Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 23, 1919 · Page 47
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 47

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 23, 1919
Page 47
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ExCtwtv .ArtocWtra pros ' ' w m . wx. kww . . FIFTH SECTION DEVELOPMENT SECTION haurrtattowU IUw SstvVm VOLUME LXXXXL OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 23, 1919. PAGES 47 TO 52. NO. 37. If you join in the "clean up and paint up" movement, Oakland will be a brighter and better city. This entire week to be devoted to painting homes, fences, sheds, barns and cleaning' yards. Brighten up your home! MAXWELL HARDWARE Cf) Ml Always Reliable " Alway S3&& TWO TWO SUGGESTIONS FOR CLEAN-UP WEEK f UT th lawn with one of our Lawn Mowers. Trim the rose bushes and shrubs. Paint up the walks, with RUBBER CEMENT FLOOR; the , porch and steps with PORCH and STEPS. Put on some new door and window screens, of which we carry a FULL assortment, by the yard or in adjustable frames, to fit ANY window. A new Ash Can for the back yard is very essential; we have all sizes. Polish the Hardwood Floor with JOHNSON'S FLOOR WAX. To brighten and clean up your rugs . and carpets you can secure one of our HOOVER VACUUM SWEEPERS for $1.00 down and $1.00 per nepk- The Furniture will all look brighter if gone over with LIQUID VENEER or JAP-A-LAC. Your Hrare will be more Cleanly and more Sanitary if the walls" are Freshened with a coat of MURESCO kalsomine. With our assortment of Various Kinds of BRUSHES no sDot'need be neelected. Now is the time to replace the Old Pots and Pans with ALUMINUM, AGATE or WHITE PORCE LAIN. Our line is complete and every article guaranteed. What is more refreshing than a CLEAN SHAVE with one of our SAFETY RAZORS? Extra Blades, Strops, Soaps, Brushes, Corn Knives, etc. T 1 onghten and Build Up I our uwn oysiem, mere is nuuimg uiuic invigorating than Outdoor Sports. We LI wi suggest. Hand. Base, Basket and Football, Boxing, Fishing, Hunting, Running, Swimming. Our Sporting Department is fully equipped. mm PHONE OAKLAND. TWO TWO 14th and Washington Sts. Take this Advertisement to your dealer and get free sample PURE PAINTS Made in Oakland CALIFORNIA PAINT GO'. " Five First Award P. P. I. E., 1913 Empires 5-M9 Oakland 472 ir yoyr CEMENT house ll" LEAKS let us paint , it with ROMAN'S TECIINOLA CEMENT PAINT. j E. L Lehan & Co. fainting. Tinting and Paperhanging 523 lTth STREET rhone Oakland 2723 Res. Phone Oak. 415J JOBBING AND REPAIRING SPECIAL MILL WORK. ' Of lice and Store Fixtures Window and Door Screens A. H. ROSE & CO. 523 17TII STREET Phone Oakland 2723 Residence, Phone Froitvale 875-W ATTENTION, PAPERHANGERS! USE REX DRY PASTE Because "REX'l 4 WILL OVERCOME YOUR DRY PASTE PREJUDICE IN FACT Dries Slowly Gives a Good Slide Will Not Separate Water 9 Does not Sour or Stain A Perfect Paste from Gold Water ; Ask four Dealer for Samples and Prices ; PATENT CEREALS CO. 323 13TII ST, OAKLAND, CAL CLEANING IIP CITY STARTED Entire Week to Be Devoted to Painting Homes, Fences, Sheds, Barns, Cleaning Yards. This Is "Clean Up and Paint Up" . week. Take an account of stock around your place, whether you own or rent. Look over your house, outside as well as Inside; look at the fence In back as well as In front; look over the chicken-house as well as your own hOue. Mark the spots that need repair, and then go to work. Mayor Davie has called upon all good citizens to see that the laws of the health department are put Into effect While this is being done add Just a Htt!e touch of extra effort and a wonderful result will be achieved. These are SayTif extra effort The nation Is becoming used to extra effort. And a trifle of extra effort in touching up that broken fence or tacking on that missing .shingle or whitewashing the chlcken-roop will produce results of which the entire community will be proud. House-cleaning is good in the springtime, and every housewife knows what It means to thoroughly sweep and air the home after tho closeness of the winter. But cleaning up the whole place Is better and