Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 27, 1919 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1919
Page 6
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? 6 ... Sunday morning ' . - . DaftlanD Crfbune jcii' , asu. ( ' "" t t " " -r- a- I iIEEY TOENY BEARSj rOUtf LETTERS TO .Precious Wee Wide Eyes-. Listen to this! Poor Tpddir Earth 'Worm sat'on thp edge of his burrow 'and looked sadly 'at iIip Hippy Snif-tfles as they sailed gaily about on .their bright .wings or danced like fairies on the rose petals. Teddy .- couldn't dance or sail. He was only an ugly littlp earth worm and all 'the Hippie Sniffle folks turned their noses up whenever thev saw him. For they had NO USE AT AbL for the grubby underground people. Hut Teddy had use for the.ni. "especially for lovely little liettie Hippie-sniffle who lived fn at morning glor" blossom. He thought her the prettiest little thing on earth, which, Indeed, she was. Her wings were as blue as the blossom she lived in, : her eyes were shining gold like the sunshine that fell about her and she was as merry as the bees she played with. But alas! even the loveliest ,jOf wings can't always save you from sad adventures as lletlie was soon lo find. Even as Teddy sat nnd sighed , fche teetered on the edge of her Most om. And that instant a naughty breeze spied her and pave a puff with all his might. If licttte's wind's hid been as strong as they were ,jretty that Wouldn't have muttered but they were us weak as cobwebs. Teeny Weeny Here are the winners of our WALK CONTEST. F.acn letter told , IQL Vl13 T, 1 11. 1 I'll TT 1,11 ,11-1 VI 111 , ,wulk and I'm sure I never heard of 'iuoh JOLLY WALKS in all my life. The poor old Judges had to nearly cratch their hairs off to decide " which was best. They were very that 1 had offered so many prizes for EVERY ONE who tried and whose letter - reached he'e 1 lime got a prize. Isn't that OOR- t eous And these two get tne nrsi - urizes. GARRET NILS ECKHO, i050 San "Jo&e. Aye., Alameda, geta the toy airplane. EDITH LOW, S 1 1I 34th St., Oati-land. gets the set of doll dishes. bach one ot tnese girls gel a , CUNNING WEE DOLL Wilsa Talmer (Send in your ad dress Wiisa, sweeheai t, so 1 can send jour dolly.) . . - K'OnA 1,.tpv 1 fl ' I VnWne u ' a Berkeley. 1.' V.mmn. 1U1 11 f.t., ''Oakland. v : f-Shirley 1'edlar (Send in your address, dear 1 couldn't read the num-er.) Dorothy Nelson, 1562 32d St., Oakland. Lola Smith, Pacific Grove. - Kosa Buckley, lU4i Regent at, Jameda. Maude Newlcn, 2721 Grove St.,'1 Oakland. ' 1 live., Oakla.nd. Catherine Johnson, 4 84 (5 Townsend ave., Oakland. iieth Cable, T8 FairnRMJiiC' ave., 1 Oakland. Each one ot thcRe Vjoys gets a jau i fiaioe. Delmas Buckley, 104u'-s Regent fit., Alameda. Edyard Connilt, 2bil Harrington ave., Oakland. Warren McLeve. li'lS -E. lth St., Oakland. Here's Edith's letter. It a sort of a surprise, At nrsi 1 thought it whs F fairy tale and then 1 saw mat lidttu tad Just turned an ordinary walk nto a fairy tale which is a. LO.VELY thing to do with an ordinal y walk, peac Aunt Klsie: I took a ritjo out in Orand Canyon. There 1 saw sume l.unes. Tiny were dancing around the fairy ring. Pne day the fairies saw u liny litue pirl sitting in a huU'-rcup crjiiiri. She fairy asked her vhat was the hiatter.- She wanted to be a. fairy that she might sing, tor the i airy Wueen and make ureses for the airy balls. Tl,H' fairy tmuched her. find her wish came true aim o: how lappy she was. And what uo you ruppose! The faints were lidy Mugs! The fairy ring was u cucle in the grass witu nowe.a niitueied dbout the eujie. Tne June emia w.is a baby spider who tpun s.ik em- broidery- ihe lany dresses went lose petals. The wiealfr waa ln.ule bf the tiniest llowers. The shppeis were made 8f bluebell jietals. The presses were triuiiocd wna cubwebs. i'his is what 1 saw in (.rand Cunjon. With hearts ?t love. ' EDt ill LOW. 10. And here Is Garret's dandy letter. All of my boys w rote tt'tiMiKliHL jotters. Hut Garret seemed to see piore on one walk than ani-'pf ihem. iN think his eyes must have' popped put and run little races up und down, pear Aunt Elsie: ' I went for a walk today and on the way I iw a boy on a bike hanging n to the chain on the back of a tar. It ure must be dangerous, i ll never try ib Then I saw an English i-parrow standing on a landing. They ;ell ua these birds are pests, but ihey do make the streets cheerful. I think we should miss them if they In a second she whs fluttering nnd j falling down, down, down. Kven then it might not have been so bad .if old .Mr. Govhcr had not dug a j hole in the garden. but. there Hint j ugly hole was and htritiglt Into it she fell and with a slid.? and a thud, ; the dirt-caved in after her and cov-j cred her u tight! ' ()! what wiuling there was