Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 23, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1896
Page 8
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Small Ware and Notion^ For a few days Prices will toe cut in two. Here is a partial list i»f the prices we offer. Curler;) 3c Each Thimbles' 2c Eacb Plus, full 2c, . A.Pnpei Count Safety Pins 3c Dozen Corset Stees Double Clasp 8c a pair . ..:i •.• .' Hooka and / Byes Patent; ; Be a card FAMILY LINEN THREAD, 2 SPOOLS FOB 6 CENTS, Seamless Stock- »nette Shields 3c per pair Reading Combs. 6c Tape 2c Per .Roll Balr Pins 4c Taffeta Binding Per Box ! 7CR011 Silver WaUt Sets 5c Kid Hair Curlers 5c a dozen, and many other Notions and small; that we offer at a sacrifice. , THE GOLDEN RULE. Greets the Hon. Theodore Shock- at the Rink. BRAVED THE STORM Oth$r Political Heetings in the j ..•":•...'..': Country, WILL PLAY BALL iSoston Lights Have Statts and Bolan and Will (&IVE WINAflAC A GAM^ ivteveland Won From the Balti- mores—The Scores. Tho Boston Lights expect to put up ( of. ball this afternoon whicX be worth seeing. Harry Slants t and .will piny second base; oliV "DadV Bolou and ''Little Billie" Stover.will also play, and Denny Lyen laa'been'.SMit.roe to pitch tho game. The- Winamacs. will not find the easy yicklng they expect, if they think they arc going to take the game without a struggle. TRAVELING MEN'S GAME. Kost E., T. P. A., of Fort Wnyu.e, Will be Here September D. Frank K. Riblet, manager o£ the .Sfose ball club of Post E., T. P. A., of . yort Wayne, writes that tho Fort ,Wiiyneitcs are coming down September 5th> on a special car and will be accompanied by over one hundred rooters. He says that they propose la wipe Post F, club off the face of the earth, in retaliation for the defeat the Wtter club administered the Fort .-Wayne boys a week ago. Mr. Riblet is nil right, but ho don't know positive- for" all about'if. Post Fs club is In training regularly and jvlll no doubt Me.-able to put np an errorless game, «nd the boys-of Post E. will-have to Being ten or twelve Minskys to enable •fiicm to make a score. The tickets ' Hoe the game are selling fast and the toys think they will have sis or eight fcnndrcd people out to witness the game for tho championship of the Traveling Men's base ball clubs of-the . state.-.. THOSE CONVERTS. They are All in the Hinds of the ~ ; Free Silver Editors. The Indianapolis Journal shows the iilsity of such stories as the I'linros i about new. converts 1 . Here if a ample, .pedal to the Indianapolis Journal: uost of the others have always been Jomocrats or Prohibitionists, lo the Editor of the Indianapolis Journal. ' | In a late issue of the Sentinel there is i statement that John F. Johnson, oi'.j N'ewtou county, was going to take the : for Bryan and -Sewa.11.. I am a ' AND OUPPY PITCHED IT. Olcveland Won a Game From Baltimore by a Big Score. As has been said before, George Suppy seems to be the only pitcher Cleveland has who is able to stem, the We Tor them. He pitched in the game •<clth Baltimore yesterday and won by itfoag score. .The Spiders are still a Mr- boot from the leaders but there is stm>a- chance for them to finish second antf'gefc in the game for the temple cup scries. 1 . II they can come back home •without-losing more than haU' their games: they will be In better shape than tlie Cinciimatls, who are almost wre to lose more than they win. Fol lowing are the scores of the games yesterday: At Boston-Pi ttsburg S, Boston 4 CBecond game), Pittsbnrg C, Boston 3 At Balti more— Cleveland 10, Bait) 1 more 3. , At Washington— Cincinnati 2, Washington 0. At Philadelphia— St. Louis 1, Philadelphia 0. At Brooklyn— Chicago 11, Brooklyn. T. Rain prevented the New York-Louis rllie game." STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Won Lost Per Ct jBoatlmore ......... 70 '32 Cincinnati ........ 09 . , 33 Clcvcrund ......... 63 33 Chicago- ....... .->:. GO . .45 Boston 1 -.... Brooklyn-. PEiiadolphla- New York" Se.