The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 26, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1894
Page 8
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' ' »'£,! i-' • J ^ ! - ' '£* '• r , " ! LSL- SNOWATILLA ts Just What You Need, Said Only at Studley's Drug Store. AL(3DNA, BANCROFT NEWS. Chicago & yflnter, but come and see me ahd get some Nines." Can furnish any Sl«e. id*ed ... ...... fliiatn ht.... 11 Maw B»y« 6o«i* itiied.... ...... 8 effrffi way weight... .8 isatn ..205t>« IOWA, DBG. 26, 1894 by J, A, Mrs. L. C. Itoylof tt*ftt t<* Aig&shaj urday to Spend Xtnas with hef daughter Mfs Frank 1?a3rlof. Mr. afid MM. 3. W. Stark, of Keokuk, Iowa, aiflved Monday iospehdi dhflstni&a With J. H. button and family. Mf. Stark is a brother of Mrs. fiuttoth When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices. I aim to keep the best, such as Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & Milligan's Paints, Etc, J. Our Abstract Books are complete up to date, and reliable. They represent ML outlay of thousands of dollars and were prepared bv aneflgg stractor. Our patrons may therefore feel certain of getting reliable sracor. ur paro Our work is guaranteed and we furnish abstracts as cheap as irresponsible and incompeMik persons who have no books, though the bounty does not pay us a salary, -clerk hire, office J'ont or even furnish us stationery. FARMS AND WILD LAND FOR SALE;.' .................. , . MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR FARM LOANS, And furnished immediately upon application. V HAY & RIGE Opera House Block. c. L. LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. J. J. RYAN, (Successors to G. L. LUNDO 3 We wish to announce tHhe^adert. ^^^^^^^^{^^^^^^ for the selling of farmed un'm^ Through the skill of Dfs. Walters aad fceintsiti a very delicate operation We are again able to write a few items from Ban * croft. We hope by next week to be able to give our usual amount of news. Christinas trees were had in both of .the churches Christmas.. Past Master & 11. Lamsott, of Algona, will install the officers of Progressive lodge tomorrow evening the 2*?th. Mr. Lamson is_a 32nd degree Mason. Quito a number of the local Masons went to Armstrong last Thursday evening to help confer the Master Mason degree on Burt Streeter. formerly of this place. V. S.Ellis haUiis new building nearly completed at Swca City. While we are very sorry Mr. E. leaves Bancroft We wish him much success at Swea City. Work on the water works plant has begun and the foundations for the tower are already laid. Work is rapidly being pushed on the trenches for the mains. The Grand Army have secured the services of the celebrated Post Chaplain, Jesse Cole to deliver a lecture at Jefferson Hall on Thursday evening Jan. 10, 95. The proceeds arc to go towards paying of! a mortgage on a widow's home and we hope everyone will avail themselves of the opportunity to hear a splendid lecture'and be doing someone a favor besides, at the same time. Married—At Gennauia, Iowa, by Rev. Evarts, Mr. Henry Butzlaff and ^'Miss Martha Smith. The groom lived here all summer working for Echolbarger andjn- nian, and the bride is a sister of D, E. Smith. We wish them much joy. The Germanta Standard is the best paper for the size of the town in the state. We are slightly disabled but still in,,iLhe ring for all kinds of iirstclass insurance and for cheap farm loans.—J. A. FBECH., There will be a. concert given at Jefferson Hall on the evening of Dec. 28, by : t<he Mikado Quartette and by home latent, which promises to be an excellent one, .^e sure and attend. . .••.,, ••-.•• V Bills are posted for a musicale .and ..two tit. P. fiAWGlUS. 8. >. HAGGARD & PEEK, Succfisspts to ABSTRACTS AL65N*, property for. ... . .; ;. • ., • Tfours.respectfuUy. Against Tornadoes;? 