then! Not a single one of lyhe Hippie Snif-j fles knew a thing njout digging-' nor did any f their tiny friends under the Hollyhocjc hush. And unless they I could dig her out poor, little licttle Iwas lost forever. Then Teddy's sigh I turned cf) a smile and suddenly lie I disappeared. Down his burrow lie went and through a hundred 'Nvlnd- ing tunnel.'i, into .M r. ( ioplu r's hole w tie re poor lieltie lay, twisted and helpless, und crying her golden eyes out. j "Don'l cry, I'll save you," he wild, j gently, and began ro dig. And so it happened that when Ihp J wailing was at Its height, the ground 'opened and out crawled Teddy Worm . (arising the glial Jlcttio on his back! ! You may be sure that Teddy was never sad or lonely again for from : that time on he was the IIKHO OF juirri.K smii-j.i: town. I vl'.mt ei.sie. Bear Contest should all be diivcn away. Si.me-I tunes our cat ralclnV one. I Jilwavs gel it away from, her before, she has We used to live in Indinmi, We hurt it. if I can. Next 1 passed allove our page nnd we want to be house with a lot of different klndd i fl lends .jof yours and all the other of flowers. It sure looked nrettr. There were daisies, larkias. red ana white geraniums, hydrangeas, two kinds of ferns, and vines. It made Just a tifaxe of color.. I do love bright colors, don't you? 1 saw a uog coming out of the house. He was while all over, except for a black eye with a big brown patch above It. He looked as if he liiid been In a fight and gotten the -worst of it. Then I passed nine Maple Trees all in a row and afl the .same size. 1 love Maple Trees. They are always such pretty shapes and, I do like their leaves so much. I went down to thu sanatorium to Mle a couple of letters and a paper lo a man who is not eiy well and is staying there for a while, lie can't walk much as he Is old and has to use crutches. Gee, II must be tough to be a cripple. I don't know what i d do if I couldn't run around. This man has it nice at the sanatorium, though, because ho can gel out on too porch or out in the grounds and see the water "and tiees -and flowers, but at homo he, can't git out, because be cant get down the steps. 1 try to do errands for him and be nice to him, because I sure feel sorry for him. After that I saw -a Date Palm Tree with some plants growing out of it. It sure looked pretty. I wonder how they manage to grow out of a tree like that. Did somebody put some dirt there nnd plant them or did the wind blow dirt and seeds up into the ti ee half Next 1 t.iw a house made of cei.ien:. luif wood. It sure looked funny. Then 1 went to the butcher shop to get some meat for I Mother. 1 don't hKv' no .ii-much. Us ; tunny we have to eat it to be well land strong. Seems kipd td like can- j niii. lis " to me. Weii, rfnhow I j bought, mother's meal ar.il then 1 1 a tne home. J.ovinniy. from, GARRETT NlbH ECKHO. " THE VERY FINEST LETTER Or' Abb - A W 'ON I )E it Ft b LET-, j'll-.i; AROl J' INDIANS THAT WlbL j to Trestle Glen and loved it. I am 'MAKE Yol' ALL Si) EXCITED in the "ith grade at Lock wood school. Uit'bb - JIST JUMP CAME f- - With -a rra full ot hugs and kiss- I FROM SOME ONE W'HOSK 1'VbL 1 es "" . NAME 1 DON'T KNOW. THE LAST j HARRIET CHRISTENSEN, 12 yrs. " (NAME IS SELLER. 1 THINK, 16,13 65th ave.. I BET THE FIRST NAME AND AD- MARGARKTR M'lilDF.l.L. t DRESS ARK 1 'bl It I ; ED SO I I Dear Aunt Elsie: CAN'T READ. THEM. I DON'T j I had five little ban, urns but thev !KNW WHETHER IT'S A ROY OR WOULD cat up the neighbors gar-t. GIRL HI T 1 W ANT TO KNOW dens so I had to sell them. Rut thev IHI-PPiTY HOP so I CAN PRINT 1 are having a dandy time in their new IH.Vi i.bli'i.i; IN FULL AND ' ,GIE THE WRITER A DANDY .'PRIZE.. HURRY UP AND TELL ME. LITTLE CHUM, THE CHEERFUL CfiEHV& flower? blossom quite content In. woods where no one, comes to jee. And jo.ni. try to bloom through liPe TI 1 lhouori no one ever icoks zx me. PwTC1 Si Hello little Giggle Snickers: Did you ever try to keep SIX WHi-GLY PUPPIES 1 'N OK It A TINY BASKET? A lot of u job. lsn t it? And if you have you know JUST PERSACTLY the time I'm having wlih all your letters. Only there are six hundred Instead of six and they're all wiggling at once. The SASSY things have nearly pushed the grown folks off th-lr page In the daily paper and latelv thev have grown so RI.MI'STREPKROUS that they're threatening to push A ("N'T I-'I.SI K off her very own page! What do sou think of that! ! So I'm turning thinking somersaults to plan some way to get all in tho paper and slid stay In myself. Cause PLEASE 1 WANT ,TO STAY ON .MY PAGE! lLKASK! PLEASE! We'll all Ju-H have to- take those letjters in hand' and MAKE them behave. It's go- i Ing to be liurd because I want to j print KVKIIV WOKII. Rul we'll all j' have to gr.",' up a lutlo so that, the: whole page will