-KoTiis- :w>msvlllc ..:...-. 54 ..4G 4" ..40 3S 31 40 < 53 Do 5C C2 6S ' 71. .OS .07 .024 .&' .."04 .sa :46 .40 .45 .38 .31 .26 Republican Meetings. Republican speakingswill bo held at the following places in Cass county: Logansport, Thursday evening, August 27th—Hon. Frank S. Toscy of Evansville, at the rink. Anoka, Tuesday evening, Aug. 25th —W. T. Wilson. The Noble township McKhiley club will meet at Red school house Thursday night, August 27th. There will be n moating at the school Ind., An;.'. 1 21.—The Sen- JlollSl} at Adamsboro, Wednesday night, August 2Cth.. Harry Whistler will talk on sound money. At West Sand Ridge school house, Noble township, Wednesday August 2Cth at S p. ra. W. T. Wilson, speaker, W. T. Wilson will speak at Sand Ridge school house, Noble township, Wednesday, August 20, ' at S p. m. ! no exposu m mi; uv..^"." ..„-..., --- --- i Everybody cordially invited to be prcs- lislug Sun case any more such claims eut :ul j noftl . the issues ably discussed. n tlie part of the Sentinel will get ho laugh in Shelby county. From the icst information here there is 'not a lugle Republican in the list of twen- iiiel this morning published a list ol wenty-two -'lifelong" Republicans of 'hit Rock, this county, who, it is laimod, would vote for Bryan and .uwall. Tho list is the same one re- orred to a few days ago as utterly :Use, with some .more added for eC- ect. Tlie report is untrue, and since lie expose oC the Journal today in tho y-two names, most of whom are Dem crats, who will vote for Bryan. Tlie ( u . cat . A COINAGE QUERY. •If a. dollar bo a dollar—honest coin— .without deceit, one may molt it, oiic 1 may'smelt it, but its value won't re-. ' 'Melt ten dollars—silver dollars-iu unbiased melting pot, and the silver 'slug' resulting only sells for 'five the' lot.' ' . . Melt, gold dollars—melt an eagle in aforesaid melting pot—and the golden slug resulting quickly sells for' 'ten the lot.' • . . " Will you tell- me—kindly tell me^-how these dollars equal are—it a little tump for Bryan an .ewn... ( Republican and In favor of protection ( o American industry and sound money i u and therefore in favor of McKlnlcy glowing .furnace puts on only one a and Hobart, Mount and all the balance ( scar ? ' of the State ticket, and Crumpacker xhero was never yet equation that de:or Congress. I hope my Democratic uiauded legislation to establish right H-ethrcn can understand my position. to be—an equation is ..equation—else \t the stories that are being told by the , it is a fallacy. . . . ,. 'rec-sllver men are on a par witli this 'And. I'm thinking—quietly thinking— ou'e J about myself they are hard up for, that a poor man has poor souse---!!: •ampalgn literature. he vote to have a dollar that will JOHN F. JOHNSON, Ex-member of the Legislature. .Morocca, Ind., Aug. 19. To tlie Editor of the Indianapolis Journal: see in Thursday's Seutincl that I melt to fifty cents. " 'Am I wroug?' ANOTHER McKINLEY CLUB.' The Republicans of the North' pro-, i sw m AU^O^J - , cinct of Deer Creek township 'formed; had been a lifelong Republican and^ au enthusiastic McKinloy club of 'fifty: lad now declared myself in favor of • niembers Thursday night at Onward, free silver and for Bryan. It Is true I Qumcy A.' Myers', made arousing have been a Republican, but the rest is J S p C ech and was heard with the closest false. I was for McKinloy beforejils' attention throughout. ' There ' were nomination, am yet and will be so long many Democrats and 1 Poplists ;is be Is a candidate. • ELLIS ROSS. Marlon, Ind., Aug. 20th. VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. To the Editor of the Journal: It having coiuo to my notice that the so- called colored minister at Kokomo is trying to ruin tho reputation of Aaron Burnett and,bring his family into disgrace, who stand as high as any colored family Kokomo, I ask these two ministers who are as- 'sailing Burnett and his friends, if .and they gave . the-most respectful hearing to the views of the speaker Tlie following officers., were chosen fop the club: • •• •••.