The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 19, 1894 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1894
Page 2
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Algofta ttttf ox stARn, NEWS PSOM _____ „.„,.Wl WAS bhdef coB^itleffltioa U\ dftjf. Sid Conrad, of Atlantic, had his left loot crushed by the cars at Chicago, and the limb had to be amputated below the knee. Deputy Treasurer John J. Moore, of Boone county, was kicked by a horse and had his skull fractured. There is no hope of his recovery. Henry Fink, Of Fairfield township, Clinton county, cdmmltte'd suicide by hanging. Ue leases a\,wife and fife, children, but no reason for the deed, William Burns and Frank Miller, convicted at Iowa City, of highway robbery, were sentenced by Judge Wade to seven years each at Anamosa. The three prisoners who so cruelly "beat the wife of the jailer at Boone while escaping from the jail, have been captured and are now held at Des Moines. In the case of Lizzie Weston, on trial at Independence for the murder of IV >•;•••- Finn, the jury returned a <vercliui, •_,. not guilty. Her plea was self-defense. Walter Strange, member of the Woodbury county board of supervisors, -who has been on trial at Sioux City, has been found guilty and a verdict of impeachment rendered. W. Henry Smith was instantly killed at Denison while working on an electric light line, by touching a live wire. Deceased went to Denison from Marshalltown about a month ago. Robert Adams, a Milwaukee locomotive fireman, who had his neck broken on Nov. 3 at Madrid by falling from the tender of the engine, died in the hospital at Cedar Rapids a few days ago. > At Eldora the. jury in the case of'the state vs. II. McDonald and J. Q. McKee for burglary at Hubbard six weeks since, brought in a verdict of guilty and recommended one year in the penitentiary. Harvey Payton, confined in. jail at Montezuma for complicity in a , hog stealing case at Scarsboro, attempted suicide by taking iodine. •; The dose was too large and his stomach revolted. He is in a serious condition, but will recover. The Chicago, Iowa & Dakota train going east was derailed • a,t, Eldora Junction by, an open switch. Some fiend or fiends had turned the switch, hoping thereby to get even with the road. Fortunately no one injured, but several cars were considerably jammed, resulting in quite a serious loss to the company. The final crop report of the state shows a total yield of corn of 8,867,640 "bushels, or a trifle above one-third of the usual 'yield; winter wheat, 3,481,312; spring wheat, 1,720,177; oats, 96,713,256; rye, 1,554,650; barley, 9,218^ 970. The total value of the crops is placed at $121,284,69(5, against $200,000.000 in previous years. A gambling den has been watched in, Manson for some time. Several men who have been frequenting the place have been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury'at Rockwell City to testify as to the truth or not of gambling "being carried on. If the parties thus charged with gambling and running a gambling place should be indicted it is asserted that it will implicate some of the most prominent citizens, G. W. Brown, of Ottumwa, went to Des Moines, and while looking over the old records discovered 160 acres of government land, three-fourths of a mile- northwest of Delta, Keokuk county, on which he promptly filed a soldier's claim. It will be a little singular if it proves true that that quarter section of land, in the largest settled portion of Iowa, has never been homesteaded or purchased from the government, Ruth Baker, 16 years old, one of five orphan sisters of Decorah) Iowa, who was employed in a family named Wardiow, 329 Walnut street, Chicago, took morphine with, suicidal intent) dying the next day, Some property was left to the sisters by the parents, but this, it is said, was lo^t through the ill management of their guardian. It is thought the loss of fortune, as ^yell as parents, caused Miss Baker to become despondent, and that is the pnlv reason given for the suicide, . At Decorah John H. Cater was found guilty of murder and his' punishment fixed at imprisonment in the state pen- J^entiary for life. His victim was a yqung man named, George Wemett> and the murder occurred ftt Purr 0ak on the evening of September 1 last. It ivfts in