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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 16

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 16

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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DaklanD B-M xttctjst 16 THURSDAY EVENING LAUNCHING OF 'PUFFED BRICK SHIP DELAYED raoo he SHE LEASE Firemen Save Hour From Flames 0 0 -0- 0 0- Mpther and Children Unconscious u.s. ship ORIENT ASHOn in; PEACE ENVOYS EUROPE STRIFE UF TO VOTERS QF BERKELEY TO CO IIP FOR CHINESE tUniS CALL FOR PRUNE PICKERS COMES FROM SAN JOSE B. Sexton, superintendent of the stats public employment bureaus, has returned from tte Santa Clara valley where he reports a great demand for labor to assist in harvesting an unprecedented prune crop. The employ ment office in San Jose has been swamped with orders for help and has called on the bay cities for relief. The Oakland office, at 461 Tenth street has orders for prune pickers, dry yard men and teamsters at good wages.

The prunes are gathered from the rround" and whole families can work together. One employer has placed an or articles and save a blrdoage, faced as Buncirl was. Bunclch aaved himself and seemingly forgot all about the others of his family. He was taken to the Central Emergency hospital, where he is under observation. The adjoining home destroyed was that of William Polly, 26 Gladys street BT rKTTHlTJC-irX JTTWB 8E1TICI LEASED WISE TO THII0VE PARIS, Aug.

28. The American peace, delegation, headed by Frank L. Polk, is preparing to asfc -president Wilson whether It isrworth; their while to remain In Paris attempting to solve the problems of southeastern Europe, it was learned here today. Upon the President's reply will determine whether the Americans will remain here trying to untangle the complicated Balkan snarl, or whether they return to Washington, leaving the European powers to settle the embrogllo which has arisen as a result of the Rumanians entering into Budapest The conference has several times warned Rumania against looting the Hungarian capital, but at latest advices the Rumsnlan soldiers were still removing all the material they could carry away. It is declared In some quart aw 'Hat there is no doubt that RunujDl' fictitiousness Is due to encourage, ment she has received from her European allies.

in consequence of the situation tnat has arisen there la serious talk at the Hotel Crlllon that the Americans may. pack up their belongings and home. der for twenty girls at a day and board, applicants to furnish their own bedding. There is a chaperon on the place and if enough applicants can be gotton the fare will be paid from the bay cities. Raised U.

S. Notes; Given Five Years SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28. Five years in the federal penitenttiary at McNeell island was the penalty imposed by Federal Judge William C. Van Fleet on Giovani- Curtis, alias Curta, alias Romano, and Franchai Antonio, who pleaded guilty to raising federal reserve $1 notes to $5 notes.

The men were arrested at 1212 Stockton street in a raid led by Harry M. Moffitt, chief of the secret service here, the indictment charging the twp with 20 separate offenses. The raising of these -notes was all pen work and according to testimony given by Moffitt so cleverly done as td defy any but an exnert. ALL TOKTO, Monday, Aug. 25.

(H Associated Press.) All the passer! gers on the United States ehippirf board steamer Jleffron. which well ashore off Bokuren, Korea strai- August 18, have been landed iti Moji, where they are remaining, pending the of the vessel. On board the Heffron when she wei.f1 aground were 333 sick and wound Czecho-Slovak soldiers from Siberfi and nine American Red Cross worl ers of whom five were women. ROBBER; KILLS HItVf rs raw i Aug. zs j.enneu ja mil-.

ho-. his home early today and four Manuel a Mexican nnmd HI tho act of burglary. Ruls, who armed, forced Oliver to put op hands, backed him Into a closet ar locked him' In. Oliver found a rlf in tne closet, snot tnrougn tne floa and killed the intruder. A ner'a Jury exonerated tne Taneherj A i School, Union or 4 i I ft RANCHER OUTWIT P' a'" v.

ii Jn ft- in fe The Feralta. the "world's first puffed brick ship." will not be launched next Thursday as scheduled, for It is now undergoing the severest test a vessel was ever subjected to. It is filled with water to a height of seven feet above Its deck line, and the water is put under great pressure. This Is being done to ascertain if there is the slightest flaw in this new type of coiiitructing "stone ships." Thus far tfce Feralta has made good and the officials of the San' Francisco Shipbuilding Company feel'conlident of the result. Jt had been Intended to invite Secretary Daniels to witness the launching of the Peralta from the concrete shipyard on Government Island and the Oakland Chamber of Commerce had planned some elaborate ceremonies.