-• President—E. B. Kitchell. ' ..-...; Vice President—O. P. W.ard, : Secretary—W. R .Deacon.,. .,-.. Treasurer—A. A. Seagraves. ••;•'•-.: "NOTICE. "'.. •(,- ;u uo ,^-j — Wewmbecoinpeiledtornbljerepaii;s 'would like to on the main line today, commencing at • - -- 8 o'clock a. in. We expect to complete the work before any 'shortage of gas is either one of them is worthy to cast the first stone? When I say the two of tliem I moan the Kokomo minister and .tiio one In this city who advised his flock not to go to the camp meeting recently hold at the park. It is a well- known fact that one-half of the Rev. White's congregation has ceased'to attend his church on' account of his dislike for "the yellow Negro" as he chooses to call them,, and I can further say that a groat many of these are now worshipping at the Second Baptist /church, of which the Rev. Carter is "pastor. Now, I would like to ask the reverend gentleman of the A. -M. E, church here why he waited* until Burnett had gone from the city before he made tho attack on him that be did, and as for the Kokomo paper that printed such stuff, I will ask any one to tell if that paper ever spoke a good wosd for a colored man. All of the colored people of this city, are acquainted with Aaron -Burnett and his family,. and as for him being a gambler I think they.will join me in saying that the charge is false and we might learn something of his accusers,!! we would drop over to Crawfordsville. GEORGE M. HODGE., noticeable to. consumers generally. To avoid accident, in case gas should fall In city, we notify all consumers.not to leave gas burning in building's,' uhlebs there is some one on the premises to turn off valves, in case gas goes out The Panhandle shops and adjoining residences, south and east, will be out of gas temporarily. ' '" ' ! LOGANSPORT & WABASH TAJ. LEY GAS CO. • ' i. A prominent farmer of Deer Creek township was ; in the city one day the past week disposing- of his oats-'crop He received fifteen cents per. busllel which appears to be a mean price, ba his thirty acres sown yielded 2,04' busbels. The crop netted liira'.$10.2i per .acre, or ?30C. Of .course t^rity flve cents per bushel would have been better, but has not the enor mous. crop something to do with ^ price, as well as 1 "the crime of '73?" Frank Johnson, a wheelman, claims that he rode the distance'between this city and Anderson, S5 1 miles,'in'seven hours. ^..^ .... „ ., • Children's'cap;; and Tain O'Shanter; .Chef B'arnctt Hotel, -Trade Palace. - '- :''"'•'•'i.'- ; '' Fully seven hundred people braved tlie rain und threatening weather last -niglit and went to the rink to hoar the H6ii. Theodore Shocknt-y of-Union City speak upon :the political issues of tho day from a .Republican standpoint. Notwithstanding the storm of the early evening the people, Republicans.Demo- crats .and Populists, together with a numbbr'df 'well-known Prohibitionists, occupied seats in the big audience room .and a number of ladies had also braved ,thu storm to hear the eloquent gentleman. • ; : Mr. Sbockuey's speech was oue of the best heard here in this campaign, nnd viis a. logical argument of tho question Df itliiiiuL-iiil policy from a sound money fciiidpoint, dealing oxx-lusivoly in facts Hid.figures, aud holding out no promise hat the. Republican party is not as- ...'.•od oC.being able to fulfill, i£ elected o.'power. There was no "silver lining," ,,.j the full glory of a "golden clay" viis depicted in language that brought 'roquent applause and honest praise of lie sentiments expressed. Mr. Shock- icy is one of tlie most logical speakers it the disposal of the Republican Conral committee, and his talk of last light will bo productive of much good, ^o Is thoroughly informed on the qiics- i'on of the day and combats the fallacy if free coinage of silver with couvinc- hK "logic in an entertaining manner hat 'captures his hearers. •The.drum corps bravud the mud in Hie ^streets and the rain from above, ind made good Republican music in Advance of the meeting. The Republican glee clnb under the direction of ?i-bf. Gift'e, has a uumber'of new and .