Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1966 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1966
Page 2
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5-ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANCE THURSDAY, OCT. 6, 1966 THE NEW TELEVISION sea- Non hasn't added much if any to the glory of the idiot tuba. Most of the shows are so similar to what has been given that it's difficult to tell the difference. Mourned by the Old Goat is the Perry Mason Thriller on Sunday evenings. Perry kept up his record of never losing a case till the end of the series. The Old Goat always picked the wrong culpritibut didn't try tpo hard to follow the plot to see how Mason figured out the right answer. Mason's client always looked guilty as heck, but came out with flying colors in the last five minutes. Garry Moore took the spot and follows the same format of his previous shows. Obnoxious to the Old Goat is Kirby. And Moore does what many of the headliners do—horns in on the guest acts. * * * ADVERTISED IS a bedspread for the youngster's room that makes the bed look like, an.a.viomoblle. or, some other design. The idea is the young fellow will be happier to go to bed if he can imagaine heV in a car. The/ Old; Goat thinks there's an idea there for a bachelor apartment, with', a figure of a gorgeous blonde stitched v into the • spread. Of course such a thing for a married, man. would be. out of. the question, most women taking a dim view, of other women even a stitched outline on a spread. * *•• # • MOST OBNOXIOUS to the Old Goat is the antics of Allen Funt on that Candid Camera show. He looks so darned pleased witl himself. It has been said: he pays those whose faces appear on th show, but there isn't enougl money to buy the Old Goat'n phiz. The trouble is the Old; Goaf; j would be a perfect stooge for such a program and showing stupidity isn't something anyone j should be proud of. The show! takes advantage of the average j person's good nature and there's nothing about it that would justify the pats on the back Funt gives himself all the time. * * •» THIS BUSINESS of colleges and universities beginning to limit its students to those who make the highest grades in high schools will deprive the country of a lot of good minds. The "C" student in high school quite often becomes one of the real producers in later life while the straight "A" student is »o involved with his learning that he doesn't get around to doing the work of the world. Kennedy, Eisenhower and Churchill were not top students but they did a lot for the world. And the description of a specialist is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing. * * # THE OLD BUS looks a bit worn after the new cars come out and adds another year to its life. The Old Goat gets a bit attached to his cars and treats them like one of the family. Ami when the new jobs come out it doesn't seem quite fair to make the old car look so bad. Maybe they shouldn't have a new model every year. Henry did that back in the teens and twenties—no new model until the other makers forced him into it. * # * VESTS ARE COMING back into the fashion. The college students are now wearing them and they look pretty sharp. The vests have a number of handy little pockets to put stuff in and forget. In the old days a heavy watch chain looped from one pocket to another and was a kind of badge of a man's standing in the community. Wonder if anyone will recall the watch fobs? You have to ba getting along in medicare to recall them. VISITOR FROM ENGLAND Mr. and Mrs. Paul Egel of Es- are being visited by the sjs|.er who is here from England. A family dinner was held Sunday at which in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest l&liaiMUfeib Mr, and Mis. diaries Peikler, and Mrs. Mary 01- gon. There are other members erf ttw fawJiy who were unable $Q be present. Opening Hour*.: Men., Tue»., Thur., 1:30-6 p.m.; 7-8:30 p.m.; W«d. 9.11:30 a.m.; 1:30-6 p.m.; 7.8:30 p.m.; Frl. 126 p.m.; 7-8:30 p.m.; Sat. 9*11:30 a.m.; 1:30*6 p.m. Charitd SattKcby in baoktaf mishap Charges of. improper, hacking were fil^d against Allen Smitih, Algona, after his oar backed into a car driven by. Judith Besch, of Whittemore, on Call street about 2 p.n>: Saturday. City;, police, investigated and 'reported about $250 damage to the Besch oar PROBATES ici IVTK JUT VA IINTY Bancroft - Swea City wedding LINDA GOEKE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Goeke, Bancroft, and Larry Kockler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Kockler, Swea City, were married at the Sacred Heart Catholic church in Ledyard Saturday, Sept. 24. A.reception was held at, the Elmore high,school gym. