Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 23, 1919 · Page 17
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 17

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 23, 1919
Page 17
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Exclusive Associated Prat Service Oakland and vicinity v Sunday fair; moderate west winds. mm ""EDITION Press ill : tnttrnattotttl Hews Service VOLUME LXXXXI THREE CENTS-SUDAY FIVE CENTS OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH ' 23, 119. 60 PAGES PAGES 1 7 TO 24 NO. 37. rV E Pavel Mellincoff, With "Red Record, Grilled by Fickert After Arrest in Jack Lon don ITall; Others Quizzed ' ' Inspector Drew Asserts 'Leak' in Police Department Put Obstacles in "Way; Seek L w. W. Sacramento Record Four; men are In police custody on suspicion that they have guilty knowledge of the bomb plot that resulted Tuesday night In the death of Mrs. George D. Greenwood. So far no direct charge has been made against any of the four, hot two of them are held on a vagrancy charge In J 1000 hail each, and the other two are held In detinue by the Oakland police. One of those held, on 11000 bail. Pavet Mellincoff, is asserted by Dis trict Attorney Fickert and Captain . O'Meara to have cone to San Fran Cisco entrusted with the task of aa- xasslnaUng the district attorney. Mellincoff Is said to have been a chemistry student at the University 01 California, and to have been teaching a number of children chemistry. The latest arrests, those of Mel lincoff and Isidore Goodman, were made late yesterday in San Fran cisco. ARRESTED IN JACK LONDON MEMORIAL HALL ' I Mellincoff was arrested in Jaoi , Iondon Memorial Hall, and Good man in Judge Fitzpatricli's court : when he attempted, to get bail for Mellincoff. Both men were grilled for several hours by District Attor ney Charles M. Fickert and Cap tain John O'Meara of the San'Fran Cisco police department. According to the police Mellincoff aammea tnai ne naa oeen in uhk land .Tuesday, but when he . was questioned concerning the Green wood case be changed his stato-- ment and said that it was Wednea- day that he was here. The other two men are employees of the Bates A Borland Construc tion Company and have been living in a cabin near the gravel pit at Fourth Avenue Heights. They were " arrested by Police Inspectors William Kyle and Richard McSorley, acting on Information furnished by Postal -Inspector Morse. It has not been announced whether the men have any criminal record, but writings found in their possession will, it is believed by the investigators, lead to important develop, ments in the search for those re sponsible for the Greenwood murder. MELLINCOFF DECLARED TO HAVE "RED" RECORD So far as Goodman is concerned there is nothing serious in his record, but Mellincoff has been known to police and federal authorities since 1917, when he was arrested in Tren ton, N. J., at the time of the labor trouble there and held in jalr for eU months. District Attorney Fickert and Captain O'Meara say that he has a long record as bomb thrower and manufacturer. Before coming to California Mel lincoff was a student at tne university of Washington, in Seattle, where he took a chemistry course. Me left Seattle at the time of the recent labor troubles there. The two men arrested near the gravel pit, Carlo Roles and Louis Uhultto, were subjected to a severe cross-questioning last night by Cap tain of Inspectors Drew, Inspectors Kyle. McSorley and WallmaM and two postal inspectors.-The Inspectors decided, after holding a consultation that the men probably had no connection with the Greenwood murder. hut will hold the men for a dar or two so 'that persons who saw the supposed snail hunters may have an opportunity of Identifying mem. That fighting factions In the police department are hampering the work af investigating the dynamiting of the George Greenwood home Tues' day. when Mrs. Greenwood was killed by a bomb, is charged by Captain of Inspectors James T. Drew, following the discovery that "leak" disclosed the capture of two Italians, now held in detinue In connection with the case. CHARGES NEWS OP -POLICE WORK GIVEN OCT. ' Drew's charges followed the leaking" of the news that two Italians, employed by the Bates A Borland Construction Company, and living In a little cabin in Fourth. Avenue Height, near the gravel pit there, bad been taken into detinue In the case. . A trunk of letters, a notebook containing the names of Mrs. George Greenwood, who was killed by the ' explosion, and Inez Reed, the nurse found dead in San Mateo, are among the evidence captured in the cabin. Both men were arrested late Friday