Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 16, 1918 · Page 9
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 9

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1918
Page 9
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Cxelutlv Atfociattd Prnt THE TRIBUNE HAS THE COMBINED TELEGRAPHIC NEWS SERVICES OF ALL OTHER D A I L Y PAPERS 63 Cent? Ter Month btutifc DAILY AND SUNDAY,'. ml Associated Press. United. Piss. International-New and . Pacific News Service iMtUdPr. International rlewa rvc VOLUME LXXXX. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 16, 1918. NO. 51. Oakland appears definitely- to be rallying for . a whirl-wind flnlBh to Ik. fn..n.k1 Ihav iplv. At J least that is the view taken of the situation by the Liberty loan com mittee executives, according to a BtAment made atthe Liberty loan Precinct ' captains and lieutenants have 'reported to tne nomo ca.uva.io department tnac mere w uv-wuo. it,, ,ii,n In thn . HUbSCriD- tions for bondH throughout the residential nertions of the city. Atfcthe headquarters of ihe Liberty lbati committee salesmen report an unusually heavy demand for bonds, tlrfe majority of the sales made bein for bonds of the smaller denominations but representing In nearly every Instance doubled subscriptions. XKAH HONOR. DAY TOTAL. According to the .local banks yesterday recorded the biuprest volume of indlvldu.il subscriptions taken since Honor Day, whwf Oakland Buhnrrlbed for more than $3,000,000 worth of bonds of Ihe fourth war loan. fKoth the Liberty loan committee and the banks' admit being highly-encouraged by the results obtained during tne last iwo uaj. Kxecutive of the Liberty loan committee attribute a great deal of the present activity In bonds to the j reply of President Wilson to the f Gurman note in which the nation's I chief executive stated that there would be no. end to the war at the prwent time. Commenting upon the local situation, J. H- King, executive chalr-; man of the liberty loan committee, i this mornlntr Issued the. following f. statement tn c'l T IVrtv loan work- rs In Oakland and Alameda coi ty: .- -r . f " ' ""The Fourth Liberty loan has Weed sadly In many districts of the county, nut tne oimmi counting absolutely upon you to bring the campaign to a successful close. . KAISKH CANT HIDE IT. "It In absolutely" nweanary that the Liberty loan workers do so. The kalsor may be able to keep much bad news from his people but he will never be able to suppress the fact that a united American public has subscribed the greatest war fund in history and Is determined to complete ttje absolute ruin of KalPerlnm. autocracy, militarism and brutal junker rule. "America, must answer the kaiser's pence offensive with an oversubscription to the fourth Liberty loan llH!"il upon the present situation In . Oakland there la a. tremendous lak ahead of us that must be completed successfully - within the nest three days." Announcement was made this morning that a number of Important meetings were to be hold dally by the executive committee and the majors of the home canvass department between now and the end of the week. It Is the Intention of the executive chairman and the departmental chairmen to kecg an exceedingly accurate check upon the Immediate developments of the campaign plans which- govern the vlmiupf the drive. KAC-KS' CHKCB CTIARCF.' Manuel M. Oarcla, said to be the on of a prominent dairyman of the vnth. was arrested at the Sixteenth street stntion last night charged with attempting to pass a fictitious check un Jan McCarthy, proprietor of a saloon on Sixteenth street near the an..v,f. Pflpifle dpnnt. Ir is said to have admitted that the check was bogus and was turned over to In-ipector Richard McSorley for further Investigation. . 1 HERE you will find better fttod select'on with right ort of tervice. SADDLE ROCK .RESTAURANT DANCING UI music Entertainment by srtits of reil " ability 418'l3th S Telephone for Rttervatinny OaklandJ$26 TRUrtlirift can sdmit no heii-' tanry of derision in choosing ' between tailor-marl clothes anil the hand-me-down kind. The price difference i trivial compared to the difference in quality. If you don't get every ilem of sat isfnetion from thn clothes yon buy, you sre losing wasting, a portion of their purchase price. My tailored clothes do give.satit-fartion, and satisfaction in all the things yon require in clothes style, hand-tailoring and permanent hang, wear and. perfect fit. ; i LADIES' SriTS TO MEASURE IN 'SAME mCII-CRADE-ORDER M. BOCK Room 6, Macdonough IiMg.t Fourteenth and Broadway BKisich m Qara C-uJ $4 I bL ! 