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Oakland, California
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65 Cents Per Month DAILY AND SUNDAY A iflc i at Press, United Press, International ew and Pacijic Ieivs Service VOLUME LXXXX. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 26, 1918. NO. 61. TEACHERS WILL HELP NURSE 0e- 0 0 0 CALL IS ISSUED FOR MEETING Berkeley Flu Cases Sh ow uaii 0 Workers Are Needed in Aameda THE TRIBUNE HAS THE COMBINED TELEGRAPHIC NEWS SERVICES OF ALL THE OTHER DAILY PAPERS "FLU" CIS w'a sick persons Wanting ins I NIC I IrtuIquarterV Red Cross Committefe on Influenza Epidemic October 26, 1918.

To all school teachers of the public schools: Thc municipal hospital has been depending for its nurses' aids on unorganized, but willing, volunteer help. The seriousness of the situation at present time requires additional assistance. Realizing that the whool Ipachers arc organized and have had first aid training, we are calling upon you to attend a meeting at the auditorium theater on Sunday, October 27, at 11 a. for the purpose of organizing and IMMEDIATELY assuming the duties of nurses aids at the municipal luvpitaL (Signed-) 7 JOS. K.

KNOWLANI), Chainnan Oakland Chapter American Red Cross. TJANIEL CROSB D.City Health Officer. S. II. BUTEAU, M.

Superintendent Munieipal Hospital. FRED M. HUNTER, City Superintendent of Schools. JOSKPII E. CAUSE, Chairman Red Cross Influenza Committee.

-WAKHIGTOX, Oct 26. Klla ''lagg young, chairman, of the National Women's Liborty Loan com-mlttee, died today of pneumonia following an attack of At 5:15 last night the; first case for the new hospital in Adelphian hall Was sent in. From that time till nearly 10 o'clock last night the! ambulance was kept on the rush. I thpn e'Kbt cases in the. flt' tiosp seven men ami -ne baby.

Two of them are crl.t ically ill' 'norning and their recovery is lllllllfl! IIK f-'l' Kl 1 Ml I. 1. At' the Alanitl draft board throe of the attaches are ck Volunteer workers, chiefly from among the teachers of A mined, are carrying nhfe M0rlt' iangcr of infection and overlooking personal plans andlre Several young girls are stamping and out in oth.r W'aj H. ne ueacus ri porieci iayr lugiic r. number -three, with details as' to name, s'ill unprocurable.

One of the throe Is an infant nuined An-, drus. Chief of 'Police Walter O. Jacoby. whose sickness lias developed into acute penumonia and whose condition yesterday was extremely grave, is reported belter today. City Manager K.

Hewea.aifter a short, sharp illncHs, Is better, and ap- 1'fared at the city hull, yesterday to see what ho could to help the tic OFFICIAL TELEPHONES or reporting cases to the influenza hospital at the auditorium or offering aid or supplies? ring LAKESWEb(8. Private exchange connecting all departments. "'Red Cross Influenza Committee, Oakland Chamber of Commerce, Oakland 1915. lied Cross Nurses' Aid, Syn-dicate'Building, Oakland 3027. Hgalnst the epidemic.

Miss liuzel fluenza vaccine were, dfctributed assistant city clerk, is anton physicians throughout the' ported In a gray condition tQAlay. state under the supervision of th Summing up all conditions and California State Hoard of Health, it Chief of Police Nedderman today issued special orders to all policemen to ijiTaTTtirTtrasRs and to strictly enforce the ordinance which, though not finally jSw enforctble as an emergency meJuTe.ft The chief also reported that 41 officers were on the flu sick list 12 men from the northern division, from the eastern division and 24 from the central division. 1 PQLIGEMEiy IS WEARFLUMSKS discussing- thir rniiilttHrfl0n--4hi- facts available thia the necessity of securing more 'volunteer In the' fight Is the principal development of the day. Alamedans will, ljave to face the necessity of "going over the top" In Influenza service, Just the same as the city has gone "over the top" In all other war-time drives, said a physi cian tlrts -morning. Autos for steady service, workers in homes, "workers at the health board, will have to be fbllnd intie situation is to b-quickly and successfully moped with.


and Mrs. W. A. Streull, 2141 lie- Gee street, were at the cemetery yesterday attending funeral services for their daughter's husband, their son, William V. succumbed to Influenza at the family home following a week's illness.