night, not booked, and are being held with no charge against them. That there were not actual "C. C C. of C" letters found In the cabin, but that Indications there hint at a connection with the mysterious Inner circle of tne'L W." W, Is alleged by Drew. i JOB NOT DONE BY ANYONE IN RESIDENCE. Detective William Kyle and Rich, ard McSorley. who made the arrest, were in long consultation after the men were in custody, with Captain ,Walter J. Petersen, who is advising on the case. The detectives also held a long conference with George IV. Greenwood, the banker whose . home was dynamised, and who has posted a reward of $10,000 for th apprehension of his wife's murderers. According to Captain Drew, this conference disposed of the last (ContinuexJ on Pago 19, Cbt'S) AGITATOR Oil OF FQURllELD London Sees Its : First Parade of 'f Victorious Troops LONEfiOfy March 22.-Tho first triumphal march on . a large scale of British troops who fought in France and Belgium occurred inf London to day. .' '';.. -"'XiV Fourteen battalions of- the guards, representatives of all units of Great Britain's crack corps, accompanied by their bands, proceeded from their barracks to Buckingham ' palace where they were reviewed by King George. The line of march thence led through the main streets of the city. . Despite the gray skies, great crowds assembled to cheer the men, many of whom belonged to the "Old Contemptibles'' and had fought from August, 1914, until the signing of the armistice. . . , V.. The procession was led by the Earl of Caven, the first commander of the guards in the division with " his-staff, which included the Prince, of Wales. The city was gayly decorated and the troops received a tremendously enthu-siagtic reception. ' . GOOD IBftK Mtf HOI Hi REUS VALLEJO, March 22. Confronted by the testimony of four little girlB who aver they are his victims. Fred G. Anthony, superintendent of the Good Templars Home for Orphans in this city, resigned late today. Mra Anthony, who has Insisted that her husband is Innocent of . the charges, left the 'institution also. Shortly after the resignation R. H, Brown, one of Anthony's sureties on the 13000 bail bond, withdrew, and Anthony was placed in jail for the night. Brown is the second bonds man to withdraw in Anthony's case. Tne nearing una . afternoon was conducted by the members' 'of the directorate and by several mem bora of the state board of charities. Anthony insisted that there was no truth in the stories told by the little inmates of the institution, but, according to those conducting the hearing, the testimony of each of the witnesses was straightforward, and bore every indication of being truthful. , . When the children had ' been dismissed, the directors called on Anthony to resign, and he did so. The directors declined to discuss the details jof the hearing, but expressed confidence that enough evidence will be adduced to bring about the conviction of Anthony. Preliminary hearing on the crim inal charge against the former su perintendent will be held Wednes day. Representatives of several state commissions have been making an Investigation of conditions in the home, and it Is probablethat they win present evidence ai tne near in g. These investigations have been con ducted Independently of the investigation made by the directors of Jhe nome. . . Belgian War Debt Is 9,900,000,000 Francs BRUSSELS, March 22. The liabilities of Belgium total niore than , 900, 000, 000 franca, eight billion o which are war expenditures. 'This announcement was made by Premier de la Croix in the Chamber of Deputies Friday, in giving out figures for ine annual ouageu He said the budget henceforth would be 1.000,- eoo.ooo francs. The premier In formed the deputies that the In creased liabilities would have to be met by new taxes. Including an Income tax and taxes' qi inheritance, tobacco, beer and alcohol. . Auto Livery Man Killed in Upset SANTA BARBARA; March 21 Ed- Lwln El Mitchell, proprietor of aa auto livery in Pasadena, was Killed and K. H. Fuller, a chauffeur of that city, was severely - Injure last night when their automobile overturned 09 the . stmt highway at Summer land, east of here. Mitchell was driving and. wits eases aid, failed , to make a sharp turn in time and the caaj skidded, going over. He was crushed nnder the steering wheel. The ear caught fire Immediately. but help was near to extinguish the Oamea . .,'' 1. Governor Appointed for Virgin Islands WASHINGTON. March 22,-r-Rear Admiral JosepM W. Oman has been appointed governor of the , Virgin Islands and Commandant of the naval station. It was announced at the Navy Department this after noon. Admiral