Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 29, 1966 · Page 24
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1966
Page 24
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee "INK in my VEINS" My MARIAN INMAN teeee*eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .•••.* Ih a recent note from Sally Johnson of Port Dodge, she mentions that the Flemings, "fire Fabulous Flemings of Hath* ; mlitidu , are in Albion, Michigan on their furlough for a year. ;. ffhe Johnsons are planning a trip Bast soon and Will visit them. Mow 1 wish that I could be with them to meet these wonderful I i«dple. The Johnsons ere making Friendship Heven their retirement home end travel ebout as they wish visiting reletives end friends. I look forward to e visit with them end the Rev* erend Howes very soon. This time ( hope to see more of Friendship Heven. National Home Week comes the latter part of September, the precise dates being determined by the sponsor, National Association of Home Builders. The original purpose Was to jeport home-building progress to the American people, But the people are in some degree taking over the occasion to emphasize the importance and influence of the home as a cultural and moral force in the modern world. There is e saying thet as goes the individual, so goes the , end as goes the home so goes the netion. Home is where the great are small and the small are great. Home, in one form/or another, is the great object of life. Home may be made beautiful by wealth of the world, but if it has not love, it is an empty shell. Home may distribute its welcome to men of every estate; home may toil for the betterment of mankind, but If It has not love, its influence will soon vanish. A recipe for a happy home given by an Indiana woman goes like tliis: Measure a cup of friendship and thoughtfulness, cream together with a pinch of powered tenderness, beaten very lighWy in a bowl' of love with a generous cup ot faith and hope. Add a spoonful of gaiety and laughter moistened with the sudden tears -ol hear t-ieiit sympathy and bake in a good natured pan. Serve oiten so that irom our horned will emanate serenity,- faith, discipline, an awareness of the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. A real estate journal says this ebout e horn*. "| am your home." "I am the expression of your faith in a way of life. I am the fruit of your labors and th« spark of your incentive. I am a bulwark against tyrants. I em yours—your stake in America, e nation made (free and great by men end women who—like you—believe in the stronghold of enterprise." "I , em your home." A recalled reservist, his wife and three children were living in a hotel 5 near the military base. A guest noticed the soldier's little daughter Splaying noiise" in tiie lobby". ''Isn't'it too bad, she said solicitously, "that you don't have a home?" "Qh, we haye a ; home," thechild answered."We just don't have a house to put it in."' But every house where love abides N And friendship is a guest, Is surely home, and home, sweet home; For there the heart can rest. . Henry Van Dyke, Home Song. We have had one light frost and several too cool days, but today was warmer and we can hope we have many more of these benign days. We want to fill the bowl of Autumn with these late September days' and each one we meet 'speaks, of this and trys to measure the minutes sparingly. s The September science news letter seys thet the acute shortage of scientists thet prompted the Science Telent Search, in the, eerly days of World Wer II hes not abated. The intervening years, have brought the greetest scientific developments ever known. This hes ceused the shortage of research scient|sfs to continue in, spite of ever-increasing numbers of talented students entering scientific disciplines. The Science Talent Search is currently sending invitations to participate in the 20th annual event tp some 60,000 principals and selencs teachers of prospective research scientists now in their senior year in private, parochial and public high schools throughout the 50 states and the District of Columbia. More then five million dollars in other scholarships end financial aid have gone to pest Science Telent Search winners end honor group members es e direct result of their piecing in the Search. Unlike many scholestic competitions, the Search doas not prohibit winners from accepting other scholarships. Interested seniors should contact their science teachers early to, assure