1! ARE YOU SLACKER.OR PATRIOT? DON'T PARLEY, RUT BUY BONDS Your share of the fourth Liherty Loan is an amount .which will bring your -total subscription up to at least 20 per cnt .of your wealth. - For example, you are worth $10,000, Twenty per centofUhis is $2000. You have subscribed to previous loans and the present loan as follows: , $250 first loan; $500 second loan; $500 third loan; $750 fourth loan. Total, $2000. ' "7 . " If you have npt subscribed to any oftlic previous loans you should subscribe $2000 toward the fourth Liberty loan. If you have ho money on hand, go to any bank and it will assist you to carry out your obligation to the government. 1ntil you have exhausted every resource to accomplish this end you have not fulfilled your duty. Ask yourself eery night this question as Mary Pickford does: "What have I done today to help the Liberty Loan?' Because you owe money is no excuse for staying out. You are a slacker if you look around for any excuse not to buy. FIRST BOND SLACKER CASE IS ALLEGED fiy MHKKTY A)..V 'COMMITTEE. The Fourth liberty Ixan Allotment t.'ommittee . (acting on -. behalf of the United States Treasury Department.)- Is composed of responsible Oakland business men, who are reluctant to injure or do injustice to any fellow citizen. They are pro foundly impressed, however, with a sense of their refpohsl-blllty for the attainment of Oakland's Fourth Liberty Loan quota; and bclim-e that duty, as well as Justice to the large numbers of citizens who have responded promptly and. sufficiently, compels them to name thono Individual!! of mran?. v. ho. with other bond slackers," ar making Oakland's success' dif ficult. Therefore, from day to hereafter In this column dav will appear the reports of tlie Investigating committee on llagrant canes of slacking. CASK XO. 1, ' (Other v.111 follow) ' E. A. WHITAKEIi, 2302 17th Ave., who, Investigation shows, owns Oakland property of an assessed value of $492,000 (real value approaching $1,000,000). and who admits debts of only $23,000, has refused after much urging to buy more than $5000 worth of Fourth' Loan bonds. His allotment wan fixed at ($25,-000. An equitable allotment would have been much in excess tif this amount. He declined the opportunity of muklnglany statement for publication. ( DEMRIOVS ntOM! "Fixl" Barefooted and with ncant clothing, Harry Cooney. age 1", was found by the police wandering In Broad-uy noar Sixth street last night. He was takim to the Receiving Hospital where he was found to bo suffering with inlluenza. His parents live at the Monopole Hotel, on lower llrnnib'v. " TODAY TO SATURDAY 12 NOON TO 11 P. M. Unexcelled program at bargain prices 4FEATURES4 Norma Talmadge IN ''Her Only Way" CRACE DARMOND IN 'The Crucible of Life' NORMA. TALMADGE "HER ONLVWAV ? IStLF-CTW fl PtCTURffl ' ALSO Th third official War pictures " Direct from France - " The Far Flung Battle Line" .', Todayt-AUce Brady; Thursday, bus-tin Farnumi Friday, Marguerlta fjlark In a wonderful Liberty Loan Picture Daily! Bargain prices: 3800 nests: matinees, 10c; niKhta. 10c and 15c. Tax extra. Why pa more? Next Sun. to Tues. ' Spa Oakland motheri", sweet-heartu and wlvfa (ndina; thplr smiles to "our boys" In France. Wonderful motion pictures taken at Lakestd Park Knndny, Aus pices "Oakland Tribune." Farm Loan Bonds Not to Be Sold WASHINGTON, Oct. 16. Federal farm loan bonds will not be offered for marketing in the near future. It was announced today by George TV'. Norrls, federal farm loan commissioner. i ARREST FOR THEFT. James Bryant, said by the police lo be a user 'Of drugs, was arrested last right while attempting to steal a luantlty of butter from the Free Mar ket at Washington and Sixth streets. HELP OUR GOVERNMENT (SrcatAincrinm JnsnranffCompaitg' (Incorporated 1872) has subscribed $3,375,000 " - - . - to the . ' Fourth Liberty Loan and also subscribed $1,000,000 to eacfi of the three previous loan MAY ALLISON DIVIDES HONORS WITH MADALINE TRAVERSE IN' DELIGHTFUL PLAYLXG A double-bill that