uman, whose home Is in New York City, was the first commander of the Leviathan after it had been taken over from the Germans. ; , Allenby Is Sent to ' Straighten Out Egypt LONDON March 21. nGeneraJ Blr H. II. Allenby. conqueror of the Turks In Palestine, has been appointed special high commissioner of Egypt with unlimited military and civil powers.' as a result of the political ds orders prevalent : there, t was learned today. It is officially staled that the Egyptian situation is grave. .. '..:,. Ill Cfl AFT CASE Woodman, Waives Formalities and Pleads Not '. Guilty ;., to Indictment Charging the Acceptance of Vice Bribe District Attorney "wVolwine Says He Believes There Is a Police Conspiracy to Block Mayor's Prosecution LOS ANGELES, March 22 Mayor Frederick T. Woodman intends to make a finish fight of the grana jury indictment against him charging acceptance of bribes for police protection of the , under world. - . ! That was the Interpretation D laced on his moves today by , close observers of the case. ! - At 10:30 this morning he ' appeared before Superior Judge Craig and, waiving formalities, ' entered a plea or not guilty. Captain John D. ' Fredericks, - for mer district attorney, now Wood man's lawyer, asked the court to set the date ' for trial sufficiently early so that it would be completed before the primary election 7 of May 6. ' Judge Craig announced he would continue the case until Monday, wnen he would set it for trial. "We will meet what they have to say " declared Captain . Fred ericks. "There will be no move to have the Indictment set aside." CHARGES CONSPnScT TO BLOCK , PROSECUTION While Woodman was appearing In court District Attorney Woolwlne sued a statement declaring he be-r lieved "that a conspiracy now exists among certain officials of the police department to save the situation at all hazards and to block prosecution if possible." He expressed himself as greatly shocked "that the facts disclosed have made . the ' course taken by the grand jury the dftly consistent one." Chief of Police John L. Butler, answering .Wool wine's declaration "that a conspiracy exists among members, of the police department to save the situation at: all hazards ' this afternoon declared that if ' any conspiracy exists he la ignorant of It. "Such a conspiracy would not be tolerated," said Butler. "If proof is furnished that any member or mem-, bers' of' the police department are involved, in. such a plan, 1 snail im mediately take the necessary action. It has been the policy of this office to give every possible assistance to District Attorney Woolwlne in his Drobe. and no attache of the de partment has been instructed to give other than his whoie-neartea sup port In the probe." SAYS MAYORS ARK PREY OF GRAFTERS " ' "I know that mayors are looked ,.nn - - le.uinnDl. nrftv ajrnnnri election time by every cheap grafjer &nu pe(-l.VUUUi;iail lu uio m T Angles Vinai nlentv nf them." declared former Mayor Charles E. Sebastian today in discussing - the inriiormAnt or wooaman. Sebastian made' this statement at a rasoline station of which he is . "But at the same time I cannot help but feel that District Attorney 1Unr,lwln A tnunt hUVA hlLd COndU- sive documentary rtdence on which to base the Indictment Deiore taxing action," continued the ex-mayor. "But I don't intend to hit a man when he la down." Tha auestion of whether Mayor Woodman will continue- in office lies with i the city council for - decision, according -4o City Attorney Stephens. The present council may asx Mayor Woodman to resign temporarily or may suspend him pend ing the ontcome of the grand lnrv chances aa u sees. ill. Stephens said. The offense Of wbicn wooaman is AharOThri ' In nunlha.bla bV a DenU tentiary sentence of one to fourteen years Conviction would carry with it removal from office and nerixitua.1 dlsauallficatlon from holding any office In the State. .. Hawaii Will Aid in Americanization - WASHINGTON, March 22. The Hawaiian legislature has introduced a bill appropriating $10,000 for th Americanization of aliens living In this territory, who are eligible to citizenship, the Department of Labor was notified today. The bill pro-vldea that instruction in English as well aa In American history and government shall be given In the citizenship classes. A special effort will be made to reach Filipinos living In Hawaii. lmperators Crew Is Willing to Sail BERLIN. March 22.