The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1966 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1966
Page 6
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fct fto,«clay f April 14, 1966 and Mrs. Elmore. C. L. Maylaad of AROUND ALGONA BY RUTH SHIERK MART MILLER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Helmuth Miller and a student at Drake University, Des Molnes, returned to school Sunday after spending ten days with her parents. She is now student-teaching in the fourth grade at the Samuelson school. JO ELLEN MILDER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Milder and a student at St. Teresa's, Winona, is spending her spring vacation with her parents. She will return to school Monday. PATRICIA KENYON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Les Kenyon and a student at Mankato State College, spent the Easter weekend with her parents. BERNARDINE Linnan came from Minneapolis and spent the Easter weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Linnan. Other guests for the weekend were a niece of Mrs. Linnan, Patricia Waesenberg, Minneapolis, and a sister-in-law, Margaret Riardon of St. Paul. They were also visited by their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Brian Linnan and Sherl of Omaha. DR. AND MRS. Melvin Bourne were hosts at Algona Country Club for Easter dinner. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes, Mr, and Mrs. Vallo Naudaln and Mr. ^^^i^r- ~^*^r -^m^' -^^^r- -^n^v ~-^w -^•v' -^^^- -^^^- ^^«^ ^^s^»- -^™ AlfaNure Brand ALFALFA "V' * '*•#,*. PLOW IT DOWN AlfaNure ALFALFA AlfaNure can add up to 225 pounds of nitrogen per acre to your soil — as much as you would get from 700 pounds of ammonium nitrate. AlfaNure improves soil tilth, drainage is better, water-holding capacity is increased, and you can plow earlier in the Spring. AlfaNure is a combination of known types of alfalfa. Ask about plow-down AlfaNure today. It's available at... FARMER'S CENTER MERTON ROSS, MGR. KENDRA SEELY returned to Maryville, Mo. after spending five days with her parents, Mi*. and Mrs. Kenneth Seely. Kendra is a student at Northwest Missouri State College. MRS. M. G. BOURNE will leave Saturday to go to Washington, D. C. as a delegate of the Algona chapter to a continental congress of the D. A. R. The conference will last through April 22. MARY JEAN HOOD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hood, returned to Minnesota Sunday after spending her spring vacation with her parents. Easter dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hood were Mrs. Gustie Patterson and Stanley, and his wife and son of Mason City. GUESTS OF Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh for Easter dinner at the Country Club were their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thoreson, the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Thoreson of Spirit Lake, Mrs. Joseph Lynch, Sr., Barbara Haggard and Mrs. Forrest Twogood of Los Angeles, Calif. A REPUBLICANTeenage Rally will be held April 19 at the high school Annex. Formerly scheduled to take place April 5, this is a postponed meeting, sponsored by the Republican Women of Kossuth county. Musical entertainment will be provided by teenagers of the area. An organizational meeting will follow, with featured speaker Mike Fleming of Slbley, a district officer of the Young Republicans. Mrs. Richard Thoreson, county president, urges all teenagers of the county to attend, as well as any adults who are interested. LYNNE AND LESLIE Norton, twin daughters of. Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Norton, left by plane Thursday from Omaha to spend the Easter vacation with their sister, Sir! and husband, Mr. and Mrs. John Hartshorn, at Fort Defiance, Ariz. BAPTIZED AT St. Cecelia's Sunday was Thomas Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Graettinger, who was born March 25 at St. Ann hospital. Sponsors were the paternal grandfather, Ralph GraettingerofGraettinger, and the maternal grandmother, Mrs. William Judge of Ames. During their mother's confine- A ; vym,ent>-'Timothy, 4, vlsite«Uhis ' fraternal igrandparenfs, and'Jane, 2, remained with maternal grandparents. ALGONA TURN A WILDCAT LOOSE ON ALL YOUR SHREDDING AND CUTTING CHORES! Wildcat Knife Positioning Gives Better, Positive Cutting Action! Positive suction and cutting action is yours with Wildcat's one stationary and four free-swinging tempered sreel blades Tru-balanced cutter bar weighs a big 105 pounds! All blades are reversible for longer life. 6 reinforcing bars underneath act a's baffle plates helps hold trash in shredder keeps top of machine from bend and sway. Front chain guard is standard equipment. Individual chains are easily changed by the removal of one rod. SEE THE POWERFUL WILDCAT SHREDDER BY STANHOIST AT JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT South of Algona Hotel - ALGONA, IA. JACK WILLIAMS, eon of Mt. and ti*s. Robert William 6 and a student at Drake unimtity In ites Molnes, returned to classes Monday after spending ten days with his family. »*• 's.'f^* '• - a- 4 *'' v *4 is 4- SHEILA SULl4Arf rjf Mfck ' apolis arrived Friday to spend the Easter weekend with her mother, Mrs. Wade Sullivan. Mf. and Mrs. W. B. MacDonald and Heather joined her mother and sister for dinner Easter. Mrs, MacDonald is the former Molly Sullivan. GARY HUSK, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bless Rusk, and a student at Drake University, returned to Des Moines Monday after spending ten days and Easter with his family, i :, . DR. AND MRS. ; A, j, fiason returned Monday .after aft Easter vacation/Saturday, they w«fit to Nevada where they visited thfclr daughter Marjorie and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jfltti Potten • the group then went to todianoia where they visited the other daughter, Mary Susan and family, Mr. and Mrs. ErvinOgland. Sunday, Mrs. Eason will be accompanied by Mrs. Nell Wickey to attend the Hawkeye Doll Clubs of Iowa convention of the United Federation of Doll Clubs at Waterloo for an all-day meeting. DAVID HUTCHINS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hutching and dean at Wisconsin State College at Whitewater, arrived Friday to spend the Easter weekend with his parents. Their youngest son, Richard, student at Drake University in Des Moines, spent his spring break visiting David in Whitewater. S1G WOOD, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Wood and a student at Simpson in Indianola, spent ten days here with his parents during his spring break from college. LT. COL. AND Mrs. R. E. Clapper and Jon and Bob arrived Thursday to spend,the Easter weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Towne. They left Sunday to return to Omaha, from where they will leave for San Francisco, then to Hawaii, where the Col. is stationed for an indefinite tour of duty. The former Burdine Towne, Mrs. H. G. Lucflow, arrived Tuesday to remain for an indefinite stay with her parents. She accompanied Mrs. Clapper to Omaha to assist in the packing and will' return to Algona this week. MR. AND MRS. Kirk Hayes will leave Saturday to go to Jefferson City^where, they will represent Druggists Mutual at t a pharmaceutical convention'. LEGAL NOTICES QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS "~»n» School District Alfona Community Township Cregco County Kossuth I do hereby certify that this report li a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to the financial matters of the board of said district for the quarter ending March 31, 1966.. Vaughn K. Rising Secretary. FINANCIAL STATEMENT •choolhouM Fund Balance from Previous Quarter ...... 8,233.63 Transfer-Adjustment Total Receipts for Quarter Transfer-Invest. Ret. s.OOO Total to Account for Total Warrants Drawn During Quarter nom 10,343.81 ,000.00 Transfers-Investment (JOOO.i Balance at End of Quarter Plus Investments Central Fund Balance from Previous Quarter ... „ 118,903.29 Total Receipts for Quarter 30,463,27 Transfers-Investment Returned 105,000,00 Total to Account for . 