The arrangements will be carried out at a later date. The Peralta was named in a popular contest conducted by the Chamber. More than 300 names were submitted, the Peralta being selected by the United States Shipping Board because of the situation of the yard on the historic Peralta grant. File Protests Against Street Improvement Protests were filed with the city council today against the proposed improvements of West Eighth street and Washington street. Both were laid over until tomorrow for canvass of Protestants.

The Washington street protest. Commissioner W. J. Baccus Intimated, would be overruled unless the protestants agreed to "sign privately for the work. If you saw It fn The TRIBETNB1 ell them so.

Thwnk you. FlI of Alameda JSounty: Red Cross, Fraternal, i and wan over its great pj i L3 To tKe organizations All Church, Charitable, Benevolent, .1 IV- BERKELEY. Ang. 18. Berkeley' proposed waterfront lease, bow in coursa of construction, may submitted by the' tfouncil as an Initiative measure to be decided up on by the voters of the city Instead being passed upon by the Ave "members of the official body as was the case In the last lease.

That this would be the action of 'the council as a means of averting (further difficulties In the form of referendum petitions, became known 'today following a series of conferences held in the office of Mayor Louis Bartlett at the city hall with Rufus Jennings, Oakland capitalust-IJTTLE TIME LEFT If, however, the council decides to I place the lease Issue on the ballot at a special election called for 'Tuesdays September 16, the document must be In final shape by next Tuesday, according to City Attorney Frank V. Cornish. Berkeley's original lease awarded to Jennings by the old council headed, by Mayor Samuel C. Irving, In now held up by-a referendum pe- tltlon. Under the city charter as in terpreted by Cornish the council Is not forced to act immediately upon either a repeal" of the lease or the calling of a special election.

Efforts to arrive at- a lease satis? I factory to all concerned are being I made by the council. Jennings, it I Is understood, has flatly vetoed one lease submitted by the city father and has drawn up another document wnlch is now before that body. I BARTLETT CONDEMNS LEASK Condemnation of the original lease and suggestions for a new document were voiced today by Mayor Bartlett at a meeting of the Berkeley Center of the California Civic Leagne at Unity Hall. "It would seem a mistake" he said "to tie op our entire waterfront, the first unit of which Is expected to cost upwards of in such a way that It may be entirely beyond the power of the city to develop It should the lessee fail to make good in any adequate way. My suggestion was that the waterfront be divided into two or more units and that the lessee be given the exclusive right to develop these units successively on completing the preceding one.

It is possible that this method of procedure may not be permitted under the acts of the Legislature. have not yet had the opinion" of the city attorney. "The old lease provided no ef-, fective control of the project by th city and did not embody any engineering plans. It seems to me that either the lease should contain a definite engineering program, sub-; Ject to modification by agreement wttti the city council as conditions change, or that all of the engineering should be subject to the approval of the city "council" step by itep." BY 0. S.

DELAYED Although it was announced by Postmaster Fay of San Francisco that he expected to begin today the delivery of army food by parcel post, army officers at Fort Mason said that this was premature. Neither the supplies for San Francisco orOakland will be delivered for several days yet, it was declared in the office of Major Fred A. Thompson, zone supply officer. There are said to be more than 200 cars still on the way here, but the strike has tied up many of them, and no attempt will be made to deliver until there is a full supply on hand. It Is the aim of th4 army officials to prevent duplication which would result from filling only the orders for certain articles at present.

