The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 19, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1894
Page 8
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'V>.. vi ;>?5fiW-?" = '^-''l^W^^ff^i - r'^j&'-fs 'r^S. SB Ju§t What You Need, Sold Only at Studlay's Drug Store. l IOWA, Ootae. let us feason together! Everybody aftyg It Is *olhrf td ^a "Mtd Winter" so -'•take tltaeby thelorelpok" and pttoafe for ttjthddoul "tH&w todefcth" as you did last winter, but como and see me and get some STORM WINDOWS *t "prices to suit the times. 1 ' Cftn furnish any 8l*e. WEST UNION WT1RAKY, 1894. When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices, I aim to keep the best, .such as Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & MilliganV Paints, Etc. •".:>(VV • -V:«J. "TV". Our Abstract Books are complete up to... date, and reliable. , They represent an outlay of thousands of dollars and were prepared by an eftperienced abstractor. Our patrons may thereiore feel certain of getting reliable abstracts. Our work is guaranteed and wo furnish abstracts as cheap as irresponsible arid Incompetent persons who have no books, though the county does not pay . . .. . ,us,a salary, clerk hire,, office iunt Or even furnish us stationery. '''' ;: ' > ^ MOTX&Tf 'CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR;,FARM pOANS, ; ; Immediately upon application. Opera House Block. J. Jl, RYAN. I J t >..—...;,, .• . • •-,. . C. L. LUND. ,::,.. ESTABLISHED 188Q. ' - - X_y _1_M _JL_X tPV _L_X/ JL. LC2^-JL_^i * ^"' :: ' '(Successors to 0; L. LUND-) '••'' •• ^' ¥"'<•( '• A1JL7VVMU,« ' f'" •' '"'''. '\ '•'}/' \" •• • , > • . ,' I . • • ^h^ , ( -V • n " We wIsK ib announce to itie readera of theEafrCBLicA'k tlmliwe'Kavtf'flittVaofdinary faclM- : ttes for the selling of farms and unimproved lands In Northern Iowa, and we Invite everybody who "wishes to dispose of their property, to call on us at our office in Algona or tQ >f cq^re»pond. 1 As soon as SDflngopeW we nave a largo number of customers from the eastern '-states who are ready to come out add secure a piece of Iowa soli at reasonable prices. We belleva in fair dealing anii ; if you want to sell your property for what it is worth, don't waste any time In listing vrfth us. i-:.. '•' •• VAIII>O raanAnf.Piillv f.rrvn K RVAV. Yours respectfully. '; '•!>'•';•:•;-••- -• ; (, £W'•''.<> t£^' i n-'' •t" -'U:' /I/I;: | ,,.;,•:> , , ; ,.,^j ; .. . •? *-v'd 4- --Ti*i or Tornadoes ? Is your" f amify^rotected, iinease-ofdeath,.by a life policy in, a, solid .(e df the BXJSruKOFt INSURANCE AGENCY, submits ' '/^hefollowiiQg companies for your consideration. .,TMs iV '• i§ the strdrigest line of companies in any a!genJ5yin, Kos- sutli county arid does the largest "business.' All city policies are issued in Bancroft ithd can be had on short, notice., ,^e 'dan do a more careful business because we. < .devotft our time to., it ,Qreamery and. threshing,ma> chin«'insurance a-specialty. " ,.' .!'..,,'„. H 'orm*; AND TORNADO COR Merchants-and Bankers of Des Moines " Anchor of Creston. Dubuque' Iflre and-Jyf arlrip of'^ubifejue. ' LIFE CO*MPANIEST' " State of Dos Moines, . , Equitable of Now York, Japital'of Das MoiiM-'/•_ '' • •, >• Mutual Ltfbttf New York. r The total,assei^Wf "the above companies is $366,678,181.08^ ;%ccordmg;|fo;the 'Auditor's"repoyt of Jan>.% ']$)4. .