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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 43

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Xbrnmercc. "Real Tstele Agriculture, Shipbuilding. VOLUME LXXXIX. PAGES 43 TO 48 NQ.M3. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 8, 1918., Corporation Orders ill! HIES Big Figures in Construction New Industrial Development iEUUSI THINK II WORLD TERMS IMAM IS II TO i BUILD IIS How Northern Metropolis IS solvin H-k r4 OUSlllg Uuestion! land tne of 100 horsepower capacity.

These are operated on Western As It Confronts That Bis Shipbuilding Community Comparison of Conditions in Puget Sound Port and in Oakland and What Is Be-i xiir Done in the (By H. A. LAFFLER.) In ma; ked contrast with the apathy and Imbi'icc-nce shown In Oakland to the urgent r.eed for more houses to supply our population Is the wonderful energy and foresight shown by in meetliift the same identical problem. Two years go Seattle and Oakland were each building about the- same number of homes per year. In 1916 Seattle built and Oakland houses.

The nyJ cities were therefore on an even basis as far as home-bttiidint: Is An the fall It became apparent, both In ai in i.ikland,- that the hosts of "lii v. in the shipyards 1916 SEATTLE OAKLAND ozo HOUSES HOUSES 11 There was an Increase In building permits Issued In Oakland during August, both la number bl-CermlU Issued and In grand total. According to figures Issued by the building department of the City of Oakland 27a permits were Issued In August of which VM were for new construction and S3 for additions and repairs. The grand total of new work amounted to almobt a million dollars, of which IS71.756 was for new work and was for repairs. This total as brought up by several large Items, $400,000 being the Jkmmint named In three permits for new wharves being built to take the place of old Lone wharf, which will ultimately be torn down.

Tlio next largest Item Is for the new building of the Kumar hakltig Company, Just Inside the Emeryville line. This work is well under way. The new baking plant will be modern. The amount called for by the original construction permit is $130,000. "Several Hems, aggregating large amounts, represent additions and new construction for ship yards and manufacturing plants, there being one machine shop valued at loH.000, being constructed at the Moore plant.

Permits were issued for 02 one-story dwellings, valued at $119, 53, and 20 two-story dwellings, valued at making $'216, 437 worth of new homes started during August, a decided Increase over July. These figures are only for the city of Oakland and do not Include work In Alameda on the Liberty plant or the lielhlehem Shipbuilding Company, nor iif Herkelcy, Piedmont or Albany. The summary for Oakland Is: Class No. Permits. Cost.

1 story dwellings. 2- stury dwellings. 1-story ware house 1- story office 'stores jjj 2- story machine 1-story foundry Transformer house. Compressor house (lasoline stations liocks and ...62 ...20 $119,933 3(14 I 2H, Sort l.nno I 1 30 "8170 on I 6.300 1.100 4,700 1.000 400,000 3 contracts are held steel and Iron plant and by canneries- and food plants-, Even such plants as I Yet soap works Is engaged in producing government mu" unions not poap alone, thoug-h this l.i not generally known. Ho the offlolal announcement from tho War Industries Board that this new report Impends Is of great Interest on this 8lde of bay as well as lrv the East.

Eastbay manufacturers who want their Interests watched should get In touoh with Mr. Ko.ster and his staff In San Francisco. A special order kas been Issued bv tho Priorities Roard giving electrical jobbers priority rights In keeping up their stocks of electrical goods. There waa fear for a while that the ordinary run of electrical supplies might be curtailed, but Jobbers and retailers will be allowed lo keep up their slocks for both government and civilian consumption. Iiril.I) IIOTKIi AT SISSON' Sisson Hotel Company, which was.

organized for tho purpose of erectlgg a hotel In the town on the. slopes of Mt. Shasta, lias secured permission from Commlajjioner. Carnahan to sell shares of its stock. Under the permit the company Is au.

thorlzed fa sell 175 shares at' par, $100, for cash, so as to net the full amount of the selling price, and also to sell 175 shares at par, so. as to net not less than 95 per cent of the selling price. 1- story schools. 9 8.000 2- story brick bakery 1 15O.U00 1 -story brick warehouse 1 r-Story- ctrnrrtrts gitrarfio; 1 600 Electric signs. 2 ISO 1-story garages and 49 Tank frames 3 S'Ui Additions.

