Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 15, 1919 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
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Saturday, February 15, 1919
Page 5
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SATURDAT EVENING , " j !. QafclanO Cttttinc , - . , A - ' ' FEBRUARY 15, 1919. 5 Epworth League, in Big Rally The quarterly rally of the Epworth League Alliance of Alameda county was held, at the First Methodist Episcopal church, February 11, aa previously programmed. . At the dinner tables were reserved tt delegates from churches that had sufficient numbers to occupy a table. The hour at the table was enlivened by ones and "yells" from the various lea rue, indicating the healthy rivalry . existing between the leagues in their contest fcr efficiency. The First church led In numbers ot delegate members of the league present. Grace church came next, backed by large delegation from the church, and when the percentage of efficieny was made up Grace church was found to be in a class all by itself and will have the satisfaction of hanging the banner in Its league room for the next quarter, where space has been allotted and where it is hoped to hang it permanently. The evening program in the auditorium was carried out as announced with the exception that the California secretary of the Epworth league, Jim Hltchcomb, introduced Bishop A. w. J-eanerd, president of the Epworui Ijearue of the World, who delivered a masterly address in the unique manner arm time allotted to me minute man of the Centenary. The bishop had ive minutes and he demonstrated that a muBc b tne great chorus will be a master could bring a strong address1 to te&t.ur o V Jacoby will be the Mln-his audience In the time allotted to the i ute Man to bring the centenary message ininuia man 11 lie was iuu vi me lert . ' .-' The bishon then, as president of t.ie league, introduced Dr. C. E. Guthrie, the general secretary of the Bpwortu league, who made the address of the evening. Dr. Guthrie Is a master and he soon ifcad nil audience with him. With Ills mil nht atvlA wt nd hnmnr Via" lea his hearers to the deeper things or life, and brought the younger life to seek the serious side of life's posstbll- ities. on up to the point of life's de- clslons. The league was unanimous in declarlng the address was one of. the best heard under its auspices and will -l-j . ... i -n ., ...... - v, t nK ' i CENTENNIAL PRESBYTERIAN. At the Centennial Presbyterian church, corner of Twenty-fourth avenue and Foothill boulevard, the pastor. Rev; Hdward C; Phllleo, win preach Sunday morning on ' Stewardship, ' 2 Cor. 9:i, raJse This will not be an effort to money, or to present the claims any net: jack ""S'. RLfw.11 w'.b?.5.dl!l2!?;itaer"AC,n1te.t: S" ro'rabVnS; ani m)onjbilltv rvsipoiiBiuiiiiy. - ".. v'nirtf subject will be 7Grow ng , unrisuanttsw" in tnis sermon, wnicn continues the expository work In Mat-thaw, the pastor win endeavor to show now an expanding laitu requires changVs In the forms of its expression and work. The other announcements for the week are: Sunday school at 9:45; prayer meeting Wednesday evening with a study of Numbers 21; Bible class on Thursday evening at 7 o'clock, in the pastor's study. The study this week will be Isaiah, chapters 10 to 12. : ' ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL, St Peter's Episcopal, Rockrldge, Law-ton near Broadway, Rev. K. F. Gee, rector, has resumed its regular order -of services. Holy Kuchartst with ser mon at 9 a, m., cjiurch school at loas, morning prayer and sermon, 11:15; evening prayer and address, 7:30. Tomorrow Is fteptnageslma and the sevsnth anniversary of the parish, the first service having been held In the temporary quarters at Shafter and College. Septnagesma. 1912. A Sunday school festival will be held In the parish house for the senior department on Friday evening, Feb. 2. and on Saturday afternoon for the primary department. A Pasiah social Is planned for the evenlngTff Shrove Tuesday, Marrh 4, when Prof. Charles M. Gayley of the University of California will be the guest of honor. GRACE METHODIST CHURCH Rev. 8. J. Buck, pastor of the Grace MethodiBt Episcopal church at Thirty-fourth and Market streets, will speak both morning and evening tomorrow, the themes being: "Show Ls the Father." 11 a. m.; "Ye Are Living Stones," 7:30 p. m. The Grace Church Epworth League won the Alameda County Alliance banner for efficiency again this quarter. The rally also closed the contest between the two sides in' the local league, Asllomar having won over Shasta by a very small marrln. Shasta will have . to entertain Asilomar at a banquet at an early date. C. M. Gass Is in charge of the contest In the Sunday school and already there is much interest manifested. ' OANO NORWEGIAN. "Where are the dead between dearn and the resurrection?" . Tills Is the very Interesting question to be answered In the light of scripture Sunday In t.ie services, at ItywlXJn the Dano-Nor-weglan Baptiil church at Twenty-llttn . avenue and East Fourteenth street The Sunday school meets at 9:45 a. m. and the Young People's Society at :4s p. m. The