Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 17, 1918 · Page 31
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 31

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 17, 1918
Page 31
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iixr.cn it, isis. $2 ' 51DAY MOrJvlNG IB 1515 ARKETIF4G iii IHuge Welfare Work Grows Out of War i c- 0 C iHow England Cares For Workers' Families o o o 0 iTake Measures to Secure Labor in Plants "Market your wheat before Mir 1." I a part of an argent "war call to patriotic farmers mad by Herbert C. Hoover today iw a telegram to Federal Food Administrator Merritt for California. The urgent demand of the allies for wheat and the need tn take rare cf domestic supplies was given a the reaeon for the appeal for early and complete marketing of wheat bv May 1. except tha eces.-ary reserve for feed. .tt'ncle Sam Is fighting for hi life." Hoover declared lt his telegram which follows i 1 ! Br RWETA CHICLE 00. fTHiljNE ar CftiN'if't Aftreae.) T. N!'"sN. Ma-ch l it was In one of r a great 1 . 1 ,'r,l suburbs of IaBdon. a fla. e f narrow coMet s'reets flanke. en both irt-s b f-iej-flsh hop. fut..c ho;. g'er-o gtce-s and e(ter purvev-c.-s. l-cbie-de. i trapros's ;ar.g'e.i r. .-' tifg fe wsvs. fi ever a i. s"et. shops, trais and hurrying crowds r workirg people a pull of reokT fog i.hf h in ich tei-h bcrhood answers (or s'l-oepher. Tk the left, behind h gh walls guarded at eerv cite by rcary o!iceT.en, Usui -i ni trie largest muuitlurs work in i-at Pn.atn. As far a the eye coild se. huge t.-.ili! ngs frr which poure.1 the r-ar at ira.-hii.erjr, the clang of steam hnvmr art tha whir and t of wfee'.s. everhenj. towertng chimneys belching smoke and flame. The place was, in fa.-t, a oensideraMe town rievmerf during twentv-four ho.irs of eery day to trie production at highest Brur of arr;a aid ammunition ami "la orjer that we mar comply with! ". n.aterial for Pntam army in the tha urgent demand of trie allies for,"1- wheat and at the same time take re ' tvtJVTMiNO WAS DiATY of our domestic surply, we urgently!0" l9 . reed this year earl.er and more corn- t,Jy .''.J plete marketing of the wheat in ' Th. r,te i,Triea running up am! down farmers' hand than usual. The al-i wer dirty g'av like the buildings. It lies are taking from us 5 per cent oria. on tns whole, arxmt tne most hope. ieniv tig!y suit utilitarian ipot mr pil-gnmae throuili wartime lnr'and bad other cereals thun wheat to mix in their bread. WAK CALL ITn VliWT. ' "Inasmuch as the people allied eountrie and the soldiers must te fed with bread baked in bakeries, it is Impossible for them to prepare bread made whollv must furnish them with sufficient wheat to maintain the bakery loaf. I. therefore, appeal to all the farmers in California that they shall bring ail their wheat, except their necessary reserve for feed, to market before May 1. This It a war call, and a serv Then suddenly I came en a small oasis in the Sahara of ugliness, it was a lone. low t.uiltiiMg surrounded with n.1n nalirits ily g uiie rang a hell, a a-wr rjwne.1 and we. stepped into one of ' I RHETA C1IILDE DORR RHETA CHILDE DORR of other rerials. and w. nwrt ik; "'Zn,":c ' I and white i.jes, fat, ronieutetl ,,1 1 emergency, appeslinr tr patriotism, and gu'Klv, tixiilietl and crawled ever the!'"1""' "im h (lilTuiltv ther oltalnet an white floor, played with blis ks st low ' enormous miniiter of t lt-sn. comfortable ths or slfot Lieacefuilv In rnrnm : and safe lHiKlng for lounl'lon woikera. There a covered veranda adjoining! These lodgings iiave b-eti supplemented the niain room, and beyond that a gar- j over the kingdom by hutrls, soma ien s.acs, where, the head nurses ... I eftshllshed In rented houses, others In sored nie. they were able in summer to i portable houses sinil.ar to the Y. M. C. SAILOR DIES; 511 FID UK HUH j f he a woman physician and a wiean I aoperuiienjL At Boon e-ry dv she J goes to a big, clean. ary canteen where. , for a rrodest so in, ah Buys a rounsning meaL I- aimed b dietii-r experts and prepared y professional conks. , ( WASHINGTON. March It One roan the woris under conditions as safs as . WJLa jj tn j three wounded aboard tdTrh'a riX a! Amerlc,a destroyer recent.y whe, torTea aad sanitary consaniences. Sha is the armed guard of an American