'Is TOUT family protected, in case ; cif deathvby a life policy in a solid company ? . If not, - ; : ;,, ; ',, -,,'/.. -s •/: ' -.' '- ' ;, . ;. .;- . : ' &> Of the BANUEOFT INSURANCE AGENCY, submits the folld^in^ companies for your consideration. This is tjiia ^strongest liiie of. companies in any agency in jKos- . sutli county and does the largest .business.' All .city : policies,are issued in Bancroft and can be had on short notice. We can do a more cafefuj business because we devote our time to it. Creamery and threshing "machine insurance a speciality. , Merchants'and Bankers of Des Moines Anchor of Creston. Dubuque U!ire and Marino of Dubuquc, COMPANIES. lectures at Algoua oh Dec. 27 given by,$hG ladies of the AlgonaUaptist church. .Thi? lecturers'are Rev." C. H. Strickland 'of Sftrtix Gity-Wid Rev. Walter M. Walker. It' will bo worth going to hear. ' '^ liarber Joknsou has put in two $65 Columbia bar her chairs i that are dandles, as good as anything In the county. '" '" : '" _ 'C. L. Ostrander has secured a good p'osjir tipii as general agent for a boOk firm. - - l :i will.soon go on tho road at a gpo 1 ~ Jl " Mrs. G.O. Austin arrived homo from. California last week after a very pleasant visit with relatives. PLUM CftEBk, Deft. Sa, 1894.—MfSi Ffed Hugh has returned and Fred is happy all the day. Our local seamstress, Mrs, Kate Maine, is kept bUsy all the time. Where are you goiBg Xmas? Don't know} where are you going? A merry Christmas to you, Mh KJSPtfB* L1CAN. We understand that Mr. and Mrs, E. P. Keith have gone to South Dakota t6 visit With E. P's. folks. • Lynn Keith,'son of E. P., was thrown from a horse and quite badly shaken up. Rumor has it that Jasper Maudsley and wife are going to visit his folks 'way back in Canada. May you enjoy your visit Jasper. Chubb Dresman, George Benschoter and Delbert Ferguson are cutting wood. I have a little communication to make to you, but do not tell any one what it is. Hero it is; Ware des fent kon es wedder strick, bringo und is kost earn nix. Ich hob mi bidle f alora und do wara stna kup- per send drin und sell is net alia, Ich hot ache ebbis shunstgo falora ober Ich kon es net wedar flnna, so ware dis find kon des wedar struick brlnge und Ich baduuk cjn far as (Ich geb a 3 bence stj\iek for more as des lasa cann.) Will Klist's sale was real good. ,But then D. A. Haggard would make any sale good. Fred Miller sold his northeast 80 to Johnny McWhorter. $25 per acre was the price, paid. ) Fred Miller, Johnny McWhorter,and Fred Hugh have been improving this fine weather fencing. That Is right, let the good work progress. • UNION; UNION, Dec. 24.—Jno. Corbin, o-f Huron, S. D., spent tne week with his sister,'Mrs. Herbert Barley. He is In the employ of the Chicago and North western' railway company; - ' ••;•'• W. F. Jenkwason's, sifter, of Woodhull, 111., is hero tO'Spend Christmas with him. A. Palmer's children attend school in the Wheeler district. "•-•?> Tho Herman school comirieiicecli Monday.. " .' -• :; •''••"• '- '" : " i: '"'' MONEY! On Real: Estate, HOXIE & BBUNSON, &J20, 0, . f A$ flM* AttSt »ltft» AH; OSEWALL, PAINTER and t»APES»ttAS<J£R. Ppstal card orders Brombtly, attended to. . d. HOSEWALjJ. Algona, lown. oc DENTIST » A. L. BIST, D. D. ,S Local. anaesthetic for deadening pain gums when extracting teeth. E. S. GLAS1ER, D, D, S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Batik, SPKOIAL ATTENTION GIVBN TO SAVING THE NATURAL TUBTH. The best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless aa possible. OHO. B. ct.Ahkfi, OBAS. A.COtt iCOHMOtf AT ALGONA Oucccssof to W. fi. Quarto a) at IOWA, ' , '* Office over Kosstith OOtmty State Bank* .v?; SULLIVAN & MoMAHO DANSON & B,UTLER. LAW, LOANS AMD LAtfD, Collections a Specialty. Office in Oai-diier (Jowles new buildt Algona. E.V.