The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 19, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1894
Page 5
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tm tttOTffiLtGAS. ALQOM. IOWA. WMMSPAt, PJOEMBtift 19. For tour Mead. Every year orn^ display Of Holiday QoOds »grows largefc This year we have the largest line and most attractive stock ev&! shown in the city, ptor; stock of out the talent of the performefrs the applause of the audience. - CASES mcbUftt. In tfae State* fcase against J. L. Button a jury trial was foegtifl and evidence fot the prosecution was presented, at the concllision of which, oil motion of defWdftnl's attorney, the jaw was di* rented tftfiriftg in a verdict for the defendant, tbe cattfitjr paying the mta. KeWatd O'ttourke; the Getmania beer "slingefs, Were fined $800 and co&tfi eacib. ""' '•• ' •• . The damage case of Henry Bewick dgainst.ttae Northwestern Was dismissed at plaintiffs costs, settleta'efct hav- Hift been made. The case of Boyd & Williams vf.dfs, 0. Call was dismissed at plaintiff's : InStaplinvs. Gallagher, an action fot damages, the plaintiff got a ter* diet for-Ho and costs. ,, ' . . In- Hill & Hall Vs. C. BeibsameO, plaintiffs dismissed after all their eVi- HK.1 ',•*$>! i %''V &h ?T &ij <f J v v ;=C ' "' plfl * and > Standard + Books is better than ever. We also have all the in Celluloid, Silver and Leather, Manicure Sets, dai'd Oases, Work Boxes, dollar and Cuff Boxes, Shaving Sets, Etc. , i; IT OOSTSNTaiN-Q TO EXAMINE. YQU WILL] FIND Pti'ima .RIGHT •I' ^i tt» -. ,. ^^ . , Io the of Gefofiariia ery Co. vs., Geo, Strable, .thd vefdict was for the defendant. . , . . TheDr.^picy. case was transferred to Palo Altp county. , • ' The Kinney insurance ca^e .went against the-plaintiff. . •Two cases against A. D. Ban 1 , as road supervisor, to make pernianent'a temporary injunction restraining him frdm renioving a live fence a'nd opefl- iag a road, were brought byC.D. Waifd and Joe Hoflus, owners ot land adjacent. A road.had been laid there 20 years previous, but had not'been used as such., The court held that tho failure to. use the road was a forfeiture and made the injunction permanent. This is a, new point. ' ,, . Bertha'Latijanki was given a divorce from herhusband, Johannes. Judge Tb'omas left for home on Monday, and Judge Quarton attended to the closing up of the routine work of ttu» court yesterday. A Merry . n •,..--. is Out of the Without a cheetf til flf e. Yoti ' •' good olieerinto thehom«. Try one before ."" f .dtfietmaB. See out Stoves aim Ranges be' 1 ';;;, ^ . lote buying. We handle the.,beet—HIV* ; $R&|£>£ and JEWEL, Wfe have a full.*_ /:/ line of Woocl and ffon ihitnps. All kinds / ,V $ ^pairing done. '" <. . i >r i- 1 " I ' I ''" f *•** ' -2 C. M. DOXSEE. Winkle"8 Old Stand. LOCAL Married folks' dance '-tonight. train and some distance. . Taylp^is making a -UhiS'week; See ecial sale <J| jiuita tuio wcott. wwv »•»»» ao. 11 Mullica & Ohustedt bave an ad m. this pap'er.5 * Mark what they say. '." ' The W. H. M. S. will'meetwith Mrs. C. W. Parker, next Thursday, at 3 , .Dr.v8heetz' big. ad calls a^Uon to a popular resort of bdyers' 01' holiday liVH. . -^ . .•'tut _« -»r_ «.