be happy. I'll Stand back and not shove and each one of my chickie chums muM ruddle into the" tiniest coiner and in that way every one will be happy. Here's the scheme. We'll have a perfectly GLORIOUS KCllJ, OK HONOR and we'll take. tun. s going in there and letting some new little chum have room to talk in. And then I'll print (Just a tiny merry bit of each letter. If you II make your letters bit j short l ean print them all. Hut I'd .much rather that jou'd , write u l.oN'U one hpemjse I want to know Abb about you. And I'll give up something too though I HATH to. . I'll give up my merry giggle at tho end of each letter and leL you JiimI j imagine it. Ami while we're a!I giv- ; illg up a little bit for the other s wl(V j we'll love each other just mountain' j, and millions more won't we d.irlin So here s a ISIGGEST REAR IH 'O AND OFF WE Go. It strirti with a shivery mystery story and I Do hope those girls write and tell us more about themselves. Dearest Aunt Elsie: We are so interested in our page and we want to help. We love the mystery of the Cook House Girl and If you want we'll write a mystery story. We are not sisters but great churns and we are known as THE THREE MYSTERY GIRLS. I'd love a tiny story not n6erial -my three little SPOOK Y-WOOKS. Only don't make It too shivery. Just halve little nose bleeds not regular battles. YIICGIb IlKOCKWAY. Dear Aunt Elsie: I'm all puffed up with news. I'm on my vacation at my father's rice ranch. My father and myself are the only ones on the ranch. He has gone to town and left me all alone with the pumping plant, our ranch is the only ranch attached to electricity, 1 am having lots of fun, VIRGIL lUtoCKVVA Y--9 yrs. Claus (9 tnilen from Modesto) Cal. AGNK.H DI AltTi:. Dear Aunt Elsie: 1 live with my grandparents in Elmhurst, Grandpa has eleven cows and one horae,- W e sell milk. I like you Aunt Elsie. Your loving Agnes Duarte. (Agnes didn't give her address so 1 couldn't answer her darling tetter.) MARY AM MARTHA M-HFE. Dear Aunt Elsie: kiddies. We wish you would send us some games to play especially indoor games. With bushels of love, MARTHA M-KEH, 12 yrs. MARY AI-liEE, 10 yrs. A'i't 3rd St., Richmond. " WHICH ONE OF MY PRECIOFS CHIMS W'ANTS TO HELP AL'NT ELSIE? Will whoever does sit RIGHT DOWN and Bend these dear little new friends a letter about games? PLEASE. He sure and tell me if you do so I cun send vou a special HFC. V-NATALIE I'RILDMANN. Dearest Aunt Elsie? ,f We LOVE our page and weneed some help so nigcb We want a play for FIVE characters 4 girls. 12. 10, ; 0 ami j years or age and one boy 12 years. We would like a play of princes and princesses. Please do belli us. We are all cousins. Devotedly, NATALIE Kill EDM ANN. 12 yrs. Care of Norma Colin, Hi Lake St., Oakland. Won't sonie of mv l!IO GIRL SWEETHEARTS help ma in this. PHYLLIS - WHITNEY, bob A SMITH, ROSA' LI 13 LEUUENS, DOROTHY 15KOTT, won t some of you help Aunt Klsie by giving Natalie some play Ideas. How about it GERTRUDE ANDERSON? F.RM A CROWE. Dear Aunt Elsie: I'm so happy about our page. And lures a story. Once upon a time there was a good little girl w ho slid- denly turned V E R Y ('lit SS and hor- rid lo everyone afT-ITCy until she fell asleep. In her dreams a fairy came land took her to thp LAND OK Pol T where all the children were pouting, j It was a horrid sight and when she , woke sho remembered the lesson a 1.1 never pouted again. Lovingly, - ERMA CROWE, 9.1 Ross ave., San beandrd. Dear Aunt Elsie: I think our page is so nice for us all. I have six dolls. July 4 1 went home and one of them has eight babies now. So I'm glad MARGARET!! SCH1DKLL. 8 yrs. I 1 i? 7 Hopkins st.. Oakland OCTAVINK WOUDFIF.l.P Dear Aunt Kisle: ! I'm so happy about our p if?e tTmt I just HAV E to write. I'm- in the ' Fremont High low sophomore, I jwant to be a High Vichooi teacher. 1 Just LOVE my English .teacher. Miss ! McMillan. And 1 want to love you. 1 know you must be kind and jolly. I have auburn hair and brown eyes. I have a DARLING little cocker spaniel dog named Nippie. Rest of love,"' ' t OCT A VINE WOODK1ELD, 15 yrs. 2503 RartU'tt si., Oakland. 