The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 26, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1894
Page 5
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ftfid b'ath lIy imptoved by ^.^ took the* placs of lay .evening exercises L^^e-tional Cnutch. i r tffil be services at St. lliomas' i&T Church Wednesday, ThuM* [•Friday evenings of this week* t Gamp, representing the Mih- 8 Journal* was in town Satut- the interest of that popular s, Wffl. Plielps is recovering slow- LJ.OM a long and wasting illttess. rbad typhoid fever in its worst ™ » 0 t Orr is repainting and disinfect* .MthS Skinner Office in the Btate Bank jMldingfor the occupancy of Doxsee & j vacancies in the teaching a are to be filled before the open- 6f the next term of the public 16 JSlmore Eye says that L. L. Peto! Kossuth county fell trom the . of a school house last Monday and fiPained his wrist. j give this week a list of new books Deceived at the Heading lloom. it'institution is one of the livest __ have and one of the most popular. Yesterday was a model Christmas IV. It was clear and cold, but not too ;coldi There was no snow and no ?§leighing,butthe skating was first class. **lt is very seldom that a new year 'ings fewer changes in the county offl- als than the one so close at hand. We _-e to have a new auditor and a new supervisor. iCtfreetnan Ash, of Wesley, with his Mster, Louise, was in town this week. <fHe has just returned from Anamosa, •Swhere he was employed as a guard at S. N. Cook, of Des moines, was a ir in Algona last Wednesday. Mr. , wn . is the gentleman with whom f. J. Skinner is understood as having ^'one into partnership. HT.HE BEFUBLICAN this week extends ,lts list of periodicals with which it can fgive low club rates. We quote lor tho Wrst time several popular papers and trnagazines. Look it over. ( J&TuBtice Taylor is haying a run of Stwedding custom. He.united Lew Mil- Iller and Annie Vigdal in 1 the bonds of !7f»fCinatrimony Wednesday evening. The ,^'^parties are of western Kossuth. , ^lf|P><%Ttie Emmetsburg Beporter says that MMskr* rt n , TT,-.4-/»Vi?na nf Alornnn. was over. „ U§fid$t uimiu uo IIIUHAU «- — — ffi'' did mi M- fl the papefr 6f coiirse. We have to kno^r from whom coTMuiea- tibns come of they ate of no vahie to us. The rule is reasonable and ought to be fetttemtefed by everybody writing for a newspaper that Unsigned cofreapon- dence goes into the waste basket evert time. the Ltt Verne Hews says that a very happy marriage will take place at the Scott residence next Friday evening, whereby Mias Rose Scott and Dr. Waiter Fraser will be united in the "holy bonds.' 5 Dr. Eraser, Who. is now located at Guss, Iowa, will receive the congratulations of a host of friends when he leads to the altar one of the most handsome and accomplished young ladies of Lu Verne. EeV. Eighmy will perform the marriage ceremony* Mr, Geo. Johnson has sold his laundry establishment to Henry Simpkins, Who will run it. He will secure expert help and aims to put in new machinery and prepare for a larger business. Mr. Johnson has made the business a great success and built up a very large trade. He has done the best class of work, and has demonstrated that there is a profitable field in Algona for a laundry such as he has run. F. L. Wilson has bills out for a sale to come off on the James Beibhofl place to-morrow. A long list of desirable stock is to be put under the hammer as well as a great variety of farm machinery. Mr. \Vilson has been compelled, much against his inclination, to give up farming in Iowa, on account of the breaking down of his wife's health. The latter is now with her relatives in Illinois, and Mr. Wilson will go there as soon as he can close up his