pastor, P. Petersen, Is planting for a series of sen-Ices In the English language next month and some Danish conference meetings in AprlL A Barac class has lately been or-ganlwd in the Sunday school. BETHANY HALL. BETHANY HALL 1M0 2Srd ave., bet H. 19th and KL 20th East Oakland. JAS. RAE of Vancouver, H. C, will again - preach the Jos-pel aa the above hall on Sunday, Feb, ISth Inst., at 7:45 p. m., Tuesday at 7:45 p. m. Bible reading Friday, .7:45 prayer meeting. Yon are heartily Invited to attend these meetings. Theme Is short: Eternity Is at hand. PSYCHO jvxjvuTJUULnn.rwvirrM-irii-ir.i'- FIRST CHURCH OF - OOLDEN WEST HALL. PA CI FIG BISHOP MAZZIMANANDA at Success In Everything"." The lecture to written' questions. At 8 o'clock, fifth of a series by MRS. C. E. PKRRJN on Mysteries of the Otiija Hoard. Subject: "Psychology.'.' p EVERYBODY WELCOMF1, APMI.S8ION FREE. SALVATION ARMY.. . a; SALVATION ARMY CITADEL, 11:00 A. M. ' HOW TO WIN THE RACE" 3:00 P. M. 'The Sunday School ' Animal LIFE Life is so foil of love, so fall of oeauty, - If thou wilt only lift thine eyes to see, Life is divine, and work not merely duty, Bat growth, and strength, and opportunity. Life is bo sweet, so full of joyous meaning, Waste not thy years' in idle vain regret, Look to the heights, where stars are ever gleaming, Twill heal thy pain and teach, thee to forget. 3 ---;..,- . Forget the anguish and the bitter aching Of heart and brain, of disappointed years, Arise, seek life anew, old paths forsaking, Old griefs fade not, while eyes are dim with tears -There is a song celestial, wonldst thon hear it? Attune thy soul to nature's chords divine, Find thy life's work, then do it, live it, be it, And beauty, love and joy will all be thine. EVELYN BTJECHNER. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH. At the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Twenty-fourth and Broadway, Rev. John Stephens, D. D the pastor, will preach both morning and evening. ! "The Ten Words" is the Upic for the sermon In the morning, and In the evening at 7:30 o'clock there will be a sonir Rervica and tbe topic Of- Dtvine Heallna" will be discussed. feptoclaJ rt 4Via Aaxr On Friday evening. February IS, the City Church Extension society and friends, representing the- Methodist churches of Oakland, Aiameaa ana Berkeley, will Jv..JtnL In this church The ctalefi J i iie evening win lb ive. vs-ws- ... ler, D. D., who has been doing a re tnarlr-hlA nlnn rf missionary WOrk On the Isthmus of Panama and tr ther parts of Central America. Dr.Mnier s work is supported by the Epworth Leagues of California Methodism and the young people will have a particu- lar interest in his message The young people of the First Metno- riiRt rh,irnK TwAntv-fourth and Broad- wav mnHii.'t an "ooeaMsouse from to 10 every Monday evening. Next Monday evening the "Rainbow Orchestra, an organization of ten young men, will present the musical program for the evening. This orchestra is composed of Robert Ginsberg, pianist; Albert Whit, vinlln Jnhfi FVnnh- violin: AT- rden Moseley, flute; Sam Madge, clart- rcrerett iwernan, orumnwr. m.rWl i.iu -- n .Aim mason am in- ,'vT. ."vTni vita (n anW thA AVMllnr. The Epworth leagues conduct a social hour from 5 to S on Sunday evenings for soldiers, sailors and their friends. A program of muslo, games and refreshments Is presented. . There were 25 men in uniform in attendance last Sunday, many of them wearing two gold service chevrons, When called upon to tell of their experiences they were very willing to do so and their adventures chasing the Hun proved interesting. Indeed. About 75 other young people were present to entertain them. 8ome of the boys suggested that as many or the leaguers as could tatt the Letter-man hospital 1n San FWanctsco, where there are several boys that have seen foreign service ana wno urn , leave thet cots. They appreciate visitors. The visiting hours are from S to 4. Those attending were advised to as for Private William A. Kills, Ward 101. who will act as their guide. There will 2. .u i u- tnmnrrflv. nut the oe- votlonal meeting will be held t J.16. E. O. Smith, second vIceHPresldent cf the league, will speak on '"T CnrJ"n Master? of tbe Pacific." .These meetings are very well attended there being over 100 present last Sunday eyenlMr. The. vocal solo by Mrs. Walter Sandholt was Inspiring. ' ,H Last Tuesday evening the Epworth leagues of this church wrved d nner to Among those present were Dr. Guthrie Bishop Leonard. ny.nll?re"'?e1nf the Epworth league; Dr. MlUer of Panama; Dr. Ray Moore and Dr. A. C. Stevens of San Francisco. The rally was attended by the leaguers of the Alameda County Alliance, which Includes about thirty-two leagues. The addresses of the w" J,n by Bishop Leonara ana it. """" ARROYO SANITORIUM Sunday afternoon at 2:30 a splendid program will be given at Arroyo Sanl-forim, Uvermore. with singing by ItS Jun oiiuo. . vi.il. Stuart. Mrs. ti. w. " -"-,? several pieces of music, accompany h Mia. Veda Moore. Automobiles for the trip are furnished through we courtesy of Manager Oray of the Western Power Company. OAKLAND MINISTERIAL UNION. Next Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 