Joseph J. Rosborough, Oakland postmaster, announced that sales here totaled $9,083.67. Due to the -exhaustion of several tines and the delay in delivery, orders here have dropped to parctioally nothing. Rosborough yesterday told his fetaff to rrjake no efforts to take orders until theer is further word from the government. Word has hei-n received from Washington to eliminate the war tax on this food, whlrh will mean refunds on several thousands of orders.

Weiler is Arrested Again; Bail $10,000 Weiler. who was re-arrested" on an additional charge of syndi- I FOOD DELIVERY omer puDiic organizauons can compete Funeral Service for Dr. Francis Muss'er Funeral services for Dr. Francis Reber Muser were held this morning at the family home, 62 Vernon street. Dr.

Musser died on -Tuesday, following a stroke of paralysis. He la survived by a widow, Mr Kva (1. Lukefis two sons, Edward Grafton Musser, William Alder Mus-ser, and a daughter. Miss Margaret MusseT. The services were conducted by Rev.

Frank fc'llsley, pastor of the First Presbyterian church. Dr. Musser was a pioneer oecullst and specialist, having established his practice in Oakland more than 30 years ago. He was a native of 1'enn-H-ylvanta and 19 years old. MARTINEZ, Aug.

28. A verdict of murder In the first degree was brought In last night by the Jury which has been trying Pete D' Amico for the murder of Frank Brand en In a quarrel in a Pittsburg saloon. The Jury recommended clemency. It was out from 2:30 until 10 o'clock last night. Judge R.

II. Latimer set Saturady at 10 a. m. as the time for passing sentence. It Is expected that a motion for a new trial will be made at that time.

Dl Amico's attorneys, P. D. John ston and Hi. 11. Wight, put up a strong plea for clemency.

They argued self-defense. Brandon was shot and killed when he attempted to Interfere In a quarrel between Dl Amlco and Frank Maestri, a shop foreman for whom Dl Amlco worked, it was shown that there 'Was bad blood between them. The defendant alleged that threats had been made against him by Maestri. ORDINANCE LOST Refore a crowded lobby of physicians, attorneys and neighbors concerned in the various protests and petitions Involved, the city council today passed the two "Hospital ordinances" offered to regulate the establishment of hospitals and their operations in the city of Oakland. The ordinance providing that no hospital shall be operated within seventy feet of a dwelling, and designed to prevent fhe establishment of a cancer hospital on TelegTaph avenue, to which neighbors object, was defeated.

The "Park Zone" ordinance, de signed to prevent operation of hos pitals around Mosswood al rk, ana which. If passed, -would have made "no hospital of the sone occupied by Merritt Hospital, Faviola Hospital, and others, was lain on the table, Commissioner V. F. Morse to design another smaller "zone," de. signed to protect the frontage of the park but not to vacate a wiaer restriction.

The ordinance was favored by C. 10. Snook, attorney, who offered it primarily, he said, to prevent the establishment of a ma. terriity home next door to him. The maternity home proponents heia tnat he was In a hospital lone, living directly- across the street from Merritt Hospital.

"Well, he knows what he wants be next door to him" said Mayor Davie, "and his home is entitled to protection." After long arguments, pro and eon, the ordinance was finally laid on the table for another "zone." Train Crew Held Blameless for Death That C. N. Cary came to his death! a result of his own carelessness i and through no fault of the crew on Southern lacltlc electric train which crashed Into his automobile formed the official report of investigators who Inquired into the responsibility for tbe man's decease. The accident occurred August 15 at Fifty-fifth avenue and Bond streets. According to tho report, Cary's FIRSTIGREE MURDER, SAYS MARIEZJUR! dCERJuPITAL Kill A jj SAX FRANCISCO, Aug.

it. Firemen made a thrilling rescue today of three children and their mother who were overcome by smoke In the home of Antone Bun-cich, 34 Gladye etreet. Buneicb himself leaped from an upper window of the one and a half story building, spraining bis ankle. Smashing their way Into the house with axes, the Are fighters reached the bedroom where the woman and her three youngsters lay unconscious, and carried them forth just In time to cheat the on-creeping fimiies, which completely destroyed the dwelling and the one adlninlng. "What is the matter with Tony?" walled the little wife, when Bhehad recovered from the effect of the smoke suffocation.

