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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 22

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 22

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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CcrrineJ Services cf ell pcpcru FuJ AuxLtd Prea. UrSld Press, Ininailonal Nez arJ Pacific A es Semct THURSDAY VEXING, OCTOBER 25, 1917 i I NINETYAMONTH HIES Brass Buttons, Shoulder Straps, More Alluring Than College Degree, Greek Letters coiissi DESCENDS 111 nil! 0IL15 FACTORIES GROWFAST SHOPPitlG TO QUE EHLY Postoffice to Experience Two Holiday Rushes This Year Because of Boys in Europe Oakland Merchants Busy Preparing Displays of Gifts for Soldiers; Mail by Nov. 15 II 11 A Society Belle, Naval Officer's Love at First Sight That th degree compatibility betwwen men and women may be determined by such apparent trifles as brass button and shoulder straps is suggested by th announcement this afternoon of the betrothal of Miss Enid "Wilson, society bell of Clare-mont. and Lieutenant Herbert Sidney Jones, V. S.

of th cruiser Saratoga. Th marriage, closely following th announcement at an Informal affair In the home of Mrs. Douglas K. Wilson, was performed ltae this afternoon the presence of twenty-five guests ai the horn of th bride. Key.

F. Augustus Martyr of St Clem. ent'a 11DI nffictateft TViam no attendants. Lieutenant Jonea and I his brid left for a brief honeymoon trip. On May IB Miss Wilson announced I her engagement to Howard Newcomb Pratt of New York, son of Mr, and Mrs.

Bradley Pratt of Berkeley. Two weeks ago, after Pratt had come West on a visit, she mad public th fact tetween them had been broken because "Incompatibility." Seven weeks ago occurred meeting between Miss Wilson and Lieutenant Jones at a reception on board the Dutch warship Zeeland. Pratt la a graduate of th University of California with th degree of B. 8., and la a member of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity and th Tau Beta PI and Kta Kappa Nu honor societies. Hut the degree and th array of Greek letters were evidently not as potent In their magic effect upon compatibility as were the simple letters U.

S. N. That the meeting waa a case of lov at first sight Is admitted by the family of th bride-elect. In discussing th affair this morning Mrs. Wilson said: f'Lleutenant Jones and my daughter met at a reception to th officers of the erulser Saratoga aboard the Zee-land several weeks ago.

As soon as he received word of my daughter's broken engagement to Mr. Pratt he lost no time In making th proposal, which waa accepted the fallowing dav Lieutenant Jones wired thia morning that he eipects to recelv his furlough today and asked that preparations be made to hav th wedding this afternoon." Miss Wilson Is on of th most beautiful of th younger belles of local society. She Is a graduate of Miss Head's school in Berkeley and was for a tlm a student In th University of California, wher ah met Pratt. Lieutenant Jones is a graduate of Annapolis and a member of an old New Tork family. KEVDAUi lSnEI.EASFT J.

I. Kendall, former local realty operator, who was arrested In San Francisco last week on complaint of C. W. Hroderlck. an automobile salesman who accused htm of em-heszllng a car which had been purchased on the Installment plan, was released today by Justice Aaroh Turner and th case will not be pressed.

AfiKXCY FOIC WATFRMAX FOrXTAIV PF.XS' Industrial Census Shows That This Year's Output. Is Fig-gured at One Hundred Million Expansion in Two Years Is the Greatest, of Any City in Two Years; Aid in War Supplies Cwklands factories b.ave gmwn from a tml Investment In 114 of .34,411.000 to prmnt valuation of 17S.SOO.0OO. Oak-lands factory output in 1J14 wm ti yw see it tre the figures showing the greatest twft-TMtr industrial growth of nv city tn the United Statu for th period, completed today In the Industrial Census Ukn by the Oakland Chamber Commerce, Kperts of th Chamber bav keen at work under th direction of Captain Joseph E. Calne ftr the past few weeks, tha census being planned prln. cipally to lay before tha Government tha exact facilities of Oaklanda factories in manufacturing goods to needed as war supplies.

Together with taking tha figures on tha capacities of tha factories, which tha Chamber will bold confidential unless tha government announced them, tha ft nan -tial figures as far as posslhl were also taken, theae showing tha remarkable growth of Oakland as a factory center. fn 1M4 there were 19.00 people era-ploved In Oakland factories. At ths pres. ent time 000 are employed. Bank deposits of factories commercial! have veiled In the two years from l4I.17t.lrT to 4.T.t:: M.