- A Litctaty and Social Institution Whidh Meets Every Thursday f£vsnlftg. The West Union Literary society was started at the Scotch school house in Union township last Thursday evening. . Af« ter a spirited discussion as to ways. and means to conduct the exercises the coming Thursday evening this winter and a sharp passage at arms between a cduple of the leaders, in which one of them felt as though an elephant kicked him or a - cyclone struck htm; a full program was an'- rioiinced for next Thursday evening. De* clamattohs, recitations and songs will take up tho time before recess, after which the regular debate will take place. Question: "Resolved that Prohibition has been a detriment to Iowa." Affirmative, Henry Kenedy, Joe Zanko; Negative Will McMahon.Mr. Holm. The boys are crack debaters and a full house Is expect* ed. , ' After tho exercises the meeting adjourned to Mn Ed. Goetch's to partake of oysters and the good things the ladies of the society had provided. There should be a good attendance at these meetings this winter. . LED YARD. LEDI-ABD, Dec. .18.—Wm. Leslie, Gal. Wilson ' ; and Constable W. Brown wont down toEldora last week as witnesses In tho case against three fellows who, wore caught hero last fall'with a'lot of clothing In their possession, which they had stolen in Union, Iowa. They were all sentenced to the pen. iMrsI Wm. Burton, who for the la'St three weeks has been visiting in Minneapolis, returned Saturday. '' •• > • ;• • • .• Horiry Shoemaker and Joh n; Goeders, of- Sexton, were hero yesterday looking over the'country, and purchased a quarter section eiich. ' " ' •,- ••-• •;: ' • Edwiird 6'Tool yesterday went to' Ottumwa, his old home, to spend Xmas with •h'is'folks!'"..'• "" ' ' j " v '''•'"' ,'' ; '-'• " The ball given last week in Solin Wolf's was a t great success, netirVy: eig-lity attending, and mOney enough was n to pay for the churcK^b'eil. ;: ; We are. having revival Htefetirigs; h'ei-e eyfiry nigh't, which has been 'ttf-e'causc of * great many being conyiirteal.'''! 1 '"" «'-"- er is do'ini? wpndej's. goot}'. ' ' ':''' ,Don't leave Jeaks' ' H ' f ' Walk- work _______________________ „ to his house, ttfi purchased ing Ff Ihk . fioevef3hM6ffe6tedhl9 and will rebuild Ih the spring. Amiifidu DaulSthlfiklhgof ledfhlng the dress makfef's tfado. Wjf.ttdfliis* Jiew well has dated some, but b'Y prompt actlbti it will be fed, ' ' WESLEY, , toe<5 n i3.r-H, C. Pi-lee has hew Wood Work shop about completed. Mo will have lots of room, A, S, White is now & full-fledged llvei-y man agalh, and is doing a godd business. J« BY Gallagher has his new office built oh Haiti street,' It id well located and Itlti^fHefidsin MfnttifetebWfg Aftd ticpew '" Miss Lena Light gave hersistcf ft Ban LOW EXCUSION RATES ftilUftfomatlen f df'fhe efifisl»ai¥ft , , days, ejcufsion tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee <fe St. Paul R'y' Co, within & dlstanee of £00 miles at fare and one-third for the round trip. TlekfeB to Hanover of New York. Fire Association of Philadelphia. Northwestern National of Milwaukee. Kockford W RockforYk! K. M. Uichmouri. V^V, .;' • "; ' ;,• - ;._;, ' ,;''•;' / ]-?» • • >; i B. P, Rnvftht ; , , A.,U. Uicliniond,,. ''' .'.'o!',K Ii«)h<tudfti' Vice "Pros. UasbiorV • ' •"»•'« Ass't, , Cash, Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank ' ' ' UANCJROPT, ••t locorportiteU nndfi- tho litws of tlie State of Iowa, None but home capital inverted. Author- t/ed capita), $&(i,omi Foreign »nd domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking hMsinehx traHciii'iwl, Special utteutlon given to collections, Jnsuvance written, "• i »n<1 from Kurope, niBEHTOBS-R. M. KiQUmond, N, K. «hprldwi, A. R. Ulehigrianfl.vfl. *", Sinitli. Samuel nw»ynf,(l. B. Mallory, J, N. Sheridan,' •' ' r ' . ^ ., •'*».!;;- Xafitd, Loan, and Insurance ' 158J. A large list of wild lands for sale, (mpraved farms $fl<J viUage '" °r rent. Farm loans op long tjme and low rates of Interest, oi BftncroU and Swea City, Iowa. B, M, RICHMOND, GALL AT THE Hotel your board bill in full', as you are liable to b"e;l)r6ugh;t back'and madeto'iiewej'which a.young^eilOwfound out yesteMay. '•'"•>•• li.'J. Rich ha» engaged an' 'experienced Norseman to break his