The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1966 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1966
Page 10
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By Drew WASHINGTON - Digging out evidence of misbehavior by government officials isn't easy at best. A newspaperman does not have the power to subpoena records or force anyone to answer questions. He has to suspect something is wrong and then try to dig up the evidence, if any, by a variety of methods. He seldom gets wholehearted cooperation from the official being Investigated or from the official's friends and colleagues. To the contrary, he usually discovers frantic efforts to cover up and to discredit the witnesses and evidence he has accumulated. This has happened in the go- round between this column and Sen. ThomasDodd,D-Conn.,over his operations In behalf of Gen. Julius Klein, a registered lobbyist for West German Interests and certain U. S. business firms, and his use of campaign funds for personal expenditures. After a series of revelations by this column had caused him some embarrassment, the Senator asked the FBI to investigate. Ordinarily you would expect the FBI - the Federal Bureau of Investigation - to be interested in whether or not the revelations about Senator Dodd were true. That is not exactly what has happened. The investigation seems to be riot whether this column's information was correct - but how It was obtained. Six former employees of Senator Dodd who had furnished some of the information because they believed his activities for General Klein and others were harmful to the public Interest, had agreed to go on the public witness stand to testify as to the truth of the evidence. When the FBI agents called upon them to ask questions, the questions were not about the evidence so much as how it was obtained by this column. The result was that the witnesses felt they were being harassed and intimidated. Detroit's autos, especially those put out by GM. But the publicity given Nader by the detective investigation, plus the attention It focused on unsafe auto construction, plus the fact it seemed to Indicate GM was more interested in harassing a critic than In making better cars, probably means GM will have to give In and correct the cars. Since it builds millions of cars each year, this obviously means millions of dollars In costs partly became somebody made a bad decision about harassing Ralph Nader. - o—HUMPHREY'S SPEECHES- ' Vice President Humphrey has assured Interviewers that he speaks his own mind and does not submit his public speeches to the White House for clearance. However, Humphrey made a secret agreement with President Johnson before becoming his running mate. Humphrey pledged that he would not only clear his public speeches but would engage in no public disputes with the President and do no lobbying for liberal causes unless the President approved. Finally, Humphrey pledged not even to tell his wife some of the secrets be would share with the President. He is carefully carry- Ing out this pledge. - o -NO HELP TO FEIGHAN-Sen. Steve Young of Ohio telephoned the White House last week to check on rumors circulated In Cleveland that Rep. Mike Feighan had received a letter from President Johnson thanking him for his help in passing the Immigration Bill. The White House, after making a search, telephoned Sen. Young the next day reporting that the President had written no such letter to Feighan and definitely was not going to endorse him directly or indirectly. Meanwhile, Ted Sorenson.ior- mer assistant to President Kennedy, has received a letter from Bobby Kennedy, the late President's brother, saying he would like to help defeat Rep. Feighan in Ohio but didn't want to make a martyr of him. At present, Feighan is running behind In the very hot race being waged by young state legislator Michael Sweeney. The Kennedy family has never been happy about Rep. Feighan since the Congressman referred to the late President Kennedy as a "Nigger lover." - o - —WASHINGTON NOTES- President Johnson isn't the least upset over daughter Lynda's romance with actor George Hamilton, who has been accused of seeking publicity to help his Hollywood career. The President remarked to friends that he didn't mind as long as Lynda was having a good time... Sen. Murphy of California, the former song-and-dance man who now considers himself a statesman, is dickering with Hollywood to make