aaaures a delightful treat for those who appreciate and enjoy superfor film productions Is belnj; presented at the American Theater today and will ontlnue until Saturday; "The ttetu'rn of Mary," an entrancing; drame of love, romance-and humorous complications, In whirl beautiful and Accomplished May Allison assumes tho leading role, will demonstrate the fact that orlginalltyjn writing and producing a play la not-a lost art. This excellent romantic drama Is full of unusual siPiatlons, unexpected climaxes and sparkling humor. The other feature production on the program, "The Cnlllaux (,'ase," Is a powerful story of ,a brilliant woman, it &M t . I 1 ' f 1 " ' MAY ALLISON , ' ' 1 ' ; 1 1 1 " . 1 - Carter's Lime Liver Fills You Cannot be A Remedy That Constipated fesS r-fe and Happy vj!L"i Worth Living gJZL IS.- fARTER'S IRON PILLS many colorless fares but will greatly help most pale-faced poopU !NEW LIFE PUT INTO 1 - - District-Ouklnml llcikt-lcy Quota. Subscribed. .$f.1.X20,350 .$8,498,900 !,35 1,700 2,57,200 1,01(0,250 90,150 220,400 232,05ft 170,1150 26100 274,750 .Ylaiiuxla . . . KnicryviUo... . lliiyward . . . I.l'rmoro , . I'loasanton . ,. San ICiuidro Hf-liintii Township. . 1)00.150 80,250 335.950 258,700 109,850 390,500 318,050 Total il&.l$i.50o $13,401,150 I , Piedmont, up to 9 o'clock this . iiiuiujiij,-,- loa.oyv. i . Pleasanton's entire district went over the top today in Its fourth Liberty loan subscriptions, following the lead set yesterday' by the city of Pleasanton. 'The total quota for the Pleasanton district is $169,850, and today the district had reported subscriptions totaling $170,950. . Piedmont has increased Us over the top lead to $185,300. Uerkeley and Alameda ,are going ahead, al though both are well over the top I. rmrwlll Oakland continues to fall behind "In the daily' average ; necessafy If it reaches Its quota, x .a ,o j r- - DOUBLE-BILL N(T ATMERICANTIIEATRE 4 possessed of remarkable physical chants and dominant personality, who, embfJ tered by the Inability of hsr husband, an unsuccessful and obncure writer on a Freneh newspaper, to gratify het mail desire for social recognition, wealth, place and power, rjthlcssly casta hltn aside that she may marry another who has promised to assist her in Machine ino Koai or, ner senmn aninitions. This mancSnd woman do not lifsltato to. resort to any means of accomplishing their purpose not even murdur and treason. Tills sensational drama abounds In exciting situations and thrilling; scenes, - rc.tutlfiil Madallno Traverso appears In lhA lending rolo and is aupportud by an all-star cast of exceptional ability, Advertisement. , : v7 if v., FOR LOYALTY Organized labor is. urged, to place the welfare of the country first ana ' lt;l aeians mm enen un- womci i await adjustment until a lirne of lees jnatiotial stress arrive?-; in an 'uppcal 1 issued by R. K. Carroll. pri-siUfitt of the local Shipyard Laborers' Union. The appeal says: "If 1 had a friend, who by Ms every act bad shown his friendship ! for me, and that, friend was' in i trouble and worrlment of mind; and if that friend was -Indebted to me Mint im account of the press of other lalmuJltH he asked iric to trusuhim Jittle longer, Ht the same time ac knowledging my right to attention as soon as possible, 1 tt'ould consider myself an ingrate not to" heed the request that I bo patisnt for a little time until my claim could be taken taken care of. t "Such a' Tlirml hat Presiden Woodrow Wilson been to labor, every appeal lias been listened to by him and its. importance given proper value. And where a doubt has .appeared to exist, the men who toil, and wno ',lever "H.a. a JXltU..aV-US "eun ,,r -,.n. before upon whom they xWe Know that' if yrtii undcrctooil thf high--nimllty of thep $.V iex Phononraplis tlint ire giTtiiR away frep to all who buy tltr flrt nuppiy of rccnruH from ut, you wytiiu onlpr yuun it once. And Yo ShouldKnow . that or (trat ffpr U absolutely, hent and bona ' fide. iTi luachtnet are exactly what w clalnK 1 ttfy hHte a wuiwrti t-ii. handsome arMH-araftce and play tJraut'fiitiy. Fhis Is Your Opportunity ao don't wait. Every ttaf mean the kms of so much amusement, . 50 Rex Phonographs FREE Ormnd Tone :aiM.i $, ir"v.