yourig' l 'hoi i ses r of which ho has some thirty head. Ho is bound to make a success of 1 it. ' M. Stephens last week sold two foams'U> farmers'from near Eldora. M'arSh Is one of the best, if not the best, land man, in the co-unty. Fred Waterhouso was here yestarday and sold a lot of goods. He handles ft"good cigar and everybody that smbkes-should smoke it. ' •Ledyard news this week is scarce, as allha've behaved themselves wonderf u-lly^ Louis LessJrig was seen on" our streets today, He was up fb'r the purpose of eol- 1'ecft'ng a few notes. , IJLrUM CREEK. • PLUM CREEK, 14.—Ed., §impkins, G. Holman, S, G-. Maine and pthors (I, am one of them,) are tgetting out wood this fmo,weather, to beat all. Fred Miller intends to build a fence around his farm, F. M. is up with the frpyt rank when It comes to good neighbors, and to keep ttyem good at least, 'the pit? say ing-is; "Good fence's, good neighbors,"" Grandma Warner and sou Harrison, are- alone again. ' N • Mrs. purey had an accident. The C, & N. W, train ran into her vehicle and) smashed it into' atoms. Mrs. Carey wa-s quite badly bruised, but no boiies wepo broken, It was a miraculous escape. This fine weather beats the oldest i»» habitant »s well as every other maw,. Well, in this locality, the fall farm worfc is nearly all cleared ijp, and now • for lisa clearing up of the timber wllere the e-y* clone waltzed through, The Plum Crook'siuglug school Is PJ-Q* 'grossing finely now, under'the ma»age» m'eut of Prof, Boyle, He is a Jp Piviwly in that line. • • . r Fred Hugh s»ys he would not baticl^ it for a farm, J Jim ah foi'F^eoU- A, ! L, fteejcy says it Is pretty tougIt on him, us his son Jjunes hus flown from the roof, Heis:&« No»V'A> t? t»»s the ''chores" to perform, ;, UNION, j*;' Mrs ' WUsow " ! . Eddy is Clearing out her stock of candies, tobaccos, cigars and stationery and will use the whole building for the photo gallery. The present room will be the reception room. N. J, O'Brien, oiir barber, has just moved Into his beautiful new residence in College addition, Mrs, Elsie D. Carter, for years a resident of Wesley township, died Thursday morning, the Oth. She had a cancer removed from her breast about three months ago, and failed to recover frofti the effects of the operation. She waa'a member of the M. E. Church and was an earnest Christian. The funeral sermon Was preached by Rev. Plummer oh the Saturday following. Everything is going on smoothly now in our beautiful city. The horse doctors have skipped, the country- hogs have oaten the steer up, Al Ward has moved his goods to Clear Lake, the Wesley merchants have a No. 1 trade, and; happy. WHITTEMORE. WUITI.KMOBK, /Dec. 18.—Rev. Hotchklss Is gaining rapidly after h'is'long illness. '', C.' F. f Calkins was over with Mrs.Calklns from Burt to visit Craig last Weak.' ; Dr. Paul is having a drilled'Well put down! ' Vlntpu Hotchldns left Whittem'ore to visit 1 J frieiids south of Mason City for awhile, intending then to'go to his home in'Webster City. Miss Bird •Hotelliug fs'home from her studies for vacation! ' ' • Sheriff Samson was over Monday. . Craig Calkins has returned*" to'his home at Burt, having decided that he prefers farming to the p'ractiee of medicine, after la fair'irial of some tvinw montlis/ We shall miss him; ' . . .1 .., - , f George Huncna,is-an}oklng and setting up cigars—not. campaign cigars, but because of the arrival of a ; big Mother and babe are doing well., ,>, - , Wm. Oami-belMs on the ^ek list. Remember-we-havp ft, con)patept dentist of aver 20 years experience iWiti^ us, and he understands his business, too. He is not confined to pulling.teeth which" he objects to doing.-' Encourage him,to stay wjth us. t ' •' - CRESC-O. ' -.,' CIIESCO, Dec. 18.