what mother does Indoors, father can do outdoors with Just as much profit When you cut the lawn and prune up the trees and vines go Just one step farther and fix up that fence and put a little paint on the house. Do for your own habitation what nature does for the whole world in the spring time. This is not alone an aesthetic move. It is a move for health, and we must do everything for health in these days. To "swat the fly" Is good enough, hut it is better t put that fly out of the way before his brood has 'gun to hatch, and there is nothing like cleaning up and painting up to do that very work. Clean up the places that breed the fly. j Paint up the spots that harbor the I larva. I There is no cure that equals prevention, and there is nothing that helps pre- j vent the arrival of the f'.y as much as a little paint, or whitewash or kalso-1 mine. . i The systematic cleaning up and point- j Ing up of a neighborhood may save the j spread of disease, and a few bits' worth j of paint and an .lour of spare time may' gave a doctor's bill and suffering. -This is the week to .begin. 'The weather is Just right, and if the householder is going to get ahead of those broods pfy flies this year he will have to begin right now. Look over your place. Get out the ngint ivit an A rwlnt tifnuK nrtA fiv nil and paint up the little spots that you ! will find. I And while you are doing It for your I own sake remember that you are per- ' forming a civic duty, for you should put your place in good shape for the effect RULES FOR "CLEAN-UP PAINT-UP WEEK" 1 Do not allow rubbish to accumulate. 2 Do not mar or deface sidewalks, fences, buildings or public property. 3 Do not allow piles of ashes or trash to remain in back yards. 4 Do not throtc anything on the sidewalks,or streets. 5 Keep garbage cans covered up closely and destroy breeding places of germs, flics, etc. 6 Clean up yards, plant grass and flower seed, encourage love of nature. 7 Paint fences, sheds and all surfaces inside and outside which are worn and shabby. 8 Clean up your home and spread the Clean-up and Paint-up spirit among your neighbors. Kimball Electric Company Everything Electrical IRONING Sierra Paints For House Painting Roof, Fence, Barn Paints, Porch, Floor, Auto Paint, Shingle Stains, Cold Water Paints G I A N T 8 - I A Y O V Calcimo The Miltnr? Kalsmnlne For Walls and Ceilings, Beautiful and Durable. If your duller can't aupply 714 wa will Exposition Hardware & Paint Co. a0-922 KKANKLIN ST. Oakland, Calif. Phono Oakland 234 Hardware and Tools Hose and Hoes, Builders' and Contractors1 'Supplies, Tungsten and Nitrogen Lamps, Wire, Tin, Lead. a & m .on h n o o V V A I N T Varnishes For Every Purpose Shellac, Fillers, Colors in Oil, Japan, Distemper. If your duller cant supply jou we will Exposition Hardware & Paint Co. 920-922 I'KAXKMX ST. Oakland, Calif. Ilioiie Oakland 254 Make Electricity Your Servant Electricity has solved almost every housekeeping problem and "brought to the average home such conveniences as have hitherto been enjoyed only by the wealthy. WIRE . YOUR HOME THIS SPRING If you have ever experienced electrical comforts you already realize the luxurious convenience of brilliant, easily controlled electric light, to say nothing of the countless household helps available only to wired homes. . THE LOW COST of wiring for electricity places it within the reach of everyone. A house that Is wired rents easier, sells easier and is up to date. Old houses can be "ELECTRIFIED" very easily. i no dirt, no confusion, and the cost is very low. No house too old. No job too large. Buy Electrical Goods From an Electrical Store OUR STORE IS AN ELECTRICAL STORE We Are Specialists in Things Electrical SEE OUR LINE OF ARTISTIC FIXTURES EDISON MAZDA LAxMPS Just a Step From Washington Street Phono Lakeside 2000 ftW- GBJNERAL ELECTRIC x MOTORS THIS is the fourth annual "Clean Up and Paint Up" li. tion publit-hcd in The TRIBUNE!' Since last year's ist'ue many changes have taken place and the merchants represented on these pages have realized the greatly increased business coming with postwar prosperity. Oakland