fact a double murder, Mrs. Cater, wife of the criminal, being killed the same night. The evidence -as to i fleath' bejng muck the clearest) • was tried undep an/ ind.iptm.ent that ease ^Jgite, JhV jtfial It hafe cotfle to ligM thftt A. Ofte of th€ Editors of the Madcli ftalj has Hot oftly disappeared, bffli fea'« r . taken With hJhi some fgfo tilon^ftf i*3 hit. partner, ft* efithe to ttkdclifte yeHrs ago ad i traftp pniitef *il Wfcalth and Wks ttlteij ifi «fot f fll cold. He i* a schemer and Worked 4m- ( merous parties. While workmen were e&cav&tifif fat the water works reservoir on the farm of W. H, Cowan, neat Goldfield, three full-sized hufnati skeletons were found at a depth of two and a half feet. According to the traditions of the Sac and Fox Indians, in in early day, while on a hunting expedition, a band of wandering Sioux attacked them and killed several of their party. A ' cott- rielC W&S sight back to tllei^ village-, and ftll tliS yottng tain] rfpi|JGe'fl tHeir war paint and^startfed in gurWit.- .The victorious SioUx were overtaken somewhere in upper Bootte county, and a dpsperate battle ensued, and not a single Sioux was left to carry the bloody tale to his tribe. , It is quite probable that Mr. Cowan's farm is the scene where the tragedy was enacted, as arrowheads and other Indian implements of war have been picked up in the vicinity from time to time. Another point that also indicates that the skeletons are those of Indians is that they appeared to be buried in a sitting posture. One skull was smashed as with a semi-sharp instrument. Two children of George and Hannah Cook, aged 0 and 12 years, while skating on the mill pond at Littleton, got into an air hole and were drowned. The children failing to return at a reasonable time the mother became apprehensive and went in quest of them with tlie result of being disappointed in her search, whereupon she gave the alarm. Search ..was immediately inaugurated, Icading'to the discovery of the hole through which they had- disappeared. According to the report the place was not reached until about dark. The fact of its discovery had the effect of drawing a crowd around the break in the .ice, which gave ^yay, precipitating twelve men. and boysinto the river. Of this number, ir. the darkness of the coming night, seven were rescued. The bodies of .the five others in addition to those of the two children, were found the next day some distance below the scene of the wholesale drowning. The names .of the victims are: Fred Hanks, John Morton, Geo. Roberts, Geo. B. Floss and C. H. Hanks, Otto Oltmans, of Wayne township, Jones, count}', was; to have wedded Antoine Oelrichs, of the same locality. The license had been procured and active preparations were under way for a splendid wedding. .Oltmans swore his love was faithful and true, and Miss Oelrichs lived in that happy atmosphere best known by expectant brides. But 'Oltmans :is missing. Whether he dreaded to face the ordeal of matrimony, or whether some mysterious circumstance'set him afloat is notkno.wn, but true it is that hevanished&ike'a ray of light-'in the dark and his afflanpe knew not • of ,his going. Oltmans left two days before the marriage. He' wrote from fcedar Rapids saying that Miss Oelrichs might have all the stock and personal 'effects he left, of the value of about $500, He also wrote from the same place to Mrs. Mayberry, whose farm he had' rented, stating that she might keep the S100. he. had paid on the rent, and;let the land to another tenant.. He,. also wrote Fred Bohlken, of Scotch Grove, that he had left his horse and buggy at a livery stable, and that he might go and get it. Since then nothing has been heard from him, and his action is inex plainable. , .Charles W., 21 years old, and only son of Dr. W. W. Hawk, of Colfax, committed suicide a few .days ago by taking one-half dram of morphine. He had lately returned from Colorado, where he had been engaged in mining, and his ventvires not having proven successful he came home very much dejected, and not being able to find employment of a profitable nature, it is presumed that he became despondent and determined to end all his troubles in death, Charles had, before going to Colorado, been employed] in the drug store of Henry Fellows, and was known and liked by every one. He