The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 19, 1894 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1894
Page 4
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'' TUB BV MlUfON STABS* smnmte stale eaivajfeintf^ahl gave out ine complete official: l&tttns last week. "From these it appears that Congressman received .the largest majority LIFE'S WARM IS OVER. ' ' ' _I_ - .'. V '.. 4, L, M, B, Smith Oi«» List Friday lifting, K tl- ? ' Bdafft Ndbfe tito->A Vetettft of the Ctfd Wtt» tie Ckwd C*u««. fivay Frida; * j c\ f * 7V/~ i tJecember 14th, ' DeUlvef. ate as followa: i i Bopne .. » Gaihoon j Carroll .. ' Crawford ' Eminot.. Gfeette .. ; Hamilton ., > Hancock ... > Humboldt .. KCSSUth ..V< .- ;--~g- PrloAlto 1233 I Pocahontas 1*21 : Webster 2865 i Wlnnebagp U82 "^••••: 1 Si '^;>,M•*•.'•' nittta • «^'<W> -JIM ...„..', 1329 B&ket. 1619 ' 1127 ' 2159, 2099 430 ' 1244 m 688 , 526 1195 . 1196 1076 2114 457 and ail the unoccupied land ftasbtee iatM fot buiidittf Jots and plag^ twn the watket, and some ot i\m fesad* been s»id. , TM slfeete^i futt,'.tM6«gh to M efe Hill- e« Mr* Cal has ifl j»fit ; th* oBdetdfainiisg ei.the ii pteeatatbty ta sewefags will-be feeepi«§d as among m able building spots Ifl Wf n., » as though State street bad ee&n.lts last ' ^^.^ the SeW&rStttfof Alfiona's moat highly respected citizens, and a man of honorable record a* a defender onhe.tTflioth Gaptajn b, Jt. ;B. Smith, The last mnesslif Captain fl»ith was of brief duration, covering only about ; ten da#s. and jta the greater shoc community because ed at the tiom..;U.waii realised by physicians and frieHdathathe waa very, low, and that his etid* tatfeW be near,; but the event of jdeatViv.Vfpich occurred , ss to meet it. ( t flNAL COftM . State Crop S«fVic«s Gives U« Some i Totals ...,.,., 25,262 16,905 '• Majority ..v ; ^.^ 8j357 f.r- : » 1 The majorities received by the candidates for congress In the several districts of Iowa are as follows S. M. Clark, first district, 1.274; G. M. Curtis, second, *36', D. B. Henderson, third, 5,692 5 Thos. Updegraff, fourth, 6,27,6; fifth, Robt. G. Cousins, 4,230; John BVIiiWJR! sixth, 6,831; J. A. T. Hull, seventh,) 7L225.; Wm. P.Hep- burn, eighth, 4,1,3^|; Hagen. pinth, 2,690; J. P. Dolliver, tenth, 8,357; Geo. D. Perkins, eleventh, 1,804. at 8 o'clock intK eMwft, was with out a m6ment's Iprefiaotiition. Capt.| Smith, however j ,. realjisetl that death, was at hand, anUtiaii given repeated, assurances -of, h He was a ^maft Cleveland and the democratic house see'm determined.^'fcd^es the; passage of tfce wild-cat banking ^1). ,I^ ; is beUeved lhat Its passage will v .be the, signal for a ( Earnest na-. ture. In nothing Was he a trifler, His! religious convictions were strong, His devotion to his country led him to offetf his life upon: ; her »i altar,.,,.. His attachment to his family was the tenderest and most touching. He has often said that during' v his military service he never went into battle without saluting his family, his flag and , his God; It was thei'glorjy iof; his .life chat he - J.U T¥OO VUVIKAXSAU I v*. t f**w , ----- -— — - -- • identified hrmsfltwttu What wad highest riobles't'arid bekt.jbnd wafl ever true to those object' of -hisvallegiance;. The enthusiasm of his early life was given to the abolition movement, which merged into the struggle for national integrity and liberation. The temperance movement claimed the devotion of 4iis later .years.. Born in New York in 1824, hV ! wds''Severity Oyears of ' 'Severity > >year» of ^ii^ffiB.^«liL^«-^^^WiBepn- _i_ 5"— toir> T« lOCf fen ntcia rnot-i-turl fn . Intfcttstlng Corn -Flgutes— Some . final report of the towa weather and crop flervlce fof 1894 shows an &v* erage yield of twelve bttsbete to the in the state. The number ttUlD V* VU1.1* I" WW» OWWWl A«*W a«««»Mvw* of acte&'Blanted was 6,m«W, and the tal yield was 80»867»640 bushels, with f.-.-^A'L'ji-ii^i.'Wiil'liwi* «i«ii*:X-'rt4» 4-MA 4iAA«*£ifif. an,avefage selling prifce at tne nearwi statidhoi 46 cenfe pet bushel.