"Poor was her The officers believe that Uunclch wan made temporarily Insane when "We're trying to find that out, too," an officer told her. "Did he save much?" she ajiked. said the he awoke to find hie room filled with smoke. Ordinary persons forget Taluable Over the protest of Supervisor R. C.

Staats the Board of Supervisors today voted 1600 toward the fund for the entertainment of the motor transport train, due to arrive in Oakland September 8. A committee comprising Secretary Joseph fL Caine, Jesse Robinson, F. E. Garrison and others, asked for $750. Staats saJd keeping down the tax rate is better business than, spending money on entertainment.

A wordy war developed between Staats, Caine and Robinson. Caine said that unless the was voted he would wire that Alameda county is not at home 10 the visitors. "Very well, said Staats, If you. as secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, want to send word that the business community of Oakland who have made money out of the war will not put up the money to entertain an army contingent, go to it" Caine replied that the business community pays the taxes and that it Is the same thing In the long run. Staats disputed with him the proposition, doclarlng that the middle class people pay the bills.

"The business people make the money out of such things as wars and visits of motor transport trains, while the middle class people, who own noth ing much bat their homes, have no opportunity to make money. The profit opportunity of the business people ofTjiet their tax charges," he contended. ALAMEDA, Aug. 2S. "Ton see.

Judge," said Albert Hoey of 336 lister street, Oakland, to Judge I Rv Welnmann this morning, when Hoey- was in court-orra charge of speeding. "I flew 150 miles an hour in an airship over France and I Just can't get used to the poky gait of an automobile. Besides, I thought the Alameda marsh was' in Oakland, wln-re the autos go faster." "One day in Jail for you," softly answered the Judge. Henry Phillips. 131B Fast Thirty-third street, Oakland, said: "Your honor, that benzine buggy of mine couldn't possibly make 40 miles an hour." Quorhed his "If yon wish we will test the speed of your machine.

If it won't make 40 miles I'll remit the fine. If It does make 40, or over, I'll make the fine $50 Instead of $26." Phillips accepted the $25 fine. 1 Duncan C. Stevenson. Alameda tennis player and an Oakland realty man, was fined $25 for speeding.

Other speed fines inflicted were: E. F. Cardinent, Andrew Lacolle, Edward Carom, F. I'cr-liva, $10. Police Seek Burglar Who Left His Mark and he can escape Alfred Finley, 1.10 Rockridge ave nue, reported -Jewelry stolen from his home.

Tho police investigated and found the burglar's finger prints on his safe. Inspectors It. A. Wall-man and Con Keefe are handling the case. yn widows mouk iy WlNNjrEG, Aug, 27.

An advance of 20 per cent bonus to (fanada's war widows and rrlvates will go into effect on September 1, it wtis announced today. They will Eft J4S a month. in Old or New Houses Oakland MOTORS FETE OPPOSED; ALLOW $500 OAKLAJyDER SPEEDING CHARGE a to as a a 1 1 A To be awarded the The erection of a $75,000 home for Chinese girls from the bay cities' Oriental quarters on a site of five acres presented by Robert Dollar, steamship magnate. Is the plan of the Women's Occidental board of foreign missions, Presbyterian church. The site, which takes in a block and a half not far from Mills college, was purchased for the mission board of directors at a price said to approximate $5000.

George H. Montgomery, Buelah Heights realty owner, sold the property. A meeting of the directors' board will be held soon Plans will be then submitted and a campaign mapped out to secure aid In constructing the home. The plans call for mixed mission and Oriental lines in the building, with swimming pools, gorgeous Chlnewe gardens and a landscape scheme of simple beauty. Every modern convenience will be accorded the school and home, the like of which on the Pacific coast nothing has ever approached.