«^ ^f«M A 1_ ,. The'infant child., bert Hackman died months. ed six There will be a meeting of the ladies of the A. L. A. at the Beadingr^Byoqm' ''Is adver< x».o buRgy wafc-'deraolished and Mrs Cjurejr was seriously hurt. ' , ' 'IThe Northwestern railroad company is disposed to do the fair, thing. On account of tb0 complaints made by the business men of Algona regarding the change of time of its freight trains, the company b* 8 given notice that the morning train from the north will be restored. At the adjourned tax sale of Monday most of the pieces remaining unsold were disposed of. One of those yet up- sold 1 was a lot at Wesley in the name of Bishop Hennessy, of Dubuaue, the tax on which was 8147: It waS understood to be church property i&nd was nojb itj demand at those figures. • The Algona Amateur Musical Clip ill cive the seco'nd' entertainment in Lecture course on cbmpel'him 0 - build -and keep in re- pair'500 rods of fenceybesides subject him to-'great inconvenience. As he fues Illsi whole larm at.^2 an acre,, 1 til-i) Jt-lJ'_8,1 .^._..i«^_A. *V^A.S&B ** AlnnnnVl n'rt r> Y Ck&UOO A4AO * IV **V^**/ j( *»* •.»"»-• -*••*» ww« %-»*• *•»•. «r • be ^'kicks'' against being clas^ a petitioner for the.highway. - With this 1 , to him, 'important- exception, the case Was correctly stateid Algona social and literary. circles are present week by Miss Kate Field,'the -Wash . James C. Taylor Post, G. A.B., held its annual,' meeting on Wednesday evening: of last week for, the election of officers, ,whp were named as follows'. Capt.;B; D. Dodge, Commander; B. F. Hedrick, Officer of the Dw; John •Beed, Quartermasterj.Wm. Ward, Sen- ioE'-Vice; P.'L- Slagje, Junior Vi.66; •W.' 1 B. Bossingham, Officer of, the Guard; H. C» McCoy, Sergeant. ' The Woman's Belief Corps met the following day .and, elected 'officers, as follows:' Mrs. Mary Taylor, President;, Mrs. Ella Laird, Senior .Vice; Mrs. Marion-Patterson, Junior VJce.; Mrs. Harriett Stacy, Treasurer; Mrs. Hah-, . • v Come and buy the QHristmas presents of John^avft;. 4$ less than ever Tbefoie. A few v d(Blla^ J$&' 'tW -ose^ '<.£al.^ma8presents,for.ypur entire 'family: 1 " ; '' "". ";;; > '' ' ' ' ' '•' ' W' ".*; Si • .• •. HITBN'R "'WTSn'KWBAB,. >, T AnTT?09.TYD.i?uui?'u A-vn ' MEN'S H GLOVES MITTENS., NECKSCARFS. will give the ~ »^i ,i til* V*,^"; L f "* i*7 * f ^«T*, t *^ J ;iiS^a''4 u ^k^jft u ^ te y i?*, i'ipiopw arti' expected 1 flome , several institutions days. A steady ratnTe1ISaturd^ra-ft^n<)(6tr }n .the, slffht, .when,, a [f^ir '™-'-* storm. ' .evening, Bra.House. AU holding courise 'Can' s'edure-seataby calling,at Stoie f where tickets will oe on sale. ! iBritt -Tribune: The meanest man liTIowa lives in Algona, He stole henis^ ddoW' who raised. the.m.tQjeKe existence. 'He oujsb' [ngton. who has,,.been jyider. JtWbHpdneBsitMwsbaltown — ..--.. Hay & Bice have sold the Bradl , . eterson ir having a ib «»M o*«o«J«w«" J -^" -•—a— -- j-, iundoutlid a'Hmlet 'maker,'and f«d OB bpan soup, for. *!