the Oakland Ministers' Union will bold a rr.7.i m.ttnr at the,Y. W. C. A. anr) Opt llDOfl the-iVepo ort sibmitted I- ..." ii tra committee, concern ing the proposition submitted to the mfnIsiVbaeorge C D njttiw of the Labor Temple of Oakland. INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDENT' "THE MAIN CHRIST JESUS, WAS HE HUMAN OR ' DIVINE?" DOES THE TEACHINGS OF PASTOR RUSSELL DETRACT FROM OUR LORD'S HONOR? Third Lecture jf Series 7:45 p. m. by Evangelist Dimock I. 0. O. F. TEMPLE 11 th and Franklin- Sts. . The public is invited, no admission (Loral Convention February 21, 22, 23, L O. O. F. Tempi. Oaklsnd) - SCIENCE ' '-- PSYCHO-SCIENCE BLDO.. 16TH AND J E FFE RSON 3 o'clock. Subject, "How to Acquire will be followed by messages ln reply MWMAWiAMWMMAAA1AA)AAAAAjAjA1M ?Tn AND WASHINGTON STS. 6:00 P. M. "SALVATION FROM ....... SIN" . Young People's Legion at 6 P.M. ; Public Cordially Invited Adjutant and Mrs. Cozen, Corps Officer TENTH AVENUE BAPTIST. At Tenth Avenue Baptist church for he morning service Rev. George W. Phillips will take up the subject which was postponed from last Sabbath, "So Great Palvatlon!" In developing his topic Dr. Phillips will -emphasize -the thoughat that sometimes our very familiarity with some big things of life blinds us to its vast importance; that the dweller at the foot of some Matter-horn may see only the clod at his feet; the Islander horlsoned by the ocean may fait to realise the sublimity of Its moods. Just so the world views this great salvation without glimpsing its privilege. Its magnitude, or the wonder of It. Jn spite ot the fact that It Is so. simple that It requires but two 4ilngs for Its conjummation God and Tmanlt Is so democratic that It takes in Jew and Gentile, high and low. rich and poor; so comprehensive that it meets every need of the human heart; so free that It can be had for the asking, yet so tremendous that it Is tbe one All Important fact in the world. Dr. Phillips will speak in the evening also, of course. We are not able to announce his topic at this time, but he is putting his life into his work and his audience is always sure of something worthy of its profound attention. COMING EVENT8 " February 11-17. Fathef and Son's week. February 18. Father and Son's ban-auet. First Christian church. February IS. President Jordan at First Congregational church. S p. m. February 17. Open house, and orchestra entertainment, S at First M. E. church, Oakland. February 25. Evangelistic meeting begins at htgh Street Presbyterian church. Fehruary 26-28 Baptist laymen's convention. First Baptist church, Oakland. March 4. Parish social at St. Peter's Episcopal; .March 7-9. Annual convention -of Alameda County Christian Endeavor Union, First Congregational church, Oakland. March. 17 St Patrick musical program at Ebeli ball, benefit SL Leo's church. 1 A i NEW ALAMEDA PASTOR The First Christian church of Alameda, at Ban Jose and Park avenue, has secured for Its pastor Rev. William C. Jones of Ft. Worth Texas, who has lately been released from war service, having served aa chaplain of the Texas cavalry. This historic church was given prominence through the ministry years ago of Peter Clarke McFarland, now a novelist of national repute. . Rev. Mr. Jones comes highly commended by the Christian Courier or Dallas, Texas, the official state paper of the church. He also has the endorsement of the state board of the Christian church in California. He is young, enthusiastic and an Incessant worker. Beginning only last month he has at-ready thoroughly reorganized the e.mrcti and commanded tbe attention and respect of the community, and the church expects his to be an unusually successful ministry. FRUITVALE SPIRITUAL Thp Fruitvale Spiritual church at Fruitvale avenue and East Twelfth street, Mrs. Emma Nannlng, pastor, will meet at 2:30 on Sunday. There will De a lecture by G. Glassford and messages by George Heath, healer and teacner. Mrs. Nanning is an authorized representative of the California Spiritual Association. The meetings are well attended and this seems to be one of the livest of the spiritualist organizations I Ihm hav rfl.ti-lft ita .rvln rim., i " " ... on display and Its members buy bonds as rami issue is rricrra. OOSPEL AUDITORIUM. Gospel Auditorium Forty-second snd Rich sts., Just off Telegraph avenue. Sunder at.7:4S n. m. L'vanrellst li. A. Ironside will preach. "Increasing Apostasy a Sure Evidence of the lord's Near Return." DONT FAIL TO HKAR THIS PTIR-RiNO AND TIMKLY ADDRKSW 1 ' BAPTIST FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Telegraph Ave. at Twenty-firrt Street HEAR REV. WMrK TOWNER TOMORROW NIGHT AT 7:30 T D 11:00 A.M. AN EVERY MEMBER SERVICE. SERMON ON "THE ROAD TO VICTORY" THIRTY-MINUTE SERVICES. EVERYBODY WELCOME MpVWMwwVvVvvMMMWWWM'wVvV t:00 P. M. OPEN FORTTM-The America of Wastiington and Lincoln , ' by Frederick Vininj Fithrr. Illustrated by three hundred Marnifirent picture of Historic America. SUNDAY SCHOOL AT 10 A. M. , ,. Lincoln Father, As To Be Subject Tomorrow evening Rev. , W. K- Towner will preach at the First Baptist church of Oakland, Telegraph avenue and