that materials will be requested for them. So many people seem to be troubled these deys, always in a frenzy of rush and hurry, elweys in turmoil. We seem to let our worries ebout the future pile on to the needs end duties of today, Sometimes we do this until the burden become* so great we can't cope. We forget to take one thing et a time. We forget to pray for patience and strength. "I will not hurry through this day! Lord, I will listen by the way To humming bees and singing birds, . To speaking trees and friendly words; And for the moments in between Seek glimpses of the great Unseen. I will not hury through this day; I will take time to think and pray; I will look up into the sky, Where fleecy clouds and swallows fly; And somewhere in the day, maybe I will catch whispers, .Lord, from Thee! ' Ralph Spaulding Cushman USE ADVANCE WANT ADS Traveling to ST. PAUL? MINNEAPOLIS? STAY IN THE MIDWAY I—ALOONA flowed ADVANC1 MMfM11-1111M111H M MlMIHMitH HIMtiltIffi THURSDAY, SEPT. 29, 19*6 Around Algona by ONI6TA DlbftlKSEN •hone 29S.240* I HIHHHHmHMMIlllllimHHlll>mMlHH Everett Steven end Mr*. Claude Ruark went to Clear Lake Wednesday evening of last week for a Friendship Night,at which ( they took their places as Worthy I Matron and Patron for an East ern Star iniatiatory service. They Were Accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shuts and Mr. and Mrs. Robert BoleneUs. On the same evening, Doris Steven and Joyce Hayden attended an International Friendship night tft the Fort Dodge Eastern Star, serving as Adah And Ruth. They were accompanied by Joyce's mother, Mrs. Florence Hayden, and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Anderson. Favors were tiny wooden dolls in Greek costumes. Received into membership et Methodist church were Mrs; William Noland, the minister's wife, from the Estherville church; Mr. and Mrs. Loren Burnett, from the Titonka Methodist; and Mr. and Mrs. William Simpson from the Parkersburg Methodist. Both 'young men, teach in the Algona schools. Mr. end Mrs. Ralph Loss, Bremerton, Wash., arrived Wednesday of last week for a visit with relatives and friends. Mrs. Loss ,went to Cedar Falls Saturday with her sister 1 , Mrs. Jim Meatst who drove here for her, arid Ralph went there on Monday to pick her Up. Wtiilei hWltaiph stayed with his brother Mike, and Ralph's wife, the former Cleors Norton, was a guest of Mrs. C. R, Schoby. The Ralph Losses, Mike Loss, the Bob Losses, and the Robert Kuhlman family, Qttosen, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Casey Loss, and there Was a family dinner Thursday evening at the Bob Loss home. From Cedar Falls Air, and Mrs, Ralph Loss drove to Lawton to visit her brother, Elwood Norton, enroute home. Ralph manages a hardware store in Bremerton, but plans to retire in a year or so. Saturday evening dinner guests of the E. L. Wolcotts were Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ley, Lakota, and Mrs. Doris, Smith, Fort Dodge. The women are cousins. Sunday the Wolcotts drove to Des Moines to pick up Mrs. Wolcott's mother, Mrs. C. F. Wheeler, brough|;(there from Fairfield by the John Waggamohs, her other daughter and son-in-law. She will remain with the Wolcotts for a month before returning to IFairfield, ByNILLOPHEIM »eeeeeee»eee»eee»ee»ee»e The Sexton Frieftdly dub will rneet > this week; Thursday With Mrs. Roy Hanson. Instead of the usual meeting itt the afternoon this meeting'Will be in the evening to make'it easier for many members to 'attend. A large number are working in the after- noon*, There tfitt b* election of officers/ •' The AUgUst Kirschbaums visited the Roland Bodes Thursday, Their son-in-law, Rolofld, is getting along fine and will soon, be released from the hospital after having a heart attack over a week ago. Th£ Martin Mimb'achs and his brother the Leo Mimbachs, Renwick, Went to West Bend recently to attend the-funeral'Of a relative. The Elmer Phillips left this week lot i trip west. They Visit his brother At Colorado , The Leo Thomiens had a day of Visiting list SutHtey W*en tJie Wilbur Andersons and Nellie Mengei, Patott, Gladyi Anderson; Rippey, Mabel Donelion, Perry, and Sadie Blanshan, Grand June* tipn, joined them tor church Sunday morning,' dinner and an afternoon of visiting; It wa* the birthday of Mrs. Thomson, a sister to the visitors, ' • ' WE HAVE BEEN AUTHORIZED DIRECTLY FROM THE NEW HOME BOOTH AT THE NATIONAL DAIRY CATTLE CONGRESS TO SELL . . . NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES at V* PRICE .OFFER GOOD ONLY WHILE DAIRY CONGRESS IS IN SESSION — SEPT. 24 - OCT. 2 North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. ''•'/'.i* 1 ' * ' • , ' '•- ^^^^^ . . .