—George Bariv who has. been in'Oregon for the past year, returned; home last Friday. '' ' • ' Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Datttin, ol Whitte-f more, visited with their parents here last week. ' ' j Misses Carrie an* Clara Curtis returned home last Friday'tom an extended visit .in Ruthven; Emmetsburg amdWhiittemore: James Stew'art^rentito Armstmimg, Saturday, on'business.. -' ' ' The oyster siipijeii-at'Mrss-'Banisey's was quite well 'attended!. \ Mr. and >Irs. M^'A.'Sabin made'a buslr ness trip to Whittemdre'TniirS'day. Tho dance at Henry Tafileii's ended i^ quite a fight.' This will' pktoably'end th^ dance at th'at place^ "' -i ' i> •-'/' Mr, Thos! McArtiitir ,an(l^ daughter, of Union, visited at Alex Browu/s. Miss Mae Miller Is ,<&i& .the Watt Jones school, 1 , . .. . There was,a dau^at Ortifr .push's Friday eyoning., A larse-comp»n$!:Vn<Ji a good time are reported, i ,, , BUFFALO FORK! BUFFALO FpttK, Deb, K,~Ml88 LH Smith spent Saturday and. Sunday with hoc friends in Algous • ' Mr, Simon WJJts'e went to'tiejfmjinia last , Wednesday, with two4augbteps, to attend the wedding of Mr. Frajik Wiltseand Miss Myrtle Clement; '• • ' M^, W, A, Lftdejidoj'f.autfSQtt 8n d Miss Caltio Eickonrodt, of A%t«¥V,' visited at Henry Bartlett's, We understand'tlMit' Wili -puyisoi)' has pnve^ased ^lie fario forrowly. owiwl,Uy- The oystor-s^ppfj."'ftt M??,'Fox'S'-wft? vft4J ftttejided,' ftbost seventy being e»t, 'proceeds, fie;' • • Chas, Best ba'm-iBOv^ tQ"6Gi'm,anJai, ^ ft'Oio Ffeyettfr will o?cupy ' pjape. " ' ^' • v. ,• iv. be sold Dec, 24, gft&nd 81,1854 fttrd Jan. 1, 1895, with return limit up to and ing Jan, 2,1895, , 23fd, __ oc DENTIST » A. L. BiBT, B. B, S Local anaesthetic lor deadening baltt gums when extracting teettt. E, S. GLAS1ER, D. D, S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Bank, SPECIAL ATTBHTIO» GIVBH «o SA.VINO THB NAT0BAL TEETH, The best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless as possible. Holiday Announcement E desire to call your attention "to'-oiir most beautiful collec* ; tion of Novelties in Gold • and Sterling Silver f suitable for \Hoii4ayj knd Birthday Pr'esehtsl*Qur stock is beyond doubt the best selected and most mkgnific'cJni in tile city. Intending iitircn- asers will Stirely l ftnft1it to their'aavaiiitag^''to give us a call. ^ the goods we^carrV of the highest ^EMar'd of excellence dtidof »tti6 most exclusive' ter, our prices' are' lowest/ -"'""'? E. G, Boipr, &JBO, ft CLOUD, Attorney tod Counselor at LAW, ,.' 1 Offlfie QVef Koasuth (JotiHty,gtttt Postnffloa ALOONA, DAN80N <fe BUTLEE. LOAJfS AtfDLAXD, Oollectlofls a Sbeoiaity, '. > ss Office in Onrdnoroowles nevrbUHdifli, . '<*• -''f->^ B.V.SWBTTING. Money to loan. S. S. SESSIONS. , Gttttns and insurance. Special kttentidM 8«*^-t^H ; V • to collection* of Mil kindsT'-F " > WVtf **, om<jeoyerohriscftlll«i'stor& Algona, I Offlie on State streeY,' M. J. KENEFiqK, H PHYSICIAN AND SUHCEOW, .n\ AlKona,Iowa, ,™'"" f AND (Hied. Deals,In, ;p t • .,, book*, perfumeries, ete. ^ '7 Oat. State arid Tn6rlD K ton at>. - AJ«ona ^o ' s r^-.'K.tKf**- ' ''"ny^v > ' _ J"*w T« Regli'Iar-Omoe hours H ro 12 «, in.. 3 t«Vn)>B Ovter? WfohJer'B FHrtfUur^*me^.!;, ',""''&>'•*•= 'B«flfl$«ft north Sfj |f><. •v;. Algooa, Iowa. NEW Literary ow^ J'aTW^y Newspaper, i Undenomiaation'ftl, unbiased aiid impartial. A paper lor clergymen, sobolar» r . teuoli<- era, business men and families. It discusses ev^ry topic Of tbe d»y— reU«r*PUs, theological, oiittr ! f «ai,.UtepRry, social, to and 1 onst are Dfseaaea of Children a Mr 8 . Ilast.o ^w, - writsvn aa edttprg qf if? T,wf>i»*y'Oni partment, •' - AND DRUL^JS] ' wlJ^Water' TOWN ; JLOT 00, * . ^ i* S *- >.^ i them, feut l<» 1^4 & my , , JalmReUDKolfliud ijvo ;%s &..m LllCjft l '^Pffi**, - " 1 fr 5,31

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