Twenty-first street, ort 1 Lincoln as ; embrsvclngf all the sTT-t da"lea TL"?e-a father, takln for his subject ''Tan I )ca. Through It the publicity board o. ana una, giving some iniereauuK glimpses into the home lite of Abraham Lincoln. This day closes the National Fathers and Sons week and this will t a peculiarly appropriate message, to which all fathers and their ons are especially invited. There will also be special music .for this service. It is hoped to have the auditorium filled with men and boys. The morning service will be an "Every Member", service under tho au-pices of the Bible school. The great military campaign inaugurated in tne Bible srhool under the leadership or Major Hobart and Major Sprague Is on,-and tomorrow the armies will reach their first objective with the capture o Chateau-Thierry. No one ls too young or too old to participate in this great drive. A cordial invitation Is extended to all young people, children, men ana women to enter the spring campaign. There are. classes In this great school for all ages. The home department furnishes facilities and direction for systematic IMble study at home for Invalids, elderly people and mothers or small children. Another Interesting feature of the First Baptist school is the teacher training class under the able leadership of Mrs. L. F. Cockroft. who expects to graduate a class of young women next month who are Just completing a three-year course which has fitted them to take their place among the corps or trained te-achers in this school. , CHAPEL EMMANUEL BAPTIST. Rev. H. Schenkofskv, pastor of the Chapel Emmanuel church, Brighton and Stannage avenues, will preach at 7:30 Q..rrfov AUnln A n ' i " 1., T-i , , .. I'i.Un. . . u . w u .. wu.iia w ...u' .who i idiuii.. The Sunday school meets at 10 a. m. The attendance of the Vacation Bible school on' Saturday mornings Is splendid. On Washington's Birthday February 22. the church is depending on a number of men to volunteer to put In a sewer and build a kitchenette as an addition to Uwwchurch. These have been much needed improvements for a lpng time. The ladies'swlll serve a free lunch for all who participate. ST. FRANCIS DE SALES. St. Francis de Sales Catholic church, at Grove and Hobart streets, is one of the churches that has a fine" musical program every Sunday and much credit is due to the talented organist always on the Job, Professor o. Taillandler. Tomorrow, for the 10:30 mass, the choir will sing Aren's mass. "Jubilee Deo." At the 12 o'clock mass Mrs. Ella Mc-Vlckers will sing "1'erfect Prayer" and the organist will play "Caellaert's Invocation and Prayer" In B. Major and a postlude "Lemmens Fanfare" In B. HICH"6TRET PRESBYTERIAN Rev. H. H. Miller, pastor of the High Street Presbyterian church, will preach Sunday morning on "Following Our Ii- vlne Guide." The Union Christian En deavor meeting at 6:30 will be led by 8. Murohison. The service at 7:30 will also bo a union meeting, Kev. H. I. Zimmerman of the Melrose Baptist, church preaching the sermon. The High street church, will begin an evangelistic meeting February 25, in which It will be assisted by Rev. A. O. Dowe, a Presbyterian evangelist. This will be the first of a series to be held In Oakland by this noted evangelist. The other meetings will be In Centennial, Elmhurst. St. James, Fruitvale and Union street churches. ,ri SWEDISH METHODIST f ' At the Swedish Metliodlst church, corner Thirteenth and Market streets, the pastor, Rev. (1. E. Kallstedt, will preach at both morning and evening services on the stewardship topics of the cen. tenary program. The evening theme will be "Stewardship of Life." The Epworth league meeting at 6:30 in the evening will consider tne topic of India missions. B A PTIST MINISTERS ME E T. The Jtaptlst ministers of the bay district will meet Monday at 10:45 at the First Baptist church, Telegraph avenue and Jones street, Oakland. Rev. Arthur P. Brown, pastor of the First Baptist church of Alameda, will deliver an address on "The Church and Bolshevism." Tenth Ave. Baptist COR. 10TH AVF. AND E. 14TH. Geo. W. Phillips, Minister 11 A. M. and 7:45 P. M. The minister" will present different aspects of the same therm-: "The Magnitude of Salvation" 23D AVE. BAPTIST 23d ave., E. 17th st., J. N. Garst, pastor. 11 A. M. "Throwing Away Her Idols" MISS MEMJBROCKVAY Gen. Elementary S'undny School ffupt of Northern Baptist Convention will speak. A rare trcat Is in store. The Community Is Invited BAPTIST L-.