *•* nU JHF Clf • Iver** A*.™ - werf^ SEED CORN «Re|litered Trademirki of Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Co. convenience... with an electric range Whether it's baking cookies for an after-school snack, or cooking a meal for your family, it's faster., .cleaner. ..cooler. ..and more convenient with a built-in electric range. The oven is just the right height for you ... and so are the table-top burners. And the electric heat is dependable heat... always just the temperature you want. For modern convenience, modern living, choose an electric range from the many convenient styles offered by your favorite appliance dealer. ALGONA MUNICIPAL UTILITIES

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