1 just MUST answer that ietter'or I'll , DURST, isn't she a DARbING new chum! 1 hope all of my older girls write to her at once. And of course I'm jolly, sweetheart. How could I be anything else with so many chickie chums to love? I AJJORE AURURX hair! Mine isn't. It's just hair. MARGARET ROWLAND. Dear Aunt Elsiei have a little puppy called .liggsjnot so Jolly for the sun burned his who climbs in bed and plays with me I have a baby doll and my grandma crocheted a cap tor per. A Jack Rabbit came right in our front yard AU.IT ELSIE TDHER Kl DDI Er Hello. Gigglesels: KtiiM lo me tif're alwai mIoAii someone in this pa EC of urs. We adopted ITimkn ('hnhotly, and now I'lonka Is inlto well again anl just lOW'S IS T FIFCIX hc lias offered to dance for us at one of our mr(le. And now MP have two more RcarcM Dear lo take care of. (die im Iorcttit Sttwey, wlio-v Idler apsars In the- I.I'TTF.ll RF.PVRT-MI.VI'. Ixn-cila l-n't sick, hut her daddy is, and Ix.rctta Is liavlni; a prcttv t ra time of It. She's doiii-r tin, hous-PArk while Motlier kk'H nut lu do other things, and she' very lonely ami fdip-IMIK.8 want Joke for the dear daddy so much. That's a pluco where" my Ixiys can help a well a the girl. Hoy are dandy on joker). Kut girls are just the MVbl.TbST on tAtXV.. And lxrctla needs mountains of love just n)V. Tho other Utile chum is aonuHine whom I liavo Just disoorrel. l)Hg D slie uriile me thai she couldn't walk to our urly, but she'd clinic "In lier Irlcvi'le.'' 1 thotmlit is rhaps there wiw stome trouble, so I wrme and askisl If we couldn't help, and hern Is the a mover: imr Aunt i:itc: Thank you for the nice letter you sent me. You asked me lo 'U you about a tricycle, hut there bm't much to say about a tricycle. I'll tell you nhout the gMl times I'm having on the Is'ai'li. I hac learned lo swim and float and I'm (rettln as lanned as an Indian. I WOI I.I .H sT Ulli; Tt) II WE MY Ni:V C III . MS Will i K TO MK. I wlsli Ihey could all Im- down here having the Rood tlmo I'm having. Tin sorry I couldn't come lo the irty, Ixvause 1 ennnot walk. I have) not Ix-en .able to alk sinoe last Hallowe'en iHwiise of a fall that hurt my liack. Wlih lots of love and good luck. Your own chum. I XZr.XA b, 7SI Central avenue, Aiiimcda. . Tin-re Isn't ii whino or a whimper In all that "dear itter, and I'm SI'Ri: I'll whine if I couldn't walk. 1 think that Vlxcna is gelling well, hut our hive and lellert will make her get well bOTS raster. Ko who ivhiiIm lo help? Who will Ik. Aunt I '.Isle's Mile ( lllllt II' KIODIb? Alter you have written lie sum and tell nie about II. And here's a giuxie-ixike nnd u siiiig;le-liiut! YOl II OW.V At' NT llbSli:. md a deer Walked down our roadj one dav. Yours truly. t MARGARET ROWLAND. 9 yrs. Ec ho Glen, Healdsbury, Cal. DOROTHY IIIGDAY. Dear Aunt Elsie: Here's a story that I made up for our page. Mary had read of the beautiful fairy queen and how she longed to see her. That night while she slept a tiny silver boat appeared and IN IT WAS THE FAIRY Ql'pEN! The queen took Mary in the boat and they went to Fairy band! All day Mary stayed with her. They had a. fairy lunch and sat Qn fairy chairs and how Mary loved it all! Hut at last the boat came for her again and away she went home. And there was Mother calling her to get up for it had all been u. dream! DOROTHY HIGDAY. 282 17th ave., San Francisco. MARKb FROST. Dear Aunt Elsie: I am so excited about our page. 1 think the sewing lessons -am just GRAND. On my last report card I had eight excellenls. 1 have the darlingest baby brother who always wants me lo play with him. He climbs on my knees and I pretend lo let him fall off luid he laughs and laughs. . MAR EL FROST. 1621 47th st., Oakland. MbbY FROST. Dear Aunt Klsie: 1 try to read our page but as I can't rnrid very well sister helps me. Sister and 1 have baby chicks. My Aunt Elsie makes up the NICEST STORIES! LILLY FROST, S yrs. 1621 47th ave., Oakland. WlbRKRT AVARO. My True Aunt Elsie: I'm just wild .over those kiddy pages, please don't tease me but I enjoy the Cook House Girl so much. The bloody pick ! The hairy hand ! And ali those things. Here's a story, once upon a time in Fairy-hind there lived a fairy named Roue. Now this fairy was the Queen's highest lady but still she wasn't satis-fled. NO! She wanted to be higher. Now further down In the earth live the witches and further still lived the g'obllns and further still lived the wizards! ! The fairy queen said to Rose: "Go live with the wizards- in,,,.. uL-e i,i,i,l, itvit like to he blu .!,., t hpmselvea!-' Rut Rose ger than themselves: mil nose hesitated and asked questions because she was frightened and the yueen. cried "GO! GO!" Then Rose began to cry and at that she woke up and found it was a dream. And never again did she desire to he anything but what she was. WlbRERT WARD. " fill Lincoln ave., Alameda. Wilbert, I JUST MUST POP OUT! That was the dandiest slorj ! ! Y'ou're my true pal. MIIiIRKT SCn.MID. Dear- Aunt Elsie: 1 haver a doll named Mary and the dearest little bed for her to sleep In. I like the children's page. Your loving." MILDRED SCUM ID. 2S22 A'Teline st. I.1.MIVS COWAN; I tear Aunt Eb.de: Here's a poem for our page. Mother, dear. Mother dear, Guess what I've got here! A piece of pie and some cake too. And Mother dearest its all for you. Daddy dear. Daddy dear, Guess what I've got here! Some ice cream and. cake and things you can t make, And it's all for you. GLADYS COWAN. 