- CBy The As sociated Press. ) The crew of the Imperator, the largest vessel which the Germans will hand 6ver to the United States, has expressed willingness to take the ship to eea, Crews of some of the German vessels have refused to sail on them. . Reports from Paris last week were that the Imperator was stuck In the mud. and that it would take several days to get her off. Embezzlement of Diamonds Charged BAN FRANCISCO, March IV A warrant for the arrest of Raymond Lefkowrtx, said to be a member of the Richmond fire department. charging embezzlement of a diamond ring valued at $260, was sworn to by. the M. Rotschlld Jewelry Com. Pany, 704 Market street, here today. The firm sold a ring to Lefkowits on a lease contract. M W&N(&$Moms Committee Shown IdcatiMlRecoi Site of tlie proposed naval ;: first concrete tank, vessel ,ever built, proved of special interest to members of the House naval Committee. In the upper picture chairman of the committee, LEMUEL P. PADGETT, i$ shown questioning C 0 M M A ND ER A. J. , MENOCAL at the naval base site. . REPRESENTATIVE CARL VINSON is wl interested listener. The lower pic-ture shows the visitors at the concrete shipyards'.' , V ' v. ' ' ' . - ' .1: Nv- xjSJtmin igiTliBJin3 &-lW-yi'y "' "' 'i''iffiAJiinyiiia TiiiniiiSUli i n , i.'miiin mm 'UsUnwiw'ii0iUl VBSmBSBV ' I ty o H : I I 1 ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtm0mmmmmmmmmaMM.immmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmm n mm inn miiudii mm mmmmm in m inniwin nm ri..n,ini,,imr nwif'.iuniin n i ) in ifc IV. vp diiwSU mk'rji m.. u rns ; w'&0v Pmiu HcA IP 3 nS Mr h:-:; : It : tVi If :: i I " it (l , ;r ; ; I , ' . .... . ' . .. . ' ' 1 ' , . ,! "'r-' - J BRITISH, FHEIICH roiieis LONDON. March 22. Odessa has been evacuated "by 'the allied forces," according to a Rnsslan wireless despatch picked np here today. - A British and French garrison has been occupying Odessa, North of that city a Greek force has - been' heavily engaged with the Bolshevik troops recently. The BolHhevlk hay completely defeated French and Greek troops in Southern Russia, official wireless despatches from Moscow ' reported today. ' In the Kharkoff region soviet forces attacked the. French and Greeks near Berzovka, the com-munnlqne said, inflicting too casualties. " The Bolshevik claimed to have lost but 200. ' The French troops which evacuated , Odessa have sailed" for. France, according . to the statement. New Soviets have been formed In Odessa. base on the Alameda shore and Eastern Europe Council to Give v . ; v - . " ' Neutrals Would Curb League Power PARIS, , March 22. The eastern European situation is most ominous. The whole council of ten met yesterday afternoon and the ' discussion concerned sending troops to General Haller, the British general, through Dantzlg . but no conclusion was reached, the meeting adjourning the whole subject until Monday. The German authorities have officially notified General Dupont, heading the French military mission in Germany,- that the German govern ment will refuse to . allow Polish troops to land at Dantsiig, despite Article, IS of the armistice terms, which : expressly provides for such passage, and furthermore French forces now In Warsaw are forbidden to enter the territory held by the Germans east of the Vistula through which passes the shortest railroad from Dantzlg to Warsaw. ' This notice, the leading editorial In the Temps this evening qualifies as a direct defiance, not only of the, armistice but also of President Wilson's fourteen points; which provide for the creation or a. Polish state with free access to the swa. , CoastNavtil Base the government yard, where there is , being constructed the I Faces New Crisis Danzig to Poland "Headed for i Crisis Is; the title of the Temps article, which asserts that the German government has laiisn nnoer tne influence or military imperialistic diplomats wh gamble that the allied chiefs wilt not agree to take summary action and that a general upheavaf will follow a .rupture coupled with a threatened resumption of the war. .The aituntiftn has hiuin furl ha Complicated hv th prAWlnv man., -of the Bolshevik',' who are threaten- id n uaensa, iiumama ana 1'olana. Thn Hnlmhvilfl UFA vrl..