business. Keally, December has been an active building month this year, as it has been in the psat. It wants to be borne in mind that while we have seldom enjoyed more favorable December weather, we have not seldom had as fine. Altogether, considerable building is done in the winter months. It is within the memory of the writer that the REPUBLICAN office was built from S. Waikef aftd fcif& ate Delations at Ltt Vetnfe, Minnesota. Miss Field was the gtiest of Mrs- C. A. Ififthfttn dutifig her stay iti Algona. Myron Sehenck is up atid ajottnd again, after his long illness. He was in town on Saturday. A. iJ. Clarke and family now expect to abend the Winter in California. They expect to leave Algona early in Januaryi Miss Cora Uibbard Was over frotn Cylinder to hear Miss Field. Frank Tellier arrived hoine from Iowa College on Thursday. Jataes Randall is home frotn Des Moines. G-. B. 1'ark, of Greeley, Colorado, , itre itttte ows gatfrefeA 1 abbtrt ft, tfftfflfftg tajffers sned B dita f-eltgtotis light. "Seteral t&s-p-ayc! 1 *," so the Courier says, wait to know who of the cyclone sufferers received relief from the county, and how much. The reciao-st Is a, modest one and wo should say it might well be complied with. t ? COMBAT, -. . , was in the county last week visiting his sister, Mrs. B. Oarr. Supervisor-elect Leahder Barton of Ltt Verne, is recovering frotn a long illness. He is about again, and doubtless he will be on hand the first Monday in JaHuaay to help transact the county business. Frank Thompson, of Burt, was a pleasant caller at the REPUBLICAN office Monday. Mr. and Mrs. t>. A. Haggard returned Monday from Epworth, Dubuque county, Iowa, where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Haggard's father, Mr. B. H. Wilmott, who was one of the pioneers of Dubuque county, and a An Awful family Riot In the JFTee Press Office at Ruthven. The timely interference of the city marshal, on Taesday, prevented our sanctum from being the scene of a bloody combat and the floor from being covered with gore. Since the ducks have winged their flight to the sunny south. " Old Drake" has got into the habit of taking his daily siesta by our office stove, wnere he can uninterruptedly dream of the sport he has had in company with the sporting editor. On Tuesday morning, he found his favorite resting place occupied by a white bull-dog and in a very few mo* ments there was the worst mixture of dogs, stoves, coal buckets, printing presses, editors, and devils you ever saw. It was not till Marshal Jondahl had ktiocked a tooth out of the bulldog's jaw with a monkey wrench and both dogs had been choked down With ropes that they separated, and the poor editor and his devil crawled out of the rubbish that the canines, in their bllO iVJZJjt \J JJUAW.".•« v/.www ..*»w "7 . the ground up, foundation and all, in 1882? and it was finished and ready for 0. B.^Hutchins, of Algona, was over, **Friday. last, endeavoring to locate a l/} section line over which there seems to ,%. s be some' doubt as to the accuracy of e present one. v The Burt Monitor says thut Bey. has been engaged of late in and erecting a church m vv-i? 5 estaDiisniug AUU. cieutujg a, vuuiv/u iu y^'i Seneca township, which is now com- fc4'l%leted and will be dedicated,the first rMs^'Sunday in January. ' \'>' '< s i"' ' l%CMf 'This office is. supplied, with a, very i5w«*.r ,,, j-i-i-j^ f or |ii805, through Frank tfellier. *It is Iowa College calendar and .shows /up five handsome and substantial »buildirigs"of that institution. ^Robert Lane, of Buffalo'township, : proprietor of the Lake View^Cream- S W,' was> : town 'Saturday.. Mr. Lane .freports thfct he'staged up his c£e|mery. ^the first of December Stld thafr'-every- •"th^ng looks