9 yrs. 2533 MeGfc ave.. Rerkelev. - Gludys wrote a WONDERFUL story for us too but there isn't room to print it. Put O! ( ! ! ! how 1 liked it! DOROTHY. UDWKi. Dear Aunt Elsie: . ' Here's a story for our page; called Till-: GOLDEN ROSES. Once there was a poor girl with a sick mother whom the loved dearly. One,, day she was paysint; a garden and saw some beautiful golden roses'. She went in und'knorked at the. door of the house. It w. opened bv a heau- itiful lady who was really a fairy. (The poor girl asked for the roses and was given them." The rorw-s were magiij and., at once wonderful things happened. The sick mother irrew well nnd (lie fairy appeared and granted their tht-ee wishes for a new home, food Hn.r 'Tfthing. furniture and a garden. And in the (rarden there sprang up a tree of magic roses. DOROTHY LFDWiC. 9 yrs. 306 Stanton St.. South Rerkelev. , J -OI.GA OLSEN. Dear Aunt IJisie: I have four dolls, a rabbit and a war garden. Rut now we call it a Victory Garden. I enjoy our page SO much. ObGA OLSEN. 9311 K. 14th n.. Elmhurst. . Ml R1I L GOFORTH. Dear Aunt Elsie: Here's a story for our page. Once there was a-little rabbit named Peter who was always discontented. Whenever it rained he longed for the sun so at last the sun took him home to live. Then. Peter found that it was mouth when he kissed him. Aftr that he ran away but still he was cross and discontented so he was always in trouble. And at last he LETTER"! ended his cross life by. jumping in a well. MURIEL GO FORTH. 2232 Grant St., Iterkeley. IjORKTTA syvfzy Dear Aunt Elsie: - 1 just love.uuf WH OLL J'AGjf because it's bubbling over with fun; ,1 have 23 pollywogs in my water garden. We have 124 rabbits and the little babies squirm and wiggle till you'd think they'd come to pieces but they don't. My father Is sick and had to go to the hospital and mother works ho I do the house work and cooking and feed the. rabbits at night. Please write und tell me your favorite Joke so I can tell father. 1 get so lonesome. Your loving. LOR ETTA SWEZY, U yrs. 1116 E. isth st.. Oakland. SWEETHEARTS "ALL HURRY! HURRY! HFKRY! AUNT EbSlE N K E DS YOU! WHO WILL HELP THIS- LONELY N.EW SWEETHEART OF-OFRS. WON'T YoU GIRLS WRITE HER LONG DEAR LETTERS AND MAKE HER KEEL THAT YOU ARE CLOSE? WON'T YOU ROYS CUT GUT JOKES AND FUNNY. 11CTURES FOR DAD AND SEND THEM TO HER TO GIVE TO HIM? PLEASE.' I WONDER WHO WILL UK THE I'M R ST ONE TO WRITE IN AND TELL AUNT ELSIE THAT HE Oil SHE HAS HELPED LOR ETTA. I'LL PURLISH TEE NAME AT THE TOR OF THE ROLL OF HONOR. WORTH Ml RDOCK. Hello! Aunt Elide: ! i Just LOVE ojir magazine. I want to belong; to that letter box-department and 1 sure HOPE that some of the HOYS WIbb WRITE TO ME RIGHT AWAY. WORTH ML' RDOCK, 13 yrs. 3999 Clark St., Oakland. YIDA W FRFR. Dear Aunt Elsie: - , Here's a story for our page called "THE GHOST 'HOUSE." Onve there were two sisters and a brother HOBBY, HELEN AND JANE. One day they asked if they might run away to play and their mother, not thinking where they were going, said they might. And WHAT DO YOU THINK! They went to a place where no one else dared to go a deserted, ruined house called "the ghost house." They climbed the rickety stairs and in a dark room they found a chest and in the chest was PILES OF MONEY. -They ran home quickjy with it and Mother at once tdld them that that was the $2000 that had been stolen from the bank. So down they took it to the bank and the man gave them rewards of $12 each. YIDA WE PER, 11 yrs. " 206 Hillcrest Road. Iterkeley. JOA.V UOODW1X. , Dear Aunt Elsie; I am five. 1 have a kewpie and am making some clothes for her. 1 just made some ribbons for her. Yours lovingly, JOAN GOODWIN. Our precious Joan Baby didn't give her address so I can't answer. Hut HOW I wish you could have seen that darling letter With" the sprawly writing. Sweet heartikins, I send you a sugar kiss for the tip of your pinky nose! FI.ORIi: MAY TYRHEI,. ("OUR LITTLE TRIBUNE GIRL WITH THE MAGIC TWINKLE TOES.) Dear Aunt Elsie: 1 want to tell you about my darl- j Ing white kittens and black kittens. About a month ago my music teach er's little girl. Dorothy gave me two white kittens. One was named Victory and the other the blue ami 'he Gray. We had them two weeks and then they disappeared. A few weeks after that Mr. Kwabey of the Tribune gave me a little black kitten named Culie which was our -Tribune Kitty. ' And the next day a little, girl (rave me another kilty. And I ALMOST think that my black . kitties are my white kitties that has fallen into an ink well and come out black! .Yours with a hug nnd a kiss. FLORIE MAY TYRREL. 