The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 26, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1894
Page 1
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VOL XXIV, SEE OUR YOU WON'T SEE ALL THE NICE THING-S UNLESS YOU DO, ilia torioalpopar tme n * J34 """ YOU BEEN AT . ^ before making your s ,; ~*">f u^-sy*^! ALGONA, KOSStfTH OOtMY, IOWA, 26, 1894. Lamps, Crockery arid Gtas|w$r6 ;there in profusion. Our large assort• merit and-low prices, will surprise you. R6niiernber "Carter's Old Stand.'f,-^- NEWMROOERY FIRM.L <>1 i l i III ii I> »<li>»>l»li>all>«l«lp»»l»<r"*»*>"^"*"'Ul>*»>'J «|QfX5Soteel^Ph Grcxjeries ofallkin^s, ^e ; soliclt |*^;ydvir tra4e- ^uJbJ^r andNEgg^ta^en^n^e^phapge Sf&.^i»r>^?Aw fm*\f\Ai* A< u7 r A.'ciaii^oo mViiaow QCI QTiTr 1 '"KOUSB'JIIItown FStX ^^ * | A^^ T Tl% ^,'t IT t *» * * ' ' * i v I wHj*?-" |V ^ Jfy^.TT fj 11 R ' 51 1T*fl'l I ' * * t, t <*' 3 T HUi. Wvx,'!; ;: v rr^9^Mf,f w giR-:uV'U'^^^r^- f> ..;.."»-vt.-&-v^-^^ ' ''' « % ,- ""»>rtv y ,iw W - it v ^1-5, KS5JT*^W8 - V^'"^'/', , ! i-t ^-IV^^Jjf f j« B: nH-NSrrinT>rryAl»ft¥i'nftiTn t wriJl«".; -^-- L ---^ ONGE A YEAR, All tho year lohg tlw moon gives light, And fnakes a silver day of night; But otico a year Shft seems more hear;— SnoWs every night her Steadfast face, And fills the sky with tranquil grace. 'Tis hard to tell when day Is done, For day and night flow into one* So heaven shines downward all the while, And lights us with Its constant smile; But once a year It draws more near; Wide open stands the shining door, With gleams of light unseen oeforo; And all across flash glimpses fleet Of upper joys and radiant feet. 'Tis ever so since love broke through, And"down the widening spaces flew;— That blessed year Our Lord came near:— For him swung back the starry bound; Deepened far up the great profound; All heaven swept outward at his birth, And naught was narrow but the earth. Now evermore ho stands and waits Some lifting of these lower gates; But once a year He Walts more near;— Shall the blest door be thrown so wide, And only wo tho entrance hide? Unbar all hearts; make room within. And.let the'holy Christmas in! —Selected. THE WONDERFUJ^. No argument against the sun will drive it from the sky. No mole-eyed- skepticism, dazzled by its brightness, can tur'n away the shining it refuses to look upon. And they who long after God will be ever turning their eyes thitherward, and either with reason or, without reason, or, if need be, against .manifold impediment? of reason, will see and believe. ; * ~* * ••* This one perfect character has come into our world, and'lived in it, filling' all the molds of action, all the terms of duty and love, with his own divine manners, works and charities. All the conditions of our life are raised thus, by ttie meaning he has shown in them, and the grace he has put upon ttfejh. The world "itself is changed;, and,!is 'no 'more the flame that it wa$; it hag never been the same since Jesus •left Jt- The air is charged with heavenly odors, and a kind of celestial consciousness, a sense of other worlds, is waited on us in its breath. Let th'e dark ages come, let society roll backward, and churches, perish in wh$e regions of'the earth', lejfinfldelity deny ,* and, what is worse, let spurious piety dishonor, We, 'truth; -still /there is* a, something here that was "not,- and. a omething that,Jias-iaiQiortality in it. *$tili!:tfur'cbhfldep'Qe remains unshak- ,;e,tf, tB'at.Christ-and his- all-quickening Jijje 'are in, the world, as fixed elements ;4tid$ili: Jbe,>to -the end-'of time; for 'Christianity is not so much the advent Of a better. doctrine as'of. a" perfect character. .And, how can.' a perfect Character, once entered into life''and history be^ separated and finally "ex 1 - pelled? It-were .easier to untwist all the beams of light in 'the sky, '-separating and expunging, one of the colors, than to get • ttie character of. Jesus, .which is ,the real gospel, out" of the Vforld., Look ye hither, meantime, all ye blinded and fallen of mankind, a better nature is among you, a 'pure heart, out of some pure world, is come into your prison, and walks it with you, <P6,yQu require of" us to show who he. is, T and definitely to expound bis person? We may not be able. Enough to know that he is not of us,—• some strange being out 9f nature' and above it,'whose name is Wonderful. Enough #foat s in has never touched his hallowed nature, and that he 4s a friendt, -Jp him dawns a hope—purity has not come into the world, except to purify,- Behold' the Lamb of 'God, that taketh,,.aw.ay tBe sins of the world! Light breaks in, peace settles on the, air, lol the prison walls are rise, let' us go,—Horace be secured by addressing £. B. Cooper, Bes Moines. For programs and other information address D, S. Wright, chafrtoati executive committee, Cedar FalW, Iowa. The Usual reduction, one afld One-third, will be made on all rail' roads centering in Des Moines. ^ ^ftEACHERS STANt) WELL. $OT critn con case at Chicago in \VliHm Preacher Ilaney flgttfes h&sYpro- .vqked ridiculous assertions about the wickedness of preachers and prompted inquiries as to statistics showing their offenses against the seventh commandment There are black sheep among the ministers of course, but as a class, they are the most blameless of men, and lead the most upright, self-denying lives. They are the salt of the earth and notwithstanding occasional misdirected zeal or exceptional, cases of wickedness in their ranks they and their churches perform an immense service for humanity. It is a great pity though that we have so many churches. If the number could be cut down something like half and the congregations consolidated, the sup- sBOrt would not be so burdensome on tne members and the ministers could receive a better support as they de- serve.