Michael O'Connell. son-in-law of the streulls died in an army camp at St. Paul of Influenza earlier in i the week and his body was brought to this city for Interment. Mrs. O'Connell had lyc-n making her DIES AS PARENTS ATTEND FUNERA V4th approximately 100,000 tases of Spanish influenza: reported In the three coast states arid hundreds more being reported hourly in the larger cities the epidemic has not yet reached Its crest, according to statistics available today.

-the number of deaths is variously estimated in AVasliinKton. (jreiron ami California between 2,000 and 0U0. J-Jxact henres itre' nnf avail.1 Health authorities in most of the i vi rouK ior a sngnt mi line numoer ot caws, although they agree that the Innkn better today than IJhas for the last With 600 new cases reported In San Francisco up to 10 o'clock this morning, San Francisco's total number of -rases today was expected to Pass the 13.000 mark. Eleven deaths were reported hre in two hours today.

Health said Jhe epidemic Was being controlled through -tho use ot the flu masks. The number caSen In Peattle was' on thenceaseToTTay; TKg to- tal number of cases has reached with 298 deaths. Tacomtv reports the number of cases Increasing, Elghty-fpnr new cases were reported at Camp Lewis thlgf-niornlng. Ios Angeles health authorities believe the worst of the. epidemic there Is past.

In tho last twenty-fotir-tirmrs- g4-ntTv-cflfs-were re- ported, a decrease of 171 from the preceding twenty-four hours. The total number of cases since October 1 Is 10,608, with the deaths in the southern California city 417. Ios AnReles. schools will probably reopen November 6. Ninety per cent of the children at the Sherman Indian, school at Riverside have had the disease.

Approximately cases have beeir reported inRiverside. Physicians there belleVfMhe "peak of the load" has not vet been reached. sldering closing fbe stores In on effort ti check the disease. One hundred and seventy new cases were reported in Portlandhls morning. Stockton had 191 new cases and four deaths this morning, bringing the total number of case up.

to 1561. Since the beginning of the, epidemic Long Reach has had 1400 cases with 42 deaths. California has approximately cases and Washington state FLU MASK WITH DOOR IN IT FOR SMOKERS, FAD A flu mask with a door In It! That's-the latest. It's not exactly a door, either' a sort of flap. Just hlg enough to shove the face end of a cigar through--but It's bettered nesa 100 per cent at the Hotel Oakland cigar stand and now guests galore are clamoring for the masks.

Miss Corrlnne Harrington, fair dispenser nicotine In Its various the hotel stand, invented It. When Churley Leonard wanted a smoke she" "fixed" his gas mask for him. Two- minutes later there was a rush of smokera 'for similar operations. Deputy City Clerk Frank Merritt had a cigar holder shoved through his mask today. "Gene" Rowles, at the her of Commerce, had a long cigarette holder fastened to a flexible rubber tube that ran up under his mask.

Walter Rounsevel wore hia mask over his forehead while he stole a couple of puffs from a Turkish weed. Larry Williams Dies From Pneumonia SACTi'A il'KNTO. 26. "Thh Kluta Hiiarrl Il JI Ed arm infi.ian. i to la8t nlRht Koports will probably place the number above jo qoO influenza cases In Sacramento to.

tailed 917 at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. There have been 27 aths inc-e thc-6rttbrk of tha-U (rtll n9 WBr. cases from the county Jail. The city hs been divided into eight zones, and volunteer lied Cross nurses with their aides ire car'Med from home to home in automobiles. They remain at each limine about an.

-hour, caring for the sU'k, and prepare food for the family. Diet kitchens have been established under the direction otthff-school domestic science department. and 'the homo advice bureau of the Red Cross is giving financial aid to families in need. Four thousand doses of Spanish ln- was announced here. Between 6000 and 10,000 will be available daily next, Br, W.

II. ICellogg, secretary. the board said. Use of therum specially as a -preVeptlve will prc.e beneficial, according, to Dr. Its value as a means of relieving those suffering with influenza haa not been fully determined, he said.