Pavings deposits hare swelled from 1JJ.991.7M to HM17.80S, this representing scoounts of smaller faotorlea and many factory workers, whose deposits have grown higher coat of living. The figures are to be sent East In spe-rial blanks for federal reference this Week. JOB NOT AWARDED C. tewsrt MacMullan. "ta ferret," l.i fcaa offered ta show th ltv ttes where at leant liO.OOO In revenue that his Ntn overlooked In th aasesaments ran be found In return for a lob, will have to produce more tangible evidence of his a'ltty to make good before the Job ta forthcoming.

This decision was made today by the eommlesloners an I'wie following a conference with Mao- Mull An. city Auditor I H. Clay endeavored to obtain some clew from MacMullan as ta the source of his proposed new revenue, but MarMrtlan held out for the Job rirat A a result of Ms attitude the confer, enre broke up, the councilmen remaining obdurate. wirE is missinC The police today were asked by Newton J. Huff, of 1321 Telegraph avenue, to assist him In a search for Ms wife, Delia Huff, whom he says has been missing from horn sine Tuesday morning.

ih is believed to In Ran Francisco, Chrlstmss Is coming! Shop earlier this year. It has 4o be done if you expect to gt your Christmas gifts mailed this year, says the" Postoffice Department. For "Mail Early" is to be the slogan of every peat of rice. Fostofflces face what la effect win fe two Christmas rushes this year. Th first will be November th "dsade Hns'" for Christmas mailing to th troops.

Fivery gift must be In th post-offlc before that time. Ther will night work, extra work all th rush and bustl of last-minute Christmas mall bua Iness, before that ttme and whea that Is over the poetoffle win hav It all to do over again, for th regular Chrlstmaa rush sets tn Immediately afterward. The Oakland poetoffle Is bow awaiting Instructions for handling ths soldier malL Otto Praeger. assistant postmaster general, andW. I.

penning, general superintendent of malls, have completed a conference on the matter and age shortly to Issue orders. It Is estimated that two million men In th army abroad and in cantonments will recelv Christ mas gifts. Oakland merchants In the meantime are busy preparing Christmas display. particularly of gift for soldiers, and al- ready much of th Chrtstmaa Is being don. vote oil Strike HOUSTON.

Vt. 25. Between HOC and 10.000 oll-fleld worker will strike November 1. lecording to W. B.

Carroll secretary of the Houston Labor Council, today. The strike will tie up ell production tn seventeen Texas and Ixiulslana fields, Carroll declared, who said a vet bad been taken showing an overwhelming number In fsvor of a strike. The strike vote followed the refusal operators to meet th workers discuss higher wages. HOTEL IS ROBBED INDIANAPOLIS, Oct 25. Two burg-isrs held up Oolph stidltor of th Washington Hotel.

In his offlc on th seventeenth floor this afternoon, extracted from a safe and escaped. On burglar held a revolver at Moore's head while the other escaped by war of tk MISS ENID WILSON CASHIER JAKES Mystery surrounds th midnight wedding last night of John H. D. Johnson, cashier for the Santa ralLreaJ in this city, and-vMlss Haiel Gall Nash, whoa occupation waa given at th license bureau office aa Th ceremony was per formed by. Rer.

Charlea Pterc of th Church of Christ, th -marrying parson" of Oakland. Th bridal couple routed out Dep uty County Clerk J. J. Kingston at hi horn at midnight and took him down to th Hall of Records. There, under th ey of th night watchman, th necessary legal formalities were gone through with and th license Issued.

Johnson gave hi age aa 23 and his nativity as St Louis, while hla brlife owned to 12 and Ban Jos aa a birthplace. After the license waa secured, Rer. Mr. Pierce, who has linked some 5000 couple in his time, was called from hla -slumbers and finished th task of making Mis Nash Mrs. Johnson.

This morning Johnson was back at his regular post. To all questions to why the ceremony was staged th- 11 1 MADE TO SUSTAIN FMULY OF 14 Facts have a sturdy way of knocking down theories and walking over them. The federal government has a theory that 1101 44 a month is required to buy food alone for a family cf fourteen tn thee days of elevated prices. That theory has been persistently buffeted by Mrs. Julia Gonsalves of 21 1 5 East fcleventh street for tha last three months.