-M S I E .K N M , R C O V O R I L ilC N A E UNITARIAN. MrVrVMwVWWwVwVwVwVWwVW FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH Fourteenth and Castro Streets , LINCOLJAND VASHINGTON DAY 11 A. M. Sermon by Frederick Vining Fitbrr HE MOST IMPORTANT MAN IS AMERICA" ADVERTISING TO TAKE PLACE OF MISSIONARY The principles of the -Church ot Christ of Latter Pay Salnta are being-set forth In an advertising campaign that is a new departure In churdh advertising. It Is virtually replacing the missionary of former time with an advertising- campaign, as the leading merchants of today are substituting educational advertising for the salesman or the past. This campaign of the Mormon church is national in its scope. Salt Lake-City hones to talk to all the one hundreaitm nd ten millions of Amer ica verv week, something which woulo be an Impossibility if it had to depena on personal communications. , . Y. M. C. A. SPEAKER AT TRINITY i CHURCH The morning service at Trinity church. Telegraph avenue and Twenty-ninth street, will be a special gWrvlce for "fathers and sons." Boys and vm'hr men ar esDaclallv Invited, and arc urged to bring their fathers. The address will be delivered by.Mr. C. C. Titus, who has recently returned from France, where be was the director of "V" work In a fighting division. Mr. Titus is a speaker who appeals to boys and men, and his subject will be most appropriate for a service dedicated to "fathers and sons." ' ,t the evening service, p, m the rector, Uev. Lloyd B. Thomas, will preach on the topic. "Religion in the Home. There was a successful "father and son" party given on iTlday evening at Trinity House. A number of the boys of the church school with their fathers and men friends gathered for a couple hours of songs and games. A light sup- per was served, and appropriate speeches were delivered. OLIVET CONGREGATIONAL. Sunday, at the Olivet Congregational church, the pastor. Rev. Frederick W. Morrison, begins a series of sermons based on "The Sermon on the Mount." This series of sermons Is In preparation for the Easter season and wllLjantlnue . 1, 1 . 1 a.,nu All-. Wl .LU hmA until Palm Sunday. Olivet church had its annual business meeting recently, having been postponed' from January. The reports showed splendid progress during the year. The church more than doubled tn its membershln and added one hundred new pupils to Its Sunday school during the year. The chur?h has recently employed A. C. Jcjjsen, an ex-perlenced Sunday school man, to conduct 'that part of Its work. Olivet Is located on Shafter avenue, Just east Of College. FIRST UNITARIAN. Sunday will be observed as Lincoln and Washington day at the First Unitarian churcb at Fourteenth add Castro streets, Oakland. At 11, Rev. Frederick Vlnlng Fisher will deliver an sddress entitled "The Most Important Man In America." At ilie open forum at 8 p. m. he will present "The America of Washington and IJncoln," Illustrated by three hundred magnificent pictures of historic America. NORWEGIAN DANISH M. E. Rev. Ensebretsen. minister of tne : Norwegian Danish M. E. church at 0s rnrontlath atTAAt will -nndupt the anult Bible class at Sunday school at 1 tomorrow and at 11 will preach on the subject. "Prove All Things." The yountr people's meeUnpr is to be at 7 In the evening:, with irs. S. J. Johnson leader. The pastor will preach at 8 on "The First Question In the Bible." The choir will render special music at the services. COUNTY INFIRMARY The Chinese Christian Kndeaver So ciety, with Joses l as leader, will hold a meeting ln tie old ladles' building and leper camp Sunday afternoon. The yours: folks from the United Brethern church, Mr. Kleiner, president, will hold service In the chapel. Miss L Gibson of the San Leandro Presbyterian, will sing In the hospital and barracks. COUNTY CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR March 7, S and 8 the annual convention of the Alameda County ChrlBtlsn Kndeavor I'nlon will be held at the First Congresstlonal church of Oakland. There will be a banquet Haturday evening, March 8, followed by a. session In charge of the Intermediate societies. SPIRITUAL. f irst Spiritual Church, Inc., . 2118 Telegraph AveM OPP. T. M. C A. Pastor. Lucinda Parson Sunday and afternoon- address by G. Howes. Messages by pastor, Mrs. Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Heath, Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Ward. Public Invited. FRL'ITVALR SPIRITTIALT8T CHURCH Sunday 2:30 p. m. Fruitvale ave. and K. 12th st Mrs. Nannlng, pastor. LC-turn bv Mr. Glasford. Messasres bv Mr. Ooorge Heath, healor and teacher, and Mrs. Nanning, C. H. K. A., also Mr. and Mrs. Yancls of Ran i Francisco. SPIRITUAL TRUTH CHURCH. 0 lL'th st. Sunday t:J0 p. tn. SERMON, "THK LAW OF PSYCHOLOGY, followed bv messages from the one spirit. Mrs. M. Miller, minister. TRINITY SPIRITUAL CHURCH. 62 12th SL Services 7:45 p. m. Minister F. K. Brown ln address, Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist, Special music. Mosages; ho C. E Nickerson, Mrs. K. Sowlec. You are welcome. Seats free. THE SOCIETY OP FRIENDS THE SOCIETY OF FRIENDS holds regular meetings ewry f)Bt day (Sunday) at 11 o clock, ' at Starr King Hall 14th St., at? Castro. Wo are glad to welcome all who care tn srTATid. CHRISTIAN. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH CRAND AVENUE AND XTEBSTER STREET II. A. VAN WINKLE, Minister DR. O. S. DEAN, Musical Director Evening Sermon 8:00 o'Clork "WASHINGTON MEMORIAL, SERVICE" . FATHER AND SON'S DAY "The Father of ITis Country and Hia Boys" Third in the Sunday night series February 23, a service in honor, of our war and peace president LARGE CHORUS . SPECIAL MUSIC Morning Sermon at 11:00 ' "Lovirig God and Hating a Brother" . VELCOME ALL FRUITVALE AVE. CHRISTIAN CHURCH At Esst :3rd Street. REV. R. OV YdUTZ, Minister ,7:30 P. M.: GEO, C. DAVIS, Manager OaUand Labor Temple, , will rprak on , . "LAB0It TROUBLES AND 'A SOLUTION" An address for men of all clauses , . 