The site Is located at the corner of McClelland street and Calaveras avenue, one 'block townward from Mills college campus. Of natural beauty, It will lend Itself to the best efforts from landscape engineers, architects and construction experts. Miss Donaldina Cameron, 920 Sacramento street, San Francisco, who has charge of. the Presbyterian mission in the trans-bay city, will have a leading role In the new Institu tion's affairs, It Is understood. It is thought that work will begin short ly on the project SAN LEANDRO, Aug.

18 Further plans made today In the big welcome home celebration for Saturday In which San Leandro and San Lorenzo will honor service men, point to the biggesY parade and the biggest celebration ever held by any town In the upper by region. The parade committee, which Is making a special effort to offer something every elaborate, consists of Bud Eber, chairman; A. F. Rose and M. A.

Perry, The parade will be at 2:30 P. m. A feature of the celebration that will attract attention will be thee band concerts. Ban Leandro claims a band second to none among towns of its class in California. The music committee consists of Antone Mattos, chairman; Jessie Calderla, vice-chairman; M.

I. de Sllva, Miss Mamie Garcia, Tom Silva and Joe liettln-court. Other committees that are bending their efforts to make the the celebration a success Include: Decoration committee Charles Reld, chairman; Miss N-elllo Hannon, vice-chairman; M. F. Rose and M.

A. de. Sllva. Publicity committee W. J.

Gannon, chairman; Mrs. W. F. Sampson, vice- chairman: Mrs. J.

Kardoza, Willliam Zambrisky and L. L. Murcli. Reception committee Mrs. P.

Hag-gerty, chairman; Mrs. Al Thierry, vice-chairman; Joseph Chrysostomo Jr, F. B. Granger, Antonio Mattos, M. A.

Perry, Mrs. N. Uooley and Mrs. Fannie Miller. Finance committee F.

B. Granger, chairman; F. B. Cross, vice-chairman; Mrs. Al Thierry, Mrs.

Mae Maderla, Antone Mattos, M. A. Perry and Tom i Lodges that will take part In the parade include N. S. O.

Estudlllo parlor No. 223; N. P. E. C.

No. I V. K. S. No.

11; Woodmen of the World, San Alta Mira club, Y. L. Red Cross Yoemen No. 865; U. P.

E. No. 41; O. O. D.

E. S. of St. John. The committee has sent Invitations to Governor Stephens -and Adjutant General Borree, Funds for the celebration were secured by means of a dollar drive.

Students' Autos Are Barred From Campus BERKELEY. Aug. 28. Students; who drtvCT to college In their auto- mobiles will no longer be permitted! to step from their oars into class-! rooms. Like the rest of the student body, I they must walk.

'A V- the president's off ire. No parking of automobiles will be allowed in front of any of the campus buildtnps between the hours of 7:30 a. m. and p. m.

in the district bounded North Hall. South Hall, Engineering; Building, Wheeler Hall, Library and othef of the big buildings on the i campus. Further, all entrances to exception ill be made of the College avenue entrance to allow necessary traffic to reach the campus. The new traffic rules whlrh will. go into effect next Tuesday, are de- signed to meet tne great increase in registration on the campus and the consequent large number of automobiles driven by students.

To Use Yachts as Naval Base Markers ALAMEDA. Aug. 2S. CommoAire jair ixuifeui, BflBisif iiy lormer Commodore Cary Strom, rias ar-' ranged for the use of the Aeolian yachts for naval base markers on the visit to the Alameda site of Sec- i retary Daniels next week. A yacht will be anchored at each of the half-i dozen buoys marking the outer base line, which is under water.

Commo- dore Knight agreed to undertake the work of securing the help of thejL yacnismen wnen asxea a rew days ago. ne now reports that all arrangements are mh.le. The yachts are to me flag-decked in honor of the secretary. Jos. Thompson Askecl to Help Food Fight ALAMEDA.