has swung into new stride. Iet everybody fall in line! An establiabed paint manufacturing house of national reputation has rhosen a factory site in this city. A number of locai paint dealers have changed their agencies and are announcing new lines of goods. - An Oakland concern offers a new aid to those of the paperhanging trade a dry paste. An active campaign is on for electrical appliances and labor-saving devices, and hardware dealers are offering all the up-to-date conveniences for household use. The new spirit of Oakland is evident not only in the special instances mentioned above, but, generally speaking, in every line of business activity there is a big forward movement which a is u res to every merchant a bnmper year! that It will have upon the city at large. Oakland Is a city of homes and It nhould be made a city of well-kept homes. You will find lots of people why will advlpe you what to do and how to do it. Ttiere Is no need of employing expensive help to do the work, po it yourself. Responsible merchants will tell vou what to do and what to .use. It will cost little and It will yield much. Yon have teen called upon by Officials to do this "bit" toward heJping ttic health and the appearance of the community. Io it willlnRly. PAINTING UP. On of tho odors of spring Is that of fre.h paint. Its reek pervades Oakland. To some persons It is an odor of no appealing: fragrance, but the scent carries with it the whiff of progrens. The spring Clean Up nd I'aint Up campaign is in full swing. Anenthusiastlr dealer In paint and allied things ts ouoted in the news columns as saying that "ry"teople of Oakland seem to be on a Vflrular spree of painting and dec-craiing." A chronicle of the news says that "never bufpre has so much paint-ini? been In process at one time as at tho present, and painters as well as dealers In painting materials and.FUp-"pllea say that a more general effort Is being made rhls spring o make the national capital a spotless town than ever before." Wen have not needed to be told that a freeh dresB of paint may make an old licuee look new and that u new house with a worn and shabby coat of pnmt maylo(ili old. rt Is also true th.it the rroper application of paint may keep a new houne from getting old. All men know this, but not all men give practical Application to the knowledge. It is to be noted that when a man beccmes enough Interested In a house to treat It to a good painting his interest will probably extend to Mralghtonlng up the porch,' stopping the leaks In the roof, pointing up the chimneys, renewing worn-out shutters, doors and windows, putting In a new board where the flooring has become too old, and perhaps he may give joy to his wife by ordering in the paperhanger to help restore the house to its former state of coz'.nesa and comfort. With these germs of household bet-ferment stirring within him. he will also probably get buey with the garden. Ragged grass will be cropped and the bare places in the lawn will turn rreen. Flowers will begin to bloom and the front fence and gate wll be mended. Th home will be happier and more valuable. Neighbors will become Infected with tho suKgestlon and will go to work. The whole neighborhood will take on an aspect of thrift and prosperity. Steel Is Active in Wall Street Trading NEW YORK, March 22. The re-yjfjl price schedule, of steel manu facturers was the basis of active speculation In U. S. Kteel common in the stock market today, the stock selling; above par for the first time since November. The' volume of trade In the aarly market was on i large Va'e' initial traiutacttotia amounting to 1 8,000 shares at 0'J, yesterday's clown to par. Numerous additional lots of F,00 to 7.r00 shares caused a fiuther advance to 100 6-8, from which Uie stock reacted slightly on profit taJc-Ing. The Largest Electrical House in Alameda County W can soWt your tlMtriotl trouble and sell you Electrical SsnUaa PHONE8 OAKLAND MO-MI Eleetrical Goods Purchased from Eloctrfeil MtrchsnU Insun Oaaltty, JtaSaHKr Fall Value. Tours for Barrice. Paint Your House But Don't Paint that, old back yard fence tear it down and make kindling of it then telephone us to send you catalogues and photographs of homes lizard Fence Company . t 310 TWFXFTII STREET, OAKLAND TELEPHONE OAKLAND 475 : . 