line paid good wages ar.d her hours of work steamer fired on the destroyer, nus- are aumanely limited. ! taking tt for a submarine. . A court fhe wears workjnf clothes designed o inquiry has been orilered l y Ai- ror her eomfort. heath and wrety. ana , j , & ascertain if the liners these, even, to soma cases to the snoaa, are provided f res of coat by tha ena- piorers. Oe" NINE WOKK UNIFOBVS ONLV TWO HAVE 4KIRTS. I have befor ma a pamphlet entitled f"rotecttva Clothioc for Women and Ort Workers la Kactories and" Work, shopa" This pamphlet was prepared for the Pritlsb government from information supplied by factory inspectors, su- cunistancea. Tha liner was under convoy. The weather conditions wera poor and the visibility low. Through the haie tha armed guard mistook ona of the destroyers for a submarine and opened fir. Tha aim was such that ona man on the destroyer was killed and three others wounded. It wa regarded generally here as Vilsi A department of questions and ensuers The TRIBl?E glands for SERVICE. It Mill vtur your queries in this column. If you're in a hurr?; tele glume. If not, urite. lour name and address must accompany your question, but iwJ necrssaruf aW publication. tierintendeare mnA rhvs!rlan. Ac-ordlng to tha intorrration contained. or controlled factories u Upland now , an accidental rasa and there was a dress. Nine uniiorns have hen worked ( tendency to believe that the armed out and only two of ttieit have sktrfs. Rl!.ird was unable to get a correct view These two may be worn only when there j us4, j th weather condition. U no danger of the sklrt cf.hlng in ma- I T IcpaTtnient thts after- l- rL tZZ.'Z.r.l 7h. noon reported the follow-in casualties wrists. tea to Uncle 8am who Is fighting fori grow flowers. It seemed Impossible, but 1 A. huts which are now familiar objects his life. If your local miller Is un- ; ' " " I paused to watch a group of In Kurone .i. ... -ii . i. - i . rr.r..l o'uer babies navlnn In una k.n .1 Some of " ':":r:;h'-'h-ve. son. ,7rZ hundreds of women Bnd girl lodger. raaraet ji oiner traoe ooo- ; the dinuv hinterland : and hovered I so rlose ! "-ry bit as attractive and as comfort tarougn Allien it win meet ,n , to the sand hesn tb.. th. children ...;! Was It not olfrlctilt at flrst. I asked a woman superintendent, to indite women to wear trousers and to cover up their hslr with caps? It was. she admitted hut very soon the women wens converted to the ease and convenience, not to mention the safetv of trousers, nd now they would wear nothlne ese. r.insmipatloB from dangerous and tmprHer working clothes is a big gain for tiie wage earning women. Th. k mC. h.h munition worker Is guar anteed iroid working conditions bv act Chicago, of parliament dated August. I'nder I - - " the terms of thUi act the home neire-tarv can reoulrst any factory or workshop in the I nlted Klnrdora to establish the government standard of heating, lighting, preparing and serving meals. seats ana an m. Walter Young fcmtth. fireman, L. S. 8. Orion, was accidentally killed. Hie home was Columbus Oa. Edward Joseph llanley. apprentice seaman. IT. 8. S. Charleston, was drowned. His home was i'hiladelphia. Frederick W. Hough, landarnan for the quartermaster, naval aviation service, died as result of injuries received In an airplane accident in Scotland. His home was 4501 Lake l ark avenue. Cast yoo inform me the avrrsge anuual )W Id la boxca Jcr acra for ftl groww oranare trcce T. H. J. The answer to this very interesting juest:on comes through the COHrteei of Aaslstant Professor Ira J. CondSt f the repa.rtir.ent of Citncnlt re of the I'niTersity of California, and U based upun expwrlments conducted I f Frofe sor Valla ef the Citrus Experimental Station. He says: "Calculation based on acreage figure gathered by the State Commissioner of Horticulture, and shipments actually made by the rallroda, ehow that the average yield per acre rail orargea f bearing age, throughout CaUfornta. for the five vears. 