•alx-liy songw. which it sung to the de- ight of the audience. There is no better test-of the interest which the wople feel in a national issue than hat of hist evening. When the people arc. sufficiently Interested to risk a drenching in order to hear the political ssiics discussed, it is evidence that Jiey arc bent on investigating the questions i»t issue for themselves, and this can only result in good for the Repub- ican'party, which represents the broad est American .policy, tho policy of Protection to American labor and an Honest Dollar. Ill-IE MEETING AT TWELVE MILE. The storm last uveuius seriously interfered with the Republican meeting:, at Twelve Mile. W. T. Wilson, George' Gamble,' Jos; Grace and Ed Peurose started for Twelve'Mile a little before six o'clock and were caught 1 in tlie storm. They took refuge in a school house after narrowly escaping a falling tree. At Twelve Mile they were met by a crowd of Riirty who had braved the storm aud wore entertained byi a glee club of which Adams township .may well be proud. Hon. W. T: Wilson .made a short address but no effort., was made to organize a Republican club, the organization being postponed to some future date when the conditions are more favorable. ' -• ' AT YOUNG AMERICA. "• 'DeWitt C. Justice and Dr. J, Z. Pow- 'eli Were at Young 'America last night and Mr, Justice spoke to a fair sized audience. The storm, while not so fierce as it was here in the city and further North, prevented many from attending.- There was a heavy rain in this section' and the number at the meeting' was consequently small, not more than fifty being . present. Mr. Justice spoke and was heard with close attention, being frequently applauded.' THE ADAHSBORO PICNIC. Tickets on Sale Wednesday Even- 7 ",• ing at Craig's Book Store. ;! .Tickets for. tlie Adamsboro picnic :next. Thursday, will be on sale at Craig's book store next Wednesday revening.. The Eel river agent will be at the store from 3 to C and 7 to 9 p. m. Holders of tickets can get on ^at Sixth street or Davis bridge. This is.-the first general picnic of this sort •for.-years and many arc arranging to .take their families and spend the day. Fare for round trip 25 cents. The special train will leave Eel river depot at 8:30 a. m., leaving the grounds return- ling at 4:30. .Tickets .will also be good on the regular train leaving at 10:45 :-a: TO., and returning at 4:30 p.' m. Stevens & Bcdwards, the Market street plumbers have been awarded the contract, of. plumbing .and steam fitting the new. court house of Rush Bounty. The plumbing will amount to $9,000. •'• • -" - • ....Silk.waists;'?3.4S and $3.00, former price up.'to-510.—Trade.Palace. .. •j^T^r- (•*-.' -,. -.-,";' S^^^f^r^^^K- ' s" ; Le:ft To Close out our entire stock at ACTUAL HALF PRICE. Greatest opportunity ever offered. i Overcoats Ulsters Mackintoshes Men's Suits Boy's Suits Children's Suits Pants Hats price price price price price price - price price Night Shirts 72 price White and Percale Skirts J& price In fact all goes at Half Price to close out the entire machine. A credit of 30, 60 and 90 days will be given on all heavy weight goods to get rid of it quick. All are welcome and respectfully invited to come- HARRY FRANK, 314 Fourth Street. CLOSE OF THE INSTITUTE. The work of the Cass County Teacher's Institute was finished Friday even-' ing Prof. E. B. Bryan . talked on -Economies," His course of lectures were well received by the teachers. Mr. Bryan Is a young ifoau.'but he is rapidly going to the front rank as an educator. i Prof. A. Jones reviewed his talks on -Grammar." .Mr. Dennis Friday morning talked. on external nature as the embodiment of God's nature. He expressed himself as in favor of cremation and the giving the bodies of condemned criminals to