a movie of his life. It would be called "The Murphy Story." Murphy also has let it be known he is available to run for Vice President on the Republican ticket. —THE WILD WEST-Draft card burners are creating a lot of trouble today, but there have been worse periods, Selective Service boss Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey told the House Appropriations Committee recently. When the West was being settled, draft officials risked their lives. "It took more people to enforce the law 100 years ago in some sections than we ever got out of the law," declared Hershey. "One reason was that people were permitted to shoot those who would go out to enroll them." However, Congress stopped this in 1917 and again in 1940 by legislating against Interference with the law. Hershey said there had been "no noticeable increase" recently in the proportion of conscientious objectors. "We worried that somebody would try to organize them and everybody would claim to be a conscientious objector, but It hasn't happened," he reported. Most conscientious objectors are used in military hospitals in Viet Nam and the United States. -HEADLINES AND FOOTNOTES-- The public trial of Fidel Castro's former comrades who plotted to assassinate him didn't tell the whole story. Actually, three plots have been uncovered against Castro's life. Apparently Castro decided to publicize only one as an object lesson, didn't want the public to know about the others .... The American Embassy, fearful that Communist rioters might ransack the place, burned all confidential documents during the early turmoil in Indonesia. . . . Sen. Ed Muskie, D- Me., is concerned over the fact that Maine's 2,600 miles of beautiful shoreline has now been taken up by private homes and real estate developers to the point that only 34 miles of shoreline are still available to the public. Sen. Muskie will urge more public parks for Maine. . . . State Senator Robert Casey, running for governor of Pennsylvania in the Democratic primary, finally attended a Labor meeting in Pittsburgh - held by COPE. Previously he had ducked the United Steel Workers. However, he told COPE he would have to speak first, ahead of the other candidates, and wouldn't answer any questions. Milton Shapp, Uie Thursday, April 7, 1966 AI0ona (la.) Upper Dei Molnet-J other Democratic candidate for governor, spoke last and said he would stay all night to answer questions. __ Love is an ocean of emotion surrounded by expanses of expenses, "Kofttttii County's Newtptpet" Horse sense is the result of stable thinking. UP TO 1,000 BURIAL FUNDS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS AND HANDICAP PEOPLE Yes, right new Hi* Hawkty* Security Associatidn el Clear Lake, Iowa, It taking application* regardless of your pait health condition or your age. Sand thli ad In before April 10 and receive V, eradit toward tha firit years cartifleata cost. "THE COST IS VERY VERY REASONABLE." A graat many ptopla hava mada this statement. Sand to Hawkeye Security Association 313 North Shore Drire - Clear Lake, Iowa Aft T»»B TW» li • tf lew*. A4dri.ii • unrlillnn Inrnrpnrilrd ond»r lh> «t«l« Ltwl -PROBING THE PRESS-- * w On top of this, Attorney General Katzenbach ordered the FBI to make an investigation of Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson - not to find out what information we had about Senator Dodd, but to discover if we had violated any laws in getting our information. This is the same Attorney General who has asked Congress to make it a federal crime to intimidate, harass or attack a witness who has given information to federal investigators. That is a very worthwhile proposal - because it's difficult to persuade witnesses to testify if they fear reprisals. Yet the same Attorney General ordered FBI agents to harass witnesses who gave information about Senator Dodd, and who ordered an investigation of the newspapermen who reported that information. The chief lesson to be drawn from all this is that even in a democracy it is dangerous and difficult to step on the toes of a powerful government figure in this case, a Senator who is a friend of the President.of the United States. - o - —GENERAL MOTORS GOOF— Executives of big corporations are supposed to be very smart men, and most of them are. But it looks as if General Motors is fated to have some who are not. You will recall the famous "foot-in-mouth" remarks made by a former General Motors