-'To that ' thir section panic. A Mrs. Brandt, of Chicago, the mother of a family of : <3htrdreri/'eloped with: a preacher named Haney a few days ago. She later deserted. tltojtbertine and hypocrite and will hidp&fiP shame and remorse in obscurity. W^ f will silly women know enough to^ljjjjishing. but heartle'ss preachers alone t^d^stow their love Upon those who are 1 entitled to it? . ( i)ebs,ofthe A. R. U.,has been found guilty of contempt in disobeying the Injunction of a.federafl court last July,,, and he goes to jail.; St'sprycjshini.righ^ ; | . • Senator Rowe'n has' recently delivered lectures at Jfe^i B^ud ,and,,|:sther.jrill.e on " Equal Suffrage. v ''"' ' : ' The Buffalo Center Tribune has been enlarged to a.six-colmun quarto. It is ,-pne of th^eJtt/a goto papers^pf,, this .pa|i ; 'sit thestate.| ^Jl[ " !(,Jj_ jj f. \ '/•' % A good many of our editorial brothers. have been quotfng Worn the Lake: Mills Graphic an editorial beginning: " It isn't tirain work that kills a maft." WeH; may be'not. May be ft's using the shears.,^, There may be some other significants in the falling oft of the Bonnet Mitchell vote from 10,349.1^ 18^3 to. ; 7,488 in 1894, but it the tempefanc^ d.iaestjpn was! not |UI);Ao p|' voted on ; ? tiis) *eafc i : i The e|ectt6n|v of ^ congres^ wa$ t^epmWi; business, ahdjthere was^littfe''di8pbs^i6u among sensible meri to indulge in a dress parade. The only place where prohibition votej can do any thing for prohibition in this state \rhder , , , . ain In 1846. In 1851 he Was inarried to '-'rives Miss him. In Aueust, 1861, he enlisted as , present condj*ioms is in the election of ^.members' ofMl/gislat&e; jit] Io9ks like V'.afight'next^cjMin wWehit.wpuid l?e;ev- ,ery district for itself and the devil hot af- . *er.all of them.. . Rev. N. D. MttsiVrfas'tiof of an : Evanston Presbyterian church, is the successor of Prof . Swing. \/V? ••'"• - '<• ':' ' ; You will notice v tnat although trover ' Cleveland favors a deficit-producing t»r- -iff he keeps right' 6h.<.pUing> up a surplus for-himself. Senator Funk, whose knowledge of public affairs qualifies him to speak with authority, argues- strongly ' for a better salary for the office *df 'governor, There can be no doubt that .Allison is thought of by very many in every section as the most available candidate j for the presidency. Major E, H. Conger has beeh mentioned for governor, Major Conger is one of Iowa's best men. A better man for the place could not be found, The Carroll Herald calls attention to an error made by the REPUBWCAJI in referring to L&fe Young as state printer, instead of state binder, The REPUBLICAN • has not said that Mr, -Young has done an f thing to boom himself for governor. We believe that so fttf only his fool friends have done that. 'The RBPUBWOAH Is aware that no sjtated salary attaches tp the office, bu,t the Spirit Lake Beacon is authority for the Statement that the pay will make the incumbent rich in the period he will be likely to KpJd the office if Jet alone. That, we believe, covers all tb0 ground of the Berald'f comment. Van keuvfsn, 0t;'l4w* Springs, charged with wholesale pension, Jrauds, was found guilty en the first CQUB», when b'e confess. ed bis crimes and brought the trial to a clqse. Be was J>Q com ^ OB 8 J a f §irt TBS WQRJK THAT !• The . of what, anef8»tui?.Qf llim. in August, IOOA, uu uminiou aa a private iri^thfiSitti'iWisbottain Cavalry. •'•::Bat@r be laisediia company, of which be, w"f made captain. He served nearly'four,.years.. He came to A!- 1 gonain 1872, With' his brother-in-law, Col. J. W. CornstbcK;:and so had been a resident for twenty-two years, a goq'd share oft which time ,he was engaged m mercantile business, ..Before the war he was a teacher'and superintendent of s"ch'o6is ; iri' Wisconsin, a'place which his fine education and strong and vig s> orous intelleQtqualined him to fill. In his cburchi-relations hej .was a univer- salist', but' he'did nob narrow hisfel-. lowship to those of his own creed, fpr ! «to ; every,f pJiowe,r ; Qf gb,rist aathe^vior of men he. .was,a br,oiher. "|Us; :> great soul, do'mmate'd by a great apd sublime faith, and