.33 11.0S4 Alteratoi-ns and repairs k3 Total 278 $901 477 SUMMARY. New construction .194 Alterations" and repairs S2 Total .....276 $901,477 The summary for the first week In Septnber, ending September Is as follows: Class No. Permits. Cost. 1- story dwellings 13 $29,732 2- story dwellings 17 63,731 1-story warehouse.

J-. 20,950 Compresosr houae. 1 4.700 1- story brick warehouse; 1 2,500 2- story brick factory 1 2.000 1-story garages ....10 2,185 l-story shed. 1 60 Additions. 9 2.P13 Alterations and repairs 25 12.465 S3 $147,125 The larcie number of permits during the week for the better class of homes were for houses in the lake district.

Charles MacGregor took out four permits for houses having an aggregate cost of $13,620, to be built In Lakeshnre Highjatids on Hopkins street near Excelsior boulevard. Three houses designed by Charles V. McCall were started on Santa Pay avenue near the lake and one on Oakland avenue near Grand. E. Rose took out a permit for a bouse to cost $4300 on Lakeshore near Rosal and Immediately adjoining; I.

W. Button took out permits for two houses to cost $1230 and $4300 each. Three houses Were also started by Dr. W. J.

M'c-Cracken at a cost of $4300 each on Walla Vista No two-story were started during the week in any." cither part of Oakland except Immediately around the lake: More houses nre In course of erection In the Lake District than at any other time rn Jts entire history. The Maneca Canning Company, which Is operating a' canning plant at Manteca. ha been given authority by Commissioner of Corporations H. L. Cnrnahan to distribute 2S0 shares of Its capital stock to its present stockholders and to sell 500 chares, par value $100 per share, for Tho company will utilize the proceeds from tho sale of stock In acquiring materials for carrying on Its business.

It recently Increased the capital crock frorrf' Exeter OUve Land Its principal place of business In Fresno, Is permitted by the Commissioner to Issue 15,000 shares of Its capital stock comprising the entire authorized capital to Its The company Is Incorporated jfor Che purpose of handling and developing real estate In the Kan Joaquin Valley. Modesto Tacking Company Is permitted to Issue 303 shares of Its capital stock, par value $100 per share, In exchange for the property ajid assets of Palace Meat Market. I I 'DEHQflPMEK IN UQli 1 mong the Manufacturers C. H. Pennoyer, New York representative of the National Conduit and Cable Company, has taken an apartment In Oakland with' the view to 'making this his permanent home.

The Altman Dairy, Fifth avenue and East Seventeenth street, has consolidated wit tlje Jersey Farm Creamery of this city. The Advance Company has finished the electrical Installation '-at the F. E. Booth Cannery In been Installed, one of 60 horsepower l'owtr current- T. C.

Disher, president of the Bay Point Foundry, Is registered at tho Hotel Oakland. J. B. Illack. general sales manager of the Great Western Power Company, made hurried Inspections through Alameda and Contra Costa counties this week.

Mr. Black, like all of the power men. Is keeping on the subject of power shortage during the coming months. A. G.

Wagoner, superintendent of the" Francisco Shipbuilding CoS par. has moved his office to Oakland to he In closer touch with the large Improvements about to be started on Government Island, where concrete ships will built for the United States. 1918 TO AUG. Ist SEATTLE. OAKLAND 2099 HOUSES 34 HOUSES to 5000 homes this year, considers her ehlpbuildiiig Industry injeopardy, It may be pertinent to Inquire in what sort of a mess Oakland" will find Itself with Its expectations of 40,000 more ship, work- er-by Juno next and a -pltlful'prosttect of perhaps COO new houses this year-rand none for rent.