bright for the'enterprise. ^'Certificates taken of station'/agenti iwhen. buying ticket will entire holder £tb a rebate, provided the certificate is feigned by the secretary of the Art sLoan Exhibition at Des Moines; tferti- Ifying that the holder has attended the •numerous people), who fare at home for ttite J holidays are iAimee Veuguet, Gny Dalton, James SBandaU,' Fred Ingham\ ''Howard Bob- ^iison, Anna Ingham,! ^eo;, Horton, : Tellier and Mr- and Mrs> Jas> occupancy by March 4th. Emmetsburg Reporter: Miss Elsie liunocame over from Algana Tuesday. She is desirous of securing an engagement as a teacher of drawing in the public schools here. At the request of several of the citizens of this place she brought over specimens oi her work, and has them on exhibition at the Gowan Store. It is-not necessary to say anything about Miss Hunt s artistic skill, as her paintings do that for her. Should the school board decide to add drawing to the course, they can do no better than secure the services of Miss Hunt as instructor. Mr. Goodner, of the Call & Cowles office, was one of the witnesses who went to Dubuque to testify in the Van Leu'ven trial. lie was not called on, however, as the defendant entered a plea of guilty. This was the sixth time that Mr. Goodner made the trip in this jcase to give' evidence, but only once was he called to testify, and that was before'the U. S. grand jury; j;Mr. Goodner was U. S. Deputy Marshal in Minnesota and arrested Van Leuven. He'jiVas*arsol>reSent'when the tin box, which figured as one of the sensatipn- ••al fe^ture^'df the case, was 11 seisjeduj 1 We think-it is entirely safe to say that the musicsle Thursday night will be an entertainment that will enter- 'tain." The program which 'is printed in f ull un'der another head shows the names of many of Algpna's most gifted and popular (musicians, who never appear except to win' laurels, ;and here it is proper to' say, because it is- the truth, that our home programs are apt to be the most enjpyed, It will be the thing to go early and buy a ticket' at Dingley's if you have no season ticket for the ladies' course, which you ought LIlV/UuCLO vi J-' *•* *J***J_v*\^ xyv* w •.» v£ ^ MMW — man much loved and respected by all who knew him, Jas. Chapin and wife are^down from Minnesota to spend the holidays. Claris Blackford has been in Algona for a few days visiting relatives and friends, Mr. John Chapin called on the BE- PUBLICAN Friday while in town delivering those best in the world Bibles. Mr. Chapin is still a resident of Humboldt but occasionally, when off his guard, he lets fall a remark, that he would like to live in Kossuth again. Geo. Barr is home from a long absence in Oregon and California. He spent the last month in the latter state, visiting at San Jose, where Arthur is employed in a large commission house. George likes California better than he does Oregon. Dr. Barr is still at Eoseburg, and his improvement in health bids fair to be permanent. The doctor is likely to go to San Jose in the spring, however. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Cowles arrived home from their extended eastern trip Saturday night. They visited Niagara, Boston, New York and Washington, staying ten days at the national capi- tpl, and making from there trips to Arlington and Mt. Vernon, and going a quarter of a mile up the Washington monument. While Mr. Cowles engrossed himself with business, Mrs. Cowles,attended a reception given by Mrs. Cleveland, whom she found pleasant and cordial, and listened to Senator's speech in favor of the closure rule, which was effective. This is a delightful trip to take at this season. scrimmage, had gathered about them, mi.,, rinrwn «ifn«*n *tn{fVioi* nf fliotn liiirf A Merry Christmas Out of the Question Without a cheerful fife. You cannot- have a cheerful fite without a good heater. The tanks next to the baby in bringing joy and good cheer into the home. Try one before Christmas. See our Stoves and Ranges be-' fore buying. We handle the best—RIVERSIDE and JEWEL We have a full line of Wood and Iron Pumps. All kinds of repairing done. We still have SKATES. .C. M. DOXSEE. THE MUSICALE. Chapin,' ,".'