went to the drug store of Dr. Gearhart, where a particular friend worked, and while the friend was in the front of the store waiting on a lady customer he took from the prescription case a vial containing half a dram of morphine, poured water in the vial and drank its contents, He then went across , the street tp the. Cglfas Mineral Water company's bottling works and told a frien^ what lie had done. His father was immediately sent foy and everything possible dope to save his life, Whi}e he was being worked with, he tojd those around him that it was no use, he would finish, thp , job later if prevented this time. Death, came in spite of all tha<< cqul4 be done within 9, h,alf hour alter ^he, dr^g, wapi taken ' Dp you. wear ghjrt§ P^es Moines. 'Pej-jfecJ; SJ; 3 Fire at Oskaloosj, destroyed th --'-'--'•''- Jjgjjtjng phjni ftt ft. "— - tfce firfl ballot a»4 within thg ojftpiaj completed' <?» we 19$, too :ift£& :f"e«y^M^ sf tKe trifJted:'Staffs court 'at , Beffc a%a tSi6 $&er tJe&f^ of *iolatitig the ShefmaK ahtHrUst aw, •fthieh iaakes it aft offense to retrain -commerce in any way, and as defendants did not. heed th* injunetioti sstied by Judges Woods and Grosseup oft the 2nd of July last. Debs is sen* enced to sifc months in the county jail and the rest to three, months each. The complete returns from • the late election iH Tennessee have been re- eived and the secretary ,6^ state announces that Evans, republican, for governor, has a plurality of 748 over Turney, democrat. There will doubt- 1 ess be a contest before tlie legislature, >oth sides claiming fraud. France has declared wat against Madagascar and a war ship \Vith 400 nai'ittes and eighty tons of amlnUni- lon is now on the way to begin opera' Jons, Sir John Thompson, premier of the Dominion of Canada, died Very stld- lenly at Windsor, England, a few days ago, whither he had gone to attend a neetiug of the queen's privy council. Tatty degeneration of the heart was ,he cause. William II. Price, of the firm of Chandler & Price, manufacturers of printing presses, was killed at his lome in Cleveland by ,a burglar who shot Him three times. R. B. Tillman has been elected Jnited States senator by the houses of he South , Carolina legislature. In he house he secured 102 out of 117 otes, in the senate 20 out ol 35. A farmer living near Ridgeway-, Mo., jecame suddenly insane, and grabbing a butcher knife killed his wife, ;two hildreu and'two stepchildren, after vhich he • cut his own' throat. One stepchild escaped. In jthe Washington street tunnel of lie Chicago street railway two 'cars came? together r and caused a dreadful sraashup, in which one person was tilled, fifteen badly injured and a urge number ; considerably- bruised. According to a Shanghai dispatch, jefore considering any peace proposals Tom China, Japan insists upon the sxirrender for 'execution of all Chinese officials who have' offered money regards ,f or ;.• Japanese -heads. Seeley, the def aultmg bookkeeper of the Shoe and 'Leather bank of New York, has .been captured at Chicago and has confessed. With an accomplice named Baker he managed to steal over $350,000.. Kneebs, the race-horse man, charged with ringing in his mare Bethel in ermany, has been released on bail and is on his way to America. ' Count Ferdinand de Lesseps, the 31'illiant engineer, whose greatest work is the Suez canal, died at his home near Paris on the 7th. .For the second time within a month Frank C. Ives has defeated Jacob Shaeffer in a six-days' billiard' match of 3,000 points. The match took place at Chicago and Shaeffer made only ,831 points while Ives was making his 3,000. The brutal murder of A. D.. Barnes, janitor of the Hiawatha building at hicagOj was committed >by Edward Jordan, the assistant janitor, who has confessed. He says Barnes and himself had a quarrel over a missing bolt and he killed Barnes in self-defense. The Women Know Best. Much comment has been caused by the official reports of the United States and Canadian governments, in which are presented the evidences of the superior strength, purity and wholesomeness of the .Royal Baking- Powder. It is true tliat" the good housewife looks upon commendations of the Royal Baking Powder from scientists and official sources such as these very much like ' 'the gilding of refined gold. " Her