• ' 310 E. State ALGONA, IOWA Fiione 295-3634 Married Mr. and Mrs. Carneron Me- Ptyersqn Cunningham were married Saturday, Seipt. 3, at 4 p.m., at the Westminster Presbyterian church', Austin, Tex. The bride, Alice, is the daughter of Mrs. A, El. Kresensky, Algona, and he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald S, Cunningham, Lubbock, Texas. Performing the ceremony were Dri Rotert Davidson, dirac- bor, Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Austin, and Rev. D. L. Swann, -of the Johnson C. Smith university, .Charlotte, Is[. C. The laljter was a fraternal worker in India at the time the bride was working there. Mrs. Esma Clark, Austin, was organist. , The bride's attendants werfe her isister, Ardis, New York City/ maid of honor, and bridesmaids were Sheila Sullivan, Minneapolis, formerly Algona, and Shirley Lewis, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ttye bride and attendants wore silk saris from India. The groom's attendant was Sheldon Cunningham, brother, as bast man, and the groomsmen were Wayne Meissner and Dqn Webster. Ushers were Ed Polk and Bob Spence, The groom is a graduate of Texas Technological collage,' ait Lubbock, Tex., and is presently in his third year of law at the University of Texas Law school, Austin. The bride is a graduate of Wooster college, Wooster Ohio, and the Union Theological Seminary and has been associate director of the Presbyterian Campus Ministry at the. University of Tesxas, The cp'Uij>J,e took a wedding trip to Mexico.rcity and are now living at Austin at 209 W. Lola. WIRING Connected or Corrected UTT "JIM UTT" ELECTRIC Phone 295-222$ MOTOR LOOSE IAKE YOUR PICK 2 FMIOUS RESTAURANTS »NO COCKTAIL LPMHSES-MR. JOE'S ind iNN OFTHE BLACK KNIGHT » 2 SWIMMING POOLS - Indoor H«»ted Pool/Large Outdoor Pool ind Pitio * 230 LUXURIOUS QUEST BOOMS AND -AII Air-Conditioned t Ridif 4 TV. Childr«ij Under 14 FREE iz* Si. I : ySE COUPON fOR FOLLOWING t 19 K m. Ir Cinlir - tw« Hun so Md tern t W«ul« )• gnlvnlly el . «lnn4»»«lli mil St Piul urn- Ciriv *«i U«»iUi. suu SUI» Cipiuil »n(| giiici f«'M, Coll Counei l n u,«.t. • Singles--J9.75 Doubles-J12.75 Twins-SJ4.75 i« USETIOG md IA«QUET noons , ts letwjimpdit* jrpvps' up to 500. . (Ch«k Boxes) MIDWAY LODGES GUEST SERVICB 1975 UNIVERSITY AVENUE ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA 55105 Gentlemen: Plejso send the fol lowing: O Midway Motor Lodgf Brochuf) O Tylnt MaUr Mold Brochurt Q ln(orm»tlon on thlnji to dj MM) " Ml la tb* T«l« Blfiii SUto Zip , St. f.ul. Mmii. DODGE REBELLION Fresh off the, drawing board with an arsenal of powerful new ammunition. Bigger. Longer. ; - ' "<• «>' ( ^ ' , I :..'•.! : Sharper. Hot r^ew Dodges to back the attack on dull driving. Dart, Coronet, Polara, Monaco, Charger. Check them out today. The Dodge Rebellion will get you if you don't watch out. '67 DART -\ . 4 ; - Wow! Who goes there? '67 Dodge Dart. That's who. That's Dart, all right-totally new. Through-ahd-through new. New long, low silhouette. New plush interiors. New performance, too. But there's one thing you'lj'recog- nize about '67 Dart—its low price. Why resist? Enlist. Dart for '67. '67 CORONET Advance and be'recognized. We know you. last year's biggest selling Dodge gets all freshened up, all sharpened up for another big assault on the drab Sixes and dull V8s. The ones you've had enough of. You're ready to move out of that deep rut apd into a car with class, dash, and lots of it. That's Coronet for '67, '67 POLARA Fire when ready. Polgra's waiting for you. Full of fire, pep, energy and dash, And in this corner, the light-heavyweight champion of the world. Polara's heavy on luxury, looks, extras. Heavy on power with the standard 383-cu'.-in. V8 packing the punch. Yet, Polara's light on gas, light on its feet, and light on your pocketbook. This year, drive a winner for p change .., come out swinging with Dodge Polgrq, DODGE DIVISION ^CHRYSLER Ijjljy MQTQRS CORPORATION Enter the big Dodge Rebellion "Winner's Choice" Sweepstakes. See your Dodge Dealer for details, PERCIVAL MOTORS, INC., - 800 South Phillips, Algona Iowa Watch the gob Hope Chrysler THejrtre (YYWnf sdqy) , , , (Wef tend.*) , . . ond the Roger «o NftS-TY, &hf ck IpcgJ listifif f«r timf ».

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