According to a letter from the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Seattle accepted the statement made by when there that the government would do nothing toward building homes for workmen "as placing a definite war responsibility on our community." Seattle Is doing andt patriotic thing. Oaklanders Develop El Dorado Mines Twli Veins Mining Company, having Its principal place of business In Oakland, and Its-mining property In El DorndoiCounty, has secured permit of corporafW II. ti. Carnahan, to Issue shares of Its capital stock. The company is equipping and developing a group of six mining claims situated near Omo.

Under the authority given by the Commissioner the "company will Issue 100.000 shares, par $1, to Its Incorporators. OAKLAND, CAL Diagram shoving the relative construction of homes in Oakland and in Seattle in 1916 and in the present pear, illustrating hov Seattle has faced its housing problem. Oakland Manufacturer Brings From East Interesting Story of Lack of Raw Material Federal Control Makes It Imperative for Factory Owner to Have Rates as 'Essential H. Bartell, of the SIbbett Manufacturing the producers of the Co--op" brand of work Ing garments and shirts, has return ed from his annual trip east, durlnf w.hlch time he thoroughly Investi gated the conditions surrounding both the raw material question and the labor situation. As a result of his trip east his firm will be able to keep the factory at Seventh and Poplar streets running on full tlrho at least for the rest of the year.

"The situation In the east Is a very unsettled said Mr. BartelL "The great question with everyon Is whether they. can get raw materials enough to keep their plant going, and the next question Is that of labor. As far as we are concerned, havo solved both questions at least for thoV rest of the year. We have been given a rating as an essential Industry, and we have been allowed raw materials sufficient for our consumption for six months with good prospects for the future.

Supplies of all kinds are short and hard to get and prices high. It is a case of "win the. war" with everybody and' we believe that our plant Is doing Its part In that We certainly are not turning out luxuries." Alameda Companies Get Stock Permits Western Ore Company, -Oakland, has authority from Corporation Carnahan to sell 5001 shares of Its capital stock. The sales nre to he made nt par, $1, for cash. Permission also has been given by Commissioner Carnahan to the Golden West Nursery Company of Elm-hurst, Alameda county, to Issue 100 shares of Its capital stork fo'ltS four Incorporators, who are Japanese, and to Guy C.

Caldcn, trustee. The stock Is to be sold at par, 100, for cash. This company proposes to engage the business of raising nursery stock -on a plaice neaf TTrmlTnrBt: NEW FOrXDRY FOR BAY IOrT Bay Point Foundry Company has authority from State Corporation Commissioner Carnahan to sell forty shares of Its capital stock, par value $10 per share, to Its Incorporators for cash. The company proposes to con- -struct a foundry plant and operate a ireneral foundry business at Bay roint. 1 1 I 1 1 1 The following licenses, permits and orders have been Issued by II.

Carnahan, state commissioner of corporations. Involving east bay corporations: California Nursery Company, Nlles lTo Issue 6000 shares of Its capital stock; par value $100, to George C. lloedlng, In exchang-a for certain real property. It Is specified that 4995 of the shaxes shall be deposited as an the commissioner's order. Kan Jose ChaUertan Ilakery Company, Ban JoseTo lksue 10,000 sharas of Its capital stock, par Jl, to lis Incorporators In exchange for tho assets of a busiffiees of the same name.

The shares Authorized to be Issued are to be deposited In escrow. Pacific Truck Tractor OaklandTo- sell 20p shares at par, 1 00 per share, net to the company. The proceeds are to be used to finance a tractor agency In Oakland and Stockton. Sunlight Packing Company, Ban Jose, has authority from the commissioner tn issue 000 shares to ln- I corporators and their associates at par, 100 per share, for cash, to net the Tull selling price. The compare I proposes to purchase a site in San Jose and build and equip a fruit and vegetable canning- plant.