practical experience long since taught her jti the most convincing way the great usefulness arid superiority of the Royal article. A higher proof than this she does not want and cannot have, Yet it is pleasant for her to realize that the facts established by these grnat competitive tests, these scientific examinations made under direction of the Government, exactly parallel those she had before worked out in her own common-sense practical way, It does not appear that any baking powder, when presented in competi* tion with the Royal, either at we Government tests or before World's Fair juries, has ever received favor or award over the Royal or made an equal showing in purity, strength ov wholesome- . . , , itr-*Ife8',™ -Leuveit ' tbofftiftf by UMttd I5istflefc Attorney Sells, iwfea Matel %hat h« e*p-ect€d fe* gi*efft on tliS set- ond dauss of the ittdiistttisftti bribed that bemg ite> o&e .6hd6eft by the prrfsecution. After some testimony bearing strongly against iTaft LeliVem the defense asked that tli* *ase be dismissed on the grouftd that ufidef'a certain 'statute evidence of" fcotistJira- tors is tlnconstittttional unless .corroborated by outside testimony, attd the evidence is Hot sufficient r to warrant donvictioto, This motion will be argued to-day. The defense is making a vigorous tight, atid has secttfed the services of nine attorneys, some of tHom beitig among the leading lawyers of. the Ooid Dec. 14,— In a- published letter C. H. Thomas, Colorado member of the democratic nation* £tl committee, predicts that the gold power will utilize war between China and Japan as a means for the destruction of silver in the orient and enormously increase the value of gold. U Hung Throws Up Roth Hands. SHANGHAI, Dec, 14.— Since the capture of Port Arthur Li Hung Chattg has secretly reported to the government of Pekin his inability to check the advance of the Japanese armiQs. In his report he deplores the want -of railways more than the lack of troops. The downfall of the present Chinese dynasty is freely predicted. They May Not Ho Forced to Choor. BERLTN,' Dec. 14.— ^-Herr Singer has been appointed chairman of the committee to whom has been referred the motion to punish the socialist members of the chamber of deputies who re- fuSed to rise and cheer for the emperor in the Reichstag, ;It- is 1 said his bom- 'mittee is certain .to present an adverse report. _ < All Want , .to net on Tominy Ryan. ,NEW OiiLEANS, La., Dec. .14.-— Jack .Dempsey and his party arrived here this mornjng. In, the betting Ryan is' the favorite. It is not unlikely, that a match will be made; for JOJB Choynski, i Jim Hall is also anxious to fight, but' says he will not challenge -Fitzsihimons; as the latter would not accept. Sccloy Is Identified. CHICAGO, Dec. 14.— President Crane of the National Shoe and Leather bank of New York last evening positively- identified the man arrested Monday as Samuel C, Seeley, the bookkeeper who stole §354,000 from the funds of that' institution. He 'will be taken back toi New York for trial. Lumber Company's Assets. STILLWATER, Minn., Dec. 14.—The "schedule of liabilities and assets of the Schulenberg & Boeckler Lumber company, which recently failed, was filed yesterday, Total indebtedness, $915,505; assets in Minnesota, $146,780; estimated value of the:firm's plant's in St. Louis,'$500,000. toss ol Life In an Earthquake, WASHINGTON, Dec. li.—The department of state is in receipt of a'dispateh dated Nov. 17 stating that the loss of life at Messina by the earthquake was small, only two people being killed, but in the neighborhood it is estimated 200 people have lost their lives. Sir John Thompson Diet. 'WINDSOR, England, Dec. 14;—Sir John Thompson, the Canadian prime minister, expired at Windsor yesterday morning af tor the meeting of the privy council at which he was sworn in as a member. ' His death was very sudden and was due to heart failure. No .Bank Panic at St, Joseph, Mo, ST. JosEFir, Mo,, Dec, li.—There was little excitement caused by the closing of the Commercial bank and no runs were made on other banks. The positive assurance of'bank officers that all depositors will be paid in'full has the effect of quieting the fears of many, Ohio, Dec, J5.