Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 17, 1919 · Page 30
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 30

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 17, 1919
Page 30
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AUGUST 17, 1919. , G B SUNDAY MORNING OafelanO Ctihunt i J Shipbuilding. . Agriculture Commerce. it..': v-r i?v 'j 1 ?Mi i-vj ill a ( ) w :;Jr n 4s fei:JJVW tJJhhjUmriMi. ted CAIUFOR EHDUSTRIES IS STARTEB ' Advantages and Attractions of 'Aii . - , , , Oakland as An Industrial gt . 4 i ,.J ., Lenter Are Tresented m a ; " Folder Setting Forth' Facts j ) j y , New Industries Committee of the Oakland Chamber' of Commerce Starts a Drive for More and Bigger Business t I . - v . i Equipped with an attraetlvely 5 written and artistically printed tra. fchure, the new industries committee 5 of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce has launched a- tiatipn-wide 'campaign to jtyact lld industrial concerns to the continental side of ; Kan Francisco bay, Already letters are going out personally to the managing heads of more than 1000 of the leading manufacturers of America, calling their attention to the advantages iC th Oakland district. Inclosed In each letter is one of the committee brochures, in this emphasis Is laid on the following points in favor of the matnfcimt-jside of the bay. for Industrial plants: "First The best climatic conditions In the world, for labor, both for factorv work and for livlntr at home. "Second The best conditions for, high production. avenue, la operating branch . "Th'rd Low cost of construetltgvcj throughout the city. They content-"Fourth Low cost of power and plate in the near future baking their fuel. I own bread with the new electric pro- "Flfth Access to both rail and water transportation "Sixth But, above all, a climate that has no extremes of heat and old. thua requiring no outlay for ' expensive heating or cooling and .' ventilating filantsr-snd permitting -of ; the highest possible output because ' of the most favorable conditions.'-WKiTWAItI, I.VniSTKV. The brochure Is headed "West ward the Cotirse of Industry Take Its Way," a paraphrase of the well . known saying about the 'course- of empire. 'V This, the brochure says. "Is being proved as indisputably In regard to the trend of Industry and manufacturing as it has in regard to the progress ot civilization" and It Is added: j "Since the dawning of peace the ! eyes of the industrial I'nlted States . hna been cast toward the west wim lis great resources, its growing cpns'umlmj power and the vast and undeveloped trade across the Pacific ocean. Always In the per-Prctive stands the great bay of San Francisco and on Its continental side the city of Oakland, California. San Francisco bay is one of the great ports of the world, and Oakland la on deep water on the right side of San Francisco bay -where the railroads have their termini. ;i "Oakland, California, is the natural location point for any Industrial ;nterprise. that seeks to supply the growing local demand for manufactured products or that expects tn take advantage of the trans-Pacific trade that will result from the reawakening of the Orient." THK EASTHAV DISTRICT. On the front of the brochure Is painted a map showing the situation of the Oakland rectlon with regard to the bay and the Interior valleys. Of this location, it ! said: , "Oakland, California, is In the tty heart of the most densely popu- laiea part of the Pacifie Coast. It .v H, (..nasi. iii is in the center of more than half of the population of the state of l.,Oi I III'TIIM. Hnfl 1a n, ttV.lv. munication bv both rail and water , n, in,,, ,:oav t:wiji-. wnn tne enure tmonliiftfin af tho1 Pacific Coayt. at in niimimhio between the extremes" ' " Asa further argument to imnresil upon manufacturers the desirability I of locating In the Oakland district. tne ronowme is nresenter! ' 'The trade of the Orient, awaken-. int to the touch of Occidental en. terprise, wfl TOiiTloWTrbhrihel uocks oi tne vatland side of San4 t-enerai r.ieciric v,o(iiiany Franciwo bay. This flow has been 1 Aluminum Products Company steadily increasing. Now that peace j Lmde Air Products Company Is here and normal conditions are i;u'rwt"-wi"iams I'a'" Company returning this flow will be limited j-The National Lead Company only by the amount of shipping that Peet Bros. .Soap Company can be secured to handle it. ; CVrtainteed Product OCCIDENT VS. ORIENT ! f'hrvddc'd Wheat Company "The great masses of the 'oriental ! Philadelphia Quartz ompany countries are feeling the Influence'1 Reduction Company of th eOccidental standards of llv-1 American Manganese Steel Company ing and these standards of living i Westinghouse Company. .mean increasing demands for the! itrnriiict r.f i i,w.un,..t I of torles in exchange for the raw materials of the Orient. "Fod the snme reason that mnnu- , - , . rv.,,v,trt,ti . iitaiiuiac.