1J19-U to 114-15 Inclusive, wasvapproilmatelv i:l packed boxes. The hlsrhest seastinal yield during that period was lis packed boxe In llSf-14. The 1914-15 crop averaged 143 packed boxes per acre. The highest yield for a district of any considerable fixe (foothlil ec-tioa cf I os Angeles county from Claremont to Duaxtet was 1 packed boxes per acre. The Citrus Protective League gives the average on :M99 acres from 1S0-T t lll-ll inclusive ai 1ST racked boxes. -The Valencia orchards have probably averaged a little h!gbr tn Vr acre production, and have certainly averaged higher In value per box. so that net value of the crop ha been greater. "I might add that we are trying to lmpree n tjr atudents that they must do better than the average if they expect to gucceed. The sTrage production of agricultural crops In the Inlted States, as you probaldy kaow, Is low. Only those who do better or much better thaa the average are making; much of a succetw of fainting. Will yrm llndly tell me th proper aathorlUesi to write to to oltaira th company and re-slmeiit of a drafted nan? E. A. The onlv way in which accurate information can be obtained rrdlng the location of a drafted wan Is to write a letter to the adjutant ct the training camp In w hich he is supposed to be, and ask for the information desired. The adjutant1 office is the clerical division of the service. It has the records of all men In each camp. For Instance aa Inquiry pertaining to a man at Camp Lewis would be addressed: "Adjutant! Office Omp Lewis, American Lake, Wash." Can yon kindly enlighten an old sobM-rlbcr as to the wberc-abevnta ft hat notexl Individual tlie Crown lrncc? T. B. We can not. Neither can the State Department at Washington. Hs tiea been variously reported dead, in Russia, on the west front and 111 la a hospital, all on the sanus day. The best available Information wa hava regarding his whereabouts Is that he Is 'somewhere" In Germany. Wa hop he stays there! of necessity, not aminItratlon s grain corporation. . pni playing and tried te catch it Simultaneously Hoover announced a j Ig WOMEN MUST WO .K reduction in urofit allowed dealers In I BABIES MUST BE Canrn the sale of wheat by-products, or; Babies, flowers, wood birds In the mldnt wheat mill feeds. The new margins I of profit, he announced, would bring ajl mill feeds made from wheat byproducts to the consumer at a maximum of 14. CO over the 3J per rent cost based on the price of the whole wheat at the mill. Heretofore dealera ' have been allowed a spread of S. ;- IU L1VO IS HlfJII). This new ruling which Is a benefit ta farmers and is designed to curtail tBe manufacture and sale of proprietary articles containing , wheat byproducts, such as bran, middlings and horts. becomes effective today. A paragraph of the new regulation tates: " "Any manipulation bf the price or Unwarranted mixing of wheat mill feeds by the miller which results In a profit to the miller In excess of an allowable amount as heretofore Indicated will be considered an evasion and violation of the food administrations regulation and will be pubject to penalty. Millers are warned that manufacture of undue proportion of any one grade of wheat mill feeds not normally produced, will be construed as prima facie evidence, of attempted evasion of the regulation." . . e ORPHEUM PARTY For the benefit of the Oakland chapter of the American Ked Cross, the atudents of Heald's Business College of this city will give a theater party at the Oakland Orpheum on Monday evening, March 13. Arrangements are beitg made for the benefit theater partv by the Toung Men's Ited Cross Auxiliary of the achool, assisted by the Young Women's auxiliary of the same school. Though but recently formed, both are doing frond work, with the girls claiming the leadership In Red Cross activities. ' The girls are engaged in knitting, newing and other feminine pursuits and have not been adverse to acquaint ln the boys with their superior ac cpmplishments. If was the continued boasting bv the girls that led to the theater party. The ' young men declared that they would "show m." The girls still have the best of the argument as they have been asked to help In the sale of tickets. Itoth auxiliaries are striving to outdo the other in the sale of tickets. The officers of the auxiliaries are aa follows: Men William I llavnes, president: Joseph Carrlerlo. treasurer, and W. McDermott. secretary. Women Miss Iaura Cook, president; Miss Ruth Penning, treasurer, and Miss Mabel Btockol, secretary. VESSELS ARE TRANSFERRED. MEXICO ( ITX. March 16 The gov-ern merit has omereil the seven steamers i and one t tig recently requisitioned from the Mexican Navigation Company to be turned over to the Commission Regulators de Henequen, of Yucatan, which ! purchased them for l4,f.K,000. The sale was consummated after the government's act of confiscation and for a time the government refused to allow the transfer. Four of them are of 4"0o tons and the others more thnn lull tins each. lacturr i uwn ii.wir and tfU&teriiAla a J k. ..... a . (? Incongruous thM "heTsed for eT. W blanatons The a ..... gtapn. 