— -A big petroleum combination, by whicE three of the largest pii producing Qpm- panies in the Ohio field will be merge$ into pne, with a capital of $O,QOO,OOQ to $8,ppQ, is about tQ fee cQnpumw^tedt TJ>e Qompanios interested are the Oil company oi Toledo, the Crystal company of • -the same ptyy, ang the Werrtew-M.9rga.ft . company of la»a, , The powpany wjij }»ajse a ta from Massachusetts, ALABAMA CITY, Dec. l4.r-i.The Dwight Manufacturing company will build a $500,000 cotton mill here for the reason, as alleged, the Chicppee mills can not compete with those of other states, owing to the restrictive laws of Massa- chnfeetts. Bank F»Us, WAPJIINQTON, pec, J4,—.The City 3S T a tional bank at Quanah, Texas, has closed its doors, It was. Cashier Pri of this bank wfro was arrested some days ago on a charge of embezzling §35,000. t*»t—fcwtfte*' Ctku* *! ift« ol Alls- VtcSoftlA, & 0., ftee. 11- -,.&ilaB fitgfihier' WafrinldO startling news tli&t a majority of the islands of the New Hebrides group af 6 ssing threttgfc a,^ bt ili tti 6* fif|f earthquakes! aHd/vdldanic • dist|i?B» ahcefe, threatening the ^existeHcB 61- ;everal of the largest fthd best .slands, including Ambrym, celebrated for the excellence of its coffee. On the latter an entire village of faaf ;ives ivas recently carried ifato thfe se"d,, the loss of life being estimated at sixty ;o setefttyflve men, women attd children, while ift others of the group fa* lalities are also reported. A layer", of ashes ff'oin two to six inches cleep,,' covers the' ottce fertile fields. ' At Epl> Nov. 3 there was a severe earthquake which opened an entire volcanic crater on the west side of Ambrym, and the next day the whole island irembled. Since then it opened .n five or six different places. Even the island of Epi, which was much less affected, had, up to Nov. 7, felt sixty-three distinct shocks and for weeks had been covered by louds of ashes and smoke. Traders and planters living on Ambrym .island lave fled precipitately to Port Sandwich (Malicollo) the nearest port, in nany cases abandoning all their property. , „ '' '•''';, * -' * Nov.'13 an earthquake-s^oclt rocked Ambrym from cast to west, causing the round on which stood a small native village ,to slump, >vit/h N the houses of^ .he in-Kabitatits, into the s'ea. • It^, s impossible to accurately state the extent of the fatalities, but the low- est'estimate-of.the loss ,,fifty. Owing to the lateness of the disasters details were .riot available when the Warrimoo left the southern seas, al- ihough natives from all. the volqanic islands were flocking to the centers of civilization for safety. ', V J i TORTURE OP ARMENIANS. jfie Itfbftifig td ifidepettdence of Cttfe*^ ^ettttsfefc frteaffcgaftg&ti&ibiiliis&in'fr 1 """* Mfifffifi flfffi&3 ttft gdfeffitfjBnt of the ctfiftit ftftf Jng the tfnited should ifive'st iii IB6 stock of thfr upM the p}&& outlined daHifg the t»a6 t)istf!6t tt Colombia bills by t»efte# uei!, 1ivef6 ittJ definitely postponed. Nlcaf flRutl Cftnftl bill' ' * camd up ftnd Dolph spoke Ih favor a Bhef mfth also advocated its passage* 1 Bill to pfomote the efficiency of the fef*' efltie cflttef sefvieS'catae up and Ci&fK o£"' Missouri spoke ag&ihst it. Railway pobl* ing bill came tip ttnd s after several amend*'*? mentis bad been voted down, was passed)'-'' 166 W HOt { ', ? ; ' V' 1 ! '"",' , "Js ,» , '. SENATE. , ' ", \ «?.", Washington, Dec. 12.— feill creating ritory of Indianola Was referred to mittee. Resolution calling for ence relative to mediation between and J apaa passed, Gray moved to dis-j place Nicaragua canal bill with the sugaf, bill. Defeated, 23 to 27. Vest moved to) take Up picture resolution. ' Defeated^ 24' to 84. nocsE. House went into committee ot the whole- on urgericy deficiency bill. Motion toj Strikeout appropriation for 'collection o£ income tax was defeated. . SENATE. ^Washington, Dec. 18.—Nicaragua;' canal bill'Was'mnder consideration all day.'. Ad-' journed .till 'Monafay. „ HOUSE. Urgency deficiency bill was reported to • the house byjthe .conimittee of the whole 1 > andpas3ed without)amendment. Military' • academy appropriation bill was also.- passod. - ";'i HOUSE. •£> " WashlngtoiirDec. '14.—Souse "wdhClfato 1 committee of the whole on the pension* appropriation bill, which, after debate } Was reported to^the' house and passed,, - Army'appropriation bill was reported$"eif ter " which house adjourned till jfonday^ ' - \ IOWA PATENT OFFICE REP < Letter Says Woinon Wore Slaughtered and Men Urn-nod to Death. BOSTON, Mass., Dec. 15.