Riverside, here open-air hoapltala snorted con improvement in conditions 0eorRft. Hecke, State horticultu ral commissioner, announced the Indefinite posponeme(nt of a series of conventions and conferences planned for November 11 to November 16. Horticultural Week at RiversideThis included the Interstate plant quaran- tine conference, St. Mary's to Hold Open Air Services Services at St. Mary's Klghth and Jefferson streets, will be held In the open air tomorrow at the usual hours of Sundays.

In order to keep the provision ot the board of health. Father Dempsey ordered that all who attend the open air service should wear the gauze majik as directed- by the Red Cross Society. The services will not last more than twenty-five minutes, as all music and sermons will te omitted. -r Liberty Loan Chief King Holding Own Joseph U. Kinp, executive rhairman 1 1 1 1 i Xth to reports from advliser9 King's cae developed Into pneumonia.

He had stay- ed at his desk until the finish of the drive, hattllng Illness tint II the work of the esmpalcn was over. f. With maHks the universal fashlo'n In the Kaslbay -region today, the health otllce redoubled its light-to Check the Influenza epidemic, while the new Influenza hoapl- tal at the Auditorium' received new I'UKerf, completed the last detail of Its crganjzatlon, and announced that It Is now ready to cpie with any situa- llun llnuln to arise In the eiiideinim The ejitire work in the emergency Influenza hospital is now under the general direction of the lied Cross, it was announced today by Captain Joseph K. Calne, executive chairman charge of the business details of the hospital. The same committees will remain in charge, hut the "rK irony-now on.

Is to be official led Cross J. lociay saw the mafk iriu With a SlOv line or ro days in Juil facing anyone who braves the city council's new order, the gauze protectors become ubiquitous. Today's rate of cases reported showed an increase of 240 cases. Yes terday's total of cases reported, was 8027, and this number today was swelled by 517 new cases. yesterday's rate of Increase was 277 cases, making today's increase In the rate 240., AT KMEKGKXCr HOSPITAL.

The emergency hospital at the Municipal Auditorium today reported a total of 200 cases under treatment and seven deaths to date, there being two deaths last night in addition to the five totaled since the opening of the hospital The significant feature of last night's arrivals, according to Dr. 3. H. liuteau, In charge of the hospital, was that GO per cent of the arrivals were Heretofore the majority of cases have been between ill and 45 years of age. Dr.

Euteau says that in many epidemics it has been noted that after first affecting the ages moat susceptible the Injection spreads first to persons younger and- then than the first tigcs attacked. This however, ho says, fy thtrory based on deduction only, 7.7.. 1 i 'iCt thal lltrvu muuucu IM I Il believes that the general use of the masks will show results within the next few days. 9 AK1 AlKhES ine principal need at the emergency hospital now Is trained nurses, according to Dr. liuteau.

Many volunteer workers are i registered, there are plenty of supplies and beds on hand, and Dr. liuteau says that there Is no doubt that the hospital ran now fully cope with the situation. Tomorrow at 11 o'clock. at the municipal auditorium a teachers' mewing will be held, when school teachers, out of employment since the closing of the schools, will volunteer their services to tare for influenza patients. 1 The stage women of Oakland, since the closing -of the theaters.

have volunteered through the Red Tom. Jane O'Roark In chart-. or the registrations at the Auditorium hospital, with several other per formers aiding her, and Marta VOslden. another stage Is head ing a rorce or actresses acting as volunteer nurses In home where these are needed. Mrs.

Klla Fluffs Young- was one of the best known woman educators lh the United States. She was a i iun ui iroKie.ssive euucatlonaL iu cum id wmi ii sue uevotcu more than fiftv vomii i.f hr I Chicago's public j-choois in lu from a of six, candidates, rive of whom were men educators, of national Khe succeeded Edwin G. Cooley and was the first woman" to be selected superintendent of schools in one of the largest American cities. As head of the puhjlc schools of Chicago she was entrusted with the education of 300.000 children. She inaugurated many Important' reforms, 'among these bein teaching of sex the the en- lafgement.

of the kindergarten course, an increase In the scope- of the. vocational trdlrrrTarTJrpiii liiiciit niiu eiijiiiiui-tiiiiiii in tne uui ricuium of the primary grades. HAD GREAT ABILITY. She was aggressive and possessed great executive ability. She insisted upon the complete divorce of politics from tho public schools and 1'ought many successful battles in support ot this Tn T9li uTitFrroirtif the Cliicuno school board planned to her froni her position as superintendent.

