Waukesha Daily Freeman from Waukesha, Wisconsin on October 15, 1973 · Page 5
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Waukesha Daily Freeman from Waukesha, Wisconsin · Page 5

Waukesha, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, October 15, 1973
Page 5
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UFOs: Myth, Madness, Made In Moscow? A Minister Speaks By CATHERINE RILEY Freeman Staff It was 6:50 p.m. on a cold December night in 1967. Rev. Donald Boys was alone and driving on a deserted highway near his home in Indianapolis, Ind., when he spotted the craft. A full bright moon helped him to see the object which seemed to be following the highway. Boys pulled to the side of the road by the time the craft was hovering low and to the right of the road. When he flashed his car headlights it took off to the south and disappeared at exactly 7 p.m. Boys was afraid to admit what he had seen for fear his reputation as a fundamentalist minister would be ruined. Not until the next day when another minister and his family told of seeing the same-thing did he have the courage to tell his story. “After all, silence is golden,” he wrote in his book entitled, “Flying Saucers: Myths, Madness or Made in Moscow” (Good Hope Press, Indianapolis. Ind.) “But silence is also yellow,” he said Saturday night at Waukesha Baptist Temple, 152 W. Main St. Boys, who was at the church to conduct a revival, also spoke on UFOs. Discussing the subject is a hobby not an occupation, he said. But it is a serious hobby to the former pastor and now a board member of the Indiana Bible Institute. He also conducts a TV newscast and commentary. He has spent the last two years researching reports of flying saucers. The results make up his first book and will be included in a second book scheduled for publication. In it he documents sightings going back to biblical times. He lists times, places, dates, names and occupations of those who have claimed to see UFOs. They include scientists, police officers, teachers and clergymen. Are the UFOs friends or foes? Boys raises the question but admits he has no firm answer. The first time such an object was chased, according to Boys, the pilot met his death. A veteran fighter pilot stationed at Godman Base near Fort Knox, Ky., Captain Thomas Mantell took off as the commander of three F-51 pursuit planes. It was Jan. 7, 1948. UFO: Fact or fiction? Mantell radioed the base: ‘it’s going up now and forward as fast as I am. That’s 360 miles per hour. “I’m going up to 20,000 feet and if I’m no closer, I’ll abandon chase.” A few minutes later he said, “I now see the thing . . . almost 70 yards across . . . I’m very close to it . . . its size is tremendous. " This was his last report. A search plane found the remains of his plane scattered over several miles. “It’s hard for the Air Force, whose job it is to protect us, to admit that they can’t protect us against these crafts,” Boys said to about eight people at the Temple. He called the refusal to release information to the public “not a coverup but a foulup.” He believes that the sightings are of real and actual craft. And while he urged that no one allow themselves to be afraid, “nevertheless we can’t stick our heads in the sand.” Sightings have been more frequent and the crafts more brazen in recent years, Boys said. Therefore some credence could be given to the theory that beings may be mapping the earth. There are quacks and incompetents in the field of UFOs but there are enough reliable people that we cannot ignore them any longer, he said. Reported sightings increase after space shots at Cape Canaveral, Fla. and atomic testing, he said. Some people believe that we are calling attention to ourselves through such activity, he said. While Boys emphasized that he did not believe in evolution, he said that some scientists believe that a type of evolution on other planets could have produced beings capable of building advanced space craft. If such reports are to be believed, then UFOs travel at higher speeds and with greater mobility than any earth made craft. Boys’ original fear of being rejected as a clergyman and called crazy in defending the existence of such crafts never materialized, he said. But then he makes few unsubstantiated statements in his speech and sets forth few theories. He explains current theories, some outlandish such as UFOs being space animals, or demonic and angelic activities. He draws few conclusions and makes no pronouncements of “truth,” except to say that the evidence of flying saucers is too overwhelming to ignore. “I don’t know how they get here or who they are but, he said, “whatever they are they are no surprise to God.” They are not myths, madness or made in Moscow, he said. UFOs are real and actual crafts and the American public should be informed as such, he said. COMING SOON 'Grand Opening" AJAX LIQUOR STORE 509 N. Hartwell 542-2044 IF you believe in FASHIONABLE CLOTHES at an inexpensive price Boys: Talks about sighting UFO Officers in the tower and those in pursuit agreed on the basic facts. Boys said. The unidentified craft was a disc with the top shaped like an inverted cone. It was of “gigantic" size with a red spot glowing intermittently on the top. The results of the investigation by the Air Force was typical of other incidents, Boys said. The lid was clamped tightly on any further information being released under the label of “classified.” SPECIAL THIS FAIRY FOOD (CHOCOLATE COVERED SPONGE CANDY) WEEK! $1.79 LB. Regular $2.25 Lb. 266 W. BROADWAY WAUKESHA famous »or ft-* C«* the Siy'e Shop iHvntt you to visit our extensive new '73 • '74 yj inter Coot Coiiecfon BTrS ■» * T s KHV c'““ ; iih F i L: DOWNTOWN ii WAV KESHA Small Deposit will bold on lav-awav. STORE HOURS: 9 to 9 Mon., Thur., Fri. 9 - 5:30 Tues., Wed., Sat. ... you can believe in ANNETTE ROSS Daily 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fa»k Free in Our Private Lot Park Free in the Ramp Waukesha Freeman Monday, Oct. 15, 1973 - Page 5

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