- Build Your Own Home S22S and up for Factory-built in quantities. Shipped in serlions. Big aving of lumber and labor. Artistic and inexpensive. Easily and perfectly erected in two dayi by anyone. R.H.Coo!eyMfg.Co. 33d at San Pablo, Oakland Industrial News' of the Eastbay Ths Boulevard Mill lit Thirty-nev-enth avenue and Foothill boulevard reportg an lntTPaalng demand tor mill work. In the particular neigh-borhood In, which they operate there are many small home and bunga lows being built, which Indicates very good prospects for the futur in this line. The Haer CollapBiblo Him com pany at Kljfhteeriih and Cypretw streets is lnereasinB the capacity of their plant, Large eaatern orders for rtieir collupHiljle rirns Indicate a wry bright proapect for this new ',a'- The American Creamery company at Fifteenth and Cypres streets haa 1 found "ft " necessary to liiakn consid- LriiMe additions t their plant. V"',t, fMrn" Kcramento. due to ttim recent rain, are giving I them additional wops, which in most irRfym lo um "a -uljll-hed the I nlon Water company at their Fifty-eighth avenue plant has installed a series of six electric motors connected to vlrKin wells, which will stfpply additional water for storage purposes now being served to industrial plants In Oakland and vicinity. : The Union I'aelfic laundry company, at 3.0 Twenty-eighth street, ha Juki recently Installed a, fifty horsepower motor, operating their entire laundry, superceding an abso-lele type of steam engine, The Klectro Alkaline company, at 80(1 High street. Is now shipping their, -bleach, product all over the United St;-te. They are sIho receiving inquiries from Mexico and South America for their chlorine. Superintendent Will of the California Burden Oxygen company has ordered an ndditional .machine for trie manufacturing of oxygen. The Burdrtt. people have been established in Oakland Just one year'and report a very satisfactory business. The. l'ledmont Grocery company with parent store at 4038 Piedmont cess that Is being developed by one of the large electric manufacturers. OAKLAND COMMITTEE. Harry Latter has been appointed chairman "of the Oakland i Ileal F.s-tate Board-committee-tn "p rtlei patlon In the California Industries and lorid Show," to be held under the auspices of the Home .Industry League at the Kxposltlon Auditorium, San Francisco, October 4 to 19. "Other member of the committee are Charles N. Wood and J. K. Henderson. Plans for the Real Estate Board's exhibit will be completed at a meeting to be called by the chairman. nrvs FLATS. Morris Kushman ha purchased from the American National Bank of San Francisco the flats on the southeast corner of Market and Eighteenth streets. There are four flats in the building and the property will be held as an investment. The transaction wa made by the Laymance ReaKstRJ2J2PaJ!IXv faeturing grew along the Atlantic seaboard, manufacturing will grow along the Pacific seaboard and that grow-th is already under way." That far-sighted business men have seen the local advantages la asserted in the. following extract from the bruchure:. "Many, great manufacturing institutions have been quick to realize what the future holds In store for the trade and industry of the Pacific Coast In general and for Oakland, California, in particular. Some of the largest institutions in the country are already firmly intrenching themselves at Oakland, Califorp It) an effort to participate in me trude that is growing up and down and across the Pacific ocean. Some have located here for one : . ,. rpason-nd som, r another- n found raw materials at Its door, and anolher found a market; one found .... . . . , superior conditions tor prouucnon a'tiierior conditio un.l i