She anticipated the move l.y suddenly resigning. Mayor Harrison was appealed tn by the public to have her withdraw her resignation and return to her official duties although she was nearly 70 years old at the time. Mrs. Young declined to return unless her enemies on the school board retired. Mayor Harrison was obliged to accept the resignation of five trustees before Mrs.

Young would again assume her official duties. She triumphed iu every clash she had with the politicians in the school board affairs. Mrs. Young Was born In Ruffalo, N. January 15, 1845, and was taken to Chicaen bv her t.Mrenta when a young girl.

She was gradj uated from the Chicago public schools' and was appointed teacher In the primary grade, In 1862, when she was 17 years old. IX)XI OF TEAC'lIiyG. She was married "a Chicago merchant In 1S68 but her husband died a year later and' she returned to teaching. "I would rathe? teach- than do anything-in tho" world," Mrs. Young said orr one occasion.

President Villiam R. Harper of the of Chicago, who vas opposed to -the' appointment of women to important posts made an exception in Mrs. Young's case and appokited her a professor In the department of pedagogy In 1899. Mrs. Young nt first declined to accept saying: "I haven't a doctor's degree and I don't want to be teaching those who are working for their higher degrees when havn't one myself," "It's the'womun we want and not the degree." remarked President Harper ism he insisted she accept It.

Finally she consented to take the placo on condition that she should hrsn earn her degree. She left the 1'nherslty of Chicago In 1905 to become principal of the Chicago NormaL a place she retained until appointed superintendent of Chicago's public schools In 1909. She wag president of the National Education Association In 1910 and 1911. 250 Flu Cases in Lodi and Vicinity LODI, Oct. 26.

In spite of the drastic measures taken to prevent i no local health ncmrd is lining ev- ervthino- rvmslhle in enno with th. epidemic No more cases can, he sent to the county hospital, as the new temporary wards and every eonreivablo space is filled With patients. All Lodlans have been asked to wear masks. As another precaution the people have been requeued P. Kisich 5 418 THIRTEENTH 4 m.

me with her parents while her 'ctrlcken with influenza the day after tho husband jvas in tho service. closed holding his own against cases reported to date, Berkeley's Influenza record intk a sudden. jump, today as the result nf new eases reported to the health authorities. The large number of new patients reported Is attributed by the health office to the fact that phvsiclnfla are, so busy- ti.ev muk i ti of the reports daily. Nn alarm however.

it the sudden increase i no worse than earlier in tho week. Harvey Ilegnn Alien, sti idem at I the University of California and member of the iS. A. 'T. succumbed to pneumonia last, following a week's illness' of infju-enza.

Allen's mother, Chryrus Allen, wife --of a rancher of Madera, arrived yesterday in time to see her jKrtn )t. iq years ot be shipped to Madera. Mrs. Agnes M. 37 years old, residing; in Albany, also sue curnbed last uvening.

Mrs. Krlzell, who was stricken with the disease last week, arose from her sick bed to nurse-neighbors also afflicted aid contracted pneumonic resided In lone, Amador county. ALAMEDA, Oct. 26 Whether the influenza has reached the crest of Its top wave in Alameda ia undeter- mined today, largely owing to lack of reports from overworked nhvsl- I who are going night and day. without pausing to send reports to the Tlealth officials.

At the health bOHTil -this murninir thn nvornlirlvj ftd uulLjhm miner rpnnrlfl uhniirnil no improvement in conditions, liar assed and. overworked, health board attendants and nurses were Persistently trying to get autos and workers to respond" to emergency calls. At 10 o'clock no autos of the motor corps, had appeared. Plans for a steady campaign of work tonlcffit and Sunday are being formulated. More i-W4r-tr-g-r-- urgent lyheded.