The Liberty Auto Company, OaklandTo sell 1100 shares of Us capital stock to Its five Incorporators for $000 cash, and to, sell S00 additional shares at par, '1 10 per share, for Standard Company, Modesto To issue 9000 shares of Its capital stock, par value Jl per share, to J. M. Walthall In exchang-a for a certain paving equipment. Golden Gate Packing Company, San Jose To distribute among Its stockholders assets of the.approxp mate value of $1463. The, permit heretofore Issued to National Auto Combination Lock Oakland, has been-temporarUy suspended.

WLdemann Goat Milk Company, King City, Monterey county, permit temporarily suspended at requoat of company. PE Tubbs Island Company, a corporation formed for the purpose of acquiring property known" as Tubbg Island, consisting approximately of 3300 acres of land situated near Petaluma, has secured authority from Commissioner Carriahan to Issue $15,040 of Its ehares to Lillia Hall and others In exchange for the property. The company also Is given permission to sell $125,000 bonds, to bear Interest at the rate of 7 per cent per for the purpose of retiring Indebtedness. The Cora Williams Institute, Berkeley, Is permitted by the Commissioner to Issue S00 shares of common and 100 shares of preferred to Cora L. Williams In exchange for the business of the Cora L.

Williams Institute and the John It. Spring property In Berkeley. The Institute. Is being operated. In Berkeley, and the company taking It over will assume an Indebtedness of $50,000 on account of the purchase price.

Permission also. Is given to sell 400 shares of preferred' stock to "net not less than 90. Commissioner -of Corporations H. L. CarrHhan also has Issued the following permit: Kolph Shipbuilding Company, San Francisco To Ifsue Jl.850.0oi) par value of Its sharo to James Kolph Jr.

Parr Land Company, San Francisco To Issue 166S shares of its capital stock to Its present stockholders. Hayward Wants New Water Rates The Hayward Water Company, which supplies wafer to consumers In Hayward. Alameda county, has filed with the Railroad Commission an application for authority fo Increase lis water ralfts so as to give the company a prope. The company says that In 1915 Mhe commission fixed rates to net the company eight per cent, but to make eight, per cent on Its Investment at present, the rates 'would have to be raised 37 per cent. Flgurea In the application show thnt the company made a net earning of $.1748 In 1917, which Is but 20 Per cent of the amount which tho company claims It Is entitled to.

The present rates are $1 for. the first 300 cubic feet or less a month, 25 cenfa a hundred cubic feet for between 300 and 6000 cubic feet and 15 cents a hundred for all over 5000 cubic feet. Fine Upholstering Is Cnjpttnt Wirknwn. VriiMi RattsitMk. R.

J. HUNTER S186 Telegraph At fliklaa I7U. XUMiks 111 CORPORATIONS EN UTS INDUSTRY LIST Official Announcement From Washington That the List Will Be Twice As Long As the Old One and Complete Upon the Rating of Every Industry in This List Will Depend the Ability of That Industry to Get Material Orders, -rules and regulations nxo being Issued dally by various departments of the Federal government, many of which Interest ami affect Industries and busing's in tho Eastbay district. The following ore some of the recent announcements Issued by the Federal government that apply In the Kastbay district: A revised 'list of preferred Indus, tries Is being prepared by the War Industries Hoard through the Priorities Commlsfion of which Judge E. E.

Parker Is the head. This list will completely revise that last. April and will be twice ns long, and will be compiled from a complete survey that has been mado of the entire United States. This survey waa made, In California, by a district commission headed by' Frederick J. Koster, as explained some weeks ago.

Upon the lnvt-tiatlons of this commission will depend, jist what Is to be considered "war work" on this coast and In tho United States at large, and this report will fix what Industries axe to be considered as war Industries, eentlal lqdustries and rlon-essentlal Industries. The non-essential 'industries will be given little or no consideration' except where they cun be transformed Into essentia or Industries. TIUh report will determine the classification of all Industries In the country and the Industries will be allowed raw material, facilities, fuel, transportation, labor and capital In the order of their classification. As the Federal Government, through its various war boards and organizations controls each of these elements- necessary to Industrial production It can regulate Industry by the way In which It doles, out, or. 43 the wrl now popularly used is, allocates," these elements.