Since her lata husband, Frank Oonsalves, was smothered last July by gaa fumes In a tank tha Barbour Chemical Company, she and her thirteen children have been living on tM a month earned by th three oldest children. After th fatal accident last summer the atat accident commission awarded, the family a weekly allowance. But Mrs. Gon-salvea. who la It years old.

would J-riot accept this compensation. -I TVhat she wanted was a lump sum sufficient to buy th house In which th family is living. She presented this claim, and while ah was waiting for Ita adjustment th three eldest children, Kalvina, Mary and Alfred, aged It, II and It. obtained work tn th cotton mil la. And th family has lived on their combined earnings of 1)0 a month.

Ten of the children sr girls and th youngest boy a baby born sine hla father's death. Mrs. Oonsalves won her battle for a settlement with the Barbour Chemical Company and th Guardian Casualty Company. Th atat aocldent commission awarded her compensation. With $1100 of )thls award ah plana to buy her horn.

SEEKING SHOOTER BAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15 Taking along a motorcycl with sidecar attachment aa a private ambulance, a mysterious man held up a taxi early today tn th fashionable Nob Hill district, shot a male passenger, kidnaped a 'woman companion and aped away tn th darkness th wounded man In th motorcycl and th woman In th assailant's automobile. Mr. F. Rodger, In front of whose home th shooting occurred, said she and Mrs.

R. Williams, her house guest, were returning from a cafe with ths man ant apparently were followed ty th assailant and another man with th motorcycle. Mrs. Rodgers was arrested as a witness and the police are searching for th kidnaped worn- an. th shooter, who la said to have been her husband, and th victim, all of whom hay disappeared.

80 0 0 DELEGATES KANSAS CITT, Oct. IS. Sub stantial gains wer reported by the I mission boards of the Churches of Christ, which opened ita general con vention yesterday evening. The for eign missionary society reports re celpta of a gain of til, ttl over last year, and th Christian women's board 1511,600. Th foreign society reported fourteen more missionaries sent out last year, making tn total numner now In th field 119.

Th 1000 delegates her for th opening meeting will probably ba Increased. Th women's board of missions had rharg of the program today, holding three sessions, with addresses and reports of th work. -1 8 OikltnJ FraaeiM starlight Instead of during th day, refused" to reply. "Better not say anything about tt, was all that could gleaned. NOW IS TIIK TIMK TO PICK OVT A IIAXDBAQ SE "Get the Money or Get a Bond" Is Uncle Sam' Order to the Saloons for First of Month No Easy Task to find Either for Some Establishments Which May Have to Close Up Hifflculty In raising money, to pay 1 4 n.

distilled spirits under th war revenue bill may result In a number of Oakland liquor houses and saloons closing November 2, when th ta must be paid, acoording to liquor dealer who have gun over th situation with government revenue experts. Many- of th firms are having a hard time raining th additional tax. Which ammmta in. from 1HOAA trt 115. 000.

In th ca of th larger cafes i and saloons, and to from 1500 to 11009 in th case of small stores, with but a few barrels of whisky and om cas goods. The entire additional tax of 12.19 gallon must be paid November S. Many firms are not ia position raise the large amounts, ranging (rom 11000 to $11,008, all at once, and the only recourse Is to put up a bond that th amount will be paid In six months from November 1. ALTERXATTVK HARD. This alternative offers great difficulties) and considerable extra expense, surety companies charge 13 a thousand for th bond demanded by the government that th payment will mad In six months, with a minimum premium of 125.

Th surety companies also require that th dealer either put up convertible security or els put th liquor In a warehouse In th nam of the security company, Pay warehouse charges and also Insure th liquor. Th tax on th average barrel la between M0 and $90, and th cost for each barrel, If put In th warehouse, 1 11.10, this sum Including cost of bond, Insurance, storage and cartage. Aa th dealer uses th liquor, th surety company releases It upon payment of th tax and other expenses. Prior to th passag of th law liquor salesmen sold all the way from flv to two hundred barrels of whisky to virtually all the dealers In Oak-' Many dealers were under the sal on that if th liquor was pn chased and taken out of bonded warehouses they would not have to pay th additional tax until they used It. As a result they stocked up heavily.

Th revenue department holda that fhe whole tax must be paid In a lump, and those who hav taken th liquor out of bonded warehouses cannot put It back. MUST PAY I.V CASH, 'Th dealers are compelled to pay cash for th large stocks of liquor they have purchased, and the" addi tional tax has com as a hard blow to a number of the businesses. addition to the difficulties over the i tax, and the expense of obtaining bonds for six months' postponement of payment, there Is the expense having the liquor guaged. leaiers are required to make a sworn statement to the government showing an exact gunge of goods at hand. It.