that faith centered in the loving purposes of God. , ' SChe; funeral WAS held from the resii 'dehise on" Monday &fternWni • a company of friends of the family present,- among them -being .many the dead soldier's comrades of vuo G. A. R. post, of which body hg was a charter member and its. first chaplain^ The service was cond^cte?, byi Sev\ (BM B. Butler, pastor of the deceased;, and a friend of many years, who, in simple, and impressive language spoke of the 1 ; (Misuari hc*»Q Of 1 itomortality, takit g, fo^bisteja^be .words'[of ^aV,|ngelin shining 1 ' gtujments i^at : thfi^tpnib iof Christ:: '• (He is pot |erei; HHi i^risen..' Of kthei'dwiurtdto tp isafid :;>,'> Aftek- a Ibiig life; embrftcinran eventful period in his country's history, this husband and father, comrade and friend has g^ne away. It is a source of satisfaction if riot of comfort,to know ; !that, b& took an activ/e ai^d ^honorable part in thelaffMrB pf^life.'; likriow tiiniito.have been deeply interested-in-«V«rything that promised good to humanity:;an uncpmpromis^ng; foe to oppression in eVeryiormTtbevil in every shapeito; nti linU IAf k'*W*«w B»wm.*J «»U •• • v«w|^v -~- ^-i- j as there were large stretches ;6f Iowa soif where the orop was a total failure. The Iowa crop, according to the 1 totals and'prices given was worthi86v890i488, or filio per acre. There was 'donsider- abte Itoscuth county laud that produced $25 worth of corn to the acre this year, it is results of this kind, in an ''bfl" year, which tend to stiffen -up land prices in Kossuth county. V CHRISTMAS SERVlbES. A Christmas song service 'Will' take the place of the regular service at the Congregational church Sunday evening next, December 23. pn; Mbnday night* Christmas eve, there a Sunday school service in the'same church, consisting of appropriate music, recitations,, etc., At :the 'M. E church Christmas eve, the attraction will be a Christmas tree, with other exercises, and at the Baptist church a log Cabin will be. erected in the lecture •'rp'^rn 'and will 1 be' the center <bf attrac- tldii.' At St. Thomas Episcopal church a Sunday school festival on Christmas evp at 7 p. m. will open the; Christmas week's services,the other appointments being as follows: \Christnaas day, holy communion at 7:30 a. m.; ; niOrnini prayer and sermon at 10:30 a. m; Wed lay, St. Stephens, Martyrs: evening rerat 7:30 p.' mj Thursday j St in the Evangelist: evening prayer a 7;:3(); Sermon. Friday, Holy Innocents evening prayer, 7:30 p. m.; Talk. MALL CHANCE WELL SPENT idweit Club Kates are These, Save the Price of the Paper, ^-With ttegl*tet, $1.65 the tfitet Oetan iodital in the f he Hat t»ttt5Atf will this year, as hefetdfwe, save money to its subscrib* era by gifififf thfem thft advahtago of the Aft dtibbina f afet *ith. tmtstoe >ubiieati6fifi whieh it f§ passible 16 ab» ; aid, la the easref a iewoi! the jtafi* dafd family Weeklies tnb fates eftefed are little more than nominal. Where a number of Capers ate desired, we$att give rates that will save the subscriber ^ifMtlt^»^!fUtM^ffAttlf9m^ltL ^..V, and mote than the wkfe. 6f 'the We eafl furnish our subscribers JJl.Ett f T " vWM JLU4 UJOB* v*»» M*««*ww*«»**if»" with any publication in the world, and rates will be given on nppHcaHon, Following are a few that are demand, the prices quoted being tor the periodicals named and the. RfiruB- LIOAH, and payment being always in advance' ' • •"•' •••.•-••"< ••••'• ' ;• -\y- REPUBLICAN and Inter Ocean ....... $1.85 " " State Register...., 1.85 " " N. Y, Trtbtitte 1.85 • '." '" Duhuque Times, (a; .; , semi-weekly....... 100 " " Pioneer Press 2.25 " . • " . Homestead ?; 2.4Q •' "' Orange Judd Farr " mer... 2.25 " ' • ''.Harfek's Weakly.v 4.75 " " Harper's Bazar...'. 4.75 " " Harper's Magazine 4.60 " " Cosmopolitan...... 