1 h. io, grew out or benevolence. In many Industrial tielghhorhno 1 throughout the Inlted Kingdom the thief reserve of labor was found nmnng married women with young children, .some cf these women were war widow. bad husbands Invalided home from r ranee; some hsd liuhnd In the trenches, and others still had husbands in the factories The great loss of men snd the desrih r workers among able-bodied men nmde the work of the women necessary to the state. The women refused to work In numbers unless their bahles were cared for. Hence the day nurseries. And growing out of Kngland s great need of niore and more man power, which means woman power aiso, other welfare work on scale undreamed of In pre-war days. is snow something about welfare work In the I'ulted States. Hut welfare wnrk as a government tw-illnv in.titnt.j and largely nald for bv the tint. i. something we have not vet developed. I Hut we may have ta Ueielnp it if this' war lasts as long as predicted bv some f of tha experts. I INDUSTRIAL CENTERS VERY LIKE OUR OWN GARY, The nearest approach I have seen to Conditions Which annenre! 1 mil I- lUrroingham, Coventry, Clasgnw nrd a! "'" inausinai renters In Ureal Frlfsin Is afforded by Gary, lnd a town which every one knows is largely owned and operated tvy-tlie great steel companies Bngland s Itihor force wm Kngllsh. Scotch. Welsh Bish and imrst of force was used to decent living Confusion, unrest ann genuine their transference to the tiroviillng ambulances, Some of these hotels where I have seen i tary i-ondttlon. Wsges are also regu lated bv law. itours or nf' i..-u and since August. 191T. Sunday work has been practical' abol'shed. WELFARE WORK PLUS GOOD WAGES EFFECTIVE. Step by step all these requirements hive been made bv the state because with every step the health and happiness sand heap that the children stop- i ah'" Rs Kir,s lardiiig school. Ksch soman had her own tiny ruhlcte, unless she preferred to double up with a friend. I'otteJ flowers, futility photographs and small persoi si be'otigings made the lied - rooms homerae In the The RED LETTER VEEftof the VAUDEVILLE SEASON It Commences Today at Matinee i.,.. ii, i., . .... .,,.,it,. . i nd I he etr cienrr ot the worn,' s in lire and a piano or a phono- l creaseu. urusio w ym iu win jc- graph. There were newspapers, maga- fiw loimn une i -hi 1 V , ' 7 Jf lines, books and comfortable chairs line oers, wmcn sue o... u-v a country club. Most of the hoteis hadCiency. wmcn sne could nave ei'her a small hospital or a dispensary sitli a trained nurse in attendance, and all had a superintendent who was a tr.'ued stidal worker. ' There were few rules or regulations. The hotels were hoarding hnm' and 'he hoarders were as free there us In any other kind of a Uwlging This was Just the first step When en Kugiish girl, competing her training in ons of the fifty or more schools for munition workers, goes lo a dlshint point to take on a Job making or tilling shells, building aeroplanes or whatever else, she Is met st the station by a responsible woman official, and given her choice of several comfortable lodgings. When she enters a factory she la met and weli-nmed and thereafter looked ouf Take the question of wages for ev- amp'e. The o'd-tlme trade unionist would not accept the piece wages because he feared being speeded up beyond human endurance. Me demanded week wages or dav wages, which gHve hint a chance to soldier on the Job. The Mute, as employer, met this condition by offering a bonus for production over I he slnndard for a dav's work. Production simply leaped. In one reat works I was shown the records proving that the output In some depart-ments. under the bonus system, had Increased 30t per cent. Nor had the work-ers suffered. The doctor's records in that same works showed a decided Improvement in