-l ported planning a simultaneous offensive against Germany and Poland and, considering an alliance with the Germans against the alliea ah or the proposed amendments to the league of nations covenant were taken under consideration today when the league of nations com-mission met under the chairmanship Of President Wilson. n Tha 'lirmm tar" ontini.il IaJ.. . vw..v.a definitely decided to award Danslg to Poland, with a corridor running v (Continue(l"on page 21.) , AMERICA! IS WASHLVOTON,. March 22. Another dospatch to tho stats department f rem. the New Sabinas company, a British concern is Mexico. Stated that (5scar Wallace, an Amer ican citizen, had teen attacked by bandits and carried oft either dead or severely wonnded. .The attack occurred at his residence, Hafftenda Enemas, near progresso, Coahutl. Tha release nf J. CL Whottao mm American citizen, . and Joseph K. Henlloy, a Mormon bishop, who had been Uten prisoner "by VIsslstas In reaching the state department this aiternoon. . xns men were held for four days, but suffered so physical violence. , '' Four lead lira : nf villa", hanriit army were reported killed in an enmunter with fu4,i iutIi.s- troo)a4n Slate Department advices CAPIN uiuicnu , , Easibay COIIEfflEi: Location for Big Naval Base Recommended by the Helm Commission Viewed by the Members of .Committee Commander Menocal of Terbal --Buena and Delegation From! ' Oakland and Alameda Ex-I plain Eastbay ' Advantages With ths venr rronnd nnder their fact that may ultimately be a por tion of a great naval base, mem-l bers Of the naval affairs committee) of the House discussed ' In thai minutest details with expert, engi neers and naval officers yesterday afternoon the Alameda1 site which the Helm 'commission, recommended. The congressmen left novtone un turned to reach the basio facts upon which they must some time decide! the fate of the Helm report. Es-' peciaiiy aid congressman liemuei p. '-.. Padgett, chairman of the committee.! and Congressman Fred A. Britten, whose long residence in the bay dia-i trict nad - already familiarized him; with 'the general topography, - exaro-l Ine into the phases of the situation.. The otlrer members of the commit J ' tee, Congressmen Daniel J. Rlordan,( William B. Oliver, Carl Vinson, Wil-t Ham- J. Browning and FrederlcK (it -t Hicks,. aa well had each bis quota of questions to propound.' ,' NAVAL OFFICER WELL V ; StJPPLIKD WITH-MAPS ., The chief part in the answering of questions was played by Commander A. J. Menocal of Terba Buena Island. ' Commander, Menocal had been over all- this ground before when he collaborated with the Helm commission and on J many occasions since.' He cam armed with a great tube of maps and charts which his aide unrolled upon some, planking in the lee of a sand hill and from which he J proceeded to expound , the situation from mainland to deep water,. Rear Admiral J. F. Jayne, com' tnandant of the Twelfth naval district, supplemented the explanations of Commander 'Menocal. Questions of general Eastbay topography and Other-details were answered by an Oakland and Alameda (delegation, that included State Senator Arthur H. Breed, County Surveyor Perry T. t Havlland, President H..C CapweU of the Chamber of Commerce, Managing Director Joseph Calne or the Chamber of Commerce,, Postmaster ' Joseph Rosborough, - former ' Secre- ' tary of the Navy Victor Metcalf., Joseph R. Knowland, " J, R. Millar, George A, Arm es, "Joseph H. King, C. C. Adams, Mayor John) I Davie; of Oakland. Mayor Greens Majors of! Alameda, City Manager Charles K. Hewes of Alameda, John." F. Connors, W. W. Chapin, IS.. A. Vaodeven- ; ter, Walter C. Tibbltts and a number of others. . -. - tJONGKKSSMEX ARE TAKEX OVKK STRETCH OF MADfcJ LAND The congressional party was taken to the Alameda site by special cart on the Southern Pacifla electric and escorted over the made land which estuary dredgings have already es- 7 tabllshed to the extent of 1,000,000 cubic yards on ,the naval base domain. At the outer edge of the fill where his aide had spread the plana. ' Commander Menocal made exglana- ' tlon of the whole Helm plan, aa eminence' of slloxens before him glv- ' ing the congressmen elear view or tho whole territory, mllea down thm , Alameda shore, westward across the! deep water'anchorage which naval! vessels would possess, and north-, westward across Verba Buena andi Alcajrax to the bills flanking ther' Golden Gate. The catechism to which th com-.; mander was subjected when-hls pre-! limlnary explanation was completed was fast and furiona Chairman Padgett was, for a moment, the chief interlocutor, abdicating from tim to; time in favor of Congressman Brit.1 ten. The colloquy continued thus: Chairman Padgett: "Am I to understand that the seawall would be approximately where wo are, standing T" Commander Menocal: You bavo it." . , . Padgett: "And from here to tho outer edge of the piers and docks that would bo established you would, . dredge?" Menocal: That is correct Bnt tho dredging would not bo waste, (Continued on Page 18, Col. I) ' Do you know that YOUR LODGE CAN SAVE MONEY, and get quicker und more gen. eral publicity o? M regular end ipecial meetings, for oil picnics and entertainments, through a daily announcement in The TRIBVNE? '

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