11:00 A. M.: "Getting Ready ty Pray," nennon bj tc miniBter .R Men To Hear Talk On Lincoln 9 Calvary Congregational church will be honored on Sunday night by the presence of the members of the Grand Army of the Republic, who will occupy reserved seaifs to hear Rev. Charles 8. Price deliver his lecture on "Lincoln, His Life and Times." A special musical program will be rendered and the songs of patriutl'm that stir one's soul will be sung by the day school will be present and have a oart on tha troram of the evening, The Sundav evening services have been largely attended and it is expected that lasPiTsV frnwri win i nrain in au homjr to the veterans of the Civil war. The service will commence promptly at 7:30 and the public ls cordially invited to attend. At the morning service the pastor will preach on "The Light in the Dark," basing the sermon on an incident of the Maine woods, a tragic, story with a very happy ending. Tho service will be interesting and inspirational. The Christian Endeavor SoHoiy meet at 6;S0 p m. and the Sunday irlinnl at a ni rnlvirv rhurrh It located at Thirty -sixth and Grove street and offers the public a tion to its services. cordial invila- FIRST CHRI8TIAN CHURCH Rev. H. A. Van Winkle, pastor of the First Christian church, Grand avenue and Webster streets, will preach one of his health series Sunday morning on the toolo "Lovln God and Hating Your Brother." In the evening he presents the third of his patriotic series, preach- le- n thia nreaaina n "The Father of Our Country and His BoyaL' The fathers' and sons' meeting on Tuesday evening will begin with a sumptuous feed in the banquet room at 6:30. As a special attraction the committee In charge has been fortunate In booking Charles Bowman Hutchins, thefamous "bird man," pronounced one of the most remarkable whistlers on the Paclflo Gi4 coast. ia aaaition to omer inn i what Is tha secret of the happy life-will draw plrti . of birds and Jmltate ln the evening at 7:80 the congregation them as he draws, Until 1 will Join ln a' union meeting with the Professor W m. v: Ewlnr of the Tecli irlcal High school, and Russell Ixwry, president of the First National bank, will be two of the chief speakers, the tatter's subject being, "What Sort of a Son May I Kpect?" Captain D. C. Nutting will talk on "The Father and Son ln Church." Rev. J. E. Denton, who has a son In France, wearing the uniform of Uncle Sara, has the theme, "My Son and 1. I'JVer Since rTailK. IlUimiSr irimiKu from Y. M. C. A. war work In France his friends and acquaintances have been anxious to hear some of his experiences. Those, present at the father and son meeting Tuesday eventn- will have that privilege, for Mr. Hulllngcr will have a hessage for the occasion. The boys will be represented by three live wires, as follows, with the subjects as given: Wendell Ingram "The Prodigal Father." Byron Turner, "How Far Should a Son Follow the Example of His Father?" Porter Stanley, "Some Things That Prevent Close Fellowship of Fathers and Hons." PLYMOUTH YOUNO PEOPLE Over 10O Plymouth young people meet in Plymouth Center every Sunday evening from 6 to i for a social time and talks on live- topics. Tomorrow tho topic to be considered will bn "Applied Christianity in Athletics, Home, School and Buslnesi." METHODIST EPISCOPAL wwawaMwaMwwaMww First Methodist Episcopal , Church REV. JOHN STEPHENS, D.D., Pastor. !4TH AND BROADWAY. 111. M. "THE TEN WORDS" 7:30 P. M. . "DIVINE HEALING" Song service: ! special music by gTeat chorus. Social bout- every Sunday 6-6 p. m. All Welcome. GRACE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH CORNER MARKET AND 34TH STS. Sylvester J. Ruck, Pastor SUNDAY SCHOOL. 9: A. M. PRBACHINO, 11 A. M., 7:30 P. M. KPWOHTH LKAGl'K, .J0 P. M. Eighth Ave. 'Church TH AVR. AND B. 17TH ST. Rev. James Whltakr Ph. D.. Pastor. 11:00 a. m. W. 1L ft. 8. service. 7:3trp. ra.-'TtH! Immortal Lincoln." ST. STEVEN'S METH. CHURCH, cor. Park blvd. and 13th ave. Sunday school, 1:45 a, ra.; Epworth' League, :45 p. ra.; worship, 11 a. m. and 7:4S p. m. METHODIST SOUTH7 Pioneer Memorial - COR. TELEGRAFH AND- 37TH. HAROLD GOYKTTB, Pastor. 11:00 A. M "CKNTKNART MOVK-MKNT" by Dr. Thornton. 7-SO' P. M.-"imKAI) ANDWINB." PASTOR AND WIFE WELCOMED TO PARISH St. John's Episcopal Church guild room was the scene of a pleasant, social affair Tuesday evening, when : Rev. J-C. S. Foster and Mrs. Foster were given a hearty welopme to the parish. ' Rev. Foster comes 1 from Hubbard. Nova Scotia, where he was rictor for six years. His wife la a daughter of Bishop Worrell, the archbishop of Nv Scotla-The parish guild, with Mfs. Street president and Mr. Hlbbard vlce-Presl. dent, led off and made the guests feel that it was a real reception. - One of the features of the evening was the unexpected presence of three of the boys who have recently been discharged from" the service, the Navy, the Marines and the- Infantry respectively. J. S. McDonald, of the 161st Infantry, tola of the many Interesting experiences wh Ifcln the trenches in France. and Mrs. Foster