*J™g> *£*$£? ineton editor, newspaper correspond- Harriett Stacy, Treasurer; Mrs. Han-, ent and traveler". Miss Kate Field is nah jollier, .Chaplain; Mrs^JJmma known the, copntfy over as one of the white,, Conductor l most brilliant of'that divinely gifted' ( Tne — circle of American women who have e rff St _ _ «i • i - _ l _A L—l -* _ «. •_ ******* <^4v-r j m l*»4-4- A»*M ' ,HOSB. PANTS. tJNJpERWBAE; 'CAPS: HANDKERCHIEFS. LADIES'. S AND, " ' *-«• HOSE. • • - • " • *' HANDKERCHIEFS. '• " .'BRlSASTPINS. • and ' ' ' MITTENS" achieved /place in society, in letters; and in oratory. She is one of the women who are not'content to shine in society, but who have invaded the intellectual realm bent on conquest. Such women are daring to the veige of madness. Hpw/to^ny wp,mpn would, hay£i conceiv,ed'ih6 idea Of kspending, 4 W^n-j ter inAlaska? The attractions of a winter in Russia with Nap'olean would , to be^alluring. But more auc- D. A. Haggard, who do tioneering than any other laaan m this *eBiom'says4hat\horses are in better TOW ^W at Japfc. Jedn- nt for O Jr « uu ,vuey were not fancy hordes -. <,The,ljkelihood ristfhat bories, jen^bedrpo^and w^ll,; now begin r a ' ' *" " Mbune, noting our, strug- ilgona papers want elect- t*"'?'i;"Kt iv ';rffiP"7.iiii "-XTV. • *tr^™ < PI virs j ered country shtfwillgiVe uj» a vivic description Fridaj night. PERSONAL MENTION. v$ Mis^^a-Smith arrived, home from' Stillwater, Minn., Sunday morning at six o'clock. She reached Lu Verne at 2 o'elocK im'-the'mdrtting atfdcame.from , JC ». Masonic 'Lodge and t the<-Easfc- nu Star wi]ll hold a joint meeting tomorrow night for the installation of officers. The Lodge officers-elect are: F.'HBWesper, W. M.; Cbas. Cohenour, S. W.; A.L. Peterson, J'. W.: W. K. Fergurson, Treasurer; F. M. Taylor^ Secretary. The chapter officers-elect are: Mrs. M. F. Randall, W. M.; A. Palmer, W.P.; .Lirfu- Mattie Haggard A.O.; -- . La berson, Tre ston, Secrete cere last -week, follows: f J\ worth, H&h Priest; Chag.^ our, King* A. W. PaF-^ Judge/Hicks, to recognize pho , as very suitable holiday presents, & N/J. SWnnW had ilbM goods; on, the i,v i.«I::i*t ,«r^nfiM««ia4r T .-tV\fj ahmmAnn to JJfta f 9 P*»»f»*»«W» «TIT»" f^.^lV ^ .I/ . ' WKTT M ««^ ^yesteiday''for-'sbipmenb; to fe .Moines, where be fioes to enter £V' —._^««-oK!« nrSI-.h T.nnyQf COOK. 01 that . Miss Kate Field^who is torture at Opera House Friday mgW, w^ll be snjD* «u.»ftw#*,« £-~nr~7~ " ,—; %» jrwughts put in; .they claim that Mas >bn cfty; iBmmeteburg, SJjencer, etc., are getting ahead of Algona in public Algona is a good citj tt r «.«.«.A«.H r«v«x4 vTT^k o«<a crlaA ,. with three gobd'papers and we are to see them agitating all progressive measures. ' The . .country surrounding ifisbdundto "make Algona a la,rge city in a very few years, i , k.'Ene supreme court last week passed upon the case of ttie state against L, L. Colby, appealed' by the state from Juage cffi'court in this -county. The defendant Colby was the agent of a, li- au'pr house 1 in Albert Lea 1 , Minn,, and was charged with selling liquors ,cpnt- and Blixt, [wiitu i MB-., vring. murder^ j.^rr ,. ^^ jn?b«< ep'ujftltjhis .w.eefc i •; j' Will Annis was taken sick on Mon' Miss••Katte'iFicldwili-ba'the-guest of Mfcs 1 ; 'J.'«J;''Wilsoti' whilvin Algona. MnuBvY, Swettjnawent up to $)m- ALL GOIM AT YOUR OWIPRI ^ PRESEXT frlfff 95 AtfD'SS V1LL GIVE i Wad8h Coben.- Scribe|; „.,__,,.,..__ .f;;tVHos|; 6oon','Principal«8ojourner; W. jrse, Boyal Arch Captain;^,., ,,B. A. Palmer ~ J *-* JtW« *^» * »^»»»»w«> »»•••.