&WETTIN& ATTORNEY A'l> LAW, Money to loan. Algon M. Schcnck's new house is almost enclosed. By the way, he yisted 'A)gona for the first time Saturday, sinco h'is •siekness; • r .Mr. WilsonVift"soon leave for Illinois, to join his family... ,/; '...',./.. % ''.. .../!,..-,,• /: It is reppi-ted thft Alva: Sar.chetlSvilil feturn from California soon, aft^;'swti absence of several years. 1 John Daub, of Irvington, is assisting MivNilson togetrready for thestde. ''' Word comes thai Mr. Nilson is impnw- NEW YORK. A, Religious, , Literary; and Family Newspaper, ] Undenominational) unbiased and impartial." •'A paper for clergymen, scholars, teachers, business men and families. It ' ' discusses every topic of the day- religious, theological, political, ll'terary, social,, artistic and scientific.. Its constrlbuted articles' '. are by the moat ••• • eminent wrl* 1 - • orsof.theEn- ' • gllsh language. It employs spoolallsts and, distinguished writers as editors, of Its Twenty-one Department, as fpllows.: . , Literature, .Science, Music. Fine Arts) Sanitary, Mjaslons, , ReilRous Intelligence. '/*l ^- ^D ^v41 I'M a l : • C^ A*c> A'.a'i-A. 1^ S. S.'SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attontlo to collections of all'kinds. Office over Uhrlschllles' store. Algol A -tvTO L. K. ^AKFIELI>,,M. D.. f , PHYSICIAN*ANJ> »URQE$ Office on State street, Algona, M..J.KMNEFIOE,.M:D. Office orer Taylor's store. * PKYSICIAN " ' '' AND SURCEOhi tovwa*. and College. ilwaiiUo'o, FIRE AND TORNADO CO,R Hanover of Now York. Fire Association of Phlladolphia. Northwestern National'of Milwa Rockford'qf Rockford,' ,' State of Des Moines. •Capital of Des Moinc*. . .,-..: ' "• J " The total assetts of the above companies 'is $366,678,181.08, according to the Auditor'^ report of Jan. 1,1894. Equitable 6'f New York. Mutual Life of New YoVk. B. M. Richmond, 1'res, B. F. SmttU, Vice Tres. A. (J, Kichraond, Oasbler. G; J, Lenander, Ass't, Cash, Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank - BANCROFT, IOWA, r Tnpnrnnr-itpd under the laws of the State of Iow,a. None but home capital Inverted. Authorized cawtal $50 000 Povelgn and "fomestio exchange bought and, sol'dvand a general banking businel frttneSctSrt. Speofiil attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamship U mTECTOBS f -H E M.'Tlchmond, N. E. Sheridan, A, B. Hichmeua. B. F. Smith. Samuel Wayne,0. K.Mivllory.J.N. snondan. • Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, Established 1881. 4 large list Q| wild lands for sale^ iropyoyea farnjs .and village roperty for sale or rent. Farm loans on Jong time and low Vates of interest. Offices et Bancroft and Swea City, Iowa. R, IV9. RICHMOND, CALL AT THE'OFFICE OF J. A, Campbell has some extra flue, windows at present. One of them ; h?i8\a splendid representation of a (Camp^elll- camel and the other is lighted by gas Jets all of which make a beautiful appearan.ce^ B. W. Haggard, ofi Algona, had business, here several dajs last week. '. , v . If George Boyle is to be Governor we.- propose tb"'niiak'e a strong bid for secretary of State becauso George, and the wrlterr were chaiman and secretary of the., 1'a^e Republican County Convention and'if this fact brings prominence why should we be slighted because we are modest. Hurrah for Boyle. Jas. V. Coleman went to Reinbeck,' la., to spend the holidays with college friend's. Somebody said also that cigars would be plenty oh his return. Mr, and Mrs. Glair Hotollmg are spending Christmas at and near \Vhittemoro. Our band boys.assisted tho Burt boys in. their concert last Friday evening. •< -We had occasion to. stop off at Burt and-, call on Dr. Warren Peters the other tlay and by tho way he has as line an office