Aug. 58. Joseph Thompson, former Alameda food administrator, has been again asked to serv- for this city in the present effort to reduce the cost of jiving, lie will probably accept the position if a coTj -ertrtt plan of action which results ia adooteri. PARADE FEATURE FOB SOLDIER BOYS organizations of Alameda County ABSOLUTELY FREE, by the National Promotion through QltTJ If W7 PA MO AIGN Paving the organizations via $12,000 in prizes to Patronizing Leading Firms and It costs nothing to compete and win. Prizes are awarded on a vote basis.

Votes are given for labels, wrappers, coupons, empties, sales slips, etc. List below shows partial list of ways to get votes. Begin saving vote matter now and get ready to win! It's absolutely FREE and COSTLESS, as everyone needs these products in supplying their daily necessities. Consume World's First Grand Prize Best Products In Cash! outside coupon wrappers. THERE WILL BE ABOUT 50 OTHER PRIZES I i caliam following his examination on Tne Oakland police todav are look-two syndicalism count as stepped for -burglar who left his vis-out of the courtroom of Police Judge card." They don know who Mortimer Smith yesterday, was ar- ne ii tnev nu fjneer rrint.

automobile approaching the crossing! tn university will be closed to au-; from a northerly direction at a immobile traffic between the hours, speed ranging between 25 and 30! cf m- and P. rn. A single' 11 Does your organization want to add a considerable sum to its bank account? If so, this plan offers an easy, costless way to do so. FULL DETAILS AT 1418-1420 JEFFERSON STREET See Friday's Oakland Tribune for complete details, rules and regulations. raignea peiore juuso Samuels this morninn.

The third charsre specifies a threatening letter received by Captain of Inspectors Walter J. Petersen, the handwriting of which, it is charged, matches Weiler handwriting. The case was put over to September to be set for trial. Weiler was at liberty under 12,000 cash bail on the prior charges, lie is now confined in the city prison while Socialist friends are endeavoring to raise 110,000 additional JUf his release on the latest cliarffe. What to Buy, Where to Trade and What to Save for Votes LESLIE SALT libels and empty sacks pet votes.

ri WRIGLEY'S Gm Vote the ALHAMUnA IJltTliNU WAltK- ote slip from RECTOR GAS HEATING coupon books. JUAN ADA TURTLE PRODUCTS Save the labels. miles an hour, endeavored to clear the track on whirh the electric train was moving. It caromed oif trolley post and landing in the rath of the approaching train. The driver was found beneath the train fatally hurt.

The report places the blame for the collision upon the dead man, who. it is alleged, did not take precautions at approaching the crossing. The crew has been exonerated. SYSTEM 'Just Press the Button urn Assures Abundance of Heat at Low Cost No Fumes No Odors MODESTO BUTTER Empty boxes goo for votes. RED CAN COFFEE (Uills Bros,) Save inner top of cani HILLS BROS.

TEA Top of box pood for votes. PERFECTION BREAD (Golden Sbeaf Balery) Save wrappers. SCHWARTZ GINGER ALE AND SODA WATERS Save the crowns. DEL MONTE FOOD PRODUCTS Red Shield Labels pood for votes. ALPINE EVAPORATED MILK Save the labels.

MISSION; BAKING POWDER Vote special slip from inside cans. PURITAN HAMS, AND BACON Special tags and box tops. SUPERIOR ICE CREAM Vote lip from coupon books. EGGLMTT AND CUSTOCREME Special slip inside cans. Easily Installed BYRON MAUZY PIANO CO.

Receipts good for votes. T. D. THEATER (Oakland and Berkeley Coupon books. OAKLAND PHONOGRAPH CO.

Receipts get votes. OAKLAND LAUNDRY. CO. Coupon books and work S. 0.PS.

KITCHEN CLEANSER Empty boxes. UNIVERSAL SHOE POLISHES Save the emptV boxes. CHESTERFIELD CIGARETTES Empty packages get votes. VELVET SMOKING TOBACCO Vote the empty cans. KEM-SAI.

Label off package good for votes. S. II. GREEN TRADING STAMPS Each stamp gets-votes. It ASK FOR OUR HEATING ENGINEER PACIFIC GAS ELECTRIC CO.

13th and Clay Streets 1.

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