77 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco Telephone Sutter 5333 Rubber Cement Floor Paint For Interior floors. Attractive In color, Mude to withstand rlnsay and sanitary. foot-wear. W. P. Fuller & Company's Paints and Varnishes can be had of the following dealers: OAKLAND. Maxwell Hardware Co., 1320 Washington 8t A I Wood & Bro 902 Broadway Phil Recht & Co., 1723 Telegraph Ave. Borland & Lemon, 363 12th St. Walter Meesa, 279 12th 6t. M. Dubovaky, ??9 Broadway J. W. Realy, 1012 7th St. L. Witkln, 1174 7th &t. A. F. Huffschmldt, 1739 7th St J. W. Palmer A Son, 1347 Market St. Thomas McCarthy, 3820 Orova St. Central Oakland Hardware Co., 4869 Telegraph Ave. H. Methmann, 6900 Telegraph Ave. Golden Gat Hardware Co., 6729 San Pablo Ave. J. W. Pearson, 4018 Piedmont Ave. N. M. Russell, -S21S College Ave. Cosgrova Bros., 600 E, 18th St. Perry C. Fry, 3300 E. 14th St. F. R. Bammann, 4539 E. 14th St. J. M. Campball'Co., 9434 E. 14th St. v Rudolph Mercantile Co., 8003 E. 14th St. Kronenberg Hardware Co., 2284 E. 14th 6L W. F. Howlett. 3448 E. 14th 6t. H. E. Dow, 1310 FMiltvale Ave. Hog Hardware Tool Co., 1S29 San Pablo Ave. Q. E. Harris, 713S E. 14th St. R. Christiansen, 2103 23d Ave. C. F. Stlckney, 34th A Telegraph Ave. Alnaworth Bros., 348 Highland Ave. U P. Johnson, 3320 Foothill Blvd. ALAMEDA L. Mazzlnl, 1515 Park St. H. L. Batten, -1213 Lincoln Ave. Wm. Horit, 800 Santa Clara Ave. John Heritage A. Son., 2308 Santa Clara Ave, BERKELEY 8unset Hardware Co., 2104 Shattuck Ave. J. Louflhead, 3325 Adeline St. Berkeley Hardwark Co., 2038 Shattuck Ave. Courant Department 6tore, 303 San Pablo Av. King Bros., 1601 Falrvlew St. O. B. Caldwell, 3262 Adeline St. Pumervlllt a Melvln, 2182 Shattuck Ave. H. L. Wenard. 2448 Taiegraph Ave. Thousand Oaks Grocery Co., 1569 Solano Ave. C. Samplctro, 1S San Pablo Ave. H. C. Parkinson,' 20W Shattuck Ave. Collega Hardware Co., 2311 Telegraph Ave. West Berkeley Hardware Co., 1042 University Ave. Samuel Braun, 21S0 University Ave. Ashby Hardware at Rajralr Shop, 2988 Adeline St. ALBANY Albany Grocery Store . . HAYWAftrJ P. W. Moody, 1&60 B St. Peterson Bros., 103 B 61 E. A. Smith, 625 Main 6t. J. J. Thorup, 363 B St. Llnekln sV Andrade, 6O0 Main St. S.L CaRfTITO Wm. Rust IICHMOND , Burdon I Klrkhouse, 1310 MacDonald Ave. C. L. 8 wart out, 14g 7th St. Lou W. Schroeder, (04 MacDonald Ave. John Opman, 1rt MacDonald Ave. ' 8AN LEANDRO H. I Relchstrath, 1322 Washington St. "i Herrschar Mercantile Co., 1291 East 14th SL ' . STEQE , , k -1-i.r, 1 Stege Lumber Y Hardware Co. " SAM LORENZO ' t JrnA n. r. ocnieuxwr. WESTERN "u Porch and Step Paint A protective, wear-well paint Made In 12 colors. Japanese Oil Stains 'or Wood Tints An everlasting stain for aoft or lard woods. The color of any naturaJ trood.eaa be Imitated. . . , Washable Wall Finish A hy-genic, washable fin Lb h, aoft in tons and attractive. For Walls and Callings, ; Concreta . A water-proof paint fox cement plaster. concrete sun a pncic arurucea. Decoret A tinted' gloM finish for interior wood work. Disfigured furniture can be btexpenstrc- iy rennlsDed to match any natural wooa. . 15 Fifteen' for Floors A tongh arnbjh, mlde to be walked on. Looks well and wears well. 40 Forty for Finishing A tin varnish: for Interior woodwork Dries with a high gloss and may be rabbed. -.,-1: t w V v . . ; 50 Fifty for Flatting . A eVull or flat varnish for interior wort A pleasing smooth and attractive finish. Fyller Floor Wax Ready for use Net weights MUd eder. iDries hardi -Polishes ea!Jy -Lusts long. Art; Decorative Enamel ' :l ' A full gloss enaml tor furniture- and Iron bedsteads. , . TTneicelled for beaaty of finish. "' Automobile Enamels 1 E ' r Ready for use. Adapted for repamt-Ing &id varnishing with one application the weather-Worn surface ot automo-jbllos-, carriages, etc ,, ,j. V . . ADE FOR -WESTERN:, TRADE r.-t 7 A. i 5

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