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Stubbs, aunt and uncle of the bride, served as dining room host and hostess. Mrs. Patrick Doocy, aunt-of-the bridegroom, had charge-of the- guest book. Mrs. Joe Ingebritson and Mrs. Maurice Keil poured. Mrs. Carlyle Engelby and Mrs.; William Evans Jr., aunts of the couple, cut the four-tiered cake baked and decorated by. the bridegroom's mother. Tne couple spent their honeymoon on an eastern drive along the Mississippi and in Chicago. They are now at home in Minneapolis. Eng MR. AND MRS. Thomas Cogley, Bancroft, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Mary Kay, to Larry Crawford of Petoskey, Mich. He is the son of Mr and Mrs. Keith Crawford ol Mason City. The wedding date has been set;, for Saturday, Nov On the library's "New Books" shelves this month are two*, which have caused, quite a sttf in government as well as literary, circles, and which are proving to be fascinating reading for many, judging by their rise on the best seller lists. One is Inquest, Edward Jay Epstein's Epstein's study of ; the Warren Commission's;, investigation of the assassination of President Kerih<Bdy. The other is Fred Goerner's The Search for Ame-, lia Earhart; Goerner's contention that;'Miss Earhart had been on a spying mission when lost was picked up by the national wire services, as, soon as the, book was published. # A#, .y. W <r» In fiction, new-books, of, particular interest are All,,in the Family by Edwin O'Connor (of The Last Hurrah fame);- Allen Drury's latest, Capable of Hon-, or, and I Start Counting by Audrey E. Lindrop. * # * Mystery fans will find two new books by authors of proven appeal: At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie and Undercov T er Cat Prowls Again by the Gordons. •x- * # Other recent acquisitions include Sam Levenson's autobi- ,«£ ography, Everything but Money; The Battle of the Little Big Horn by Marl Sandox; Stretching their Minds by Dr. Benjamin Fin (on dealing with the above^average' student); Raccoons are the Brightest People by Sterling North; Mainstream of Modern Art by John Canaday, and Today's,. Health Guide by the American Medical Association. ' * * * .".'., ''"" For the domestically inclined ai-e PiHsbury's«Best of the Baker Off Collection and Mariska Ka : raz's Adventures in Stitches (on the art of embroidery). , A , * # * "...? ., Dick Godfredson of Algona donated some six boxes of books to the library. Among theimare &.. IN AN», • — i»«&$5fW G&DRGE J. RfPPENTROP, Deceased. ' PWN " ^ ftir Wi, or ran, AND TO ALC PERSONS "INTERESTSD IN THE ESTATE Of GE.ORG.E J. RIPPENTROP Ds r ceased: v You are hereby• notified-that on the 26th day A of j September. 1966, the lost and'Testament of Georg? J. Rippentrop deceased bearing date of the 14 th day of Noyember, 1963, was admitte-d to probate n ithe above named court and that Raymond Rippentrop and John Rippentrop was appointed executor of said estate. Notice, is further tlon to set> aside, ' given that any said will must and $300 to the Smith machine. Banorofl school lo have Carnival Bancroft — The St. John's high school seniors will, present} the annual Fall Bazaar and Carnival Monday, Octt 10, A. noon ; meal will be served from 11 a.m. 2 p.iu and wc ^.iteftainment andi other, games. Other high school and grade, school, students;, will, as- LfUf W*V f ••••*•*•*/ "-I x*w« , •—*-- — ;; --- _- T ----- cia Kramefr Connie Diekmann, Maflefle Lovstad and Andrea •••-•••• . Mary Cubit) daughter, oft Mf . tenth birthday last week,; with a birthday, supper. - Guestsc were; twk Mrs, ieseiv ta^ttfM^XMte a<f- teifotiii ias^we0K, to spend: the afternoon with M>> and Mrs. brought in the, district, court of sale county within one. year from the date of the second publication of j this notice, or thereafter be forever' barred. Notice,'Is,' further; giveir that all persons indebted to, said estate are requested to make immediate/ payment to the undersigned, and creditors -having claims against, said estate, shall file them with the. clerk, of the above-' named district'- court, as , provided, by low, duly authenticated, .for allowance;., and .unless so 'filed i within six # month* .'from 'the. sec-' and > publication of this ' notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid)." such .claim jhall thereoff«r. be / forever, barred. Dated this 26th day,of September, 1966. Raymond-Rippentrop John Rippentrop Executors of said Estate; Titonko, Iowa Address Miss Delia, Welter Attorney fpr said Executor Aloona, Iowa Address. - : Date of second publication •lOtn'da- of October, I966. Published . in the Algona. Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, Oct. .6 and 13, 1966. SATURDAY, OCT. T5,1966 11*0 A.M. FARM IS LOCATED % MILE NORTH OF BANCROFT IM IM THI DISTRICT- COURT Of TMI , STATI • OF IOWA IN AMD VOR KOSSUTH COUNTY MATTIR THE OF- TH»- I STATf «*FRAILIE HARRISON JEAN, Deceased. Probate No. 901* NOTICI Of PROIATf OF Will, OF APPOINTMENT OF, IXICUTOK, AND NOTICI TO' CMIDITORS To be married MR. AND MRS. George Rahe, Bancroft, announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Jean of Minneapolis, to Gerald R. Nelson of Minneapolis. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Knute Nelson of Little Falls, Minn. The wedding will be held on Saturday, Nov. 26 at 5 at St. John's Catholic church 1st. Helenas Catholic church in in Bancroft, j Minneapolis. USE WANT ADS about 50 contemporary adding, considerable depth to" the drama segment of the library. * * * The pre-school story hour has been well attended the past weeks with about 60 < children present at each Wednesday sesr sion. Mrs, Orville Duncan has charge of the program. "GUINEA BEANS" — Giant squash-like "guinea beans" have grown to a most impressive size in the garden of the Chuck Woodrums, Montezuma. The largest one is 50 inches long, and weighs 9 pounds, and ;is. more than 11 inches in eireunj|erence. TO ALL PFRSONS INTFOESTfD IN THE ESTATE OF FRAILIE HARRISON JEAN, Deceased: You are hereby notified that on the 22nd day of September, ]966, the last will and testament of Frailie. Harrison Jean deceased bearinq date of the 13th day of November, 1959, was admitted to pro- hate in ths.. above, named court and that Dolores Barf and Joan A; Jean was appointed executpr, of : said estate. Notice it further aiven that onv or,*inn to sot n<iide soid will must bf hrounht i" • the district rourt nf, snif Tiuntv within on*» vpnr from the rtntf nf. the sornnrt ouh'icotion nf this notice ;or thereafter 'h" forever barred. : Nntiro is further niupn that. all nornon- 'nHpbtpH to sa'd estate nre reouestftd V t^ot'f* tmrr^f*Hfcit rt DO*'fYV > nt..' to thp unHpf. sinned, nnrl rroHitni-s hnwinn-rlnimc onoin--' -oiH »statp shall filp therp with the r.le^ nrnvir^prl hv 'ow,. "'Inly citJ f hpntirntpH fn< MllownnrP 1 nnH >*n|pss «o filpH wi*hin si* •vnnths from t^e. ser^nH • > n'ih|.i'-nt j nn o' nalHl surh eloim shells thpreoftpr. he.-for- ': Dated this 22nH Hav of September, 1966 n»lore« Bn;r Jnnn A.-'Jenn FvPcutors x»f • soi^ Fstatr ^""H Meadow, Minn. ; ' • : Address • ' : Shiimway, Kp.llu ••. c ri>-.tpHt. . Attorneys for said Executor Alnond, Iowa Address Oote of second publication lOfh do" "f Ortoher 196r\. jiL ?( Published in the Alnona Kossutl »T-' I ^ Countv Advance, • Algona, Iowa Oct. .6 and 13, 1966. Wilt ir , -.£:, I QRAOE "A" IOWA LAND LA * '. This is. a.choice 111. acres with outstanding crops produced thereon and is Webster and Clarion soil. This land is^all,tillable and has no buildings. It is. well tiled and wou.ld make anyone an excellent investment. Highway 169 and the Chicago and Northwestern Ri R. and a gravel road are situated immediately west of this land. 1. HIGHWAY 169 2. DREDGE DITCH: TERMS: 20% down and balance when liHe approved on or before March 1,1987, possession dale. Ben Sudmeier OWNER AND AGENT MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA AUCTIONEER-VIRGIL SPENCER, Algona, Iowa ,,,BUT LONG DISTANCE RATES ARE LOWER! Thirty years ago a Long Distance call was a big event for the average family. Putting the call through often took several minutes, and the cost could put quite a dent in ths family budget. Today you can call anywhere in the nation in a matter of seconds. Your voice is carried across the miles as clearly as if you were phoning a neighbor, And as for cost—just look at these comparisons: 3 MINUTE STATION-TO-STATION RATES W'GHI.* SUNDAY *L?WMt r*tM, In Mstonr •» !• DAY BATES 1936 Des Moines to Seattle Sioux City to Miami Davenport to Phoenix Council Blgf/s to Me* Yoit Ua»o# City to tow Orl««a* *5.25 5.00 4.25 4.25 3,50 $1.79 1-70 9-90 AQ m time Qi) Synd§y. •TkaWiOafi VCMi CAT* ™ ff^f ^f**W ^M*P V^ statiQn cajtf to Mf Talk trucks to those square shootin 9 first! THE DODGE BOYS HAVE TOUGH TRUCKS AT GENTLE PRICES! When it's time to talk trucks, talk to the Podge Boys first! From the famous Sweptline Pickup shown here to the hugest diesel, the Dodge Boys have a.truck to fit your needs. And t best of ail, they h.aye the terms and prices to fit your b.udget best! Pcrcival Motors, Inc. (You car) tell they're good guys they all W|»r fl\ white hats) MQ WUTH PHIU-IPS IQWA

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