8,343.51 8f601.88 135,463.27 254,366.59 ExptndiiuMs Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter 179,756.60 (Teachers, Janitors, Officers,, etc., grouped) Other Warrants Issued — amount 59,762.01 Total Expenditures Balance at End of Quarter Plus Investments 239,518.81 14,847.75 20,000.00 LIST OF WARRANTS (except MUrlei) SCHOOLHOUSE FUND Person, Firm For What Amount To Whom Paid Security State Bank. Transfer-Investment $ 5.000.00 TOTAL $5.000.00 GENERAL FUND Person. Firm Amount Advance Publishing Co. ..$ 70.25 Airkem Sales of Iowa 50.60 Algona Auto Repair 3.00 AUona Comm. Sch. Dist. Clearing Acct. Fd. 189.45 Algona Insurance Agency 34.00 Algona Municipal Utilities 3.294.74 Al'eona plumbing and Heating 555.65 Elgin Allen 228.40 American Book Co 241.49 American Guidance Service, Inc 3.80 American Heritage Book Service Offices 14.90 James Andersen 26.20 Arwell, Inc 171.00 Audio-Visual Center, Library 3.27 Baker and Taylor Co. 249.48 Everett E. Barr Insurance 12.00 Wei Bartlett 360.00 Benson's Welding 21.17 Blossom Insurance Agency 267.82 Bobbs-Merrlll Co.. Inc. .... 4549 Bohannon Insurance Service 24.00 Bomgam-'s 5-10 38.35 Bro-D.ii't Industries 140.71 Bureau of Audid-Vlsual Instr 259.89 Bureau of Labor 16.00 Business Education Films . 16.20 California Test Bureau .. 262.61 Donald Camenisch 13.00 Campbell and Hall, Inc. — 1.139.75 Carleton Stewart Music Co. '168.46 Carpenter Paper Company 331.65 Carsons for Color 18.43 Glenn Chally 9.00 Children's Book Council, Inc 4.20 Wayne Christiansen 42.20 Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc. 27.00 Coast to Coast Stores .— 29.49 Russ Cook 120.00 Cook's Welders Supply, Inc. 31.55 Cowan Corporation 277.79 Creative Playthings. Inc. .. 39.07 Grouse Cartage Co. 4.67 Culllgan Soft Water Service 501.95 Dandy Floor Service and Supplies 28.20 Decker Athletic Supply Co. 603.48 Decker Brothers. Inc 942.65 Demco Library Supplies — 88.55 Des Molnes Rubber Stamp Co. 1.1.80 Dictaphone Corporation .- 162.00 Eugene Dietzgen Co -. 123.53 Directory Service Co. .... 35.77 Druggists Mutual Insurance Co , 868.80 Dunn's Sure Save Market 3.04 Frances Eason 13.33 The Economy Co. J7.49 educational Audio Visual, inc. —.—........ Electronic Specialties Engstrom Iwctrie ... Examination! committed ACS .................... Fareway Store*. Ine Farm Bureau Office ..— Fldiar and Chamber! Field EnterprlMJ- Edaca- : , rtorlda Stati -,W|vi*rity' Follett PubllshiKi'co. *t!?! Foster Furniture Co. ...... Frederick Hardware Stores Gambles ............— Oarrard Publishing Co. ... oeyer Instructional Aids Co. *— Ginn and Company ....... Joyce Graham ...... Oreenberf Auto Supply .. Hanson Bennttt Magazine Agency ........... Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc ..... Harper's Magazine, Ine. .. Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc. ..... .... Harrison's *..Hedrick Brothers ......... Herbst Insurance Agency HUtqn's Super Service — , HpbsH Mies and Service Agency —•- j. I. Hoicomb Mfg. Co. .... Hood's Super Vaiu Store .. Hungtlngton Laboratories, Inc. ^^1......-^..- —H. R. Hunttlng Co., Ine. .. IBEA Library service .... Indiana .University .....— International Builntts Machines,. Inc. .......... Iowa Association of School Boards' .... Iowa bECA * ...»Iowa Employment security Commission ............ Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System ....... Iowa State Agency for Surplus Property Iowa State Bank Iowa State University — P. R. Irons Jack's O.K. Tire Service Johnson Process Co. Johnson Service Co Kossuth Motor Co Kossuth Oil Co ;.. Krafft Music Co, Wm. C. Kuhn, Sr. .... L. H. Kurtz Co Laidlaw Brother* Otto B. Lalng Lang Dlatrlbuting Co. . La Pine Scientific Co. J. S. Latta and Son Latta'a Builneis Systems, Inc Library of Congress Lyons and Carnahan, Inc. Marshall and Swift, Inc. .. Materials for Learning, Inc. Walter McBrlde McGraw-Hill Book Co C. H. McGulness Co. . Charles E. Merrill Books, Inc Metropolitan Supply Co. .. Arnold Meyer W. H. Meyer Midwest Shop Supplies Midwest Visual Education Service Minnesota Mining and Mfg. Co. Modern Business Equipment Modern Dry"cieanerV"and Tailors National Audio-Visual Assn., Inc. National Education Assn? of U.S Nature and Science .. Bill Naylor „.. North Central Public Service Co. Northwestern Bell fefe~-~ phone Co A. J. Nystrom and Co. O'Brien Trucking Service Olivetti Underwood Corp. Panama Carbon Co. Tom Parsons. Paxton Equipment and Supply „ Percival Motors Petty Cash Pratt Electric Constr. Co. Prentipe-Hall, Inc. Jon Putnam Random House School and Library Service, Inc. Rex's Appliance Service .. Vaughn K. Rising Ron and Jack's, Inc. Salter''s.' Davis Paint _.