The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 2, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1895
Page 1
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ALCIONA, KOSSUTH rJ Wl, , lOW, WEJDftfESDAY, 8, 1806, STORY OF THE TIN BOX. This (Sentef ef Enterest in the Van Leaven Case Still a Subject of Controversy— < IB TOO BIGK f . • ^Don'tWantltl did more business during the year just closed p than we di<J the_year/" ^fore, but we're not quite te'Satisfiedl " " want- Your Trade, will make it an object to you to give it to us. Come and see,if we won'.t., W&' - 1 ' Opera House Grocery, A (_.-•:. ' - " tt tt ttttt $t'-"' " YOU 'BEEN AT . <. . . ^'t^'.-f 1 *,',i, '.**.,,"-•' ;;->*' -' ^^^^•j^^Bsforjeliiitfi KSS®W^M^45P*fv" . 'l-.Irf'S/) V4 T 'v Bros? T ; • to call ^ t fi^S^^v'ftw' ^£-;; *-: ,^, 5\pro ; ckery and Q-lass^are are gfiiifl^bttsiQn. Our large assor,t- .mji^'^i^,prices will surprise you. Stand." ^affiSl^RRMf'" Peterson, lave qpeiied^a new |rrocery;Store fqur doprs ^?& .*» .G r/T\ •iPii«** 1 VlI-J rt^-» t>l^v -» «w ft*k y-k^»y-* inr* t~k \"\ f\ TT/-V *^ *n 1^ <^ I i •»-» ^Y a fine,line v *»»»•(-, !•»•" * *> • J- !»>""( a ^3 any house m ;town, Special fixaininer Waite's Story—Mr, Goodner Was irt it. The capture of Van Leuven's tin box containing the incriminating pa* pera on the strength of which the pros* ecution was begun^ was quite a sensation at the time when it occurred, and so far-reaching were its consequences that it became the occasion of angry dispute between the government commissioner and attorneys on the one hand and Van Leuven's counsel on the other, which has been revived since the trial. As a last resort to stave off the trial as long as possible, Special Examiner Waite, of St Paul and E. W. Goodner, now of ^Igona, were indicted, and it looked fOr a while as though it was the prosecutors who were going to be prose'cuted. The charges were easily disposed of,' and the parties will probably not be pu6lip'r>ny further an- uoyance,but attorneys Ef win andSmith have carried their tin box 0ght jnto the newspapers, and it is in answer to their attacks that Special Examiner Waite gives in the Minneapolis Journal his story of how the box of damaging papers came into his -possession. 'Mr. Waite says: Early in 1898, in the course Of one of my ordinary inquiries into the merits of the claim of .an applicant for pension residing in this city, I came into possesion of information tending: to show that Mr. Van Leuven, wlip was tjhe attorney in the case, was conducting his business by methods which were dishonest and irregular. The facts were duly reported to the bureau aha I was instructed to.make an investigation of his ways of doing business. There was then no special reason to think he had''been guilty of criminal offenses, and the objective point of my inquiry was in'erely to determine whether he oughft'OT ought not to be permitted to prap'gfce af; an attorney before tup interior, department. I wenc to. -Lime „ ^pi'lbjs'djO^Mayi>22,1893, j taking •with m^Ei^W'lQoddner,, of "Bt?Paul. ! Mr. Goodner Syas'then the stenographer' of the"Unit6 l d, States marshal' in St. Paul, and,was a'.deputy marshal in thisadistrict. ;",He accompanied me not as aTdeputy nia:qshal, for he had no .authprity as such in Iowa, but merely aS a stenographer and typewriter. On the 23d-we called on Mr. Van Leuven <at nis office. I stated 1 to him the object of-my visit, for which, by the way, be had beer^ 1 already prepared through information .1 urnished by friends an Washington. v lie prpfessed great wijl- ingness to submit to an investigation, and to" place his office and its files at ,my disposal. I began by' taking a ^sworn statement from one of his clerks, from whi&h it was evident that if I was to get-at the facts .in question some extraordinary methods must be employed, as.careful precaution had 'been taken to suppress the truth. Again I asked Mr. Van Leuven if I was correct in understanding that he desired me to have free access to all p'apers relating to hip 'business, and on receiving emphatic 'assurance that he /did,, Ir.topk .frpmvhisVyauJt two,, small tiiprimk.e, ^vWoh I\asked him to open. Se~did.'M>pen.' one, - ti which, contained 1 nbthiug 1 pertinent to m.y ,,inquiry.' Ijj> thev.other he disclaimed any dynevsWp or interest, stating that ifcV belonged tp one of bis clerks^ He 8a,ici<' he did not have the 'key andfhad »ev^v had it, I interrogated!th| ; cje|'k, vvho-stated that while tlie < bo?