This report will be of vast and far reaching effect, and will Interest the Kastbay district in many ways. The Eastbay ilnduwtrl.U section Is largely turne'd; fiver to war work and under the direct supervision of tho Everything In this (rection is being subordinated to shipbuilding, but there are still important contracts being carried out for the government. The ilall-Scott Motor company Is prac-. tlcally In government hands and nothing la being done there except aeroplane work. The various gits engine companies are loaded down with orders for all kinds of Internal (explosion engines, l'owder Com panies1, along tho ontra Cot-ta county shore, at West Leandro and at Livermore are adding constantly to their plants.

Important- Take your motor repairs and electrical troubles to the new shop of Xtrtuc Ox iySt.brtbhClo Shops Thirteenth, and Grove St. Miio Store 526 Thirteenth Street Telephone Lakeside 2000 13 II AD ENT TOOTH PASTE OF QUALITY Made in Oakland, Works TM. TM. 47H7J. H'l.

TM. Pipif. MR7VV. YAOER SHEET METAL CO. tlieet Mtl Work of IUfcrlitlon.

Cor-nle, BkyllKhU, Htmnplug. Underwriters' I.atwl yir li. on and I'ntent Chimneys, Coal jruruict. Manufacturer! of C'omliietur I'lua, Tils and Brick Paced fllOlog. Obaatnut Oor.

16th and Baa Fable Aanua, Oakland, Cal. 1 Larjaat Stock, Bait Ojolpyad, 1'roaipt Barrlet. PREPARED would necessitate the building of thou- Ing and loari companies and what he Band? of Troupes. Oakland had definite may actually need to build a house." proof of this in the eurvev 'made by the OPENS OFFICES. state -commission of immigration and The More Homes Bureau has opened housing.

offices In the ground floor of the Col Keattlaj tackled her problem with building in Keattle and advertises that characteristic vigor- and as a result, up It will help "to obtain a building site, to August 1, houses have been will provide financial guidance, will as-started In that city this year, hs slst you In selecting plans, obtaining many In seven months as were built in materials at the lowest possible cost, Seattle in the two of 1916 and 117 and securing the labor you need." combined. If Seattle keeps on aV'the If Seattle, which will build from 4000 John II. Kosseter of Alameda, New Director of Operations of Uriited States Shipping Board Tells Reasons Why United States Is Now a World "'Power and This Country, Must "Think Internationally," Says Great Official In the address In which he acknowli edged the tribute of his fellow citizens at the banquet tendered to hltn by the Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco last week, John If. Kossetcr, newly-appointed director of operations of the States Shipping Board, appealed, to his. hearers to "think internationally." He said It Is now time for America to drop Its provincialism and make the world Its market.

The of the Pan Francisco bay district, some from his home city of Alameda, cheered the speaker when lie said that men who lived hy the sea could better visualize the lands and people that lay beyond the ocean's expanse, and he set them gave as his opinion that thoce who lived Inland JtusJ he around in the fact that vast trading possibilities lie beyond the boundaries of their circumscribed Vision. "Public sentiment rmitt be built up rn that there may be an understanding thrown the country that as a national enterprise the as mrely touches tlm farmer, the miner aid he maiiufsnurer as It does the business mini or the people at the said the Shipping Hoard's operating director. When ho said that he put hi finder on -the. remedy that will forever dispel the npathy of America towards Its heritage of the sea. "War has opened the cys of America to the value of ships, liut for the aid i.f allied tonnage and the successful rushing of a stupendous progTam ol shipbuilding this country would be helpless to fight enemy that flaunted It across the Atlantic ocean.

We ere feverishly building now The vessels ws should have had In times of peace and which we would have possessed had our people cultivated foreign trade and realized tint It profits a nation to have a mercantile marine earning money for 't on the seven seas. "The government Is building" ships rapidly now. Chairman Hurley 'of the rihlpplpg Board says we will have tons afloat In 1921. War needs will keep the tonnago busy while the war lasts, but when It Is over It will be the duty of every American citizen to do his best to keep that fleet employed, for the glory of the flag It flies and the enrichment and defense of the republic from which It hails. "We know now that a mercantile marine Is a necessity In time of trouble.