nutht. ffiund I'hpanpr fuel Mnti power.' - Itlfl IXDISTRIES. Then , is presented a list of some of tne lurPe' industries on the east s,de r ttle bay- as roo': Standard Oil Company American Can. Company Bethlehem Shipbuilding Company 'fnrnl .Miinrii.COJnr..njr That so many big concerns, with home offices or main factories in the cabf," it is further argued; "have chosen Oakland or its neighborhood as the point of their western enter-Tfm y probably th" Tiest guarantee that Oakland is reallv the urooer point, of location. The selection of i fatorj- sites Involving the expenditure of dollars measured in the millions is not done by the hit or miss 'plan, but by careful examination by expert engineers, and what is good for such plants as these is certainly good for the average industrial institution." - That the campaign for factories Is not to be selfishly confined to Oakland, but will ciiver all of the mainland section is set forth In the closing, paragraph of the brochure: j-7i'akiaiiL California, offers the aouve fitcis lor tne consideration or thofe who are looking toward the west and the Kreat Pacific; Coast. i Detailed Information upon sites and I their cost, climatic conditions, fuel and power and their cost, transportation, r?w materials, local and for- eign maraets, cost ot living, wages, cost of construction and any other point that may interest the prospective investor in California Industry will he furnished upon application to The New Industries Committee " I WORK IS PROGRESSING UPON THE PARR TERMINAL ON THE WESTERN WATERFRONT H i - : f . ft r V . , , f 1 jiawiaaauiaaaMiaaawaasiiaaasiasisissaiiaiiia rmu m, inisniim m j aai msm j i niiiniimw us mum m imni niisnnnin irnniisrrnimiiii iiim r n i nr-r i rr , -MIHHlia Illlllltll I r-f''"- N. ... , r - I VIEW OF THE PARR TERMINAL SITE TAKEN FROM THE TOP OF ALBERS' MILL A SHORT TIME AGO. . THE PIC- ture shows work progressing- on the Apron Wharf in the foreground,, railroad connections with the lines operating on Oakland j Pier, and the mill of the American Manganese Steel Company in the background. The Union Construction Company's plant is at the. extreme left. .The insert is a picture of the mill of the American Manganese Steel Company's pUtnt, J CO c GETS PERMITS The Cornucopia Divide Mining Company, backed almost exclusively by Oakland capital, has completed Its organization, filed its credentials with the secretary of state, secured ' a permit from the California com- ' . t, . .. .. mlssioner of corporations to sell its stock In the state, opened offices at 311 Bank of Italy building, Oakland, and is ready to begin actively to dls- tribute the allotment of stock which It will diHpose of at this time." The company has acquired an additional group of three claims, the Easter group, on which an eighteen-inch vein carries values from $18 to 80 at the surface. A shaft b ' by-9H is down forty feet, on a twenty-two-foot east and west view-on Cornucopia No. 1 and will reach the fifty-foot level in a few days when the company will crosscut a north and south view intersection.. The north and south view appeared unexpectedly in the west side of the shaft at fifteen feet depth and. presents excellent possibilities, being characteristic, and carrying values where encountered. The width of this view is thought to be about twenty feet from outcrop Indications on the mountain, discovered after the' view appeared In the shaft. As soon as the shaft by crosscutting i scompleted at fifty-foot level on Cornucopia property the company will order machinery to enable it to sink to lower level and while the esuipment is being Installed a ltfty-fool shaft will be sunk on the Easter group jiew. Oakland Interested in Trade Congress It lias' been JexTiIeTtnarTrTTneeftl- commercial congress shall be held In Pan Franilscd" representing the entire Paclllc coast sometime during the coming fall. This will be preparatory to the convention of the National Trade Congress to be held in tan Francisco next spring. The committee in charge is composed of the following, among whom are several Eastbay gentlemen: San Francisco Frederick J. Kos-ter, director United States Chamber of Commerce; Thomas M. Karle, Robert Newton Lynch, C. W. tiffin, George C. Boa,rdman, Max Kuhl, PuT flagstone, manager western district, United States