and operating, chair as we asually see in. tills country. II. N. Renfrew, of Mt. Hope, Kansas,, arrived last Thursday for a visit with his old friends here. Ho says he is prosperjws in his Kansas h.ame. • A number of Bnrt Masons spent an evening visiting the Bancroft Masonic lodge with a view to organizing at ttie -former place. We wish them ranch success, C. F, JBuker was dawn from Swea -City Saturday and reports that Swea. Cit$ Is booming. • '< Harry Siwpkins has bought, ont tly* Al» gona Steam laundry and wont to go last Saturday night t« buy starchor and washer and to hire ieuced laundrywan. Wo wish ttvo. new enterprise much success, The many Bancroft friends Paine, of i&gle CfJ-OYP, \v}U bo ploped leavn that ho was married to nlet J.Wright, at ovowing, ••FJSNTON, Dec. 34.—D. A. Buell, of M«- neapOlis, was'in ttiose-parts aigaiii^ 'He has'sold another strip off from "his farm 1 ; Resold the'west half, of the' nbrthwes't quarter of Sec. 15 to> A. P. Peterson; 1 "• Misses Tena Weisbro^. and Lena Light are in Bancroft, where they are lea-lining tliedressraaking trade. Mr, Henry-Manms^of Burt, was visiting friends in Fenton last week. .•••.;Misses Lydia andaEmma Weisbrodi are hojQ© from Charles-Glty, where they were attending college. The shooting matah was well attended last Saturday. BURT SUNDAY SCHOOL CONTENTION,^ A Sanday-Cchool Convention will be h&ld at Burt next- Sunday, Dec. 30«.the moyoing sessio». convening in the Presbyterian churcb and the atternoop } and evening sessions in the Gfinroapl Methodist ClauBoh.. Following will be[ tbe program: JfQRENOON, •10 o'clock— Opening. '10;SO— Christ the Aim of Sunday-school Teacbing r A. F. Bacon. U;30— Beasona-wby every^hviscb.niein' ber sbouldtbe in theSmida.y,-Scbool work, ReT, G> E. Keinley- • Charities,. Editorial' News of the- week, !Sunddy.7^p s h.oo.l, i ,.; ( . i ,,. _ Flnahcial In8urarice».' , : did .arid Younir, Peb.bles " ..Farm 'andi Garden*. /Odd Knots. , , t "A paperJpartlcullarly, fitted, toy lawyers, dddtors, clergymen, those'engaged in business, young people 'Of both soxes, men and women who rea4 aiidttblnk forthemselves. A paper especlariy'.valuabe for those Interested In Pine'Arts, Science Music. A paper givlngvaluablo information upon Finance, Life Insurance, Commerce. : •" . A paper for Sunday-;School.Worl<.ers those who have a Farm, Garden or House Plants.: • 'A paper for the family*, old and younfif. ''•- ;' ' , Its yearly subscription is $3.00; or at' that mute for any partiof a year. Olnbs of five, $2.00 each. , Specimen Copies Free. THE INDEPENDENT- E;. O,BoxS787, ISO Fulton Street, Officer "' Algona, Dtt. A A. SHEETZ, AND' 8TATIONI «b Prescriptions fllKi'dA'-Deals In palm book 1 ), perfumeries, etc. Cor. State and.Tborlngton'BtB, Alsona. " - A? ' ' i ' ' ?'' ^ t-t -' wj' C. B. PAUL, M. IX, WfffTJF&MOJtN.j \- " '- , Regular Office hours 8 to I2a,«)»>.. Over WI^>lgr,'ai''FnriiUure store. , ' ' • Kes'tdence-north i 2'V06 Oonsiiltatlon'in' En -' ^ Over66etc AND and German, 's store, OH ASl MoOC>RMAC5K T - .><.. mxatoiAJir, f Diseases of Children a B peel ally, lies); • Mrs . ' '; East of .or* N; w,. ALQONA, - IOWA. New York, 2;SO— Devoti®nal Exercises. 2-45— The Sunday-School teachers week-daf. worfc, MissEditlii Wilfcin soo. &— Etorae hoJps in Suflday-sotool Geo, NOW REALLY, DOESN'T j THIS STRIKE YOU AS A BIG BARGAIN? A BOY'S SUIT, ^consisting of a double breasted], tafOffiae' the A PAIR OF EXTRA PANTS iBl &&? AND We have waohlnewof a}l ng weljs,- vWater no pay. g u ,»?J A PRETTY CAP U»a4f Pf the panje 01otb aa tfer.-=—. and twp pairs of Pftnta are maw f FOWt I i » f • ,t <r.*it*-sw-'M>irM BURT v rQWVvl <M M Av A v| A • f<f f~Y•> /Al (.AND AND TOWN LOT 00. mm H , and, tbeir relatJ®® 0, H, Hawn.

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