— — .— — »-i TJ- -- ; , Grand Masters of the Ve.xV, ycum, Secretary; B. F* Grose, ra.vv. wenaent.up to Em- met'dduntfon FttWw yWt"H»«f. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry, Miss Ella Durant is home from'Ues' Moines, where she.wap, studying artv, V, H. Stough, 'of v Minneapolis, 'was visitfO^'friends arid.-attending to business iri'AJdnavyeBterday,,: • •••' Falls the night previous Waterloo' y W "•» T J*" —, if • T j other towris,' .^ „,„,.,., ^B^fwilW 5SA«tP»J2a!S: "" law,4n It was . , shown that the Albert Lea, bouse reserved the right to accept or yeject the orders,- For Site wirton the court holds tuat the sales ^were wadeln Minnesota and that the verdict for thp defendant, The iyn was, by - Rev, W.''E. feaviifeott is spending the week at Clear Lake. • •;- 3. Jjivermore Gazette: Bert Norton, who .jgif^ttending' school 1 in Algona has been slightly 'under, the "C/Tutti&'n'as rceiv.a Pasadena, Gal., bringing news Carriage of Miss Nellie i Fait; _______ an Algona teacher, to Charles Miller of that city. _, _ • ' The event, which occurred on Tue®: day evening,, of last week, the llth ,in' ' - *AOiJ OTJU**»**f%JiV»- *«••*«* ,, *.»— f -—-—-- , •Btant'iJ 8 tn " 8 'chronicled an^the/Pasadena,Daily Star: 'i '' ''* A'haplpy affair occurred last evening at 8 o'clock at the Christian church ,on N6j.-th".Fair Oaks avenue, the occasion 1 being the marriage of Mr. Chas. JB, Hllea'ab Mjss Nellie A. Parr. The oy Jtsiio,er,-iA'» been hand- Mf«« WVBt* «**| i S**V#J r»»t5**** ? w— T f T--T— -rr- • By the wayi Bert is making rapid progress in his studies there, and Insist examination showed that he wag away in the front rank, and rapidly leaving those of the same^age and oppQvtuniT, ties in the rear, a fact which «»;.a $6ur6e of; great s.atigiJactipn I 10 hl » iehdg here, ' ' • Miss Stella Oieaiy is', enjoying a va- ceretnony ¥ Upiciuuujr \nr«p t/cj.j.v*" J, Wood; The church . somely 'decorated by the friends of the contracting parties. Back of the altar was a bank of ferns and flowers, with two hearts eijtwined, while directly, in front was suspended a beautiful marriage bejl of white roses, The bride wal attired io white albatross with lace trimmipgs, and wearing the * tional .7 "'K b ossoros. Miss - w, ^ifce crepe carried a bouquet Minnesota Linseed Oil-'Coriipfwy'p -AND THE—T-. < t , , % ' t . , > [ T? liit t v J.., 1 " .» : '^rtv •• • • - ** , \ , , _» Bissell Carpet • : The Best ^weeper Maft^ ' WElf ^NANT Bft ner State a.nd,TMoripgtou.\ , , cently in the BatUe •J^'nu^ingfa ture tP'the. i to 8§rv,e as a ||#f.'l«VV "W«J»f^T^"rw-- /,u ir. i, ib| fair apd S»PPW Pf th§ I ad ^Oj ^«P«??U L: _JL' wg I..-Z.-^ n ^l n A*f- TYjHnikMM&fliriAorlovr nirt 1^4JS»^tf PFnWW $9»WftTO» "l|i!r*-!rrf •*F^'WMR™ m^^"*f *»"• ™ •**""!_ »y n ft»^feilM i..M«kMn ^\n«inmtinfr ^ nxiTl* . v''''^^^'^12 '/' ': {W&k^Pfo fc_^'-:•;.>—^. : ^ hBHMM^V'. >< ; ^^|:|^1^ ^.^-,, ,-^ V T i * *'•" ' \ -.Sr «< "Qnv.a&a'UD&SS.ri /,%^';|^''r^%^| t , .* -»t -M< lt ^f* f i »- ' ^M; * "*", 5% Vi | J|| 1 ' • i ^^^ft*!^y* ( ^^^ \ > ! <"''' - •' ''•' \ ' j *'i''''.*" \, 5 i "• ^.j-m^^fjB V- , -Hnr 5^ ''''"' •.'' ; '.'t*;', 'V/> : ^/^^|fl

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