2.85 " " Mc'Clures Magaz'n 2.65 " N. Y. Independent 4.00 " " Chautaumian .,•< 3.60 " " Review orReviews ; 3.60 " '•" Decorah Posten..v. 2.50 " " The Midland...,^ \2.50 and imported, and Colored. Plain and Engraved. ^ FraitBishes, Jtf Oaks Plates* - Decaliters, 4 gose Jars, Etc, CYCLONED Wesley Reporter: At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. French, about 7. o'clock Wednesday ''evening, -justice Obed Robinson united in the happy bonds of matrimony Mr. Jud Coats and Miss Mary Etta Welch, both of Wesley! The bride, it will be remembered, was seridusly injured -in the^ late .cyclone while living with the French family, and we are pleased'to note she baa entirely recovered- • '••«...•:, . . ?. ' A lot of Glassware in yariptts articles that four out of fiv^ persons pronounce Cut €flas^Mtit;we tell theffi the price. A1 1(1 ' &[ /!;•£.'(r.;'"i;U ( {••! ;i-;^i ,.: | :• .'. V' ( ,. An unusually haMsome ,assortnie;nt of JHign, Art China and Porcelains from all pa^^ a curious and instructive sto^to; l^oBe^ in Cera mies. HI3R.E Plates, Gups and Saucers, After Dinner Coffees, . i . . . Money to loan on long or short .time* " '''' 3tf Teapots, Chocolate Pots, CJojcoa Pitchers, Gracls^f Jars, Punch BowlSj Salad Bowls, Cream Jugs; Celery Trays, Vases, Etc., China. Japan. Austria. •-' .". .," i • . '• ,V France. ' • ' ' '' ' England. MI ,11 *& » t ; .I 1 -4 ,'f ,' ^•^ Each of whiciiiari8;clist|[nguished by peculiaritiee of ina- teriaj aAd p^oductibii cliarftcter^aiWf their oTigin, and all decorated ,witli ; tHat; rare beauty of desigtf perfection p^finish'which &Ump^ tteia^ij f iffw^bf >killi6"a artiste everywhere..""" : ' '"''" ! '"'.'.. >T ' !' V/VxJXL'Jlj *J^^^ juy'"M^»j.ii*r|' in»/>»w^__^^" " • •• • ••"- - • • '• \i .'..i A -visiitb oii?; ! fe-',jd^b uxot m&y H |iiy.'o^i^Wti' 1 to 'purchase; We 1 are ! a;lwaBrs"pl'earied < t?bBh«w our goods, i , «s $& f 8&frM&fT. «' , -n , < ! <A v f V»A J »^** *"1 "** * •».—--, ~ — --*. -j - i corruption in every place." Betemng to bjis atoy Jife, rhe Said: u Here the temptations'of campvlife had no poweu over him. Much of his spare time was •used ; in communicating,with his family and friends,'and not -in corrupting indulgences. In no place, under no circumstances, did he forget his home and those he loved." " Every benevolent enterprise, .every good cause, every moral,' social, political :: reform has lost one belping'band, one encouraging voice. But most of all he will bb missed where be was best known, in his own bp'me, by his intimate friends. Of tljis I cannot speak, and there Is no need." Appropriate hymns were sung by Mrs, B. H. Spencer, Mrs, E. G, Bowyer, Mr. Geo. Hamilton and Mr. C. J. Doxsee. The services at the grave were conducted by the Grand Army, ^ CALL'S STATE §T, ADDITION, Extra Fine in quality* Doz. HanteeMefs; AM, FBIOES, 50. TO $1.75. OB. , . HAND EkBBOJDBBBDi BY PPP8 THE 2O Doz. Gent's Neck Scarfs, Wilson firik Make, new shapes bought for this sale. JO Doz. Wool and 3Uk Mufflers; •NH™ stvles and extra 7 values. Tou will also.flnd in our stocfc.Table Curtains, Warm Shoes, Slippers, Shawls, ' ad varied Yours for bargains, A4<«+ .Desirable ' tipn Plftttea. / It sometimes happens that the extent sjon of b«U4i»g ^pemtions w a town maybe pushed py ar tiboml raesHs.or booroed, but sometimes, agaw, wtot »8 needed is mote the opportunity tor growth than the stilus, The most, valuable businejs' faculty, proMXi is the. p'Qwer ft pereeiv.^ or to JoJiW. when to pffw a tbipgi -Sometimes ^ w»y be csreated, but it »» «gUthipg.UMftUy to be^ble lr-wnen rt ^«»Uy epte, or to appreheBdit8,cQmiflgSQ»8|Pbe ° l JA3. TAYLOR. Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFAOTDBBRSJ AJfD DBAI.JBRB IN *1 j] Complet6 if ;|^^BepartmenC arid as for^iPyioie's, vt'$ a)r H ^''dflferiii§'a, ( " • ' •' "k't" i i , , V great many Articles at one-lialf theiir, price in former years. t)urlinetbrogbj out is mad® ti^ of useful goods, v ;,,, Beautiful Beyond Comparison! - fl ^ ber • We Hw foHowlng ; BeUJng ol tooh iBnr's Supplies (Gas Pipe !«4 ft«l«8? , Candy a»d I rufe. Valves ; aU We have Metal ety, Q-ood^, Ls in great n. ,•-...,i f. ,. » Mr* If you are, ieedtog Q»©V tet us show you s<to0 ( of NEW FRiNGH OQViRT OLOTHS, slfc tbmg ju §0 IN, iLAOK STORM SEBQEi , • tot* fait Sa tiaMtag co H!@H QRADg JMPOBTEP ft a»d lus and H, S __

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