were pleased to meet among the guests several Canadlaq Later In the evenlnr refreshments were served, after which the guests departed, wishing Mr. and Mrs. Foster much success and happiness in their new work. ' One result of the reception was. the request of fourteen ypung people for a young people's guild. Under tha leadership of Miss Langdon, the prime mover In the matter, a meeting for organization will be held Tuesday evening. The-new rector is ambitions to make his church a great center for worship and work. The services for tomorrow will be as follows: Holy communion will be observed at 8 a. m. with - a "Choral Eucharist," emphasising the use of muslo tn such service, Tha church school will be opened at 10:15, followed by the church service at 11. At the recent election of the vestry the followlns- were chosen bv ballot; -r,StwmnSjf .1.,a"8r' Junior warden: frank F. Clifton H. Krotl, .senior warden; Henry iiieuaie, treasurer; Allen C lllbbard, clerk; Geo. W.. Harrison, J. C R, Mac- donald, Fred BrechL MELROSE BAPTIST Rev. H. D. Zimmerman, pastor of the Melrose Baptist church, will preaon Sunday morning at 11 on "The Ouest for Happiness, answering such ques tona "Where are people looking toe happiness? Are they finding ltT And High Street Presbyterian church. Re. Zimmerman speaking on "Building on Rock or Sand, Which?" The B, Y, P. U. of the Melrose chrwi will unite its forces with the Christian Kndeavor Society at the High. ' Street Presbyterian at :S0. . . CHUPCH OF THE ADVENT "The Still Small Voloe" will be the subject of the Rev. Isaac Pawsos's sermon at the Church of the Advent, Fst Sixteenth Street and Twelfth avenue, on Sunday morning, and In tbe evening he will speak on "The Laborer In the Vineyard." The Young People's, Society will meet at t-M p. m. Sneclal musla will be rendered by the vested choir at all services. LATTER DAY SAINTS. ' - -i-y-i- rsrsnrjnj'VVVVijxixjr). "MORMONS." The Church ot Jesus Christ of Tt-ter Day fcalnfs meets ln Porter Hall. 1918 Grove street. Sunday-school at 10 o'clock; preaching at 11:46; evening MORMON woiianiiiwanaiii . ... i - - r - n -mm i u WHAT'S IN A NAME? Is uMortnonjsmH MieunJerstood Because of Its' Unpopular Titl.? By Dr, JAMES E ' TALMAGE Or the CouncU of the Twelve, Church of Jesus Christ of Utterly Saints; Salt Lake Gly, UtaL ' NOTE: Fix free copies ofather articles of this scries,, send request to the author. " ,W,ha''8 a "am? So asked, one who ha- been called tho chief of English bards; and hosts of thouahtful mlnH. ,.,. k... -AVJ..r" . ruTethetnen fiT,ry TinSln UP Ptii I orlglnanreXch. "Who but the superficial will venture to deny the influence of names? We ara ri.'"60 t0 thuC wllchery "! of prejudice for or aguinat; and vonal acceptance or rejection of that for which It stands. Most of us are in tho habit of putting up our knowledge in little nack-agea. each labeled with a name. These we stow away In more or las, forter- .y ioniiu.1, Bnu mougn we glance " o" Qt toe pacKeta 'MormonlHin" Is mi unnnmilar the principles wlch it embodies are more readily believed in If lefttin-' U. noul,,b" mbered .that the term "Mormon" with 1U several variants was first applied by way of nickname to the people now so delar. ' "atfd- nlckn,'n'a may be so unnotified by effort and achievement that they become titles of respect and profound significance. To thia fact history lcn"ds definite and abundant testimony. It may be remembered that the term "Christian- was first applied as'-an.u' !,,et, conte"'Pt- Yu know how It was hurled in hatred and disdain ' U the dlwiplns In Antloch. (Hee Acts XI:2). Tet the follqwers of Chrlt " acreptci the name and hallowed It by sacrifice and righteous deeds; and ' today the world counts but one distinction crreater than belna- called a ChriHtlan, and that is to be a Qhrintian tn fact , , , . The early application of the term "Mormon" to tho mnnli r cniireh. en called had reference to the Book of Mormon, which was first ' published In the year "1830. This work Is known today; by name at least anions' road I iib' and thinkins- nnnl rrranIi i. ' title pape of this much dlscunsed work, the book purports to be a. translation of certain ancient records giving, an .account of the aboriginal peoples of the Western Continent. The "Mormon" people do not resent the misnomer by which thev are commonly known, and which has been fastened upon thtm by popular usaire. They deplore, however, tho possible misunderstanding; that the iiiurr.i tj uiiii-u mny Deions; proteases to De tne church of Mormon. It "hould be understood that Mormon was a man, a very dlstlniruished and a very able man It ls true, an eminent prophet and historian according to inn ireuiu ut-.wuiK inn iiiwnr, dui a man nevertheless. The Mormon Church affirms Itself to be In no sense the church of Mormon, nor the church of Joseph Smith, nor of Brigham Toung, nor of any man other than the Savior and Iteedeemer of the race. Tha true name of this Church, v .the designation by which It is officJaUyMcnown as an organization among men, is Hie Church of Jo us Crirtet of Latter-day fiolnta The people claim that this distinguishing title was given throngh f) I v