Transporting men and materials of war, keeping trade ullvo by bringing nary products of foreign lands and carrying from home the output of mine and mill and farm to maintain the balance of trade, and by acting as supply ships for thtf navy, the merchant ma-'rlne performs' a duty that has to be done efficiently or the fighting forcej, of the country might as well be labeled 'fotuse only at home." "It Is distressing to recall the fact that the American fleet made Its famous trip around the world attended by colliers hired from a fprelgn nation. Picture the plight of America's squadron had necessity compelled foreign nations t6 call their ships to them, as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings, and the pride of our navy been left uel-less thousands of miles from an American bunkering station. "Supplies of Wiport'd goods almost topped when Great Britain on the outbreak of war. stalled In her own ships and drove the ships of Germany from the sens. "This nation must never allow Itself to be caught that way again.

It must jteep a fleet on.the ocean that can at- tend to the wants of America's people. Its army and lla navy, so that.j whether nations war, or kingdom fall, the com-merce of the United States will pass along the trade routes of the world with the Star and Stripes waving over It. "The Shipping Roard realizes the task It has before It and the appeals of the members of the board and Its executive officers are finding the people more and' more awake to the fact that ships and shipping concern the man In the heart or tne continent just as much and as Intimately as the man who lives by Sandy Hook or the Golden YCURLETTER HEAD Your Business Photograph Are You Pleased With It? SMITH BROS. Thirteenth, Bet. Broadwaf and Washington Commercial Printer i' and Stationers present rate to the end of the year more houses will be built In that city this year than In the last three years com- blued.

niui AMrt wirr vr. Oakland has not only not tackled her problem with vigor, hut has not tackled it at all. I'p to August l. J4 houses were started In or a trifle more than Seattle Is building each But Is not content wiUi her splendid record. She has started a cam.

palgn with a slogan "A Thousand Houses a Month." An organization has been formed, composed cf tho -biggest business men and bankers In the Seattle Chamber of Commerce has taken the lead In this matter and the organization is known as the "More Homes" bureau of that body. A letter from O. lladloy of Ke-attle; s.v MORfe HOWES BUREAU. "The More Homes Bureau, to which many of the most active business men In Seattlo are devoting their time, has been formed after the manner of the Uberty Loan, the Kerl cross and Savings campaign organizations, to can- vftss in a thorough manner the city for tne purpose -ot encoujaglng the building of homes This bureau hasxjust brought about the formation of a corporation to handle second mortgages. This Is designed to bridge the gap between what the owner 6f a lot can borrow from the renulnr mntnatre or bnlld- Us Be Your Repair Mart Just Complete ReadFor Inspection This distinguished and beautiful group of English Resigned by Horace Gardner Simpson for LAKESHORE HIGHLANDS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Designers and makers of Lighting Fixlurei Everything Electrical Free Ueliwcry Phono Oakland 510 BROADWAY AT 22IVD in the heart of the desirable Lake, District; one blftck carllne; close to Key Route; wonderful view of bay and the Piedmont hills-; south frontage; hardwood flours upstairs and down; three sunny rooms with unusually largo closets; hot water heater and heating system Installed; complete and pwert In every particular.

V. I Seven Large, Sunny Rooms Prices $5900, $5600 md $5800 ON TERMS Wonderful Bargains at These Figures To see these homes today, come direct to our Lakeside Office, T7S Lakeshore Ave. Tel. LaVka-slde 974. Auto in attendance.

Ieimert SYNDICATE BUILDING' ANd 1 'LAKESHORE AVENUE RENTED, REWOUND, REPAIRED Blundon EYJargrio 2000 TELEGRAPH Electrical Engineers and Contractors Estimate On All Electrical Wdrk 1 Oakland 6314 a.

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