™I Sehmltt • Hardware 1 )!. 1 :!: Schmitt Music Co. ... School Lunch Program „ as.?* ^.00 MB.34 J.IO 58J» 100.00 9.77 .217.90 148JB 12.45 53.43 J9.6S 1.20 7160 M 1S.SS 411.70 198.37 458 81.04 2.40 S35.20 875.00 28.00 iOiJo 58.00 101.27 76.29 33.30 94.83 8.45 801.43 14.87 11.15 7,541.62 6,183.30 29.80 9.00 182,26 25.38 16.78 9.50 117.73 1,114.92 1.986.71 225.49 10.00 4.48 33.05 62.50 29.94 13.06 183.64 252.78 14.15 22.74 2.88 84.04 17.20 250.80 12.50 19.61 422.57 7.50 58.00 16.57 451.68 12.00 5.00 3.00 6.00 6.69 13.20 5.00 5,498.72 914.22 21.79 C8.00 9,675.00 13.47 13.00 333.53 30.65 393.83 335.61 46,56 67.50 315.40 38.70 96.25 « 28-25 ;V39.3tfi . 3.'9 ' 117.5*. 14.90 36.99 Science ft*«*aren AffSc< Istes.lne. —^.... Scott, Foretmm and Co... Sflvtr Bwditt.Co.. L. W. singer Co., Inc Sjogren'* Orew*j> —.— Dr. L. L. Snydet . Society for Visual «dttca- ^tion. MS. .-^...^..— Spencer Orseer Co. i Standard Oil —*....- Stansl Scttntfffe Co, -. Stanwtit Hou*e, Inc. ...... state Farm Fire and ca«- uaity^Co. ............^.. Julian S. Steen . Capltola Strayer — Dftnnlt Strayer ..—...... Successful Farming ...... Superintendent M Document* »—. 14.48 t tfftft MOW Co ___________ Teacher*, College Pten ... Thermoga* CO of Algoina CWBTel C. TTWrtKlit, PB&^ IKTier ...... „.—_——.Toad Chemical Co., Inc. .. Tons'* Mdid a«d TeieW- ,*1on . __________ ; ___ ...i ___ . triangl* School Servfcft .. Mr*, fttelma T*che«er .... unffia BuMftif CWrteri, . Inc. _____ ............ — .... UWttd scientifie Co.. inc. tfnited State* Government s Post Office ............. unlvertlty of Nebraska .. Vejttt Bit Moine* Pnb- . Tfthlng co. ... ___ ...i.._» utt Electric Service .. ____ Ervin Van H*aft*n ........ O. O. Waffle Book Co. .... 830 14 JB fc 18.88 89.08 l^w^lk-fieF;:: _,_ 983.03 24.63 , _^ H8.W MAO A . 1.40 191.02 23.81 _. ... Witton Ctf «JBB W.HL z*n«i*t 'Mfm'n do hereby certify that gift report, pagel 1, 2, S. 4, is « true tftd «r- rect statement of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the Board of said District for fb* quarter ending^ March 31, IMS. ^ Vaagftn K. Rttlnli Subscribed And sworn to befort me this oth day of Aprn A. D^ Josephine Waldera Notary. Exciting Hitched detail makes this all-weather Drench Goat® something very special on the fashion-scene, An eye-eafehirtg front and back yoke, roomy pockets put you way buf front in the style-parade. Yours In water-repellent 100% cotton, in new shades. Sizes 5 to 15, 6 to 18. Style witti a. \ There's an air of smart sophistication tailored into this all-weather coat, sparked by embossed gold-tone buttons. Wear it for that fashion-conscious, woman-of- mystery look. It's ZE PEL® protected to shrug off water and stains. New colors. Sizes 5 to 15, 6 to 18. nto mmi H I 0 N S The free and easy classic style by KAY WINDSOR. A smart sophisticated coat dress with its short cuffed sleeves... novelty belt and its own full skirt. In 65% Dacron® 35% cotton. Green, brown, pink or blue check. Sizes 10-20. Splash a art print on a shimmering texture. Sprinkle lustrous pearl buttons at closing and cuffed sleeves. Shape supple lines to a shift silhouette. Belt at will. 100% Arnel.® Green, black or pink. Sizes 10-20, Fashion says white is with it ... and Kay Windsor says it this way ... Top.level banding and buttons on a textured two-piece . costume of 93% rayon and -1% silk. Indian ivory banded in mango and piped in I peach, blue/green/ ivory or shrimp/green/ ivory. Sizes 10-18. immlmmmmmwm

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