Is difficult and in some cases Impossible for dealers to make a correct guana with experience and proper equipment, and a charge of 50 cents a barrel Is being asked by a firm employing expert gangers. There Is a steady pilgrimage every day -fit liquor dealers and their representatives to the officers of the rev-fntie department In the Security Savings Pank building, and the hall is generally crowded with a long line of those waiting to have the formidable sworn statements, with their long lists of detailed questions and yttat iaties, I inspected and paused upon as currect, as heavy fines are threatened for false or Inaccurate sworn statements. A number of firms have already' gone out of business In San Francisco and Oakland, and It Is anticipated mat many more will permit tneir licenses to lapse at the expiration of the present quarter IIAKKLKPF.IM WANT RAISK. However, these various phases of an unpleasant situation are not all the troubles of the saloonlttt, for with the jovial nighoail flying higher those who serve them are about to demand a raise also in keeping with the general trend of affairs the fhlrsty ones, At the next meeting of the local branch of the Bartenders' Union, the matter will be the chief topic of du-cusHlon, accordlnr to Fred Bard, business agent. Some plan will be outlined wherebv the situation will be presented to the employers.

"Wages In other classes of employment have been steadily Increased and th high cost of living has affected bartenders as well aa all other laborers." said Bard. "We wlll-en-deavor to arrive at some equitable adjustment of the situation." EGG MEN ELECT! J. H. Barber of livermore has been ohoeen ss director for Alameda county' of the Poultry Producers, Incorporated, of Central California, an organization which was formed one year ao in Petaluma for the purpose of msrketlng with great- I er economy the egg's from the poultry yards of the members. During this one i year, the eggs have been handled at a cost of about 2H per cent and a live per rent dividend has been declared on th stork.

I The annual meeting of the company was held yesterday afternoon tn 8an i Francisco with two-thirds of th 5300 shares repreeented. Other director elected for the tomlng year are: Charels Row- waliand N. N. Jensen, Petaluma; Will-lejrf Evart, Penn I. Lytlng.

Sevastopol B. E. Bennett. Ponoma: Leland Fobes, Loomls; F. E.

Bartlett. Modesto; L. C. Poydstun, Roquel; Charles Weeks, Palo Alto. At the request of these dl- rectors.

State Market Director Harris Welnstock. named an eleventh, Edgar Allan Forbes. CORPORAL IS ARRESTED Corporal Orrin Rqsaaen of the marine corps at Mare Island, who Is under arrest on complaint of Eer-, geant E. K. Carap of the local re cruiting office, will be turned over to the Federal authorities for trial on charges Involving him In th passing of alleged bad checks.

According to th police, Roaaaen 1 wanted In laTrssno od thar- inland (iUc, BolM Mietiii THTTSOVT, tVT. 1 1MT, Vnl RItniPWAT AND 13TH. OAKLAND. Nine Jewish Societies Express Sorrow in Unique Manner As President Makes His Appeal Suffering Victims of European War Benefited by Big 'Riot' That Breaks Up Relief Meet The mass meeting at Wigwam hall In the Faciflo building last nUt participated In by nine Jewish soclettes for the pur-pnee of raising futids for the alleviation of suffering among the Jewish victims of the European war, broke up In a riot of the kind that makes everybody happy. The meeting had listened to a flow of eloquence frnr the Rev.

Ir. Harvey B. Franklin, Itahbl Meyer Hlrsch. John Altman and other whea Chairman Joseph Croter called upon Benjamin F. Shapro, president of the Independent Order of B'nal F'rlth to make "a few remarks.

What Bhaprn enjd would be. In the vernacular of Hilly Bunday, "a mouth full." In fact what he said will fill a fsw hundred hungry mouths. Other speakers had delivered eloquent appeals for help touching sublime heights of pathos In their descriptions of the i plight of their brethren In flighted Europe. Khapro's remarks weer of a different order. He told a story of an old Oakland man whom Illness and misfortune had reduced to complete deprivation.

Charities had bought him a horse and wagon and a stock of goods and started him out to be a pead'er. He had gone but a few blocks when a train hit htm. killing his horse, demolishing his wagon and scattering his wares about the stret. A crowd collected and watched the old man standing In the middle of the wreckage, sobbing his grief. His story was told and men aald.