Chamber of Commerce Phoenix, Ariz. tiarry Welch. Los Angeles lion. Kooeri N." Bulla. ' Martinez E. Manuel, Oakland Victor H. Metcalf, Joseph E. Caine. Pasadena John R. Collision. Redding W. H. Chase. Portland W. D. B. Dodson. Seattle--R. II. Parsons, It. O. Hadley. wlm BROKER WANTED A. newly ordariied Texas oil company, controlling valuable holdlnes in proven Texas oil fields, wants live bfoser or salesman to soil stock. Liberal commission. Write for full particulars. MAIION OIL & GAS CO. feox 651 rert Vv-jrth, Ti i , . , x ! lievelonment t the Prr terminal on the western waterfront Is pro- jlng upon, full time, i greasing tb such ah extent that the I Work by the Parr Terminal Corn-company will be able to berth an'",1' continuing on the apron a anna - . wharf, iwhieh is about half com- 8,0000 ton cargo Vesrel, due me. y; Thig wharf W,H be j.417 feet time between the present, and Sep- , lon, ana 6 feet jeep, and will have tember 1st. Being a sailing' vesw-1 'a double track the full length for witn a cargo of graphite and barrels simply tor . trans-shipment and not for local delivery, the exact date la uncertain, but the arrival will make a new step in the development at the Parr Terminal. . , The plant of the American Man ganese Steel Company on the Parr property is complete, and the plant , " n. ir.,,L. !. time, the plant employs an electri- Cili process that is new on this coast andjthey desire to build up a skilled operating force before attempting fU operation or public denionstra- A :i00,000 PLANT. American Manganese The Steel plant represents an investment of 1300.000 at this point, and within The Cornucopia-Divide Mining Company offers 100,000 shares of iu Treasury. Stock for sale at 15 cents per share Investor Assured Every Possible Protection " This Company-was organized and is barked almost exclusively by bliPine and minfng men of Oakland, and Oakland capital. Its officers and directors are R. M. Henninpsen, President; C. E. Butler, Vice-Presi-debt; Vim. Rercovich, Treasurer; John Daviaeon, Secretary; J. C. Downey, W. V. Harrington and Albert Erickson. The Company owns seven claims, vis: the Cornucopia Group, consisting; of four claims and a fraction (90 arres), located in the inside Divide mineralised lone; and the Easter Group, consisting of three claims (60 acres), situated in West Divide Territory, in the State of Nevada. Two ledjtet abont 20 feet wide cross the Cornucopia property longitn-"inaf'y; a'"eat surface assay up to $5.80 per ton in silver and gold. There are other veins and dyteITnhe"'roperty. A -rein 18 inehee wiV crosses the Easter property, showing values from $18.00 to $60.00 per ton in prospect workings. A shaft 5'.ix9 feet is being sunk on Cornucopia No. 1 to cut a fissure vein at the 50-foot level. This shaft is down 40 feet and when it reaches the 50-foot level and cross-tting ii completed, the Company will start sinking on the Easter Group vein while awaiting installation of nwHinery on Cornucopia property to enable it to drive the shaft there lo lower levels. - The Geological history in the Cornucopia District is that ore values increase with depth. Technical descriptions and theotetical probabili-. ties cannot be discussed for lack of space. Permit No. T351 has been tenedto the Company bythe StmerCop poration Commissioner of California, perniiting it to sell its stock in this Slate, and all legal necessities have been or are being strictly complied with. A copyif this permit will be exhibited to each purchaser of stock. The Company has paid for its property and for development to date, and has money in treasury to pay for developmenjflientionecf above. Prospects are considered excellent; its affairs are being conducted carefully and its development work done under the advice and supervision of able mining engineers. Its money is going into development and incidental cxpeAse only. Its capitalization is low and it will sell only enough stork to develop its properties to the production stage. When this block"' of stork is sold the price will be advanced to 20 . cents, per tharct and only 100.000 shares of stock "will be sold at that price. This block of stock will move quickly send I'd your order subject to stock and formalities, or inquiry for further particulars, immediately. It is the intention of he Company