6405 Regent Bt., Oakland. Florle danced for us at our party and O! wasn't she a wonder sprite, though! We'll have to have another party soon and perhaps she'll invent a white kitten dance Tor us. MAMF.L M-CONXFXL. Hie Fog Goddess. Like a shower of rain after a hot dusty day enme tripping into the valley tho Fog Goddess. But alas she had but a short time to stay. Like a great white cloud she floated by while her companion clouds hovered in the sky. Her long hair fell a bout her a soft silvery hue while her eyes sparkled like two tiny drops of dew. Her robes floated ibAyt her. now folding softly, now tpreadinR out like-leathers soft and white. She gave each tender flower, each bij strong tree, a drop of pur, refreshing dew. Rut not for loni? could she linger, because already the sunlight was turning the clouds to gold. Once more she scattered the dew. Then the fiery sun god in all his polden glory came rushing in his chariot through the sky. The Fes Goddess slowly melted from sight but she left tiny scraps of her robes behindVher in the hearts of the flowers. And aproKs the sky swept the sua god triumphant, MABEL M CONNELL. 12 vrfs. ,' Ki;,9 San Lorenzo, Thousand Oaks, Berkeley. i , AUNT ELSIE j I think Mabel's story is as lovely as a song, don't you? O! I'm proud of it! KI.MIKA GRKY. Dear Aunt Jilsie," 1 have a new baby sister! KLMIKA UliEV, 9 yrs. 5015 Congress ave., Oakland. HOORAY! THFtBK CHEERS FOR OL'It NKW BAHY! I WONDKIt HOW KOO.V SHE'LL WRITE Mb A LKTTKU! HFTTV JIEDWIXU Dear Aunt Klsie: I think our. page In the Tribune is just fine and 1 love you as if i had seen you over and over again. With fondest jove, HKTTV HErnVKLL, g yrs. 1348 K, "27th St., Oakland. X MAIITIIA KING. Doar Aunt Klsie: 1 am camping at Lafayette. There is a creek near us and' we go down and the water comes up to our knees. We have made three thips named Floater, 'Float-on and Kainbow. ICainbow was named that because it has many colored paint on one side. I love you, MARTHA KLING. Camp Twin Pines, Lafayette, Cal. KWKX WORLKY. " (Martha's Cousin.) Dear Aunt Klsie: I am camping at Lafayette and every day we play in the creek. We try to float on those ships we built out of boards. Across the creek are some calves. Cine of them is about three feet Ions and it's the cutest Vhlng. ('.WEN WOKLEY. 4S5 38th St., Oukland. DOROTHY WORLKY. (Gwen's Sister.) Dear Aunt Elsie: , 1 saw a big grass fire. I like to read about the bugs on our page; I am ten and in the high fifih grade at Longfellow school. DOROTHY WORLEY". 485 38th St., Oakland. KLKANOn ATTKRBrRY. Dear Aunt Elsie: , 1 read your page every Sunday and I enjoy it so much that I can hardly wait to get home from Sunday school to read it. Would you please give me some directions for story writing. 1 would love to write stories. ELEANOR ATTERHURY, H yrs. 452 Newton ave., Oakland. Dearest, the way to write a story is this: Keep the eyes of your body open to see outside things, and the eyes of your mind open to see the inside, make believe hings and then tell as simply unsl happily as you can what you hirve seen with both sets of eyes. Forget yourself and just . remember your story and the magic is done. Don't try to make yourself wonderful when you write try to make the STORY LIVE. And be very simple all beautiful things are as simple as butterflies. ' MARGARET Ml'RRAYt! ' Dear Aunt Elsie: I love our jiage especially the Jewel Rox. Your chum, MARGARET MURRAY', 12 yrs. 162U Alice Hi., Oakland. . JF.AN BADF.R. Dear Aunt Elsie: I like our yage so much. I live on a farm with my grandparents .nd we have all sorts of animals and fruit. I reid a number of magic books but 1 like the Little Colonel Series better than , any other books and think all thej children should read them. " ' JliAN BjADER, 10 yrs. 11. F..D. Box 45, Livermore, Cal. VIIUiJXIA SWIM. Once .upon, a. time two little cotton pods were turned into cloth and one beeSfcne (part of a red cloth and one paiof 'a blue. That -same day two 'iittTo- girls bought new dresses from the two bolts of cloth. One little American girl bought a red dress and one little girl whose parents Were foreigners bought a blue dress. And the very next week the two little girls met in Sunday school with those new dresses on. As it happened there was no placo for Dorothy to sit except in a chair beside the little girl whose parents were foreigners. A bad spirit entered into Dorothy's heart und she stamped her foot and said: I won t sit beside her because she's a foreigner." And her teacher said: "Stop and think, Dorothy for she is just as much an American an you are." And then Dorothy's good spirit came back and she was ashamed and was lovely to the other little girl. VIRGINIA SWIM, 12 yrs. 3103 Arkansas St., Oakland. ADALIXE SOUZA. Dear Aunt Elsie: HCre's a story about Princess Pansy. Once there was a beautiful princess whose name was Pansy. An ugly dwarf wanted her and carried her away screaming. A prince heard her screams and picked up' a note she dropoed which said:' "Pull off the