—Times-Eepublican. *, ALGONA'S LOUD HOWL, i Putting in telephones to connect .towns is now all the talk, although no ,pianison foot to connect Biirt with the county seat. Should this be done, 'however, Algona would set up just as ,lpnd a howl for that early train to be ;put back on.—Burt Monitor. FIFTY-TWO DIVIDENDS. As a general thing Investors are pleased to receive only two dividends a year, and if they are paid with regularity are fully satisfied. When one, however, can recive fifty-two dividends in a year upon an in- vestment'of only three dollars, the matter deserves very serious attention. THE INDEPENDENT of New York for forty-six years has held the first position among tho great religious literary and family weeklies of the land. It presents features for the coming year far in advance .of any heretofore offered. It has the leading contributors of the world, prints the .Best poetry, it has twenty-one departments, edited by specialists, -devoted'to -Fine Arts, Science, Insurance, Finance, Biblical Research, Sunday-School, Mis-, sions, Healthf etc. THE INDEPENDENT is particularly fitted for intelligent people, whether professional men, business men or farmers, and for their families. It costs Joutsix cents a week and gives .a great J ~al. A subscriber receives'Ifty-two dtv- 'inrlo a./vrnn »* „ . .^ ^ -. . - American Farmer says in i-egard ,prices? -As-;we have fr§- said; 'the demand fqr'heavy go9- d a.nd, the prospeet for the 19 mpsfc ei$Q waging,' FOP a few he byegjiing^raraftv gorges h&s bejp ^egle.gJs4,',an4jnQWY * i pBTO^KTTs°on^"tTr^tt6n'a I ¥^^aKoral J that'rite for any pactitff' the< year, 'and:-• a' 'Sample copy will- be any person'>fr$ by addressing'THE. INDEPENDENT,' New York'CJtf.' ••/ \ • , '-3w^ ^1^, .Money to-Eoan. , '"'', -I M($ey;< on >hand to'loan on. second mQi-tgages. • Stf GBQ. C. OXxt. -, ' 'r OEIGINAl Mfc • "< In tho District Court of Kossuth County; 1 Iowa Mar. Term, 1895.— W, L. Franck vs. B; P. Swetting, C. A. Ross, B; 3$ Belloson, P. J. Solberg ( ingrald^ B.' Belleson and D, W. Townsend.'. t „' To P. J. Solberg and Ingrald B. Belleson, defendants: You are hereby notified' that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk pf the District Court of Kossutb County, Iowa, a petition of^ho plaintiff in the above entitled cause; claiming of B; P. Swotting, C. A. Ross, B, L. Belleson, T?, J. Solberg, Ingrald^B. Belleson and D, W; Townsend the sum of-seventeen hundred dollars , ($1,700), with interest at' the rate of >7 per cent, per~anpum • from November 1. 1894, , with costs and a reasonable attorney fee; asking the fore-" closure of a certain mortgage given by B, P. Swotting to W, L, Franck to secure the payment pfsaidnote,upon the northeast *' rangeJTwenty^nine (39), west pf'the FiftH P.M.; asking that whatever claim P, J, , , Solperg or Ingmld B f Belleson may have in and to said land; be'declwed inferior to laiqtitf 's mortgage, and that their claims e forever foreclosed and barred, and for , genera} jcquitablo relief: and unless yo$ appear ana defend on or before noon of the Second day of , the ,,nejcf March term of said court, to be beg»n and hol4en 'at, the Court HQuse in Algona, n said county and state, on the'4th day v of March i A'. D. ,.«e(amt wiirbef/ntwea IgSnft' yffi 'rendered 1 thereo * ' IfrloV ^ ^ ' '•',; 'Att'y vsr'W-4®V l 8mw ,ii' Vir ^fna\ A *MAMMMM DA**lA»».f >l*,^D^ v .tW»if 'sm^w^mW^m^^ '^iP^^uf^wOT?^/ ilM'WIolfebyjlba^lini^o/JH^ m& WiS* ^'tm r ae f^ ^fr 3 ** k^^iV'rnif^J^iiM^iMcTCW-iWflilpHfyflHSS I Qot Phonnfi Ldol ulldllCB. One short week and we are with you no more. We Will Slaughter Prices While we remain with you. Come and buy at your own price. With each $3 or $5 sale we give away beautiful and useful presents. John ; Grove. Go io the New Firm. PATTERSON & SON, —When in need of— Something iT Nice For the Table. A.* , , , ~-'f&SyS&SffS&l' •«£• t V.&g —'- r-r T r's, Water'Setsi Glassware, Queenswase, etc~." *'""*!& Try a.sack of our'New York Buckwheat; every sack warranted pure ,' *& or money refunded. , ' > . **#v t '4 , !••,% BUTTER AMD ^GSS. WAJWEJ) '"„; ±. "'" ''^'^ ' "' *** * '^l BUTTER AMD £G&S> WAITED '",,1 f AT, HIGHEST MARKET PRICE. .PATTERSOFMSQN. The Holtclays * t 1 .\i*"« - U ^ ' *'•'. : " : % Will soon be here. We are here with prices , '•* ' - - ^-;-|| that are going to win buyers for <r ' t ... .~:\ ^'Vj'^ Shoes and .•;, \ "..Boots and" ^ ' nvorcimoc ' v -*'W T.\'^^^^^^& f ' Rubbers. Overshoes and Overgaiters, Tjp^-^p^;-^, ^- : ^-^77 JT^Tjr-'7^

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