.->' t .:• '• • ' -A. Binquist, of Swei City, was»a fcaller on the BEPUBI-IOA^ ,«, f W days He says Swea City is -.making To be Given by the Algona Musical '•', Cliib at' Call's Opera House, Thurs- * .day Evening, De'cember 37.' -0. 1 ' .J?ROGKA>1—FART I. 'Chorus,*-!Li!ttle Jack Homer".... Caldioott Musical Olub. Piano solo, Melodle Bubonsteln Miss Lizzie Wallace. Vocal selo, Tho Message Blumenthal Mrs. ?latt. Oliildroa's song and drill, directed by . 1 jMissEandall 1 Hiss Amy Wallace Fourteen little girls. Piano 4uett—Overture from "Wm. Tell" ' ,. Rossinni -,. Mrs, Call. Mrs.Otorlscbill§s. ' Vocal-duett-The Wood Bird's Song. Glover Messrs. Hamilton .and Fuller. KJS,«JVM»B*9 re njMMatMSu ¥f»ffgw»v" vf iisSbandsome new si;ore, it is a very ' •aetorybutidingforthepurppse and mmore hasflUe'd tf UP ife .very fine i,'" The counters, wbieu are of kTXare' frpin McGregors ^furniture pV'jMKrare very elegant specimens '$S$fi~\'>Sc' '-""^il^fh', 1 ! '','. '; ;l rti&.Wecl»esday newspapers fre at a fte at a tMs<wwki» cQjmug out aft<?» QbnrtiqMi wfiiQh of , wante to kwp.; The wm taj'fcK next;, feel otanfllted .to noting pit- it was deeided-tbat; ajeaefe re.. - wutil turtbffp -ng nner frpjft IS ! Probably every newspaper man has noticed that When a subscriber begins paying a year in advance he ie very apt to keep up the -practice. Year after year he make's Ms visit to the newspaper office with .his (dollar 'and a half, riot necessarily for publication but as an evidence 1 "pf good faith, Ijfciusaid that' paying a year in advance as one of the occasions to 'Which the faithful subscriber looks forward with pleasing anticipations. Tbis is especially the case when he can save' the price of bis home paper by taking advantage of tlje ,c t tybbing offers which evsry Uye 'pa'p'er annually advertises, , , ,, Jobm Swit&er, .*£ Iryjngton v town* J*£GDOlDt J-At**-l»* »W« >**"»* *- u**w*< Recitation-"Up and Down Old Brandywine", f ., J. Whitoo,m Biley Jessamine Lyrm Jones. Qnartette—A,»nle Laurie Dudley Buck Mesdames Vesper,- Platt. Bowyer, MlssRariks. ,„„,,. Selection Mandolin Club INTEttMISBION, ' PABC VL. Chores—"Blue Bells of ,Scotland".,Sonillingr . Musical Olub. Piano Solo-t-ldylle ,....,. Miss Uoruie Ingbam. Vocal Solo...... .' . Mr- Frank IJeUier. Vlolha^and Piano—Aqgells Dtream. • Maud and Kate Smith. Quartette—"Old Folks *b Home" Mes.dames Vesper, Platt, Bqwyer, Miss Banks, ' Selection..;. ... ..MandolinOlub Miss Maud Smith, r accompanist, Tickets on sale at jPlngley's. (l t THE SOCIAL UNION, . . "; j Tb'^fioQJal Union wi!l«ieet Friday night ,'of tW? week at eight o'clock. Program; The dogs were neither of them hurt and the office force is on the road to recovery. MOKAL : Keep out of a dog fight.—Free Press. TO THE PUBLIC. Are you aware of the fact that a Kimball Piano in our store only represents so much raw material, so""much actual cost of labor, and is built by the largest manufacturers of the kind in the world: is second to none in merit, durability, or finish, and that our guarantee is backed with a capital only exceeded by a few of the larger banks; also the 'fact that we are always wil- riQ TO ling to give you the advantages of all ^ ^ these different points, and if necessary, furnish you a Piano or Organ at actual manufacturer's cost, as our