i n a revelution and thev rltA aa AvMnnn. i ... i i. - - --- -j -v.uv.jwv u ' i aiiu tuunmiciicy attaching to itM bestflwai the wordg of the Resurrected ChrUt to the disciples of th aficlent Church of th West.. To the supplication: 't,ord. wn ill that Ihoii won Id at tll nt tVa. wia. kA.t.,r Knu fi ki. w iiiaiiiQ Ttiicj v ay j no Biiu.il utail win Church: for there are disputations among the people concerning this matter", the Lord Jesus Christ, thera present 4n Person replied: "Verily, verily I Ray unto you, why la It that tho lxviplei should nranriur and dispute bocauM of thia thing1? Have they not read Ui Scripture, whUii my yo mtwt take upon yon the nam of Christ, which Is my name? lr by thlM name shall ye be called at the lat day; and whoso takefh upon him - " - m .u mw viaau. 4KT rsi llsw-i ri S4s-i I isscr rM v saw hto aawrr lnys therefore. Vliatmiever ye si tall do, ye shall do it In my name. Tliorvs. fore ye Hliall rail the chnrch In my naane: and ve shall call noon the Fattier In my name, that he Will bkwn the church for my sake. And how lie it my diurcli, sate it be called in mv name'.' For If the church be called In Mom' name, then it be Moses churcli: or If It be raJInd hi tlie name of a man, then It bn IIk church of a man: but if It be called ln any iiniiie, then It U my-rhurch. If it so be that they are built upon my gospel." C?ee Hook of Mormon, S Nepal 27:4-). ' , The members of the Church aver that the distinguishing features of their religious system. In short, the essentials of the philosophy ef Mor-. monism" are epitomised In the name of their organization Tho Church of , .csu Cltrlwt of IUtcr-duy Saints. it the name be used without Divine warrant. It's assumption can not fail to he regarded as1 a naerilcge; if It has been authoritatively bestowed one need look' no further for explanation of the vitality exhibited by the Church in go Impressive a degree from the day of Ha organisation to th.' ; present.. . :. ,f '- Vitr the Itook of Mormon, ete., apphr tn bookseller or write direct to California Mlssloo, 721 Ilrodcrick San Franclscoj J.ia West A dan w St.,. j Um A ti ye Ice, Calif., or Bureau of Iafomiatloi, !Slt Lake City, IjUtiu , Davis to Speak on Labor Topic Tomorrow evening at 7J0 George C. . TlaiHa m,na rt V. rtttlMan I AhIf. . Temple will speak at the Fruitvale '( Christian church, Fruitvale avenue and East Twenty-third street, on the Uvsst r theme In Oakland at the presenti moment, "The , Troubles ot Labor and a , Solution." Men ot the community in-,-terested In any way In labor problems aro Invited to attend this meeting and . hear a labor leader diagnose the lUs e , "als own organisation and get bis pre- -.. scrip tlon. 'For particulars see display ad In this issue ot the Tribune. . . - At 11 o'clock the pastor. Rev. Roy 0.. Touts, will preach the second of the. prayer series, "Getting Ready to Pray." Bible school meets at 10 o'clock. A very successful gathering Of v . fathers and sons was held at the Frun-vale Christian church on last Wednesday evening. Over fifty covers were,. ; laid and It was toss up to determine whether boys or men entoved the occa sion the more. The members of the Loyal Women's Class prepared aa l; served the "feed" and It kept thera busy. The Rev. R. B. HummeL just re- turned from front line "Y" service In France, was tha chief speaker of the evening. He paid a glowing tribute. to the ''boys" over there, whom he characterised collectively as the "Bravest, cleanest, best army" the world' had sver seen, and Illustrated his address . with , first-hand experiences ln and back ot the firing line, J. H. Harris, enter- , Uiner of Kast Oakland, was on hand -with severml of his choicest readings . end dialect sketches, and if rood lively - numor is an am to-aigeauon, tumi w a doctor of the right school On purpose tha men of the church vance of Fathers' and Rons' day was the organlsatisn of a Men's Comrau-, -nlty Club, to be under tha auspices of , the men of the Fruitvale Avenue churea, but to Include all men ot East Oaklana and Fruitvale who may be interested ln such a club. It Is planned to havu an organisation to which prominent speakers and men with a message upon, civic, industrial, political, religious ana philanthropic matters and problems may be invited. Committees on organl- salion and invitation were appointed at the meeting Wednesday evening to re-pert at the first regular meeting of the club at :30 p. m., Monday, March J. . oupper win d servea ana announcement will be made In regard to tha first speaker. PLYMOUTH CONGREGATIONAL . I. C. I Kiosa. pastor of Plymouth ' Congregational, will speak Sunday morning on "Health, A Religious Problem." and at t in tha evening August Vollmer, chief ot polios of Berkeley, will speak on "What to Do About the Criminal and Why." RKOROANIZKO CHURCH F LATTIB OAV SAINTS. 16T1I and MAGNOLIA j Preaching, 11 a. m. and T:45 p. m.j Sunday school. :45; Rellglo, l;U; prayer meeting, Wednesday. 7:15. J, W. Presley, pastor. All welcome. frequently at the label we are apto , really contains. num - .ha tr..fha t- .v.iu i-' - .' . . i. . ; I-- ...

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