—The follow-' ing is an extract from a letter received in this city from an American residing in Erzerunj, in tlie province s ,of Sassoun,' where, the-jreberit Turkish atrocities against Christian Armenians are reported to have occurred. -For obvious reasons the names of the writer and recipient are withheld:, "A score of villages were obliterated and many people slaughtered. A number of young Armenians were bound, covered with brush and burned alive. Others pleaded for mercy,'. , bu.t. t were shot down on-the spot,' .while others were dispatched with the" bayonet afnd sword. One hundred women were shut ujj in a church. Many were outraged to death and the, remainder 'were -dispatched , with 'the sword. 'Children' were placed in line, apparently to 'see how many could, , be killed with one' bullet. Many children were beheaded and inmates of burning houses ..driven back into the flames at the.point of the bayonet -as -they tried -to escape. Estimates' vary fro'nV 3,000 to 8,000 as to the number,d.* s r Some esty inate place theoraniber even,.twice jas high. The ma&sacres" happened in August and September and were per-, petrated by soldiery under officers of, high 'rank^ -'THis"\giye!S th'e.., affair a most serious aspect." f l Non-Cheerors Given a Vindication. BEKi.iN,Dec, 15.—The standing orders committee (of which" Herr Singer, the' socialist leader, is chairman), to which was referred the application of the- public prosecutor to punish the socialist members of the reichstag who refused to rise and cheer for the emperor Thursday, by a vote of nine to four has rejected the proposal to prosecute Herr- Liebknecht for his recent utterances, Expected Scandal In KOTOO Pelayecl. BOMJ:, Dec,')5.-^Jn. the chajnber ;of deputies 'yesterday; fe>ig, .Gfibj > a.riQ,Jre'' porter of the committee appointed to deal with'the Gjolitti document, »'§ad the long expected report ' It' is thought the. result of the inquiry is, un,favi?ra* ble to §ig. Giplitti and those whp hoped to bring- about a ministerial Change Jn Chinese QfRe|ahi, Pec, 46 «-A dispatch. TBW says Prince DES MOINES, Dec. 10.—Our patentla is the most- -liberal and equitable on 1 the book'. It makes' no distinction between boy or girl, man or woman, race or color, citizen or alien. Many, false notions exist in regard to the Tights of a patentee and one very common is that a person can make for his own use a patented invention without'_ infringing the rights of the invenitor, and owner of the patent. The fallacy of such an idea is apparent when it is re- ' membered that if one person could do so " all other persons would have the same , right and the inventor and-'patente^, .would have ' no protection whatever.*' Improvements^o'n .patente'd inventions' are alwaj's in order, and'of ten patentable' and add to the value of, the original] invention and where one or more per" sons contribute to the perfection of* any art or invention ' each has rights that the law recognizes, a^hd, in place' of la'wing w a ith each other,'Hhey should; pool their •' interests and assist each other in''getting the perfected product of their joint efforts into gendral us.e-. Five patents were issued to'* Io r wa inventors December "4th. ' *',, " v< '"" *"" f • Printed cppies of. the drawings^and • specifications of any one,^ patent sent'to;? any 'address for 85,.*cents; .-Valuable,, information'fay" inv.eivto 1 ' 8 free. ,> ' -"THOMA'S G/'A^B J? RALPH OIVWIG, - -, Solicitors of Patents, -., "Vi made an investigation of the of the drouth stricken' regions,-' report shows that much money • supplies needed th^ The state relief commission'. by,' the governor is Actively ( collecting food for the destitute in tb extreme'western portion',o'f t tne ' Much is being received in' the voluntary contribution of ' fuel, eta, from other mild weather h«,s, thng ,tev" the suffering which will , :, Ohio, 'Pe,e, .Gazet^ spe,9ia4 ^ frQm.1. i, ind,, s'aysi old, w,ent 1 neav "West ^JWORi yfifsprsfvy*".,,. mR^ ^^piMisftK^^Ji *--»wttv» «y , f«t« «fc.jr«K "TWJWKg!; ^m^m^m'm\ Mrs. QigvelanA y^tjcrd&y ftb»B- d.pnefl their pewtry home at

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