method is to lead but never follow, or be undersold by any competitor. Call and get our prices, and you will be surprised at what a small amount of money it .will take to buy a strictly first-class Piano—the Kimball. Heinze and" J. P. Hale & Co., for leas money. Respectfully yours. W. W. KIMBALL Co. JNO. EWING, Manager, Algona. THE FAIRBANKS-CHARTER. Several of our newspaper friends have made inquiries regarding the Fairbanks-Charter gasoline engine placed in THE REPUBLICAN office last July. It gives us pleasure to testify that it is the nearest to perfection of any piece of machinery we ever had .any experience witu, and we do not see what improvement could be made in it. We have become convinced that there is as much,difference in gasoline engines as there is in any other kind of machine. This engine is of U4 actual horse power and weighs 1700 pounds. The solidity and beauty of its construction, -its handsome finish and the ease and smoothness bf its operation are the-admiration .of all who see/it dp its ; work. It'is,an always reliable'engine, always ready for buiness, and is easily managed. It requires only a modest sup- ily of gasoline to make, it, •, like the jrook, run on forever. Withputsmqke without dirt, without ,an pfEensive $mell, always ready for service on short "notice* it combines all the utilities of the steam engine, with none of its unpleasant features, and i? in every respect a perfectly satisfactory power. It f - manufactured by Fairbanks, Morse Winkle's Old Stand. lODGE'S MEAT MARKET. Having bought out the Bennett Meat Market, I shall run it in a first- class manner, buying none but the best animals and serving meats to customers in the. best shape. FREII FISH EVERY FRIDAY. H. C. DODGE, Prop., State street, Algona. WITGENANT ', L -FOR,— GLIDDEN BARB Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints, AND THE— : Bissell Carpet Sweeper, s The Best Sweeper. Made., / WEITGENANT BROS;, Corner State and Thoringtpn.' . Lysberg , ^ , Selected ,Lagye ,0oe gpme brother, bee,n tbe east of Algon»,.4o a Bpbert .Bucbanan, for >fM$ l» said t»Aave price ever pajd.fpr n th.isf.weigbbpybppli Instrumental Puei Mrs. Cnrjschjlles »TrUliy"-Mw. * — "Tbe Brfttoemw a^ CJuwh" Butler, ' & Co., which fact alone is .warrant enough *s to its standard of excellence. Such of our newspaper brethern as contemplate a change of power are advised to write to W. W. Hildebrand, of Le- M.ars, who is the agent for the .bouse in tftis territory. . , . . I BEADING ROOM'S NEW BOOKS. ' Children of the Col.d, Schwatka,, i Chivalrtc Days, Brooks. . Dtccon the Bold, Coryell. Life of Daniel Boone, Abbott. , Life of Captain Cooke, Besaut. Seven Oaks, Holland, Being a Boy, Warner, TJjnothy's Quest, Wiggin. Sparrow the Tramp, Wesselhort, . Wanderings of Aeneas-Hanson. ,„ • Days of KingArthw, Han'spn,' Count of the Saxon Shore, Church. 1 Scbonberg Cotta Family, Charles/ Ronmne »f Dollard, Catherwpod. Grimm's FaJry Tales, Pratt, Romana, Jackson,, ,,. Marble Form, Hawthorne. Ten Nights Jn a Barroom, Arthur, Merry 4dv«wtures of Robin Hood, Pyle. Peasant and Prinee, Matfcmean,' * Gujliver'g Travels, Swift,, At t^eTJackof the Jfarthwind. aid, * * ' LMle S^int pllzaheth,'Bennett, Boots &»4 Saddles, Y™ ""-*"" Pepacton, Fruits, A FULL LINE QFr •v m ,", ' u /,v ! 1lf ^>»« '-.'«• •urM tbe bo»?e'sb<^W go W J^d at pee janfl get OB?, ' te^' ? fO.!M^ifW^^ • *t '»'.>»'X .,;. ,' $ i?j! |'^;>i* < iw •y'"-*i'Xkr ' "'-'•X'v' i5 'J^ VS^« ' : - ; '-••"•^sll TTT TT\ Ct rVHO'^w n ' l fW WHlMU-p IJNIIiy,,! , l p''/^A 7 *;^-V4^"^-^"\y^^? •*1 V \SV*^\''r,y%i££ 'i 1 I '/«*,,!> -»-\ >'^S^^' -,''' - '' • ' *>' *ifi < ^j£&3!^ :y' 4 ,vtv-" •.'' ^^'''TlWra -^r^'^^MMjto

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