president, the late Charles E. Wilson, when he was Secretary of Defense under President ' Eisenhower - his cracks that "What's good for General Motors is good for the United States" in brushing off criticism of GM, and his comparison of complaints of the unemployed to the yelping of "kennel-fed dogs" that would "sit on their haunches and yelp for their food instead of going out and hunting for it." Whoever at General Motors decided to have a private detective investigate auto critic Ralph Nader made a mistake as bad or worse than Wilson ever made » one that may cost General Motors, as well as other auto companies, many millions of dollars. Before the detectives were hired, few people had heard of Nader's book, "Unsafe At Any Speed," which sharply criticized BUJINEW PERJOMALITIE; AND JfUVI AND PATR.ONIZf VIKING OIL CO. GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL Wl OIVI GOLD BOND or KINO KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot AL60NA IMPLEMENT TRACTOR OVERHAUL HEADQUARTERS r CARGILL INC. Buyers & Sellers of All Grains • Get our bids on your grain before you sell. • Federal Licensed Storage Warehouse. Dale Klelngartner or Corwln C. Peer 419 S. Phillips St. Ph. 293-3741 BUILDING MATERIALS ' ' '" 1! ' '*"" " ' K |NDS AND .. '.-. •;•'* ''Vr'v'v'i"' *'*'•*: *l Mw-,?fb.-rfH.j< p U AE Phone, 295-5266 « ROE Rameaellnf, Modenlitaf • For Firm fc Home BelldJBg • For Ready-Mixed Concrete COWAN CORP. "HOMEBUILDING IS OUR SPECIALTY" We'll Appreciate a Chance t« Estimate Without Obligation on any Town or*-Parm Construction. TIETZ CONSTRUCTION CO. PHONI 110 IURT, IOWA MOREA Liquid Foods FOR TOP GAIN IN LIVESTOCK Coll Algona 295-3548 MOR - GRO MOREA FEEDS, INC. So. of Algona on Hwy. 169 BENWIBBEN Building Contractor All Types Building — Farm and Town 122 South .Heckart, Algona Phone 295*2165 (Please Call After 6:00 P.M.) »**»»+»+•••••»»»••••»+•••••»»»» Your Banking Needs SAFE • CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing with the Community IOWA STATE BANK ALOONA'S HOME-OWNED IANK +»••••»••»• ••»»•» •»»• INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER YOUR IHC DEALER Phone 295-3501 1417 Commerical St. Algona JOHN B. ISEBRAND BUILDER - CONTRACTOR TITONKA, IOWA PHONE 171 We Welcome A Chance To Give You An Estimate On Residential, Farm or Commercial Building No Obligation, CONTRACTING SINCE 1928 The Algona Implement Co. — your International Harvester Dealer in Algona — is headquarters for your tractor angina overhaul. They are anxious and ready to handle all the tractor engine overhauls possible. You'll be ahead of the game, and rest your mind if you have your tractor in top working condition for the early spring start. Make an appointment now. Algona Implement will pick your tractor up and deliver it again when the job is completed. Included in the engine overhaul is a valve job, piston pin bushings, gaskets, replace main bearings if needed, check and clean plugs, pack front wheel bearings, check transmission level, adjust clutch and brakes, and check tractor. BUT LET'S TALK TRADIN', TOO I International Harvester has the great- est line of farm tractors on earth . . , and if your present tractor is ready for the "trading stage", let Algona Implement show you the best deal on earth, too, There's a Formal) to fit your every need. i' i < Moving • Storage • Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere Fully Insured - New, Modern Storage Warehouse . All Types Crating - Phone 295-2275 POST Transfer & Storage Algona Implement Co. FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS HOME APPLIANCES Phone 199.3901 1407 Commercial St. f ERNIE WILLIAMS Yovr John Deere Headquarter* In Algona ''The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" +» last of Algeno: on Highway II » » » • »»•»»» «> »eje) • • • • » • » »i So. Phillip! St. Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS The Preferred L-P. Gas BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO. of Algona Phone 295-2841 Algona ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING THE FINEST IN PLUMBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT e Heater, rtbeero * Crime Fiilurei e flieera Het w»t«r beaters, e Bnuer Wtter e LuvAlre and American Standard Fur* Sefttnen, n»ces and Air CendUlonlsg. e Electric. Sew* e INSINKEJIATOR'Cartage PUpoul Uniti cr-Roolcr &r* PHONi 395*5240 IN ALGONA

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