health within the past year. MASKED UMTS IIP SUN towns. Something had to be done, end since the minister of munitions st that time happeend to be lavld Moyd t ,eorge, something was done. A thorough exam-Inatlon of the entire situation came first. In some of the hadly congested renters the less particular among the workers had fitted up a sort of a Rnx and Cox arrangement with lodging houses, where, by every bed was occupied day and night. When the day workers wi on duty the night shift tumbled Into the unmade, tin. aired beds and slept there, exhnusted, until time to go back to work. After a short Interval for rest snd a smoke the oay shift sgiiln turned In. retv women and among these lodgers SAN FRANCISCO, March Their faces covered with white hand-kerchiefs used n masks, and armed with revolvers, four masked ban- iiflerinir followed l dlts succeeded In robbing the saloon munitions of milium t'oiiniin, 139 i.W. W. SCATTER IT ST. MARIES ST. MARIES, Idaho. March 1. With determined citizens co-operating with fifty ptate guardsmen In patrolling the city, thirty ringleaders in Jn II and the roads from town sprln- sin.itTiei kled with foreigners fleeing under street, this afternoon, driving the inreai .,1 rri mm "'""""'; ''V . ,.. .h- ..i.,e- .ml ....ml -os.! hient or deportation, the I. W. W. nit turners Into a small closet snd lock-! ",,l,,n I entirely under control lug them In. after which they looted the cash rrglster. Coughlin. hli hartendpr. Panlcl Shiiughnessy, and two customers, J. Whelnn of 635 Capp street. and A. J. Lcinpke of Alameda, were In the place. Three of the bandits covered them and drove them into the closet tonight, following an .attack by mem bers of the organization upon Sheriff Nolnnd. Ringleaders in the assault upon Nolo ml crowd the Jails, awaiting word from the state and federal officers to their disposition. All others found In town tomorrow will alM be np,lss enrl t V . t.ii ... 1 1 narkr wlll while a fourth sortrched the register mnwrtrA info a "bull pen" if Couchltn was searched and a wallet I fillod with bills taken front him s girls were fnnnd ' well as a ilhimotxi ring. The ( loot The women sought i tots led fuo. The bandits made PROBE IS ORDERED lodgings In distant suburbs snd even In I their escape in an u utoiuo'dle nehrhhorlnT towns. This meant that thc-r ,n f,,r (he.,, at lhe hud to travel, morning and eveionr. to,,, ... . .1 snd from the factories overcrow ded ! Infective are Invest Igut ins. trains or trsm the service ilstvi lnufle. I ' fptste to meet the new demands WOMEN AND GIRLS WERE BILLETED IN TOWN. Home women, the committee reported, hail to leave their lodgings d'll y before S a. m.. reaching home as late as 11 st night. This rave them barely six hours' sleep at night. Clearly It was as Impossible to expect efficiency and a full output from this kind of an Industrial srmy as It would be to expert efficient righting from a military force bad v fed snd poorly equipped. In all government owned sfd cos. iriiiin miniHio w or s-, puipi artis, ae.ti-t plane factories and other places where which ('ii'). ,n V. .- t 1 11...... liecoriMji I o 10101 lunii, 1 31 I MoFt of the men In Jail are litis-, inns or liprmsin. hnerirr fsotanu . -erks to deport the former nrd Intern the latter. A report on the situation i us ent to the governor's office to-, ninbt by Mern'ri T.nlor, former i lieutenunt-governor, who commands ; the ante guardsmen sent here today from Sandpolnt. i Coeur d'Alene authorities tonlrht telephoned that their city l being h . patrolled bv citizens -to frustrate anv , , V" ettempt by I. W. W. members to war materials were produced, an administration was organized to establish and maintain good llvlnft conditions for the workers both In and out of the factories. As for the housing problem, they tackled that aa tbey had from time im-memorial for the armies In the fleld. Thev billeted the workers on the towns. Not srbltrwrtly or tactlessly, however, but by persuasion. Women welfare workers, aided by voluntary committees of wemen. sent from house to boose. en''n!np the SAN FRANCISCO. March 16 Action was taken yesterday toward an immediate Investigation bv the Fed eral Trade Commission of lornia idiiihii) ttrowers Associations , . . ... j .i... ciiii.,.,. complaint that the food admlnlstrn- N frmer secretnrv of the locil Hon h.,,1 been t,-e,l In the fixing of, , w -.. transfer of w hose trial fro.n (.oveniinert prices fr tomatoes 1 yt Marl., )at vesterdnv preclpit.