-i? :T Finisbaa Yours for the 'e merelj- a.k you to tgw In Ukr. mny record!; Jut limltid Dtuuhcr. refulsr prices, make your own afl.ctiiii lid 'take only on rerorrt s week If ynu like, 'nils offer t for s llmlteil time. So set while the opportunity In at liBnil." Write for Term- for Out-of-Town Customers. STERN Talking MachineCo. 1432 SAN PAMiO AVKXCK, HKI,MI. CM,. OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS 1085 Market St., nr. 7th, 8. F. " 1111 MacOonald Ave., .Richmond Parents, Attention - Hava your child's eyesight tested now at the beginning of the school term. Uolna;. so may mean ''their isdocesa or failure In their studies. CH AS. H.WOOD ' x oPTOirraiSr. idTmTT Tmc i.-JKiMa Eve $200 Reward RTOLKN, in Mnn'Jow. Clmnillcr 191H .Model; liliiu-liliu'k,. ' llfctiNP 42354, motor 4n.'tT:. J(nr unil oliU curtulns have ilatc rIhk; huniT and motor nn'tfi; ' ji'so tear In up-holNtprlno; on clrhVr's lilf: (viilpi,il Ciooilji-iir tires; ichhicI SJiiii. V. U.-Gil K i:WA LI', Boa 59, Ilouto "A," 1. tin ton, Cal. STOMACH TROUBLE AND CdfcSTI-i. PATIOr4. i 1 Thos who are troubled with Indigestion and -onilntln may find permanent relief iy t;ikln(( Clmmherlrdn's Tablela.' Hoy K. King, OrlKkiiny, N, if., writes, "Chamberlain's Tablet cured mo of a bad eii"f of Btoinaeh troubla and j ronatijiifitlon,"' Kof aal by Osgood Broa." Lru Utarawdvwttaam. I .if i lie Ilea ll'CIII fSPIrl: Homes, Hearts Open Twenty - Five Want Just William, lrown-e.ledi laughing and four years old, did not have a ui at hex last : Saturdav. Today there are 25 -.mothers fighting, - pleading, imping, praying, persuading that Wjililam bo tlielr son. l-'rom a forlorn, i!l-ckthed lad u((h a dubious future," William ha.-' suddenly become the important personag-n an exciting human drama and ilus most wanted son 1 ii Ofkland. William Ih taliing his good I for-tiuio with the calm philosophy of childhood. He loves them all. .He (could absolutely rely, have been given ".he full hcnetit of the doubt. . j "Ity stii h a'tlme of stress as the j present, just as it iWns as though se are'on the ihresholit of victory, it Appears to mo that we can be pa-t.ifht a few diosjonget, "1 would cathiM- live on cornmea! mush than refuse to help hulld ghios every thty in the week, or do ifiy- I other .iOKjhat helps to spell victory. "I wi;.t tu'urge others to take the same ground. AwMsfcSafflJ Bonds U J "OAKLAND'S STORE THAT UNDERSELLS U U llStf fflllRPfflFR - lnst'like that, that's about what the President said to the Germans; that a the waywe treat hii'h prices hcrewe just wipe em out. J n at is also a gooa reason wny we wv w cfl good clean, staple merchandise cheaper th an any other store in Oakland. 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In the ni'Hin.tiinei'Ys mothers are arguing their cases and present! tu the credentials which they are each confident will win for the happy burden of the laughing bat)'. William, the youngest of four children, whose father was nt . financially able to male his wages go round In the motherless household, needed a mother. The TRIFSl-'N'E told the tragic little tale on Saturday night. The fath r ! .Mi'Wf.l hi difficulties to Mi's, i Fred Harrison, social agent for Aia.u:i.'(la irount , and with tears had (XMliincd that while he could boa.nl tin-, three older children and keep hiuX"l,f going in a poor soil of way.yfKtlo William .was the ope ioo''iiin"y. Ami he 4-uon a blight, mlrjmful youngster that Mr. llarrlstyfi herself fell: In love with him Lucky William! Hut the question is. whoswson will William lie. 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Kellogg, 'chairman of tho Kpe;ial standing r'c'dmritlttce of the 'association, ' as-! sorted that labor conditions havft 1 forced the consolidation of 250 dally ! papers in the United States and the jsupension of 850 papers since the-; war began. Prediction w as madot ! that the cost of paper would "reach; j$S0 a ton soon, an increase of $19' lover tho present, price. 1 werepresent at 4he meeting from Minnesota. Wisconsin, MiehlBan Iowa. Indiana-Illinois, Kentucky and j Missouri. CASTOR1A For Infants and Children in Use For Over 30 Years SEDA LINDA SILK A new silk mixed material; soft, lus--trous washable and serviceable for waists, linings and -underwear; 36 inches' wide; all the new colors TKtV and white, at yard....:. 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