This morning the health board staTf KaiT to confess its inability to meet the 2779 Cases of Influenza Now on Hand Total to date 3I5T4 Total caerf yesterday 3027 Today's increase 517 Yesterday's rate, of increase 277 Inrrease in daily 2 10 Total deaths to date 121 Total cases released 763 Cases on hand 2779 Cases released 143' Cases released 89 Deaths yesterday 19 Death Thurs-day 24 Cases reported yesterday 518 Cases reported 370 Stay Home 2 Days, Health Officer's Idea SEATTLE, Oct, 26. Warning Seattleites of the danger of crowds during the present epidemic of influenza, Dr. J. H. Mc-Brlde, city health officer, said today If people would stay home just two duys they-would do- nior toward stamping out the disease than all the doctors In the city.

Anticipating an order for their general use, elevator girls, clerks and all those coming In contact with tho public, have besieged tho Red frost headquarters for gauzo masks. Twenty-Qiia. deaths ancL373 new. cases, waa the toll of the disease In the last twenty-four hours Police Business in Alameda Waits ALAMEDA, Oct. 26.

The lnflu-enza has brought a halt to police business. AH police court cases, unless something especially urgent develops, have been, continued bv Po- lice-. I udire L. It. Weinmann till' No.

es es Influenza cases to the new hospital at Adelphian Hall and a report of a stolen automobile In Berkeley the ticker is blank. to clean up all refuse about their premises. Public gathering places will reitnaln closed until the epidemic has RESTAURANT STREET, OAKLAND SI. 30 Tomorrow $1.50 SUNDAY, OCT. 27 our $1.50 9 i SPECIAL DINNER SPECIAL frnlt M.raarhlBo Oliry In Hrauchra -faltart Almnnda tlllvmi rh Ounilii.

er L-f I'oiiRemtne ItoTiit Klllot of H.ilmon Marmr- bllced Tomatoes ml ureeu IViwr Aiitfnnnai.e Roast Yoiinn 'J'Hrkey Hunt Proaalng CrrfntH'rry Sai.c Htrlnu lleana Sniiti. -BrimiH-il Hwpit I'otatiiea Niatmilian I. t'reasn A.iuirtft InelmllnK Pint Moiic Krlallug nr Klufandel .50 1 FL Gl Fred K. Morse, commissioner of pub lic liCTHh-qd-saJfctjJMlJponilrig 'Is- sued orders to 300 War Service speclaT police to co-operate with" the regular officers in enforcing the wearing of "flu" masks by all citizens of Oakland. This corps of special police, which is composed of.

both men and women In bout equal proportion, will be In structed iu their particular duties They wi mnVe nrrr.r lnl wilt ao-uro th n.iA.HHr.... whom they find violating the to wear masks end report the to police headquarters. If the person reported persists In re-fuilng to comply with the "flu" mask rule the regular authorities Will deal with them in accordance wlrh the new city ordinance on the subject, which provides for a fine of' not less than 15 and not more thari JI00 or ten days mi) jail or Doth a fine and Jail sen- BETTER RETURNS Recent sharp. Increases in the prices of citrus fruits and of eggs' has caused much complaint among consumers, who have been asking" why the food administration does not take action in the matter. Ac- ording to Food Administrator Ralph P.

Merritt investigations have br i niade frequently 'by the adminW.a- tion and the fact disclosed that the wholesaler and retailer are making but a limited profit: The producer, over which the food administrator has no control, according to Merritt, Is receiving better returns this year for his products than formerly. According to the food administrator produce is held by representatives of the growers, usually their association, until they can- market their crops at an advantageous thus making sales to firms thllt nffor lha hlirhod, uranges and lemohn, with a iioavv demand, are being bid for all over1. the- ccuintrv. wvs Merritt, and the highest figure gels them. The bulk of the orange and lemon crop hav ing been marketed also affects the market, he states.

15-YEAR-OLD GIRL STILL IS BEING HUNTED Prudence Sehely, the 15-year-old girl who left her aunt's home last Wednesday and for whom the police have been making a search, has not yet been found. The. girl's disappearance was re-, ported to the police by Mrs. J. Russ, 3125 Brookdale avenue, w-liere she had been making her home.

The girl Is very fair, live feet nine inches In height, weighs about 130 pounds, and wora a 'plnk and white dress when she left home. Ralph Young Is Victim of Influenza News of the recent death and burial of Ralph Young at Mare Island, following an attack of Spanish Influenza, lias been received In tills ity by friends of the young man. Several years prior to his enlistment with tho naval re- i serves, Toung had occupied the position nf ma lit tllA utrxwa rt Tft Penno.ver. He Is the first em- plnyee of the firm to lose his life In the service' of When the young man first Joined the naval reserves he went to-Ran--Pedro, but later was transferred to Mare Island, where he contracted' the fatal malady.