dwarf's beard and he will lose his power." The prince did so and rescued (the princess. A fairy changed her grateful tears into papsies and so we have-them today in our gardens. With 1,000, dot), 500 kisses and I'd like to have the children write lo me, ADALIXE SOUZA, 14 yrs. i- 2614 E. 11th St., Oakland. ji:wi:ll brooks. WHERE IS JEWEL BROOKS? I' SENT A LETTER TO PER AT 1348 p.roadwav, Oakland, AND IT WAS RETURNED FOR BETTER ADDRESS. WHERE ARE YOU DEAR? HARRIET CLARK. Dear Aunt Elsie: 1 hye with my grandma and grandpa and they are llie best grandma and grandpa in the world. My little cousin is staying here too. I play the piano. I just love our page. I love all the stories but best of all I love YOU. With Just mountains Of loves und kisses. ' HARRE1T CLARK. 11 yrs. 827 Athena ave., Oakland. GLI)YS LOKBF.U One time a mother had two'sons, one named Ned who was a cowboy and whom everyone loved and the other named John who was lazy and whom no one cared for. Ned was shot and the poor mother died of rrief. Then John became a braver better man. He captured an Indian robber and became a cowboy and soon was the favorite in the ranch. GLADYSLOEP.EL.12 yrs. 2608 Feralta ave.. East Oakland. TIIFI.MA MADDLN. Dear Aunt Elsie: I enjoy ourtage so much and I'm so glad Elonka Chobodv is well. THELMA MADDEN. 11 Vrs. 4340 Montgomery St.. Oakland. MARGl F.RITI. KOKMU. Dear Aunt Elsie: j once a family of fairies found a i little lost uog in tne woods on a rainy night. They took him home and warmed him nnd he said bowwow. They thought that meant ".hank you," eo they invited him to THE SEWING LESSON One of my sweethearts has a new-baby cousin. She loves hfr just WHOLE SOMERSAULTS and she has asked me to tell how to make something for hur. . So I am going to tell her, and all the rest of you, about the handkerchief bib and cap that LUC ILK DUFKY. 5741 Ayala St.. Oakland, sent In for the sewing eon-test. They are such DUCKY Rule things that. I know you'll all want to I make them for your baby dolls or some real baby. Figure A shows the way the bib is made. Part one shows handkerchief. Any sort of a dainty handkerchief will do. You might use one with a scalloped edge or put lace around the edge of a plain one.- Part two shows handkerchief folded, the lower part being left to project about an inch under the upper part. . Part three shows cut to be made 2 WESTERN you'll like little Hippy Horned Toad just as much as Jimmy Squirrel- did as soon as you know more about him. He's one of the riterriest, sturdiest of all the'wee desert people. Hippy Isn't a toad or a frog although most strangers think he belongs to the frog family. No, Hippy is a lizard and he has for relations all sorts of queer folks horrid Mr. Gila Monster, sly and beautiful Sam- my Blue Tailed Skiniw the ' Swifts that . run like the wind, the Worm llxardswho look for all the world like long, smooth worms,,the Spotted Lizards, the Glass Snakes, the Zebra Tailed Lizards, the big fat Iguanas, the Chameleons wlro can change their colors as you change your live with them.- And so. they lived happily together. MARGUERITE KOEN1G. 830 Fallon St., Oakland. FREDERICK ROBKLY. Dear Aunt Elsie: I have two bunnies. When I got them they would run away but now they just want to eat all the time. With lots of love, FREDERICK KORELY, 1070 Winsor ave., ffierimont. DOfTlS RI SSFLL. Dear Aunt Klsie: I love you very much. Here is a story for our page. THE SECRET MOl'NTAIN. Once upon u , lime there were two poor children named Gertrude and Kenneth who. lived with their grandparents near a great mountain. One day a fairy appeared and lead the children to the mountain and gave them a golden key that unlocked a door that opened into the heart of the mountain. They went in and found a BEAUTIFUL HOUSE which the fairy. said was to be their home. So the grandparents were brought from their miserable hut and they all lived happilyin the secret mountain. DORIS RUSSELL, 10 yrs. 1 Kenwood Apis., Telegraph ave., -Oakland. - .. . ROBERTA RlMFKLT. Dear Aunt Elsie: Here's a story for. all mycousins. For they are my cousins if you're my aunt, aren't they? LITTLE ELLEN AND THE GEOGRAPHY FAIRIES. tt -" M'm. How Ellen did hate geography! sne j JuBt love our j h(V( w wouldn't really study. She would ,tPn my chum Lilian about it only pretend. Rut one hot day, wlrrie ( CbAIPF ANiEP"OV she was pretending she looked down lm AdeTine' St., Oakland, at her book and it was swarming over with FAIRIES. A very feNV of' FORD McCORKLK. tl,An, T,-Dpn ann,.i.ar hut mnul nf fliani I Dear Allllt Kisie wei-e sighing and crying. "What in the world is the matter." gasped El len, "You have hurt their feelings." said the fairy leader-. "But how?" cried Ellen. "Because you wouldn't study them," said the fairy. "But I never knew there w?re fairies 1n books!" said Ellen in surprise. "O! yes thereye in all your books Jour arithmetic and historv and all." "t! How glad I am NOW I will study." cried Ellen. And so she did and rtlways after that the fairies'.1 helped her so she got perfect papers. With all the love in the world n ROBERTA RUMFELT, 766 Ayala St., Oakland. LK GRAXD YOLXG. Dear Aunt Elsie I have some sweet peas and" a picture that I bought for my mother and some corn that my father planted for me and vr dear baby sister and her name is Aura Louise Y'oung. LE GRAND YOUNG. 