to list its stork on the San Fran Cisco Stock and Bond Exchange as soon as its financing is complete. . DIVIDE IS MAKING GOOD! Cornucopia-Divide- Mining Company 311 BANK OF ITALY BUILDING OAKLAND CALIFORNIA Phone Lakeside 846 I two or three months will be onerat- handling cars. This wharf is being constructed by the Tlbbitts'-Paclrto Company at a tost of $110,000. - The Terminal Company has let a contract, for a warehouse 120x500 feet at this wharf, to cost $SB,000, the contract being in the hands of It. W. Littlefield of this city. Work ia XXZln tor a warehouse to cost $150,000. upon which work will be commenced just as soon as the apron wharf is com- Pleted. Already there are four miles or railroad tracks upon, the property, nnd within a very few months actual operation of the terminal property as a railroad anad shipping ter- minal will have been commenced. Cotton Mills Names New Denver Manager R. R. Boag has. been appointed managerof the Denver office of the California Cotton Mills. This office has a! way been an important' distributing point for the products of the East Oakland factory, and the position-of manager IS art important one. Mr. Boag is not a Callfornian, having come originally from Milton, where he . was in the general, merchandise-business. He has had businei-s experience in St. Louis and and handlcdthe penVer t ?"s,nee?-the J- V eU.C,0.m' M'a" of Chicago Prior to his taking vwork ot lhu Kft8t Oakland company , PHONE OAKLAND 1113 JAMES GAHELL & CO. 372-374 12th Street WINDOW SHADES WALLPAPER PAINTS ' Wholesale and Remit FiHeUpKblstering ty CcmpUnt War km en, Prices Reasonable. J. HUNTER 2156 Telegraph Ave. Oakland 3735. " Established 1SST. Plione OBklerid 641 DOWNEY GLASS AND PAINT CO. INCOtU'ORATED MANUFACTURERS.. & JOBBERS 368-370 Twelfth St AKnt and PiMributcrs tye JOHN LUCAS St CO. of I'hiln.lplphU laint aul Varnish tinkers wno lS4a,- aaiafSiaStataaia.tS BAY CITIES TRANSPORTATION CO Daily boat service between Oakland and San Francisco, making connections with all steamers. Delivery Service in Eastbay Cities by B-LIIJE TRANSFER CO. Oakland Phone Oakland 127S San Francisco Sutter 332S 4 1 i You Can Boost Home Business Everyone Can Help By Buying These Gbqds i . 1 II i ahc nrrrorh it ii r e i r t r n r 1 1 jr fillL UNLfiLU ATLOWPRICE Cost of' Street Work, Sewers and Such Improvements Has Doubled Since the Big War Advanced Material, Labor Tracts That Were Developed in Pre-War Times Have An Advantage Over Work That is Done at the Present Rates Propenty values are improving In all parts of the Eastbay district, and there is a demand, not only for homes but for property to be bill It upon. There is a market for real estate opening such as there has not been for several years, uhd there is a full realization upon the partir the buying publjc that property values tire lower today than they will ba a year from now. This has caused owners of well-developed tracts to place these properties upon the market and attractive Offerings at the prevailing low market rates are being made, much to the advantage of the buying public. It Is realized that with the Increase In the cost of materials pd labor, that the development of property has increased in cost. To lay out a new tract, install streets and sewers and sidewalks ftnd the usual Improvements necessary to the development of city property costs twice aa much today us it did a few-years ago. This additional cost will have to be placed against ths property,-and for that reason the purchasing movement has been in the direction of property that was improved and developed befuvi- the war under tha prices that prevailed at that time. ' . CHEVROLET PARK. One of the best examples of this is in Chevrolet Park, which has been reopened by. the iteaity Syn dicate and will be placed upon the market on August 24. . This tract,' dlrectl yacross from the wonderful Mills College grounds, is one of the choice properties developed by the Syndicate just prior to the war. The tract improvements were made before the war sent pricts soaring, and In offering this property to the public the pre-war prices are considered and not the present market f:gures. The fact that lots in this tract are being offered as low as $590 is evidence o this fact. Chevrolet Park is one of the pain 0tlLi 4319 Km. r.lmhunt 1068 J. A. PETERSEN MAXVFACTURKK of ORNAMENTAL IRON" .AND VV1RK WORK Fir Eieapu and Railimrt, Elevator Cart 922 WCIiSTER ST. Worka Tel. Pled 4T1-S.7J Bet. Tel. Pied. ttlTW. . TAGEB SHEET METAL CO, RhMt Metel Work ot Ererr Pewrlntlna Cor Dice, Slirlightu, Metel Mtemplon. UDiftrwrltera Label Fire noor end i-erent i rnmneye, iwi Fumacee. Mnnfactnrer ot Ondnrtst Pipe. Ttle and Brick rced Slrtln. 