He was a member of the Mutual Aid association of the firm for which he formerly worked. But a short time ago Young visited friends in Oakland. Automobile Hurts Not to Prove Fatal Charles H. Bradley, age 79, who was run over by an automobile truck driven by George Roland, last night at Broadway and Fouoteenth street. Is reported Improving at the Oakland central hospital.

Bradley sustained a fracture of the skull. He was crossing the street with his niece, Mrs. F. C. Ilaak, at the time of the The truck belongs to the WellR-Farfco Company and Koland had been driving It.

only three days. Bradley resides at 1925 drove street. Jack Pickford Is Recovering From Grip LOS ANOELKH, Oct. 26. Word of the rapid recovery of Jack Pick-ford, who is recuperating at the Lambs Club In New York from threatened Influenza, was received here 'today.

Young Pickford, who Is in naval service In the Brooklyn navy yard, will sent' to sea on a U-boat chaser as soon as he Is pronounced thoroughly fit 0 COPS ARE OHDERS PRODUCER GET I I I I l.k Streull was 33 years old and a ha tive ot San Francisco He is sur i t. Hed by his parents, his sister, Mrs. Louise O'Connell and one brother, Albert Streull. i YJffct i 'Ac, I morning, chief wtvo has just rec overed from-a swre attack Of the disease, said: "1 would like torail the attention ot th-e public to themos excellent work being done by the, 'prisoners, both men and women, who volunteered from the city Jail and Who are now at the1 Auditorium Emergency Hospital working like Trojans to help the unfortunate victims of the flu. "I am Indeed glad ,10 say that when this epidemic is over I shall ask that all of theme prisoners be released on parole, for 1 believe they have done and are doing splendid work which shown that after all.

the are good Joyal American citizen switi a strona dash of tine Christian manhood and womanhood stili active in their lyings in spite of the tact that they have had to be jail for minor infractions of' the law." Close Muffler or Take Consequences Motorcycle riders who leave their mufflers open will hereafter be dealt with severely by the police aurhori- Sergeant A. Wallman, In charge of a special squad of plain clothes of-fleers, but night arrested two vio- iators of the law. The noise made by these persons 1ms been a source Of greut hardship to the many influenza, patients and as a re- suit fhe physicians complained to the ponce authorities, who at once made arranagements to suppctts the nuts ance. Chain Gang Sent to Aid Crave Diggers t. Maryg Catholic cemetery to- appealed to the city for aid In the digglngof graves for the large number of Influenza victims, wbich have completely overwhelmed the siv.u1w,,,,k department this morn- fmKferred the chain gang from wrk tne cemetery to in uiBEiiiK ine vntee.

inere are about twenty men on the gans at this time. Cigar Stores Are Miffed at Masks "Cigar stores will be hard hit from now until the "flu" epidemic Is checked a4d the gauze mask relegated to the ashcan." was the statement made today by a prominent cigar dealer. "The gauze mask does not permit of the "use of cigars, clarettcS or pipes and even the habitual tobocca chewer would be forced to forego his usual 'chew of terbaky," for with the "flu mask covering his visago he cannot very well engage In the pastime. Omit Friday Fast During Flu Epidemic Archbishep Hanna has served notice that so long as the epidemic of Spanish Influenza eklsted he desired to relieve every one In the arch- diocese from the observance of fast on Friday. While the communities are fighting the -epicUtiiilc the arch bishop wishes all to have the ut- most freedom In the matter of meals, as plenty of nutritious food Is the nf .1 UA wii-Ru uKaii'rn lilt: of tho disease.

3 Sedition Cases on Court Calendar Vincent STaluse, convicted of -violating the Jackson sedition ordinance, will be sentenced October 30 by Mortimer' Smith. Frank Shade, charged with Violating the same law. will appear for trial October 2S, and Joseph Campbell, also convicted under this orrtianec; will b4 sentenced October WANT ADS Inierted before this' hour Sat. eve. will appear in SUNDAY'S TRIBUNE IS) 1 hiJinMm.te'frtVnJ! epidemic, r-panlsh influenza Is is or later.