^s r a3 JpJ8 thpi cpflte'nts.we^ijoji, and tbajMr,3£an -^'euveo had carried th,e key for $0 Ja^'y^ar ,or, more, - My bfttmeftt from bfactice, and in the hope of being able to explain away any daffiagl&g evidence which might dome into my possession, permitted me to take what 1 chose fathel' than appear to be unwilling to siibmit to a thorough investigation. Mr. \Vaite tells how he went to t)u> buque |ttid laid the case before the assistant-district attorney at that place, Who advised the arrest of Mr, Van LeiiVetrand Dr. Kessell, which Was effected by Mr t Goodner. POINT MADE BY MAHIN. *fr Vfo dislike to say it but the truth is loWa and Massachusetts are at the foot of the list in the per centage of gain over the .Bejfflblican vote in 1892.— Marshal to wn'Times-Hepublican. This fact in regard to Iowa disposes of the ejalm that " a more liberal policy on t|e temperance question" was the sole' '»^n for the increased Be- publican vorak-Muscatine Journal. Do Ton Want Money to Loan. Money on hand to loan on second mortgages,. ,8tf GEO. C. CALL. YORK. v Literary and Family TJndenomlriatldnal, unbiased and impartial, A paper fo'irclorgymen. scholars, teachers/ business men; and families. It •discusses every topic of the day— •: religious, theological, polltl- isa\, .literary; social, artistic > and scientific. Its contributed articles are by the inost ; eminent writers of the English language. It employs specialists' and distinguished writers as editors of Its Twenty-one Department, as follows: Ulter^re, Science, Music, Flne r Arts. Sanitary, Missions, Rellgous Intelligence, Biblical Research, School and College, , the. week/, .. ' ., ?,* ! Ministerial Register^) • ; Financial Insurance,' , ^ Old and You'nar, Pebbles,; Farm arid Garden, ' , Odd Knots, 'i A paper -particularly fitted for lawyers,^ doctors, clergymen, those engaged In business, young people of both sexes, men, and women who road and think for themselves. A paper especially valuabo fcr those in>- torestedin Fine Arts, Science Music. A paper giving valuable i information upon Finance, Life Insurance, Commerce. , A papor for Sunday-school Workers those who havo a Farm, Garden or House Plants. A paper for the family, old and young. ' Its yearly subscription is |y.OO. O r at that rate for any part of a year, Olubs of five, $2.00 ea'ch . Specimen Copies Free. THE INDEPENDENT. P.O. Box 3787, 1'30 Fulton Street, - New York. OBIGOfAl PTICB. In'the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa Mar, Term, 1895.—W. L. Franclc vs.^B, P. Swotting, C. A, Boss, B,> L,' •Belleson, P, ^J. iSolberg, rjingrald B: and D, \V. Townsend, JIosP. J. SpJborg agd Ingrajd B. Belle' so^', qfwoania;'' ^ o>l ift r o bprebjr notified tho CHrk of the,Dls(frlct Court of. Kossuth Comjlar, lQ\ra,,a'ip§iJtion ofJthe »pia|atiif iuijtii^aooye eiitifledio^use, claiming of B; , ng, ,Q^ A. 'Bo?s. ,B. .fc' BeUeson, «p t ,lnkr^ld ; mBe}lespn ^nOAD, ^. " ' contained copies fpr pe,n> bpards of o| Jb£p»pi,"af' seyenteep pe^Qent^per, annum f,,from ''li^lW.'^Mtib i, copts -»pd' a %^M?Mm*L Good Things To Eat'? J < SfPt ;| s^ 1 ' 'I .-.1 0-u.r Sjweet Pickles. Mixed Pickles. Chow Chow. Queen Olives. Bulk Olives, Pickled Onions. Chili Sauce. Ketchup, Worcestershire Sauee. Club ii it ii it it ii it it House Peaches. Pears. Pineapples. Tomatoes. Corn. Cherries. " Beans. " Strawberries. " Blackberries. LANGDON & HUDSON; Go to the New Firm. •'i: PATTERSON & SON, —When in need of— ..,• So^ethipL'g;',.^i!G!%a^^ , i K >,-,.•...;-:•* -^xkfCsL.^^UsA-' iJia ^teil^SSS^M * ''-t * * i • Call,and loo&over,our:Lanaps, tyater Sets, 1 au,ana JooK,-over,our:.Lanaps, vyater Sets, 1 Glassware^QueepswasWetc? Try'a-sack of'outf JSTew York Buckwheat; every sack/wdrraffiie'd pu'$T' ; or money, refunded. ,-• ' ty*$> r A, 'UTTER ^AMD E&GS, WAJfVSD , .- , , • »s$, ^'*'*.;]• PR1QE. PATTERSON; &, Edited by ALBERT SHAW 'the other magazines in Edition' 1 i, ai articles, ;tpok' America by'\pn, asi^ ' iN'i , . r , . <befp/e dreamed print of thjgEngljsh edition.,^ It deals nfost.lSy is edited witti perfect independence,' in^its/ p^c »^ w ^«,.^vlew3,i5 a monthly/timely^-WustraMpf^pd,^ ,a)iy£ to;tl?e newest movements of^§ s day^tQrC^egr| h e}fne .ed.of Tj]pus?nds of.m^ ^^^gmi^$|J \* the neatest 'names' biTflfi, worl^^saV 'that/tiieSRevlewl monthly, ovements ^'^fyff^^^^ii^^^S^ Rwtwf.gfv$ tf4 w^«Maat ( ,they: sftou|d|k*riof " r ^-^^-J ^ture,' eeppmics.and s?ciai;fee»| fte>^t?IMi ' ><pf "^^t 1 ^^ ^xWR^? is *«is iM^^'jswvi^^i ^^9^ f ^m^i^s^^r >••*tratk'anrt nffih?&e SBPJn*"™^--"-- 1 ---^

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