85C1-SS0S Chettntrc it.. Cor, 3tth and 8aa Pablo Arcane, Oakland. Cat. f S'.v-ir. n- Kni-lt.p.Hi. Prompt SVrtce BORADENT TOOTH PASTE OF QUALITY ! Made in Oakland. rmLIPPINK BCBEAtf . TneBureau of Comnterce and industry of the PhillDDine Islands will open a branch In San Francisco anl one in New York, the only two cltiea to be covered for the present. The headquarters will be with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce until Dtrmanent Quarters are se cured. PHOTOGRAPHY A Good Photograph ' Nereswary to Kvery BuHtness and Industry. Artistic and Commercial Photography In II It branches. " " The Cheney Advertising Photo Co. 1838 I'AKK IWULEVARD, OAKLAND Phone BIcrlHtt 570. , - aHHaHlliH$HHaaHaHilBiaaaH PIGGLYtVIGGLY GROCERY STORES The Plggly Wiggly system of self-service stores, originated by Clar " enoe Saunders of Memphis, Tenn., about three years ago, and already extensively established in the middle west, is invading California. Two stores are already allotted Oakland. One is now open and the other in) the-. downtown district- is to open about September 1. The local chain is beiim established by Andrew Williams -aod V. D. Williams., who have been associated with the Piggly Wiggly system s!uce R originated. According to Andrew Williams thirty-five stores are to be located J this city, on the basis of one fo every 10,000 Inhabitants. The store in operation at present is in the Twenty-third avenue district at 2334 East Fourteenth street, , and the one opening next month will be on Ninth street between Broadway and FranKlIn, While the basic principle of th Plggly Wiggly system ia the same as that of the grocetterla or self-service store, It varies in several, important details. Chief of these ii the fact that the employees are, not permitted td exercise even In the slightest degree o salesmanship. The same amount of stock Is carried In each store and the arrange 1 ment is the same . regardless of where the store Is located. Over 1500 standard and national advertised commoditlos are , "on . display and each Item is priced .frith the Piggly fl'iiJSiy patentcl-T-witigine- price tag. .'.''"' A , U'- The Oakland, Antloch and .Eastern EIlroad report very materially Increased trafftc, especially Betv.eeu Alameda and Contra. Costa countlas. '. choice pieces of property owned by the Syndicate, and It was developed in accordance With the very latest ideas of tract Improvement. Sewers and water mains have been laid in the rear of the lots and not in. th street, so that street work can ro-main undisturbed. Streets and boulevards have been laid out following the contour of the land, giving each lot an individuality that Is moBt attractive The streets are, ut concrete and-' this is the first Oakland tract in which this modern typo of .construction was used. . , V SPLENDID SURROUNDINGS. 1 While facing Mills College the tract itiris Southward toward the magnificent evw plant of the Chevrolet Motor Company, and from this fact it got its name. It is within wanung distance of the Chevrolet v plant and the new Seripps-Booth f U ft AfU n, 1t V.,. nil ntf .L.. .. 1 j i ...". j-t nan cm ui me university atmosphere thHt comes from its close- association with Mills College. Street railroad extension into the ground, already ' arranged for, will make it accessible from all -parts of Oakland and the bay di-trict. . .." . ; - - PEANUT BUTTER The Missouri Boys' Peanut Butter Ground and churned, rich and imoofh while you wait, from the mont complete and modern retail peanut butter factory In the world. 10TH STREET FREE MARKET. MILLER'S Quality ICE CREAM At Your Dealer's. BAKE-RITE BREADERY A Foil Doe of fwet Goods Bitter Honrly In Electric Or pas wtnmaiM DDttsn at a. rk ttni I B.,d uai ho....... no.Kh..t. S8 WSSHlJliTO.l BTHbtVI' mm Agents General Electric Motor KIMBALL ELECTRIC CO. MOTOR SHOPS 13TH AND Gbv8 lakeside 26iX)

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