The nolle Hrp nmv for the last three watche SnZ hisiw m. 17 1y Lo11 aml vic inity, anowH no arrests. Save note H.Ji Three deaths have been reported. on ambulance activity In.removln rlipri fun rlnva iirn It, ISri i irt Today saw the motor mufOer law rigidly enforced. Every automohU-M must keep his muffler on within the cltv limits, or face arrest.

The health department reports the following Spanish Influenza: Lela Jwln, 4105 Montgomery afreet; EllzajVeth Splllman, 1054 Forty-seven tjl street; Walter Cheno-wlth, 679 Twenty-fourth street; Nick Poklesovieh, 1778 Seventh street r- A. Jones, Oakland; Thomas Hill, Oak- land; John McLellan, 1107 Ashmont street; Iifnda Feulllng. 2024 N'lckle; -t-eyerna Fields, 2229 Thirteenth Edith Pearee, 5689 Oak Grove avenue; Henry Field, 641 Twenty-second street; Walter Thornblom, S844 Telegraph avenue; Curtis Way, 1329 Second avenue; Francis Hanib, M7 Thirtieth street; Nellie Kevm, 596 Thirty-sixth street; Frank Har I 1 Ours is the largest and best Ventilated Restaurant in Oakland. All of our employees wear "Flu" Mass, so if you are going out to dinner We herewith submit enu for Saturday and Sunday. i.

i in h- Ing to telegrams received yesterday from Lieutenant Colonel Kllgore by hi parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Williams. A telegram preccded-ihe news of his death announcing his condition aa serious.

He died from pneumonia. Wlllams was a senior In the University of California when Be volunteered for service. He was a member of the Wgma Nu fraternity and had been prominent In the campus activities. He 1 was 24 years oldWllllams was in charse of the details that made the buildings tor his unit ready Tor ufo following the arrival In France. Fund Is Growing to Make Flu Masks Oakland has manifested its gratitude to the local chapter of tho American Red Cross, which Is distributing free the Influenza masks, by voluntarily contributing 1'00 to the epidemic fund.

Fifty-thousand masks have been made and distributed by the Oakland chapter workers. All the contributions which ar recolvcd will be used In combating the epidenibv Doctors and Nurses Are First Vaccinated Doctors and nurses at the Emergency Hospital at the' Aidltorlum 1 were vaccinated today with the first the new antl-lnfluenza vaccine, which was received by Dr. E. F. Jones, city bacteriologist, from the University of California.

As soon as more comes It will be.ued by local physicians In regular The supplyiM very! limited. I David Hannan Not Victim of Epidemic The name of David Hannan, tn aged man who tiled at the Kings Daughters' Home Wednesday, was Included In. the list of -thoHe dying from "influenza by mistake. There were two other deaths from influenza of persons named Hanua, and tha cause of Manna's death was i given as Influenza. He died of a chronic i disease of long Mantling.

Ho far there his been no case ot Influenza at-tha I per, 803 'Mnth Fernandez, Armas, Oakland; Hazel ParsonV 2514 Market street; Agnes Reivers, ,6433 Chabot road; Ward McLeod, 1128 East Twenty-second street. The Only lilORA I Is Open I THE TRIBUNE HAS The Associated Press (Exclusive for Alameda County) The United Press, The International News Service. The Universal Service (Sunday morning) Nq otlirr newsjtnpcr. est of Cliit iieo all of tW tee- prapliic wrvuTH jJo otlirr evening 'newspaper on the I'acific Coast has more thiinf two of lhe services. The TRIBUNE has the combined Telegraphic News Services of All Other Newspapers: $1.25 Tonight $1.2," SATURDAY, OCT.

26: our $1.25 DINUCB. 'x Vft Cnb Illpe tlllvi'D Cliciw t'liow rhllif.ll t'cpiier I'et nr Corlinmnie Jullenno flrr -Bullcil Silinon HnlliniluU. i Waldorf Salad Stewed sprlnn l'blckfii duntry Hijln of IVaa aIhn1ip(1 Potntoea Vanilla lif Cakfa lvml Tavaa 1 9 1.23 $1.23 FUN i In Town Daughters' Home. I.

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