the cause of science. . . .. The institute was 'considered '.the most successful ever held in the county. . ,/• ' One hundred and sixty-font- teachers were' 1 enrolled. ' The Cass county teachers' association elected new officers. E. E, Rogers of Royal Center was elected president and Mary Dean of this city secretary. A FREAK OF LIGHTNING. • A special from South Whitley, Ind., says: Recently Miss Delia Clark, of Washington township, .wliifc standing in the pantry of her father's residence, was struck by lightning, the electric fluid setting fir* to her' tlothing. En-' veloped.in flame, she ran t:o her mother tv-ho was sick In bed, and her mother extinguished the fire. with, the bed clothing, the girl not being fatally .burned. She was struck on the left side, the. current passing around under her nrin and. leaving -at the middle of her back. Immediately her body became so rigid that her clothing had to, be cut off, and she was evidently burt; inwardly, as she cannot bear the slightest weight on her body. She is still confined to her bed, and it is feared thai (the is permanently paralyzed. Laal "Sunday lightning again struck neat her home," making her condition stll! more serious. RUSSIAVILLE ENCOURAGED. Kokomo Tribune: Will P. Woody, tho Russiavllle attorney, was In Logaus- port this Week on business connected with the Chicago, Indioflapolls and Logansport railway, the proposed line in which his town is very much interested. Mr. Woody says tb;at the promot- prs are still very much itfeirnest about building 1 the road, and'wfli'.begln work on. the construction yetMte fall, if they succeed in getting a right-of .'way into Indianapolis, which feat ( they.hope to acco7nplish within the next few weeks. Russlaville voted a two'-per cent tax for the lipe, and ; is very anxious that the ,road be .built without delay. ' : Choice of 'any straw hat in Otto's store Monday i! 1 .you mention whin you saw this colic i!. SOME VALUABLE INFORMATION. State Gas Inspector Leach is preparing some statistics that will be valuable to the general public. It is Information regarding the value of gas to the farmers as -well as the city consumer and manufacturer. The table will also show the amount of money. Invested in the belt since the discovery of gas in 18SC, the amount of money expended locally in .wages and material. The increase in wealth brought by the advent • of gas will be ascertained from the tax duplicate of each county. . . • This will be a collection of valuable information, a work that was never done by Mr. Leach's .predecessors Su office. ..•;---' COLORED KNIGHTS, The Grand Commandery, Colored Knights Templar of Indiana and Kentucky at'lerre Haute, elected WJI- liani H. Perry, of Louisville, eminent grand commander; F, T. W. Clay of Lexington, - deputy grand; Jamea ;E. Jackson, oC Louisville, general; George Nugen, of Louisville; prelate; S. C. Smith of Paris, Ky., treasurer; R. M. Murray, of Louisville, recorder; H. .C. Jackson, of Lexington, grand senior warden and Jonas W. Owen, of Louisville, Junior warden. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a montti. NINE CENT SALE A Special Sale For Nine Cents. Who Ever Heard of a Nine Cent Special Sale. Well here it is; for one week we will sell choice of the following .well known shoe dressing, Wbitemore Bros., Gilt Edge Oil Dressing, Button & Tiuroston's Celebrated Rar.en Gloss, Rcstorff & Bettmann's Celebrated Glycerole, Alma and other celebrated shoe dressings all of which' retail at 25 cents ner bottle by all merchants. ' • Choice of those celebrated dressings ONLY NINE CEOTS. PILLING, THE SHOE MAN, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. Infallible Corn Salve worth 25 cents for 0 cents.—Pilling. White Clover, powder retail price 25 cents, reduced to 9'cents.—Pitting. Now is the time to supply yourself with shoe, dressing at less than, wholesale price.—Pilling, the shoe man, 412 •Broadway. ' •;' ' ',

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