"I'm sorry." One put the old man's hat on the pavement and tosmtfg in a gold coin detared he sorry Ave dollars' worth. There follo3 shower of money till enouith was had cnuip the msn better than before. TheVld man In his plight represented the pAple of Europe. "We have expressed our sorrow for our Ruropesh brethren In the eloquence of our Isns-uage," Phapro declared. "It us express It now In the language of our money.

Who will how sorry hs Is?" "Twenty-five dollars sorry," called a mn 'Fifteen dollars sorry, said an other, and there were tens and lives snd fifties. On woman was sorry five dol- lars' worth, and then she doubled it and then doubled It attain. Shapro's oratory hrd t'irned the meeting wrong side out, snd tut only the meeting, but the pockets. And when the riot slopped the sorrow of some one -hundred and fifty people proved to average over five dollars each. Frederick Kahn gave ten per cent of the total amount falsed.

Mies Ida Forlsa sang a song, the message of which was eminently fitting: "In ths dark, the darkness through. Ah, my heart goes out to you." WHAT IS DOING TONIGHT California Tnd Show, Eighth and Market street. San Francisco. Y. I- I.

gives whist party, K. of C. hall. Piedmont Parlor, N. t).

tl. holds Whist party, N. H. O. W.

hall. (it. Andrew's Society holds banquet. Hotel Oakland. Pacific riervlc employees hoIJ dance.

Hotel Oakland. Aloha Parlor, N. D. G. holds ba-SBHieatl'ai'itlc building.

liongfellow Mothers' Club holds Hallowe'en clal, l.ongfel!nw erhod. Kev. Clarence Woodman lectures, Newman rluh, Pcrkeley. Labor Club meets, California Hall, V. C.

It. Senior singing. Senior hull, Treble Clef opera "Thirteen South," Auditorium theater. Alameda Women's Improvement club meets, club rooms, Alatneda. A'ameda County Aaaoclstlon meets.

Asaemhlv ball, "Bacon mllding. Mai -Stella Mayhew In a Mix-UP drpheum The Night Moat, Pantagee Maid o' the Movies. rllnhnp Winning of Harhsra Worth. Hlpnodrome Melr to the Hiwrah. T.

A P. Iouslas FairbanK in The Man From Painted Post. American Kasputln, the F'ack Klnema William 8. Hart In The Cold Deck. Franklin Charlies Chaplin In Tha Adventurer.

Lake Merrltt Boating. WHAT 15 DOING TOMORROW Art exhlhtt, aiutttonum. Pr. 1. W.

Ilowerth lectures. Franklin school, evening. Aloha Parlor, N. D. G.

holds bazaar, Psclrlc bulldina-. Oakland 1 lotiietead holds children's festival, X. ii. W. iiall, evening.

California ljind Show, F.lghth and Market streets. San Francisco. "The Piper," presented at Mills College. 2:30 p. m.

Montessorl Parent-Teachers" Association meets North Berkeley Montesaorl school, afternoon. Fremont High School orchestra glVes concert, Purant school auditorium, p. m. I'niversity meeting, Harmon Uymna-slnm, 1'. 11 a.

m. Harvey lxiv gives organ recital. Unitarian church, Berkeley, 6:10 p. m. Sophomore hop, Harmon Gymnasium, U.

C. 30 p. m. Moose celebrate seventh anniversary, evening. BEACH CARNIVAL Two hundred valuable articles.

Including a IJberty bond will be given away next Saturday and Sunday at Neptune Beach, Alameda, when the two-day Aquatic and Joy Carnival will close the season. Th gifts will be awarded each day In the big dancing' pavilion at th beach, and distributed on th grounds. Kiddles' Pay will be held Saturday. The Joy festival will open at night. Sunday will see the l.t day of the outdoor swimming season at Neptune Beach.

TO MOVE ISLES COEUR D'ALENE. Idaho, Oct. 25, Two floating1 Islands, which hav been cruising about Lake Coeur Alene during th summer, hav started to th Pacific ocean through th Spokane river, and are holding- up navigation of tog-boom tugs. Declaring that there Is danger that the source of th river would be entirely JiUicked In caae of high water, lumber men have appealed to the county commissioners her to get tha lalaada out ol-lhej way jiJP! tjp-T LYNWOOD HOT WATER NEVER FAIL TO GIVE GOOD SERVICE Guaranteed by ami Appreciated by Our Customers cold nights call old thlnv that hnlda would not be satlsfactorrf 1 red rubber and good looking as durable. In fact, after water bags.

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