10 vrs. 61 Dowiing Blvd.. San Leandro. DOROTHY (ilM)llV Once long ago a beautiful princess was driven from her palace and took. 'inches deep along dotted line. i'art four shows edges of cut finished with lace and turned buck to allow a place for the baby's neck. Tapes or ribbons arc st itched for tying and tho bib is dorfe. Isn't it a darling. k . Figure 1! shows the way the cap is made. Part one is the handkerchief. I'art two is the handkerchief folded, the Hack fold being about twice as deep as the front one. Part three shows how to gather tight between two arrows. Overcame the rest of the back together and the back of "the bonnet is done. - Part four shows finished bonnet with strings attached and the two front corners caught up with tiny buttons so they will not bother baby. And I wonder how many dollies in Oakland will have new caps matfe for them this week'.' "Wiite and tell nie, Chickies, how the sewing turns out. WANDERER clothes, the Salamanders, the Geck os, ami a thousand others. 'Rut of them all Hippy Horned Toad is the friendliest little neighbor. To be sure Hippy lool.s anything hut friendly. His rough grayish hide is covered with fierce looi.ing snines (that make him very unbeainif til. Hut he has a peaceful disposition an I s-. doni bothers anyone, lie loves 'lie blinding Heat of tke desert places ,Tlnl when its hottest. Uippv is happieht and liveliest. H darts about like lightning, looking for. the tiny insects on which he feeds. Hippy doesn't like tho least coolness and as soon us night draws near he tucks himself snugly in bed. And no blankets in all the world are warmer than his. They are convenient blankets too for he has them always with him and docs not have to carry them in a pack The EARTH ' is Hippy's blanket. When he wants to sleep he "digs himself in" Just like the soldiers did in France. His tough nose and many spines make ines make j he is co -X t sand. T er deform- V spienuiu shovels and sooir hi ered with a fine blanket of nippy nas a v kry queer ive habit and I'm VERY GLAD that certain sassy little boys that 1 know-are not able to defend themselves the same way. When much pothered he shoots tiny streams of blood from the corner of his eyelids. These streams shoot out three or four feet with a good deal of force nd are Hippy's way of saying "MOVE ON." ' refuge In a wretched hut. While she was trying to clenn't (lie found a box with a -magic sign" Which she touched.' Instantly nn old man stood before her who asked what she desired. As she began to tell him she touched his coal ami he was changed to a -handsome prince. "You have released me from an enchantment," said he, "and I wish you to marry me' So they did and lived happily ever after. , DOROTHY' GI'NDRY, 11 vrs. laSD 4th Ave., Oakland. IIAXXA WILI'.I-'R. . Dear Aunt Elsie I love our p.age so much that I could read it over and over and never get tired. I have a cute little brother five years old who wants to know if you will answer him If he writes. We have a baby 7 months old. H ANNA WILRKR. 553 Pacific Ave., Alameda. Indeed 1 WILL write Honey. Just try me and see. ' ' EYl'XYX O'XKILK Dear Aunt Elsie . I'm sending you a little piny that I wrote long ifko. loot's and lots of love. EVELYN O'NEILL, 1U rs. 674 7th St., Oakland. There isn't room to print Evelvn's WOND-ERFCL little play but I want you all to know that it's JUST SPLENDID and that I'm SO PROUD of my sweetheart. CLAIRE AXDKR.SOX. , Dear Aunt Elsie Here's a story. Thrte men started 'out to see who could get to a farm first.- ine one who won was to have the farm. One was a woodcutter, one a hunter and one a drunkard. The. drunkard and woodcutter- soon gave out and the hunter won the farm which shows that a druni-d isn't much good. r FORD McCORKLJ l 1 182 Orange St., Oakland. VIRGIXIA McCORKLI. Dear Aunt Elsie I like our page. My brother has told me how nice it is. YIRUIANA McCORKLK, 9 yrs. HIXF.N MARUK. Dear Aunt Elsie ' I Just think our pare in the Tribune is the greatest page ot laughter. I can't help laughing when 1 read it. With kisses and hugs. HELEN MAREK. 11 vrs. 1277 107th Ave., Oakland. o,.BF7rn- m xT. Dpar Aunt Elsie I think our page is dandy. T.like 'Continued on Page 7.j,

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