-ited whirl, are Inimical to the Interests ofj(h 1r,,ie here. the producer, of Cnlllomia. , xpnn's arroHt has nrnused touch l- ran ls J. ll. tiey. of the commls-, )n,r,,?t mong rnd'culs in Nort'.iern slon, who had been telegraphed bv 1 i,,ilhll unt threats nre nllrced to have tie en made that members of the nr-ganlatlon would crowd the town the association to start a probe, wired to President Mark fJrlmes that he had taken steps to launch the inquiry. Ileney telegraphed to the commission at Washington to get all of the Informntlon available there and requested to be authorized lo sed an examiner of the commission lo Sen FrancUro to make an Investigation here Coughs, ; Colds Grip E Are symptoms of a weakness that is shown by inflamed membranes. Peruna helps clear away the waste, restores the appetite, aids digestion, and builds up tne sirengin. men tne new,ncn Diooa removes tne iniiammauon, restores the tone of the membranes, and the cold is gone. As a tonip following severe co!d3 or influenza it will be found a valuable aiofto complete recovery. . In cases of chronic catarrh its regular administration has re-stored thousands to health. A few doses at the first symptom of cold -tha depression that always starts it-will ward off suffering. I Forty-four Years of Success Have made Peruna foremost in the.preparedness of the American home to meet the ills of the body. Your home might be the better by using Peruna. Tablet or Liquid Form. Health and How to Haro It . A new book of common sense treatment of many ills, with hints on how to stay well. Distributed free by .droits, or will bo sent direct on application. Read it and Drofit. THE PERUNA COMPANY, Columbu., Ohio Marudin Tablets. Manalin Tablet are a pew form of a tima tested laxative. They art delidous to use, iaf and effectivt, re-torin action to , tha bowel, and a- rousing th liver. By thoir tee the habit' of constipa tion miy be overcome. 10 and 23 ceaUJ rOS OUl Sl.HS.tM.fMW.. m I J. where he wait tried for "m,oral effect" . upon the courts. It was to offset such I a gathering here that the change of venue was granted, whereupon the friends of Nelson sought to storm the Jail and release hlfn. ! HUSBAND UNDER KNIFE, WIFE IS MERRY AT DANCE SPOKANE, Wash., March 16.- Maggie M. Wllklns danced and made merry while surgeons operated on him, R. A. Wilklns, a Plaza merchant, testified In Judge Oswald's? court, rie s.iol Ills wife did not no pen r ront.oioed aluut bu. i and not. 1 rhu e s;s a wife should. Wltnes.es lor, Wilklns testified that they had heard .Mrs. Wilkins receive notice that her husband was being prepared for the operating; table and that she proceeded to take part In festivities then In progress with apparent unconcern. PLAN AIR CAMP WASHINGTON. March 16 Pasadena is tn lf the site of the new aviation t:itloo . w hl h the War He-purtment is about to establish in southern California, according to In. formation given out by Colonel Edgar of the signal corps today. The station wilb.be practically a duplicate of the one now being; constructed at Riverside at a cost of $.00,000. The decision of the department to locate the new station in Southern California was made principally upon climatic reasons, it having been found, tliat the conditions there are l-;tcr for flying than anywhere else along the coai. Senators Jones and Polndexter of Washington urged that the station be built In that state but Colonel Edgar advised them that a decision hsd GERHHIDE HOrflUHH AT THE A Kf LAND , II JM 'wSsWs r l I .r.'NM such a i Ii f.Vi- I ' wonderful j I AlUStar j f V 1 i J IU , ' Dili of fr''iv' I I if triump1u ' l Standard. ' 111?; " 'Aglorivus. ; Orpheum h M jc scintiUlting !i Attractions! m .. . i phone i v .4 rMt . ;. " ii v i ' A A i purest joy. j OAKLAND Al ' j Sj ;! . jn Mil U ifmK. '40 T. ..,. !;!, ': I I II i!:i ;JH HI ea" t it W mm Tnu- n Now! j f ; if.I Pl If (fill jil 'f . ! Uj Gorgeout I ill W 't"k Is I J'' if- . .-ft II a vziTan'm a mm a 77iis is the one big week of weeks to see imEE i.i ilia EVERY DAY.-fl OAKH LAND i been made to go further south.

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